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Author Topic: Ravenloft, Other Fantasy, Contemporary - Seeking M character(s)  (Read 835 times)

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Please do not reply here if interested in any of these, but via Message instead.  Thank you.

Added 9/12/2010

A Succubus Scorned

Faith was a foundling upon the temple steps, taken in by Father Daniel, a priest of Pelor, and his wife, as they had learned that they would have no children other than their tiny son Alexi, who was frail and plagued by ill health.  Faith was a beautiful child, with thick auburn hair that fell in waves over her shoulders and eyes as green and sparkling as the leaves upon the Tree of Life depicted in stained glass that glittered behind the altar at the sun's rising.  She had a sweet, eager to please disposition that was occasionally marred by stubbornness or the occasional intense tantrum, but she was always contrite over such outbursts and did her best to please her foster mother and father.

Her foster brother had quickly outgrown his early fragility, and Mercy followed him about with adoring eyes, and while rebukes from her parents could sting, she was devastated by a harsh or unthinking word from Alexi.   As the years passed, he grew up strong and devout, and it was certain he would enter the church as one of the god's faithful warriors, a paladin of faith.  Faith likewise grew, and though she could be stubborn and hadn't quite managed to banish anger from her nature, she was well regarded by the community, and her closeness to Alexi was regarded with amused affection rather than suspicion, for after all, they were not blood kin ...

However, Father Daniel harbored a terrible secret.  Faith was the fruit of his forbidden trysts with a succubus, and her existence was a continual reminder of the vows he had broken to his god, the worshipers of Pelor whom he guided, and to his wife and family.  The succubus had grown bored with their trysts, and considered it vastly amusing to force him to care for the child and watch him continue to struggle with his lust, his fear of discovery, and his conscience, and she used varying forms of blackmail and threats to see that he did not shirk 'his duty' to his daughter.

When it became obvious that Alexi was enamored of his foster sister, and was determined to have her for his wife when she was old enough, the priest's conscience finally won, and he revealed his sins and Faith's demonic origins.   Even though she had lived a virtuous life within the community and the church of Pelor, she was condemned and sentenced to death.  Even Alexi, the symbol of all things pure and virtuous, had condemned her for her father's sins, and turned from her in anger, blaming her for things beyond her control.

Faith's succubus mother, however, had no mind to let the daughter she had borne in agony be so summarily destroyed.  She rescued the half-succubus girl and sheltered her from the wrath of the clerics and warriors of Pelor, and helped Faith understand her true nature.

The demon-tinged woman's anger toward Pelor and the church of Pelor burns with a white-hot fire, and she takes great delight in exposing the corruption of clerics, paladins, and other weak-willed who use the church for their own ends.   Her half-brother, Alexi, is now a paladin, sworn to put her to the blessed sword ... and it is bitter-sweet knowledge that he has never managed to purge himself of his desire for her.  Now a follower of the Raven Queen, Faith seeks out those who profess to follow the dictates of Pelor and other shining dieties, and reveal their secrets when it suits her purpose, or that of the Raven Queen.


Potential pairings include any cleric or paladin (neither of these ideally should be chaste) who are not satisfied with their wife or betrothed, or a follower of Pelor who intentionally seeks to summon a succubus to sate sexual desires despite its forbidden nature.  This could also be accidental - they have found an item that she desires, and as they seek to find out how it works, she could appear and make them think they've summoned a demon when they really haven't ...

Another potential pairing that I'd be interested in trying is a 'reunion' with her half-brother Alexi, the details of which are better worked out via messages, given the multiple paths that the story could take.


Added 8/27/2010


Jenny Mayfair-Hughes was an upwardly middle-class girl who married into money, trading youth and beauty for the comfortable security of old money.  Now nearing her 30th birthday, she and her husband have drifted into a marriage of convenience that she knows doesn't have too many years left - her husband is due for his second mid-life crisis any day now.  Many of her friends are in similar boats, with the gilding on their comfortable cages wearing thin.  Due to her husband's insistence on a pre-nup and her good fortune to be on good terms with a very good lawyer, she's not worried overly about the fact, but she is bored and increasingly unsatisfied.

One of her friends, a divorcee, owns and manages an upscale hotel in the downtown area of San Francisco.  One day, as the group gathered together for one of their 'martini-lunches', she confesses that she'd constantly tempted by the successful businessmen who come into town for a convention or seminar, and how easy it would be to offer no-strings-attached companionship to many of them.

The idea clicked with the group, and as a gag, they started fantasizing about starting their own escort service, offering out suggestions and tips.  By the end of the lunch, laughter had been replaced by speculative, excited gleams as the women decided it was time to spice up their own lives.

Serena West, the hotel's owner, had business cards printed up.  'Discrétion.  Recommendation Only.  Appointment Only.  555-867-5309'  She recruited several of her staff whom she knew were trusted, and soon the cards were given out to selected guests, many who had expressed embarrassed 'feelers'.  Fees are billed discretely by the hotel as 'convention services',

The calls were routed to an anonymous computer-based answering system set up in Serena's office, which handled the business end equally discreetly.  The women would call the potential client back, routing the call through the hotel, and determine whether or not they were interested in taking things further.

Jenny has responded to several calls, only four of which resulted in meeting the client, and one of those ended in nothing more than drinks and a few hours of pleasant, if risque, conversation.   Her experiences have ranged from pleasant to one wildly exciting, and her husband is again away, leaving her eager for the next.

Looking for something erotic and light with this one, with an emphasis on enjoying developing the character and erotic writing rather than anything majorly plot intensive.

This idea utilizes the Sword & Sorcery Ravenloft campaign setting, and I'd be up for either using character sheets or simple freeform that preserves the flavor.

A Laying of Spirits Taken

Hilda Godefroy has recently come to the village of Idlethorpe to claim her inheritance, Stamford House, a small estate not far from the village that has been left abandoned for more than a generation.  The villagers believe the house to be haunted, but Hilda is not deterred.  She claims to be a medium, and has impressed some of the locals with her talents.  She has implored the mayor of the village, who claims some influence in the surrounding lands, to spread word amongst his contacts for a suitable adventurer to accompany her to Stamford House so that she may attempt to rid the house of disturbing spirits.  Her partner would be responsible for guarding her physically while she attempts to free the trapped spirits, and/or possibly have a more active role.

A budding divine exorcist, a paladin, or other fighting type would be an ideal pairing.   Traditional 3.5E character sheets are acceptable, though freeform which captures the setting mood would be better.  The storyline would involve some NC, as the feminine spirit(s) of the house have been without male companionship for some time.  I do have a Ravenloftian twist in mind regarding Hilda, but it's flexible.

I'd also be interested in any story set in Ravenloft, and am open to playing either good/innocent characters or those who've already been touched by the Dark Powers.

Duty Bound

A treasonous plot has been uncovered at court, and several noblemen have been arrested and now await questioning and trial, one of whom is the arrogant Lord Dewinter.   If he is found guilty, it means the ruination of the family and the seizure of the estates, and likely banishment to the nunnery for his new wife, the beautiful but haughty Lady Madelaine Dewinter.   While she is furious that her husband would endanger himself (and more importantly, her), she is loyal to the crown.   When she hears that the investigation has been handed over to the Castellan of a neighboring estate, who had paid court to her before she was affianced to Dewinter, she fears that her cold and dismissive treatment of him at the time will poison him against her.

The Castellan arrives at her home to begin his investigation, and the Lady meets with him privately, and offers him anything he wishes, if he will but spare her reputation and position.

Other Possible Pairings:

Djinn / Thief
Enslaved Evil Sorceress / Ruthless (or desperate) Warlord  TAKEN
Dragon (or other evil shape-shifting monster) / Not-So-Virginal-Sacrifice

I have some things in mind for these and can offer up if there is interest, but can also adapt to variations on the theme.

Please send me a message with any questions, comments, or interest.   I am looking for writing partners who make a decent stab at grammar, capitalization and punctuation, can advance the plot within the setting (no looking at your wrist watch when it's swords & sorcery), and who will exchange ideas about where they want things to go far enough in advance to be incorporated into the story, and be adaptable when things don't go precisely as planned.

A side note, to hopefully avoid future misunderstandings.  I am open to consensual bondage / some NC situations, but I much prefer coercion, blackmail, seduction, or some means of overshadowing resistance, rather than force.  The characters I generally play need to be tempted or nudged along in the progression toward submission or corruption.  Depositing my character in a situation that allows her no way out (no matter how unpleasant) will not evoke anything other than a fight to the death reaction, even if it means the story is abruptly cut short.   I'm as stubborn as (most) of the characters I play. ;)

I don't 'get' humiliation and/or pain as foreplay.  I mean no offense to any who feel otherwise - it's just a statement that I don't want to / can't write a character who does, and it's better that any prospective writing partner knows that I'm a dabbler at NC/submission only.   

I am fine with insults, bald and unpleasant truths, and gritty writing in posts - but sexual turn-ons are more geared to mutual pleasures and agreement, even when the agreement isn't exactly freely given.

I should also add that I enjoy writing, and take some pride in it.  I can't write with a sloppy or overly hurried writing partner whose posts are riddled with spelling errors, no punctuation, and little effort toward capitalization.  Creativity is wonderful, but it ruins the flow of the story when I'm continually distracted by its delivery.   
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Re: Ravenloft & Other Fantasy - Seeking M character(s)
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2010, 05:14:44 PM »
Enslaved evil sorceress?  -That- sounds interesting!  Would this be in a D&D-ish world, perhaps Faerun or something like it?  I think I could make a pretty good ruthless warlord.  I had a grasshopper beheaded today!  (Actually, I mowed over it, not knowing it was there until I saw it come shooting out of the grass vent.)

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Re: Ravenloft & Other Fantasy - Seeking M character(s)
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2010, 05:25:55 PM »
ACK!  Poor grasshopper.

As for me, I've got a shine for that Succubus/Paladin idea there...

Let me go collect myself, and I'll send you a PM with some plot ideas, or you can do the same to me before I collect myself, and REALLY throw me for a loop!

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Re: Ravenloft & Other Fantasy - Seeking M character(s)
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2010, 07:57:08 PM »
Hmm Laying of spirits sounds interesting. I can play a fighter. Pm me and I'll Pm you my character.