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Author Topic: Lady E's less than royal cravings (m/f partners wanted)  (Read 1582 times)

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Lady E's less than royal cravings (m/f partners wanted)
« on: February 14, 2011, 06:14:39 PM »

After careful consideration, I am going to have to specify some rules.


 If you wish to participate or start an RP with me please whisper me.  Please do not answer on this thread.  I will be putting both story ideas and things that I am dreaming up and continuing to grow into ideas.  :)   *** please note:  I do not claim to be the artist, all copyrights belong to them

RATINGS (included on spoiler bar)
*- already have a couple of rps with this but still open if someone would like to create another
 **- least needed rp but willing to experiment
 ***- idea that I have tried before but want to try again
 ****- Absolutely want to try this one

Story Ideas:

Under discussion

untitled- bandit
untitled- BH and Luna
untitled- Luna


The idea is an alien entity lands on the coast of Australia.  It is seemingly a rock.  The wildlife around the rock are all unconscious but seemingly still unaffected and alive.  The rock isn't radioactive but seems sturdy and solid.  My character the anthropologist and sociologist is called in to determine the danger to the civilizations and life of the aborigines in the area to see if they need to be evacuated.  She feels a connection on the shore and has no idea why.  They start taking samples of the "rock" only to realize that it is starting to move.  The area is ordered evacuated and she is drug from the scene screaming no that there is something important. 

As the rock starts to move, more rocks land on the continent and soon a full 20 foot rock wall surrounds the coast.  The UN considers Australia a lost cause as they do not know what has surrounded the continent but they are determined to find out.  In this case, the rocks are pods.  The King was the first to land, his advisors, army, and the oracles all landed around the continent.  The army and the servants are ordered to create a halo, which will make spying from the air impossible.  They start setting up their own land and civilization.

My character has been commissioned and "ordered" by the UN to study what little information they are finding about the "aliens" that have landed on the Earth.  The scientists find that the animals were infected with something that turned them into something different.  They were passed out, then grew an extra protective barrier over their internal organs.  They also became more violent or docile depending on the animal.  It is feared this infection could spread to people.

What they don't know yet, is that all the inhabitants of Australia are being put into containment camps and transitioned into a different species.  The infection changes the people into a more powerful, longer lived human. However, these humans don't have to eat as often, nor as much.  They also don't eat the usual human cuisine.  They dine on blood of others.  Think of it as a mix between vampire and bug.  An internal exoskeleton with human skin.  The goal of the King is to create as many of these "transitioned" to create his own army and search after the "Queen" that the oracles foretold would be on earth.  This queen would change the transition process and create a hybrid that would transition faster, and be stronger.  She would hold sway over the people and cause the final humans to submit into breeding colonies. 

The planet is earth is destined to become a way station as several other planets have for the ever growing "breed".  they want earth because of the location and the power it COULD have in a few earth decades.  As the breed are long living and can withstand a lot.



Jema is a powerful attorney who has control over everything, or so she thinks.  In steps Thomas, a powerful dominant who recognizes she has let part of her life fall to the wayside.  Will he be able to dominate her into a relationship that allows her to lose control?


A group of lands that is coveted by both Vampires and Werewolves.  A werewolf and a vampire find themselves on the run. 



A woman fell deeply in love with a young man in her teens.  Desperate to make more of herself, she left her town and the boy behind.  She attended law school and began to practice law.  The man turned to a shady side of life to make it and while turned legit has been accused of a murder he hasn't committed.  His law firm has sent his previous love interest to represent him.  Will she fall back into the life and lose the control she's fought so hard for?  Will he control her?

A Rogue's Fortune
Gotham: Darkest Nights

Gotham City. Everyone knows it's past. A city that thrives on criminal influence. A city corrupt to it's core, and with few rays of hope that shine for the people. In the beginning, Wayne Enterprises sought to bring the city back from it's deepest depths with kindness. A move that almost destroyed the company, it inevitably failed when a mugger known Joe Chill killed the Company's founders. Since that time, crime has reigned. Corrupt politicians stalemate the Police, and due to this many people either suffer or rise up in attempt to do something for themselves.

Most of these people are criminals. Those who thrive, and even rise above the rest in this cesspool breeding ground of crime. But for once another force has risen. He calls himself The Batman. A caped and masked man who seeks to strike fear into the heart's of the criminal underworld. One of mixed opinion by the police and the people. Hero, or menace? That's the question when this man is brought up in conversation. Soon, the people may well get their answer.

For a storm draws near. Arkham Asylum, where some of the world's most deranged and dangerous minds are held has just undergone a massive break out. One unforeseen, and barely controlled by the Gotham City Police. Most of the deranged criminals were locked back inside. Those that were not captured, those who were not once again locked away, terrorize the citizens of Gotham once more. They are the ones who parents check for under their children's beds at night. They are the ones, that despite every effort continue to evade the police and the one they call Batman.

So here we stare at the city that's beyond repair. The City of Darkest Nights.

X-men Re-imagined
Re-Create your favorite Marvel Hero (or Villain) Your Way
(Or create your own!)

It's back! X-Men Re-Imagined has been around for some time (amassing over 10,000 posts) and while it went on a hiatus for a while, we are back and ready to get rolling again and we need you!

We are currently accepting all character types (though preference is given to students at the moment). Read below for more information!

If you want to get an idea of what things are like you can visit our forum here or our OOC thread here. There's a ton of old threads to read through if you'd like, or you can just take a look around. (Our old recruitment thread is here as well.)

First... this is long! But hopefully it will cover all the bases. Please read it all if you are interested.
Basic Game Info List - based on Moraline's outline for games!
Game: X-Men Reimagined
  • Game Section: Most likely this will go in NC-Exotic due to possible not-quite-human mutants and the like.
  • Who is the RP open to? This game is open to all sexualities, genders, and players of whatever type they wish.
  • Setting - Modern, slightly futuristic in an upper level high school/college based school
  • Plot Basics - This is a reimagining of Xavier's original school and class of mutants, brought forward to the year 2020. Mutants are still rare in number but some are well known in the world by now - think the Avengers on a much smaller scale. What you know from the comics hasn't happened -assume nothing. This is a fresh retelling of the X-Men and Mutant story with strong ties to the Movieverse and comics
  • Character creation info/guidelines: See below  for details, we'll be using a basic FASERIP style character sheet (Trust me it is easy and we can even do it for you! This is not a system game, we just like defined characters when powers are involved). All characters will be mutants or humans, non-mutants can be adapted to fit in. 
  • Required Resources: None! Everything you need is right here.
  • Game Pacing: This will vary by each thread and its participants. A minimum of once a week is expected, more often preferred.
  • How much sexual activity is likely to occur or expected, if any?   As much as each person wants. This game will be social. It is about day to day life at a school for mutants. Ideally there will be at more random chatter, banter, and friend making as there will be sex. But hey, feel free to write as much smut as you wish. This is mostly player driven so I imagine we'll see both extremes.
  • Whether tagging will be used or not: A basic character tag will be created and given to the players to use.
Game Master Info / GM(s) Participation Level (If/where applicable)
  • Will there be a Co-GM? Quite possibly depending on how many people we get.
  • How guided will the play be(sandbox, directed etc)? This game will be very sandbox with a side of plot. Players will be free to interact with eachother as they wish and there will be NPCs available as well. Plotlines will be run but will be fully optional.
  • What extent will players be allowed to create/use environment or setting details? Players will be able to affect the environment within the limitations for their characters, but anything major needs to go through a GM.
  • How NPC's will be handled. (If any) - (By GM and/or players, and what expectations): Basic NPCs can be created/used at any time but anything major should go through a GM. You can feel free to play in the sandbox wide enough to go rob a bank if you want... but we'll be the  ones running that once you get there :)
  • How active will the GM be?  Very active! I'm here every day.
  • Will there be an OOC thread? Yes! Ideally two: One for important announcements and one for random chatter.
  • How to contact/approach GM with questions? If it is something that everyone could benefit from please use the OOC thread, otherwise feel free to PM me.
  • How will decisions be resolved?  We value contributions from everyone and no opinion will be outright dismissed, but GMs have the final say, always.
  • Will PvP be allowed (if applicable)? Yes! We are giving players plenty of freedom... however character death won't happen unless agreed upon or through major plot (and will have plenty of warnings before it gets there). Also, remember there are always bigger fish in the pond with many ways of knowing things you want to remain hidden. Think twice before antagonizing your playmates (unless you have some awesome ideas, then work with the GM!)
  • Please remember to always respect other's "Offs" (And "Ons!")
  • Everyone is expected to post at least once a week. If you're having any sort of trouble just let us know! We can skip over you or move you to inactive. People will not be penalized for missing this deadline unless it becomes a problem for other players.
  • Can I join the game after it has already started? ABSOLUTELY! It's a school, and new mutants are discovered all the time. Mid-semester transfers are fully accepted.
  • Expected Writing Style: All writing will be done in 3rd person. We won't nitpick, but we expect at least halfway grammar and spelling.   

WHEW! Ready for the real stuff? Read below!

The year is 2020. Everything you've read. Everything you seen. Everything you know about mutants is wrong. Or it hasn't happened yet. Or didn't happen... quite as you may think.

For most of history superpowered beings and mutants have been the stuff of myth and legends. Heard about but never verified. That is, at least, until one came to the forefront of the public eye. In 1920 a hero was born, though it wasn't until 1941 that his true powers were given to him and Captain America came to the forefront of the American people. He was the world's first exposure to Superpowers, technology finally advancing to the point where his feats could be shared through photos and movies. Other, lesser known heroes such as Wolverine cropped up, minorly influencing world events but for the most part Mutants and their like remained the stuff of imagination. There were occasional sightings, occasional 'events' that were quickly covered up, but these were extremely rare. What few mutants there were generally remained hidden after seeing what happened to the few who did make a splash. They were few and far between and rarely did one Mutant every meet another.

That is, at least, until the mid 2000's. At first there was just a few, but significantly more than in the past, they seemed to spring up all at once. Charles Xavier, a world class telepath of remarkable ability, was the first to notice the increase thanks to his powers and technology. He reached out to the ones he could find and found them before they could cause trouble and he gathered them together. Xavier taught them to use their powers and acted as their moral compass and eventually this small team became known as the X-Men. They made occasional headlines as they helped to defeat minor threats, but their identities were never revealed and they were never found by the government or general populace. The public has become more aware of Mutants, and they have continued spreading but are still one in a million. Some hide amongst the populace, some hide underground, others attempt to use their powers for good or evil.

But as the numbers of Mutants continue to grow, Xavier has decided to step in again and has begun contacting more Mutants, often just as their powers first manifest. He offers them a place amongst others like themselves, where they can learn to control their powers while still leading a normal(ish) life. This is the story of those mutants who have decided to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Children. Unbeknownst to even the great telepath, someone else has started collecting Mutants as well, and his goals aren't quite so magnanimous. 

Unfortunately not long after the school year began in 2020 Things Started to Happen. Raids across the country, and across the world in smaller numbers, happened pretty much overnight. Many of the few known mutants were rounded up and disappeared. Some fought back and generally were captured or killed, many others kept themselves even more hidden than normal. The school remained, still secret, but most of the X-Men split away to help Mutants in unknown ways as a team. Erik Lehnsherr remained behind to run the school as Xavier's absence (though he himself is often absent).

Some students left, some new ones have arrived. Either way, the school year goes on and mutants gather to learn about themselves, and their powers.

So What Kind of Game is This?
X-Men Re-imagined is a sandbox game with plot. This means there is an emphasis social interactions with other players and you are encouraged to make your own schemes and plots. This doesn't mean you run off and create teams of badguys to decimate and loot, but rather you can explore the world, interact with other people nearly anywhere within the limits of your character(s). There will be storylines and plot added in, but they will generally be fully optional to participate in.

So! What are we looking for?
We're looking for both Canons and Original Characters. This world is brand new - nothing from the comics is sacred other than what has already been mentioned. This is your chance to play 'What If'. What if Emma Frost was a fresh faced 18 year old under the tutelage of Charles Xavier? What if Jubilee was one of the initial X-Men and was now the teacher? What if Jean Grey was actually... John Grey? You are free to modify, reinvent, and reimagine your favorite X-Men. BUT they must still, at their core, be the same character. Keep the same powersets, keep the same basic personality, but feel free to alter age, gender, or history within reason. This isn't the chance to go hogwild, if someone encountering your character has no clue who it is, it will not be accepted - but this is your chance to recreate a Marvel character your way. In essence, characters can be modified most ay way but they should be recognizable still. Characters can be brand new to the school this year or they can have been at the school for a while.
  • Students: Mutant powers in this world start to manifest towards the end of puberty. This means all characters are conveniently 16+ and students may range into their mid 20s. Xavier's School serves high school through college courses. Students may simply be looking for a safe place learn among their own kind, or they may be trying to become the next generation of the X-Men. Training is certainly provided for all scenarios... Do you have what it takes to lead your own squad?
  • Teachers: Teachers can be nearly any age. They can be one of Xavier's original X-Men or simply an older mutant who has remained hidden until Xavier found them and invited them to come teach.
  • Staff: This would be any adult or teenager at the school who is not there for schooling. Mutant arborist/gardener? Non-mutant 18 year old janitor (have a good reason!)?
  • Other: Got ideas? Ask! But remember... our story is about the Mutants at Xavier's. A Morlock would be very lonely skulking around underground off in the city.
How Many Characters Can I Play?
Two! And you can add more after two weeks if you've shown that you can actively maintain the first two. Since this game is mostly about the students, no more than one of them can be a Teacher/Staff member unless you have super duper awesome bios or fantastic reasons. I may also allow people to create NPCs for GM use or adoption based on their favorite Marvel characters.

Currently 'full' on:
'Unlimited'Shapechangers (Defined as characters who can change into many undefined things. Someone who, for example, changes into various felines or into objects based on touching them, etc. would still be considered.)
Backgrounds with any sort of military, martial arts, militaristic street gangs, mafia, etc. (In other words: We want 'normal' people, not Rambo)

Can I Make a Villain?
No! Or at least, not really. This isn't a Player Versus Player game. Can you make someone just who would never qualify as a hero? Yes. Can conflict arise between characters? Absolutely. But no serial killers, murderers or the like. No Brotherhood or similar members either. Basically you can do what you want - but this game takes place at Xavier's school for the most part. Do something that would get you kicked out would probably make the game a lonely place for you. Luckily this Xavier doesn't snoop too much (or so it seems), so you don't necessarily have to play a 'good' character, you just have to find a way to fit in. Rivalries (or outright hatred!) is encouraged. Frenemies are the best!

Canon Characters
You may 'claim' a Canon character you wish to create and you then have one week to submit a workable character sheet to me. After this week the character goes up for grabs to anyone else who might want it.
Additionally: If you are playing a highly sought after Canon character and you go inactive for weeks without telling me it may be put up for adoption.

Character Sheet
First of all: Don't be intimidated by the character sheet. You don't even need to fill it out if you don't want to - I can do that for you. There's a decent bit that goes into it, but in the end it will make for a much more well-rounded character. Especially don't be intimidated by any of the required Stats. There are no rolls in this game, there is no knowledge of any gaming systems required, and these are not finite limitations. They are simply there so we have well defined characters and they help us create more dynamic bios. They also give us a very awesome and clearcut way to grow characters! Feel free to only fill out the basic info and I will help you with the rest! Seriously! If you send me an awesome concept,  I will make it work for you.
Blank Character Sheet
Code: [Select]
[b][u]BASIC INFO:[/u][/b]
[b]Legal Name:[/b]
[b]Citizenship and other legal info:[/b]
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]

[b]Hair color:[/b]
[b]Eye color:[/b]
[b]General Appearance:[/b]

[b][u]OTHER INFORMATION:[/u][/b]
[b]Wealth Level:[/b] (See spoiler below character sheet for possible values)

[b][u]SCHOOL INFO:[/u][/b]
[b]Classes Taken or Taught:[/b]
[b]Year:[/b] (High school or college levels are available)
[b]Club Memberships or Sponsorships:[/b]

[b][u]STATS:[/u][/b] (Stats are based on the old Marvel 'FASERIP' system, see Spoilers below the character sheet for possible values! Don't worry if you don't have answers for these, we will help you. All characters should be believable, no Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Original Characters should have nothing higher than Remarkable or possibly a single Incredible level. [i]Feel free to leave this blank[/i] and I will fill it in and work with you.)
[color=blue]Fighting:[/color] xx - [color=blue]Agility:[/color] xx - [color=blue]Strength: [/color]xx - [color=blue]Endurance:[/color] xx - [color=blue]Reason:[/color] xx - [color=blue]Intuition:[/color] xx - [color=blue]Psyche:[/color] xx

[u][b]POWERS:[/b][/u] (Please list any powers your character has in the example format below. The more descriptive and exact the better, if you need help just ask! Please be reasonable. Original characters are limited to a single major power set/theme and it cannot be a direct copy of a Canon character.
[i]POWER NAME1[/i] - Power description here. Include skill level, limits, disadvantages, etc. The more detail you go into the better off you'll be in the long run. Example [i]SUPER SPEED[/i] - : Quicksilver’s Superhuman Speed allows him to run at upwards of 770mph with effort and he can maintain this speed for several hours before needing to rest. He can also use this speed to do things like run across water or straight up walls given sufficient space to ramp up to full speed. His body is safe from friction and minor collisions at these speeds and he has no trouble breathing. (In other words, be as specific as you can.)
[i]POWER NAME1[/i] - Power description here.

[u][b]ADVANTAGES:[/b][/u] (Please list 1 to 5 non-skill based advantages your character may have.  These are things that fall outside of Superpowers. This may include things like a sharp sense of smell, being a light sleeper, quick non-superhuman reflexes, etc.)
[i]ADVANTAGE1[/i] - Description here
[i]ADVANTAGE2[/i] - Description here

[b][u]DISADVANTAGES:[/b] (Please list 1 to 5 disadvantages your character may have. This may include things like being blind, a low alcohol tolerance, or a club foot. At least 1 Disadvantage is required per Advantage above.)
[i]DISADVANTAGE1[/i] - Description here
[i]DISADVANTAGE2[/i] - Description here

[u][b]SKILLS:[/u] (Please list some things your character is good at, or at least has been trained and is competent at. This includes things like a fighting style, computers, repair, stunt driving, history knowledge, etc. There’s no limit to how many you can list, but these will be scrutinized base on history and background.)
[i]SKILL1:[/i] - Description here
[i]SKILL1:[/i] - Description here

Please include a history of your character includes how/when their powers manifested (Age 16 or older!) and anything else that helped to shape your character. Remember that this is a fresh start from the comics, and this is a great time to tone things down - Please avoid clones, alternate dimensions, warps of reality, and aliens.

FASERIP Tier System
FASERIP is basically just a 10 point scale with cool names for each level to help give things a better feel. Examples for each stat will be below. The scale is here:
1 - Feeble
2 - Poor
3 - Typical
4 - Good
5 - Excellent
6 - Remarkable
7 - Incredible
8 - Amazing
9 - Monstrous
10 – Unearthly

The values below may be slightly out of date, it is based on an old system and is intended to only be a rough guide.
Fighting is your skill in armed or unarmed combat.
1-FeebleUntrained or unable to fightAunt May, Prof X
2-PoorLittle ability in combat, below normalPolaris, J.J. Jameson
3-TypicalStandard human without special trainingDazzler
4-GoodSome formal training, ~police force levelDr. Strange, scarlet Witch, Invisible Girl, Human Torch
5-ExcellentTraining and experience in combat; includes active armed forces membersIron Man, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, Cyclops
6-RemarkableSuperior natural talent or service as combat specialistSpider-Man, Hulk
7-IncredibleFull combination of intelligence, experience and talent in one packageThing, Wolverine, Daredevil, Iron Fist
8-AmazingUltimate human fighting machinePunisher, Capt. America, Black Panther
9-MonstrousBeyond normal human capabilitiesValkyrie, Karnak
10-UnearthlySuperhuman skills backed by long experience in combatThor, Hercules
Agility includes maneuverability, accuracy, dodging, and most other coordination related actions. If a Superpower allows for specific parts of this to be raised, base it on your normal agility and notate increased abilities in your power (Example: Bullseye is maybe 'Good' agility, but Monstrous accuracy)
1-FeeblePhysically limitedModok, Supremor
2-PoorManeuvers with difficulty, slow reaction timeHulk, Juggernaut, Prof X
3-TypicalNormal humanScarlet Witch, J.J. Jameson, Dazzler, Mr. Fantastic
4-GoodSome training or natural abilityCapt. Marvel, Dr. Strange, Thing
5-ExcellentOlympic Athlete, great experience or natural abilityIron Man, Thor, Cyclops, Rogue
6-RemarkableHigh natural agility plus training, can perform complex gymnasticsBlack Panther, Storm, Wolverine
7-IncredibleWalk tightrobes, dodge single bulletsCapt. America, Daredevil
8-AmazingSuperb sense of balance, dodge multiple bulletsSpider-Man, Nightcrawler, Beast
9-MonstrousDodge automatic weaponfire with easeCobra
10-UnearthlyAvoid lasers or other energy weaponsSilver Surfer, Quicksilver
Strength is the measure of a hero's strength. How much they can carry, lift, and how hard they can smash. Values lifted are the maximum, can be more specific in power descriptions.
1-Feeble50 lbs with difficultyAunt May, Prof X
2-Poor100lbs with difficultyJ.J. Jameson
3-Typical200lbs with difficultJubilee, Dazzler, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic
4-Good400lbs with difficultyDaredevil, Iron Fist, Cyclops
5-Excellent800lbs with difficultyCapt. America, Nightcrawler
6-RemarkableUp to 1 tonBeast, Captain Britain
7-IncredibleUp to 10 tonsSpider-Man, Iron Man
8-AmazingUp to 40 tonsShe-Hulk, Vision, Rogue
9-Monstrousup to 70 tonsThing, Sasquatch, Colossus
10-UnearthlyOver 70 tonsHulk, Thor, Wonder Man
Endurance is your hero's ability to survive hostile environments and work without resting. It is also a general measure of your hero's hardiness and ability to take blows.
1-FeebleHave to rest after a minute of workAunt May
2-PoorEasily winded, rest after a couple minutes of workLeader, A. Masters
3-TypicalCan survive NYC in August.  Rest after a quarter hour of work.J.J. Jameson, Frog-Man
4-GoodRest after a half hourRogue, Dazzler, Professor X
5-ExcellentRest after an hourBeast, Daredevil, Invisible Girl, Human Torch
6-RemarkableNo rest needed except sleepCapt. America, Dr. Strange, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops
7-IncredibleNo rest needed except sleepSpider-Man
8-AmazingNo rest needed except sleepShe-hulk, Storm
9-MonstrousCan survive short times in a vacuumThing, Wonder Man, Iron Man, Hulk
10-UnearthlyCan survive unprotected in space for long periods, no sleep needed.Thor, Silver Surfer, Vision
Reason is the sum of your hero's intelligence, education, and logical processing ability. This is used to understand unknown technology, or create new things.
1-FeebleIs that a door?Man-Thing
2-PoorYou can maybe use a phone to dial 911Dazzler
3-TypicalNormal human levelJ.J. Jameson, Wolverine, Storm, Thor, Colossus
4-GoodUnderstands most modern technology, can attempt repairs on things like normal carsNightcrawler, Capt. America, Dr. Strange, Thing, Human Torch
5-ExcellentCan perform small experiments, jury-rig gear, run complex machinesSpider-Man, Nick Fury, Cyclops, Black Widow
6-RemarkableCan operate high tech or possibly alien gear, can invest and build equipment that can be re-usedBruce Banner, Sasquatch, Ariel
7-IncredibleCan repair advanced machines or even alien tech, can make significant improvements on modern techProf X, Magneto, Tony Stark
8-AmazingDevelop ideas beyond natural science, modify/improve alien machinesMr. Fantastic, Dr. Doom, Ultron
9-MonstrousFull recall, thought far beyond normal humans, could create artificial lifeStranger, High Evolutionary
10-UnearthlySees all, knows allWatcher, Immortus
Intuition highly complements reason and is your hero's observational ability, conscious or subconscious.
1-FeebleFire? Am I standing in fire?Man-Thing
2-PoorThick as a brickMost lackies and goons
3-TypicalNormal human intution and observationJ.J. Jameson, Dazzler, Colossus, Hulk
4-GoodSharper than your average JoeThing, Invisible Girl, Thor, Rogue, Human Torch
5-ExcellentYour job is noticing things, an eye for detail or weirdnessNick Fury, Iron Man, Storm, Nightcrawler
6-RemarkableYou're a detective!Moon Knight, Cyclops
7-IncredibleYou've got an eye for fine details and schedules, you get a hunch when something just 'feels wrong'Capt. America, Black Widow, Iron Fist
8-AmazingIn tune with yourself and area, difficult to surpriseSpider-Man, Prof X
9-MonstrousNotice things no average human can, picks up on emotionsWolverine, Daredevil, Dr. Strange
10-UnearthlyYou're plugged into the Universe!Watcher, Starhawk
Psyche is the willpower of your character, the strength of its soul.
1-FeebleEasily controlledMan-Thing, most lackies and goons
2-PoorYoung or untrained normal humansRogue, most New Mutants
3-TypicalNormal human, can be controlled by superior entitiesJ.J. Jameson, Iron Man, Human Torch, Dazzler
4-GoodSome training in mind control, or experience with itCapt. America, Daredevil, Invisible Girl
5-ExcellentTrained to de fend against mind control or familiar with magical wardsNightcrawler, Storm, Colossus
6-RemarkableHard to control except by magical, high tech means, or high skillHulk, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Cyclops
7-IncredibleGreat strength of will, experience with magical foesSpider-Man, Wolverine
8-AmazingIndomitable will, experience with magical or mind controlDr. Doom, Thor, Iron Fist, Moondragon
9-MonstrousPinnacle of mental control, resistant to almost all magicsProf X, Loki, Snowbird
10-UnearthlyHighest level of magical control possible, invulnerable to most mental attacksDr. Strange, Immortus
Resources - This encompasses your character's monetary resources, including income and property. This is simply a lose guide and not something we track too closely.
1-FeebleYou're more than poor, yo. You're unemployed or at best on Social Security (Aunt May)
2-PoorFreelance employment, unskilled labor (Peter Parker)
3-TypicalSalaried employment (Awesome Gamemasters!)
4-GoodProfessional Employment
5-ExcellentStatic inheritance fund (Stark Foundation)
6-RemarkableSmall Corporation (Fantastic Four Inc)
7-IncredibleLarge Corporation (Stark International)
8-AmazingSmall country (Latveria)
9-MonstrousLarge nations (U.S.)
10-UnearthlyPlanetary resources (Galactus, yo!)
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I have updated my muses!  The stories are listed but I will be adding more of those as we go.
 I have added some pictures that I find inspiration from as well as pairings that I would be willing to try.
 If you would like to rp anything with me, please PM me.  I'm more than willing to think outside of the
 box on most things!

**added truth or dare
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