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Started by CaptainErotica, September 18, 2006, 06:27:59 AM

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I had a crazy idea for a D&D Campaign that I think might be fun.


Plot: Serene The Goddess of virginity's Holy Chastity Belt of Greater Shocking Burst +5 was stolen while she  was bathing. It is foretold that should Goddess Serene lose her virginity be it to God or Mortal, then every virgin in all the realms be they Human or elf, Troll or Dragon,   shall remain a virgin forever. The heroes have banded together to seek out the culprits and return the Holy Relic, and perhaps get laid along the way.

  This will be a highly erotic, hopefully hilarious D&D campaign set in the standard D&D setting but with several erotic themed changes. While there will be a lot of sexual overtones, there will be a plot with planned encounters and exciting battles. Role playing is a must, though there will be a  a lot of combat as well.

1.CHARACTERS:  Standard D&D. Roll 4d6  and keep the highest 3 die. Re roll any roll under 13. Hit points will be max and the level will be level 10. any of the official D&D book are fine though only the  parts dealing with sex, will be allowed form the Book of Vile Darkness. For Magic Items simple give a list of what you desire and I will make any changes. Feel free to make up new sexually themed items as long as they are not overly powerful or too far out in left field I will accept them (ex: Sword of lustful Envy +2 -if the chosen target for an attack has previously attacked you or flirted with you this sword deals an extra 2d6 to the target until you successfully hit them.)  Classes are as per the books but with the changes noted below. No evil characters unless you PM me to discuss it and agree to the terms i lay out for you.

Clerics: They must choose one of the custom God's listen below.

All Classes: The following skills are new class skills available to all classes.
Seduction(Cha), Sex(Con),

The following is a list of new Feats(General):
Well Endowed: you gain +2 to Sex, and Charisma.

Fertile: You have a 20% chance verses a 10% chance of impregnating a partner or getting pregnant.(must be chosen at 1st level)

Infertile: You are incapable of impregnating someone or becoming pregnant(this takes up 2 feats and must be chosen at 1st level)


Fertility checks- anytime you have the male rolls percentiles. On 10%(20) or less there is a chance of impregnating the female. The female then rolls percentiles dived by 2. If your score is 10%(20) or less you have been knocked up. Game effects will be explained when/if it happens. For each sexual sexual encounter with the same in individual in a given day the chance of impregnation goes up by 5%. (ex: Uric the fighter gets buck wild with Alastacia the Paladin. This is their 3rd time today. Their chance of impregnation is now 25%(45%). Each day the percentile chance resets.

LIMITS: Anything not illegal on the site goes as long as the partner agrees to it.(ooc).
In order to keep the game moving sexual encounters will have separate threads form the main adventure. So it may be possible to play out your  week long sex scenes, but still participate in the story. ( The story may be on the seventh day, while you and the cleric are still finishing up your sex scene from the first night is a separate thread. You will still be required to participate in the story thread.)


Cupid: God of love and beauty (CG)
Serene: Goddess of Virginity(LG)

Dominatra: Goddess of Sex and lust(LE)

Herpetis: God of Disease and murder(CE)

Necronius: God of Death (N)

Sol: God of Life and fertility(N)


  A place where Chain mail bikini's, bare chested men, and monthly town orgies are the norm. Laws regarding sex in public are no existent. However, there art strict laws regarding incest, rape, and sexual assault. Punishment varies from fines, imprisonment or even the loss of ones Sexual Organs. Sex is sacred here, even the dead spirits get in on on it, but there are still boundaries.

To join simply PM me a complete character with stats, and a brief background explaining a little about them, and why they are on the quest to retrieve the Holy Relic. Also include the limits that your character has. For those who want to join but are not familiar with the D&D rules just send me an idea of the characetr you want and I can whip out stats for you.


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I'd be interested, but I have a few concerns...
1) Adding new skills that everyone would want is going to seriously cut into adventure-relevant skills.
2) Only humans can be infertile?  Two feats is a pretty steep price to pay for people who don't enjoy pregnancy subplots.
3) Do the contraceptive herbs from Forgotten Realms exist in this setting?
4) A feat that adds +2 Charisma?

That being said, I have a few character ideas to consider.


You bring up some good points, asnd i will probably adjust the new stuff acordingly.

As for #1 I will probably give some bonus Skill points that can only be spent on the news skills., though i'm open for suggeston this as well.

#2) again something i probsbly should have payed more asttention too. It was such a neat ide(imo) that I had to get it up before i made any fine tuning.To answer the question, any race can be infertile.

#3) Sure I don't see why not.

4)I was trying to make it a viable aslternative to some of the feats in the books, but i agree it might be a bit much. perhaps just the skill obuses then..

Feel free to make more suggestions and offer more stuff to add in.


You could make the new skills cheaper to buy than normal (say, skill points put into Sex and Seduction give 2 ranks each).  Free skill points would also work well.

Quote from: Robguy on September 18, 2006, 12:35:30 PM
#2) again something i probsbly should have payed more asttention too. It was such a neat ide(imo) that I had to get it up before i made any fine tuning.To answer the question, any race can be infertile.

The trouble is, it has to be chosen at 1st level, and only humans have two feats at first level (even if they can afford to spend two feats on something like this).

Quote from: Robguy on September 18, 2006, 12:35:30 PM
4)I was trying to make it a viable aslternative to some of the feats in the books, but i agree it might be a bit much. perhaps just the skill obuses then..

You could make it simply +2 to Sex and +2 to Seduction.  Feats that add +2 to two skills are about par for the course in 3.5.

I'll be making statrolls momentarily (EDIT: 16, 15, 14, 13, 13, 13).  By the way, what are the new gods' domains, and are there any restrictions on race (especially races with level adjustment)?


I'll have to get basck to you on that last bit...3 AM here, and I am tweaking the domains before I add them.  Race wise as long as it falls within the level limit and is feasable as a PC then go for it.(convince me)The only reason I mde the inferiltiy so costly is because I see it being abused in order to screw everyone with no fear of reprrecusions. any ideas on how to fix it? 


I'm in it to say the least, prepare for my version of Red Sonja (loved the chainmail bikini comment ;))
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got the idea from one i saw at an SCA event. and glad your itnerested.


Question here do I HAVE to reroll a stat under 13? I always liked role-playing flaws and I find it adds flavor my best character ever had strictly average stats it was fun just having her make it to high level and another had two high stats and everything else under an 8! Its not stats but will and loving the character that helps them survive. Just they should be able to do something and that doesn't require high stats. Just stats 10 or higher depending on the classes taken.

Seems to me your taking away something requiring all stats be exceptional.


Quote from: Robguy on September 18, 2006, 01:08:35 PM
The only reason I mde the inferiltiy so costly is because I see it being abused in order to screw everyone with no fear of reprrecusions. any ideas on how to fix it? 

Honestly, I'm not sure I understand why you'd want there to be a fear of repercussions from sex in a world where monthly town orgies and public sex are normal.  If you really think it should be worth a feat, it probably shouldn't cost more than one (that's already quite a cost, and many characters are going to be feat-starved as it is), and it shouldn't have to be at 1st level (because there are so many feats that have to be taken at 1st level).  After all, contraceptives as described in the FR books aren't expensive for adventurers of any level, so one feat should be more than enough to obviate the need for them.


Count me in.  Any special rules for keeping up the AC of characters who go scantily clad for RP-reasons?  The Class Defense Bonus seems like it would work.

Thinking of either a Sorcerer with the Dragonheart Mage PrC in Races of the Dragon, or something from Tome of Battle...


I can agrre with that, and it is a sign of a true gamer to enjoy playing those types. I guess I am just use to the local game scene where no one wants to play a flawed character. I will leave yuor comment up in the air fro now and if there is enough support for it I will  change the rules on abilites, if not you are still free to keep the lower stats if you want too.

By the Way, I have been finding alot of flaws that I'm wotking to fix, and you guys are pointing more out -a good thing keep doing so. So it may be a bit before I actually get the game started. I cannot give an exact when, but I will get it brunning as soon as I can.

     I have been debating on the whole fertilty thing for awhile now. Basically I had wanted to use it as a means to enhance the roleplay. It would be interesting to see how two adventurers handle a pregancy. and, while it is true the game is obvious wide open as far as erotica goes, I do not want it to be just a series of one love scene after another, like many of these games become, hence the fertily rules. I am highly considering dropping the inferiltiy feat and maybe even the pregnancy checks completely. I havn't decided yet, though you the players will be a key factor in my final decision.

    As far as keeping your AC on par with the heavily armored characters goes, that is why I am giving the players a chance to suugest their own magic items. If you want a set of Silk lingerie of Defense +2 then ask me for it, as long as your list of items is not outragious or overly powerful, you should be good to go. Think of a typical 10th levle character, and hisa magic gear. How many items does he/she have, what are the average bonus', etc...and use that as a guide to choosing. I was going to set a gp cap but decided not to, since it would then require alot of math, to figure out how much a new magic item would colst gp wise.


You could just institute XP penalties for players who get off track with sex scenes and forget about the main game (although if sex scenes go in seperate threads, this shouldn't be too much of a problem).  Everyone respects XP penalties.

As far as AC goes, Slayers d20 has a rule I've always been fond of: if you wear any part of a suit of armor, it counts (rules-wise) as though you were wearing the whole thing.  That might be easier than messing with the class-based defense bonuses.

As for the stat rolls...if someone wants to play a weaker character, I don't see the problem, but I wouldn't suggest changing the overall rules.  Some classes (monk and paladin are the biggest offenders in the core book) require above-average stats to function meaningfully.




Quote from: RubySlippers on September 19, 2006, 07:54:49 AM
Basic idea here there is THEORY and PRACTICE and this character knows the practice well and if naked in a city poor area could prosper  after a time like a ranger being left naked in the woods somewhere.

It seems like a combination of Survival (which applies to cities too, as per Races of Destiny) and Gather Information would do more or less what you want.  Making the skill list longer is generally more trouble than it's worth.


No biggie like my character will say: "Charms and pretty words go so far but plenty of fine gold coin goes farther still." lol

And I may raise Dex to 17 taking two-weapon fighting feats and weapon focus in maybe daggers- be real fon d of blades that can be discretely carried. After all failing that she always has magic. lol

And Magic Missle allows no saving throws nor does summoning spells she can get around a lower Int with clever spell selection.


Just in my personal experience in the d20 systems. Charisma is not solely based on physical appearance, so, your character could be beautiful but a true and utter bitch. ^^ Afterall, Brain Devouers have an inhuman Charisma level and they're brains with legs. *giggles*
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Intellect devourers probably think other intellect devourers are damn sexy.


I've always thought of it as a matter of choice how much of your Charisma came out in your looks, myself.  And yeah, it does vary a bit by species, obviously.


Rolled two 16s, and four 13s.  Wow.

Now, if I could just pick a class....


How about a Commoner? lol Pick up that pichfork and farm like the dickens....


I'm thinking of doing something monkish (possibly Fist of Zuoken, though the flavor would have to be modified slightly since Zuoken doesn't exist as a deity in this setting), but I'm not really sure.  There's so many classes I've never gotten around to trying out...

(And is it just me, or does the incarnate really need a higher BAB?)