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Just a simple fantasy rp, You can be any race living in the capital city or Uriya (Yur-ee-ya), Impira. You can choose from any race within reason and any reasonable background. Essentially we would all be starting in the same tavern, you could even be a member of the staff, and progress from there to some kind of adventure. I'll have to see what the characters are first however, and I apologise for that.




Equipment: (clothing/armour and items/weapons)





Appearance: (picture or good description)

Other: (any unique features of you character)

Advice welcome. :-)


Name: Oren
Race: Piper. His mother- both by virtue of raising him and by birth- was a wood elf. However, while he considers his mother's husband to be his father in all the ways that matter Oren is well aware that his biological father was in fact a Satyr friend of his parents.
Age: Equivalent of early-to-mid-20's.

Equipment: Preferring a loose fit look, Oren's clothes speak of a very experienced traveler- and one that's quite experienced at that. Well cut and styled, his clothes are usually enchanted to protect him from harm as well. As for other gear, the two most noteworthy pieces are his sword and his Pan Pipes. The sword is known as a Holy Liberator, a sword filled with holy magic forged to defeat evil- especially the evils of tyranny. [In DnD terms, think a Chaotic Good version of a Holy Avenger.] As for his Pipes, they aren't very magical in themselves but since Oren is a Piper he can play them to produce magical effects, mostly charm effects or sonic effects.

Personality: Oren is known for two things really. His drive to spread freedom and to liberate the innocent from oppression, and his volcanic sex drive. Considered a "Paladin of Freedom", he's a holy warrior without question- but one dedicated to the ideals of Freedom and Personal Liberty above all else. And on the side he has an eye for women and seeks to bed as many of the attractive ones as possible. A fact that isn't surprising at all given his Satyr father. In short, he loves Wine, Women, Song, Herbs, and Freedom. And he's willing to fight for many of those things as well.

Bio: Oren had wondered why he had two daddies growing up- his mother's husband and "Uncle Crag", a satyr from the woods that visited him and his mommy frequently but would just as frequently be gone for weeks at a time. It wasn't until he was the equivalent of a teenager that he really put two and two together. His mother's husband, while a wonderful person in his own right, only married his mother because their families made them- his mother's husband has been exclusively gay all his life. "Uncle Crag" was a mutual lover of both of his parents and Oren's biological father. And it's not like "Uncle Crag" didn't want to be there for his son, it's just that he couldn't do it. The famous Satyr attention span and lifestyle just took him away from Oren to long and to unannounced to really make him a decent father.

Of course, when Oren was just about to come to adulthood local fire-and-brimstone preachers didn't like how their little family was structured. And in the names of gods none of them worshiped they began a campaign of terror and oppression against all things the church considered immoral. And thus began the career of Oren, the Paladin of Freedom. The years of adventuring spread forth the legend of the Piper who fights for freedom and liberty in for all people, a true champion for the common good. Of course, legends of his volcanic sex drive and eye for the ladies usually follows the stories of his heroism fairly closely. Granted, Oren being the son of a satyr this isn't exactly a surprise. Fortunately for populations around him, being a crossbreed of a satyr and an elf means he can't father children without magical help.

At least, that's how it was. He had originally gone to the churches of the hermaphrodite god of passion Aaluran simply to bed as many of the priestesses as he could. The fact that he liked most of what the god was preaching was nice, but just considered a perk. However, while he slept off a night of such passions, he received a vision from the deity him/herself. In the dream, the deity informed Oren that he had given so much pleasure to so many women of so many races while expecting nothing in return that the deity considered Oren one of his/her mortal champions. Blessing Oren with gifts including curing him of his sterility, the deity promised that any child fathered by Oren from love or mutual lust from this day forward would be considered Blessed in the deity's eyes.

Now that there could be something resembling responsibility to his actions, Oren is a little uneasy about bridling unsuspecting women with unexpected pregnancies. He certainly isn't a fan of his suddenly acquired supernatural ability to inspire intense lust just by locking eyes with someone, it feels too much like mind control to him. However, the idea of a generation of divinely empowered champions of good causes does have it's appeal. . .

Ons: Women. He just can't get enough of the ladies who have all the right curves in all the right places. If they're pretty enough he's gone after humans, elves, halflings, orcs, dwarves. . .

Of course, with the latest gifts from the gods, while he's uncomfortable with some of them in principle he does admit they're quite a turn on.

[In DnD terms, he'll probably be making an honest attempt to bed pretty much anything female, humanoid, sentient, and alive with a CHA score of at least 15 unless there's a really good reason- like they just killed his best friend in front of him and were using his friend's head as a puppet to gloat.]

Offs: Shemales, though this is only sexually speaking. As people they tend to be quite interesting companions. Exclusively heterosexual, his principles are quite open and progressive. Evil is a bit of a turn off, except for the leather outfits. Heh.

Appearance: The man the adventurers will meet will certainly grab attention. A Piper, he appears to mostly look like a wood elf- but one who actually seems to be enjoying himself outside a forest. He does have a small pair of bony nubs on his hairline, but they are too small to be used as weapons. He also seems to be hairier then the normal wood elf, with a goatee of facial hair and some hair on his arms and chest visible when he has his shirt off. His legs are obviously hairy as well, though not as much as a satyr's. The healthy young deer to a satyr's goat. The overall effect is devastatingly handsome- possibly to the point of seeming supernatural.

Other: A Paladin of Freedom, Oren combats Evil by his very existence. Mostly a melee fighter that relies on agility and speed, he is assisted by magical gifts bestowed by good gods. As a straight warrior he's probably less skilled then a fighter but he'll do respectably. The ability to sense evil, to channel good energies to destroy evil, protection from diseases, the ability to heal with a touch, et cetera. As for gifts with potential sexual applications, he is immune to all natural diseases and most supernatural ones- including those transmitted sexually. Otherwise he was until recently using natural charm and charisma to get into bed with partners. Being a hybrid of an elf and a satyr, he was quite sterile- much to the relief of populations around him.

Now however a God of Passion has joined the list of his patron deities. As such he's gained a few gifts in this area as well. His sterility has been cured, and he's told he has been given the ability to inflame passion in others. Considering this too much like mind control for his principles- he plans to never use this ability. Emergencies may change this.
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Name: Ryudo
Race: Human
Age: 23

Equipment: Short of taking a shower, and some festive occasions, Ryudo is hardly ever caught without his gear. He wears a new type of metal alloy chain mail. It provides the protection he needs but is rather light weight. He has hand and arm guards along with some type of hard leather tile for his legs. Ryudo dresses with as much defense as he can without tampering with his speed. He carries a custom great sword he crafted with his previous master.

Personality: Ryudo can be quite sarcastic, sarcasm is his filter to deal with people. He does not trust people often and could care less of what others think of him. I suppose it goes with the territory. He's been shunned from his home so he's had to grow "hard". He can be disrespectful, only because he's been so accustom to giving and receiving it.

Bio: Ryudo lived in a small village growing up. Although the village was small, it was far from defenseless. In fact his village housed some of the worlds best swordsmen. The village had many great fighters there and they were great at making weapons too. Ryudo lived with his mother, whom he loved very much. He practiced swordsmanship like the others, and shown much potential, he was able to keep up with some of the kids who were years older than he. He actually lived quite a great life. The village was small enough that everyone knew everyone else and they cared for each other and watched out for one another. The village lived by certain rules. "Live by honor of the sword." That's what they said. They believed in honor, courage, and growth. So in turn so did Ryudo. Outside of practicing his swordsmanship he was an apprentice for the blacksmith. When Ryudo became of age, him and his master forged the sword he uses today.

One day Ryudo woke in the early hours of the morning, his house was torn apart. Everything was in disarray. He'd found out that someone had broken in and stolen some family relics that his mother was going to donate to the village. He assumed his mother tried to stop them and was killed in the process. He walked to the front door and found his mother lying in a pool of her own blood. Her left arm had been dismembered and she was left there to bleed out. When the village heard light of this they all pointed their fingers at Ryudo, convinced he was the one who killed his mother and stolen the precious artifacts. Because they could not prove it, a death sentence would have been too severe, so they shunned him at the age of 17.

Because of his past, this has caused much conflict within himself. He has a hard time truly trusting anyone. Since his banishment he has lived his life as a geohound (a mercenary that takes undesirable jobs). He's often looked down upon for his line of work but he could care less. If anyone paid him enough he would do just about anything. Despite this fact though, he does have morals and lives by them. He wanders from town to town looking for any type of job needed. (Escort, bodyguard, bounty hunter..most jobs a lot of people would consider dangerous, he would do)

Ons: Sarcasm, he's usually seen using this to insult people. Money. Melee.

Offs: Over religious people, ignorance, giant crowds.

Other: Ryudo has a love for combat, mostly because he's good at it. No matter the job he takes, he gets it done or will die trying. He mostly relies on his skill with the sword and his speed. He stays away from magic when he can, mostly because magic can be so flexible. He doesn't trust it and finds it even harder to trust those who wield it.



Race:wild elf


Equipment: Akiranth wears a cloak of dark green to hide her features. Her armour is made of light leather and only covers enough to keep her protected. She wears leather gloves as well as boots, and throughtout her outfit are places where daggers all handcrafted out of bone are hidden as well as vials of two kinds of poisons. one that cause paralysis and one that causes the victim to grow very ill.

Personality:Akiranth is often cold to other people besides those in her clan. She views the outside world with mistrust. She has an affection with nature though and will treat animals, and even plants with a kindness not shown often to others.

Bio:Wild elves are rarely seen and not one to leave the forest. One my wonder why Akiranth would be in a town . To tell the tale we must back up a little. Akiranth was born in the forest, raised in the forest and planned on dying in the forest. her clan was nomadic and moved between the vast outreaches of the forest from day to day never resting in one place for more then a night or perhaps two. She was taught that the forest would give her everything she needed  to survive. She was taught how to track, what food was good to eat. And above all trust the woods.

Then her ways were shattered when slavers managed to sneak up on their little band. It was no small task, since they can usually tell from miles away if someone is coming. The slavers took her sister, and one of the warriors from the clan. While the rest of the clan wanted to move on like nothing had happened. The forest is sometimes cruel and loss is a part of this. Akiranth swore to find them, and so her voyage to more civilized territory began.

Ons:Some one with an affinity for the woods like her. Though she really doesn't want much to do with outsiders.Pain vs pleasure she would always pick the pain side.

Offs:People who pick on others that can not defend themselves. They remind her too much of the slavers who must have captured her people.

Appearance:  She only stands about 4'8 in height. She has long brown hair that goes down to her ass and is usually kept in one long braid. Her complexion is slightly tan, and she has wide dark green eyes. In build she is lithe and agile. Her curves are small. She wears a green cloak that hides her form as well as her face from the outsiders. Under that she wears soft leather armour, gloves and boots.

Other: She is very god at tracking, and knows anything about the forest that you would want to know. She is also very good at not being seen. While in town she has discovered she has a knack for picking pockets and getting into places that shes not supposed to ( picking locks) 


Name: Dainya Zurethin

Race: Halfling

Age: equivalent to about 20

Equipment: Dainya wears tight fitting leather armour for movement, it also accentuates her petite curves fantastically. She carries seven small throwing knives, a halfling sized rapier, a small crossbow and a nice set of lockpicks.

Personality: Dainya is fun loving and carefree by nature, her mood is often infectious and her talent with music and singing afford her more freedom than most. She loves pretty/valuable things and relishes the challenge of stealing them.

Bio: Dainya was born in the slums in Impira, her father was a merchant and her mother a seamstress. She was unhappy and unchallenged and so, as soon as she was old enough, began to join her father in the Market District. She loved the people and the hustle and bustle of the place... but most of all she loved the opportunity for relieving those suffering from terminal richness of the cause of this heinous disease.

She soon drew attention from a small group of thieves in the area, led by an aged Shadow Elf. She quickly rose through the ranks due to her cunning and tenacity. She used her... call them wiles... when she needed to, but mostly relied on being unseen. The group was as close to a guild that the thieves had, and recruitment was up at this time. After three years in this group, the watch raided them and the Shadow Elf was killed in the ensuing confusion. Before he died he handed her his lockpicks and told her to go freelance. This she did and has built up quite a fortune in the interim. Now she lives easy, thieving at any opportunity, but not feeling a need to.

Ons: Fun and people, she loves being social and playing her music. She prefers short term pleasure over long term commitment.

Offs: Killjoys and buzzkills, she hates people who feel the need to trample on her fun.

Appearance: Standing at only three foot ten, Dainya is short. She can often pass for a child, apart from her pointed ears, and will do so if needed. She has bright, green eyes always glinting with a cheeky twinkle and long red hair, tied into thin braids down her back and across her face. She has a few piercings in her ears and a few scars on her body and face. She is curvaceous, in a short kind of way and very pretty. Of course, most people don't touch her as she looks like an overdeveloped child.

Other: She uses wiles and her childlike appearance when necessary, she has developed an art for being unseen and is a wonderful singer and musician.

Right, couple more people and we can get this show on the road!


Name: Laura Stone

Race: Half-elven

Age: 19

Equipment: A typical bar wench's outfit.

Personality: A cautious, quiet girl well aware that curiousity killed the cat, the cat's owner and anyone who ever petted it. This instinct fights with her want to try new things. She's not very confident in her own abilities, but has a rock solid sense of responsibility. If it needs to be done, she'll try and do it.

Bio: For most of her life, Laura didn't think there was anything special about her. Born to a hooker who had worked the richer districts of Uriya before hard life faded her natural beauty, and she found herself moving further and further into the slums until she eventually died of a particular bad winter illness. Laura was taken in by a innkeeper and his family who knew her mother, and raised, mostly, alongside their three sons and two daughters.

Unfortunately, being the "whore's get", if there was trouble then the blame and punishment would inevitably fall on Laura's head. Still, it was a life off the street, more than many in the city could hope for. Her future looked to be eventually finding a man to marry (and not the fun and tumble most of the bar's patrons tried for), when she was ambushed outside the back of the inn by a man intent of having his way with her.

While she wasn't able to resist physically, shortly after the man entered her, she felt an uncontrollable energy building inside her, which she released in a wave of hate at her assaulter. The energy turned him into very many small chunks of flesh - which she spent the rest of the evening cleaning off both herself and the alleyway.

That was two weeks ago. Today, she knows she has magic... untrained and not very strong ... but magic.

Ons: Money, the exotic, the new, magic, letting herself go.

Offs: The new. Handsy men.


Other: Laura has a form of sex powered biomagic - control of living things. At the moment her ability to use it almost totally unfocused. But she's practicing as much as she can. She gets energy, which she can store, by having sexual acts - a fact she's only just discovered. She works at whatever tavern we start in.


I'll get the first post up now, though more people would still be welcome!           <------- Here we are, the actual rp.

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Name:  Rob Haffen

Race: Human

Age: 35

Equipment: Travelling clothes: linen shirt, breeches and waistcoat; heavy wool cloak, wool stockings, sturdy leather boots. He carries a staff that both identifies him as a healing priest and can serve as a weapon in emergencies. (A medallion likewise identifies him as a healer.)  He also has a haversack full of various healing herbs and medical/surgical equipment.

Personality: Rob is gruff and somewhat cynical, but he has surprising warmth and humor once you scratch beneath the surface. He's also a closet romantic; although it'd be hard to get him to admit it, he still hopes to find that one special person--male or female--with whom to share his life.

Bio: Rob comes from a long line of priestly healers. He never questioned that he would keep up the family tradition, and, having done so, he's reasonably satisfied with his life. Someone has to put people back together, after all.

Where Rob breaks with his family, however, is on the issue of pacifisim. Rob is decidedly not a pacifist--there are some things worth fighting for. And so he makes sure to keep up with at least basic combat skills, in case an emergency arises.

Ons: People who don't hover over him while he's trying to patch someone back together.

Offs: Those who torture others. Rob can forgive the injuries someone causes in battle, but not deliberate torture.

Appearance: Rob stand about six foot two. He's reasonably fit with thinning, sandy brown hair, light skin, golden-brown eyes and a reluctant but warm smile. He keeps his clothes simple, forgoing the ostentatious robes that some priests prefer. He carries the symbolic staff of his profession, however, and wears a medallion so that people who need a priest or a healer can identify him.

Other: Rob is well trained in convential means of medical treatment, but his prayers seem powerful as well--and they will sometimes work to heal or partially heal someone when conventional medicine is exhausted.
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Of course! The more the merrier. Just get a character sheet up and join in.


Name: Faar

Race: Feline

Age: 22

Equipment: Leather outfit, hunting knife

Personality: Faar is very outgoing and social, always playful. She loves to make new friends and explore new places. As an adventurer, she's always looking for new adventures and new conquests. The best thing in life for her is the hunt, going after a prey, cornering it and making it hers. A good battle turns her on, both mentally and physically.

Bio: Faar lives with her soulmate in a small house at the edge of the great forest. She likes to travel however and has already seen many ruins and dungeons, and killed many types of creatures. She often goes in to town to find new opportunities, missions or quests for her to do, or groups to join, to see new places.

She is a Rogue, and uses the shadows to her advantages. She is quite a formidable fighter, fast, agile and strong. She has a knife but prefers to use her claws in battle.

She's very open, and will often flirt without even realizing it, with both genders. She loves to experiment, and often doesn't quite understand traditional customs, or why there's things she shouldn't do or say. In most cases, she just likes to be friendly.

Ons: Most things

Offs: Herma

Appearance: (picture or good description)



This sounds fun! Are you still excepting?
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Name: Mathis

Race: Human

Age: 25

Equipment: Leather and chain mail armor, Black clock, Ensiferum long sword, Shield of the pathfinder(A shield that lights up in darkness to show the way.) Cross bow, poison dagger 

Personality: Mathis is a vary secluded person. He spends his days alone in the wilderness near the city, only entering to pick up some beer or other things one might not find out in the forest. He is vary dark and dis-likes
people who are weak or childish. Mathis is also a vary serious person.   

Bio:As a child his family was killed by Nordic Barbarians, who took him in as one of the're own and trained in the ways of the long lost Ensiferum' (The Sword Bearers) He eventually grow vary strong in the way of the sword and killed everyone in the tribe. Mathis is the last known Ensiferum   

Ons:The cold breeze on his skin, The sounds of the forest. the feel of a sword in his hands.

Offs: Crowds, Children, Arrogance, Ignorance     

Appearance: (picture or good description)

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