Photoshop CS3 on a Mac Issues...

Started by Wistful Dream, March 15, 2010, 05:11:36 PM

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Wistful Dream

Okay so Photoshop CS3 is rather important to my school work seeing how I have to size and format and such to all my pictures before submitting them for my clay work. And then I do my anatomy work in the program, with digital drawing/painting. However it won't open up for me. I'll click on it and it will start the loading, go through the blue box with all the names and saying loading and then give me this...

"Could not initialize Photoshop because you do not have the necessary access privileges."

I have no idea why it is doing this and I have stuff I need to turn in by tonight/this week so help would be very very welcome.

Callie Del Noire

Is it an update version or full install?

Wistful Dream

I believe its a full install. Its version 10 too if that helps...


You should call Adobe support and see if they can help you; that, or call up a friend who's snazzy with computers and who might be able to help you in-person.

If neither of those works or helps, you should see if you can find a different program do do what you need to do, or a different computer you can transfer your work to get that done.
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