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Author Topic: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting  (Read 3624 times)

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
« Reply #25 on: July 05, 2010, 09:15:59 PM »

My Name is: Allie

I Am a: Vampire

I am appear to be: 16 Actually:260

Cool Things I Can Do: Extremely intuitive, and mild mindreading but only surface thoughts. She is known for her persuasion a few words from her lips could have brothers fighting to the death at her suggestion, very few can over come her influence.

You'll Notice I'm a Little: Allie is utterly confidant she draws the eye just by her very nature. She acts like the world should be happy she exists. She is extremely protective, a fierce fighter, extremely cunning and would rather put you in a situation that will kill you rather then do it herself(getting blood stains out of silk is a bitch). She hates Weres and has no tolerance for their egos, stink, or ignorance.

The Pages Of My Life State: Her human life has been long forgotten but not from age as much as she had no intrest in it after her change. She was changed by Eric an old vampire even then who collected mortals who showed talents that vampirism could accentuate. Eric was of the old blood lines rumored to be of the direct blood line of the first vampire. he still thinks like those old vampires in the ways of raising fledglings and training his gifted ones.

Allie Gained many favors with Eric he was helpless to say no and when they discovered her gift since it was passive for a long time Eric promoted her for lack of a better term to family instead of just a ward.

As time past Her and Eric stayed together there maker, made bond was strong and Allie liked the cruelness that still lived in Eric that had faded in so many 'modern' vampires.

When Alex came along she was directly under Allie and Eric because Eric liked her. Allie pushed her hard and trained her preparing her for a life of fighting beside Eric just as she had. She liked Alex her lightness mixed with raw power was an interesting combination and her random bursts of glee ware catching.

When Eric heard about the melding of vampire, human and dogs at Alex's school he sent Allie to protect Alex and to slyly work against the moment. Dogs had no right thinking they were good enough to be the rugs on a vampires floor let along good enough to actually interact with them was the belief in his mind and he couldn't risk Alex being tainted by one, he may not have tought her his hatred but he wouldn't abide her tolerance.

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
« Reply #26 on: July 05, 2010, 10:52:26 PM »

My Name is: Vexen Leone
I am a: 103 y.o., but appears to be 19/20
I am/appear to be: a Vampire
Cool Things I can do:
-Size Shifting: Vexen can change his size; meaning he can shrink or grow. His maximum height tops at about 30 feet (at the moment), and his minimum is about two and a half inches.
You'll notices I'm a little: Calm, but implosive. He is fickle as a thunderstorm, able to be angered easily, but has a calm, serene side that captures those around him that want to be caught. He's extremely sly, seductive, cunning and witty.
The pages of my life state: Vexen's life is a simple story of fallen life and love. He was a young boy bound to marry his childhood love. But the day of the wedding, his jealous friend from the schools, took out his beloved and bit into his neck, changing him. From there, he spent a century under the rule of his female sire, shifting from the sweet charming man, into a dark creature of the night. Then came the day he killed her in cold blood and began to roam the world. The thing that brings him to the Academy now is the hunt for a binding; a human to make his own.
I look Like: 6'2, with smooth pale skin and hair that is as brilliant and crimson as blood itself, flowing down his back. He has rich red eyes to match, and a face like that of an angel with a smooth shape, soft bow shaped lips, a slender nose, and a rather dark, haunted expression. One would notice that along the center of his back is an almost ethereal tattoo spiraling in a dark orchid color, that seems to shimmer in the light.

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Re: A school divided a vampire werewolf group rp open and accepting
« Reply #27 on: July 12, 2010, 08:46:45 PM »
I am dropping out of this.