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Author Topic: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting  (Read 3635 times)

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Offline xwickedsmilesxTopic starter

So I decided to make my first official role play request into the non-adult forum because I want to get my feel for role playing in the forum here before wondering off. This idea is a group one just to get some people involved and get a story stirring. I'll start the role play thread if enough people are interested.

A School Divided
A vampire/werewolf literate roleplay

____|You stand before the gates of Blackwald Academy. Boarding school for the prestigious and noble line of vampires and their loyal companions. Familiar to all in the area most stray away from its grounds and school is just starting as usual there is a flood of students returning from summer break.

____|Except there is one small difference this year. This year for efforts for a more peaceful futures the elders have decided that they would be closing down Keshler Hope Academy an open class Werewolf school and transferring the students to the larger Blackwald campus. Before students of Blackwald and Keshler were forbidden to mingle because of the constant wars between their kinds throwing them into a single school in hopes for a brighter future has many questioning the elders of both races.

____|Now your starting a fresh new school year with a mixture of races you've always been taught to hate. Everything from your dorms, classrooms, cafeteria, even bathrooms is shared with them. How are you going to deal?


____|Other comments I'd like to make note of:
✖This is an open role play to join simply post your profile here and then start posting in the rp thread.
✖I don't expect many teacher sign ups so assume that all teachers are npc.
✖Acceptable races for this rp are:
---Vampires - I don't care how you make your vampire I am not going to judge you if you liked twilight even if I didn't.
---Werewolfs - Again don't care how you make them if they can change at will have half stages can't even enter a second form go for it.
---Humans - Humans are meant more to be as familiars or aides to vampires or werewolfs more like a lower class citizen. Some might even be 'enslaved' or 'packed' to their 'host'. Humans with out 'host' should only be attending the school to find one. Humans can also have some sort of power.
✖ Don't go insane with your characters, just because I'm letting you post them on your own I will still be checking them and I retain the right to reject a character.

The Skeleton Code: You do not have to use this skeleton it's just a basic of what I want.

Code: [Select]
[img]Characters Image here please don't make it huge XD if so link it at the bottom.[/img]
[color=color1][b]My Name is:[/b][/color][color=color2]Character name[/color]
[color=color1][b]I am a:[/b][/color][color=color2] vampire/werewolf/human[/color]
[color=color1][b]I am/appear to be[/b][/color][color=color2]Age[/color][color=color1][b]years of age.[/b][/color]
[color=color1][b]Cool Things I can do:[/b][/color][color=color2] Character Powers please don't go crazy here.[/color]
[color=color1][b]You'll notices I'm a little:[/b][/color][color=color2] Characters Personality[/color]
[color=color1][b]The pages of my life state:[/b][/color][color=color2] Character History[/color]
[color=color1][b]I look Like:[/b][/color] [color=color2]Characters Description if you don't have an image or if there are extra details not included in your image[/color]
[center][img]a second character image can be here or if the image is to big to go to the left or right of your profile link it here.[/img][/center]

What it looks like:
My Name is:Character name
I am a: vampire/werewolf/human
I am/appear to beAgeyears of age.
Cool Things I can do: Character Powers please don't go crazy here.
You'll notices I'm a little: Characters Personality
The pages of my life state: Character History
I look Like: Characters Description if you don't have an image or if there are extra details not included in your image


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Offline angeli

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2010, 02:41:02 PM »
So... I'm interested.

Offline Touch

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2010, 02:48:18 AM »
I'm interested too; has this started yet?

Offline xwickedsmilesxTopic starter

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2010, 10:15:32 PM »

Actually this rp was never started. In fact I had stopped checking on it for a long while.


Offline Kaiser Maverick

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2010, 12:38:03 PM »
can we start it.It sounds fun

Offline xwickedsmilesxTopic starter

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #5 on: June 15, 2010, 04:26:38 AM »
My Name is:Saluna Koya
I am a: Werewolf
I am to be17 years of age.
Cool Things I can do:Aside from the basics of a werewolf Salu can summon light, no one is really sure why or how.
You'll notices I'm a little:Salu is happy go lucky and tries to turn on the smile in every situation
The pages of my life state: Saluna was actually found by the Koya clan, to be more exact the youngest of the Koya clan Alezander. No one is sure if Saluna was abandoned or wondered off on her own but it was unnatural for a vampire clan to take in a werewolf and it caused a small uproar in the local society but was quickly forgotten.

However, Salu was never treated as an equal among her werewolf classmates because of her home life. Saluna took it with a smile and found that she preferred to be away from everyone else anyways. The only person she really easily opens up to is Alex but it seems as if she is extremely out going.

Currently she excited about being able to attend school with Alex the only person she feels comfortable around.

I look Like: Salu tends to wear oddly large or 'loud' accessories. Just her way of getting attention that doesn't have to do with her home life.

Offline Kaiser Maverick

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2010, 08:52:52 AM »

[color=color1]My Name is:[/color][color=color2]Kiryu Fudo[/color]
[color=color1]I am a:[/color][color=color2]Werewolf[/color]
[color=color1]I am/appear to be[/color][color=color2]Age[/color][color=color1]18years of age.[/color]
[color=color1]Cool Things I can do:[/color][color=color2] Wind Manipulation along with basic werewolf transformation.[/color]
[color=color1]You'll notices I'm a little:[/color][color=color2]Kiryu is serious in nature but a kind and caring person.He will sometimes go to extreme measures to protect his friends. [/color]
[color=color1]The pages of my life state:[/color][color=color2] Kiryu was born and raised in a loving home.He basically had everything he wanted until the day he realized he was a werewolf.His parents were shock.HIs father feared and hated him but his mother was more accepting.They decided to send him away to Keshler Hope Academy so he could find others who could keep him safe and provide for him better than they could.[/color]

Offline DevilWing54

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #7 on: June 15, 2010, 04:36:17 PM »
is it too late for another person to join??? I'm interested...

Offline DevilWing54

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #8 on: June 15, 2010, 07:52:39 PM »
My Name is:Ayame Harlem-Greansval

I am a: tainted blood Lycanthrope (mostly human)

I am/appear to be19years of age.

Cool Things I can do:
Ayame can since, smell, see, and taste, like any other Lycan. However due to being tainted Ayame still does not posses the strength, agility, and speed of full bloods, or the connection that keeps the full bloods from becoming a killing machine. The only skill she acquired was spiritual wolf who she believes is her transformed state when she is finally completely turned.

You'll notices I'm a little:
Ayame can be outgoing if she really has to be but she prefers  to be quiet and withdrawn however if you approach her she'll usually be a lot more welcoming than her appearance lets on. Since she was fighter if she feels threatened you have to be extremely careful or it's highly possible you will get attacked, and she's not too fond of men, however because of Leo she gets along so much better with them than she used to, and if it ever seems like Ayame's in a hurry it's because she already has a pretty bad blood lust and if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time you're liable to die by her hand, and that's why she's in a hurry because not only does she need to get where everyone will be safe she has to try and find a mentor along the way that way a full connection can be made and she can get help with her blood lust.

The pages of my life state:
Ayame was born to a well-off family in a small town on the cost of Ireland. Her parents names were Gene and Mariot Harlem. She lived with them and 5 other siblings for 12 happy years learning how to be a valued member of society, until a man came in demanding money, then shooting her mother and grabbing her, when her father tried to stop the man he shot her father as well. When Ayame tried to get away the man roughly pushed her down, and raped her putting chloroform over her mouth. When Ayame finally woke she was in a cage with the same man hovering over her.

“Hello dear, welcome to Carnigy's wrestling, kickboxing, and tricks. My name's Carnigy and if you don't behave or you loose you will see your little sister shot just like your parents, then your other siblings will follow. Now FIGHT!” Carnigy opened the cage grabbing Ayame and throwing her through a door into a pin with another woman who looked dead, the woman lunged with a knife making Ayame defend herself.

Ayame won, and after the battle Carnigy grabbed her roughly and dragged her to a room where a man in a suit was waiting “here she is sir. Be as rough as you need. And Ayame, if you don't do what ever this man wants of you then your siblings will die.” Carnigy left locking the door. Over the next four years Ayame was forced to constantly fight and do what ever Carnigy's clients desired. She finally got relief when a man came in asking for her saying his name was Greansval, and he had come to buy her. Carnigy let him have her telling him to rough her up real good and treat her like the slave she was. Greansval agreed and drug Ayame out to his car.

During the car trip Ayame glared at the man, calling him all sorts of foul names and saying she'd kill him if she got the chance. Greansval told her he hadn't come to hurt her, and instead he had been watching her and how well she fought four a few years now, and he hated how she was being treated. Ayame spit at him, Greansval sighed then leaned forward and untied the ropes Carnigy had put her in, apologized for how rough he had been with her, and handed her a knife. Telling her if she wanted to kill him then go ahead but if she didn't he asked if she would just hear him out. Ayame finally agreed after a minute or two of holding the knife with a death grip, and then Greansval told her that his full name was Leo Merik Greansval and that he wanted Ayame to be his fledgling, and go to school with him at a place named Keshler Hope Academy so she could defend her self and get her siblings back from Carnigy. When Ayame inquired what kind of fledgling he meant Leo told her that he was a Lycanthrope, or more commonly known as a werewolf.

After a while of sitting in silence in the car Ayame agreed and asked him what she needed to do. He told her to relax and if it hurts to bad to tell him and he leaned down to bite her neck. Before the skin even broke she told him to stop because it hurt to bad. He did but even with when she stopped him a small portion of his venom was in her blood thus making her tainted. Leo graduated two years later and he could never get past tainting her because it caused her too much extreme pain no matter what he tried. Finally Leo told Ayame that he would have to find her another mentor because if she couldn't get past the bite she'd never be able to be more than tainted and her blood lust would just get worse and he wouldn't be able to help her cause she wasn't fully connected. She agreed, but before Leo could find her someone he got killed by Carnigy for not telling him where Ayame was after he refused to sell her back.

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #9 on: June 15, 2010, 11:26:45 PM »

My Name is: Alexandria (Alex for short)

I Am a: Vampire

I am appear to be: 19

Cool Things I Can Do: Alex doesn't tired like Normal people if she's hungry she feels tired and weak but before that stage she'll be a little manic and wired. She is abnormally fast even for a vampire, and her 5 senses are heightened. She knows how to use bladed weapons favoring a pair of twin silver double edged dagger she keeps strapped either to her wrists or ankles.

You'll Notice I'm a Little: Alex is extremely outgoing. She's also fearless it really never occurs to her to care what others may think of her. She loves meeting new people and trying new things. but under all her 'softens' is a trained and deadly hunter used to getting her own way. She doesn't take kindly to others telling her how to act, behave or do. When in the grip of blood lust she is feral and loses all control over herself.
The Pages Of My Life State: A new Vampire at only 100 years old she was born into a rich noble family in London. it was during a trip with her new husband that she was turned. She'd been  singer at the time preforming for the upper crusts of Europe. It was in Paris he['d been an avid listener who came back stage to tall me how much he'd enjoyed my preformance. One moment I was sipping my champane and smiling thanking him and the next I was alone in the dark starving.

He came to me one my second night and explained to me what he'd done and who he was. I didn't take to him imediatly in fact I almost killed myself trying to resist what I'd become. He tied me down and made me feed. I hated him for what he'd done to me but we came to a stale mate after a while I needed him for food and survival and he didn't want to give me up.

We stayed together for a few years untill another vampire higher up then him heard about me and came to take me from him. I went with the new man Eric easily he was enchanting and charming. I was attracted to him. we stayed together form many year about 4 years ago when he deciede I needed to be on myown for a while to decide if I wanted to be with him instead of belong to him.

He told me to taste the world experiance everything possible and to never shy away from something. with his blessing I went into the world alone to find a path all myown.

Offline xwickedsmilesxTopic starter

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #10 on: June 16, 2010, 05:27:37 PM »

Alright I started up the rp thread!


Offline xwickedsmilesxTopic starter

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp request.
« Reply #11 on: June 16, 2010, 05:52:34 PM »
My Name is:Alezander Koya ( Alex )
I am a: Vampire
I am/appear to be18 years of age.
Cool Things I can do: Alezander can shadow bend. Doing anything from cloaking himself in them to making weapons from them. However it takes much of his energy and he rarely practices it consumes even more energy from lack of experience.
You'll notices I'm a little: Alex is calm, cool, and quiet.
The pages of my life state:Alezander is the youngest of six children so he was often left on his own because he didn't feel the need to fight for attention. It wasn't uncommon for him to wonder off on his own and it was this way he found Salu, or rather he ran into a little red wolf he wanted to keep.

Seeing she could become human made him even more excited. Even though he had his best friend Viadren someone that he could completely be himself and open up to was new and exciting and after a few night visits with the girl he brought her home with him.

Now of course he's older and he understands that his society doesn't appreciate Saluna in the way he does and to keep a public face he never mentioned her to anyone after the news died down for good. Though Saluna's kind is all to aware of her home situation.

Alex is none to thrilled to have his school learn of Saluna, he's been avoiding her the past few months the most he can hoping that she would get the point but nothing holds her back.

I look Like: = D

Offline Gideon

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
« Reply #12 on: June 20, 2010, 12:59:33 AM »
I'm guessing no one would mind if I join in :)

My Name is: Lyk (pronounced "like") Zula
I am a: werewolf
I am 18 years of age.
Cool Things I can do: Is fluent in the old wolf language.
You'll notices I'm a little: Does not like Vampires and hates the fact he has to go to school with them
The pages of my life state: Born the first born son of the next in line for the Zula Elder seat. (The Zulas being one of the most powerful clans)
I look Like: Looks Human with short brown hair and about 5'10 kinda scrawney but with well toned muscles. His werewolf form, which he can change into at any time, is a slightly taller version of himself with fur all over canine claws and his face also takes on canine features including fangs.

Offline Edhel Tari

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
« Reply #13 on: June 20, 2010, 06:29:03 PM »

My Name is:  Eva Ortega
I am a:  Vampire
I am/appear to be16 years of age.
Cool Things I can do: As a defense mechanism, she can blend into the background of anything she is standing in front of and has the power to read human minds, but not her own kind.
You'll notices I'm a little: Distrusting and yet open to those that catch my interests.  Kind, charming and always watching.
The pages of my life state: Eva was the daughter of Alfredo Ortega.  Her mother unknown.  Raised in the reclusive regions of Asturias, Eva was turned by the Alfredo when she was 16 when he found her on the streets of Madrid after being attacked and left for dead.  Alfredo, after turning her, could not bare to leave her on her own without guidance and the ability to fend for herself.  He took the new vampire home with him and grew to love her as his own.  Now, after 50 years, he realizes he cannot shelter her forever and has sent her to school to continue her education.

Knowing this school would be different, accepting their enemies the werewolf, he knew that change was necessary and would be left to those still young enough not to remember the days of old.  So with heavy heart he sent his beautiful Eva out to experience life on her own.  Ava, never having been out of their beautiful Asturias since she was turned, is not comfortable in the new environment.  But she also had never been in the presence of so many that looked young either.  This will be a new and, hopefully, life changing experience for her.  [/color]

Offline TheWhiteEmperor

Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
« Reply #14 on: June 20, 2010, 07:27:13 PM »
[OOC || Ahh, hello again Edhel. It's good to see you again. =P]

-My Name- ... Leon
-I am- ... Human
-I am- ... 25
-Strengths- ... Being quite the tactical type, Leon was born and raised to be an intense and outstanding fighter. He has fought a multitude of battles in his short and illustrious life, some more significant than others. This standard has only increased his level of skill, his body in an outstanding shape as well. He is also rather flexible, able to perform an array of aerobics, added he has great stamina. As far as physical and mental abilities go, Leon is amazing in both categories. With his mental capabilities, he is a quite intelligent man, but he excels specifically in mental manipulation. This is best seen through the mind games he plays on his opponents. Though he hones no abnormal abilities, he is quite well known for his excellent combat prowess.

Weapons. When it comes to weapons, Leon is quite the innovator. As his knife has been through much more than any typical blade has. Leon's close-quarters-combat proficiency is quite a marvel, as he never backs down, and he is very diverse and durable. Alone, he can dish out some punishment being unarmed, but when his dagger comes into battle, he is equally prominent. His knife has taken on the likes of rapiers, whips, swards, and many other types of weapons, he has even managed to deflect bullets with the silver blade.

His guns, on the other hand, are rather renowned for their deadly accuracy and distraction skills. Even though he does wield these weapons, many times, he uses them for distractions. He is extremely resourceful, as he can also light up a dark area for a limited time with his guns. One example is when he was fighting a powerful vampiress in an old factory, he shot the steel walls at such an angle that sparks were strewn out in all directions. This illuminated the field of battle around him, allowing him brief moments of visual in the black arena.

With all of these astounding abilities, skills, and specialties, Leon has grown to become quite an amazing hunter. Amongst the world of the non-humans, he has earned himself a conjoined hatred of these foul beasts as one of the most renowned hunters around.

-Weaknesses- ... With Leon's strengths, comes his worst qualities. With great power, comes a large ego, which has gotten him into much trouble. He has acquired a rather vicious and prominent ego, placing him as a rather arrogant, yet experienced hunter. His arrogance has put him into many life threatening battles and dangerous situations. With his entire spectrum of feats, he has also become quite the public enemy of lycans and vampires. With a record like Leon's, it's hard to stay under the radar.

As a hunter, you're not expecting many people to like you. Not even other hunters at times, but Leon has fallen for one like him, which could quite possibly be his biggest weakness. AYngel. His ex-love for this young and beautiful hunter has nearly cost him his life. During one malicious battle with a very weary and sly vampire, he not only had some internal injuries, he broke a myriad of bones on that day. He was within inches of losing his life, but with the help of an eased scientist and business mogul, he was able to receive the proper medical treatment.

Another notable weakness could be his lack of friends, especially in comparison to his enemies. Being one who would rather fight alone, he doesn't condone many allies during hunts, or at all for that matter. Though he has acquired a couple more friends than would be thought of, he still prefers to do things alone. He has always had a cold, vicious attitude, but he does have good qualities to his personality.

-The Way I am- ... Being a man who does not withhold many friends, Leon is the type that many might classify as a 'Loner'. His reputation as a hunter is phenomenal, yet he owes it all to himself, as he doesn't like others helping him. He never requests help, never gives up, and certainly never backs down. With the small handful of friends Leon has, one is more significant than others. The reason being, she's his lover.

AYngel, quite possibly his biggest weakness, yet, could also be his greatest asset. With her, Leon feels complete, whole, he can feel... Entirety. His love for AYngel is far beyond anything he's felt for anyone in his life, yet he knows that with her, things might not be easy. This feeling is from the cold hard truth of them both being hunters, notable ones at that. But, with all this love, there are the times where he can be cold and uncaring.

With friends and acquaintances, he is rather calm and sometimes open. But, he is generally still cold, but not so uncaring. He can still be arrogant, but he doesn't really care. When around enemies, he becomes the person known by most, cocky and skillful. One ability Leon has above all others is one that is displayed through his personality, the mind games. He is rather intelligent, especially when it comes to getting into someone's head.

-I Look- ... Leon typically wears Brand 5.11, a type of tactical wear, shirt and pants with a brown gun holster over the torso, as well as a brown jacket much of the time. He also has a black gun holster on his thigh. He sports a variety of different holsters, pouches, and equipment around him. In the brown gun holster, a knife made of a silver alloy is housed in a leather encasement.

As for physical appearance, Leon is caucasian. Also, he has medium-length, light brown hair that sits nicely atop his head. His build is rather athletic, as he stands at about 6 foot 2 inches, with a wight of an estimated 210 pounds. His muscles aren't outrageously huge, but they are evident and rippling through the material of his tight shirt.

Normal [No Jacket]

Normal [No Jacket] Alternate

Normal [With Jacket]


-The Story of My Life- ... -The First Kill-

Ever since his birth, Leon had been aware of the things that were a normal person's 'nightmares'. The things that went bump in the night were those he was trained to kill, and since then, he's been a rather feared hunter. Shortly after his birth, Nathan, Leon's father, had subjected him to an assortment of weaponry. Though they were only plastic toys, it was his first stepping stone to becoming the man he is today.

The likes of Lycans and Vampires have always been a threat to society, but the likes of Leon's father and grandfather have always been a threat to them. Leon, being born into a family of hunters, was a natural from day one of training. That day just happened to be the day Leon learned to walk, which was only a few weeks after his first birthday. Already able to speak a few full sentences, Leon was quite the prodigy for his time. With the strict training he would come to be subject to, he could be nothing more.

On the day of his third birthday, Leon was wondering what his father had in store for him. As a motherless child, due to a hunting accident, Leon was taken on a hunt for his birthday. The hunting accident of his mother was almost repeated on this fateful day, but Leon was fortunate to say the least. Exactly one year after his birth, Leon lost his mother because of a hunting accident with Leon's father. She had been coming through some brush and in the dark night, Nathan was unable to see that it was her and quickly fired at the movement. It's been his most regretted day ever since.

Leon's experience was similar, but he was in the seat of his grandfather's pick-up. Watching out of the window, his beady baby eyes were searching for his daddy in the darkness. Tiny beads of sweat and tears trickled down his cheeks, sniffling as he had no one to talk to. This fact however, would soon be his greatest wish. As a lone werewolf came to the door and tapped cockily on the window of the old truck. Little Leon was only three years of age and was nearly scared to death, letting out a shriek of terror as the lycan ripped the door right off the hinges.

The snarling beast grinned, showing off his canines, climbing into the truck. Leon was trembling in the seat opposite the wolf's position, a weak and shaky hand tried desperately to lift a revolver to the lycan. His palms sweaty, Leon managed to get it up just in time, putting the barrel right against the left eye of the beast, pulling the trigger to end its miserable life.


Two years after the events of his first kill, Leon had begun his training. Those years between, he wasn't taken on another hunt, nor was he forced to do anything but attend pre-school. Though he was smarter than all of the kids in his class, Leon enjoyed being able to live a normal life for the time he could. By the age of five, Leon was smart enough to do all of the elementary level academics.

His combat and hunting training started at that age, however he was still allowed to attend school. It was the one thing he had requested of his father and grandfather. His training would begin with simple aerobics, close-quarters-combat, and survival skills. This went on for about half a year, then they went to more advanced skills, such as weapons training and some physics, also Leon was forced to join ballet.

At one time during his life, Leon felt an odd uprising within him. What caused this little sensation, he did not know, but he really wasn't in any position to go and find out. Instead he continued his training, lifting weights and doing back handsprings. This feeling was quite indifferent from anything he had ever felt before, like as if he knew something important and still relevant to him, was happening elsewhere in the world.

As humiliating as the next few years were, Leon came through it all with more capabilities than many could receive by the age of twenty. Leon, now 8, was able to perform complex gymnast-type moves and could take out an average adult male with a three-strike combo. With his minor training now complete, Leon was going to begin his advanced training schedule.

With the events that have occurred through his life to this point, Leon has grown to be more of a negative character. He'd come to be more cold and silent. His demeanor became more serious and strong. His all-around personality grew into that of a more focus, yet disliked young man. He's dropped out of school, already able to complete mathematics such as algebra and geometry. All of his focus now on his new favorite hobby, training.

Leon, finally a teenager, has filled out to be quite the prodigy of his art. With the strict schedule he had, Leon didn't have time to do much else than what his father and grandfather had planned for him. This was an extreme training regimen to become more prone in the fashion of hunting. Already a greatly flexible, yet strong young man, he was able to blast target out of the air with amazing accuracy and quickness. This training regimen would include specific drills that would challenge different skills and abilities of Leon.

One conditioning drill on the agenda was to run for five miles with a set of weights weighing him down. Each week, they would increase this weight amount by twenty pounds. Leon's top weight at the age of fifteen was 180 pounds, yet he could run ten miles with this weight. Another test was for mind training, Leon was pit against his father, who happened to be a two time Chess Champion, in the strategic game, Chess. Leon himself was entered into a few Chess Tournaments, winning one and being runner-up on four other various occasions.

-The Uprising-

On his sixteenth birthday, Leon was brought along for his second hunt. The last time he had gone, he was nearly ripped to shreds by a hungry lycan. Now, he was thirteen years older and trained to kill. He agreed to go, as long as he was allowed to actually join the two, his father and grandfather, on the real hunt. He didn't want to be left in the truck to wait around like he had previously. It was here, on this day that he acquired his first weapons that weren't for the use of training.

In the dead of night, Leon walked through the woods alone. He knew his Nathan and Damion, his father and grandfather, were not too far from him. He was equipped around a Beretta 92FS Elite, in his other hand he wielded an old stiletto. Not to mention the shotgun, a Mossberg 500, across his back. This larger armament could pack a bigger punch if needed.

A crackling noise was heard to the left of him, he froze and quickly spun in the direction of the noise. Nathan covered his eyes, shielding himself from the light of Leon's flashlight. But what happened after was something Leon would never forget, a swift movement, something so quick even Leon couldn't keep his eye on it. The flash of movement had taken his father, something that chilled Leon's spine, he hasn't seen him since.

Leon ran for his life, trying to find his grandfather to tell him what had happened. Suddenly, something hit him like a freight train. His flashlight was knocked from his hands, faintly placing a glow over the pale face of the vampire who snarled at him. A placid, yet arrogant smirk splayed over Leon's lips before speaking the last word heard by the beast, "Sayonara."

A loud blaring of the Beretta blasted through the ears of Leon as it reverberated and echoed within the forest. The barrel was pressed to the vampiric man's temple, the bullet drilling through his skull and killing him instantly.

After this random disappearance, or rather kidnapping, of his father, Leon had become even more cold and hateful. Yet he grew to be even more skillful and outstanding at the fields he trained in. He excelled best in playing mind games, his array of knowledge far surpassing that of any typical male his age. With his increasingly prominent talents, he only became more arrogant and confident. This uprising lead Leon to force himself beyond his limits, surpassing his grandfather by the time Leon was eighteen.

It was at the peak of this great uprising that something even more archaic occurred. Leon's grandfather, Damion, told Leon about an ancient secret that was his hidden deep within their bloodline. Damion rummaged through an armada of old trunks and cardboard boxes, searching for something he called, 'The Mark'. At this age, Leon didn't really care much, but he felt a strange feeling hit him when his grandfather showed him the insignia. A sudden rush of significance, but he ignored it, pushing the thoughts away, locking them tightly away.

-The Final Frontier-

After completing all the training Damion had left, Leon left his grandfather's side and went out on his own. First thing was first, find a nice car to showcase himself in. He'd need something with an ample amount of speed, yet enough flair to fit his style. So, when the time was right and everything was in place, he stole his first car. He could never forget the adrenaline rush he got from boosting cars in his early years, but his first car was what had him from Vroom!

The newly remodeled and suped-up, 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe was the first car Leon had ever driven, having stolen it from an old farm house. Driving came naturally to this young man, blowing by the first couple years of his adulthood street racing and doing car heists. He'd almost forgotten the greatest rush he'd gotten, slaying the beasts that haunted the night. At the age of twenty, Leon resumed his hunting career, soon becoming a feared and renowned hunter amongst all.

With Leon back in the hunting business, his name on the lips of street racers slowly faded. His entire being slowly fell off the map, except to those who felt his wrath, the beasts of night. Leon etching his name in stone as an outstanding and prominent hunter among the ones who knew. Yet at the same time, becoming quite the 'Public Enemy: Number One' to many others.

[size=0]After the events that happened during his twenty-fifth year of life [When he first came into the world of School Divided], we shall resume in the telling of Leon's life.[/size]

[OOC || Sorry if I got a little carried away! ^-^' This was actually and unfinished character I had used on an old RPing website years ago.]
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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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Hello Emperor.  I see you will be our professor.  we didn't start out too good did we?  Hopefully, it will get better.   But....what happened to the thread? 

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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Hm, it would seem not, Deary. I am sure things will shape up in due time. ;] As for what happened, people logged off, likely for bed. XD

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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I hope it's not too late to join up . . . and I hope you don't mind a newbie!

My Name is: Nate Goodwin

I am a: human

I am 16 years of age.

Cool Things I can do:No supernatural powers, but he’s charismatic, fit and already skilled at diplomacy. (Hopefully, that will be handy in such a charged atmosphere.)

You'll notices I'm a little: charming and subservient.

The pages of my life state: My parents are slaves--er, servants--to werewolves. My job is to likewise find a werewolf or werewolf pack to serve. I don’t have a problem with that; it’s what I was raised for.

I look Like:A black-haired, blue-eyed charmer of Welsh ancestry, in good physical condition from obsessively playing soccer. My clothes are suited to the occasion; I generally look like a preppy-ish student.

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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My Name is: Rogal Dorn

I am a: Human

I am 16 years of age.

Cool Things I can do: Rogal, although a bit young, is considered a master at fencing and is intelligent in the occult and all of its dealings. He is also a
fledgling in Pyrokinesis.

You'll notice I'm a little: defensive of my family and friends and once something catches my interest; I’ll pursue it until I understand it. I’m also very trusting of others until they prove otherwise.

The pages of my life state: Rogal is the son of Pontius Dorn and Atilla Dorn and is the oldest of three children. As far back as his family can trace back they have always served Adolphus Krieger, a vampire lord, faithfully since the 1700’s as servants and, as Adolphus calls them, cattle for which he feasts upon. His family, once Rogal had turned 16, was hoping that Adolphus would turn Flavion into a vampire but Adolphus refused, saying he had other plans for the boy, instead turning one of his sisters.

Rogal was angered by this but had learned long ago to accept whatever his master did, for Adolphus always did things for a hidden reason, and the same day, during the night he was visited by his master who told him that he was going to find himself a new master at Blackwald Academy, which Adolphus had enrolled him into earlier that day. Rogal packed that night but before he left Adolphus gave him one more nugget of advice. “Be careful for this no ordinary Academy. Both Vampires and Werewolves attend so watch your back, keep your nose out of other, creatures, business and find yourself a master who will look after you.” Was what Adolphus told Rogal before he was sent away.
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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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I hope its not too late to get into this RP. If not here is my info:

My Name is:Samantha
I am a: Werewolf
I am/appear to be18 years of age.
Cool Things I can do: She can speak to the dead. She also has a knack for seeing things that might not be there, things like ghosts.
You'll notices I'm a little: Moody
The pages of my life state: She has no knowledge of her family line. It has been kept secret that she is the daughter of a pack leader. As far as she is concerned she was orphaned and made to figure it out on her own. Little does she know its just a test to see if she is the next Alpha.
I look Like: Altered form:

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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My name is : Bahadir
I'm a : Vampire
I appear to be : In late thirties
Cool things I can do : In addition to the agility and strength of a vampire, he is able to focus his power to further increase his strength, attaining unnatural brute strength (bending thick steel material, for example), however it lasts only for a few minutes and he is exhausted afterward, needing rest and blood to recover lost energy. He has a basic form of mind control at his disposal, but it's merely the act of presenting ideas and suggestions in another's mind, rarely useful on a calm and/or strong willed person. He can also survive under the sun, but being exposed to direct sunlight weakens him to the point his only difference from a human is being undead and thus not as easily kill-able.
You'll notice I'm a little : Arrogant and obsessive at times, yet not devoid of manners. Strict about making a respectable presentation of himself (but not always successful) and inquisitive of others most of the time. Harboring a love for art and beauty to the point of obsession and prone to engaging in arguments about them.
The pages of my life state : Bahadir is a vampire who's been around since 1415. Originally from Anatolia (Ottoman Empire), his birth name is Ali. Being a Sipahi in the Ottoman army, he was a man accustomed to luxury and a position of authority. Although he was widely known as a selfish and cruel man at best and an unforgiving tax collector, he was known for his bravery and skill in the field of battle. Soldiers and officers who fought alongside him gave him the name Bahadir, which meant brave and courageous. During the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, Bahadir Ali, as he was then known, was captured by the Byzentine soldiers and made a prisoner of war.

During his imprisonment, a noble in the Byzentine Empire requested Bahadir Ali's release into his custody. This man, known as Heraklius, was an elder vampire who decided Bahadir Ali was a proper individual to become his vampire childe. Heraklius had been interested in Ali for a few years by then and upon confirming his skills, besides his traits as a man, he took him in.

After Constantinople was lost to the Ottoman Empire, making his land a property of the said Empire and thus dangerous for Heraklius' pursuits, he took Ali with him and fled to Rome. There he taught Ali about the supernatural forces in the world prior to transforming him. Ali, being a man whose frailty towards power outweighed his beliefs, quickly abandoned his Islamic faith and embraced his new dark self. He indulged in the bloodshed and persecution of mortals more as a man than as a vampire for the next twenty years. Despite Heraklius being a man of principle who did not believe in needless slaughter, his childe had become a monster. Realizing Ali would sooner expose himself and Heraklius to humans and risk being hunted and killed than he would learn from him, Heraklius resulted to supernatural powers at his disposal to subdue and instruct Ali. For five decades, Heraklius kept Ali underground, mentoring him, sometimes with force.

Despite the methods costing half the sanity of his childe, Heraklius had succeeded in creating a respectable vampire out of Ali. The next two hundred years, they lived and hunted together, while Heraklius taught him how to fight werewolves and why he must hunt them. However, at the end of those two hundred years, Ali found out Heraklius was going against everything he taught him all along. He had a secret affair with a woman who was a werewolf. Deeming his dark father a traitor to his own kind, Ali slaughtered them both and abandoned his old life for a new beginning -a second time.

Following these events, Ali had forsaken his name and taken his old title as his new name : Bahadir. With his mind damaged from the methods of teachings, Bahadir had become a man of obsessive pursiuts by then. He primarily fed on beautiful women or artists of either gender. Although he only needed to feed once in a few months, he would sometimes find it difficult to locate proper prey and thus result to unorthodox methods. Such as using his basic mind control ability to trick simple people into believing they are great musicians, actors/actresses or poets and waiting for them to compose songs, write plays or poems, feeding on them while they are singing or performing, pretending they are 'valuable artists'.

Being a passionate swordsman and archer who spent most of his mortal and immortal life on the back of a horse, he mostly hated technology as it advanced throughout his long unlife. He believed technology was destroying the essence of art and beauty inherited by each being. Thus he never used any weapon but his handcrafted bows, arrows and swords, neither did he ever learn to drive a car -always traveling with a horse. He hated the unnatural light of electricity, preferring candles and often used letters for communication. However during his constant hunt for werewolves around Europe and Asia, he decided mobile phones were a necessary evil to quicken the hunt when the prey was close and he found himself in urgent need of information from his contacts.

In the last century, he developed the ability to walk the day without the risk of death, daily exposing himself to direct sunlight for very brief periods of time. As he 'evolved' past this weakness, it made information gathering, interaction with humans and travel much easier for him. During a day time werewolf hunt, he heard of the Blackwald Academy for the first time and decided to visit the place to sate his curiosity.

I look like : Bahadir is a broad man with some untidy facial hair and very short hair -both white. His face is rather slim compared to his build and skin is pale -but not too pale, he can look human from a distance. His eyes are yellow, which he uses colored lenses to cover when interacting with humans. He always wears black leather boots, trousers, long jacket and even a leather shirt. Also often using a black hood attached to his jacket sometimes, to avoid being spotted in the dark due to his white hair.

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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Umm, do I have to wait for an approval to my character before I can join in?

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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Nope just jump in

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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My Name is: Adolphus Von Carstein

I am a: Vampire

I am 320 years of age but appear to be around my mid 40's

Cool Things I can do: I can make others bend to my will, I have no problem with the sun and I can reanimate the dead, when the right conditions are met.

You'll notice I'm a little: egocentric and that I hate both vampires and werewolves with a passion, even though I myself am one but I have a plan. I also have a split personality which will help me while I am here at the school.

The pages of my life state: Back in the 1710's I used to be a King of a small country that has been lost in the sands of time. But one night, while I was in my library reading, a scream echoed throughout my castle and the person that screamed was my wife. I rushed out of the library and ran in search of her when I found the door to my children room's smashed in and my wife lay there, dead with her throat ripped out and my children dead alongside her. And standing in the window was a tall and thin figure whose eyes glowed red in the dark as he smiled at me, blood running down his face before he jumped out.

Ever since that night I had hunted the man down, thinking it was only a man, but little did I know that he was a vampire. Several times I came close to catching the vampire but each time had evaded me and for awhile it seemed like I was chasing a ghost until I finally found him. But things didn't go as I had planned and instead I was turned into a vampire, the very thing I set out to kill. Now I am forever damned as my soul will no longer be able to see my loved ones.I vowed from that day on to hunt down every vampire I found and once they are all dead, then I will kill myself, forever killing off all of the vampires.

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
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My Name is: Cerise Brogden
I am a: Human
I am/appear to be 19 years of age.
Cool Things I can do:
-Her main powers include the ability to see what is in a person's mind; images and small thoughts. When she looks in someone's eyes, she can read these things off, as if they are reflected there. These powers do not compare to telepathy. Sometimes she can dig in a person's mind to find something, but that wears her out and requires a long time of stern eye contact.
-Pathfinding: The innate ability to track people by means that elude her. When she has been around someone, or is given something of someone's, she can track them down via the image of a dull faded light that moves in the direction of that person/thing.

You'll notices I'm a little: Cerise has the personality of a gambler and a poker queen. She's able to bluff and cover her emotions with a precision most people wish for. She's fun and humorous on the outside, shameless and brazen with her personality. She feels no reason to hide her opinion when it is ushered forth, and doesn't mind putting herself out to make a point. Strong-willed and rebellious, she creates that perfect cover for all else. Deep down she has a soft sense of paranoia that people can reach into her mind and see her thoughts and past as she can do to others. Cerise also hides a sweeter, compassionate side which she has found gets her in trouble more often than not.
The pages of my life state: Cerise was born as Anastasia Bridgeton. Born to a wealthy family, her father being a fervent businessman and mother a lawyer. But though she was on the path of being spoiled and bratty, something changed that course. Her father was indebted to a group of thugs for helping take out a competitor, and when he did not pay, they kidnapped Anastasia. Her personality quickly shifted in the basement where the grown men taught her to be stern and quiet, and she watched them play poker. One of which was an extremely good psychic. He always won, and no one knew his secret but Ana, and she couldn't understand why. One day he told her that he understood her, for her mind and his had a lot in common.
His name was Dorian Brogden, and his nick name was Aces. And he became like a big brother to her, hiding her away from her father after she decided she didn't want to go back. Life was a bit on the cheap side, and they lived amongst poverty. But that was until Aces taught her his skills, renaming her Cerise Brogden- his little sister. And once she had learned, they moved to Vegas. Money piled up as they were the best two gamblers to wipe through the Casinos seen in years. Prodigies of gambling, these two mindreaders were unstoppable, and racked up enough money in their first week alone to buy out a rich penthouse that overlooked the city.
One year ago, when Cerise was seventeen, she had not been schooled at all. She had grown up a gambler and mindreader, learning from others. Tragedy came though, hard as a rock. A man known as Striker came and killed her dearest older brother Aces, a vampire she believed. This cold, gorgeous being murdered her brother before her eyes, and disappeared. But the most shocking of it all, beyond her loss, was that Aces had been expecting it. A week after his death, she got a notice saying she was enrolled into the Blackwald Academy by her older brother. Cerise didn't want to go, but a year later, it had come time, and he had no home anyways. Cerise took up the offer, wondering how she'd fit in with the rich kids, nerds, geeks, and preps she had missed out on in her years without schooling.

I look Like: Cerise stands about 5'8, tall and lean. She's got a rich, olive skin tone from being a mix of Italian, Native American, and a little Irish. Her hair falls just below her shoulders in thick, chocolate waves, and her eyes are a unique gray color that appear silver in the right lighting. Across her left hip is a tattoo of a playing Card; an Ace of Hearts with the name "Dorian Brogden" and the time of his birth and death around it. Along the back of her neck is a dagger tattoo with a rose wrapped around it, and another tattoo on her left bicep, that reads "In Memory of Anastasia".