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Author Topic: My Game Ideas... [MUL]  (Read 2775 times)

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My Game Ideas... [MUL]
« on: August 04, 2009, 06:24:40 am »
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Re: My Game Ideas... [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2009, 12:32:48 am »
Okay.  This is going to be all pictures that I'd like to do a plot on.  If they have been taken they will be removed.









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Re: My Game Ideas... [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2009, 02:58:53 am »
Catalogue of characters that I've played that I've held onto for interest in possibly playing again at a later date, as well as downgraded and/or upgraded versions thereof.  If any of these are desired as an NPC in your game, please simply PM me with a link to the topic where they will be used, as well as to get some information on how they would react to certain situations.

Silent Monsoon, Sidereal of Endings (Full Play)

Personal:      15/15
Peripheral:    38/42
Anima: 0
Willpower: 7/7
Essence: 4

Baneclaw - 2
Baneclaw - 2

-0                     O
-1                     OO
-2                     OO
-4                     O
Incapacitated   O
Dying                OOOOO

LIMIT    0 / 10 (Foolhardy Contempt)
PARADOX  0 / 10
Compassion:    2/2
Conviction:    3/3
Valor:         4/4
Temperance:    2/2

XP: 0 as of 12/07/11
XP Debt: 0
Banked: 0

Silent Monsoon
Chosen of Endings


  Strength:      3
  Dexterity:     5
  Stamina:       5
  Charisma:      3
  Manipulation:  3
  Appearance:    4
  Perception:    2
  Intelligence:  3
  Wits:          5

  Resistance:     000
*-Dodge:          00000
- Linguistics:    00 (Old Realm)(Earthspeak)
  Performance:    00000 (+2 Dancing)
*-Socialize:      00000 (+2 Seduction)
* Athletics:      00000
- Melee:          00
- Lore:           000
- Occult:         00
*-Stealth:        00000
- Awareness:      00000
- Bureaucracy:    00
- Integrity:      000
- Martial Arts:   00000 (+3 Baneclaw)
  Medicine:       000

Artifact 1: Baneclaw
Artifact 1: Baneclaw
Manse 4: Candent Carbuncle
Manse 4: Candent Carbuncle
Backing 3: Bronze Faction
Salary 2: Division of Endings
Manse 3: Stone of Gender Transformation
Artifact 2: Torc of Unified Action

The Lover: Alicia is a fairly well known dancer, who dresses finely even while dancing, and is known for her exceptional beauty. (5 End)
The Spear: While she may be a talented dancer, Alicia is also capable of defending herself if need be. (5 End)

The Sword 3
The Violet Bier of Sorrows Style
Second Martial Arts Excellency
Infinite Martial Arts Mastery
Fateful Martial Arts Excellency
Secrets of Future Strife: Double unmodified Join Battle Dice Pool
Joy in Adversity Stance: Roll Essence on failed attack against DV, regain 2 motes per success
Violet Bier of Sorrows Form: Minimum damage becomes (Martial Arts) Dice, steal one virtue dot per hit
Crimson Palm Counterstrike: Dex + Martial Arts + Parry DV v attacker's successes, cancel 1 for 1, leftover on Dex+MA, counterattack against attacker

The Mask 3
Third Stealth Excellency
Soft Presence Practice: Mote # divided by 2 for flare effects
Walking Outside Fate: Not Valid Target

The Crow 2
Third Awareness Excellency
Fateful Awareness Excellency
Prior Warning: Wits + Awareness, each success two minutes prior warning of danger
Expected Pain: Anti-Ninja

The Corpse 2
Peaceable Conclusion: Death wish fulfillment
Smooth Transition: As PC, but even works on incapacitated or dying, and prevents necromancy
Terminate Illness: Intelligence + Medicine + Essence v illness's Difficulty to Treat.

The Ewer 2
Third Dodge Excellency
Duck Fate
Avoidance Kata
Trouble-Reduction Strategy

The Lovers 1

The Musician 1

The Banner 0
Forgotten Earth

The Spear 0
Impeding the Flow
Harmony of Blows
Serenity in Blood

Unused Charms (Various)
Blade of the Battle Maiden
Flight of Mercury

Natural:  0A/2L/5B
V Fire:   +5/+5/+5
Armor:    0A/0L/0B
Hardness: 0

Dodge DV:      7 = ((Dexterity 5 + Dodge 5 + Essence 4) / 2)
Dodge MDV:     7 = ((Willpower 7 + Integrity 3 + Essence 4) / 2)
Parry MDV:     1 = ((Manipulation 3 + Presence 0) / 2)

Weapon   Speed   Accuracy   Damage   Rate   Range   Defense   Tags   Other
Baneclaw  4  +2  +6L  3  -  +4  D,M  -
Baneclaw Active  4  +2  +10L  3  -  +4  D,M  -


Night Rending Howl, Barbarian Full Moon Lunar
Night-Rending Howl

Player:Pretty in Pink
Caste:Full Moon
Motivation:Discover the truth of why the Solars vanished, and were gone for so long
Anima:A nimbus of silver light around her head in the form of a wolf, full moon rising behind
Weight:108 lbs
Skin:Lightly tanned skin
Hair:Bright red to the waist, shot through with streaks and spots of brown and silver
Eyes:Honey brown

Character Stats
[•] Strength••••[] Charisma•••••[] Perception•••••
[•] Dexterity•••••[] Manipulation•••••[] Intelligence•••••
[•] Stamina••••[] Appearance•••••[•] Wits•••••

[] Archery•••••[] Craft•••••[] Bureaucracy•••••
[] Athletics•••••[] Larceny•••••[] Investigation•••••
[] Awareness•••••[] Linguistics••••[] Lore•••••
[] Dodge•••••[] Performance•••••[] Medicine•••••
[] Integrity•••••[] Presence•••••[] Occult•••••
[] Martial Arts•••••[] Ride•••••Specialties
[•] Melee•••••[] Sail•••••Melee: Weapon and Shield••
[] Resistance•••••[] Socialize•••••Survival: Tracking••
[] Thrown•••••[] Stealth•••••
[] War•••••[•] Survival•••••

Languages: Earthtongue (native), Firetongue

BACKGROUNDS(7+5 +5 From Bonus)
Artifact (Moonsilver Reaver Daiklave)•••••
Artifact (Moonsilver Thunderbolt Shield)•••••
Artifact (Moonsilver Lamellar Armor)•••••
Heart's Blood••••
Resources (Given by ST)•••••
Reputation (Given by ST)••••
Manse (Given by ST)••••
Solar Bond••••

  • Curious Eyes (Loyalty, Devotion)
  • Alcohol (Desire)
  • Fair Folk (Distrust, Loathing)
  • Dragon-Blooded (Distrust)
  • Moon-Kissed Hunter (Respect, Student)

Virtues and Willpower
Limit[••••• •••••]
Virtue Flaw:Hungry Wolverine
Break Effect:The character must always do what he thinks is right even if it means dying in the process. Storytellers should consider the character’s own past history when judging what the character defines as “right.”
Partial Control:The character may verbally bully an opponent into cooperating rather than resorting to violence. Of course, some foes may not cooperate in which case fighting may prove inevitable.

Willpower: ••••• •••••

Essence and Charms
Essence: ••••• •••••
Personal Pool: 23
Peripheral Pool: 39 (52)
Committed: 13
  • Reaver Daiklave - 5
  • Thunderbolt Shield - 5
  • Lamellar Armor - 3

  • Deadly Beastman Transformation (4 + (Essence) points = 7)
    • Fur (Pox, 1 Point)
    • Fangs (Pox, 1 Point)
    • Enhanced Hearing (Pox, 1 Point)
    • Cheetah's Pace (Blight, 4 Points)
Wits Charms:
  • Mate-Tracking Solution
Stamina Charms:
  • Ox-Body Technique (-1, -1)
  • Ox-Body Technique (-2, -2, -2, -2)
  • Relentless Lunar Fury
Appearance Charms:
  • Hide of the Cunning Hunter
Dexterity Charms
  • Second Dexterity Excellency
  • Golden Tiger Stance
  • Wary Swallow Method
  • Wind-Dancing Method
  • Flowing Body Evasion
  • Secure Cat Stepping

Merits, Flaws, and Bonus Point Expenditure

Vice (Alcohol) •••
Nightmares •••
Barbarian •••

Attributes 0
Abilities 0
Backgrounds 5
  • Solar Bond 4
  • Mentor +1
Virtues 2
  • Conviction +2
Willpower 5
  • Willpower +5
Essence 10
  • Essence +1
Charms 5
  • Ox-Body Technique

Expanded Backgrounds and Equipment
Artifact (Moonsilver Reaver Daiklave)•••••Gifted to Howl by the Elder of her tribe, received upon completion of her trials and the inscribing of her tattoos.
  • 1 Hearthstone Slot
Artifact•••••Moonsilver Thunderbolt Shield - Taken from a Wyld tainted Lunar that had taken to ravaging villagers.  Lunar underwent the final stage of Chimerism just as Howl managed to track him down, and attacked her, forcing her to slay him, rather than bringing him back to her tribe to see if he could be saved, as she had originally wished.
Artifact•••••Moonsilver Lamellar Armor - Gifted to Howl in return for dealing with a rogue Raksha who was wantonly feeding on the dreams of a small village and leaving only nightmares.  Raksha left alive, but warned that Howl's tribe would be informed of his actions prior, and would be checking up on him.
Mentor•••••Moon-Kissed Hunter, the elder of the tribe of Howl's birth, and the scribe of her tattoos, her teacher in all things Lunar, and a respected member of her life and family.
Manse••••Jewel of the Flying Heart - gifted to Howl by Perfect Orchid upon Howl's arrival to the situation, and Orchid's departure from it.

Moonsilver Reaver Daiklave5+4+8L/2+302Str  ••O5m Attunement
Moonsilver Thunderbolt Shield5+1+2B+501?M, Sh05m Attunement

Combat Statistics

  • Physical
Moonsilver Reaver Daiklave5+4+8L/202O5m Attunement
Moonsilver Thunderbolt Shield5+1+2B01M, Sh05m Attunement

  • Physical
Natural:  0A/ 2L/ 4B
Armored:  0A/10L/13B (Armor adds 8L/9B)
Warform:  0A/11L/14B (Fur Pox adds 1L/1B)
Hardness: 0A/ 5L/ 5B

Dodge DV:  7 (6 base from Pool, +1 from Hearthstone)
Parry DV:  7 (Reaver Daiklave)
Parry DV:  8 (Thunderbolt Shield)

  • Social
Dodge MDV:  6 (6.5)
Parry MDV:  [Presence] 3

Character History
She grew up in a tribal society.  The elder of the tribe was also a Lunar, a Full Moon, in fact, by the name of Moon-Kissed Hunter.  It was a very war-like tribe, being led by quite a few Lunars as it was.  They lived on the edge of the safe area, right up against the beginning of the Marches, and were constantly stopping various Wyld tainted creatures from getting through.

Her Exaltation happened about eight years ago, when several Mutants got through at once, and broke through the line of warriors into the camp.  As one of them was about to kill the elder's wife, she picked up a spear from one of the fallen warriors and ran it through, piercing what passed for a heart and killing it dead on the spot.  When she was sleeping that night, she dreamed, and that was when Luna blessed her (or cursed her, as some Dragon-Blooded might say).

The next morning the ritual and ceremony of her testing and trials began, overseen personally by Hunter.  A few months later, Hunter personally inscribed the tattoos that would fix her form and mark her as a member of the Full-Moon Caste.
MORE DETAIL FORTHCOMING (In other words I'm still working on it)

Katarina Serkova von Karkoff, Voidborn Voidmistress (Rogue Trader/Warhammer 40k universe)
Name:        Katarina Serkova
Full Title:    Katarina Serkova von Karkoff, Void-born Void Mistress, sole survivor of the Emperor's Light Void Fleet, Lieutenant of the Imperial Guard, now Freelancer for hire

Age:            29
Class:            Void-Mistress
Height:        5’9”
Weight:        172 lbs
Hair:            Black
Eyes:            Dark Blue
EXP: 5,000/0

Weapon Skill       31                Fate            5
Ballistic Skill        41                Movement        4
Strength               32                  Wounds        11
Toughness            33
Agility                  42
Intelligence           44
Perception            36
Willpower            49                Corruption        0
Fellowship           36                Insanity        7

Skill:                        +0    +10    +20       
Barter                         X
Common Lore (Imperial Navy)         X
Common Lore (War)             X
Dodge                         X
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)             X
Forbidden Lore (The Warp)         X
Literacy                     X
Logic                         X
Navigation (Stellar)                 X
Pilot (Space Craft)                 X
Pilot (Flyers)                     X
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)         X
Speak Language (Low Gothic)         X
Speak Language (Ship Dialect)         X
Trade (Shipwright)                 X
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel
Air of Authority

Background Path: 
Void Born; Savant; Chosen by Destiny; Dark Voyage; Renown; The Last Child

Guard Flak Armour

Common-Craftsmanship power sword
Common-Craftsmanship bolt pistol

Void Suit
Blessed Ship Token
Imperial Navy Uniform
2 Bottles of Amasec

Starting Skills: All void born can speak a language unique to their home vessel. Void born gain the Speak Language (Ship Dialect) Skill. 
Charmed: The void born are touched by the fickle powers of the warp, making them preternaturally lucky. Whenever a void born character spends a Fate Point (though not if he burns one), roll a 1d10. On the roll of a natural 9, the Fate Point is not lost.
Ill-omened: Whether because of their strange looks, clannish ways, or unwholesome air, the void born are shunned and mistrusted by most. In addition, the void born are most likely to attract any negative attention that the party of Explorers creates—accusations of deceit in trade, disgruntled negotiators, mobs armed with stones, and so on. Because of this, void born characters suffer a –5 penalty on all Fellowship Tests made to interact with non-void born humans.
Shipwise: Birthed in the depths of a voidfaring craft, the void born have a natural affinity for such vehicles. As a result, Navigation (Stellar) (Int) and Pilot (Spacecraft) (Ag) are untrained Basic Skills (instead of Advanced Skills) for void born characters.
Void Accustomed: Due to their strange and unnatural childhood, the void born are used to the vagaries of changing gravity. They are immune to space travel sickness. In addition, zero- or low-gravity environments are not considered Difficult Terrain for void born characters.

To the scholar’s ear, there is no worse sound than the tearing of parchment. It always marks a desecration of one sort or another, be it a priceless work lost or a savant destroying his own flawed labours in disgust. You know this because the murmuring of savants, clicking of lexmachinery, and scent of ink and dust have been a part of your life for as long as you can recall. Apprentices are brought young into the Adept’s trade, for there is much to learn and the human span holds little time to learn it in. Apprentices sit in attendance at meeting after meeting between elder savants, bathed in the exchange of knowledge until they know how to learn and the correct knowledge has been drilled into them. All the galaxy is packed with knowledge, and even the smallest drop of it would fill the minds of a world of savants to bursting. Yet you derive much comfort from learning—even though you could never personally know more than a miniscule fraction of all there is to know.
Effect: You gain Logic (Int) as a trained Basic skill. You also gain +3 Intelligence, but you suffer –3 Toughness.

Chosen By Destiny
For as long as you can recall, you have been certain that a grand destiny awaits you. The God-Emperor must watch over you, for sometimes events have unfolded in exactly the right manner to carry your plans forward, and at others times, the actions needed to set you upon the way ahead were quickly apparent. Perhaps you quest for forbidden truths that have made you enemies amongst the stolid thinkers of the Imperium, or perhaps you know in your heart that your fate lies upon strange xenos worlds, or perhaps you are sure that you will be the greatest of your bloodline, whose name will echo down through the ages, no matter what the cost.
• Fated for Greatness: You gain +1 Fate Point, but you also suffer 1d10+1 Insanity Points.

Dark Voyage
Starport taverns and station galleys are filled with travellers, wanderers, and old voidfarers. Sooner or later, when the lumen globes have dimmed, these folk will tell of the many strange legends they have heard. They tell of hell-hulks crewed by the lost and warp storms that howl with mocking voices, of the things that claw and scratch at the hull waiting for the merest flicker of the Geller Field for the warp to pour in and devour all, and of horrifying xenos encounters and voyages of the damned. But you have no taste for such stories, because you know the truth—you have lived them. You have stared into the eyes of the abyss and lived. You have seen the dead walk and the bulkheads bleed. These experiences have marked you, opening your eyes to the darkness that hides beneath the surface of things, and whether you have recoiled in dread or been drawn on in fascination is a truth you keep to yourself.
Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: You may gain a single Forbidden Lore Skill pertaining to your experiences (or may increase a Forbidden Lore Skill you already possesses by one level), or may gain the Resistance (Fear) Talent.
Marked by Darkness: Haunted by your experiences, you gain 1d5 Insanity Points.

The Imperium is undying and uncaring, and every day countless billions toil and strive and die unknown, nameless, unremarked, and unthanked. But there are a rare few whose names echo through eternity in glory: Macharius, Solon, Haarlock, Land… And it is amongst their company you will one day be counted, or such is your most fervent desire. You have grand visions and the burning desire to make them real. Through your actions and victories, you will ensure that your name will be spoken on the lips of the multitudes yet to be born in the millennia ahead. You will gather the best and brightest to your banner, secure the allegiance of Imperial potentates, and then achieve such great deeds that those who come after you will one day bow down to statues cast in your image.
Effect: You gain the Air of Authority Talent.

The Last Child
Your family is not merely disgraced, it is dead. You alone are the sole survivor of a once-proud lineage that fell into disrepute and paid the ultimate price for it. Whether they made the wrong enemies, were on the wrong world at the wrong time as war or rebellion took hold, or faced some other fate, they are gone and you are all that remains, the last heir and the only one who can ensure that your family continues or, at the very least, dies with pride. You will need all your wits and cunning to ensure the survival of your clan, as your once vast resources are now next to nothing.
Cost: 200xp
Effect: Gain Barter and Trade (Shipwright) as trained Skills. Additionally, gain +3 Fellowship. However, reduce starting Profit Factor by 3.

Simple Willpower
The Last Child
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Re: My Game Ideas... [MUL]
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2011, 06:47:16 am »
This post will be anything that I may be craving for whatever reason.  Be it simple pairings, basic concepts, or what have you.

Current Craving
Currently Playing
Currently Playing, but open to another one
Don't Ask

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jareth/OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!  You would have my total and utter devotion if you would give me this one.  I have to admit, I have a crush on Jareth.
Final Fantasy (Any) OC/OC, OC/Game Character (Personal preference: OC/Game Character, but am willing to do any)
Bleach OC/OC, OC/Preestablished Character (Leaning more toward the second)

If you have a story for any of these, or for anything in my on-site list, please, feel free to drop me a PM and we can discuss things!
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Re: My Game Ideas... [MUL]
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2011, 07:01:02 am »
Solo Games
Another Shattered Piece of Paradise ~ Norwegian One
Potential ~ Erlind
"Bats" in her Belfry ~ Wolfling72

Group Games

Inactive Games with Intent to Continue

Inactive Games with Interest in Resuming
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Re: My Game Ideas... [MUL]
« Reply #5 on: July 11, 2014, 11:25:32 am »
Updated 7-11-14; added Katarina Serkova to list of premade characters, and added Image Number 9 to Idealess images.