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April 10, 2021, 05:01:54 pm

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Author Topic: What bathoz wants, with Wonder Woman & Witchcraft [NC-H to E] [F for M/F/GM]  (Read 1357 times)

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Offline bathozTopic starter

And what bathoz wants at the moment (other than to stop referring to himself in the third person) is documented below. For the most part, I prefer playing the female leads, but can play the rest of the world if that's what's needed.

I'm not afraid of system games - in fact, I think they can add something to a roleplay - a wild card. Recently, I've been fiddling with the Dresden Files version of Fate, which seems ideally designed for plot heavy roleplaying.

Anyway, on with the plots.

Taking roleplaying to the next level - TG, Fantasy becoming reality, hijinks, NC-E/EX

Riley was one of those players. Every character of his was a blatant fantasy woman who he wished would be real: Tall, powerful, excellent body, and willing to sleep with anything. It hadn't gotten on anyone's nerves before, but during the last campaign he went a little overboard.

Now a new game has started, a very dark game. He did the exact same thing as before though the character was even more of a sex pot this time, everyone thinks it's because his girlfriend left him recently. He even bought a new set of dice for the game; a special set said to "make the experience amazing" from an odd shop that only he had ever seen. At the first roll Riley passed out and woke up in the body of his character. In that dangerous world where she was designed to sleep her way through most problems. Since he doesn't have her combat/magic/tech skills, only her body, he'll have to do just that. (Blatantly lifted from ExisD)

What Wonder Woman doesn't Want Will Warp her Wildy - Superhero, Female Lead, NC-E/EX, Slow MC, Transformation

Hopefully that's the last time alliteration is mentioned in connection with this idea.

Basically, Wonder Woman runs into someone who has nefarious design on her. And slowly, piece by piece changes her - forcing her slowly into a life she wouldn't want ... what that is a little up in the air.

I'd be willing to play either side of this story, Wonder Woman or her nemesis. Who that nemesis could be is frankly wide open - nazis to neocons and naughty nurses*.

Run, princess, run - Fantasy, Female lead, NC-E/EX. Magic.

The Orcs and the Elves went to war. The Elves lost. And now, the princess must flee through war-torn country, alongside other, terrified and sometimes lawless refugees, towards the border of the Human Empire. There, she (and the rest of the refugees face an uncertain welcome), as the incredibly capitalist humans practice slavery, and the refugees have little to offer. That's assuming they can stay ahead of the encroaching Orcs.

Learning to spell - Low Fantasy, Female Lead (Possible male to female transform), EX, Corruption & Demons.

A wealthy merchant's mostly innocent daughter finds an odd book while fiddling through a estate sale of some minor nobleman. She couldn't tell you why it attracted her, but for some reason she had to have the black book. Once she returns home, she discovers that it is actually a book on how to learn magic. Each page containing a ritual, some too complicated for her to understand, so easier - and despite the any misgivings, she had to see whether it worked. Unfortunately, the fine leather cover of book is actually the skin of succubus, and each piece of learnt magic had a price - changing her a little to suit the book's warped needs.

Blood Bowl! - Warhammer Blood Bowl World, Female Lead, Fantasy Sport, "Team Building" and "unnecessary tackling".

Have a look here for it's original, stand alone, thread. But basically, a cheerleader for an elven team is pressed into playing the thrower role for her team in an emergency situation, and it turns out that she has talent, despite not being as big or as tough (or as manly) as her teammates. After few games, she's bought by the famous Chaos All Stars - a harlem globetrotter type team that employs star players from all the different races, playing exhibition games around the old world, as well as entering the big competitions. And if something's going to draw the crowds, a beautiful elf passer is.

That's them for now. I'm always open to any stories that involve unintended consequences or the slippery slope of resistance. I love my superheroines - original and canon. Mad scientists and long dorment curses. The fantastical, both modern and Tolkeinesque. And, of course, all the themes in my O&O.

Auxiliary note: I live in a GMT+2 time zone. Take that as you will.

Anyway, cheers.
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Offline Transgirlenstein

Contact me about the Wonder Woman one.

Offline aprildawn

Both Wonder Woman and Run, Princess, Run, sound like a lot fun.

Offline Doomsday

Orcs? Elves? Pregnancy? Slavery? Dehumanization?

I think we can be very good friends. At least, if you're still looking for partners for Run Princess, Run.

Offline bathozTopic starter