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Thank you for having a peek at my RP request.

Please have a look around, including reading over my ONs/OFFs/Preferences, to get a general idea of what I like. A lot of my ideas are complicated, but that doesn't mean that is all I write. If you think you have an interesting idea to suggest to me, pitch it via PM. Pictures are used for inspiration, although some of them I really like!

ALL RP requests from me conform to site rules and are for characters ages 16 or older. The real people pics are supposed to be 18+ according to their hosting sites.
Don't ask me to contact you offsite. This often leads only to problems with individuals who forget E standards still apply to those applications.

If you approach me with a desire to write, but are not interested in what I have listed below, please at least come with some sort of idea that you think is of interest me. If you don't, I might question whether you're interested in anything I do or read my On/Offs at all which will completely frustrate me from the start.

This is a forum request area, so I expect stories to be written on the forums. No Discord chat. I am a real person, so I will treat you like on. Please do the same for me.


Portal Discovery
m/m, m/f, m/m/f+
cultural learning, multiple pairings, interracial
romance, reluc - nc
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This is a pretty basic idea with some options:

He has been fascinated with history, mythology and the idea that there are unknown powers and forces at work in the world since he was a child. He's either made this a not so lucrative career or an impassioned hobby.

She's a linguist, a professor and perhaps even a medical doctor, a child prodigy, a person whose known privilege and wealth her entire life:


He makes an inquiry, writes a paper, or an article, that most people think is laughable or fantasy, yet she recognizes potential in his claim... something that draws them together into a distant remote place (think jungle, desert, or ocean) where they find a portal to another dimension or another world. They're not exactly sure. What they do know is they didn't mean for this portal to draw them in, but it does and now they're trapped together on the other side trying to survive and get home.

So the general idea is the party they traveled with is drawn in. All or nearly all of them are captured, maybe even executed, enslaved or worse, except the linguist is able to communicate well enough to spare a few of them. A powerful individual in this place winds up in possession of the two, maybe others, and while they adjust to their lives of servitude, the two begin to rely on one another, work together and... fall in love.

The main characters would be the two above plus the master who is bisexual. We can talk out the details about their world, starting place, the master and etc. Of the two above, I am open to play the either one.

The Tyrant's Heirs
m/m, m/f, m/m/f+
cultural learning, multiple pairings, interracial
romance, reluc, nc
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There has always been rumors about gods and demigods who travel the world in disguise, especially the ones without formal religions and worshipers, or the ones that were forgotten or forced into the distant memories of man so they would be weakened, or even the demons disguised as a god. Centuries ago they say such a Walker moved among mortals, hidden in plain sight, seducing, raping or destroying partners in the shadows of the evening, leaving the survivors to go mad and be banished or executed, their offspring slain or offered as sacrifice. One survived, one known only as The Immortal, and from his line came others with many years to spend, the sages say endless if given such a chance. But a darkness lingers in this line although the madness has long been sated. And every so many generations one with great potential, great power and ambition and vision is born.

One such a person traveled the world while he was young, venturing to the far ends of the known world and beyond to learn and see and take from all that might be offered. In his wake he left victims, men and women he seduced or raped, even some he and his men, devout followers, raped. As an aged but still strong man, he has sent others on missions to bring these individuals, and their offspring, to his realm, to a kingdom he conquered and instilled himself as a tyrant. Although the realm flourishes now largely do to the advisors he has entrusted and the army he has amassed, he seeks the gifts and strength of his own line.

So a rough idea of how this would play out is one person plays the tyrant and the other an advisor/friend/son... someone close to him who has an obscene amount of power himself. We would then play the other characters as we see fit... open to variations on the them. I do want someone who is willing to help write the world, the ideas, the flashbacks even... no absolute submissive writers and no power-bottoms.

Orc Raiders
multiple pairings, interracial
romance, reluc - nc
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The idea is fairly simple. The Orcs, Humans and Elves have been warring with each other for generations. Long ago one especially strong Orc clan decimated an elven village and took prisoners, forcing them, male and female, into slaves. Generations later, for the orcs, there are now half-orcs in their clan and they've managed to raid and destroy human territories as well before retreating further away from other orcs, humans and elves.

Current state, a half-orc who is both strong and more intelligent than his predecessors has taken control. They maintain slaves and have been building a solid and stationary village/city themselves, far more advance then most orc settlements. The elf slaves have been passed down from generation to generation as slaves of the original families that claimed them although much of the brutality ended but their dread, uncertainty and low status remains. These are mature elves, not youthful any longer who have adapted to the lot in life.

As for how we write this, well that's up to my partner, but I am figuring some Orcs and politics, discussing conflict with the others in the area, maybe debates about raiding again. The elves who have seen this clan build and grow in strength and cunning with some calming traits as well, and of course the half-orcs that were born of both elven and human breeding. How the half-orcs view their enslaved parents, treat them... all that.

I'd prefer someone comfortable with world building and range to write this with me. Below are some images for inspiration.



Elven Ambassador
m/m, m/f
multiple pairings, interracial, cultural challenge
romance, reluc - nc
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There is an elven ambassador in a very large city, the ambassador and their spouse or child. War has broken out since they began their assignment, and they need this realm to join in favor of the elves. There are two images provided for inspiration, but what the city is, whether it's one race or several and who the rulers are and the major players are would be up to us. I am open to a variety of races and even multiple. The main idea is the two elves are close in some way and dealing with being cut off from their people and needing to press for an alliance. I just like the idea of seeing this from a male and female perspective when both are considered quite lovely to most around them.

I am versatile and could play one, both or the leader of the city/realm.

Hidden Lover / Mine
M/F, affection/possession, dub con/non con and more
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This is one of my more basic ideas actually, and one where I am not entirely sure which role I want to take because it will be dependent on how the story plays out. The general idea is there a powerful individual who is either known to be powerful like a king, a leader of an armor and renown individual of the arcane arts, or hidden like an advisor, a manipulator or someone rising through the ranks who has a beast like companion, something mythical like a dragon or gryphon or something seemingly more mundane like a horse, a Big cat.. which is something more. The something more is this creature is also a person, someone who can transform who serves this powerful individuals either through enslavement, because they were saved or maybe just trained. The power dynamic between them is clear. There is only one master, but this creature is incredibly powerful, lethal and a weapon for their master. There is affection, maybe even love, but it's not true love, as the creature is used for more than just to maintain or gain power, used more than just a weapon. Sometimes they're shared, sometimes exhibited... something along those lines. I kind of like the idea of a powerful dragon or being also being reluctant lover of a dragon rider.

    SCI FI

    FANDOMS & Video Games

The Awakening
Thea the Awakening game
knowledge of game not required
m/f, m/m, f/f and more
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Nearly two centuries ago, a great catalyst shook the world of the Thea. The gods vanished and a terrible darkness overtook the lands, corrupting the fertile soils, the creatures tied to nature and sending humans, elves and dwarves, goblins, orcs and demons, and the wonders into despair and near extinction. But light has returned, and pockets of these once populous races have began to show themselves again, trying to live in lands filled with danger, mysterious and risk.

Ours is a small village of humans who have managed to erect a tiny village near a food source and wood. They have little to their name, barely enough food to survive and struggle to strengthen themselves for the upcoming feats they know they will face. They are guided by a god or goddess whose power is so weak and feeble they are barely able to speak to the group... but it was their blessing that brought them here in the first place, and now they have hope.

We will take on the roles of the villagers, those who remain the village to gather supplies and build up the settlement as well as those who travel and seek more resources, encounter others and hopefully return with their bounty.

This will be somewhat dark, erotic and detailed story driven by our creative minds to fill a world with beautiful, horrific and ultimately great wonders.

example encounters, events:

A seasoned hunter armed with just a weak wooden bow, a young medic dressed in rags bringing with her a pouch of herbs and wooden sword, and a young gatherer who knows there are edible mushrooms just beyond the hill ascend to the top and encounter a rag-tag bunch of orcs, armed with steel. There is a chance, they might escape a fight if they run to the woods, there is very little hope they if they engage in an open fight they will survive, but the large orc seems... interested in the medic. He offers as steel weapon for a night with her.

Back at the village, an old woman ventures near the village and asks to stay the night. There is something about her that makes some of the villagers uneasy but even in a world driven by survival... can they slay anyone who even appears as an old woman?

I am looking for someone to try this story who has range, who can and wants to shift between roles and can play a variety of characters believably, someone who loves the idea of sexual encounters, and hard decisions but also wants to weave a world with me opening it bit by.

Imagination is the limit.

Jade Empire (video game)
- Historical/Fantasy/Chinese myth
M/F primarily, perhaps F/F and/or M/M later,
if we play multiple roles
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I am looking to play Scholar Ling, one of the main characters, lots of images of her via google and deviant art, and is basically a martial arts student with a magical flare.  Think ancient Chinese with certain myths and legends, like spirits and magic/chi, brought to life...

My idea is that there is an emperor, or a master, some other powerful character that she is bond to by duty, or honor. I think this should be a male character... maybe doesn't have to be if other males are involved.  So the two main characters are basically a person of high rank and power and someone who is a very, very strong fighter but is a servant to the other in some capacity.

It's a loose idea open to some changes.

I do want the game to be fairly dark, but not gory/bloody, more like a dark theme. I am not a historian or history major, but  I don’t mind using some references once in awhile but I don’t want to do a research project… this is for fun after all. It would be an A/U story anyway so I figured there was no reason for me to wait in posting my interest. Corrected this as I have finished the game now so spoil away ;-0

Planet Domination
DC:Universe -sort of
M/M, Darkseid/Nightwing+
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So this is kind of a barely formed idea. I am drawn to the idea of Planet Domination, specifically the parademon transformation piece. It's horrifying, powerful, and I like the idea of Darkseid getting ahold of a couple of heroes and their terror of being transformed subdues them, partially, to his wishes. Think... Darkseid gets another concubine, maybe a couple.

I am a lite DC Fan, so don't expect too much depth in the knowledge department here. I like the animated, drawn versions of Nightwing more than live action I think i've seen. I am... open to additional ideas here, including transformations, maybe some CBT. Definitely hurt and comfort, not just delving in total misery here, maybe another character or so. I am also open to playing either Darkseid or Nightwing. I just would like someone with range, who drives stories and also, someone is polite when discussing our ideas together. It's a collaboration, not a test.

Nigthwing General
DC:Universe -sort of
M/M, Nightwing+(Slade Wilson / Jason Todd)
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I might be interested in some other pairings. I don't have a specific plot, but like the above, my familiar with these characters is based on animated movies and other's writing various versions of them. Don't expect any deep comic knowledge or the heavy desire to acquire that.

Space Refugees
Rimworld, knowledge of game not required
m/f, m/m, f/f and more
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This is a very basic idea. A few members of of a destroyed spaceship crash land on an unfamiliar planet.  With no hope hope of rescue, they build a small settlement in the hopes of survival and working against, for or just alongside the other competing groups on the planet. This has wide open potential stimulated by events and ideas from the game including raiding, being raided, helping others who wander in, taming animals, and etc. I do use RimjobWorld but only pieces of it, so if you have some themes you want to explore, let me know. I write a variety of characters, situations and ideas, including romance, actoin and darker themes.


Black is Beautiful -taken
M/F, M+F, interracial, nc/reluc
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This is really just a tiny sparkling of an idea. Whether this is a historical piece or something a little more modern, a young woman with dark skin has drawn a certain amount of unwanted attention. Where it goes from there, well my partner and I will find out of course!

NSFW https://elliquiy.com/elluiki/images/1/14/13b_0.jpg

images are for inspiration. I am not going to lie. I would love to use at least one, but I might be open to another.

M/F, M/M,nc/reluc, open genre
dark, racism, erotic
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This is a very basic idea. There is a ship of explorers who turn out to be exploiters and slavers. They travel areas not known to the civilized world in the search of wealth, fame and power. This is inspired by adventures into the new world but ideally exists in a fictional world with potential for some fantasy, supernatural or even some higher tech elements. I would play the captain. You would play his first mate. How they met, their relationship, that's up to discussion. Both men are not upstanding citizens here, pursuing riches and pleasure though working together to bring in wealth, upgrade their ship, expand their crew and venture deeper and deeper into danger. We can talk about the darker, erotic exploits over PM. The overall plot though will unveil their motives, could evolve into a relationship between them and maybe they'll wind up seeking rumored treasures or chasing a lost explorers footsteps. I am essentially looking for a dark, twisted but ultimately erotic adventuring mind to actively unveil the unknown with me.

To the Victor
M/M, reluc, romance, two dominants
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My character is the second born prince to a king who's death is recent memory. He was born to luxury and excessive but entered manhood in the shadows and bloody pools of war. Two neighboring kingdoms have been warring for decades over imagined as well as actual slights. As a result, many of those born to royalty and nobility rose to prominence or defeat in the aftermath of heartless battles. His victories have made him more beloved, more admired and certainly the object of the armies military over the king. Seeing a threat to his throne, the king sends his brother into a hopeless battle expecting to soon receive news of his death.

Your character rose from nothing. Having not title, blood or any rights of any kind to his name, he rose to prominence through his vicious skill in battle, his loyalty and strength to his officer and eventually a strategic mind that soon gave him title, land and finally rights and status. But the war is far from over. For unknown reasons, his enemies pit a tired and weakened army against his seasoned and freshly returned to the field units. It should have been an easy slaughter, but he soon learns that he is not against ordinary troops. These are well-armed, seasoned and desperate men. The battle devastates both sides forcing your character to retreat with what forces he has. The prince' army scattered but with yours unable to run them down, they make it back to their king and report his brother's defeat and death... except they are wrong.

My character survives and is recognized. Instead of executing him, your character takes him prisoner and on the slow journey back home, attempts to unravel his rigid training and insert training of his own.

This is where the story truly begins, as these two warriors have their tales weaved together. This isn't really pet play, so don't think that. But while yours begins to force the prince to eat from his hand, to obey his command, they start to realize just how much of their lives and wishes and desires have been dictated by others.  Whether or not either or both or neither have experience bedding other men, there is an instant attraction between the two, something the soldiers of both side are wary of, including any other likewise captured soldier's of the prince.

Some ideas to bring them closer:

An assassin tries to take your characters life in the middle of the night, some time after some lengthy training, and it's revealed when my character snaps his neck that he isn't weakened or cowed, at least not by others, as some believed.

The prince is delivered to his enemy king, but while the king declares he will give his general anything he desires for such truimph, when he asks for his lover's life and is refused, he promptly rescues him before the execution. I envision to the two escaping into the mountains or some place they cannot be easily followed. And little by little they realize that the armies are loyal to them, no the kings, and as men begin to show up to follow them, a third power enters the war... this time to unite it under one throne.

As far as setting, pretty open about historical, fantasy, light supernatural... just some time period that makes travel kind of slow so not likely sci-fi. In terms of character, somewhat open too, but I am not looking to play teenage boys as per my offs, no power bottoms. These are seasoned men, preferably attractive ones capable of honor, mercy and romance... maybe only under the right circumstance or a select few if desired.

In the Heat of the Night
M/F, reluc/coercion, racial tension, possibly more
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This is a very basic idea. Please note I am fully against racism of any kind, and this is purely fantasy, forbidden fantasy. Now on with the idea:

Either in a modern or near modern setting, a young black woman is fascinated with someone who is older than she is, more experienced in life in general, and white. He's not exactly a nice guy towards anyone really, and might even verbally debase blacks and/or black women. In either case, they wind up having a heated night, one that might be a little rougher than expected, and she starts to become a regular figure in his life, one that he enjoys, especially naked on his bed. Whether he's an artist, a musician, a photographer or businessman, there are a number of reason they shouldn't be together, but they're both drawn together for one reason or another.

Natural Resources
M/F, reluctance/nc, slight romance, some or lots of racism.
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The idea is fairly basic. It is late 1800s, early 1900s. Railroads are being built to "bring" progress to the rest of the world, better known as exploitation. He's a hardened man, a hunter, an industrialist, not the kind to sit back and hire but to get his hands dirty, put hunting trophies on the wall, and invest and buy and sell in he resources that will make him incredibly more wealthy, and he's rich already. Yes, he's greedy, he's prosperous, and he has no qualms in profiting from those around him to get what he wants.

While traveling one day, he does see someone he wants, but he initially rejects the idea, even tries to satisfy and indulge in other things, with others to deny he could ever truly fall someone so beneath his status. The rest is up to us.

Please note, I am not a history buff nor willing to do a ton of research. I am looking for the tech and flavor of this time period, not a restatement of history. If we so choose, we can take this to a paranormal or supernatural, fantasy tilt too. Lots of possibilities for the right person.

His Conquests
M/F, M/M, potential incest, reluctance/nc, slight romance, maybe.
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This is a very basic idea that could actually show up under fantasy or sci-fi if preferred.

There has been wars across the region for years as a relatively unknown conqueror besets upon various kingdoms and brings them to their knees. This is one such kingdom. The war has turned against the king, and there is fear that the victorious army will burn and pillage and rape, destroy the kingdom. In desperate attempt to save his people, the king surrenders to the invader pleading for their lives. He is the first to do so.  The army is ordered to stand down the last standing castle in the capital is opened upon command. Their conqueror and his lead unit enter the castle and take over. The fallen king is put in the dungeon, and he expects he and his daughter to be put to death in days. Only he awakens a few days later, after having been drugged, in his bed and is summoned to dinner where he and the princess discover that their new liege is not only interested in the princess but the king as well.

The king should be just past his prime, think maybe 50s or so. The daughter can be any age, within reason of her father of course and the site's rules. Other details, about this invading army, motivations  of their leader, fate of the other kingdoms, and the kind of relationships these three have to be discussed.

Ons and Offs    Short Term Ideas,
Misc. Long Term Ideas

If you send me a PM and I don't respond, chances are I just missed it. Send it again!

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


Picture Ideas - ideas with incomplete or no plots
I don't consider most of these safe for work but the gentalia ones are linked not shown.
Show Me More! NSFW


Old South, slavery?


NSFWRed Head Pic Link

Raw Sexuality

Fantasy / Historical


Ons and Offs    Short Term Ideas,
Misc. Long Term Ideas

If you send me a PM and I don't respond, chances are I just missed it. Send it again!

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


Section Retired Ideas

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... these ideas are currently taken or I have lost interest. I still want to save the idea for later use or maybe for inspiration for myself or my partners for new ideas. I am trying to clean house a bit but if you are inspired by an idea like these, please feel free to drop me a line. If you do drop me a line, please let me know you're twist or take on the idea that might make the idea seem fresh for the both of us or, if you just want a carbon copy, tell me that too! Thanks ladies and gentlemen.

Odd One Out
M/M, reluc probably not straight out nc for this one, maybe others

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This is just a light idea, so I am open to expanding on it, altering it slightly. Think of a bit of a darker, grittier sci-fi. About ten years ago, there was a war in a harsh jungle like planet. Men men were drafted into the war, often young men, many died. Several were taken as POWs, and at the end of the war, most were returned, at least those who survived.

My character was such a young, attractive man, forced into a violent confrontation with an opposing enemy he did not fully understand. His entire platoon was ambushed, many killed, but the rest taken as POWs and held in a camp where they were badly treated, nearly starved but ultimately escaped except my character. Originally thought dead from an explosion, he awoke shell-shocked as the others were about to be led away. Instead of being shot, the enemy general recognized the condition, coaxed the gun out of his hand, and they were all taken to the camp. Most of them were placed in the pen except my character was taken somewhere else.

One died due to illness and malnurishment, rumors about my character continued but no one really saw him until the night there was a commotion in the camp, about a year later, and the men took the opportunity to escape. The general was nearing but my character drew his attention, took his hand and kissed him and drew him back inside. His eyes met that of one of his men, and he looked well, but there was something in that exchange. Both knew he was getting the general's unwanted attention to help the others escape, but the one who saw him rejected him visiaully just the same. The escape was a success. The war ended shortly after, but my character was not seen in his homeland until almost ten years later.

Current time, my character is just past thirty years old, quiet, living in a small apartment. He's physically strong, still has beautiful eyes, but on he outside looks like an ordinary, every day man. There are certain hints that suggest there are differences. He works the nightshift, which means he sleeps all day and has almost no social life. He addresses all his superiors with yes sir. He does not complain, and has only asked for one day off when he broke his hand trying to stop a loading bin from hitting someone else. He stocks supplies with basic machinery or manually, is clearly capable of more. He's got some work to do emotionally, but he isn't falling apart or anything, this isn't a pick up the pieces kind of a play.

Your character. Now I don't like telling you who to play, but I also like indicating I've put some thought into my potential writing parterner's role. This entire RP is not just about my stuff, it's yours too. Here are some ideas about your character.

He could be from the old platoon, and while he recognizes my character, mine doesn't really see him. I am thinking this is because he owns the company or is a manager there. He could be the man that exchanged looks years ago at the escape so he already had an idea what happened back then.

He could be a manager but have nothing to do with the war, maybe he's a bit older, but he recognizes military traits in he man, signs of someone who as captive and he is curious as well as attracted. I am open to many ideas really.

Your character would tilt towards a more dominant role, but it's more like the lead in starting the relationship which my characrer will be reluctant to have... at first. This could easily meld into a equal or a switch relationship. I just don't want any true subsmissive characters or any power-bottom kind of characters in this role. Also let's not compete on which character had the worse rape in his past... this isn't a competition. And really, I never ended his POW rape to be anything brutal which is why he is more ashamed about it.

The general idea is this is an exploration into two characters. Their past, their world, their goals and maybe there is another war brewing somewhere. My character is tempted to go, not because he seeks violence now so much as he sees it as an out since he feels out of place. He's not even sure he is gay, although he is attracted to men now... just doesn't act on it. Maybe you're character doesn't really know if he is gay either, but there is an attraction and a curiosity. Who knows. We can talk about this fictional society's take either.

My ultimate goal is to have two really interesting characters we both want to learn more about in an world we build around them that is complex and rich with opportunities to keep our play interesting. Unlike many of my other games, I don't foresee a need for a lot of other characters in the game. Since i am open for some other kinks in the game, you never what we might want.

Any interest at all, please drop me a PM!

In Chains
M/M, Fantasy/SciFi, reluc/nc, slavery
Show Me More!

This is actually a more basic idea of mine that typical. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I am wanting to do a master/slave kind of piece, preferably in a scifi or fantasy setting. As for a starting point, this would not likely be a just got a new slave and have to break them in kind of thing. It would be more like a master has his slave, they are familiar with their roles although there could still be some resistance, just not a constant struggle at this point. Beyond that. I am open to suggestions.

Oh, and because it's so vague... I am thinking I would be fine playing either role. I do not want girlie or incredibly effeminate men, pretty is fine... it's a fine line i know.
Some possible pairings:

master/ slave:

any race/elf (love the tokienish concept of elves)
many races/shapeshifter (kind of like the idea of being able to ride a slave)

fandoms: these can fit into some of m fandoms, just ask, whether it's the universe or canons, we can talk.

His Dark Queen
F/M  and M/M, maybe the following
( M/F, F/F, possible incest)
pairings in () not set in stone, read for more
Show Me More!

Yes, I love elves and here are some more!

The elven kingdom is in peril. The humans have turned dark in the neighboring kingdoms, destroying the forest, concocting machinery that turn the sky black and have gained insatiable desires for gold.  Having lost too many of his people, the king of the elves has turned to to an old enemy to become an ally, through marriage. The queen of the dark elves rules a forest of shadows as well as caverns that lead deep into the world. Although blood spilled between the two people many years ago, she knows that her line and the king's are linked. The dark elves are masters at war, and while their lighter cousins are are legendary in their ability to defend within the forest, her warrior's are ruthless, using the shadows against the weak eyes of their foes, and are more than willing to take fire to the villages and towns nearby. They release their wargs to slaughter their livestock and assassins to remove the heads of their leaders and watch the armies crumble. The price for their strength is marriage, the king will become the second husband to the dark queen, his wife long since dead year ago.

The dark elf queen

intends to treasure her new husband, nearly as old as she is. She does not wish to change him, but command him, order his affection and obedience, watch him writhe in pleasure and pain at her bidding. She has much in store for her new husband.

The elf king

Is no fool. His strength in magic and knowledge is quiet strength, but he has known of the queen's interest for many years. His sacrifice is necessary, and she has given her word that he and his blood will be spared any harm and retribution for the conflicts between their people.

Those around them. The Queens 1st husband

and the king's daughter

Are all pawns in a game only the queen knows that is being played. She enjoys pleasure and dominance, intends to decimate the innocence around her while treasuring the beauty she now has at hand.  She does not intend for light to crash against darkness, but for her shadows to enfold the elegance of the elven land and people.

"You seem so tense, so afraid," she whispered softly, her fingers gliding along his shoulder. "Tremble in pleasure, but not fear. I promised no harm will come to you and yours... no true harm, no lasting harm."

He lowered his head, her fingers warm against his pale skin. "What you ask of me, what you command of me... it is more than occupy your bed. We never..."

"Shhh," she whispered. "That is for later. That is for my enjoyment since I so enjoy you in motion, but focus on here and know. Kneel for me."

And he did, what choice did he have?


"You gave me your word she would not be harmed. You promised..." He tried to keep the desperation out of voice as he beseeched those glowing red eyes in the shadow.

"Sex is hardly harmful my dear. And you will not harm her, unless you wish to of course." She laughed lowly.  "Of that I would not mind. You are... talented in many respects. And what better way for a princess to be introduced into the darkness only a bed can provide than by her own father?"

The elf turned away, the conflict in his heart reflecting in his eyes.

Of course, she continued. "I could have my... first husband take her to bed instead, if you prefer. He often has certain desires I will not allow him to explore with me."

One day, she thought, she would see the strength of her husband with the delicate grace of her second, for now, she would tame and lead them down separate paths util the time was ripe.

In terms of characters. I am open to play the queen or the king, and then the other roles between us. The main story will be focused on king and queen, but the side characters, the first husband, the daughter for example can be brought in readily. The dark queen enjoys watching other at play, watching her pawns dance for her after all. Her definition of harm and others... probably don't mesh.

This isn't an system based game, so there are no npcs. There are main characters and side characters, but they are controlled by one of us. The elf can be androgynous, but he is not a man waiting to become a girl, and he is not wholly submissive.

It's a rough idea, please feel free to ask. The pictures are for inspiration, and while I would love to use them, we can talk about changing them.

To The Victor Goes the Spoils
M/M , potential for M/F AND M/M
but M/F not required, Fantasy or Historical, nc/reluc [/b]
Show Me More!

It is a time of war. Three kingdoms sharing a rich valley have been battling for control for the past decade.  The House of Barrathon has one king, the blood heir of the late king, and after three years of marriage remains without an heir and two brothers as princes. The king is married. The second eldest leads the largest unit of the army and has suffered a devastating blow. His men witnessed his fall in battle and what was left of the unit was forced to retreat from battle and regroup to keep to continue to stand between their enemies and the crown. The eldest prince, however, was not killed. He suffered serious wounds but to his surprise was not finished and awakens in the hands of the man who is accused of having raped and killed his mother and slew his father years ago. He does not why his wounds were treated, why his enemy who bested him battle, returned him to life and not in the bowels of a dungeon. He is shocked to be alive and with another heir available, a king who is wed, he knows his kingdom would not surrender for his safety.

This opposing knight is very good in battle, strong and large in terms of size. He is unmatched in the use of a greatsword and rides a powerful black stallion into battle. He is barely leashed by his master, the king of Everlands, a realm once ruled by elves but seized centuries ago with the remaining population of that fine, ancient race left in what is called dignified servitude to the king and the ruling powers. He is a dog barely leashed by his master, they say. Brutal in battle, acting with little mercy outside the battle field. He met the prince on battle, smelled fear, recognized strength and talent but ultimately overwhelmed his enemy with superior strength. His king did not order the capture, and certainly not for him to take him as his own. Something stilled his hand, and the dog only obeys his master to a point. He's a rough personality, some, maybe even all of the rumors are true. No one knows what makes him tick, that would be up to my writing partner.

I am looking to play the heir prince. I am looking for someone to play the dark knight. Both characters are strong personalities and strong in battle. Their appearances are open for negotiation, but I am avoiding effeminate men. That is not to say I want WWF wrestlers or that the men cannot be handsome, even considered beautiful, just not lithe, lean and girl like. They are wearing full armor, one wielding a greatsword... need some strength for that.

Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Her Rise to Power
M/F, F/F, M/M(maybe), NC, somewhat extreme

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The king is dead. The daughter from his first born sent away to death while her stepmother has taken control, her two half-sisters have grown into the somewhat naive puppets for their mother, cruel in their own right, arrogant. Years have passed, and the princess once thought dead has returned, but she is not alone. She had raised a dark army to retake her birthright and extract vengeance. With her, she brought her mentor, her trainer and her lover, a man of masterful skills and a hard heart whose men rescued her years ago and brought her to their master. He did not attempt to tame her rage or fire, stoking the flame and focusing her energies to create a powerful, deadly assassin who would one day wear a crown.

This idea sprouted from another player's idea with my twist and take on the idea. My partner would play opposite of my character, the princess, which includes the mentor her victims and any other NPCs that seem entertaining. I would do the same, playing the princess and any other characters that will fill the scene out with your character. This mentor would be older, powerful and share no love for this kingdom. He does not drive her need for revenge, but he hones it, and occasion provides advice for her actions. Her first act of revenge is against what is left her immediate family, after that, she plans to expand her will and squash anyone who would rise against her.

The extremes of this game can hit a number of areas which include some death, but nothing horrific and gory, see my O/Os. Her first actions will be certain to remove anyone who might have a legit claim on the throne, and she can do that either through death or ensuring they can never have a child.

The relationship between this soon to be queen and her mentor is something we can talk about. I am leaning towards a fantasy setting, but if you have a strong idea on another setting, I would love to hear it. There is a lot of room for decisions about what we want in this game. The main theme is this soon to be queen is relatively ruthless and revenge driven. She does not need encouragement to extract her will upon those who are perceived to have wronged her. The mentor, however, must have motivations that might lead him to encourage her to do one thing or another, and has some influence.

A Minotaur Empire
Fantasy, M/M, M/F, Minotaur, Elves, reluc/nc, multiple characters. exh, voyeur
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The minotaurs are physically powerful, honor bound race (based on Dragonlance ideals).  They are ruled by an emperor, a bull from the higher orders of the race, a champion who will reign until he is defeated or steps down. Due to forced slavery and the general disdain of the other races, the minotaurs were forced to scrape out a living in a desert realm where they fended off their land from lizardmen, violent nomads, humans and even dragons. Now that they are a realm to be reckoned with, their neighbors have begun sending ambassadors to establish lasting relationships, trade and other treaties.

I am looking to play the emperor at least. My ideal partner would play an elf, an elf in the traditional tolkienish since with some unique characterists but please let's stay away from childhood abandonment, which not really elvish, or some outcast caste member kind of thing. This elf represents his people on behalf of his king or queen, so there should be many traditional aspects about him. The elf can be somewhat androgynous as male elves can be, but he should be male, not girly... and for a good reason. The emperor will take an interest in him, perhaps push some gender-bending ideals, that the elf is not used to. If we want to take it further, there can be magic or a cursed object involved so the elf is forced to serve him sexually as a male and sometimes as a female.

As for the relationship between them, that is open for discussion. I foresee reluctance/noncon initially. With the minotaur strength growing in power, the elves are attempting to guide them down a lighter path. The problem is, in some regards, the minotaurs have more in common with the mass of orcs the elves fight more than they do the elves themselves. The humans have also begun frequenting the city, but true to their nature, some of these groups are after a common good, others ill and many just selfish in their wants.

Can this elf ambassador reach the heart and mind of the minotaur empire and guide them to become a strong needed ally for the elves and their human allies, or will he succumb to the piqued interest of this emperor and possibly doom his home realm and those he knows to a life of servitude, pleasure and pain?

The Emperor's Court
Fantasy, M/M, M/F. Group, reluc, nc, rom, elves, multiple characters
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The emperor descended from gods, some even call him a demi-god. His palace was carved from a mountain high above the clouds and completed by the giants and dwarves and dragons. His domain stretched for as far as the mountain could see. Children were taught if they could see the mountain range that housed his palace, they were under his rule, but his true grasp stretched beyond just the shadow of a mountain range.  As emperor, he had king and queen bend knee in his presence or watch their kingdom fall. The legends say the earlier kings failed to heed his demand, their realms decimated by the might of his army and people enslaved. One such tale described the fall of the minotaur race, their warriors cut down in battle their king chained by kneck, wrist and ankle, tied before the emperor's army and gelded to their cheers. The king served his remaining days servicing his emperor between his legs.

The wars have long since ended and the kings and queens pay their tributes, proclaim their loyalty and bend knee. His court consists of his advisors, his favored, the strength of his army but also members of the royal families of all the realms and kingdoms beneath him. They serve as ambassadors for their realm, are members of his harem and are there for his general amusement.

To be Emperor is to have power, wealth and an insatiable desire to expand his grasp.

In regard to writing, I have a few idea. There can be a rising force, perhaps an undead force which would certainly be a force he would be against. Playing opposite of the emperor, i am thinking there might be a favorite, a harem member or two, ambitious yet wise enough to be obedient at the right times sort of thing. Open to ideas.

Mortal Kombat - Absolute Rule
M/F, F/F, Dark, A/U, Kitana/Jade/Others
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This idea is very basic. It's a combination of enjoying the old games, and the silly movies as opposed to a great knowledge about the current series and all the lore. The general idea is the emperor has a connection to his warriors. Not only does he draw strength from them and their victories, he can feel the pleasure of the victor. This has caused him to stack the fights against or for those he favors or dislikes internally and against the other worlds. He has a number of fights on a number of fronts, and brings the most interesting characters to fight in Mortal Kombat, against their will or if they volunteer. He grows wary of Kitana as a fighter of his cause, and has stacked a fight against her, a fight again Mileena. He has protected Kitana to an extent, ensured she remained undefeated, but not he has given Mileena, his true daughter, his daughter's defeat and her virginity to be taken as Mileena sees fit so long as it is after the fight, publicly.

I will need a partner who is creative, willing to play multiple characters and able to play unique differing characters who enjoys the Mortal Kombat universe but is also willing to play a little loose with the lore. I am open to other ideas in the same theme as well, my favorite character in the series would be Kitana.

Partners in Crime
M/F, M/M & F/F, Genre: Mostly Open, reluc/nc

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This is another bare bones idea, but here is the basic idea.  There are two partners in crime, one male and one female. The kind of crime they do can be anything from elaborate heists to con artists. They are both masters in seducing as well, and feed off each other's excitement, talent and desires. They are young but not extremely young, and like to enjoy certain games in bed. One of their favorite games in bed is to have the other seduce them an often reluctant partner to bed for an all night threesome, men and women. They are not so much sadists as they are individuals who love control, power and pleasure. This is just the start of an idea. I am thinking there will be some humiliation, maybe revisits from past exploits, lots of possibilities.
My ideal partner for this plot is one who wants to expand on it and is interesting and eager to play multiple characters in a variety of roles, but our mains would certainly be ours to love and hold onto for some time. 

The Rise of Demons
M/F, F/F, M+/F, NC, Extreme
Let Me See More!

Once again, another somewhat half baked idea of mine. This could be fantasy, history... maybe modern or sci-fi. The idea is the demon race, banished to some plane of existence, has breached the barrier into the living, human world. They are lead by two equally powerful and unique demons, a queen of demons and a lord of demons. They are ancient creatures, and only when the two work together are they able to coordinate an effort strong enough to allow entry into the world they were banished from. They twist, they corrupt, they breed, but the weakness of demon kind is they cannot breed alone, they need the life of others. For the most part, the demon queen and the demon lord will have an almost equal relationship, not really romantic but certainly with chemistry. She will not really dominate men, so this is not a game for someone looking to play submissive males. The extreme part isn't really about gore, in fact I try to avoid outright bloody, guts and brain gross. The extreme part does involve let's say more than just rape scenes, because of the twisting of life, the corrupting and the breeding bit. If you want to discuss more, drop me a PM.

A Duo in the Dark
M/M, M/F, M/M/F, Modern, NC/Reluc, Interracial (most likely)
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My quest for steamy hot sexy scenes involving two guys and a lady continues, lady in the minor role. I shall not give up. These pictures:

Are actually taken from a much darker movie than I intend to the RP to be, but i love the darkness, the color, the aggressors body style, her minor role in this particular scene. On to the story idea. This is about a couple, the lady who is seductive, beautiful and her partner, a strong, aggressive persona, who is not exactly brutal but skates a thin line. She seduces him (them) into her bed and he shows up to enjoy the spoils.

This idea could go a number of ways, the bondage elements aren't necessary and if they are there it will be light in many respect. If this idea piques your interest at all, drop me a line, let's discuss it... lot's of possibilities. the M/F part doesn't have to be downplayed either persay, maybe she is as much a victim as the guy(s) she brings to bed, I just don't want to gloss over the m/m part.

note: if you know the movie, just know that the jock, the guy on the bed, is not my cup of tea in terms of allure.

via the Internet
M/F, noncon/reluc, modern, exhib/voyuer, older male/younger female (correction)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

So this is a sort classic cliche story I know. I am looking to play, as in my character, a young lady that meets an older man on the internet. This man would talk with her a bit, start to learn about her and the manipulation starts. It might start off as personal questions, then shift to phone calls, pictures, etc. We can have some fun with this if you it is your sort of thing. Hopefully we can develop both characters a bit and maybe expand into other categories later, if wanted, to keep things going like her friend. it is important for my partner to be willing to play a character who actually acts, physically, and pushes verbally... avoiding the sometimes awkward rps, for me, where she has to instigate everything. I am thinking the male character is powerful, maybe even respectable in public, has a commanding presence and perhaps a motivation other than pure pleasure for these pursuits

A Fine Artist
M/F, noncon/rel, modern or somewhat historical
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This is somewhat inspired by Black Swan. Basically, my character is an artist, dancer, musician, some sort of performance art, who has natural talent but is meek and quiet. There can be conflict with her competition, male and/or female, but I was thinking the trainer, the director, someone in charge is the primary instigator, and he would be very talented himself, experienced and could even be in a relationship and is seeking something else from her. This isn't necessarily a push to have her become "the star" although I am not envisioning her losing her talent or being pushed out entirely from the performances due to events to come.

By Night
M/M AND M/F, rel/nc, fantasy, world building
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It is a world of great magic, deep secrets and gods that meddle in the affairs of mortals. Demi-gods are the results these living gods who walk amongst others either known and worshipped and feared, or in secret. The fate of these powerful offspring varies as wildly as the fate of mortals, ranging from rising to thrones as kings, being sacrificed by cults or living quiet lives outside the heavy influences of their powerful parents.

One such off-spring is Rhynen, a leading member of the military for a small kingdom nestled against a mountain range that is especially notorious for not only housing valuable minerals, gems and secrets, but lairs of dragons. It was between a dark god and a evil dragon that this union sprang, and while neither claimed the child, Rhynen was taken into a village and raised by an infertile couple until he was old enough seek his fortune. Demi-gods receive their gifts, as their powers are called, in stage. The first stage he reached midway through childhood where he discovered he was not only especially strong, he had renown stamina which gave him an edge in abilities that relied on physical prowess. At maturity, he realized that although he lacked the ability to wield the arcane arts, his ability to wield magical artifacts and imbued items, command them, even those that were cursed, was possible. His latest stage has come as quite a shock to Rhynen as it is no great feat he has accomplished or great insight, but at dusk he changes sex. There is always a purpose for these stages, but this one he cannot fathom a reason for and as a result, no longer makes public appearances in the evening. Rhynen is cruel, delights in tormenting his enemies, has hardly a soft spot for the ill or needy and is fearless in battle. He has risen through the ranks because of his competence and drive to finish that tasks set before him. The town his home overshadows fears and hates him, except for those he favors who relish in the wealth and power gifted by his presence which overshadows the actual lord of the keep.

Now you might be wondering about your character and the story. So we've established that there are demigods, dragons and gods, very powerful beings that shape the world in many ways. This small kingdom that Rhynen dwells in can exist in the shadows for one reason, and that is the royal family that holds the throne and the handful of castles. They are known by the simple people as the dragon tamers. They speak with the dragons, can sing their song and appease them. Some would even call them the masters of dragons, but the relationship and the ability is not so simple. For the dark hearted beasts, often times it is their touch the soothes the rage in their souls, a song that coaxes the wary and the timid from the lairs, and their call that rallies them together in times of war.

This person, male or female, will uncover Rhynen's secret, discover this man is much more than a mere mortal and in doing so, uncover the secrets to both their pasts, the sources of their powers and while on that journey, discover a rising darkness that threatens them all, mortal, dragon and gods a like.

In terms of relationships, this is intended as a bit of a power struggle between them, although Rhynen will be cautious with overstepping the authority of someone so high above his stations since he is not of noble birth. He is not a kind person, has not really felt compassion or love since he lost his adopted parents. In their relationship, he would would be the more submissive type once the dragon tamers powers are in use although it would not be clear to either of them why a dragon tamer could have such an affect on someone who is not a dragon.

I  am looking for someone who writers with a certain level of detail although I am not going to enforce any kind of paragraph length. I want to explore the depths of both characters, their origins, those around them, and i am hoping to avoid certain missteps in high fantasy rping such as seeing dialogue that includes words like "dude".  And I really want some threesome encounters here, which are, admittedly, difficult to write. This taming/control, it will shift the beast of a man he is into something else, and he won't hate the control as much as he thinks.

Naturally I am open to building the world with my partner and the scenario. please dorp any questions my way!

MMF (bisexual guys with emphasis on M/M) - picture/clip inspiration
Show Me More!

I am not 100% sure what I want to do with this, but I am somewhat inspired by this little clip.

In The Emperor We Fear - Fantasy... maybe SciFi
Bisexual (Males and Females), Multiple Characters for both writers, Harem, reluc/nc, Impreg, detailed-world building, room for dark (nothing too gorry, see offs), possible room for romance
Show Me More!

Yep, I am on a bisexual theme at the moment. Nope, it hasn't panned out so far, but I am not giving up. Here's the latest idea.
A demon lord, played by me, resides in a realm that few have ever seen but many of heard of. Every 200 years or so, he emerges from this realm and goes on a rampage, assaulting all manor of authority, lords, kings, merchant houses, fleets at the sea and even villages and towns. He makes them two offers, they can submit him and allow him to take from their numbers one or two individuals of his choosing, although if they do submit and there is no fight, bargains have been known to be struck to insure certain individuals are not chosen. If they submit to him, he will never take from their direct leadership, ex king or queen, or their direct heir. If a group decides to fight after receiving notice, rumored to be a deliver in a black envelope written with gold lettering that he is coming, a fight will ensue, and he may take all of the survivors, if there are any.

This terrible occurrence seems to have been written in the historical tomes of many races as early as the beginning of writing for those cultures. How long he stays or what happens to those he takes is unknown. There are inklings that suggest heroes have stopped him before, forced him to retreat, but none or sure.

In terms of gameplay, I am fairly flexible how this works although I think I will avoid snuff like activities, those never work out. I originally pictured a harem like setting where harm like setting, where this fairly large harem is the source of all monsters in the world, from him of course. The dynamic of the harem though could be interesting where some might have gained his ear, influences him, others the victims of other harem members, that sort of thing. In terms of his appearance, there would be a humanlike form, fairly attractive, and probably a monster form. If you want to work out the details with me, drop me a line.

One quick note, for the ideal writing partner, the ability to write different characters in unique fresh ways is a must. I would be a short game if we had the same character wearing different clothes and sporting a new name sort of thing. Thank you!

Service to the Throne   reopened
M/M *AND* M/F aka Bisexual, Fantasy, reluc/nc , detailed, world building, elves, possible romance
Show Me More!

This idea is somewhat thought out but still open for some creative ink from my potential partner. I am going to be a little particular about this story, so just a warning if we talk about the idea and I decline.

The summary. There are at least three kingdsoms involved in this story, porbably more, the largest is led by the most numerous race in the area, human is a likely canidate, the smallest elves, with their mutual enemies being, either a race of men that are evil or an actual evil race or both. There is an uneasy alliance between the race of men and their elven allies, one of necessity for both parties although the elves are relying on the humans a little heavier than years past due to the rising numbers of their enemies and the heavy tolls ongoing wars have placed upon their population.

The elves have sent the humans a new ambassador because the old one has been recalled to utilize his expertise in another area. The elven ambassador is familiar with humans, has lived amongst them before and has been informed that for reasons unknown to them, their human allies and their enemies are on speaking terms. For the king and queen, their reasons to open talks with the enemies of the elves and their traditional enemy as well, is unclear; they are, however tightly tied to the elves not only because they appreciate elven culture and the elves themselves, but both have distant elven blood that ties them to noble families in the forest. It is open for negotiation, but it could be the only humans who can utilize magic also have elven blood in their veins, even distant kin. They are both very attracted to their new ambassador and seek to have the elf in their royal bed, for the good of kingdom if need be.

There can be political intrigue, building up the three cultures, conflict with the ambassador from the darker lands, magic is a must although it does not necessarily have to be in your face magic. When thinking of elves, think of elves from Forgotten Realm, Dragonlance, Tolkien. I am also looking for a sophisticated style kind of writing from the king and queen and elf, and by that I don't mean snobby grammar polizing or spelling nazis kind of affair, I mean I don't want to read the elf running around thinking "shit" all the time or "dude". None of these primary characters are teenages, so I don't expect them to act like teens either.

Time frame, think medieval although it is fantasy so we can play with ideas.

One more note, if you wind up playing the elf, the elf should not be childish girlie, probably not a virgin although his experience with males could be up for discussion. He is also well aware that is in a precarious situation, both kingdoms need each other but the elves need the humans more at this point.

If you are interested in playing with building a world as we go, toying with a small cast of characters, want to write and lead story as much as I do, drop me a line and can talk. I also love it if my partner enjoys playing multiple characters as I do.

He Who Sits Upon the Throne - Historical and/or Fantasy
Inspired by the game, Crusader Kings. THe Game of Thrones (TV show) is also a proper style plot wise to what I am talking about.[M/F, AND M/M (F/F?), NC And Reluc, Incest and more]
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He is a well aged man, a king and a successful one in a prosperous land (fantasy or historical). His will is law, regardless of what the books might say, and he is a lustful wretch, driven by the pursuit of power, wealth and desires of a dark nature. He has three sons and two daughters, the eldest of each married and gone though he recalls them to court in infrequently.

I am looking to play a game of courts, intrique, the rise and fall of the ambitious and the fate of the weak with someone who is willing to play a cast of characters with me. I am fairly open to the structure of this game, whether it begins with a focus on a couple of characters or starts higher level with the betrothals of characters, the arragenemnt of alliances and war. What I would like to avoid is a romeo and juliet kind of romantic approach. Athough romance, love can certainly mingle with actions carried out for political gain and power struggles, the idea is not create a great romance around which a story evolves.

Avatar - Fantasy/Sci-Fi - The Movie not the Anime M/F
Show Me More!

I really enjoyed the visuals of this movie. I play male and female characters, submissive and dominant. I also do NC and some extremes as well, check my ons and offs.

One idea I had, again a sort of vague idea to start with, was that there might be a an unusual race opposite of the Na’vi, very tall but they are solitary, no connected civilization and rare, as in rarely seen or encountered, sort of a subterranean, underwater sort of dweller.  Because of their nature, there isn’t much known about them except they are a bit parasitic in nature, in that they mate with other species to reproduce, like the Na’vi, and while the Na’vi bond with animals to guide them, this species does the same thing but to command them, enforce their will (not straight mind control mind you, hardly any fun in that). 

Perhaps this specimen encounters a Na’vi tribe and begins to work his way around various members that interest him. Again loose idea that would obviously need us to flesh it out a little more before we begin.

Eternal Worship
primarily M/F, NC, Dark, Twisted, gritty fantasy [conan like]
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There is a darkness rising deep in the heart of a mountain, a temple erected to to a dark god who enters the realm for a dark purpose. He ends and twists life, his worship sent to spread his influence, dark passions and twisted desires. This is set from the perspective of the dark powers as they take over wayward villages, tear down the walls of great keeps and have kingdoms crumble before them. I am thinking there will be a lot of erotic scenes in this game ranging from rapes, bestiality, and even erotic death.  It's a pretty general idea, i know, but i am looking for someone who might have fun building a dark themed game with attention to detailed, erotic writing while knowing there isn't going to be some special fairy tale character or ending here. Initially, i was also thinking I would play the dark god trying to get his freedom into the world, and maybe my writing partner could play his top priest and then we can branch out from there building characters for our scenes. Anyway, lots of potential, drop me a line if interested. thank you.

In His Services
M/M, maybe also M/F, Fantasy/Historical, reluc (probably not straight nc), Game of Thrones Inspired
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This is inspired by a Game of Thrones scene but does not require knowledge of the series or book to play. I would play a king, a newly wed king who is celebrating, not youthful as in childlike, but a king who has to deal with an inheritance dispute. He is strong, of royal blood and charismatic on some level. My partner would play a knight, younger than a king, good in battle, from a strong and wealthy house. They have been lovers for at least a year now, but now that the prince has become a king, due to the early death of his brother, their relationship shifts. It has always been secret, but now the king has rebuke his lover in public, deny him occasionally, and, of course, take a bride. We can talk about the intricacies of the relationship upfront, but I have to have a writing partner who wants to contribute to the story and wants to play a young beautiful man who is a knight so he is not girly or so feminine he couldn't kill a man in full armor.

The Age of Dragons
m/f, maybe m/m too, NC/reluc, breeding, fantasy, epic, world building
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Loosely inspired by Skyrim, very loosely. In tomes long forgotten, left to rot in crumbling ruins and neglected libraries are tales when the gods and dragons rivaled one another. It was said that the greatest of dragons ascended to the heavens and descended into the depths of the abyss, fighting for dominance, even winning. Cities, realms and entire races would worship the greatest of these beasts, worship or face their wrath. Then, their presence dwindled, one by one the dragons vanished from the world until the only evidence of their existence were great bones left intact in only the most desolate places for the remainders left in civilization were broken apart used to concoct spells, potions and worked into crafts

Now they are returning, the smallest of creatures first, but the greatest of their numbers, long thought dead are not far behind, biding their time. They were not vanquished, not destroyed, but are displeased. The gods and mortals destroyed the weaker dragons left when these ancient dragons left and now they must retake what was there, remind the world why they were feared, remind the god why they too were worshiped, and regain their power.

I am not 100% sure on this one, but I envision an ancient dragon returning to the world with a purpose of claiming a building a realm to his like. He is arrogant beast, very much the powerful being that he was before, having left for a specific reason not known to any other. One he establishes a lair of some kind, castle, city, in the mountains, he will seek to rebuild the world he knew before which has changed, drastically form before. He is also humored by watching races mix, for example if a wise king offered his daughter to the dragon, he might take this princess and have her lie with an orc. Being an evil dragon himself, he would take pleasure in capturing another, younger dragon of a lighter disposition and having her himself or give her to another red dragon. He very much wants to challenge the gods. As for my writing partner, I was tossing around the idea that we might play multiple characters, my primary being this dragon, and yours being someone close to him, or maybe a ruler allowed to live in the place he first takes and now lives in his shadow but has some influence. Let's talk if you are interested!

A couple notes about dragons. In this world most of them are sentient, capable of more than just attacking. There are these ancient beasts that have returned, but also younger dragons who remained in hiding or were otherwise detained. There are different races of dragons, and the dynamics of those races are tbd. The dragon I am referring to comes from a the red dragons, a race previously known for evil dispositions, greed and arrogance amongst other things.

taken, might consider another Tropical Paradise - Historical maybe Modern M/F, NC, Virgins, Multi Characters

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It's a beautiful day in paradise. The beaches are open and the sea mists the air with every wave. The palm trees are high and shift with wind the radio plays a soft scratchy tune in the background an armed guard listens to it in a guard station just in view from the tall white balcony of the presidents over-sized mansion. It is the kind of place where cash crops cover the landscape, the same president wins with a 99% of the votes and foreigners come to grease his palms each year. This presidente has particular tastes for young beautiful women and ravishes them to his heart content. He might even share with his generals, important visitors or just for the fun of it. He is a twisted, older man who has absolute power on an island with just enough resources, plenty of guns and connections to keep things interesting.

I am open to some discussions and ideas about him, the girls, why they are there, how they got there, what plots could be involved. I am think some voyeur, exhibition type kinks might be involved with this as well as others that might be fun. Look at my ONs and yours and let's talk.

Please take a moment to breeze over my ON/Offs, it's long but there are highlights, spend extra attention on hot and not pics if you plan on submitting alternate girls for this idea. I've dropped a couple I think are well suited to the idea down below but others are possible.

Inspired by Spartacus Blood and Sand/Gods of the Arena - Historical
M/M & M/F - this is and, not or.
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I am interested in the time period, the brutality and the raw sexuality. I am also looking for a partner that enjoys playing more than one character and a variety of characters (aka, not the same character in a different dress). I am sure we could plot this out ahead of time and come up with some scenes and ideas to get started.

A Brothel in the Making - Historical/Western
M/F (maybe some M/M too), NC Extreme (probably just touching extreme territory nothing too gory)
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This idea is somewhat basic with the ability to expand the situation. This takes place during the Old West, near a mining town whose main vein of silver is tapped but the location near water, good grazing land and the railroad makes it a good place. At least a few hours ride out however is an old house near a riverbed where a man in his prime has decided to build himself a brothel, for pleasure, for money and because he's just a twisted guy. Like any good brothel, this one starts with one girl at a time, starting with the first young woman who manages to come to his place looking for sanctuary and finding herself at his mercy and then the mercy of other travelers.

The more kinks hit the better. Primarily looking for someone to play the ladies in this case with the possibility of talking about other characters. If you say you are willing, able and most importantly eager to play multiple characters, what I don't want is a cookie-cutter character of the first girl in a new skin... so please play them uniquely. We can talk in PM about the actual elements to include, or in some cases, avoid in this one. Here is a pick for inspiration:[/s]

The Discovery - Historical/Age of Exploration
M/F, NC Exotic and/or Extreme  (probably just touching extreme territory nothing gory), foreign object,
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An explorer(s) lands on a small island and encounters a tribe of natives. He finds at least one beautiful young (vrigin) woman that stirs his dark desires and pursues her, ravaging her on location. Most of this RP would take place on some location in tropical enviorment, waterfall, beach, densely populated forest.

I need my partner to be able to write male characters convincingly indark sex scenes with detail, finesse and most importantly sensuality in mind, focusing on actions and responses and sensations... think richly described. I am also a  huge fan of foreign object scenes, i've done a similar scene with gun insertion for example that was pretty hot.

Longevity of the RP . This could be a One-Shot story, a series of losely connected one-shots or something a bit more epic with multiple characters and settings and travelings. I play male and female characters almost equally, so if you are someone who likes ot mix it up in a similar fashion, i can control explores and natives and well we could get a deeper plot going if desire. Here is a pic for inspiration.

Desperation - taken, would consider another version of this theme
M/M for sure, possibly M/F or M/M/F in addition, reluc, modern or modernish
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Chase is an attractive young man, but very poor, down in spirits, working in a local restaurant barely floating above water. He's not been in the best of health because he doesn't eat well, doesn't have the funds to see a doctor or the time off to visit a free clinic for hours.  He has family, but rarely speaks to them and lives in a studio apartment that barely meets city standards.

A local patron, your character, overhears Chase having a disagreement with his landlord over a raise in rent he can't pay. He then speaks to his boss to ask for raise; he's been working there for three years now. The man threatens to fire him instead. The patron, again your character, returns at lunch to find Chase doing the only thing he can really afford to do, reading a book from the library and eating a half a bologna sandwich in the back alley. They have a brief discussion, about the man's observations, a little shaming could be involved, maybe some blunt questions about his health and where he thinks he will be in five years, and an offer is made. The man gives him a card to call and leaves.

Later that night, Chase makes the call at a pay phone and a car is sent to pick him up.

I've purposefully kept details a bit vague on this one to keep things open. I certainly care about the second unnamed character, yours, and I imagine he is a wealthy, irreproachable man with a certain upscale lifestyle. I originally thought this might be lead to a male escort sort of gig, nothing too extreme really, with potential for romance later.  Also, Chase wouldn't be especially effeminate although a little fragile emotionally. The reluctance bit will probably be more hesitation and on the mild side compared to what i usually play too. I was also picturing Chase to be early to mid 20s, not a teen

You'd make me a very happy lady if you wanted to play a strong, almost gentleman like kind of individual who is a little older than Chase, educated but obviously out to get what he wants in the world.

If you are interested, please drop me a line.

Set Sail -Historical and/or Fantasy
M/F - NC, other kinks maybe, I am looking to play the Female
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It is the age of great adventure, exploration, trade and danger on the high seas. I am looking to play a young lady who is swept away in the midst of the venture. I am thinking pirates but other ideas could work depending on the situation such as a ruthless trader, a gritty adventurer or maybe a new governor who has just started a new settlement. Although I intend to play the less dominant force in this one, as usual I enjoy playing multiple characters and being a contributing partner in a story. I do not expect nor really want to sit back and enjoy the ride, so to speak.

We're in This Together
M/M, aliens, hostile environment, reluc, no subs
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Two warriors, fighters, pilots... whatever want to call them, crash land on a hostile planet not far from each other. Their worlds are at war, but they soon realize they need each other in order to survive. I am thinking the planet has a hostile environment, hostile animals and potentially hostile people as well. Some natural phenomenon makes planetwide scanning from spaceships impossible, assuming either side is actually looking for them. In addition, most of their equipment is broken or in limited supplies.

Whether they are the same race, is up to us. This should be a mixture of exploration, of the planet and each other alongside survival aspects. These are strong individuals, as in physically strong although clearly they can have differing strengths and weaknesses. They're experiences with the other side prior to the war and during, up to us. Their experiences with sex between males, up to us, no total virgins please. Really a lot is up for negotiations, including kinks and that sort of thing. I just don't want any fresh recruits from the academy, naive of sex, flimsy males or someone who is just looking for a sub role to fill. I imagine they'll shift from realizing they need each other, to mutual respect to some level of affection at some point though.  And hey, I'm not required or requesting multiple character... these two could be alone in the world for some time, but if we want hostile people, not just flora and fauna.. always an option.

Ons and Offs    Short Term Ideas,
Misc. Long Term Ideas

If you send me a PM and I don't respond, chances are I just missed it. Send it again!

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


I dont know much about the games or movies you listed, but I could do the inter-racial thing, if you want to talk about it, just PM me
The Oath of Drake


Retired Ideas  # 2

More Retired Ideas!

M/M, fantasy, reluc to start potential romance
maybe some resistance later but there is
emotional attachment, attraction, etc.
see below
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There is a town, a kingdom really, that was built in the heart of an ancient, dangerous forest. To keep out the creatures, the fae, the rising darkness, a tall wall of iron was erected, a metal that is said to weaken their powers, create a barrier that they cannot breach. Those who have committed the most grievous of offenses are executed or worse, banished from the kingdom and exiled outside of the wall. Most die within a season, prey to unknown creatures. Those who survive longer than that, are not prepared for winter and perish in the cold snow.

My character a young man, in his twenties, has been exiled. His crime was to be born a bastard and become threat to a noble line when the true heir died in accident. Rather than allow the title to potentially fall to a bastard, they set him up for execution, but someone could not bare the thought of his death and gave him a chance outside of the wall.

Now it is autumn, the leaves have turned and the chill has come. My character has manage to piece together a meager hut hat is hardly sufficient for winter. He has skills, but survival in the forest is not one of them. Each night, he hears creatures in the wilderness, they seem hesitant to near the fire, but fuel is becoming hard to come by. in a few nights, the fire will dim and his protection will go with it. He needs help, and knows it.

Your character

Naturally, a lot of this is open to changes and your ideals.

I am thinking there are truths to the legends and tales of the locals. There are creatures of darkness in the forest, but there are also the fae, and they are not one in the same. Elves or some other civilization live there, and while they are unhappy with the arrival of the humans, especially of the wall that weakened their powers, they are not always enemies. And while some are natural, powerful creatures that will destroy humans, they are not evil, just violent, untamed. Others are evil, killers, hunting the roads at night.

Your character is either a citizen of the forest, one that the townsfolk might call a fae, or another who had been banished and survived. Either way, there are forces of good and evil at play in the forest, and the presence of the kingdom disrupted those conflicts a bit. Now those who leave the gates at night are preyed upon, as are unwary travelers to the land, but most have forgotten about the lighter tales, the folk of the forest who used to sing and make merry with villagers. No one remembers the noble races or that they had a pact against a foe that has been growing stronger while their enemies have all but forgotten about the threat.

M/M [slight m/f is optional]
seeking sub, lite feminization, slight fantasy,
extremes (castration- not the main characters)
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The men of the North are powerful, brutal and never take captives. They leave towns and villages smoldering, the corpses men, women and children in their wake. They travel by swift ships, and before any retaliation can be wrought upon them, they are gone, not to be seen again for a year maybe five. The truth is there are no "men" of the north so much as many men of the north. And one leader, in particular is slightly different from the rest not to mention he rules an island by himself one that is said to be alive with old gods and dangerous monsters. He does not fancy himself a king or even a chieftain, just a man of undefeated status at the prime of his life. He has three sons, two daughters, and his wife fights along his side. He is not unattractive in his own rough sort of way.

Your character saw his family cut down by these invaders, and he was to be next, but a beautiful woman, armed with an axe and as lethal as the men she travels with stilled their hands; he was taken back alive, as it turns out a few others have been. She found him alluring, wanted him for her household and hopes her husband will find him worthwhile... if not he will be killed.

Of course, this leader accepts his presence, only questions her choice upon his return and then sets about proving just how unmanly these men of the south are. For example, he will tell him as a slave of the house, he should ensure they have firewood for the rest of winter, and when he is unable to continue this task from dawn until dusk, draw him into the warm and call him sweety. With each failed task, his role shifts more and more from that of a manservant to that of a woman and a bedwarmer. This is less about forced to wear women's clothing than that of roles, how he is treated (humiliation/degradation).

Ideal writing partner - this is a little unusual for me, kind of new territory. I am hoping to experiment with extremes to flesh out this culture and this leader character, but I don't really want to damage primary characters. So I think the ideal person would be someone who enjoys playing multiple characters, knowing that this new slave will be overwhelmed by a harsh environment, harsh people and find himself spiraling into a low role meant for women slaves. At the same time, there are others here from distant places, and those men who are not fit to be men should not be bred sort of thing.

If you have any interest in all, drop me a line... let's see what we can come up with.

My Brother
M/M, noncon/reluc,incest, and more!
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In a society that resides in towers high above nature and above the seas that cover much of the planet rules a royal family. The eldest heir with magical inclination and power takes the crown.

He is tall, intelligent with an uncanny ability to read others, not their minds or theirs words so much as to feel their intentions. He has uncovered many plots and ploys against his family, has master minded a few of his own. He has a large network of spies and little "birds" at his beck and call, and the power of wind and water continues to grow as he learns from his tutors and experiments on his own. He is cold, calculated to much of the outside world, an upholder of tradition with few wiling to stand against him. He is the second son of the later king and the new king. He is your character.

His eldest brother is tall, dark, fiery, some describe as temperamental and unpredictable. Lacking any obvious magical abilities, he was not the crowned prince nor did he become king. But he is a prince, second in power under the good graces of his brother. He is physically strong, a soldier considered a lesser by some of the highest ranking nobles and relatives. What they don't know, and only the king and his brother know, his he does have an unusual ability, the ability to bond with, converse and in rare circumstances, control animals. This is not considered magic, but it is powerful and a secret shared between them. This is my character.

Both brothers are consider ruthless in their own right, building power structures around them, one refined and one more base. My character has a number of lovers and enemies. Although there were strange rumors about some of his enemies meeting fatal ends due to animal attacks, such ideals were quickly dismissed. The two are lovers, the king dominant and his brother beneath him although the reality is a little more stretched The king can barely control his brother yet at the same time his brother is fiercely protective. More than one death attributed to him in the king's benefit.

They are like fire and ice, and together their powers have made already made them more powerful than the father before them. Now their greatest challenge is ahead of them, a neighboring kingdom... except they are not defending, they intend to take more. The eldest is fearful of his younger brother, but admires him, obeys him... most of the time, he is also afraid of his power.

Please drop me a line if you are interested at all. I would be willing to play in another genre for the right person/scenario (ex. fantasy/historical)

A Dragon's Rise  - taken
M/M, reluctance, multiple ons possible - seeking an elf or similar race, multiple characters
Show Me More!

It is a fantasy world, either high or low, and the mortals races have warred and made peace in the shadows of great grumbling statues that tell the tale of a time when dragons ruled their lands. A time forgotten by man, dwarf and elf. Memories are no longer necessary. They returned from a distant place in larger numbers, ending wars, starting them. They slew the greatest and most powerful of families, saving but a token of their lines to preserve them.

The dragon overlords carved out the kingdoms for themselves, great overlords fashioning incredible lairs filled with armies, servants and slaves. Your character is not special. He is not a prince, he is not a bastard of a lingering royal line, and he is not some remarkable artists or renown soldier. Your character is strong, but what makes him special is he was signaled out. One day the overlords caravan moved through the crowded streets of the new capital, and the next your character is being dragged to the dragon overlord's lair.

Who are these dragons? Where did they go long ago? Why did they leave and more important why did they return? Why do they round up the smaller mortal races seemingly treating orcs no different then elves? Why did the soldiers take him from home and force him to his knees before the beast?


Yes my character is in a dominant role.

on characters - i cannot stand effeminate, whiny and mouthy pretty boys who is more likely to get their throat slit than be enjoyable to be around in a master/slave situation. I am looking for, probably an elf, a mature elf, with knowledge who is not a virgin, who is not so naive of the world you wonder what rock they lived under. I am looking for a character that is more of a switch than a sub, but not a switch with the dragon persay, not his new master. what makes your character special is who he is not what he is, and trust me, my character is interested in the world as seen through his eyes as the mystery unravels as to why they have returned. i say probably elf because i am looking for someone refine and beautiful

what I offer - I love to weave stories, to expand characters. my primary character is one dragon overlord, a great and powerful beasts who will often be in other forms when interacting with your elf. He is strong, commands a presence and has been gone from the known world for some time. He is also there for a reason. this could very get romantic, although there would always be an edge to it. this is a beast, a creature that believes himself above all else but just maybe your character can shape his views, for good or ill.

games like this work better if my writing partner is wiling and able to work with multiple characters. I do not write stories for others, but i write stories with others. there is an underlying conflict at work, so while we will fashion many fun plots and weave history together, the underlying conflict will unveil itself a bit at a time.

Kindred Spirits - taken
M/M, reluc initially, romance, elf and dwarf, the hobbit and lord of the rings inspired [/b]
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I will try to keep this idea basic. A group of elves and a group of dwarves happen across each other in battle with their mutual enemies. A rock slide occurs, forcing the groups to take cover. Most of the dwarves flea into an open cavern that leads to their home. Two elves have no choice but to flea in the same direction. One of them is mortally wounded and soon dies but the second recovers. With the main entrance covered and the other exits too dangerous to use, the elf is trapped with the dwarves until some plan can be formed, if the dwarves can be bother.

This is elf is a warrior, and a strong rider but finds his skills and value question in a dark place made for someone stockier and shorter than he is. And without bonds and light, he begins to fade. This is my character, and is a strong elf warrior, very precise in battle, not girly.

Your character is a dwarf, either a warrior or a craftsman. He was there in the battle, saw the battle, and there are many unanswered questions. Some dwarves were trapped on the other side, some dead. He has minimal knowledge about the elves but enough to know that the elf cannot linger on his own, not for long, not in the deeps of the cavern. They begin to learn from one another reluctantly at first.

QuoteBlack arrows, the snarls of evil wolves and shouting, so much noise. The dying cried, the hateful growled, and all about Almarathon, often called Almar, the whirling winds of moving steel, sharp and shiny, dark and dull, it mattered not as it cut flesh well and blood spilled.

“They led them upon us.” One of his kin cried.

Whether the orcs had chased down the group of elves or the group dwarves, what mattered now were the three of them lay trapped in a lethal mass of chaos at the mouth of some cave, some tunnel. He wielded his sword an effortlessly, slicing through the arm of one and the neck of the other. They called him a sword dancer, a warrior of grace and death. To achieve such a level he had to cast aside nearly all other pursuits all other skills. Heart and steel in sync, and with a calm expression, he moved from one target to another, never pausing, his deep blue and silver tunic whirling with him until he finally paused, noting the lumbering creature moving towards them. It was no orc or goblin, and certainly no troll could walk so freely in the sunlight. It towered above them, and no matter its origin, the creature wielded a great club. As the arrows began to pierce the thick hide, it swung wildly, striking elf, dwarf and orc until the mountain began to fall upon them. Large chunks of earth crashed near his boots, a trinket smacking him in the forehead.

Someone grabbed him, pulled him into the darkness as rock and mud fell. And when it settled, he was inside the place, a deep cavern peering at the rock that blocked the exit and entrance, all light of the world he knew. Nardualion lay before him, head damaged by the falling debris, and his legs looked twisted. He kneeled near his fallen friend. He was not awake, he looked in no pain. “Nardual, I am here,” he whispered.

“This place is unsteady. We must go. It could collapse at any moment. We must leave!” A dwarf cried.

“I will not leave him to die alone here.”

Someone touched his shoulder, spoke to him, beard against his cheek, rough fingers. “If we move him, it will kill him.”

“Then let us put him out of his mercy and go. There is no hope for it.” Another demanded

He wrapped his fingers around his friends cooling digits. “I will not leave him, and if you raise a blade I will kill you.” he repeated.

There were footsteps, and he was alone save for his kin. Two days later, he was just alone. He wept.

With only rock to bury his kind, he did what he could and found but one of his swords and beheld for the first time the intricate entryway. The rock here shifted from browns and greys to a deep ebony. Perilous crevices crept around him, warning the clumsy against taking any but the most obvious path. He had spent but a day or two underground in his long life, a moment in time to track down a foul enemy. Now he walked along the jagged path knowing this was no true entrance to a dwarf kingdom as there were no steps or stairs to guide the way, just a long snaking tunnel that he traversed until he stumbled, only now realizing he had sustained a wound. Blood seeped through part of his shirt and down his right leg. When he saw on the horizon what looked to be an outpost of some kind, pain brought him low to his knees, helmet and sword falling to the ground. He heard voices again but no one came.

He closed his eyes so he did not see the dwarf that had followed behind, that had never left and defied the wishes of his kind. After all, they were not allies since long ago but they shared the same enemy, and it was that enemy that would make the journey to the surface all but impossible until they cleared the cave-in.

takenThe Girl Next Door - Modern, M/F, NC, Virgin, Dark/Twisted
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It's a quiet suburb, the place that is perfect to raise a family, enjoy the high life as they say except there is on man on the block who seems out of place. He does't have a family, doesn't drive a SUV or appeasr to go to work each day. He is rarely seen at the neighborhood functions. He works, everyone is certain, but in what industry, what occupation, no one knows. There are rumors that he is retired, but really he is always on the lookout for his next... victim. How dark this will go, well probaby not serial or anything quite that extreme, but I am interested in some darker NC elements and am open to how we get there. Because it's vague, I do want to mention that I plan for this start into a bit of a dark seduction, twisting/corrupting innocence kind of piece as an opposed to the kidnapping, disappearance gig. He will get a hold of her, and her friends if my partner enjoys multiple characters, but his hold I intended to be more psychological than physical though there will be some physical force as well. Could have potential for an paranormal or supranatural event too... open to discussion.

Looking to play the young lady in this one.

Feel free to ask questions, and this is the pic related to the idea.

MMF (bisexual guys with emphasis on M/M)
- picture/clip inspiration
Show Me More!

I am not 100% sure what I want to do with this, but I am somewhat inspired by this little clip.

His Carnival
M/M (no exception), M/F maybe,
NC/reluc, not seeking a sub
Show Me More!

He travels the roads, settling in a location for awhile, providing entertainment, mystery and hints of ancient arcane arts. He has an elf, a minotaur and mysterious man with white hair, all with their secrets.

The minotaur is strong and quiet, a foreboding.
The elf is quiet, using plants to weave magic and message, shy.
The third is considered exotic, a sound rumbling in his chest almost like a purr and uses slate of hand to impress his audience.

To the outside world, they are performers, working and seeing the world. But the Carnival has secrets, many secrets, and the master is master to all that serve, holding their souls, commanding them through fear or punishment. What the master is and how the others lost their soul to them... unknown.

I am looking for some to play the master. We can negotiate a bit on the characters, but I want to play a character who is the dom, the minotaur, and a sub, the elf, and I intended the third to be a bit of a switch... either with the master or someone trying to unravel the mystery. If interested, let's talk.

Lord of the Rings: Feanor and Fingolfin
A/U, M/M, incest, reluc to start,
maybe some resistance later but there is
emotional attachment, attraction, etc.
see below
Show Me More!

NSFW https://elliquiy.com/elluiki/images/6/6e/Feanor_and_Fingolfin.jpg The ring is destroyed; Sauron defeated. The elves are traveling west, the dwarves returning to their mountain homes and it is a time of man. Out in an almost forgotten forest, one long lost to darkness however bright lights have been reborn. Those lost to evil long ago returned for a purpose they have not yet realized. It has been a few years, even a decade or so, and the forest has begun to recover, thriving in the presence of Fingolfin and those who have returned. They have built their homes, waiting patiently for a sign of their purpose from the Valar. Then another figure wanders in to the small village, one that brings joy, hope and yet fear to those who have also been released from the Halls of Mandos, Feanor, the kinslayer, the greatest of the Noldor, the one so infused with rage he burned upon death.

His memories are scattered, gaps remain, and though he returned calm and uncertain, but as he settles and not only recognizes his family but hears of their downfalls, the determination, the fire that burns brightly inside him rises again. Others whisper that if he is needed, perhaps a  battle is on the horizon.

Our story begins a bit after Feanor returns. He is crafting, helping build in the forgotten part of the world though he has been request not to go out with the others and fight the darkness. They worry he is uncontrollable, prone to a darkness they do not understand. I would play Feanor. Your character is Fingolfin, his half-brother, calmer but no pacifist, some might even say a soothing influence. Your character is elven but not feminine and not a teenager, so I am looking for someone to play a leader of these lost elves, a strong but calm presence who can see that his role and his place might be altered, possibly forcefully so, by the arrival of his long lost brother. I picture a kinship between them, a genuine want of Fingolfin to assist Feanor in recovering his memories and working him through the violent experiences of his last years of life, and the knowledge of what happened afterward, at the same time, as the strength and fire returns, an attraction, perhaps an unwanted one, arises.

If you have any interest at all, let's chat!

Old Money
M/M and M/F
Old South, Racism, Non-con,
extremes (castration, foreign objects, maybe more)
Show Me More!

So if you find any of these subject matters offensive, please continue on with other stories. This is, of course, purely dark fantasy. For the rest, here is the general idea. There is an old money family in the south. The patriarch, in his late fifties or early sixties, has lost his wife and his only real grounding for morality. He's a pretty nasty guy with a love for breeding blacks white and castrating the men. Time period is open. I would like to play this patriarch. I am open to plot ideas and this is smut heavy game but potential for more. Also, all the scenes would be erotic and sensual. The man has a lot of power, a large family and seems untouchable. You get the general idea, so if you have interest in this area, please let me know.

M/F, could add F/F if wanted
Tropical Island, Rich Plantation, NC, ask about other wants Historical/Modern
Show Me More!

Sort of a basic idea here. She is visiting a tropical island, either in a modern or historical setting. He's a good-sized, wealthy and dark skinned local who has made his wealth with cash crops. And maybe he's not actually the dictator in charge on the island, but high enough up to have his own army and be a real threat to anyone. She catches his eye in a public place, and bit by bit he enters her life, until he has enough control where she is standing naked on his porch, pretty, owned. This idea could be anything from a spring break fling to a historical piece and she is a merchants daughter. This could also involve more than one character if wanted.

Living Castle
M/F, Incest, inanimate objects, foreign objects, magic, some extremes, NC
Show Me More!

This is a twist on the Evil Queen idea I put out awhile ago. An evil sorceress takes over a castle. Destroys most of the residents inside and crowns herself. The king and queen were sexually tormented before being put to death, and their children were taken under wing by this ice queen. The queen herself never leaves the castle. They say she is cursed to remain there for what she has done. others day she cannot leave the place for inside holds her power. The truth is between the two. She has bound herself to the castle, making it alive, often taking and twisting those within to be a part of the living monstrosity. The prince goes forth across the countryside and carries out her will.

The details: I am a little open about this, about how fantastical the world is, what characters we play. The general idea is the queen and the prince are lovers, but more than that, he is a dominant personality. She raised him that way, so he is only submissive to her but harsh and demanding towards others; there will be others. I think the bulk of the play will be inside the castle and those coming there, either by force, visiting, etic. Let's talk.

Four Planets, One Queen
F/M, M/M, F/M/M, Bisexual Male, Reluc
Show Me More!

This could have easily been a fantasy game, but I thought I would try a SciFi slant and see where it takes us.

Four planets circle a star. Three of them are visible, and one is not. Three of the planets are the home world for a specific species. The cloaked planet is linked to a larger empire and is more technologically advanced. As a result, the other three are fearful of the woman who rules that planet, the queen as she calls herself. For now, the other three are autonomous, and that could change at the toss of a coin, some say.

He is the pride of their planet. A prince who is a great rider, an excellent marksman, politically suave and beloved of his people. He is charming and handsome, perhaps bold (these are negotiable but you get the general idea). And he has been selected to wed the queen, and the planet rejoices in his send off. Upon his arrival to the cloaked planet, he makes a discovery. The queen is already married to two other men, from the other planets. He is her third husband, and the term husband is a loose term. Yes, he has the position and the title, but he is under her in every way possible.  He is now part of her harem.

His parents had to know, as did the elders. They've been sending husbands to her for centuries it seems. She may even be immortal. The other two husbands are older than he is, one a hulking warrior from the nearby more primitive planet, and the other from the mental dexterous planet. Physically strong and mentally weak, mentally strong and physically weak, and he rounds them out. He is your character.

My character is a beautiful woman with unusual eyes and incredible power, personally and at her finger tips. Her description is not yet formed, but i am leaning towards using black women as descriptors.

This story can be a dark sci-fi ploy(horror dark and gritty like Chronicles of Riddick), a more high sci fi, (star wars), or something in between. We could throw in a X-Com mystery kind of slant, maybe he empire is testing them (not the husbands, the people), experimenting... let's talk.

The main requirements are your character cannot be a true sub. He will have a submissive role with his new queen, either by acceptance of force. He will have a dominant role with at least one of the other members of the harem. I need a writer who wants to play a real switch, absolutely no "power bottoms". And while it is not necessary that you control a lot or even really more than one character, it would be great if someone joins me in crafting these species, these worlds, this empire, and this plot.

in general, I am not interested in full furries for this. Aliens can have interesting traits though, and it is fine if your character is very human like or even human if you prefer. All of the aliens will be a humanoid species though.

reopenedFor His Pleasure
M/M, M/F, M/M/F, Historal/Fantasy or Modern, NC/Reluctance, possibly paranormal, potential for some dark to some extreme content->check out my O/Os for the extreme limits.
Show Me More

He is a powerful man, a business man, wealthy, not untouchable enough to do whatever he wants however he wants, but connected enough where he can enjoy himself with little interference so long as he selects his targets and is discreet. He loves to watch. He loves to display his influence, prove his strength and enjoys getting his hands dirty himself.

He is the above man's servant and lover, his weapon, forced into submission and obedience years ago. He is a young but not a child, mature and strong in body and mind, but his master's aura and influence is stronger. Some evenings, they have dinner, quiet, small talk, or go to a gathering, a play, something outside the large home. Other nights, his master is on the prowl. Do you see that woman walking down that dark streeth? He might whisper. Go, take her. And he obeys, he obeys because he must; he obeys because deep down, he enjoys it, the ability to unleash his lust, his fury.

It's a vague idea, I know. Primarily it's a director calling the shots with some hot scenes, this is my partners role, while my character follows through. The victims, the targets, whatever we call them, can be played by either or both, female and male too. I am picturing a guy in a seat, watching in dim light, elbow on chair enjoying the show, giving some direction sort of thing.

The Old Gods
M/M AND M/F, Multi Characters, noncon,
fantasy, possible extremes
Show Me More!

I am on a bit of a fantasy version of the "North" Warrior/Leader kind of kick. Apologies for some repeated ideas themes in advance.

A power has risen in the north, a powerful warrior who has defeated, destroyed, dominated or otherwise subdued most the opposing chieftains forcing their people under his leadership. He is different than the rest, rumored to be able to transverse worlds, see the fae and monsters of the world. They say he is a demigod, eager to conquer not just the North, but the gods themselves as a follower of the Old Gods who believes in strength ruling above all else. His men have raided many foreign lands, forcing surrender or sending them fleeing.

I would play this rising leader, this man who is rumored to have defeated and destroyed some weak gods already. Ideally, both my partner and myself would play multiple characters, weaving a violent, harsh world around main and minor characters. I will accept absolutely no power-bottom type sub players. I require players that play dominants and/or switches, ideally comfortable playing both genders although that is not necessarily a requirement. Your primary character, read plot driving character, could be his wife, his son, his brother, or maybe a god he has a connection with. There is a possibility for extremes, not really gore, depending on what scenes we both enjoy.

I enjoy playing a dominant male with a large appetite, for sex, for power, for wealth, so this is not a call for someone who has to meet or take on those reigns so much as compliment the role. I also want this game to be fantastical, switching into areas of disbelief and magic, but by and large the world is low fantasy, as in the affects of the gods are subtle and exists in legends and stories which are a mingling of truth and embellishments. Monsters exist, magic exists but they are not on the forefront of everyday minds.

I don't mind borrowing from mainstream games/moves etc, like Oracles from 300, etc.

Below are some pictures for inspiration and for us if we like (I want this to be your game as much as mine):

M/M, some reluctance, maybe other ons

Show Me More!

This really is a simple idea. It's an advanced universe with a bit of an edge, think Mass Effect / Firefly. Our characters are part of a galactic enforcer group, charged with keeping the peace. maybe their after a specific criminal or encounter something unusual. The thing is, the galactic enforcer group is a way for several planets to solidify their alliances, by having members join the force and work together. My character is an alien, an alien with some strong advantages and a severe flaw. Your character is a seasoned officer with a keen eye and a detective instinct. Now they have to spend a lot of time on a ship together, following the clues wherever it takes them and, while they are at it, discovering ore about each other.

**no submissives** for this role.

And you might be able to convince me to shift this to another genre, like modern, supernatural... some other setting if you have a good idea for it.

His Lord - taken
M/M, reluc, possible romance
Show Me More!

This is probably one of my more basic ideas actually. A lord (or king) is visiting one of the small villages of his lands. This area has been recently hit hard by a long harsh winter, and his subjects are struggling to recover. One of them catches his eye, and he is summoned to the lord's nearby camp as a result. What happens from there... well your character has not made it through winter that well either so only time can tell.

Pics for inspiration

Since this is pretty open, let me note that I am fairly flexible on my character, and for yours, i am hoping for a young strong man who is not a so frustratingly mouthy i want to throw my keyboard but not so docile and submissive that he bores me out of my mind. Let's chat if you are interested.

Divine Captives - in discussion
m/m, reluc to noncon,
switch writer sought
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Two creatures in an epic battle, dark and light, demon and angel, brought low by their struggle, their violence until they are weakened enough to be captured by an observer, a manipulator and ultimately one they would call master. Once captured, he fastens around their necks collars and keeps them with him, traveling around the world offering tricks of the mind, pleasures and amusement. The angel and the demon he keeps for the wealthy, for the late night show, for the pleasures of the elite to watch darkness conquer light.

For a price, a promise or a favor, he can offer more. An angel can heal, lift spirits, and prove a good heart for one of a light heart cannot help but weep when an angel cries. The demon tests and infuses strength, imbues weapons with is power.

They hate him, their master, resist against him, but they cannot free themselves. And while the hate between demon and angel lasted many centuries, they are closer now with the demon often sheltering and protecting the angel where he can, pulling him from the pools of despair.

So as mentioned, I am looking for a switch in this RP and am willing to take the role of Player 1 or Player 2 <see below>. Leaning towards Player 1 myself.

Player 1 - Demon [dom]
Player 2 - Master [very dominant] and Angel [sub to maybe switch]

Keep in mind, in terms of strength, the demon and angel are almost equal though captivity has weakened the angel more than the demon. The demon, after all, has served dark masters in the past.

As far as the RP, a little open in the direction of this story. There can be other characters, minor characters, other captives, guests etc. Below are pictures for inspiration, they are not requirements or even my favs so much as ones i have on hand and mostly like. I would actually prefer the angel to look older, more mature than some teen.

NEW He Rises in the North
M/M, M/F, reluc/nc
and so much more
Show Me More!

Elliquiy – He Rises
Nessy and

It is a world of kings and queens, lords and ladies and their commoners. Courts throw spectacular balls, beautifully elaborate banquets and wage horrific and glorious wars. It is a game of thrones, a roll of chance and a time when humans rise and fall through ambitious ploys and flawed ideals. In the shadows, in cool lands of the north east of the lands the lords and ladies would call civilization a named is whispered… Fenris.

Yes, this is a game about werewolves, but is also about courts and kingdoms rising and falling, about the ruling class and commoners. Werewolves have been whispered about since the old legends have been so twisted and forgotten only the wisest of sages and scholars know there are any truth to them. There are two kinds of werewolves, those with intelligence and those that are feral. Intelligent werewolves can be reasoned with and are not always violent and have begun to form a realm of their own. Ferals are violent, out of control and think of little more than killing, eating and sex although they often lack the forethought to even consider that mating.

Intelligent werewolves, no matter how civilized and polite they are, are still driven by a certain amount of aggression and a need to dominate. And once they dominate another, their targets become more and more submissive to them through repeated acts of domination.

Werewolf males usually have werewolf offspring whether they mate with another werewolf or not. Werewolf females have a good chance to produce werewolf offspring when mating with others outside their race but also a fairly good chance to produce a child of their mate’s race. Such non-werewolf offspring are often physically superior and more aggressive than many males of their race.  Human males are seen as competition to most werewolf males. As a result, alpha males will seek to dominate them through sheer intimidation or by forcing submission in bed, force the other male to become their bitch. It is rumored that such human males who are taken often in this fashion undergo abnormal physical changes: their genitalia begins to shrink, their fertility drops as well as their sex drive to be with anyone other than their alpha. This makes it more difficult for them to breed and therefore removes them as competition to their alpha.

Now Fenris is an alpha male of extraordinary caliber. He is rumored to be the offspring off a powerful queen of an unknown race and a feral werewolf. Since the joining of a feral werewolf and another often results in death, and if not the child is destroyed, this is a rare thing. More than that, Fenris has the ability to dominate other alphas and also the ferals making his realm the first realm truly devoid of packs and a united front for the werewolves as a race.

My writing parting:

So many of these idea are borrowed from other ideas, but I am absolutely not interested in trying to comply with an existing work's mythology. This is our world, our creation and our ideas.

Having said that, yes I am looking to play Fenris, or at least what the world calls Fenris. I am picturing mostly a human lead world with low magic, but some, and monsters and supernaturals a rarity. Now we could have pockets of other races as well. This could be a dark and dangerous world, or a fairly ordinary one depending on what you want. I am open there. As a person who writers both dominants and submissive inclined and everything between, I’d love for my partner to be comfortable playing whatever characters we want to make this an interesting story.  If you want to play Fenris’ second, another alpha male, that’s great! If you want to play his human or werewolf mate, who is not a straight submissive either but someone who contributes to his ambitions and the world and has ambitions of their own, also great. If you want to play some princess trapped in a boring court waiting to be ravaged by a dark beasts she only hears rumors about… not so great although I wouldn’t be opposed to something like that as a side story but not the leading roles.

If this interests you at all… drop me a line! Please!

XCOM Soldiers
M/M, reluc/nc, romance,
simpler idea this time
Show Me More!

This is a simpler idea this time than my usual Xcom ideas.
My character is a sniper, brought onto the project early on, nearly killed in battle. He is physically strong but mentally weak. He is only brought onto the team when others are not available. He is an excellent shot, keeps himself physically fit but has lost part of his nerve.

Your character was tested, has psionic potential and is encouraged to develop it in the field.

Since my character was brought in first and was the lone survivor of a nearly failed mission, they only know each other in passing,having been on one mission before together. Before my character was recruited, there was a slight spark at a bar that was never explored.

My character would be physically stronger than yours, maybe even a little older if desired. He would be sort of the tortured soul, a bit of a sub in the relationship but not a true submissive.

If you have any interest in the idea, let's talk!

The King's Captives 
M/M, M/F, M/M/F
Show Me More!

He is a warrior king of a realm that shares a rich valley said to be filled with mythical powers and creatures, a neutral area, with another kingdom. His rival attempted to betray him, sneaking his army through this valley in the midst of the night. The villagers in the area, of course, know not to wander such sacred places during the twilight hours. The army vanished, but the warrior king was not unwise to the attempt. Honoring the old gods before traveling through their sacred land, he led his army to his rival's castle and slayed all who resided there save two, the youngest princess and the youngest prince. He slit the throat of their father, thrust a dagger through their mother's heart and beheaded the elder princes before their eyes. He allowed his men to rape and slay the elder princess but returned to his home with the other two as captives. They were so young they have only vague memories of the ordeal.

Their uncle took the crown and rules in their stead, but the warrior king raised the two not as his own, but as captives, fine captives. They were treated like a prince and princess, given fine rooms, fine clothes and servants, educated and became members of his court. The princess was taught alongside the king's nieces, and the prince alongside his nephews. The king himself had no wife, no children and adopted his nieces and nephews as his heirs.  The defining difference between a captive prince and princess, and the heirs is the king's dark attentions. Upon proper age, the king violently raped both of them, leading them into adulthood as proper to their lineage, he whispered into their ears. He wanted that etched in their memories alongside the death of their family.Since that day, he has continued to enjoy their bodies at his whim.

To the world, they are all but adopted children, pampered, skilled, well taken care of. In the darkness of the night, they are to sate his pleasure though such evenings are quiet and calm in comparison to what he did the first time. Their home land wants their return and revenge for the murder of their family. The warrior king is still quick to anger should anyone mention that event and not also mention the failed betrayal.

Initially, I thought it might be fun for me to play the warrior king and my writing partner to play the prince and the princess. There is a chance for some incest, but it is not required. I thought most of those scenes, if wanted, would be with the king present, him guiding their actions so it would feel less about writing with yourself. I am open to some ideas about this. The personalities, tendencies of the two are up for grabs. Maybe they suffer in silence, maybe the princess tries to occupy the king with luring others to his bed instead of him, to gain his favor, be his lover instead of a sexual captive. The setting is mostly historical, but I thought we could throw in some legends/mythical stuff at a very light level... kind of like King Arthur stuff.... the one area filled with old and dangerous dark magic.

In terms of when we start, i am also openish to that and also willing to play or write out past scenes if that is a desire/want, flesh out characters and what not or just have fun with a scene.

He Who Sits Upon the Throne - Historical and/or Fantasy
Inspired by the game, Crusader Kings.
THe Game of Thrones (TV show) is also a proper
style plot wise to what I am talking about.
[M/F, AND M/M (F/F?), NC And Reluc, Incest and more]
Show Me More!

He is a well aged man, a king and a successful one in a prosperous land (fantasy or historical). His will is law, regardless of what the books might say, and he is a lustful wretch, driven by the pursuit of power, wealth and desires of a dark nature. He has three sons and two daughters, the eldest of each married and gone though he recalls them to court in infrequently.

I am looking to play a game of courts, intrigue, the rise and fall of the ambitious and the fate of the weak with someone who is willing to play a cast of characters with me. I am fairly open to the structure of this game, whether it begins with a focus on a couple of characters or starts higher level with the betrothals of characters, the arragenemnt of alliances and war. What I would like to avoid is a romeo and juliet kind of romantic approach. Athough romance, love can certainly mingle with actions carried out for political gain and power struggles, the idea is not create a great romance around which a story evolves.

Sister Dragons / Sister Slaves
M/F, Multi Characters, noncon,
(m/m would be great too not required though)
fantasy, possible extremes
Show Me More!

I started an idea like this with someone but it did not go especially far so I thought I would try again.

A dark god has been hidden, chained away in the Forgotten Realm where gods are imprisoned or forgotten for eons. But his is s promise of power beyond measure and greatness, so mortals for years have sought to free him for their glory. One such foolish creature found the old tomes and ventured many years to a temple within a great swamp where he spoke the words and presented the offerings, the sacrifices necessary to bring the god back to this mortal world. This would be king of all the known world was foolish in pursuit, not fully understanding that this forgotten god needed a vessel a body to inhabit, so he took his. He was devoured from the inside out until he became just the husk the god needed to step out of the arcane circle and into the world.

The first a reborn god needs after such a long slumber is to be feed and drained life for miles around until he was physically strong again, then he began raising an army, a slave army until he came across the first creature that opened his eyes to the value of what this world had become, what it could offer him... a black dragon. In his weakened state, she almost defeated him, almost tore him apart in the deep jungles and felled a god barely a risen, but she fell to arrogance and rage and he collared her. She became his slave, his whore, his general and his mount. She is feared by nearly all at his side for she has turned on more than one ally in mortal and dragon form... and he has allowed it. Then came the second, a creature of grace and innocence. Unlike the first, this silver dragon represented light and purity and when his black dragon nearly destroyed the younger beast, he stayed her hand.  And like the first creature of greatness taken, he took her to his bed, made her a general and a mount though she is not so readily given to others.

These two great dragons guide a god once driven by little more than chaos and a need of destruction to see the world as living, breathing and worth saving. How well they can guide him, and to what goal... that is up to us. I envision playing the two dragons, a young silver dragon horrified by the deeds of an ancient god yet able to temper and calm the chaos... and she alone realizes that the physical body he inhabits is not his true form, not his only form should he regain the power. The black dragon is enraged at her imprisonment though valued as she is, and spurs his violence and war. She is a dark influence.

You would play an ancient god, a creature inhabiting a human's body only recently comprehending that the world of giant monsters and gods from which he was cast form is no-longer and now there are realms of younger races, of civilizations and hidden miracles and horrors at their feet. And his greatest generals are also his slaves, his mistresses, creatures born from far greater monsters of baser natures from times long forgotten.

The Cold Heart of a Queen
M/F, some extremes
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A great castle rested upon a rock foundation a long distance from the shore on the mass of water called Tranquil Lake. Tranquil lake, the castle, the city and the surrounding villages and the port at the base of the river all lived under the shadow of a great mountain, mountain, Taku Mountain. Taku Mountain, aside from being especially in height and girth held one other unique characteristic, it always snowed there, without fail all the way to the peak of the mountain and a few miles from the base. The old tales spoke of a hidden citadel in the Breeze Mountains range.

The castle was not ruled by an emperor, king or a lord, but a samurai, a powerful warrior renowned for his skill with a sword and his riding. He served his emperor loyally for years, and then his son, but as he reached the pinnacle of his physical power and influence, the samurai began to obsess about his legacy. Even though the man had three sons and two daughters, he felt his mark on the world would be soon be lost, and like the dusts of his ancestors soon forgotten.

Riding his horse, the great samurai traveled to the Breeze Mountains alone on top of his great black stallion to contemplate his future and seek guidance from the gods. At a great ravine, a messenger came.

A beautiful woman, dressed in rich emerald greens and delicate whites, her long horns a twisting mesh of black and gold and four protruding from her forehead. She approached him, beautiful, pale, a gem shining from her forehead. Youthful and elegant, she reached out and lifted his chin, her eyes meeting his, diving into his soul, his dreams and his nightmares. He told her. “Oh great goddess, my days are descending, and all I have left in this world are three great sons, two unwed daughters and an emperor far away in the City of Naula who has forgotten his most humbler servant. What should I do to leave my mark on this world, to make certain my enemies do not storm my castle, our ancestral home and have my name fade from memory so easily?”

But she was not the goddess of the mountain, not the goddess Yuriko, the protector and bringers of the fertile lands and lakes his realm so relied so heavily upon. For years, their people knew better than to try and harvest form the mountains in fear of angering her, but this was not Yuriko, this was Tuka, the maiden of whom the great mountain was named, but a human maiden she was not. Tuka was a great dragon, a guardian of the mountain and the realm, but not for the humans but from it. She had many forms, many names, and while once she was a maiden said to have been raped by the mountain itself, ever after enslaved to the regions greatest landmark, she was no make-believe creature.

Seeing this as an opportunity to finally gain a foothold into the realm of man and influence his actions, twist his purpose and expand her power, she told the Samurai that she would ensure his army and realm would become legendry again, that the region would be an envy for all the land to want and unreachable by even his most capable rivals, untouchable from the emperor himself. All he must do, she said, was send his family to her so she might test their worthiness. Each night on the full moon, he must send to her the one tied to his blood to her to face the test. Once one was found worthy, he would be given the power of the mountain.

Confident and happy, the samurai returned to his castle and sent his eldest the during the next moon, but when he did not return, he sent his second son who also did not return. Fearing he was being tested for his cleverness, and since he was dealing with his goddess, she sent to her instead his eldest daughter, and then his second daughter. Down to but one son and one daughter, he send his nieces and nephews, and finally a cousin or two. Angry, vengeful, he sent his youngest son and followed behind with an army and his family sword rumored to be able to fell a god.

As she promised, she was there to great his son, and she did not raise her hand against him. Instead, transfixed by her beauty, she led him through the blanket of snow to the side of the mountain to a door that shifted and led  through a great tunnel which soon turned into a hallway to a hidden dwelling inside. There she led him to a fine room with a large bed and many trinkets, and made love to him. Arrogant and still determined to get what he was owed, the samurai followed them, but only at the end was the samurai aware she knew he was watching for at his son’s climax she turned, as if she could stare right through the wall.

Then the dragon climbed off his son and moved to the side, stroking him hard as she whispered to the angry samurai. “Come, watch your legacy grow,” she whispered seductively.

His sword lowered, the great warrior entered the hallway but moments before a massive hound entered, the beast as white as the snow, eyes red, growling. It did not attack him but approached the bed instead. And then the samurai watched enthralled, enchanted as the beautiful goddess beaconed her pet between his son’s legs and feast upon his balls, the young man finding release as he cried out in horror and pain, and pleasure, thrusting into the air one last time.

Mercifully, the younger man passed out but she approached the samurai, a smile upon her face. “Beautiful wasn’t it? It is as I thought, you care nothing of your mortal legacy. Good, for I offer you so much more.” She beckoned him to her bed. “Come, there can only be one stallion in this herd.”

A day later, the samurai emerged from the mountain to rejoin his army, with him he brought three large and powerful horses, geldings, amongst many others, and one mare for breeding.

When the samurai died, he had forced the surrounding clans to submit to his rule, all but broke off from the emperor’s influence and rule, and named a young child his heir.

Generations later, the wooded areas around the lake had flourished with massive trees and wolves of incredible side, now known as the Archewood. At the heart of winter, the lake would freeze solid, and several were sent to the mountains, never to be seen again, and the Samurai had grown the most celebrated and feared cavalry of this kingdom and the surrounding neighbors. No one dared to enter his region or question their shift of religion to the worship of the goddess of the mountain.

Game Request

I am looking to play Tuka, the snow dragon in goddess disguise. She is ancient, powerful, beholden to only one unnamed power that is the breath and heartbeat of the mountain itself. She is beautiful, able to manifest herself in many forms. She is bisexual, cold, cruel and sexual. Each ruler she comes to she twists their heart, leading them down a path of darkness and corruption while keeping the area around them beautiful, thriving and a place of awe. She can be futa, if desired, in one of her forms.

In the Heat of the Night[/b]
M/F, reluc/coercion, racial tension, possibly more
Show Me More!

This is a very basic idea. Please note I am fully against racism of any kind, and this is purely fantasy, forbidden fantasy. Now on with the idea:

Either in a modern or near modern setting, a young black woman is fascinated with someone who is older than she is, more experienced in life in general, and white. He's not exactly a nice guy towards anyone really, and might even verbally debase blacks and/or black women. In either case, they wind up having a heated night, one that might be a little rougher than expected, and she starts to become a regular figure in his life, one that he enjoys, especially naked on his bed. Whether he's an artist, a musician, a photographer or businessman, there are a number of reason they shouldn't be together, but they're both drawn together for one reason or another, but as time goes by, his willingness to show her just how low she will go for him is almost as intoxicating as the acts themselves.

Lot's of possibilities here. I'm open to either role as long as I have someone willing to be creative and active in the story. Let's talk.

Ons and Offs    Short Term Ideas,
Misc. Long Term Ideas

If you send me a PM and I don't respond, chances are I just missed it. Send it again!

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


I love Jade Empire. Easily one of the best games of last generation or ever...I'd love to work out an idea with you
In my restless dreams, I see that town... Silent Hill. You promised you'd take me there again some day... but you never did. Well, I'm alone there now in our special place... waiting for you.
Ons and Off
My ideas
I'm sorry


Retired Ideas 3

The Rancher
M/F, reluctance, outdoors, older man
/ younger women
Show Me More!

I'll warn you upfront. I am not 100% sure how long this will hold my attention but the idea is fairly simple. Either in a historical, modern or potentially supernatural scenario, there is an older rancher, think horses, livestock, out in the wilderness either deep forest or wide plains, who sees himself mostly above the law and out in these parts, the law might even side with him anyway. They're near a small town where he has a lot of pull too. Whether your character(s) are locals or visitors or even out there studying, we can come up with something as to why they're there.  Oh yeah, in this scenario, I am leaning towards the rancher role but I can do either. Here are some pics to inspire that I like for this idea.

Possible kinks for the scenario beyond what is mentioned: racism, bestiality, foreign object, multiple partners, voyuerism and more.

The King's Half Brother
M/M, maybe other pairings in addition to
reluc, maybe some actual nc,
and more (see below)
Show Me More!

A king has two sons, one from the queen and one from a servant. Although the king claims his bastard son and gifts him a modest amount of land and a title, he's still the illegitimate son of a commoner and the king. The two grow up as brothers although there is a age difference, maybe five years or so. And there is competition between the two especially once the inequalities are recognized, neither one is especially stupid. In fact,the prince brags to his younger half brother that he was introduced to certain sexual experiences by his brother's mother; this creates conflict between them and their first, reluctant, sexual encounter.

I am picturing the bastard son is sent away for a bit to train with distant tutors. The king dies from a hunting accident, and he is summoned back when his mother takes ill except he arrives too late to see her before she dies. While still in mourning, the king, his half-brother, escorts him to his old rooms and then promptly summons him late in the night to begin their sexual liaisons again.

In general, the king is a bit of a haughty bastard, with a hunger for fine things, jewels, power and women, and has bit of violent streak. He upholds his brother's rights as a noble, helps him gain power in the court, but the bastard is still powerless against the king himself... and anyone else the king deems fit. I picture their relationship to be a strange blend of mutual affection, love and strong power plays with cruelty and reluc/nc encounters creeping in.

I am looking for a game with political intrigue. I am looking to play the bastard, who is the stronger and more able body of the two. The king is still strong though (no twinks, no feminine boys, or power bottoms, this requires a strong able body although that doesn't mean he can't be pretty.). I am somewhat open to the setting, historical, maybe sci-fi, and other fetishes. For an overarching plot, they have enemies because of who they are, and they learn to draw on each other's strength to hold onto the throne.

Remote Honeymoon
threesome, M/M/F, romance/initial reluc,
quiet, nature, unknown danger
Show Me More!

This one is a a bit of a different idea and could work with two writing partners or one. Here is the general idea: a couple has their honeymoon in a remote location, in the mountains, on a lake, maybe out in by a river... keyword is nature and the nearest small town is several miles away. Towards the middle of their vacation something terrible happens, supernatural, war... shift in power, aliens... something that cuts communication and potentially the power. They're young, alone and scared.

Several days later, as supplies begin to run low and they start discussing going to town for help, an armed visitor shows up. He basically forces his way into the home. At first they're terrified he is going to murder them, but slowly they realize he is hunting, stockpiling wood, basically building up supplies and defenses with no apparent cost until one night he sheds his clothes in the doorway of their bedroom and starts making firm but not openly hostile commands. First with the wife, and then the husband.

They struggle in their new role of fulfilling this man's desires, especially the husband, even as the stranger begins to teach them how to fend for themselves, (hunt, season wood, trap), and just when one or both of them consider rising against him... they show up. This is when the true danger is realized and they discover the man has true affections for both of them, evident by the multiple times he risks his life to save them.  Once that is settled, it's quite again until the next time.

I've got some pics for inspiration below. This really is a slow burn, quiet scenario until the first reveal shows up, mostly focusing on mystery of the man, mystery of the world, uncertainty and reluctance as the two are molded for this man's pleasure. Where we go from there is up to us.Obviously both men are bisexual, one initially, the lady could become so later if we want it to expand in someway.



Our Eden
M/F, bestiality, impregnation, other extremes-
seeking versatile writing partner
Show Me More!

There is a land that is so fertile, so beautiful that it blossoms year round, the waters beautiful and crystal clear, a place that is said to lead to youth and power. It is Eden they say, paradise.

But Paradise is a trap, ruled by a power set upon the edge of darkness and light. It is drawn to beauty, to strength, to exotics and toys with the body and mind. They say there is a mother of monsters, but he breeds them, looses them upon the world in twisted curiosity. All those that come here are transfixed by Eden's promise, by the beauty, the promise only to be lured to creation itself.

Your character is different. He or she has resisted, whether they be angel, demon or mortal. And they soon realize Eden is not a natural wonder without a cultivator. The cultivator itself is a power that has not taken form but does so for the first time after conversation with your character where it is revealed that  Eden has neither a time nor a place... it is a plane of exist, and throughout the mortal world there are portals to it, created by it or found by others.

I am looking for an equal writing partner, partner that is willing to create Eden and it's curiosities. Magical creatures and horrors are born here, and we are to take on their roles as well a their victims. This is not a role for a writing partner but an individual that wants to create a Paradise that is both wonderful and terrifying with me. And perhaps the two have different goals anyway, one seeking power in the mortal world and the other seeing it as a resource to... experiment.

Images are provided for inspiration. Please not their variety. I am hoping to avoid an all "vanilla" cast.
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


Mass Effect has a lot of potential. Though I give you kudos for X-com, it's beena long time since I've heard that name. It would be interesting to attempt it.

What sort of approach would you want to take? X-Com's research angle would be quite an interesting thing to explore.


Oops i forgot to mention the x-com game is taken. I really like the world in Mass Effect 2, rather detailed for a game even, like DA. I haven't had any ideas spring to mind but i am open to trying to come up with one.
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


I wouldn't mind doing an interracial with you.
However I'm really interested in a dragon age role play. There's so much that could happen in that kind of setting/world.
If you're still up for it , tell me and I'll try thinking of what can happen. If not , then that's fine : )


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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.

Kevben Battleheart

I would be willing to give your Dark Romance idea a try if you want. Just drop a pm by me when you have the time.
The Saga of Battleheart (O/O's)The Vault of Victory  ♥
The World of Adalern (currently closed to critiquing)
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


updated Jan 29, one story taken, added general themes I am enjoying at the moment.
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updated Mar 19th, more pics, a couple more fandoms/ideas.
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


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If you send me a PM and I don't respond, chances are I just missed it. Send it again!

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


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If you send me a PM and I don't respond, chances are I just missed it. Send it again!

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


A dark romance sounds interesting with you. You have some kinks that few women on this site have. Would you mind talking with me on Yahoo?


I've added a couple of historical based ideas, the Discovery and A Brothel in the Making
Also cleaned up a bit.
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


Updated Jade Emprie idea
NEW Desperation - Historical/Western
M/M NC (Romance?)
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.