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Author Topic: Interest ChecK: Family Incest RP. :D All spots filled!  (Read 8650 times)

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Online Haibane

Nyarly, I saw Rachel is a redhead with blue eyes and curvy and you don't have an image yet.

Is this pic any good to represent her?

Online Haibane

Player: Haibane
Name: Carmen
Age: 39

Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Sexual Experience: Very
Favorite Partner: Rachel and the two boys. Together if necessary.
Any Kinks: Carmen is quite a dominant woman though not in a black corsets, whips and chains way. She's deeply loving and full of fun and party spirit, often laughing, always happy. She's terribly proud of her beautiful family but does like to be the one in charge of the household. She will organise games, sexual dares, play-dress-up sessions and some fun sexual tortures for the kids. She especially likes to dominate Rachel who is quite submissive and Carmen enjoys bondage with her and other members of her family as well as using toys, paddles, light floggers and of course The Spanking Hand. Carmen is a committed naturist and likes the family to be nude when at home. At their summer beach house it is even nicer since there are no other houses along this stretch of coast and the private beach means everyone can be in their birthday suits all the time except for when they drive into town for shopping, dinner or a show.
Carmen likes anal sex, both receiving it and giving it with her tongue or a strap-on.
On the opposite end of being dominant Carmen very much enjoys being with her children and gets especially turned on by giving both her sons oral sex - to be on her knees in front of such beautiful slim, healthy young men and pleasing them with her mouth is one of her greatest joys. She often gives all three men in her life an enthusiastic sucking off, one after the other, before breakfast.

Offline CrazyIvan

Hums and waits to get started. Oh and there is one question I have are we going to be time skipping? like play out a day or two and then skip or we going to play through it all.

Offline Nyarly

Quote from: Carlissa
I have nothing against homosexuals or bisexuals, but I'm not comfortable playing bi characters... I'm just nito that kind of thing...

Aww... What a pity  :-(

I'm fine with walking around naked and the mother being dominant, it's what I hoped for actually.

@Haibane: No, I wouldn't say that the picture represent Rachel. Not because it doesn't fit, but I prefer not to use pictures for representing my characters. I like to use my own imagination. Of course, you can imagine her like that if you want.

Online Haibane

Okay, thanks. I will if I may? *hugs*

Ivan - I think a bit of time skipping around would be good. Otherwise endless sex does become boring.

Offline CrazyIvan

I agree which is partly why I asked it was part of the plan and if it was not it should be.

Offline WolfyTopic starter

We can do some time skipping. :P

Offline Nyarly

I don't know why this question didn't occur me sooner, but... What is actually the name of the family ?

Online Haibane

I think the surname is Pervert. :P

Did anyone look at the links to the two houses I suggested? Any preferences? Wolfy would you like to use either setting as a visual guide?

Offline Chreestafer

Name: Tristyn



Sexual Preference: the gals but i dont mind anything

Sexual Experience: i started out with my own mother and sister when i was 16

Favorite Partner: i love the DP sessions with my sons and their mother however my anal sessions with my wife  and oldest girl are another favored past time

Any Kinks?: making my girls squirt, anal, DP, mostly anything their into

Offline CrazyIvan

again goes back to humming and waiting. I liked the tropical house personally.

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Tropical Beach house it is. o3o

Also, as for a surname, I think we can vote on one. o3o so.give you suggestions!

Offline KunoichiRogue5


Offline Nyarly

I think Hai' "Pervert" idea is pretty neat.

But somehow I think she wasn't serious...

Online Haibane

McKennis is fine by me, but not having one is also fine, it somehow makes the family world just that, closer and more personal in some way, like the outside world doesn't interfere much.

When are we starting?

Offline Sanai

Too bad, the family seems pretty full.
Do ya'all mind if I watch this space and you guys tell me later when is a good time for me to join, perhaps as a cousin coming over for a visit?

Offline WolfyTopic starter

McKennis is fine by me, but not having one is also fine, it somehow makes the family world just that, closer and more personal in some way, like the outside world doesn't interfere much.

When are we starting?

Hopefully tonight or tommorow.

and Yes Sanai, you can come in as a cousin at some point.

Online Haibane

Perhaps he could bring his mother with him?

Offline Carlissa

We should TOTALLY name the family Pingas! xD

I actually don't care what we name it. I'm no good with names...

Where's your profile, Wolfy?

Offline WolfyTopic starter

I like this one for the house design...

and I'll get a profile up today.

Online Haibane

Nice. I'll convert some pics out of that page and put them in my photobucket and load them up here so you can use them in your opening post, Wolfy.

There's 7 characters. We are beginning with everyone waking up one morning yes? With people sleeping in pairs - was it twin boy with Sarah, Carlissa with Michael and Rachel with her parents? I think the house, to meet all practical needs should have 6 bedrooms:

Parents Room
Twins (Carly/Wolfy) Room
Michael's Room
Sarah's Room
Rachel's Room
Guest Room

Every room en-suite (an example bedroom and bathroom is shown in that house design page, plus the public rooms you see on that site. I'm sure we can arrange the layout with the bedrooms all on the edge with glass door access straight to the garden and the main rooms in the middle - front door facing the drive and the garages is not shown.

Sound good?

Nyarly, if you are agreeable I plan to have had Rachel sleeping with mom and dad and with her hands cuffed behind her back all night. You can assume she'll have been well fucked in a series of DPs with mom using a strapon before they all fell asleep exhausted. Is that okay?

EDIT: Heheh, I have found lots more Hawaiian style houses here. What I've done is taken lots of images of bedrooms and bathrooms. I'll load them up and then everyone can choose theirs. We need an OOC thread first though ;)
« Last Edit: May 28, 2010, 05:30:11 am by Haibane »

Offline Nyarly

Sounds good to me.

My connection is very bad, at least at the moment. Could you post the links to the pictures instead of the pics itself?

Offline KunoichiRogue5

Are we STILL talking about this? I thought by now we would have started.

Online Haibane

Mm, yeah. I'm wondering why Wolfy didn't set the game up two days ago... oh well.

Wolfy - if you like I will start us off? I assume bondage - human small groups is where we'll be? I can't see any non-con or extreme elements being involved.

Would we need separate threads for each bedroom? Or just one for the house and one for the beach?

EDIT: All the house and garden-pool-beach images are up here.
« Last Edit: May 28, 2010, 09:11:55 am by Haibane »

Offline WolfyTopic starter

Start if you like, Hai. o3o

Bondage Small Groups is good, and just two threads, I think. House and Beach.