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January 18, 2021, 04:40:59 PM

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Author Topic: Hmm..Anyone that plays WoW, can you tell me how many discs are in each game?  (Read 1038 times)

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Offline WolfyTopic starter

I want to make sure I have them all so that I can re-install it onto my new computer once I get it.
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Offline Caeli

It's for anything. :P

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Well then, let me just change the title. o3o

Offline Ignaddio

Erm. Really, you only need the CD keys; you can download the updater client off the internets and it'll take car of the rest, iirc. The only reason you'd need the disks is if you wanted to install it without an internet connection. And if you don't have that, well, how are you going to play WoW?

Offline The Golden Touch

So far, each have had only one disc per game/expansion.  I just grabbed the battle chest and downloaded WotLK off the site.

Offline Jeramiahh

Also, if you have all the expansions, you only need to use WotLK to install; it includes the core game, and all expansion files, up to patch 3.0.

Offline The Dark Raven

The original box had 4 CDs to install, but iirc, BC and WOTLK have 1 CD each (6 total), or you can download it directly from the Blizz store when you order it.  Personally, I preferred having the CDs so that I can clean install them when I get a new computer.

Offline Cybrewaste

A good idea I've found is to put your World of Warcraft folder onto an External HDD (Or a backup - Either way) after every patch or just before formatting your computer(or getting a new one)

WoW doesn't use registry keys  - So it's highly transportable. Saves having to download it from the blizzard store or taking 3 days to install and then patch the game.

I say this because I'm in Australia and standard internet is 1.5mb (150 kb/s download speed) With highly restrictive download caps, downloading from the blizzard store or redownloading a lot of patches may not be viable.

Offline Brumak

I have my wow folder on a 1 gig external hd to keep from installing it again. But to do a fresh install from disk you only need the wraith dvd and it installs everything up to and including wraith. Then you will only have to download all the updates.

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Well..I could put it on the 8GB thumbdrive I have..O-o...

*shrugs* And...what do you mean I don't need the other discs as long as I have Wrath? O-o

Offline Cybrewaste

Most likely not, My WoW folder, and the general consensu I get is that the WoW folder is about 15GB - depending on addons.

But other than that, yes - All you need is the wrath disks (Soon, probably just that cataclysm disks.)

Offline Jeramiahh

Just what I said. The files included on the WotLK CD include all the needed information to install the game up to patch 3.0, which includes all of the data included in the original game and TBC.

Offline WolfyTopic starter I only have to worry about the Wrath Disc..Woot! o3o

And not even that, since I can also just download it from the Website..but the Disc would be faster. o3o