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Author Topic: Interest ChecK: Family Incest RP. :D All spots filled!  (Read 8342 times)

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Offline Chreestafer

Name: Tristyn


ill post an image as soon as i find one

Sexual Preference: the gals but i dont mind anything

Sexual Experience: i started out with my own mother and sister when i was 16

Favorite Partner: i love the DP sessions with my sons however my anal sessions with my wife  and oldest girl are another favored past time

Any Kinks?: making my girls squirt, anal, DP, mostly anything their into ;)

Offline WolfyTopic starter

I'm fine with another sister..the more girls the merrier..Lol

So yeah..if Nyarly is fine with it, we can do that.

Offline Haibane

Yay! I'll wait for Nyarly to decide then. I can still be dominant to Rachel if that's needed. And to all the kids if they like... :P

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Teehee...well, my character will be a bit shy and timid..but no M/M scenes for him, please...I don't care if Chree and Ivan do them, I don't want them for my character. :P

I expect mommy (If it's Hai) to dominate mine, though..:P

Offline Chreestafer

im  not big on m/m either but i dont mind DP involvment, also should we set up a sepret charater forum at all?

Offline Nyarly

I'm fine with Chree's character (as long as he doesn't look hideous, he should be rather good-looking).

I appreciate the addition of another girl, by the way.

Offline Haibane

I'm fine with Chree's character (as long as he doesn't look hideous, he should be rather good-looking).
On that subject I was thinking of the ages of the parents. We have twins at 16, a daughter at 17 and a son at 20. If the other daughter is 18 or 19 that means, if the couple married young they could both be as young as 38 or 39, so I'll make the mother (thank you everyone for letting me play!) 39 I think. I hope the dad will be close in age. And you can still have very handsome people in their early forties, especially those with wealth who have the means and time on their hands to look after their bodies. The mother will have never worked since the father was either rich to begin with or very successful in business early in his career so she will have always eaten sensibly, never drunk alcohol or smoked and has exercised often, a home gym, tennis court and pool helping in that regard.

She's probably had some minor cosmetic surgery too, perhaps a boob job but not an obvious one.

I now need to go find a picture.

Is the beach house in California? I find the west coast more romantic than the east.

EDIT: I found Rachael Ray, pretty well known right now but she has a great happy face and is even 39, believe it or not.
« Last Edit: May 25, 2010, 05:01:46 AM by Haibane »

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Ok, I plan to get this started tonight.

Hopefully Kuno will tell us her decision by then.

Offline Haibane

Wolfy, you know how I am, I love pictures of settings. I've found two possible houses we could use as a basis for the family's beachfront home. Both fantastic in their own way and both very different. Perhaps people can vote on which they want:

1) A Mexican/Native American themed house with rustic looking walls and artsy exterior features but modern huge windows. Inside is all bleached wood floors easy to hoover or sweep when the kids come in with sand on their feet.


2) A much more luxurious and extravagant Hawaiian style home.

If we use the first one I have some garden and pool pics I can photoshop up to give that house a pool.

In both cases at the bottom of the garden of each house is this sundeck:

Then bleached wooden steps lead down the hillside to this private beach:

Offline KunoichiRogue5

Name: Sarah
Age: 18

Sexual Preference: Bi
Sexual Experience: As if you have to ask...
Favorite Partner: All
Any Kinks?: Too many to list.
« Last Edit: May 25, 2010, 04:48:55 PM by KunoichiRogue5 »

Offline Haibane

Nice. I've had the hots for Misato for years and now she's my daughter! Yum-yum.

Offline Nyarly

I'm a bit confused, I have to admit. Which family member is this? It seems like the older sister, but I'm playing her and for the twin sister she's a bit too old.

Offline KunoichiRogue5

Fine, I'll change it. You're the older sister, and I'm not a twin. But you're not giving me much room to work with as you're only 17 and normally I will NOT play characters under 18.

Offline Haibane

Nyarly, Kuno swapped places and let me play the mother, Wolfy wrote in a second older sister. Your older sister Rachel is 17, Kuno's older, older sister Sarah is 18 and the twins are 16. Oh and Crazy Ivan's older brother Michael is 20.

Mum and Dad have been busy :P

I wanted to ask are you okay with that? Mom can still do D/s play with Rachel (or in fact anyone, it's her hobby).

EDIT: The two older sisters could be 18 and 19 perhaps?

Offline Nyarly

An age-up would be fine with me. Doesn't really matter whether Rachel is 17, 18 or 19 I think.

I'm okay with you playing the mother, Hai.

Offline CrazyIvan

I could age down to 19 though I don't see ages really being that big I mainly picked 20 or about that because that meant the parents if they had kids when they first could marry assuming 18 they could be about 38.

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Mom: Hai
Dad: Chree
Older Brother: Ivan
Older Sister: Kuno
Middle Sister: Nyarly
Twin 1 (Male): Me
Twin 2 (Female): Carly.

Offline KunoichiRogue5

Alright. Let's get going.

Offline Carlissa

I'm gong to guess that I'm playing the twin sister... SO I'm gong to make my profile...

Name: Carlissa
Age: 16
Sexual Preference: Straight
Sexual Experience: Fairly experienced.
Favorite Partner: Her twin. She also wants to have sex with her older brother.
Any Kinks?: Dislikes condoms since she is allergic to spermcide, getting pregnant has been a secret desire of hers for a long time, since she has always desired a little sibling but never got one. She dislikes oral because it is unnatural, but loves to cuddle and play.
« Last Edit: May 28, 2010, 08:19:00 PM by Carlissa »

Offline Haibane

I would have thought the twins sexual experience is quite high - certainly from watching their older siblings doing stuff with each other and their parents. I think the way the family has grown up the girls would all be bisexual. What do others think?

Is everyone okay with mom being slightly dominant? I don't mean whips and chains but just being in charge a fair bit and organizing games and such. Some bondage, some toys... The dominance will be sexual and designed to make family life even more fun and interesting. Also I'd like her rule of 'everyone nude at all times on holiday' to be followed. If someone wants to wear something they should ask her permission. Is that okay?

What do people think of the two houses I suggested?
« Last Edit: May 25, 2010, 05:00:55 PM by Haibane »

Offline CrazyIvan

I am fine with both the dominant and the being nude, though with reference to the nude, I would suggest only in the house and not if we go out.
« Last Edit: May 25, 2010, 05:07:12 PM by CrazyIvan »

Offline Chreestafer

Ok just to get this right I'm 38 right? Lol I've gotten so confused lol

Offline Carlissa

Sorry, I forgot to edit that out. I just put that there because I was undecided on her partners...

I have nothing against homosexuals or bisexuals, but I'm not comfortable playing bi characters... I'm just nito that kind of thing...

Offline CrazyIvan

you are how ever old you want to be, I was just saying that I picked my age so that you could be about as young 38 not that you had to be.

Offline Haibane

I am fine with both the dominant and the being nude, though with reference to the nude, I would suggest only in the house and not if we go out.
I thought the house had a private beach? So out in the garden, round the pool, on the beach, etc is still all private. Obviously if we go where the public are we get dressed.

Unless Wolfy wants different, when what he wants goes of course :P

Cheestrafer, your wife is 39, the youngest the father could be is 38, but he can be older. Did you find a pic you liked yet?