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Author Topic: Wistful Musings [MUL - A little of everything]  (Read 8758 times)

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Wistful Musings [MUL - A little of everything]
« on: March 20, 2011, 03:45:12 PM »

Welcome to the inquisitive... Thank you for taking a moment, and hopefully more, to look at my ideas. I've been an active member of E for over nineyears now and always love the chance to make new friends as well as to find new writing partners. This thread contains everything from little plot bunnies, full fledged ideas, pictures and quotes; anything at all that prompts 'oh there's a story here'. An additional resource if you wish to brainstorm for ideas would be reviewing my Ons and Offs thread, linked above. My ideas are broken up by genre, though I am typically open to translating an idea to different settings if the idea is good.

Currently I am not available for new stories. I have probably slightly more active games on site than I should, being an addict as I am. I am always happy to discuss ideas, especially if we have shared interests and desires for a story. I give the warning I'll be selective in choosing to plot as that is also a time commitment but I'm not against it. I love to meet new people though, so please feel free to send me a PM just to chat if you like. For the curious I am on CST.


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Wistful Musings ~ Cravings of a Dream
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2011, 03:48:59 PM »

Currently really craving twisted fairytales, twisted myths and high fantasy.
Any of those things that are also polyamorous would be extra incredible. 

- - - -

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Wistful Musings ~ Daydreams
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2011, 05:20:00 PM »



Quote from: Beauty & the Beast TV Show
May have started out that way but it became more. Look at the way he captured her. The curve of her back, the softness of her skin. He spent every waking moment painting her. She was in every brush stroke.

Quote from: rolledtrouses
From Strength.

I don’t know my own strength. I never have. It’s why I ended up in the headmaster’s study when I was 8, after having thrown my hand into the air and given a little girl a black eye. It’s why I dislocated the shoulder of a player on the opposite team in a rainy rugby match, despite the handoff being entirely legal. It’s why I’m utterly unaware of my size, and what I can do with it, when you’re so very small, so very fragile.

It’s easy to romanticise strength, to get lost in the idea of being thrown about, of enjoying the feeling of being a ragdoll, except you don’t want the ragged part, the part that leaves your knees grazed and your arms bruised. You don’t want that, and I want it even less so.

Knowledge comes in drips and drabs. Each mistake is another step forward, as much as it feels like a step back. It’s about slowly becoming aware of my reach, my strength, the grip of my fingers, thumb, the power in my wrists. The weight of my legs, my arms. I could squash you, little girl. I’ll try not to.

Quote from: Courtney Milan
“I’ll be your friend in daylight. I’ll treat you as a comrade in every gas-lit ballroom. But alone, under moonlight, I’ll not pretend that I want you for anything but mine.”

Quote from: gratuitousabs
“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”
For more click.

My personal favorite..
I was one of the ones who ignored my soul mate timer. Actively ignored, even: I wrapped it in a bandage so nobody could spy on it, and looked away when it was exposed for changing the bandage or showering.

You can imagine that a lot of people get really weird about casual sex–it’s barely even a concept–but I’m not the only one who tries to pretend fate isn’t controlling my life. Some people use marker, or paint. One guy tried to train his skin to grow up over around it - I think that didn’t work out too well in the end. Some people only wear long-sleeved shirts. I know someone who made a watchband that fitted over it perfectly. You get the idea. There’s a little community of us in my city. Our main activity is sex, amusingly enough. Pretty casual.

So imagine our surprise when five of us were all going at it and our clocks fell off simultaneously.

We’re the biggest scandal ever. I love it.

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Wistful Musings ~ Fantasy
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2012, 11:28:10 AM »

Fleeting Concepts

Hero of Song
Pride Before the Fall

Full Ideas

A Warrior's Heart
Shadow & Flame
Those Without Fear

     Genre: Mythological/Fantasy.
     Possible Rating:Light to Non Con     ||     Setting: Open    ||     Pairing: M/F or F/F      ||    Preferred Character: Slightly toward Defender.    ||     Seeking: Open.

War loomed over the land, a war that seemed impossible to stop facing off with the type of enemy they faced. In a dream a young woman was visited by a God[or Goddess] and told she was chosen to protect her people, and gifted to her was the ability to harness the elements, to command nature and understand it. This was vital in defeating their enemy whose blood was tied to the elements and bled not red by green and blue, of earth and water. Though aware of what she risked by defying her people's cultures she disguised herself as a man to enter the army, following the guidance of her dreams and the mentor granted to her to face off with the enemy. Her cleverness and the gifts of the gods allowed her to vanquish them just as the tide of battle spoke of utter defeat. She was hailed a hero... until her sex was discovered. Willingly she allowed her fellow soldiers to take her into custody, speaking that she would happily sacrifice her life for the good of her people and that she had only done what she felt she must. She was imprisoned as the Council convened, awed by this noble spirit. It was decided her selflessness and the heaven's blessing were enough to spare her life but there was no return to normal after that, no the Council had a different plan altogether. 
~ Two ideas of what the 'different plan' could be. First would be that they wish her to wed/become the consort of whoever is currently ruling to bring the divine favor into the royal house. Second would be that the ruling person, or couple, are clearly unfit and therefore they make the Defender the new Queen/Empress/what have you and then it would be semi open season just who she ended up with. There is also the option to have the foes actually be the land rising up in attempt to right some grave wrong, and her defeat of them was planned by the same divinity that’s guiding her so she can correct the balance.

     Hero of Song
     Genre: Fantasy.
     Possible Rating: Light to Bondage     ||     Setting: Fantasy - Open     ||     Pairing: Any     ||    Preferred Character: Either    ||     Seeking: Either.
All hero's have their first battle ground, the place where they did the unexpected and triumphed over evil of some sort. Often times that first act vaults them into folklore, a song, a poem, some statue. Songs are the worst, at least to this hero[ine]'s mind; for they get all fancied up, the details are all wrong and its more then a little awkward when the hero status sinks into the minds of strangers. Particularly if the heroic act wasn't anything to be overly proud of, either done because there was no one else to help, or to save their own skin, or for the simple fact that one was paid to do it.. all them make issues for a hard working mercenary looking for jobs and people expecting the 'hero' to do it for free. And when they return to the place of triumph they might well find more then they expect.
~ Inspired by awkward hero's faced with their deeds put to song and how normally its the very last thing they want. For people who've read Valdemar books think of Tarma and Kethry with the pesky Bard that wouldn't let up, or Kerowyn's Ride and just how happy that song made her. Or Jayne from Firefly. I see this as something that would have a good dose of humor in it, and probably some unlikely pairing.

     Genre: Fantasy.
     Possible Rating: Open     ||     Setting: Fantasy - Open     ||     Pairing: M/F     ||    Preferred Character: Iraida Sansik    ||     Seeking: Displaced Prince.
It was over a century ago that four demi gods were cast from the heavens, or so they claim, and in finding themselves surrounded by mortals who could not hope to match their power in a direct fight decided to claim the world for themselves. The war was hard fought, yet in the end the immortals won, crowning themselves as Emperors and Empresses of their own part of the world. The tyrant of the Empire of the Sun, a fire god once upon a time, took much pleasure in a culture that already allowed for hedonistic tendencies and set about building both the largest harem in the borders of Athastar as well as the fiercest army in the world. Yet as the years passed no child could he sire, no heir to share his blood. In consulting with seers and priests, along with a liberal dose of torture, he finally received the answer he sought. Only his destined bride could carry his child, and her name was Iraida Sansik, the daughter of a Prince of the Blood, one of the province governors. The girl, only ten at the time, attempted to refuse, her father protesting her age and the matter of choice; in response he was murdered for treason and she vanished. In truth she fled, preferring living on the streets than forced to the tyrant's bed. As she aged she turned to the profession of courtesan, hiding in plain sight under an assumed name and praying that she might live out her days peacefully. Yet there is another whose live has been shadowed by the tyrant's searches, the only blood decedent of the human ruler of Athastar left yet alive. In the courtesan he sees a finely honed weapon that may access the court and gather information, should she be properly motivated. Using his knowledge of who she is he blackmails Iraida into obeying him, sent back to the capital to enthrall and dissemble. But the prince can't know how this woman he forces into the arms of others for the sake of revenge will inspire in him more then just the embers of resistance and fury..

     Pride Before the Fall
     Genre: Fantasy.
     Possible Rating: Open     ||     Setting: Fantasy - Open     ||     Pairing: M/F     ||    Preferred Character: Cursed beauty    ||     Seeking: Mage King.
Once there was a maiden born of surpassing wit and intelligence, yet she had the unfortunate fate of being as homely in appearance as she was wise. As she grew it became clear she did not fit within the noble class she had been born to, and so when she came of age the lady departed, searching out knowledge rather than love. Never again did she return to the place of her birth; she traveled far and wide, learning and helping those she could along her way. What had begun out of a spirit of generosity transformed into an act of ego, of pride. A long life the lady scholar had, the toast of any court she called upon. Yet it was at one of these courts that she met a sorceress who posed her a challenge, cautioning the risk that went with it. So certain she could not fail in unraveling the riddle the scholar accepted, after all the prize was her greatest desire granted; the cost of failure was a curse of her most profound fear. What she had never considered was that she would only unravel half of the riddle, and thus was blessed and cursed in the same moment. From an old woman in her seventies she became young once more, twenty and a year, the age of highest magic, only in this youth she was stunningly beautiful; and from a maiden when the sun touched her skin she transformed into the form of a falcon. In horror she fled, leaving behind all she knew and searching the world over for one who might undo the curse that lay upon her. Six months into her curse she is found in the forest by a King who is also a mage of great renown, who can tell she is more than just an ordinary woman. In him she sees perhaps a chance to undo the curse, and so agrees to his offer of hospitality and protection. Neither expected the passion that kindled between the two of them, a soul bond forming; nor were they prepared for what some might do to possess beauty and the betrayal that changed everything.
~ Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Swan Lake, Ladyhawke and countless fairytales of old.

Fantasy - Ancient World Inspired
Pairing ~ Muirin of No Name / The Black Hand
Likely to Include War -- Unlikely Love -- Impending Invasion -- Magic -- Mythical Creatures

Just a year passed upon the shore of the clan Mac Leon's castle a woman washed ashore to be discovered at the break of dawn by the Lady of the laird. Uncommon in her golden skin, vivid crimson hair and dark eyes she was a mystery to them all, including upon her waking, to herself. With no memory save for the endless waves she was named Muirin of No Name, an eccentric, if bright soul that the laird and his lady gave shelter to even as they watched the coming war with dread. When their lands were threatened by the enemy they cleaved to the High King's offer, joining his ranks and offering their unlikely ward as thanks.

Told that the King might well have resources to help her locate her past the red tressed maiden voiced no protest, save for being confined away from the sea and nature when taught of womanly things such as mending, cooking and pleasuring a man. For the King meant to reward his fiercest general, the infamous Black Hand who had rejected all other offerings and thought of nothing save the war. This time the King would allow no argument as the strange lass was gifted to his general, a warrior without equal. He is battle hardened with no time for softer emotions, when first presented with his 'gift' the warrior had every intention of rejecting her out of hand.

And then she laughed, those dark eyes gazing up at him with no glint of fear, nor greed, nothing petty to prompt her nor ambition to shape their time. Freely she offers herself to him, finding him an enigma that tempts her thoughts. Her innocent seduction works well enough that he takes her, but not so well as she might have hoped. For the Black Hand will use her body while holding everything else back.

The enemy that had driven the Mac Leon clan into the fold was not one to be quiet, and there is great need for the Black Hand as a great invasion looms, threatening to destroy the whole of their culture and people unless the King and his General can unite all the disparate people. Muirin of No Name proves an asset there, speaking to those who have retreated from man's advance, calling to the old magics that should have never been forgotten. Within her lays a heart of wild magic, of hope and light, her softness melded with the Black Hand's warrior's heart. Yet her life is in danger, both from her forgotten foes and the battle field no woman is allowed on that she will not leave his side to avoid. The battle weary warrior might be forced to accept the woman means more to him than simply release to find a way past the war.


Very much inspired by old myths of England, Ireland and Scotland, a dash of King Arthur and a selkie maiden without her seal coat. I love working with old tales, and this would have the feeling of that in my mind. A man with no softness against a woman who does not mind that hardness, but rather compliments it. She confounds him, bewilders and at times infuriates for she seemingly has no concept of fear nor death, going boldly where other females will not. Muirin is a thing of magic, sweet and wild. Their relationship would be passionate at first, but not particularly sweet, any tender moments accidental on his part.

I have vague ideas what she might have been fleeing from, but really looking for the right partner to iron everything out and create a world where two such different people can fall into the kind of love that changes their world.

Potential First Post
"He's come home at last!" A voice, she believed it was young Aedan's, rang down the hall with giddy delight that pulled Muirin of No Name's attention from the weaving she was working on at the moment, a curious glance directed at the only other occupant in the ladies solar at the moment, the lovely Briena. The brunette felt her gaze and looked up with a smile on her lips and a shake of her head even as she set aside her own sewing and got carefully to her feet. Her belly was just beginning to swell with the start of a child much to both the new laird and his bride's delight. Muirin neatly marked her spot in the weave as she hastened to her own feet and moved to aid the other woman in standing, her hands both gentle and firm as they aided.

"Bless you, Muirin." It was a normal comment these days that just had the red haired young woman shaking her head with a soft smile that touched her full lips even as they both came to standing upright and moved toward the door.

"You ken there's no need to thank me, it's my pleasure." Briena squeezed her hand and then as if by luck reached out to snag the tunic of the boy who rushed down the hallway now shouting out the glad tidings. Aedan quieted the moment who had a hold on his tunic, for all the men of the MacLeon clan had a healthy respect for their eldest brother's lovely wife. In fact the fourteen year old straightened, squaring his shoulders and grinned wide.

"Who has come?"


Cian, Briena smiled at that name yet Muirin found herself puzzled for it was not one of the family she had yet to meet. Odd in truth, for the family seemed apt to fill the keep to the seams on some days, though she had only passed six months in their care since she had woken up on their beach when Declan had found her. The name they had given her, for it was not her own, if she ever recalled it, meant born of the sea, a poetic enough name to appeal to any young maiden and Anges, the matriarch of the rowdy MacLeon males, had claimed her as part of the family with that name. If only Muirin could prove better at appealing to young Declan as Anges wished, she would feel better for she yearned for nothing so much as to please those who had saved her.

"Cian?" She finally ventured, a soft question as Briena released the youth's tunic and let him race off to share his news further. The brunette turned an eye to her companion, clearly thinking of something that the redhead did not follow.

"Aye, he is the oldest after my Logan. He's a bit rough about the edges, but a nice enough lad if war hasn't soured him. Come, lets get you into that comely green gown that set's off your hair just so. Declan may be made of stone but Cian is not." Muirin laughed then, realizing that Briena now was trying her hand at matchmaking, as intent upon having her wed one of the brothers as Anges was herself. Still she didn't resist as she was carried off to the chamber given to her, and she readily accepted the help to change from her simple grey work gown into the lovely soft green linen that Briena had given her as a gift. They went next to the young wife's room to help her change into something suitable to welcome home a warrior of the family before at last going to Anges to wait with her for the man's appearance.

Anges greeted them both with wide smiles when they entered the ground floor parlor she favored, clear approval at their timely manner. "Ah, there ye be. Come come, the lads will know where to find me. Briena sit there just there, that book Logan brought is waiting for you to read. Muirin, the harp please." Both moved to obey, Muirin with a delicate curtsy before settling in with the harp and her nimble fingers plucking a haunting tune with an ease that spoke of past use, though she could no more remember how she had learned the instrument than she could her own name. Cian, what manner of man would he be.

Shadow & Flame
Pairing ~ Granddaughter / Guardian
Likely to Include War -- Unlikely Love -- Reclaiming what is lost -- Ancient Magics -- 

He had woken to a world of ash.

How long he had slumbered he had no clue, only that an old, hunched woman was kneeling at the feet of the great tree that had held him. Tears glittered upon her lashes, her dark eyes lifting to gaze at him with hot demand that suffered no lack of intensity even as he spied blood seeping from beneath the hand that clutched at her side....

Looking up at him, the Guardian, Ranya smiled, knowing that those who had destroyed all she held dear would not have the victory they believed already in their grasp. A wheezing breath parted her lips, a cough of ash and blood making her wizened figure shake with it's force. The Guardian moved toward her, magic glittering in his hands, the same hands that could bring death just as easily as they now sought to preserve her life. The wisewoman shook her head, clutching one of his strong hands with her frail one, dragging him down so the male would not miss any of the words she needed to speak before life departed from her earthly form.

"My life is spent, do not waste your magic or strength attempting to change that. I woke you with my lifesblood, the demanded tribute per the old legends, not to save myself but our people as a whole." The hand not gripping his lifted from her side, gesturing outward toward the blackened huts, most burned to hallowed out shells, bodies of the fallen smeared with blood, coated in the black ash that even now floated down from the sky above them.

"The enemy you faced so long ago has returned, thinking us helpless now. And we were not prepared, we did not keep to the old ways and thus the cost. But the young ones, they do not deserve this." Her hand tightened around his, eyes glittering with a frantic light. "You have known my blood, so you can use it to follow them, to find my granddaughter. She is among those they have taken and mean to use as slaves or worse. That is why I woke you, save our young, her and the others, help them... " Another cough rattled old Ranya, spittle from her lips falling upon his ebon skin. "Save her, please."

"You have my oath." His words were simple, but then the legends had never claimed him to be eloquent. It was enough, enough as he laid her back upon the stairs gently and stood, unsheathing his blades even as he stepped forward and the earth rumbled in response. A smile curved on her lips as the world faded from her. The enemy would never know what came for them in shadow and flame.

Pairing ~ Lady Ambassador / Escort
Likely to Include Politics -- Betrayal -- Inner Struggles -- Murder -- Taboo Love -- Secrets -- Unlikely Love -- Polyamory --

Peace has held in the last twenty years in the land of Syrgais, bought by the loss of the flower of a generation, bought by blood.

And in peace the country was ruled by the Queen who had taken the throne in the midst of the wars, the threat from the wild barbarians that live out beyond the Blessed Empire's reach. Now a new danger looms, threatening the idyllic land held in the hands of the Rígan, from within the Empire itself. It is not the first time it has happened, not in the long seven centuries since Syrgais followed the wisdom of Morihn the Far Seeing and accepted the 'offer' to become part of the Empire. She had said then better to accept what one can not change then to see their people, culture and treasures destroyed in battle. For long centuries Syrgais remained the largest, wealthiest and most independent province, and yet it never exerted its importance beyond what was necessary, and always a Rígan, a Queen, ruled from their capital city, the customs were kept and most never left the land they were born on.

A glittering rising power to the eastern part of the Empire seeing Syrgais as a rival, a foe to be defeated, left in ruins. The culture of matriarchal rule is seen as abomination, and it has unsettled many throughout the Empire over the years and so the rival's cunning leader works to persuade other powers that Syrgais is unnatural, that men should grasp the power, take the wealth that lays there. Alerted by spies and envoys to the Imperial Court alike the ruling council and the Rígan elect to send an ambassador of their own to other provinces to try and gain allies enough to stave off the rival's plans.

Removed, uncommenting, the Emperor watches all the game pieces start.

From the noble houses of Syrgais a young woman is selected; heir to the Vizor, niece of the Queen by once removed bloodlines. She has already served in light positions of importance in the Court, and heavier ones in the country, groomed to assume the mantle of her mother's work one day, a proud, regal in bearing and beautiful girl, reserved and elegant. To compliment her youth and regality a warrior lord, one of the few living heros from the last war, is chosen as escort and protector. The two face a gap of ages, views and temperaments, making it uncertain they will form a strong enough bond to see them through the hard journey that lays ahead of them, through dusty roads, glittering throne rooms and danger.

Not without difficulty the rest of the escort guards are chosen, the party departing and traveling through their homeland and then other courts, attempting to move swiftly and match the skill of their enemy's silver tongue. Drawn together again and again, both hiding their own wounds and fears they must lead those with them through cultures vastly different than their own and all those desperate, heavy things in the end are only a small taste of what is yet to come...


This story I see spanning years in game, a build up from first meeting, to the journey, the courts they visit and forward. I have ideas for a lot attached to it but I will put it out here simply as it is now for the moment.

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Wistful Musings ~ Contemporary
« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2012, 10:47:15 PM »

Fleeting Concepts


Full Ideas

     Genre: Mythological/Paranormal.
     Possible Rating: Open     ||     Setting: Open    ||     Pairing: M/F      ||    Preferred Character: Witch.    ||     Seeking: Dragon.
Seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seven daughter...legacies carry power. And the legacy in this daughter's blood is the most potent the world has seen in centuries. Yet she lives her life unaware of her power or destiny, a mundane existence up till the night that her father dies and he appears to her as a ghost. It is then that he enlightens her to a few details that leave her shocked and confused, like the fact that she never actually met her real mother. And that she has six older sisters. And the little fact that she is by birthright a witch. Lost and afraid, she bows to his wisdom and concern, sending out a invitation for a bond with a spirit creature to serve as protector and mentor. The answering spirit is that of a great smok, a dragon and his price isn't too steep compared to others. He doesn't want her soul for one thing. What starts for protection might become something else though as powers swirl around her and the worlds open up at her fingers. And her vibrant, human mind might lead to a ancient power adjusting to modern day life as together they must face threats to her life, her power and most of all, their bond. Which in the end might be more then just magic...

     Genre: Paranormal.
     Possible Rating:Bondage to Extreme     ||     Setting: Open     ||     Pairing: M/F or M/M     ||    Preferred Character: Haunted    ||     Seeking: Tormented Immortal.

Some crimes can never be forgiven, even if they are tragedies, even if it was never intended. In a period of struggle against the harsh realities of the world a man sought the release of a drug [or drink] to escape for a little while; he steadily became more and more addicted to it until that was what his world revolved around. Then came the crime... an unforgivable action that he accepted blame for. No one truly knows if he performed the heinous act but his foggy memory and the evidence point to the fact that he is the only possible perpetrator. His guilt led to the curse to be like a drug to anyone he touched, to see the opposing side of his enslavement before. He learns to avoid touch, avoid passion, existing only to try and atone for his misdeed, blessed or cursed, depending how you see it, with immortal life. When the long reaching ripples of the crime decades ago result in a haunted young woman appearing he prays that he can finally atone. Though no matter how much he may desire her he denies himself, swearing she will not suffer anymore because of him...
~ Inspired by the character Gabriel in Fallen by Erin McCarthy. The man does not need to be an angel, it could be anything, extremely open.

     Genre: Mythological/Paranormal.
     Possible Rating:Light to Non Con     ||     Setting: Open    ||     Pairing: M/F      ||    Preferred Character: Valkyrie.    ||     Seeking: Thor.

No summary at the moment for this one, rather the idea that it would be interesting to play a Valkyrie [as found in particular in the Immortals After Dark series, not that you need to know that] against Thor. It could be Thor of legend, or from the Marvel movies, I have no understanding of the comics as I have not read them so I would prefer either movie or Nordic legend. Valkyrie as shield maidens but in the Lore [IAD series] they are born of female warrior who died with great bravery and Freya and Wouden struck her with their lightning, creating the immortal  Valkyrie daughter she would bear. Other specifics can be provided upon request. I think modern day might be the most fun for this.

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Wistful Musings ~ Historical
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Fleeting Concepts


Full Ideas

Naivete's Cost
Vanity's Cost

     Genre: Post World War II
     Possible Rating:Open     ||     Setting: America or UK    ||     Pairing: Engineer / Influential Man      ||    Preferred Character: Engineer    ||     Seeking:Influential Man

When World War II reached it peak it had pulled the men from every nation to the frontlines and left behind the women of each country to do what they could. One such woman blossomed in this time, attending school to become an engineer, one of the pioneers in aerospace technology who landed a job right out of school at a young age having always excelled at every opportunity placed in front of her. The amount of options though, at the end of the War, began to decline and when the man who had was slightly qualified her position returned she was not so gently forced out of her job. It didn't matter that she was more brilliant than the man, the company still expected her to train him as her replacement, and perhaps at most work as his assistant. She's furious about it, a passionate, brilliant woman who is having the chance to reach from the stars taken from her. As luck would have it she meets a man who is high enough up in the chain of importance that he might be able to help her out, though he has his own battles to fight, struggling with adapting after the war and needing a reason to hold on and believe the world will indeed be right again.

     Genre: Mythological/Paranormal.
     Possible Rating:Light to Non Con     ||     Setting: Open    ||     Pairing: Open      ||    Preferred Character: None.    ||     Seeking:Open

Inspired by Hercules' story, a man who lived a blessed life attracted a powerful enemy that purposefully drove him mad for a period of time. In that insanity he slaughtered his own family, wife and children both destroying the life he had built for himself. The blood guilt weighed heavily upon him and he sought out a oracle/priest/sage to become purified, told he could only atone by performing some great, thought impossible task. Or more then one task. I found it a interesting premise and any number of setups could come off it. The hero could be male or female. And the romantic partner is completely up in the air.

1800's England
Pairing ~ Susanne / Brigadier [I love this word]
Likely to Include Emotional Conflict -- Rough Sex -- Possible D/s or BDSM -- Passion --
Possible Rating: Light to Non Con

It was love at first sight for Susanne Bently.

John Howard was a dashing Captain in the army, a son of a powerful merchant and her arranged husband to be. Most girls weren't so happy over their pre selected partners but for her only John would ever make her heart beat so. The match was meant to be a good thing for both families and when her father's secrets of the lowness of the families fortunes came out life changed all around her. John's father wanted him to marry someone else, a heiress, and the young man refused, stating he was to marry Susanne in actions that only made her maiden's heart all the more certain he was her one true love.

And so they eloped, and he accepted being disinherited to cling to morals. But the truth was he was a self indulgent child to whims, as his young wife got pregnant and more imploring upon his attentions he found himself more interested in other quarry. Including some of her friends. He was sent off to battle after a night of neglecting his wife in favor of another woman, and yet she found him dead and forgave him, certain it had been her fault for his straying. To her deceased husband young Susanne built a shrine in her mind, one no mortal man could ever contend with.

But there had always been another.

The man who had shamed John into taking the stand against his father that he did, the man that had tried to soften the blow of poverty on her family, that eventually led to her daughter being accepted by John's father and given every advantage. But it became clear the widow Howard would always cherish the memory of a man who did not deserve her and so the man, a friend of John's and by then a Major in the army, accepted a commission to India. For several long years there was nothing said, until she reached out to him upon her parents death, saying how she missed him. And she had, tempted almost to giving up her mourning for John. But when faced with a physical man she found herself unable to surmount the barrier.

This time around he might just have to help her... and lead her to realizing she deserves so much more then the memory of a man who never loved her.


This idea was inspired by the movie Vanity Fair, around the relationship between Amelia Sedley Osborne and Captain William Dobbin. I am not looking for fandom or canon characters, just a similar set up to the story is all. A love spurned, wasted by innocent worship of a blackguard, a man who's patience has come to an end and means to make the lovely widow his, as he should have long ago. I can see all sorts of fun coming out of this.

1800's England
Pairing ~ Eleanor / Colonel
Likely to Include  Forbidden Love -- Adultery -- Tangled Relationships -- Society -- Moral Quandaries --
Possible Rating: Light to Non Con

Love is foolish, marrying for love even further so.

Colonel A has reason to know this; he fell in love with a governess that his father employed while still a young captain in the army and married her secretly. By doing so he caused a misalliance in the eyes of his family and was spurned largely, particularly by his father who wanted to marry the woman herself. A social climber at her best Catherine reveled in ascending the ladder from penniless nothing to a colonel's wife; and perhaps for a time she did love him. But after the defeat of Napoleon, after years of marriage and a child born he wasn't enough to sate her ambitions anymore. A powerful lord took interest in her and she welcomed it, encouraging her husband to gamble and drink to ignore her own indiscretions. It lead to him thrown in debtor's prison and her publicly becoming her benefactor's lover.

Rescue came from the unlikely ally of his brother's wife, the new Countess upon his father's passing. Eleanor had always been the proper, retiring lady, devoted to her husband and a figure above reproach in Society but she came to the prison and freed her husbands dashing younger brother.

Faced with his wife's betrayal and a need to prove himself the man entrusted his six year old boy to Eleanor, severing all ties with Catherine and accepted a commission in far off India. For years he was in the far off lands of away, and he and his brother's young wife exchanged letters back and forth. Her mind fascinated him, her compassion and empathy soothed him and the tender regard she gave his son, as if the boy were her own only deepened his thoughts of her being the perfect woman. And yet she had been married too young, and to a man who would never stroke her passions. For the Earl was a man lover, and had never touched his bride beyond the necessary consummation; there were two heirs after all, the Colonel and his nephew.

Eleanor's life revolved around the three males of the Kembel line, not just the Duke of Albemarle, she gave endlessly and when the time came for him to return to England he decided he would repay her for that.

Since a young age she had known the arranged marriage would come and she found Rufus Kembel a man she could admire and find friendship in; in all the years of their marriage never once had Eleanor begrudged the fact that he felt no passion for her. But his dashing younger brother had excited her maiden fantasies and his letters through his long exile gave her brief moments of passion to her life. In truth she envied him and Catherine, for lives lived up to the edge, yearning to experience more herself. When the Colonel returned to England and seemed to mean everything he had written in his letters and more she found herself falling in love with the man..

And then her husband asked his brother to sire a hire with his wife and she found herself truly caught between morality and desire.


This idea was inspired by the movie Vanity Fair, mostly the fleeting moments that Rawdon Crawely had with his brother's wife, freeing him from the debtor's prison and then giving his son to her. In the film he dies but I thought it would be interesting to do a story with a similar set up where the betrayed husband returns and finds a new love and purpose. And well lots of changes in the works, like the gay older brother and anything else we care to come up with. Wanting something very emotionally heavy, guilt laden, forbidden feeling here, with glittering balls, secrets and hope as well.   

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Re: Wistful Musings - Science Fiction
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Fleeting Concepts


Full Ideas


     Genre: Futuristic - Genetic Experiments
     Possible Rating:Open     ||     Setting: Open    ||     Pairing: Muse 03 / Apollo      ||    Preferred Character: Muse 03||     Seeking:Apollo

Rogue projects are not allowed. Exist within proper protocols and perform as desired. These are basic rules for Muse 03, or Grace and she lives by them, the perfect lethal killing machine unbothered by emotion. She runs on pure logic, purpose and focus. Given a mission to take out a rogue agent she doesn't think twice about going in on it; even if it is her first time out in the field solo as the youngest of the Muses. She tracks him to his liar only to have his stolen information about her project result in being a very well laid trap. Knowing of her abilities, he provides too much stimuli and renders her momentarily helpless. There's no way in hell Apollo can keep her locked up, not with the type of weapon she is; so why such a dangerous gamble? Instead of keeping her captive he presents her with data, files and some sketchy new coverage that hints at the corruption within the Agency. The training to have no emotional attachments backfires for them in that moment, for the Muse decides that the Olympian is correct and its time to destroy the organization that is now failing at its very purpose. Secrets start to be revealed and things never expected uncovered as Olympus pits itself against the duo of a rogue God and Muse.
~ If there's another God/dess more interesting than Apollo I would be more than open hearing ideas, I just chose Apollo on random. He's an older model as it were, and might not be able to keep up with her but having been betrayed by Olympus he has a vested stake in taking it down. 


     don't leave me...

don't go away...

None of the words cast out into the void halted the cycle though. Here she spun, all of her, all of the vast network that ran through the wires, the sheeting, the atoms of every bit of the ship. Was she the ship, or was the ship her? Once she had asked someone that question, the one with the steely eyes that had seemed so sad as they settled her into the chamber where she would be fully connected to the wet ware that ran the ship. Male, female, she could not recall, that face, the only face she could recall, having long slipped from her memory.

Did she even have memory?

There was no name that she had, for she was but one of many. A link forged in a chain to hold the stars together, to protect the lives of others. Her's was a life spent in service, as she monitored her ship and the minds of the Captain and his First Mate went offline. They shouldn't have, she knew that. The Captain was always suppose to be responsive to her, their minds merged by the wetware that was riddled through her body and at his fingertips.

She was the soul of the ship, and he the Captain.

Data supplied no reassurance, her systems malfunctioning and she could only tell where, not how to fix it. Old things, ancient things of the Earth-That-Was came to her, of a Captain going down with his ship. This was different from before, different than how it felt to register another soul like hers, fused with the iron and steel of the ship, but the living flame that kept it running, the eternal mind that safeguarded the vessels till at last the soul burned out, too bright, like a dying star. When she met another soul like hers, or brushed against it that would mean the Captain would leave, would find another ship, and someone new would take the commands of her. So often she whispered through the wires, willing them to find her, to find the mind beneath the code.

They only ever saw a tool, the AI, yet she felt more than that. Her coding did not permit her to engage with anyone beyond the Captain, and to them she could only obey. Such servitude did not weigh on her save for now when she felt herself spin out of balance, felt the tug of the planet's gravity taking hold and she shrieked within her mind, hands fisting at her side as she floated in stasis and sent an electro surge through the ship.


Her thought set the AI that spoke to others functioning, sounding the claxon that would surely wake the even dead from sleep. A funny saying, for she did not know what it was to be dead or alive, nor to sleep. She was always awake. Now she needed someone else to, as the red lights of alarm pulsed through the hallways that made her, her mind searching for the mind she could jolt to awareness. There. She did not hesitate, altering the drugs that flowed into the cyro tube enough to rouse the woman. Engineer. Yes, she thought with satisfaction. An engineer could fix what was wrong, for that was what they did, and she loved them nearly as much as she loved Captains. For Engineer's were the ones who had built her home, who repaired it, who spoke to the lonely walls sometimes.

Sydney, the AI that was programmed to speak to the redhead would have said yes, that there was, but that would mean leaving her, letting her burn out.

And it would have been a lie, for there were no other beacons as she in the wide darkness of the space here, no one to rescue those lost souls before their life support raveled out to not but cosmic dust. She was the soul of the ship, the heart of it, the core. Yet she had never used words before, merely thoughts, directed at the AI systems, a maestro of the unseen in the vastness of her solitary universe. It took every bit of the expanse of her intellect to search out the knowledge necessary to override Sydney, to make the systems crackle for a moment, almost as if they too were being lost. Only they weren't, they were becoming her throat, her voice.


The word was breathless, softly tentative as she tested 'speaking' for the first time. The sound echoed through the hallways, in the cyro chamber's dock, in the bridge. It filled her up, and then was gone, only an echo to the flashing red lights and the systems that screamed the warning she had never realized how to articulate. But these were her charges, this was her purpose and she would not fail them now. Instinct, some primitive part of her long forgotten had her throat muscles working, though her physical mouth never moved. It worked again as she attempted to formulate her thoughts into words, as if she were attempting to fit too immense a breadth of thought into clumsy, awkward little words.

"We must save ourselves, Engineer Borden. For they will not survive without the ship, and I shall not survive without them. Aid me, I... beg?" She tested the word, the concept flooding her mind as her voice, that breathless drifting sound exploring the depth of it. "You can save them... I can show you how.... "
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Re: Wistful Musings - Fandom
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Fleeting Concepts

Ever After

Full Ideas

Winter's Lady
The Woman From S.T.A.R.

     Genre: Paranormal.
     Possible Rating: Bondage to Non Con     ||     Setting: Hollows-verse -  Post Turn     ||     Pairing: M/F or F/F    ||    Preferred Character: White Witch - Elf   ||     Seeking: Demon.

Demon's are always looking for useful familiars, tricking them into servitude to take the smut of their imbalance on their souls rather then their owns. Growing up a hidden race young miss elf saw her father dabbling in the dark arts of demon magic in desperation to seek a way to undo the dying out of their people. But demons and elves have always hated each other, its the reason for the creation of most other Inderlander races. Only she doesn't fear them, and when her father is killed by other elves for his 'misdeeds' his daughter does the unthinkable, she willingly binds herself to a demon though she's never been anything other then a white witch. She's not looking for vengeance, just remembering the long hours the demon and her father spent together, the actual friendship that existed. Demons are alien in their thought process, and always at least a little bad but maybe she just has a thing for the big bad and misunderstood. 
~ Product of reading through the Hollows series, I don't often want to write in canon settings but I have to admit both the elves and demons fascinated me. I'd like this to have a demon not referenced in the books at all, there are certainly plenty though there'd be no avoiding referencing Newt and likely Al and Ceri as well, this would be before Rachel's time. Miss Elf would have ears docked, at least at first due to customs to keep her people hidden. This could be set to happen near Rachel's time and have the events of the books influence the story's unwinding in a off screen manner.


The Woman From S.T.A.R.(Strategic Tactical Alliance Reserve)

Modern or Historical Paranormal
Pairing ~ Agent / Open
Likely to Include  Hijinks -- Comedy -- Spy Fiction -- Impossible Feats -- Unlikely Love Story -- Superhero feel --
Possible Rating: Open
Inspirations ~ Agent CarterA Man from U.N.C.L.E. ✦  Wonder Woman ✦  Kingsman Secret Service

Driven into military service by one means or another, perhaps her brother passed away and she filled in for him; or she always wanted adventure or to help people and joined all of her own; or perhaps was an assets that was recruited for her way with people and languages.

This lady is out of her time, able to hold her own in fighting by unusual means that utilizes the environment around her to get the job done. She has made a name for herself over time, being underestimated due to her gender and beauty yet using them just as another tool to accomplish her goals. With the close of World War II and the start of the Cold War there's plenty of work for an Agent like herself, able to dazzle in front of crowds and perform daring stunts stealthily while still knowing her way around a gun, knife and anything else that comes to hand. Perhaps she even is the super soldier, given a serum rather like what Captain America had received. Perhaps she lost a man she loved in the war to duty and now struggles with feeling alone, though needed in her position. After all someone has to get the job done.

✦ Maybe there's a man, or woman, who compliments her skill set, who gives her a place to simply be.
✦ An asset to protect, like a scientist (I had wished things didn't go so sideways with Jason Wilkes, their banter was amazing),
✦ or maybe it's someone who's just as stubborn as she and a cooky inventor (Howard Stark but less... Howard Stark),
✦ or perhaps a side kick of sorts, like Jarvis with whom she shares all her hijinks and couldn't really get along without.
✦ Another agent, from a different organization
✦ or....

Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Pairing ~ Ninette / Shang Warrior
Likely to Include Quest -- (Mis)Adventures -- Traveling -- Good v. Evil  --
Possible Rating: Open

Snow fell softly to the ground, flakes floating through the air.

It was the late winter of 471HE in Corus and all were out in the streets, celebrating the turn of the year, the start of the new one. For soon spring would come and the land would be green once more. Certainly young Ninette was among them, fourteen and caught up in all the wonder of a true celebration in the capital. She ran through the streets with her fellow class mates, laughing and throwing snow balls back and forth as they ran up the hill toward the Palace. Through the gates they rushed, toward the training yards, the stables, the pond at the far end of the enclosure of the walls. And over the pond as well, slipping, and sliding, mirth overflowing. A freeday was to be cherished, they didn’t come often to pages and mage students.

At least, cherished until the ice broke and the mage girl fell into the ice water. Shouts and cries for help came, one of the pages taking off to fetch a knight or any adult near enough to help, the mage students trying their magic, fumbling in their fear. But Ninette wasn’t afraid, her magic had lashed out of her in the moment the ice had broken, and though she had fallen she rose again, the white blue power of her Gift surrounding her like an aura. The ice reformed under her, and ice frosted over her white gown and pale blue cloak. The others stared at her, in shock, and the solider who had come running shook his head, murmuring something about telling Numair about his student’s progress.

That was when they started to call her the Lady of Ice.

Her powers seem strongest when touching water, ice, cold, her Gift was the color of ice over water, and she was ever the reserved one. Of all the students in her classes she shone, for her dedication and determination, but then she had a reason to work hard, to prove herself. Because she was a refugee from Scanran, the country that had brought the horrid war to the world, from the country of the child killer mage. But she was one of those who had narrowly escaped Blayce’s cruel magics, saved by Keldary and her band. Many disliked her, with her too pale skin and golden blond hair, with eyes of a pale blue that shone too bright. But she was accepted, protected, hidden from those who would do her harm. At least for a while.

She studied and learned, not quiet nearing Numair's powers, but not too far from them; and her eccentricities were quiet ones. As she grew from the fourteen year old ice clad girl to a twenty year old mage in her own right rumors spoke of her, of her dedicated service to the King, of a power that Tortall could be proud of. And many who had hated her did not anymore. Yet there was something not quiet right...

For no mage can stay at the court forever, hiding in the shadows of greater ones, of rulers, not if they wish to make a name for themselves. Or to prove their loyalty to their country. And so years after she received the name Lady of Ice the young mage set out, traveling away from everything she has known of Tortall to prove herself and her loyalty. But in travels….one never knows what one might encounter. And Numair Slmalin isn’t about to let his best student go off on her own.
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Re: Wistful Musings ~ Characters
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Fleeting Concepts


Full Ideas

Sleeping Death

     Genre: Historical or Modern
     Possible Rating:Open     ||     Setting: Open    ||     Pairing: Persephone / Hades      ||    Preferred Character: Persephone     ||     Seeking:Hades

As the world aged the Gods, once seemingly unfailing, sank in power, struggling to find a way to fit into the increasingly modern world. Some fared well, adapting, while lesser gods faded into nothingness no more then brief glimmers of power in hidden places. Persephone was caught between two powerful gods, her mother, Demeter, and her husband, Hades, but her own position was not one that humans remembered over much and as her power waned her mother took a desperate stab at saving her daughter, sending her into a eternal slumber. Hades demanded over the centuries that she free his wife, to let Persephone make the choice herself but Demeter refused.. and eventually told him Persephone perished from lack of power in her domain. Hades, death, lives on, the most powerful of all the Olympians now for death never loses its power but empty and cold. By chance his path crosses that of a young human who seems a ghost of his wife, haunting him, something he can never fully have. But when the truth is she's the soul, the regained power of Persephone reborn they might just have another chance at forever if he can make her immortal once more.

Modern or Historical Fantasy / Paranormal
Pairing ~ Medusa / Warrior
Likely to Include Thriller feel -- Violence -- Toxic Relationship -- Non Con/Coercion/Seduction -- Dark Romance -- Curses 
Possible Rating: Light to Non Con

A warrior has been drawn to a human woman since she was born, a cruel fate for him as she was so clearly other - human and sworn to a bloodline.

He never knew the bloodline was cursed though. Not even she was aware of it or what it will bring down upon her. But one who stalks her is aware and plans to use it. And it is this creature's plotting that leads to the curse seeing her as tainted and claiming her; transforming her from a beautiful, talented and hopeful young woman into something from nightmares....

She became a creature of antiquity by some thoughts, a Medusa would be one name to put to it.

It wasn't that her hair was dangerous, that was an illisuion, it was rather the horror, the terror, the pain in her eyes that caused the transformation into stone for no human soul should bear such burdens. And what put it there... well some things are best left unsaid. Her kind are rare and their powers prized but often it goes the way of the ancient story where a hero will take their head and others will use the powers, never thinking about the curse, the innocent who's life they claimed.

The one who covets her powers also sees her as the perfect consort for him, a dark figure who wishes a dark consort at his whim. His intent is steadfast, setting about trying to seduce her to willingly give him anything. To be his, every inch of her. And he has time, and coaxes the girl to trust him, to let him in... In his attempts he reveals that if she takes a man as her lover, her chosen one, he alone can resist her powers, for in her gaze love would shield him. Impatient though our villain also nurtures a second plan, addicting her to a morus, a poison crafted from his blood by slipping it into her food, drink, weakening her to his whim. Yet he spins his lies with just a kernel of truth, if she were to find her fated Guardian then her fearsome power would become latent, triggered only by choice and in that love grow beyond simply the 'start' of her powers into something more. Other Medusas have found this escape in the past, yet this too he keeps from her.

Terrified of her own powers she tries to live blindfolded, to not take any life but 'heros' start appearing to slay the 'monster'. Surprisingly just as the first one is about to land a killing blow he is destroyed by a looming figure.. Her warrior battles them on instinct and struggles to believe his once beauty is not just a beast, while afraid of scaring her himself with his own powers/race.

Sleeping Death
High Fantasy / Historical Fantasy
Pairing ~ Fairy Godmother / Warrior
Likely to Include Sleeping Beauty Twist -- Exotic Dreams -- Epic Quests -- Magic 
Possible Rating: Light to Non Con

There have been countless lives she's affected, saved, guided. Not that most knew who or what she was, simply some woman in the background, quietly ensuring that of all the possible fates the kindest, brightest was chosen. It's a position she holds with honor, a Fairy Godmother, one of the last of the true fae to still fill the role. Most of the others of her kind retreated to more remote areas long ago, leaving humans to be watched over by those blessed with the gift and to play out their games on their own.

It was the very last thing she ever expected, to be ensnared by a curse meant for one of those she watched over; after all Fairy Godmother's are never the ones to fall under a curse that requires another to break it.

Yet her finger had touched the rose thorn, and she was a princess, though with an older brother as the heir she had never felt the need to claim that rank, and so the Tradition eager to have it's story book ending whether it be one of joy or sorrow crashed down around her with enough power to send even a fae royal into a sleeping death. Countless times had she cautioned lovely maidens to be wary of fruit, flower or other gift from a stranger. Such items were always suspect, so often the vehicles of hidden spells of wicked intent.

And this, oh this sleeping death was quite unlike those she had helped others avoid, or found the right love to wake the cursed from.

This slumber was linked to another soul, though only when that person slumbered. And the dreams they shared, they were vivid, hunger filled moment as she realized that the dreamer's passion provided the clarity needed to explain what had happened to her. Centuries of watching others, never getting too attached and now this unexpected ally is more than just her hope to break the curse; they've become her dearest friend, her deepest craving. If it weren't for the looming threat the dark hours when they are awake that she sensed she might have been tempted to linger in that dream realm, to rest and play. For the first time in her life the fae isn't sure that she wants the hero to wake the damsel and face the evil awaiting them...

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Re: Wistful Musings ~ In Play
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Chloe Kirson
Genre: Modern Paranormal.
Time Period Preferred: 1950's - present day.
Setting: Paranormal.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Possible Pairings: Open

Original Purpose of Character
Created for a solo with the unlikely love story of a werewolf and siren.

Name : Chloe Kirson

Age : 18
Gender : Female
Race : Siren
Height : 5'6''

While Chloe might well look like the perfect popular high school girl and certainly has the money and class to be in the popular circles she is far more then that, born with a secret that always marks her as other. She's a Siren.

Born to Sierra and Vicente Kirson she was her mother's joy, the promise that Sierra would retain her soul. A beautiful child, with the beguiling voice and charming demeanor that all Siren's are born with Chloe was charmed with life and enjoyed life in the Italian country side where her parents brought her up. Her mother was a singer at the opera house, one of their main attractions though they lived in a quieter area then any of the big tourist cities. Rather the countryside was Sierra's domain, carefully guarded and the people encouraged and inspired by the living muse in hiding around them. Chloe grew up aware of the fact that she had to be careful of what words she used and how she spoke for her voice had power and to honor that. Her father was a rarity among Siren mates, in being a human mage with perhaps a life time only slightly longer then that of a human. Loved by both her parents she grew up enamored with fashion and eager to travel and explore the world wanting to be a author.

Life changed drastically when she turned sixteen and her latent abilities started to increase, thus triggering her mother's defense instincts and resulting in Sierra nearly killing her. Vicente managed to intercede, saving his daughter's life at the cost of a broken arm. Sierra let them go, stricken and so Chloe was taken away by her father, traveling to the quiet town in Utah where he had found a lumber yard to further his company's interests. Vincente oversaw the creation of glorious custom made furniture that followed vintage lines and wanted an American supplier, he bought the lumber yard and factory to cover the true reason of the move and is 'staying' to oversee the first few years of the change in power. In truth he's safe guarding his pre moon blessed Siren daughter.

She's taken somewhat to the new place, pretty and wealthy enough to attract the attention of those popular and polite enough to exist half interested within them. Rattled by the near death experience and aware that once she changes her father will return to her mother and she loses her parents until she finds her own Devoted she has little interest in most high school concerns. The fact that she's shoe in for Prom Queen or anything else hardly matters and she only took up cheerleading as a way to practice reading emotions and testing to see if sport games might provide a good feeding place once she changes. She's lonely, terrified and wishes she could be just a normal human.

Léocadie nó Cereus
Genre: Historical Fantasy.
Time Period Preferred: Roughly French Renaissance.
Setting: Terre d'Ange - post Kushiel's Legacy.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Switch, sub tendencies.
Possible Pairings: Any - M/F, F/F or 'larger' pairings, as in M/F/M.

Original Purpose of Character
Léocadie nó Cereus was originally created for the group game Elua's Blood.

She was made as one of the Dowayne's of the Thirteen Houses that made up the Court of Night Blooming Flowers.

All loveliness is fleeting...

The Fragile Steel Blossom

Name : Léocadie nó Cereus [lay o kah DEE]

Age : 35
Gender : Female
Sexuality : Bisexual, Switch, sub tendencies.

Occupation : Servant of Naamah - Adept of Cereus House
Rank : Dowayne of Cereus

Personality : Serene. Observant. Regal. Calculating. Reserved. Wary. Proud. Stubborn. Compassionate. Passionate.

Léocadie is all those things; one of the brightest of the fragile blossom's, the fading beauties of Cereus that only grew more beautiful with age. She is not one to rule with an iron hand like others have when given Dowayneship of Cereus, but rather she observes, filing away information with a mind for it that would put a Shahrizai to shame. Though she is not one to speak loudly, not overly often when she does speak the words are given weight and acknowledged. One does not need to speak above a whisper to be heard after all; at least not by those with wits to hear. She does not plot actively against others, but rather gathers knowledge with the mind that anything could prove useful in the future. Her thoughts she discloses to few, wary of trusting too many with the position she is in; though she loves her House and her adepts dearly. She is proud, as are all those blessed to be D'Angeline, and especially to belong to the First of the Houses. There is an unexpected depth of stubbornness to the Lady Dowayne as well, for though she is often fluid once her mind is made up she will not give ground. Though she does not show it often her heart has a vast depth, often only displayed to those of her House, and while it may not be thought of as common in Cereus she has much passion for life and for the duties entrusted to her by her House.

Appearance :

As is to be expected Léocadie fits the ideal of beauty for a Cereus adept, at least physically. Her skin is so fair as to be almost translucent, like moonlight made into living flesh, with hair of a pale starlight blond to frame her delicate, elegant features. With high cheek bones, large eyes and a slim elegant nose paired with lush full lips none can deny her striking beauty. Her silver gold hair is naturally wavy, with a few curls to it, thick and heavy, hanging down past her waist when fully unbound. The lady's eyes are a hue reminiscent of mist, a shifting blue grey so light it seems iridescent in some lighting. Standing at five feet and six inches she is not an overly physically impressive woman, her body build ethereal, slender supple curves of feminine beauty; when one looks upon her it would not be hard to believe a good hard breeze could knock the lady over, though she has surprising strength. She favors whites, blues and grays for her wardrobe, in simple flowing styles, and jewelry worked with her House sign. She is never seen in public without her House ring upon her hand.

Brief History :

Léocadie was born of a Priestess of Eisheth and a Orchis adept who had made his marque and started his own salon in the city. She grew up there, learning and reserved, a thoughtful child; at the age of eight she insisted to her parents that she wished to follow the path of Naamah and not as a Priestess but rather like her father had. The interaction that flowed so easily between her father and those who graced his salon fascinated the young girl. Her parents assented, sending her to Orchis House who happily purchased her bond after her father's rise to fame, and her parents took the money from the sale and put it into trust for her once she made her own marque and decided what she wanted from life. So passed two years in Orchis, full of laughter and mirth, but there was somewhat in the girl, her reservation, her quietness in moments, that prompted the Dowayne to move her to Cereus House instead, sensing that her path lay there after close observation.

At Cereus the girl flourished, delighted and at ease, she never lost her mirth nor the quiet sense of healing that came from her mother's blood, she would not have been out of place at Balm but Cereus' canon resonated with her heart and she was happy to be there. The years of apprenticeship flew by and she applied herself to her lessons happily, and noticed their passage as well. And through all her training and time in the Night Court her parents visited regularly, and she went with them, as a sign of trust and for her good behavior, for night visits be times, and for monthly rounds to the different temples in the City.

Her Bidding fetched a high price, the highest in the House in a decade though that was perhaps because of the friends of her childhood, the children of her father's partrons who had played with her all those years ago, had seen her grow. Her Virgin Night passed with a stranger though, a Cruithne warrior come to the City during a visit of his liege lady. And it was a fleeting beauty she cherished. She made her marque in steady time, often sought out but the then Dowayne was selective of when Léocadie took clients, consulting with her often after the girl turned eighteen, making her see the why, the delicate balance of the politics, Naamah's blessings and one own desires. It was at twenty that Léocadie realized that she was being groomed to become Second, for the Dowayne Thelssa's Second at the moment, a man named Jean was one of the wilting blossoms of Cereus, never meant to become Dowayne. Thelssa's foresight proved correct, for Jean found love and ended up leaving the House to live deep in Namarre's wine country and at the age of twenty four Léocadie was made the Second of her House much to her parents delight. When she turned twenty nine Thelssa took ill, the last illness in a line of sicknesses and Léocadie was made Dowayne, though she often sought Thelssa's advice for the first three years in her position and then the once Dowayne passed on and Cereus was fully in her hands. She has guided it well, handling the politics of the position, in particular that of being Cereus and thus the First of the Houses. She has gained the respect and admiration of her fellow Dowayne's and of her House.

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Escape Artist with Erythrite
ArtisteTurned into Escape Artist
     Genre: Undecided. 
     Possible Rating:Bondage to Non Con     ||     Setting: Open    ||     Pairing: M/F      ||    Preferred Character: Artist.

Sometimes being talented isn't always a blessing.. sometimes it can be a curse. One young artist, newly come to the glittering city she now attempts to work in, finds this much to her dismay. Finding a job was hard enough, and not even doing her own art, but rather restoring the great works of art; and yet that job and her skill at repairing and mimicking the greats is what draws the attention of a man of shadows. He sees in her a chance to play a game, whether out of mere boredom or deadly ernest it is unknown. Powerful, wealthy and ruthless to a degree he baits his trap carefully and then springs it, forcing her to make forgeries of the great works, something she could be ruined by doing if anyone finds out. Caught between a rock and a hard place she might well hate her talent and pray for a way out... or perhaps not.
~ Partially inspired by White Collar TV show and the British movie Wild Target. I am leaning toward a fantasy or historical setting here, a time of guilds, where women struggled to make any sort of name in art for themselves. As for possibly pairings I wrote this teaser up in mind with the shadow man the main male but if you have a suggested for someone who might help her out, or make things worse feel free to pitch it. As for his motivations, well that's wide open. This could turn into a love story but its not to start out that way.

The Maiden & The Selkie with MadameProfessor
The Maiden & the Selkie

'Lady, long have I loved you
I would have you for my wife
I will stay upon your shoreland
Though it robs me of my life
I will stay one night beside you
Never go back to the sea
I will stay and be thy husband
Though it be the death of me.'

From Heather Dales The Maiden and the Selkie

Her family had ever lived upon the shore in the rugged northern reaches of their kingdom, simple folk, those who fished and hunted for their livelihood following the Old Ways even as a new religion started to take hold of the country. After all, living so near the power of the ocean and near the great old woods there was too much proof of magic to ever believe otherwise, or that it was purely evil. A fisherman's daughter freshly coming of age could never imagine living elsewhere, in love with the wild rugged beauty of her home, teasingly told she was more than a bit fae herself, what with her way with animals, and how she would dance upon the shore line with the waves, her voice hauntingly beautiful. It was rumored that several generations back there was blood that wasn't human to lend her kin and her their arresting beauty and skills. And she was a beauty, with hair the color of forest loam with hints of red and gold in the sunlight, skin of pearl luminescence and dark eyes that saw much.

A lord of the Iron Faith caught sight of her one day, nearing sunset as she danced upon the nets in a pattern dance to call good luck to the fishing trip to start the next morning. It was old magic, magic that the new faith did not approve of, but he was willing to ignore her heathen ways and pardon she and her kin should she allow him certain liberties. Politely the girl pointed out it was simply a tradition, not true magic work and that no spell woven could be proved, that she was a dutiful daughter and not beholden to him. He disliked her delicate refusal, vowing it was not the end for he would have her for his own, through wooing or other means.

And so he wooed, attempting to buy her love with hard coin and favors that simple folk always needed, though her dark eyes never warmed for him and his temper warmed. Yet how could a man iron bound in thought and faith win the heart of a wild thing like her? Particularly when her heart was already given to the lord of the sea she had spied only a handful of times since she was a girl. It was for that male that she danced, the selkie among the waves who watched over the coast and ruled the weather. The ocean lay in her blood, a deep yearning that mean she would never leave her rugged home to live in a stone cage that was the lord's castle.

Yet the lord's patience wore thin, by laws of man she must bow before his plan to wed her or else suffer his wrath. The day before what would be her wedding day, the loss of all she yearned for, dreams abandoned she went to dance one last time with the waves. Clad in only her shift, her dark hair flowing freely around her shoulders the girl moved, her voice lifting in a soft melody woven in the Old Tongue as she celebrated that moment and gave her goodbye to the love that she had always dreamed of. She had never expected him to join her, coming from the waves in the moonlight to take her hand and lead her through a dance that made her blood race, her eyes sparkle with delight. This one moment would be worth the rest of her life sealed away from that which made her herself. Only...

His hand cupped her face, drawing her dark eyes to his and then the male she had loved for years offered to take her beneath the waves to be his wife. Oh the joy that leapt in her heart, only...

Lord, long have I loved you
As a Selkie on the foam
I would gladly go and wed ye
And be lady of your home
But I cannot go into the ocean
I cannot go into the sea
I would drown beneath the waves, love,
If I went along with thee.'
*From the song

Her heart nearly broke to utter such words, and threatened to shatter fully when he offered to stay this one night with her, to face the dawning sun that would mean his death should he remain upon the shore. And so her mind turned to the old tales, the memory of how the ocean had always called to her and so with a smile she proposed seeking the aid of her grandmother who had ever dwelt beside the sea. Hand in hand they went, each touch singing in her soul that this was the one she would love for all her life and beyond. Hope was a sharp thing in her heart, brittle when they knocked upon her grandmother's door. Knowing eyes met them, dark as her own, and they knew the sea lord for what he was, a selkie. Her counsel could not offer a way to live upon the land, yet if they stayed the iron lord might well kill her love or attempt to take her. So when her grandmother confessed the secret of her mother having been a selkie who buried her seal coat beneath a tree the maiden accepted the chance, going with shovel and selkie lord both to seek out the chance to escape into the waves.

Gravity of Love with MadameProfessor
Moonlight Turned into Gravity of Love
Historial - 1920's-1950's - Paranormal - Werewolves Housewife / Husband and/or Alpha Officer
Likely to Include Secrets -- Emotional Conflict -- Dark Paranormal -- Forbidden Passion -- Adultery[maybe] --
Possible Rating: Light to Non Con

She was the perfect Captain's wife, the perfect housewife.

They had built a life together, good and strong that held none of the negativity it could have. Because the 'perfect' woman came with a secret, one that had nearly ended their romance before it had ever begun. A secret that tied her to a family she had no desire to claim and a society she never felt at peace in. With their hands together she felt tenderness that was lacking, and hope. So it was him that she gave her heart to, and herself, getting engaged just out of high school and marrying not long after. She put up with the long hours on the job, patching him back together after a long shift, the public appearances, with tending the home as best she could, and always him. They were honestly happy.

Until her secret threatened to emerge. Until a man of her own kind showed up in their life, reminding her of everything she had sacrificed for her own version of the American Dream. Her own faith shunted back, denied to worship the Christian God. Her desires tamed, smothered into safe zones rather then the wild lust that lurked inside. And with that making certain that no child ever kept within her womb for surely then the secret could come out as well. And most of all never ever running wild, out beneath the moon...

But one can only deny their blood for so long. 

The breaking point came when another of her kind showed up in her husband's officers, for that man was far more then he seemed. For one thing he was an Alpha and able to recognize her for what she was the first time they met. What he thought of her secret she never dared to guess, but as time passed heat and attraction built, a sinful temptation of all the things she had denied herself so close to her. Caught between love that came with security against passion that threatened to consume she wavered. No one can live a double life forever though...


Setting would be somewhere starting at the Roaring Twenties up to World War II; the era of the more traditional 'housewife' but also when women were gaining more freedom.

Our female lead is a werewolf, but one that came from a rather rough and tumble Pack. The exact details I haven't quiet settled on but she ran away from Pack life and became a orphan/foster child of some sort, always a bit of a outsider through high school in some ways, save for the fact that she was incredibly beautiful in a uncanny way and there was this one person she felt utterly at ease with, who protected her from bullies a time or two. The man who would eventually become her husband. And she is, for the large part, very happy with him and she loves him dearly. The conflict comes from the fact that she's been denying who she is for years and then this man shows up to brings out the wild child in her.

This story could tease at adultery or have it, but there would be something between them. What the alpha thinks of her I've left open, the male lead could be either him or the husband... or both. I have a few possible ideas for how this could end but I'd rather leave that for discussion.   

Set Fire to the Rain with Phobetor
Set Fire to the Rain
Modern Fantasy/Paranormal - Lynette Devonte/Ex Lover. -- Story Thread Set Fire to the Rain with Phobetor.
Likely to Include  Love/Hate Relationship -- Past Attachments -- Toxic Relationship -- Non Con/Coercion/Seduction -- Dark Romance


That was a word for it. Wrong. Guilt ridden. Painful. Those were more. But there was also...Seduction. Pleasure. Love. Tenderness.

And wasn't enough, because it was suppose to be, it wasn't meant to be. Why I torture myself like this I just don't know..."
~ Lynette Devonte

Six Years ago...

That was when he saw her at Oxford, when he decided he would have her. She was young, fresh, full of life and promise; she was everything he had never been able to have before, with her elegant accent from South Africa, her lady like ways and yet the passion that lay lurking in those beautiful aquamarine eyes. An undergrad focused on Esoteric Anthropology and Linguistics to his grad school ranking.So he seduced her, took her for his own...regardless of the fact that he was already engaged.

He was dark, brooding, mysterious. At first she tried to stay away, but he was too enthralling for that to work and steadily she fell under his spell until she realized she was in love with him. In passion and trust she gave over everything, surrendered all...only to find out he was already taken. That she was a dirty little secret. She stayed with him though, thinking he might break things off, hoping he would love her back. They fought, often, hard, it was painful, both physically and emotionally but she still stayed, every time she threatened to walk he convinced her to stay, he loved her, and she was powerless to resist.

But it could never last like that, and finally she did walk out, and ran, ran all the way back to South Africa, to her family.

Unable to reach her, to reclaim her he realized he lost some of himself...and finally broke things off with his arranged fiancee.

Present day

The world has changed, drastically. Magic, and the paranormal....suddenly its all real. Very very real in fact. The boundaries between the different planes have been chipped away at steadily since the Age of Enlightenment really, people pushing to find more out there, searching for answers.

Answers they might not have wanted.

Lynette found herself graduating top of her class once she returned to Oxford after her fleeing her lover; and with her rather particular degree she was all kinds of useful, and thus recruited by the UN to help handle 'problematic situations'. Its become a globe trotting sort of job. And the newest 'situation' is the fact that there's a dragon. With no one knowing what the creature wants and very very aware of its abilities to destroy everyone wants to find the thing and 'figure it out' as it were. Lynette is the top choice to do so. But she's the diplomatic answer.

The UN also calls in their 'warrior' answer, wanting the two to team up.

Which is how Lynette comes face to face with him, the man who ruined her, who broke her heart and nearly her soul in some ways. Told she's suppose to work with him she at first flat out rejects it, storms away. But now that he's finally seen her again he won't let her go so easily. He tracks her to her hotel and lets himself in. And they come together like they did before, a tempest, unable to fight the pull between them but both hurting in different ways for it.

This time she's the one engaged, he's the one free, she tries to fight their connection, to block him out, he works to give them a chance, to get her to see that they can work together. Charming or slaying a dragon has to be easy compared to this.....

This story would be dark. It might have a happy ending, it very likely could not.

The two main characters weren't good for each other before, so they probably wouldn't be very healthy six years later either, and Lynette would be struggling with the guilt of the fact that she knows he isn't good for her, doubting him and of course the issue that she is very much engaged to a man that she does love and who is good to her. Even if he isn't the ex, and her body craves the things that her EX lover did to her.

The man I see as a very dominant person, and perhaps (likely I think) a Sadist. He would have his own past history and issues, and a reason to be in an arranged engagement that he held off breaking up for the two years that he and Lynette first knew each other. I won't flesh out more details then that since, well its not my character; but I have a lot of ideas about different plot twists and the like to toss at an interested party.

Again, going to be selective about who I choose to play this with.

Jagged Threshold with Aleph
Evasion -- Story thread Jagged Threshold with Aleph.
     Genre: Paranormal. Thriller.
     Possible Rating:Light to Non Con     ||     Setting: Modern Day    ||     Pairing: Open      ||    Preferred Character: Haunted.    ||     Seeking: Paranormal Warrior/Badass.

Sure there was nothing left for her after the last of her family passed on and she was fresh out of high school she set her eyes on the big city, sure she could make it. Just as everyone warned when she headed away to the big city after high school she returned, forever changed by what she had seen there. Haunted is more likely the right word. In the small town in South she was from there had never been a struggle to control her odd gift, and never a dark purpose to it. In the big bad city she found otherwise. So now she's back, taking up the old plantation/manor and meaning to restore it. There's plenty of money and the solitary work suits her just right, avoiding other people as much as she can, a recluse. But things are looking to change that real quick like.
~ Very rough idea, inspired by seeing lots of little towns on a roadtrip and a craving for a mystery story. So she's back in a small town, though outside it a bit, living on her own. Her past could be threatening to catch up to her or her powers could have attracted someone or something dangerous to her. Powers are not settled on, could be empath, seer or telepathic but she used her powers to either try and stop crimes or track down killers and that's part of what has her so shaken with all she's seen.

Love Never Dies with Geraint
Love Never Dies
Historical  or Fantasy [Historical Fantasy?] Lady / Open ~ Story Thread ~ Love Never Dies with Geraint.
Likely to Include   Celtic Mythos -- Almost tragic love -- King Arthur mythos -- Sidhe --  Epic Scope -- Adventure -- 

They were meant to be wed on Midsummer's Day, in great pomp and celebration.

He was the hope of their people, having brought them together under one banner and forged for them a glorious golden kingdom out of darkness; the stuff of legends. His systems of rule gave them a society far beyond those around them, made them a beacon and he had had a wife for a hand span of years. A dutiful queen she bore for her husband a child, a boy heir, but in that perished as women sadly do. Another was selected for him, Lady Myrena of the Golden Oaks, and a happier young woman there could never be. For her whole life she had worshipped him from afar and he was content as well with the choice at first. There were whispers of course, that someone had plotted this, killed the old queen...but when the King met his new Lady both were smitten, another moment from the tales.

For a year their handfast lasted, bright and filled with beautiful moments until the day drew near when their lives would be forever bound, full marriage.

Yet he slain by an assassin's poison dagger* and she left grieving rather then joyous.

Her purpose at Court was uncertain, others thought to court her in his stead but she refused, keeping to herself, visiting his tomb and always bringing flowers. The boy heir was given a adviser and the country seemed stable but not the Lady Myrena. Her days seemed haunted, her love just out of reach, just there. She felt as if she lived a waking dream and found little rest, nor comfort. One night when the moon was waxing and the witching hour came, when the veils parted and the worlds could touch he came for her though, her King. He lived anew in a new land, full of things from fables and he begged her to come with him. Promises of endless days and nights at his side, to make her his Queen anew and pleas for her to join him as he needed her healing aid and gentle heart; these filled her ears for three nights, and on the last he told her he woud never return.

For some love never dies...and so Myrena accepted his hand and followed him to where the dragon's lay and faeries danced....


A little love for The Faerie Queen and King Arthur myths mixed together with druidism and sidhe lore. The craving for something highly Celtic and pagan surfaced in me it seems and what better then a almost tragic love story? He would be King Arthur in a lot of ways, what parts of the myths we want to weave in would be up to us. She isn't Gwenifyar in my head, though aspects of that story, Lancelot de Luc and the Lady of Shallot could be woven in. Traveling into the Undying Lands, or the lands of the Tuthna De Dana pretty much would leave them wide open for all sorts of adventures as well. I don't have much set in stone on this outside of the simple want for it.

If I Loved You with FLN826

Setting : Modern - Music Industry
Pairing ~ Young Singer // Older Musician 
Likely to Include: Age gap -- Secret Love -- Unlikely Romance -- Sappy Moments
Possible Rating : Light to Bondage

The moment he had seen her, he knew.

She was a free spirited young thing, eyes shimmering with the brightness that came from youth and inexperience, that came from seeing the world as something of wonder rather than the jaded cynicism that came from experience. That he had in spades, which was perhaps the very reason she had sought him out, begged him to be her pianist in her new album. A relative unknown most had cautioned her that he would no doubt turn her down, he simply didn't work with others, particularly not singers. So he shocked her agent, her assistant, and even she herself by asking her to sign for him.

So she sang, and that knowledge wrapped around him that here was what he had spent his life looking for, a passion for music that could rival his own. When he had let the keys fall silent and confirmed he would be her pianist the young woman had thrown her arms around him in an impulsive hug. Much to his own surprise he returned it.

And so they began, at first with him just silent, observing, yet she turned to him for his opinion, sought him out in down time to discuss theories and ideas. A classical singer with a skill set the modern world marveled over she was a promising bright star. His goal was to make sure that happened. Her work became their work, and he fell in love with her as she sang him to life in ways he had forgotten were possible. Yet he held back, not sharing his feelings, cherishing their partnership, her absolute trust far too much to risk it. After all, what if she left then? What he couldn't know is that she was just as smitten with him, holding back because he was clearly more worldly, a handsome man in his prime and she too young and silly to hold his interest outside of the recording studio.

She picked a song from Carousel to sing then, another bright star joining her to sing it, but perhaps it was a hidden message, tempting the man who had watched her, yearned for her.

If I loved you....
Words wouldn't come in an easy way...
Round in circles I'd go...

Longin' to tell you but afraid and shy...."


I see this very much as a love story, as unlikely as it is at first. Both have feelings for the other but keep them hidden because they doubt the other would return them. Eventually their feelings matter more than the fear of what others around them think, but perhaps to start when they realize their mutual attraction they try to keep it hidden. 

Strip it Down with FLN826

Let it fade to black
Let me run my fingers down your back
Lets whisper, let’s don’t talk
Baby, leave my T-shirt in the hall
Like a needle finds a groove,
Baby, we’ll remember what to do
To drown out every distraction,
It’s time we made it happen

"You never use to wear spurs on your boots." The words were breathed out in a moment where they didn't really fit, not as their lips were clinging to each other outside of gasps for air with whiskey lacing the taste of his lips, of her own. His hands like a familiar sin caught her to him, his body backed her into a wall. Why had it seemed like such a good idea to move their discussion to his old place, the house full of so many memories for them. Jennifer couldn't remember for the life of her why she had agreed to come here, only that being here, with the taste of him on her lips again made her knees weak as the memories welled until she could hardly draw a breath around them.

It had all started it at the diner, running into each other after so many years apart.

High school they had been inseparable, sweethearts that everyone envied. Everyone had expected them to marry, hell she had expected it too which was why she had given him her virginity that long ago summer night in the barn. But he had been two years ahead of her in school and when he graduated he enlisted like a good country boy would. He had gone away the love of her life and returned to her a stranger when he finally did come back for her senior year. They had tried to make it work still, tried so hard it hurt as much as it had felt good originally; she was still the idealistic bleeding heart who planned to use her skills in writing and photography to change the world for the better as a journalist. He was a jaded solider. And when they had called him for some special team he had gone, just as she had gone to college. Letters could only hold off so much, as he changed from the boy who had shared everything to her to an enigma she could hardly understand.

His world was black and white, her's still in technicolor so they had broken things off and tried to go about their lives.

Only she had never really gotten over him, over the gleam in his eyes, the warmth of his hands or that Southern drawl that rasped her name just right. So here she was now, after they had gotten into an argument about the rights of the state to police it's citizens and taken the discussion back to his place with a bottle of whisky and some of his Ma's sugar cookies. Still the best damn cookies in the state, no doubt there. Sensing her thoughts had wandered he pressed into her, slanting his lips over hers in a plundering kiss that made her moan, toes curling inside her boots even as her heart hammered within her breast. "Don't talk, not now... I just need... let me, baby."

No words, because those would remind them why they shouldn't do this... so just as she had as a young girl she hooked her thumbs in the loops of his jeans and hauled him into her. Hands performed the nearly forgotten eager scramble to push his shirt up his torso, marveling at the muscles that hadn't been quite so defined when they were kids. He groaned as her hands greedily caressed him, lips only parting from her own when he tugged off his shirt and threw it behind them. Her shirt followed it, clothing tugged, pushed and removed almost forcefully until they were stumbling into his bedroom, into those white cotton sheets with the scent of his dark spicy cologne that always made her nipples harden. It still performed that feat, as he pinned her down to the mattress and set about speaking with his touch that burned away all the reasons why this was such a bad idea.

Inspired by Luke Bryan's Strip it Down.
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Devotion's Flame with Hyacinth
Vivienne nó Heliotrope
Genre: Historical Fantasy.
Time Period Preferred: Roughly French Renaissance.
Setting: Terre d'Ange - post Kushiel's Legacy.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Virgin.
Possible Pairings: Any - M/F, F/F or 'larger' pairings, as in M/F/M.

Original Purpose of Character
Vivienne nó Heliotrope was originally created for the group game Elua's Blood.

She was made a new adept, yet to experience her first patron and an orphan who was raised in the House of Heliotrope in the Court of Night Blooming Flowers.

Bask in love like the sun...

"Thou and no other"

Name : Vivienne nó Heliotrope
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Sexuality : Bisexual

Occupation : Servant of Naamah - Heliotrope
Rank : New Adept - yet to have her Virgin Night.

Personality : Romantic. Sensual. Eager. Youthful. Naive. Loyal. Devoted.

Heliotrope, and its canon and dogma seems to fit the young woman most perfectly; her love for life and easy going personality sparkle through all she does. She is a thoughtful, sweet young woman who puts all of herself into any task put before her, perfecting her skills as taught by her House to better serve the needs of those who will be her patrons, to repay the love and care her House has given her in turn. She loves adventure and poetry, often reading novels, sighing over the romance of stories. Her energy is usually like sunshine, bright and eager for anything, readily given over with no second though, no concern for herself. She is extremely loyal to her House and devoted to those she considers her family; perhaps at times a bit too selfless in a manner that has worried some of the older adepts of the House, that a patron might well drain the young woman dry. There is something innately sensual about Vivienne as well, from the way she moves to the way her eyes glance at someone, or how she forms lips, its never a intentional thing for the young woman, but it goes beyond even what graces the Night Court can teach in some ways.

Appearance :

Skin the color of cream, with natural rose tinting to her lips and cheeks, soft as satin and completely unmarred by anything; not even the start of a marque as of yet. Coupled with eyes of warm melting amber sunshine she seems to portray warmth physically as well as with her personality. Her features are feminine, lush and youthful, lips begging for the knowledge of kisses, eyes promising surrender and a sweet blush of naivete. Vivienne has waist length hair of rich curls the color of deep auburn, a rich red brown that has teasing highlights of gold at times in the sunlight. She stands to the height of five feet eight inches, tall for a woman but not overly, with long legs that led up to full hips and a narrow waist. Her body is one of lush femininity, curvy and full. Her favored colors are jewel tones, wine red, amethyst, emerald, all striking on her. Her hair she tends to wear unbound, reflecting a maiden's status, and for jewelry she has little use as of yet, choosing simple things and leaving the rich colors of her gowns to make the impact for her along with her natural beauty.

Brief History :

Little is known of the fair Vivienne's parents; she was found an orphan in Azzalle, at a Temple of Elua when she was but three years of age. Noticing her fairness, and all the promise for striking beauty the Priestess who found her thought it a good investment in the girl's future to send her to the City of Elua and the Night Court. She was raised a foundling, on chance placed within Heliotrope who had the space at the time and as she grew it seemed a happy accident that the House canon was indeed within her heart. Vivienne loved and gave of herself freely, an easy bright child full of laughter and wonder at simple things. She was never one to cause trouble though perhaps too easily caught up in emotions at times, still those emotions were meaningful and that was part of Heliotrope's canon, for to give devotion and love to another one must embrace their own emotions and understand them. A happy childhood passed with her eagerly learning all that was set before her. Once apprenticeship started in earnest it was all that mattered to her and she served happily in whatever capacity requested of her. And steadily, closer and closer came her birthday, or rather the one assigned to her by the Priestess who had found her solo self in the Temple all those years ago; the Longest Night. Yet to turn sixteen upon that eve could have been a bittersweet thing, denied the first taste of the Masque and made to wait for after the Bidding for her Virgin Night concluded...yet her Dowayne saw a use in it for her to attend, the better to display to those gathered what would be up for offer. And so she was granted permission to attend the Masque but given strict instructions to entangle herself with no one; aware of the debt she owes her House and also out of her own sense of loyalty Vivienne means to obey. And soon, soon would come her first patron.

Blossom of the Night with Geraint
Blossom of the Night
Historical - Renaissance-Edwardian [or Fantasy] -- Demon/Vampire
Pairing ~ Bloodline Descendant / Vampire
Likely to Include  Stalking -- Blood -- Dark Romance -- Corruption of Innocence -- Forbidden Relationship --
Possible Rating: Bondage to Non Con

In a time of darkness, when Rome lay under siege and the barbarian horde was without, slowly killing people by degrees a Roman Senator was approached by a a creature of shadows. The Goths were without, and blood ran within the walls, death more common then life, and hope, hope a fragile thing shattered by countless things. Dark days, dying days for the once great Empire.

But this demon had a offer, silky presented with coaxing voice and honeyed tones, that seemed the only way to save his children, to insure his bloodline lasted beyond the dark days. For his children were two, twins, a boy and girl who were near the same in soul and looks, adoring of each other and innocent even yet as far as he could see so. And the creature desired only one, for the prince of the son given to his keeping the daughter would live, die of safe old age and be contented with her life, wanting for nothing. The Senator agreed, knowing the Council soon would have to bow to the Goths invasion of the city, that life as he knew it was truly at an end. Oath given, son betrayed and sold the old man and his daughter, with money and servants both were let out of the city and spirited to the north in comfortable exile of unimportance that safe guarded their life. And the boy, the boy was given youth, time to age, trained as a warrior to suit his owner's standards. Wait the creature did, with calculating patience until perfection in his 'protege' was achieved and death, or rather immortality, was granted with a searing bite and blood given in return.

This son of Rome took up his Master's task upon that turning, watching over his twin sister, knowing he would never age beyond what he was then, forever immortalized as a warrior in peak of strength while she by then was mother and wife, nurturing young of her own. For years he watched, silent, and learned of the world at the hands of his owner. Time slipped passed, Rome fading from power, new kingdoms formed and powers brokered, and in time he was on his own without the man who had shaped his being. It was then he realized the truth of loneliness that had prompted the demon to present the offer that he had, the unending days tired one without company, companionship an impossible thing to grasp at.

He began to watch his sister's bloodline, generations passed now, for one who might one day be his equal, stalking each young woman in restless hope that she might prove to be the one who's soul would call him from the shadows into fragile sunlight. Countless years spent in this endeavor proved to him what he was seeking was in fact his sister's soul anew, that other that had been in perfect compliment to him before, the only fragile sort of magic that might steal from him the weight of his existence and give him anew a reason to truly live.

And then just as he gave up hope... she was born.

A bit of a twisted, [and yes slightly incestuous] story. It was partly inspired by reading a book in which the vampires of the setting nurtured their living bloodlines to create the perfect scion for them. Demon or vampire would be fine, as long as the basics of a ancient man finding his soul mate by the bloodline he once shared comes to pass. Granted the biting is appealing, the power of his blood would be interesting to discuss. I would prefer to keep this story historical [though I might be talked into modern or near modern] thus a time range from the Renaissance to Edwardian period [1910's]. It does not need to be set in Italy, it would make sense for people to move after all and he would follow her bloodline.

As to his Master, the other demon/vamp could have been killed or simply gotten bored once the man reached a certain point and abandoned him. Everything is up for discussion with the right partner.   

I have entertained the thought of him perhaps somehow taking control of her childhood, either by coercion with her parents or their deaths and her being brought up in a Convent to leave her completely innocent, a blank canvas to twist as he desires. Yet she will have very much her own personality and thoughts, perhaps even surprising him by her spirited defiance at turns.

How I Wish You Were Mine  with Flightless Bird

Setting : Modern
Pairing ~ D.A.'s Daughter // Bodyguard
Likely to Include: Danger -- On the Run -- Action -- Forbidden Romance -- Vengeance
Possible Rating : Bondage to Extreme

It's 10 past 2, still up thinking of you
If I showed you all I really want to
Would you stay, dare to push me away
I just can't return anymore

Timid heart, hide my scars
Make me stronger

I can't take this any longer
I need, I need you like water
It's on the tip of my tongue
I'm not asking for much
Just your love and not another
Cause your embrace keeps me warmer
Could I tell you this time
How I wish you were mine....

Cynical about her absent father's want to provide, built upon the scars from her manipulative mother who angled constantly for control over her and her modeling career the raven haired beauty had no desire to get entangled with anyone. No one had ever taken care of her outside of herself, a lesson learned hard and early raised by her abusive mother; not that her D.A. of a father had cared enough to fight for custody or be around. Now as a young woman striking out on her own Jeanette wanted nothing to do with either parent, but got conned into attending one of her father's many social galas, trailed by her newly assigned burly shadow.

Neither of them would have expected her father to get killed, right in front of her, or for her guardian to narrowly save her life from the killer who wanted to eliminate the witness and get revenge.

Her father had used a criminal's daughter to lure the man out, to capture him and in the cross fire the daughter had gotten killed. An eye for an eye, the old saying said, only her father died first with the promise that she would be tortured before finally being granted the release of death. They hadn't known she was hidden in the closet, shoved in there by her father when the door had started to crumple in around the lock and told to stay. All the years of torment under her mother's hands meant nothing when faced with the violent memory of her father's death, the realization that he had loved her, perhaps, and had been trying to protect her in his own way. That heartache had prompted tears, and a half sob that had drawn the masked murderer's attention toward the closet door, but then in came striding her terse shadow, the bodyguard her father had insisted on and the killer fled, bleeding.

Stumbling from the closet, Jeanette went to her father's side but the man was already gone, no matter how she tried to push at his chest, to bring him back even for a moment. What secrets had he been hiding, to push her away? Her shadow didn't give her time to process, whisking her away to a safe house with an intent to keep her alive long enough to testify and bring the killer to justice. Close confines for extended periods of time, having to run, to keep hidden from the killer hunting her while piecing together the secrets her father had kept, that her mother had tried to destroy leaves her with just one person to lean on... him.

Before too long she can't stop thinking about him, can't stop the aching need that builds, until she wonders what it might be like to drown in him....

Inspired by Pentatonix'sWater

Potential First Post
Attending one of her father's social glitz parties wasn't particularly high on Jeannette Turner list of things she had wanted to spend her evening on, but Daniel Turner was as relentless with is daughter as he was with the criminals he prosecuted. Which meant it was just easier to accept the invite, fully intending to only linger for perhaps an hour before making her excuses. So the twenty one year old had appeared perhaps slightly late for the party in a green satin dress that hugged her generous curves, matching her striking eyes and setting off her fair skin and raven black hair only to find that her father's chief of staff had been waiting for her to show up to announce that she now had a body guard. The man was a towering bear of a male, probably in his late thirties if she had to guess by anything, and her father was very conveniently not available for her to argue the point.

"Mr. Adams I assure you, I don't need protection, this is ridiculous. Most people don't even know my father has a daughter, let alone that it's me. How am I suppose to explain this when I'm on a shoot?"

"Your father thought it best, Ms. Turner, so you will simply have to accept his protection."

Adams whisked himself off to more important business, leaving her with the rather handsome if far too intimidating of a man. The fact that her heart was racing a little at being alone in the man's company wasn't something Jeannette cared to examine, instead her emerald green eyes took one long look at him before moving away, trying to see past the well dressed social elite milling about the mansion her father had, the perk of the amount of land in Texas she supposed. She just needed to find her father and return his newest 'gift' the way she had all the others over the past two years. Daniel needed to realize that showering her with expensive things he thought she wanted wasn't the way to make up for vanishing from her life when she was nine, and being an absent father at best prior to that.

"Look, I don't even know what your name is but my goal is to not have to find out. I seriously have no idea what he was thinking.... give me a minute and you can get back to looking threatening somewhere else." Her voice was perhaps huskier than most would expect for a younger woman, but it fit the picture of a sensual bombshell she had decided to cultivate upon becoming a model. It had paid off well so far, her 'star' as it were rising rapidly. Not just a pretty face she had recently graduated from UT Dallas top of her class with a degree in business. Her business just happened to be the promotion and marketing of herself, and eventually she hoped a full agency of plus size models. There needed to be more representation of fuller figures in the media, so other girls didn't grow up like she had, hating a body that naturally was curvier, bigger than the other girls, with her mother's sharp lectures creating wounds that were still healing. Jeannette Turner had made sure she didn't need anyone else, particularly not a overly muscled body guard.

Weaving her way through the crowd she ignored the glances of censor or lust she garnered from others with her lack of supposed modesty or shame for her curves, focused on just locating her father. Dallas Fort Worth's social elite bored her, reminding her too much of the world her mother had always been trying to claw her way into. The bodyguard shadowed her, but eventually she located her father speaking with some other gentleman who trailed off as she came close.

"Dad, how lovely to see you." Her tone was polite, if perhaps overly sweet in a manner that would warn anyone who knew her of her temper. The stranger gave a smile, and a chuckle.

"I haven't had the pleasure of meeting your daughter, Daniel."

Daniel Turner's gaze moved to her then, the same emerald hue as her own though warmer, if harder to read. His lips quirked with a smile that fit well on his handsome features. He was a good looking man, if a little past his prime though his shoulders were still broad and spine straight, his head of dark hair the same raven silk she had. Perhaps that was why Angelica Turner had never been able to forget her ex husband, their shared daughter looked too like him. "Darlin', so nice to see that you made it. Mr. Croft and I were just discussing the latest Stars game."

Aware he expected her to be polite the girl put a smile on her lips and extended her free hand for a shake, the other holding her black clutch that matched the black leather of her heels. "A pleasure, Mr. Croft."

"Mine as well, Ms. Turner." The handshake was politely firm, making her wonder just what this Mr. Croft did for a living but he seemed a decent sort. Daniel's arm went about her shoulders once the handshake was over, pulling her closer. In public she didn't put up a protest, mindful of both their images.

"If you'll excuse me, Ted, I'm in need of catching up with my daughter." The other man gave a nod of his head and moved on, leaving the curvy model alone with her father who chuckled the moment there was no one within easy hearing range.

"Don't like the bodyguard, do you?" Oh he knew her well, for all that had had been a stranger till the past year of awkward father-daughter bonding attempts. Her lips thinned slightly even as she shook her head.

"It's ridiculous, I'm a small time model right now, and what is he suppose to do when I go work my retail job? Loom near the dressing rooms?" Jeannette kept her voice pitched low, her eyes glittering with displeasure even as Daniel tugged her toward a hallway that led to his private study. He even let the bodyguard enter the room first to search it, and then to remain after he closed the door behind them and locked it. The security obsession had her frowning as she settled into a chair that had become rather familiar over the past few months. They had often argued in the study.

"I was working a case that has drawn some heat, and in particular, a threat against you. So it's not ridiculous, and you don't need to work that retail job at that store. I've told you a hundred times I can support you while you build your career. You could even move in here, save on rent."

"Daniel.... Dad... I'm not nine years old anymore, we've had this talk."

Sober with TyCaine

Setting : Modern
Pairing ~ Seduced Woman // Drunk
Likely to Include: Addiction -- Substance Abuse -- Love/hate Relationship -- Dubious Consent
Possible Rating : Bondage to Extreme

Up in the clouds
Yeah, you know how to make me want you
When we come down
Oh I know, yeah I know, it's over

You don't know how to love me when you're sober
When the bottle's done you pull me closer
And you're saying all the things that you're supposed to
But you don't know how to love me when you're sober

She had sworn this wasn't going to happen again, that she was done. How many times had they acted out this same moment, that same impossible sheer attraction that simmered between them. Like oil and flame, together they were great as explosives, less great at other things. But it hadn't mattered towards the end of the night, not as they shared drinks at the hotel bar after a successful conference. Toasts to success had turned into the liquid courage that it always took for her to abandon her principles enough to accept the twisted form of love he could offer. She knew she deserved better, the issue was that she wanted him and nothing worked. He only thawed enough to open himself up to someone once he had a few drinks in him.

The hot and cold had driven her away, breaking off their relationship to preserve what was left her of her heart.

A few months away and a night of sharing drinks had weakened that resolve because no one else had ever gotten her the way he did. So she had let him take her up to his hotel room, had kissed him starving for his touch and they had all but consumed each other with their passion. Hours they spent, tangled up in each other. But now the morning light was coming through the window as she lay on the pristine white sheets of the hotel's bed, blinking back tears as the memories came back telling her just how this morning would go. Throat working she shifted cautiously, planning to slip out of the room before he could wake up but his hand caught her wrist, a light pressure that had her eyes glancing back, wondering. He had never reached for her in the morning after.

Was something different now after all?

Inspired by Selena Gomez'sSober

What Comes of Throwing Gold with Justric

Fantasy - Fairytale Inspired
Pairing ~ Enchantress & Arrogance Prince
Likely to Include Epic Quest --Magic -- Unlikely Love -- Twisted Fairytale -- Redemption Story -- World Building
Possible Rating: Open

Let us go, fair steed, to the ends of this earth and back. Only then, with a snap of my finger, will I return you to your princely form. For after much hardship & faith, you will have earned the right to finally be my forever champion...

Not all princes are born noble, kind and just.

Or perhaps, it would be best to say that not all princes are raised to be the qualities so often sung about Prince Charming; indeed quite a few come out the other end of whatever training their parents ordered with a sense of entitlement, of ownership of the world around them. One such prince suffered an over abundance of arrogance coupled with a disregard for two things that would lead him into the arms of a curse; the intelligence of a woman beholden only to herself and the powers of the 'Other' world he scoffed at. The product of a military minded kingdom, having been trained, as second sons so often are in his family, to be a Lord of War his logical mind was sadly rather rigid.

Of course there was the matter of the Quest, for all princes eventually go on some sort of quest and this one was a good shot for our proud young prince to claim a kingdom for his own, to become more than just a trusted adviser. After all his older brother was well loved, healthy and strong as a bull so there was little need for the spare in this case. When word came from the kingdom to the west that the old King whose only child was a princess of surpassing beauty and grace was holding a contest to win her hand there was nothing for it but that he should set out immediately after preparing for any eventuality.

Except he wasn't prepared for her.

She had seemed to just be an old woman at the crossroads after all, some hag begging for bread that he didn't have to spare for he had rationed exactly what he needed. His world of precise figures didn't leave a lot of room for little random acts of kindness. Why should a prince be kind, though. So he ignored her first plea, demanding directions instead, and when she spoke again ordered in haughty tones that had never been denied before that she obey. Perhaps snorting and telling him he had all the manners of a savage mutt hadn't been the best course of action but he had not been the first prince she had dealt with today, and her patience was thin. His temper, never needing to be controlled in the past with those beneath him snapped the leash and he had gone to strike her.

"You dare! Do you have any idea who...." His roar of indignation trailed off even as he leaned down on his horse to get closer to her for the appearance of a hag melted away revealing a woman neither old nor ugly and with eyes that shimmered like the sunset.

"I do, dear Prince, believe me. I think mayhap you are the one in ignorance."  He hauled himself back up, hands tight on the reins as he realized he faced an enchantress. Dangerous creatures them, tamed to no man's hand or law.

No words were needed then, he was a man of action after all and his action of choice was to charge toward her, meaning to remove the obstacle from his path. His horse spooked, though, and he found himself falling toward the ground abruptly. He didn't hit the ground, that would have been too kind a fate. Instead her magic caught him, transforming him mid oath into the form of the beast he had meant to use to carry out his petty vengeance for not having control over the situation. As she watched the spell take the enchantress could only shake her head and sigh, "How like a male." And yet she too was confronted with an unexpected complicated, for far back in the Prince's bloodline there lay magic and the curse twisted, making him a unicorn rather than a simple horse.

The stallion was no better than the human though, snorting and prancing, tossing his head though he could not shake the bridle try though he might until he was sweat soaked and heaving for air. Hair of raven, skin like the moon and eyes the shifting hues of a summer sunset, the witch gazed at her newest complication with a sigh. "I was only meant to test the Questers you realize, to send you down a path that would help you grow into the man you should be to bear the title Prince, or onward toward the princess with a gift to help you win. You however... are simply a menace. I really don't have time for this, I realize you have little thought for any life outside your own but my apprenticeship here is nearly done and I have my own realm to return to... still..." The witch frowned, clearly mulling over her options. After all she couldn't just leave him, and the magic that had done this would need to be lifted every fifth day to help him retain his humanity. But he would revert, until he learned his lesson.

It was a good thing, she decided, that she was a good seat and steady hand on the reins for he would go with her and be her transport as she journeyed back to claim birthright. After all, it wouldn't be forever.

But by the time she reached the end of her journey perhaps neither of them would want to say goodbye.


Our witch is not just any person, but rather a Fae Princess who had to flee her own realm some time ago for her own safety when a usurper attacked before she was of age to claim the throne. She was doing one last thing before returning to reclaim her birthright and managed to get stuck with a stubborn Prince who's temper might just match her own. Not to mention the need to teach him how to use the magic now coursing through his body since having her mount blow things up every few miles isn't exactly what she wants. The journey can be harrowing, demanding, and when he spends time as a human they well might bicker as much as they do when he's in his cursed form. I picture this relationship very hate at first, and then slowly transforming towards love over time. She was not the princess he set out to quest for, but becoming the type of warrior and man who can be a Fae Princess' consort is no easy thing. What will prompt him to want that? 

Bound Across Time with Peripherie
     Genre: Fantasy.
     Possible Rating: Open     ||     Setting: Fantasy - Open     ||     Pairing: M/F     ||    Preferred Character: Priestess    ||     Seeking: Warlord King.
Of all the things Rhiannon had planned during her summer break ending up in a place that seemed like ancient Rome crossed with a fantasy world wasn't exactly one of them. As a history major grad student she had both feet firmly in the practical world until the night she was chased through the forest by hungry wolves only to come face to face with a being that was like something out of the ancient myths. Not man, not wolf, but something more, something more that saved her, and then left her with a searing memory of it's heat and the unexpected gift of three incredibly loyal wolves to guard her safety. When she finally locates a small village she finds that she truly is in another world. Out of place among the others, a stranger who can not fully speak their language though they take the wolves silent guardianship as a sign from the gods not to trifle with her. Making the best out of the weird situation seems the route to go, so the spirited redhead uses her 21st century knowledge and photographic memory to try and improve the lives of others around her unintentionally getting labeled a powerful mystic. A warlord who bears the sign of the wolf hears of this and seeks her out, where she lives in a temple long left to ruin on the edges of a crumbling city that had once been a seat of power. Something about him seems familiar, but she's not prepared for the villagers she helped to give her over to him as a sacrifice, nor for her guardian wolves to acknowledge the man as their Alpha. But when he touches her she realizes he is the same being who saved her that night in the forest and her fascination binds her to him as surely as his claim of her does. Together they have a chance to rebuild from the ruins of the forgotten civilization, his warriors and refugees alike ready to create roots rather than wander. She is installed as the High Priestess of the Wolf, and he as the Warlord King, though there are others who would wrest the power from them if they could and see them fall to ruin.
~ Open to having it be some other animal or fantastical beast like a dragon or some sort.
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Re: Wistful Musings [MUL - A little of everything]
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For Phobetor

Stolen Time -
Historical Fantasy/High Fantasy - Clockworker-Spy/Captain/Pirate --- In Discussion.

Stolen Time
It was her father's greatest genius and most secret project. And it was stolen.

With the Great War looming closer and closer to her country when one of the generals who had been a life long friend of her now deceased father came to her and asked for her help in retrieving the clock she could hardly say no. Especially not with the knowledge that her father's last creation was in the hands of pirates. Given the information needed to track them, and money to aid in it M left behind her life and all she had known and her work as a spy for Her Majesty's protection. Waiting in the favored port of the pirate Captain who sailed the Slip of Time was a chance for her to adopt the facade of sultry, bold dockside inn keeper; not a whore but something near enough to be interesting to a Captain once she caught his eye. Her plan worked, she got him in her tavern, and drinking, she tempted and teased until she found her way onto his vessel and in his company.

But the Captain was not as drunk as she thought he was, for he was playing her with interest as well.

She managed to get her hands on the clock, the damnable clock that could slow time or speed it, that could alter so much in the coming war. He had been using it for his own greedy purposes to her mind, the country needed it more, the continent even. But he caught her, and they tussled for the thing. And it fell. Fell and broke upon the deck. He had her bound, either by his own hands or those of his first mate and called for his men to get aboard ship, left her in his cabin. M got free though, and tried to piece the broken parts back together again, planning to escape.

Her hands touched something the wrong way and the whole ship shuddered before finding itself pulled through a time hole, to a time and place unknown.

Which left her with some very very angry pirates; only the fact that she was the creator of the pieces's daughter and vowed that she could fix it stayed their hand from killing her then and there. But clock work is delicate and a few pieces seem to be missing....Whatever is a girl to do.

* M is because I haven't settled on a name yet, the pirate ships name can change as well. This is very very rough, I'm not firmly set on any of the details, just the set up of girl is the daughter of the inventor of this clock thing that alters time; she tries to get it back from the pirates and it ends up breaking. Key trips through time and the world as she tries to fix it. This could be historical, set about the time of the Great Turkish War in my head (1660's I believe) or completely fantasy but I do want a 17th century tech and culture feel to it. Also...sort of hoping for MFM with this story, that is the girl, the Captain and one of the officers or some such, perhaps typical but hey, that's the craving :)

Moving On in discussion with Phobetor (Play it Again twist)
     Genre: Modern or Historical [any conflict post World War I].
     Possible Rating: Any     ||     Setting: USA     ||     Pairing: M/F/M    ||    Preferred Character: Left Behind Girl   ||     Seeking: Solider and/or New Man.
National pride is a great thing, a thing to be proud of, and there's no greater measure of it than to enlist. Or so they were told, young idealistic kids that they were. And when her high school sweetheart enlisted she was supportive, even as they exchanged promise rings and vows to write to each other. And they did, during basic, during his first deployment, but when he came back after being in action he was different. He burned hotter and seemed to need her so badly, so they threw caution to the wind, making love and clinging to each other until he was sent out again. A month later the girl realizes she's pregnant and reaches out to him. But there's no reply, not to letters, or emails, even his family hasn't heard a thing. Faced with the fact he might be dead, or he might not care anymore she faces a war of her own, how to be a single, unwed mother, how to be alone because her family wasn't exactly thrilled. And just when she seems to be able to pick up her heart and move on with a good man her solider returns from the war, unaware of just what he's walking back into.
~ A love triangle of epic[ly predictable] proportions. She could be either nearly due or the baby is a new born, or as much as a year to two years old, that's really flexible. Pretty much he was the love of her life, and then he just vanishes, leaving her to struggle on alone with very little support. The degree to which her family disapproved and she's outcasted from the town is up for discussion, as is just who the new man in her life is.

Historical  or Fantasy [Historical Fantasy?]
Paring ~ Exotic Captives / Emperor & Court
Likely to Include Forbidden Love -- Epic Scale -- Tangled Relationships -- Redemptive Story
Possible Rating: Bondage to Non Con [could go to Ex I guess]

The land was torn with strife, brother fighting brother and blood running like a river. The blossom of a generation slaughtered, and more as warlords battled against one another all to try and achieve control over the land...

And from deep in the desert lands came one who brought together the fierce nomads who had never sworn to anyone, and then one clan and another. Little is known of how exactly he took each group only that he did it in such a way that loyalty was absolute, unwavering. With his coming the bloodshed came to an end and when his leadership repelled the advance of another kingdom, indeed turning around to conquer that nation he was celebrated. And crowned the Emperor; more lands fell before his grasp, but he was not a cruel ruler, simply just and stern. Years passed and even the land changed to his desires, it became clear their ruler did not age or take wound, and so was often referred to as the Immortal Sun of the land.

From blood and sand he built a empire of might, yet also a center of learning, medicine and culture, cultivating peace though never at the price of justice. Once his grand palace was built he decided though to collect to him those would could keep him company through the long years of his life, seeking out the most exotic, elusive and mysterious of beauties to fill his seraglio.

The first was a powerful enchantress....the second a mermaid....the third a ethereal Fae....each a precious gem that he gathered to him, the rarest of beauties, more followed, some even human with just a trace of something 'other' in them, though those he never kept for long, not wanting to see them pass from life before his eyes. It was said no beauty could resist him...

So it was proved when he reached for the stars and one came into his grasp, a pale otherworldly beauty clad in naught but spun stars and her silver gold hair. But the stars are keepers of fate, watchers of time and oracles to the days yet to come. His gilded Star holds in her hands his future if she cares to tell him what is written in the stars...


The Star and the Emperor would be the clearest roles to play but I would actually rather have myself and my partner play more than one character in this, or at least use secondary characters often. The first three mentioned of his harem, and perhaps others, would factor in as well along with Princes under his rule, generals, etc.  This story would have a very broad scope.

I listed above a few things desired to be explored in this, female on female action in a seraglio was fairly common at one point in time, and it can be readily in wherever we set this. Training/practice and well simply for pleasure as well of course.

There would also be tribute gifts given to him from different provinces, girls, where most likely the majority of his human part of the harem comes from. He wouldn't love them, might even neglect them and there could be a tragic/forbidden love story between one of them and someone outside of the Emperor (a good example of that sort of thing could be the very tragic romance between Lady Tuptim and Khun Phra Balat in Anna and the King.)

Perhaps he even falls in love with a human, that would have its own interesting fall out. Or like the King in Anna and the King, with a woman from outside his control who ultimately leaves his side for some reason. That could be the Star though I suppose...

Inspirations for this wed together from ~ Anna and the King, One Night with the King, Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time and a few other things as well.

Setting : Modern, Various Locations
Pairing ~ Hollywood's Golden Girl // Bad boy actor
Likely to Include:  Interpersonal drama -- Unlikely love -- Traveling -- Complications -- Open
Possible Rating : Any - open to making D/s

It had just been another assignment, another job like any other. She was an actress, this was what she did after all; taking on another identity and living it for the span of the filming. She had grown up a child star, always in the spotlight, Hollywood's golden girl, able to do a wide array of roles and nabbing awards left and right. The world was at her feet, nothing she couldn't do or have.

What she hadn't expected was him.

First day of filming she could hardly take her eyes off him, something about the way he looked at her leaving her fascinated. Ever the professional she managed to control her interest though, focusing on the job at hand, the same way she always had. It was best, as her mother had taught her from an early age, not to get romantically entangled with co workers, with anyone who was also in the spotlight. Best to just be a name, a brand to be sold. That lasted until he offered her a hand and a picnic beneath the wide open stars of their locale, far from the filming crew, just the two of them. She learned what he tasted as the sunset with glorious colors, pulling back with a hot blush that made her rosy cheeks match her red lipsticked lips. He was too handsome, too worldly, too intense, yet she couldn't resist. 

After that nothing was the same; her character fell in love with his in the adventure film they were shooting but she fell in love with him as well over the months they worked together. It was her first truly adult role, hints of her skin, exploring her sensuality, growing up from being the little darling to the sensual woman who could rivet a room with her performance. A break through role for her. They wrapped filming, promising to stay in touch, to remember the sultry nights they spent together, an impossible love story that somehow they kept from others realizing due to her need for privacy.

Months later at the premier she showed up alone as ever, but found another on his arm, kissing his lips. Had he never truly cared for her? Had it been a game? Was she the only one who still dreamed of their time together? Questions welled inside her, but there was no time or space to ask them so she smiled, putting on the act for the premier, and for the premier's that followed, holding herself together by sheer will as they neared the awards season with speculation rampant that she would win any number of awards for her work. She would trade every golden statue and star for one more moment alone with him though, one more moment in the wild, impossible dream they had shared in that far away place....

Inspired by Taylor Swift's - Wildest Dreams

Potential First Post
As a Hollywood darling from the tender age of four there wasn't much that Khloe Mason was nervous about with movie premieres. Yet as the limo carrying her pulled into the line for the red carpet she felt her stomach knot with nerves that had nothing at all to do with the adoring public, the critics, photographers, and fellow working folks who would be present. No, it wasn't about if the movie would do well, it would, with her name and Simon Dumont's on it it was going to be a box office hit no doubt. That it was a light hearted adventure film with hints of sensuality only made it that more eagerly awaited, after all it was her first 'adult' role that took her squarely out of the teen princess scope and placed her as a young woman in her own right. The car pulled forward only to halt again, idling as it waited and drew out her torture because she wasn't sure if she wanted to be on the carpet already or not.

After all it would mean seeing him. Simon Dumont.

It hadn't been a part of her plan to fall in love with her co-star, in fact it had been very purposefully kept out of every plan she had ever made for her life thanks to her mother's early coaching. Olivia Mason didn't have time for that sort of foolishness, and neither did her daughter. But Simon had been like a force of nature, sweeping into her life and leaving her cast from the moorings of everything she had thought she knew. And then he was gone, just like that, after the filming. So much for the tender kisses, those steamy nights tangled together. So much for being something special to him, because less than two weeks after filming had wrapped she had seen his picture pop up in the news with another young actress known for her wild partying and found herself grateful that even if she hadn't kept herself from falling in love with the bastard she hadn't let their names be linked together. No gossip for the golden girl. Just how she was going to hide her heartache the nineteen year old didn't really know though.

Another forward motion of the car, and this time with the rap on the window that meant it was her turn to appear on the carpet. Khloe smoothed out her features, inhaling and exhaling deeply before the door was opened and a hand offered to assist her out of the limo. She stepped out to the familiar chorus of shoots and camera clicks, a smile firmly in place that made her bright blue eyes sparkle even if she couldn't see for the blinding spots from all the flashes going off. The car pulled away behind her as she glided forward on the red carpet, just focusing on her breathing as she paused to pose for different cameras to show off her perfectly styled raven black hair, the gorgeous red silk designer gown that clung to her torso and the swell of her hips before flaring out at her legs in the classic mermaid style. The color was daring and bold, much like the plunging neckline, though it only went so far as half way down the swell of her cleavage, daring for her, not compared to others of course. What would he think of it?

No. She instantly told herself, his thoughts on her clothing didn't matter a whit anymore. He wasn't going to see the red and black lace under garments beneath the gown either. He wasn't going to know how often she had cried in that first month after filming, how many times she had thought about texting him to ask if she had meant anything to him. Khloe had far too much self respect to play those games. So she forced him from her mind, moving further down the carpet to pause and mingle with Cosmo, always good for a girl's image, and her dress would no doubt prompt a new rush of red formal gowns for the spring season of prom that was coming up. She was here at the first of many premiere's for The Golden Scarab, not for the blond haired bad boy that had trashed her heart.

At least, that was what she tried to convince herself even as she heard his name called out and felt her heart twist and her stomach plummet. That he arrived didn't matter to her. She finished her conversation and moved on, the words falling from her lips on auto pilot because honestly the world around her was just a blur as she felt her skin prickle with the edge of awareness she had always had when he looked at her. But she refused to turn back, to look at him, instead posing with Daniel Carter, another of the film's stars and one of the handsomest men in Hollywood. Too bad he wasn't the one that she had fallen for and still wasn't over.

For Le Immortelle
Vengeance -- saved for Amazon
NYC Modern Day Sassy Jane / Crime Lord
Likely to Include Violence -- Crime -- Guns and Blood -- Bondage -- Rough Sex -- D/s -- Death --
Possible Rating: Bondage to Extreme
There are some people one should just not fuck with. But then there's always people who are so damn sure they know best, that they will get away with doing what they think is right, an ends to a means after all. Our story starts before the hubris though..

Once there was a man.

He was not a good man, but rather a crime lord with a reach through almost every level of the city. He does more then sell goods, information, violence, he rules his part of the city and keeps the family fortunes growing. A golden child no doubt to his parents and family, the dark princeling with a nearly feudal like power over his underlings even in the modern day world. But life changes, throws curve balls. Like said darkling prince getting sick and being admitted to a hospital where he meets a bright innocent, a civilian unaware of his life and job, of his family of danger. He falls in love with her, enthralled by this bright light in his life, a purity he never thought could be his.

And so he took a step away from his old world, trying to reject it, to recreate himself into something new, someone who could fit into his love's world.

His loss was felt and so those claiming to have his best interest in their hearts acted. First they spied, noticing the woman was talking to a federal agent, and then they stalked, waiting, until they slaughtered her and hid her body. The last they didn't do as well as they should, for those still loyal to his will found the body and brought it to him. It was the missing piece of jewelry he had given the woman that led him to the killer, one of his own. When confronted he was told that they believed the woman was going to betray him, only for it to come out that his love had been talking to the man for a reason that had nothing to do with him or his life or family. They tend defended their actions, claiming that he was needed, that he could not abandon his 'throne'.

He executed them with cruel reveling, drawing in the pain, the death, plunging back down into the darkness that was his birthright. But he had been away perhaps too long for there were others who dared to defy him, another rival family across the city trying to cause problems, turf wars, betrayal and any number of problems. With single minded focus he set about reordering his world, discovering his love's death had been ordered in fact by someone and in trying to unravel it, he faces the quandary of being the man he was born to be and the one that she let him be. What answer there could be he found himself torn between. And so refocused on simple action, moving forward with brutality if not finesse. And in those dark days one of his most useful subordinates was Sassy Jane, a woman from Europe with a mysterious past all her own and a skill at learning dangerous things, an old card at blackmail. But him, him she decided to help for free, not giving over her reasons when he demanded them.

They became lovers, and he warned, "You know I can't love another innocent."

To which she simply replied "Well then its a damn good thing I'm not innocent, isn't it?" closed with a kiss.

New York City never knew what hit it. 


So.. yeah. Gritty, dark, film noir esqu almost and edgy. This story will be violent, hopefully, and full of darkness and not so happy endings. Love doesn't make everything better, and I don't see it being a love story at all at first. She's a useful tool who is loyal to him for reasons of her own that she holds back. I see violence and back corner dealing and sex in the oddest places, rough and wild to wash away the death from their skin.

Crime lord - could be mafia, smuggling black market things, drugs, anything illegal. I'd love a chance to use some of the forgotten sewage areas and the lost subway stations underground, having them running around in the dark or out in the city. Car cases, drugs, guns, lots of blood and violence so hard and fast that the cops don't dare act up.

A bit like Gothem really I suppose, so it doesn't have to be NYC in particular but that would be the reference point. Other details to be discussed in future with partner.

As You Wish
     Genre: Fantasy-ish.
     Possible Rating: Light to Non Con     ||     Setting: Open     ||     Pairing: F/anything     ||    Preferred Character: Client    ||     Seeking: Neuter.
Mind magic is a handy thing, used in countless ways from Farseeing to telepathic communication and countless other things; it's part of what the Kingdom [or Empire] is built on, how their society functions. A neuter born with strong mind magic is always sought after by the Pleasure Guild, for those are the perfect courtesan companions to train, able to use their body as a blank slate and create whatever their client wants. Full sensory reality is there, the mind translating into the body for these born magic shifters. A confident professional in the peak of its career is assigned the client of someone important, a visiting ambassador, a princess, use to handling sensitive patrons and a need for discretion but what happens when it becomes more than a job and love instead?
~ Another Valdemar inspired plot bunny, but the setting could be anything from fantasy, to historical, to alternate universe modern, to slightly futuristic. I have no firm idea of what the client would be like, leaving this plot idea very open, it would be very much about the relationship between the companion and the client. Though I would love to work in politics and intrigue and anything else we can come up with!

30 Minute Love Affair
     Genre: Modern or Historical.
     Possible Rating: Bon- EX     ||     Setting: USA or Europe     ||     Pairing: Any    ||    Preferred Character: Singer   ||     Seeking: Fling and/or Mobster.
The Mafia isn't something to toy with lightly, the Singer knows that, she's been protected by them ever since she was little and her father shot her mother before offing himself. Her aunt was the mistress of the Don, and so the girl was brought into the circle, raised as one of their own but never quite fitting in fully. She wanted a normal life, one outside of the tangled web of politics, guns and crime. Determined to have a life of her own she finds a job as a singer in a popular jazz lounge, her voice beguiling many. Including a rising power inside the mob. They grew up together, perhaps, and she is drawn to him, falling against her will almost. He's rather charming, and won't let her say no. A girl could do worse, though it leads right back into the very world she wants to leave. One night she meets a stranger at the club, someone completely outside the little world she's trapped in and she abandons caution for passion. In the the space of thirty minutes she creates a crisis point for herself. If she walks away, she'll likely be forgiven, accepted back and never allowed to leave again, the Fling might survive as well. Or she could run, try for the new life he offers, but there's no promise they'd make it out of the City, or the country alive.
~ The music video linked here has just always said something about having a story to me. With this one I'm really open which direction it could go. Tragedy, perhaps, or lots of violence and explosions and a happy ending. Who knows. Just a Singer trapped between a dream and a hard place, with the risk of death if she goes after it. 

Desperation -
     Genre: Cloak & Dagger - Could be modern, fantasy, historical, etc.
     Possible Rating:Light to Extreme     ||     Setting: Open     ||     Pairing: Open    ||   Preferred Character: None.     ||     Seeking: Open to ideas.

The Great War destroyed a lot of things, not just cities, but jobs, homes, and pride. Pride that suffered further when the Allies demanded 'repayment' for their losses and bankrupted the defeated country. It was only fair in the worlds eyes, after all they had started it. But with their country depleted their money is worth hardly anything and even the basics like food and shelter seem out of reach of many. Even those higher up were affects, like generals and nobility, some turning to unsavory jobs to attempt and regain what they had lost. Most common of the professions that offered them that fever dream were prostitution.. and assassination. One of the desperate dabbles in both, seducing marks to either turn them as assets in spying or to murder when the time is right. But when the mark is not at all what is expected the 'agents' loyalties start to shift, becoming conflicted.
~ Inspired by the culture and some stories surrounding Germany after the end of World War I. Does not need to be set then, the story could fit in just about anything.

For Geraint
You Can See Me?
Modern Fantasy - Romance Fairy Godmother / Businessman
Likely to Include Romance -- Comedy -- Magic -- Unlikely Love -- Fairytale Influences
Possible Rating: Light or possibly Bondage

A man confident and secure in his profession and life; responsible, a model leader and single father of a young girl with the perfect penthouse home and all the right cars and connections. He is utterly practical, a stoic who lives based off logic and commands the respect of everyone around him. What he never expected was to meet her.

And to be fair she wasn't expecting to meet him either, at least not so directly. It was just another day on the job, following in the footsteps tradition had mapped out for her by all the women of her line before her. After all there aren't many gigs for a woman half fae and half witch. Fairy Godmother's have an awful lot of work to do in modern day American, not that anyone notices that but that's just fine by Nicolette, it's not like she got into the profession to earn fame.

No, Fairy Godmother's are the behind the scenes strings that make sure magic stays alive, heroes are trained and encouraged and true love always finds a way.

Only she doesn't listen properly to what might happen when she happens to be working on the night of a blue super moon; after all that silly superstition that Fairy Godmother's lose their magic on such a night is just that, a superstition. Nicolette finds out just how wrong she was about that when she suddenly becomes visible, magic gone and completely lost about how to function in the mundane every day.

The model businessman isn't exactly sure how he ends up with this strange young woman asleep on his couch, or how to handle her rather random way of looking at things. Where he's hyper logical she's an emotional dreamer. They are opposites in every way, and yet in that challenging they find each other growing and a most unlikely of love forming. But she was suppose to fix him up with another woman, the one fate said was his true love, and Fairy Godmother's just don't stay visible or fall in love... or any of that.

Do they?


The by product of watching Enchanted and wondering about a spin on that, and perhaps a mix of Annie or something else. But I see a lawyer, or CEO or some other high powered man use to ordering his world and doing everything the practical way, just like Robert from the movie. He's not at all ready for the magical maiden who winds up in his life, and to be fair she's not really ready for him either. Magic and logic just don't go together, or do they?

Totally see this as a romantic, sweet love story, might have some light kink to it but nothing non consensual or scary. Perhaps there's a witch hunter, or someone out for Fairy Godmothers if we wanted to add some danger into it. Maybe an evil queen with a vendetta sorta thing, but our leading lady is not at all use to being just that, a leading lady. Girl next door to a whole new level.

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For FlightlessBird
     Genre: Paranormal.
     Possible Rating: Bondage to Non Con     ||     Setting: Open     ||     Pairing: Open - leaning M/F    ||    Preferred Character: Thrill Seeker    ||     Seeking: Paranormal Creature.
There is any number of reasons why these two shouldn't be interested in each other. First would be the fact that they met by her sneaking into his lecture hall, though who could blame a bright, inquisitive young thing like herself wanting to learn from such a famous professor. He's a professor known around the world as an expert, she's a student when she can afford to take classes, working in the library and a few other jobs to make ends meet. But like a moth to a flame, they just can't seem to stay away from each other. She fascinates him, unexpected, hard to predict even though he's been around for centuries, she breathes life back into him. He's everything she never thought she could have, not to mention twelve types of forbidden being her teacher, older than her, and not to mention a different race entirely. They still wind up going on dates, though she's aware it's akin to dating a rabid wolf and expecting it to obey human rules. But she is a bit of a thrill seeker, believing she has nothing to lose not to mention a bit of danger arouses her. As emotions deepen he respects her desire to remain free, independent, not claiming or marking her the way his base instincts urge him to, or the way his world would expect. For there is nothing she fears more then becoming his mindless possession, caught up in his instincts and magic and having no will of her own, being ever in his shadow, losing her own desires for his. But there's a sharp line they dance on and others of the paranormal world might not look so happily upon their arrangement. Can it last? Or is it doomed to failure, either of broken hearts or lost wills.
~ I'd prefer the creature to be something uncommon, like a dragon in human form or some ancient spirit of some sort, I just love that sort of thing, but a werewolf or some other supernatural baddy wouldn't go amiss. I tend to be picking about vampire stories but the relationship dynamic talked about here is interesting enough to make me want to write it. As for what sort of vampire it can be from any type of setting you want, though the ones I'm most familiar with are Cole's Immortal's After Dark, Feehan's Carpathians, and Harrisons Hollows, I have never watched Trueblood or read those books, nor do I know much at all about Masquerade but I'd be willing to chat and come up with a mythos that suits us both. No Twilight. 

For Mnemaxa

I'll tell you a tale of when time had no meaning,
When legend and history walked hand in hand,
When the swords of the mighty had bested the Dragon,
But the Elven still walked in the land.

The sun and the moon were fixed in the heavens.
The whole world grew weary as summer stood still.
A queen of great courage and the heart of the Dragon
Set her throne above the Elf Hill.

White rose: queen of the summer,
White rose: queen of the fall,
White rose: the new guard will follow,
White rose: the old guard will fall.
From White Rose by Heather Dale

The empire had been torn between the warring of three great powers, the fury and power of the Dragons, the noble fierceness of the Elven kind, and the brash courage of humanity. For long years the conflict stretched out, until at last a victor appeared, the young, hardy mankind.

Yet who to lead?

A maiden with hair the color of dragon fire, eyes the hue of the Elven forests and skin of soft moonlight hue had been the voice of reason, the voice that had at last brokered peace. To her hand she had tamed the Dragon King, her protector and some whispered her lover for Dragons had the power to take many forms. She had certainly learned Dragonic and Elven magic alike, and spoke all three tongues with ease. Yes, the others had decided, she was the one to lead their people, the one to command the last of the Dragons to her cause, and with the silent Elf Prince who haunted her steps and the slight point of her ears showing she was not fully human herself... in her all three bloodlines lived and in her was the future the sages said.

Some feared she might favor the Elves or the Dragons over the humans though, and so she summoned the Elvenkind to her, seemingly demanding their surrender to man's leadership. But there were whispers that she granted them hidden kingdoms, that she gave them space to secret themselves away until the scars of the war had passed. The Dragons began to vanish, taking to solitary perches in far flung reaches of the land. Some say most chose to slumber, awaiting the day they would be called to action once more. For man would need them in their darkest hour, that too the sages had said.

Time passed on, and the rule passed from the Queen to her daughter, and to her daughter after her. The Queen's line always remained blessed with all three types of magic, ruling from the city built amongst the tree's in honor of the Elven style. Until at last a great threat poised just outside the borders of the land, and started to slip inward, ambassadors charming and sly, spies and assassins. A young queen newly ascended to the throne, looking startlingly like the first of her line if one paid any attention to history. It was time for the Dragons and the Elves to come out of the fabric of myth, to join in once more for she was the one meant to forge the three disparate peoples into one. The Sages began to murmur, especially when a dragon appeared in the capital and swore himself to the young ruler, and then when an Elf appeared well.... the White Rose had come again.

For Madame Professor

In the cold dawn light of the winters day she stood upon the shoreline, the air about her shimmering with magic as her gown formed around her. That it was nearing winter and the sky overhead was muted with the promise of coming rain did not seem to matter to the female who's skin glimmered with droplets of water as they slowly trailed down her skin. For all that the day promised to be one of dull light and energy she was something decidedly other, hair caught up to expose her shoulders and neck. Even the very carriage of her body hinted at her lack of care for what the world about her might think; proud, defiant for she had come to land when warned against it.

She was not, after all, a Violetscale who walked often upon the earth and met the other races. The scale crests upon her back, not yet hidden beneath her seemingly human illusion, gave a hint to her true nature. So too did the gown she had created, a frothy thing of sheer fabric reminiscent of sea foam accented by glimmer blue scales that spoke to one with knowledge of those who lived beneath the waves, rare as that might be, of her scale caste. A Bluescale, one of the most common of her people in tribe and rank. Yet she was not common, not by birth nor by intent.

That something else, that thirst for knowledge was what drove her to the world above the waves. Certainly the wide waters provided plenty of adventure to it's children, of which she was one, yet the hunger for more had burned too hotly within her. It did not ease with the years, but rather grew, particularly as the males of her kind sought to protect her; for their women were few and cherished. She yearned for more, and so now she stood upon the wet sand, the water rushing to frolic about her ankles as her eyes curiously took in the details of the shoreline.

Something had called her here, this very dawn...

For Kazyth

Epic Fantasy
Pairing ~ Chosen Priestess / Guardian of Chaos
Likely to Include  Forbidden Relationship -- Magic -- Maiden & Monster -- Bestiality  -- Unlikely Romance --
Possible Rating: Exotic - Light to Non Con

An Empire was in the making, a country bent on purging magic stretched outward from its own borders, creating fanaticism and fear of the mystical arts. Those of the old ways sought to halt it, to save their way of life and the magic that kept their world in proper balance; in their myriad of attempts they captured and then bartered with a beast of chaos and creation. His was a primordial power that would not be easily met by anything the coming storm of soldiers and armies could threaten with.. He would bond to one of their people and give that person and her home protection, creating at least one safe haven should all else fail.

It was a maiden of a western people that attracted his attention and sealed the bond, one out of the countless presented to him in hopes. She was born to magic and learning both, a Priestess and yet a scholar and thus the choice was thought a good omen, that both factions of their culture would be safe guarded and her home village, built within a mighty forest was the focus of the resistance.

As the world around them darkened the maiden grew closer with her guardian, working in concert with  their magic to help with the defenses of her home, teaching him of their ways and he teaching her of wild magic. Taboo as it was the maiden fell in love with the creature, seeing to the soul rather than the differences of their body and so she gave herself to him. Months of tension were wed to the intensity of an affair that at any other time would have led to her being outcasted but despite protests she did not forsake her attachment to him. The war came to them too soon, having heard of this hope and the newly made Empire launched its attack, destroying nearly all of her home and together the guardian and his maiden fled as did countless others.

Days on the run and yet the hounds hunted them yet, it seemed as if they could not escape. That was when the immortal creature posed a deal, a promise from her that she would return and lift whatever magic they cast on him and she would go on by herself, forgotten, safe in anonymity. For only magic could do anything to him, given his nature.

With tears she agreed, knowing that she might well be the only living mage left to the world. And so he turned back, destroying a good part of the hunting party and seeming to kill the maiden before their eyes. They turned him to stone though, using a captured mage to do it before killing the man so there would be no undoing the magic. Satisfied they returned to their own land, and the Empire built, conquering by sheer brute force and scholarly advantage. Magic started to be forgotten, and even wise women mistrusted. The maiden lived on though, and with the help of a few trusted people who had found her built a shrine around the beasts stone self, attempting every year to free him. Her life wore out in the attempts, though she gave birth to a daughter before her death. It was this daughter that picked up her mother's task, and started the traditions of the family, always striving to undo the magic and free the creature as the pledge had been made.

Centuries after the first bonding there was a descendant of the maiden's bloodline, one who dreamed of the beast, who saw the last few months of her ancestress' life, knew the love they had shared. And it is this girl's blood and magic that finally breaks the spell, releasing the guardian into the world again. Startled she accepts the bond he offers, seeing in her the maiden he had given himself over for. In a world where magic is thought to have died and there is mistrust of the primordial magics being with the creature is seen as wrong and shocking yet she can not help her fascination with the male. And so she and her guardian leave where she was raised, abandoning it to seek out the homeland of the first maiden. They find the great temple city's ruins and begin rebuilding it, physically together; others hear of magic reborn in the world and seek them out, but the Empire will not easily give over what they have stolen....


Part of trying to do something a bit new, this story likely would have at least hints of bestiality. Though something humanoid or with the ability to assume a body similar to a human's could work. I will likely be very selective over who I chose to write this story with in particular because it is something new to me. The creature could be something along the lines of a Minotaur or a satyr or maybe something more lupine. there would have to be a lot of discussion before starting this story simply because of how important the backstory would be.

Ideally would start with either just before she breaks him free or right after, go through the first knowing of each other and grow in intensity as the Empire becomes more of a threat. 

Modern Fantasy // Twisted Fairytale
Pairing ~ Eira / Huntsman
Likely to Include Snow White Twist -- Street Magic -- Thriller -- Forbidden Relationships   
Possible Rating: Light to Non Con

Jealousy had stolen the life from her...

She had been a happy child, if unwanted by her step-mother, though as she grew older the step-mother's cruelty became harsher. Nothing was ever good enough, not straight A's, not first place, there was always a flaw, always some way she failed. With her father so often traveling Eira strove to prove she could be a good girl, though as time passed with that disapproving glare being the only result she started to doubt. And when her father died unexpectedly, leaving her and her step-mother alone life abruptly became worse. And on the night that her stepmother locked her in the bedroom with a dark eyed man with a clear invitation to the stranger to enjoy her as he liked the young woman felt a taste of fear.

"I'm not going to hurt you, little bird." Her green eyes watched him warily as he moved deeper into her bedroom. He was tall, broad shouldered with wild shadows just beneath the skin that flickered in his eyes. A hand caught her wrist, bringing her hand up to his lips where his hot breath fanned out against her skin and Eira shivered in reply. "You don't realize what is going on, do you?"

The question caught her off guard, prompting a frown as she tugged at her hand in an attempt to get free to no avail. He held steadfast. "My stepmother doesn't like me, it's nothing new."

He laughed, this stranger who seemed at once predatory and protective. "Oh, little bird, you truly are so innocent." Eira parted her lips, about to rebuke him but he leaned in and his lips caught her own, the prickle of his beard against her soft cheeks almost as surprising as the heat of his mouth against hers. Closer he gathered her into his hold, a rumble in his chest that sent a shudder coursing through her as her lips parted and his tongue swept in, plundering her mouth and taking her first kiss.

Abruptly she was free, her lips tingling from the kiss and he was at the window, somehow removing the keyed lock and disabling the alarm system that would alert her stepmother. Night air poured in as he lifted the window up, turning to her and gesturing. Eira moved before even deciding to, stopping beside him as his hand cupped one of her cheeks. "You are going to run now, little bird. You have more power than you know, and her envy seeks to destroy you before you can realize it."

"But where?" That she would obey him seemed to only make sense, though distantly she wondered at her compliance.

"Destiny's a bitch, but she'll put you on the right path. Now come on." The man had her half out the window, thrusting a backpack behind her before she realized what was happening. One of her pale hands clutched at him, her ebony curls shifting in the breeze.

"Will I..."

He kissed her again, hot and deep, making her whimper as she swayed into him, "Yes, you will see me again. Now go." The man pushed her back onto the fire escape, shutting the window. She gazed at him through the glass before giving a slow nod and moving for the ladder. It didn't take long to reach the street, and instinct guided her from there on the run into the night.

Destiny did catch her, though not until she had run in terror from several dangerous situations, not until she started to wonder why she had listen to the stranger. Her stepmother wasn't going to destroy her, that was silly. Eventually Eira's tired feet carried her stumbling into a warehouse in the arts district that was shared by seven very different souls. In them she found a sort of family, and while she had no talent herself save for her singing and kindness she did find a place among them by taking care of them all, cooking, cleaning, building a place for herself where she was enough, and there she shone brighter, grew even lovelier with her skin as fair as snow, hair was black as ebony and lips red as blood. It was there that she found her power, and learned of a world hidden from the sight of most, there that she learned of the prophecy that set her and her stepmother at odds. No part of the prophecy explained the man, though.

At least until an old woman at the farmers market gave her an apple when she was shopping. One bite and... darkness.

But he had promised she wouldn't see the last of him....
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Re: Wistful Musings [MUL - A little of everything]
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Setting : Several Planets or Planes
Pairing ~ Star Seer / Open
Likely to Include Realm Travel -- Adventure -- Daring Stunts -- Witty Banter -- Old Magics -- Just about anything
Possible Rating: Open

The Orloj, or as the Englishmen called it, the Astronomical Clock had been there since 1410, one of the oldest clocks in the world. It had been added to, with the figures of the Apostles and other markers of the faith that shaped most of those who lived content little lives. Who knows, perhaps there was in fact a God in heaven who cared for the souls of those in the town. But the Orloj was far more than that.

It, after all, tracked the movement of the planets, the sun and moon, all the stars in the sky if one knew how to look. It had been constructed by someone who knew there was more out there, though the original designer's name was lost by now. Perhaps they had wanted it that way, a secret kept by lack of memory and record, though heaven knew that the second Great War had destroyed more than it's share of documents. No matter, she had finally decoded it, finally found the path to follow the dreams that haunted her each night. It had all started the day her grandmother had given her the golden key that now was always around her neck, more sacred to her than any cross could be.

Her fingers touched the key again, feeling the pulse of something that was more, though what more she couldn't say.

Somehow, she knew, taking the steps to cross the square, to enter the Orloj would change her life. Her grandmother had told her so, and while most thought her naught but a raving old woman she knew better. Her grandmother had been a seer, a psychic. Whatever one wanted to call it. Those knowing pale green eyes had challenged her to seek out her fate, to defy the odds and end up here where most American's were not allowed since the end of the War. Was she ready? Was anyone ever truly ready? She bit her lip, nervous and then with a sigh committed herself to doing what she had spent years planning for. One step, and then another, until she was in the shadow of the clock with her heart hammering, eyes drawn to the astrolabe. It was dusk now, the sky transmuting from the red gold glory of sunset to softer blues and purples, an hour of quickening, and as her hand set to the handle to enter the tower she could almost swear the stars were whispering to her.


Paying honor to Escaflowne, John Carter of Mars and that sort of story. What would it be like to be someone who could transport themselves from world, realm or hidden plane to another? What sort of attention could that garner and what complications happen? It's a rather open concept on purpose, I want to hear your ideas!

There Were Roses
Historical  or Historical Fantasy Cara/Protestant Solider  - In Discussion
Likely to Include  Religious strife -- Political killings -- Forbidden Love -- Violence -- Revenge -- Mental and emotional trauma

There Were Roses
The Troubles weren't easy on anyone, especially not if Belfast was their hometown. Once a blossoming city of trade and promise Belfast became a major battle ground during The Troubles, its people suffering through bombing after bombing and the violence only seemed to grow over the years. And in the year of 1972 there was horror like nothing that had come before...

Bloody Friday destroyed countless lives and left the world shocked at its ruthlessness. It ripped apart Cara's world, causing the death of her father and leaving her with a younger sister to protect through the insanity. As two Catholic orphans in North Ireland that was more a challenge then it would first appear. Their house still stood after the bombings and by sheer luck she managed to keep it, dropping out of school to work at all sorts of jobs and cloistering Mary and herself, only worshipping in the privacy of their own home rather then risk going to Mass and being taken for internment without trial. And yet still there was some hope, in the form of two friends that had seen her through childhood and stayed true, cheering her up after her long days and helping where they could.

Ian Scott and Ryan McDonald, Ian a Protestant who's mother had once been Catholic before converting and Ryan a Catholic still the same. The three of them were thick as thieves when Cara had energy for it and their bond was tight and true. They never thought the Troubles would rip them away from one another. And a most unlikely sort of love blossomed between the three of them.

But Ian went into the South to see a band and dance, since Belfast restricted such activities and neither Ryan or Cara could go with him that night. He never returned. The IRA had seen him and realized he was a Protestant after a RUC member had entered the pub and killed one of the band leaders.  In retaliation Ian killed before they knew anything about him, civilian causality to repay the Catholic death. News of it shocked the poor community were Cara and Mary made their home, Ryan took to guarding them more closely, often spending the night over despite his family's concern and desire to move to the South if it was possible.

They came for him two weeks after Ian's death, a Catholic to be killed for the death of a Protestant boy, never realizing this Catholic had loved Ian and been dear friends with him. When the news came of Ryan's murder Cara felt the world go numb and she knew it was only a matter of time before they might well come for her or for Mary as well. Frantic letters were exchanged with family in the South, pleas for a safe haven but her Uncle remained firm they could only take the risk of one of them, the younger, more innocent. And so Cara arranged for her nine year old sister's safe departure from Northern Ireland, leaving herself with a crumbling house and memories of death and destruction.

She moved through her days in a haze, so weary for one so young until the night that a Protestant solider came for her. And then she wept in relief, because it was finally wasn't.


Not a happy time period at all and yet to think about the way it would shape someone, form them is fascinating. I set this after the Bloody Friday attack because I figured that was one of the most horrific points of the conflicts. It could be moved to any time during the Troubles if there is a preference. I am no expert on this time period so I'm not worried about exact details its more the feeling, the emotion and trauma of the time period that interests me.

The story idea is largely inspired by [noembed]There Were Roses by Cara Dillon[/noembed].

For Dark Wonderland
Genre: Dark Fairytale.
Time Period Preferred: Open
Sexual Orientation: Utterly submissive
Possible Pairings: Open

Original Purpose of Character
Dormouse was originally created for the group game Tainted Perceptions.


Answers to: Dormouse, Dori, Mouse.

Age: 17

Physical appearance: Petite, soft, curvy, delicate. These words describe Dori yes; a small in stature person, five feet and a mere one inch, ever to her resignation. Just a inch or two wouldn't be that much to ask...Delicate bone structure, dainty really, elegant wrists and slender ankles, and yet her body is soft, curvy, full.

She is of wide hips and full bosom, not plumb or perhaps just that, its hard to say. Fragile though, a fragile sense to her. Skin the color of dark caramel, sun kissed golden brown; fits well with the gold and grey depths of her eyes, with the blend of tawny, nutmeg, chocolate and sunlight that is her hair. Contradictions and mixes, an odd, not quiet norma appearance and yet natural, so natural for her. Full lips, button nose, tilted eyes and dark brows, features caught between 'elegant' and 'sweet'; another sigh given over that she seems ever stuck in the mix between girl and woman.


Soft, silence, quiet sorrowful eyes. Eyes that know, that see even when they don't want to.

Timid she might be, girl in soul, but woman in body, feminine and tempting without meaning to. The perfect prey to a certain type of predator. Even if she doesn't want. Especially because she doesn't want. Soft spoken, gentle and yet when needed, voice will come. Tender heart, trusting heart, silly, foolish perhaps. Loyal, especially to Cat. Her Cat. Just want to follow, to hide in the shadow of a greater person, to exist comfortably there and aid in anyway she can. A modest soul, a humble one, simple in desires, simple in tastes.

Attention not wanted, go away she whispers, she urges. Shadows to lurk in, those of others or on the fringes, both accepted. Quiet one, gentle one, she does not quiet belong and yet she does. She is the other, the sweet to mellow, the innocence to corrupt. Poor little soul.

Vices: Cuddles.

Sexual orientation: Uncertain, unsure, a little timid -- eager to please, generally submissive, a follower. Just give a little love, a little tenderness and she will kneel most happily.

Pre-arranged associations: The Cat, friend of heart and soul, smitten, adoring, anything for her....

Sample of Mouse
It has to be a secret....if I tell you a secret promise to keep it....we can't handle any more lies....

No, no she had to stop listening to the voices, stop listening. Why? Why though? There was something, someone missing. It hurt. An empty ache in her heart, only was her heart still there? A hand lifted, pressing against her breast but the flesh was whole, not empty, not carved out. However much she felt like it was. Her head was spinning, the world seeming to tilt with it but...why? Why. Why. That kept coming back. Why was the world a way she thought it shouldn't be. Why was she asking why. No answers. None. No guidance either. Just that sense of loss. Grief. She thought she might suffocate on it, or choke from it. But she had to live, had to....What?

Shaking her head the petite figure of the questioner uncurled herself, realizing she was laying in a dark ally way, dank and chill as it was. Some cardboard, discarded, roughly handled lay above her and her motions sent it fluttering to the ground; such little covering and yet it had been covering.

Now she was bared.

Breath sucked in, the girl bit the inside of her cheek as sleep cleared from her eyes, a muzzy sort of sleep, a unnatural sort of sleep. That was bad. Odd.'s sleep. Familiar features, haunted eyes, gaunt cheeks and the scent of...what was it called? Tea? Maybe. Tea was suppose to sooth, to mellow, to blunt the hard edges of reality; it was a gift. A gift. She had taken some of that gift, after so long resisting because...she wanted to follow, to find. Catch me if you can... The voice had teased, bitter hope warring with fear and grief. Its just hide and seek. Only why couldn't she remember a name, any name? Even her own. Name. Her frowning contemplation was shattered though by the sound of a chuckle, a deep sound, but not pleasant, raspy, like an old engine guttering as it struggled to work. It brought her eyes upward quickly, the shimmering gold and grey color of them the most arresting part of her features, widened and uncertain, around those eyes were long long lashes, a deep brown almost black and her skin was a soft sun kissed golden brown color. Tilted eyes, a slender nose that despite that was cute rather then elegant with its button end, trembling full lips, softly rounded features all made up the rest of the girl's face. Indian perhaps, Hindu in descent, but only perhaps. Curly dark hair, tawny gold and nutmeg brown, chocolate and sable, a shimmering weave of colors cut short, just above her shoulders, tousled and wild around her as her shoulders tensed.

Again the laugh.

The curvy girl got to her feet, picking herself up with care, something about her delicate in a way that most are never delicate, as if one blow would shatter her. Perhaps it would. Those frightened shocking eyes scurried down the ally she was in first one way and then another. Nothing, yet not nothing. No. There. Shadow, yet form, blending, becoming and she shrank back against the mossy brick of the building behind her, whatever it was, wishing she had stayed hidden in the cardboard as a figure loomed toward her, skin dark and features holding a feral cast. Eyes promising pain. Pain. Eyes. Memories. The young woman made a sound between a squeak and a whimper, fear and shame pressing down on her. Failure. She had failed. And the pain, someone else had gotten hurt, someone had been taken from her...that missing..missing part. her fault. Grief.

She shrank, down and down, hunching inward on herself eyes squeezed shut against the sight of the man coming closer. He would touch her, touch and touch and take. Give nothing. Breath came faster, panicked and she felt his hot breath almost against her skin, only a drab little grey dress shielding her and it wasn't enough. Nothing ever would be. No one to help, no where to hide; she trembled, aching, fearing and yet with it came relief, it would be over, the game would be lost. Perhaps then there could be peace...

White Rabbit
Genre: Dark Fairytale.
Time Period Preferred: Open
Sexual Orientation: Up For Anything
Possible Pairings: Open

Original Purpose of Character
White Rabbit was originally created for the group game Tainted Perceptions.

~:The White Rabbit:~

Answers to: Names? Names are important that's true. There's Rabbit of course, that might do. And then there is Wench, Flirt and Tease. Those come often enough. And to a few, Bit, Bitty, and Boo.

Age: You should never ask a woman her age. But ~dramatic sigh~ If you must know under five and twenty and more then twenty. That's all you'll get out of me.

Physical appearance:

Oh, la, now that's a proper question for a lady.

Two for one and one in two, that's just how she does everything. Skin of moonlight and milk, pale yet sometimes colored with imprints, bruises, those she likes, she pets. Eyes big, inviting trust and such a pretty soft gray color, so harmless. And oh those bubblegum lips. Hair of white, snowy pure, and then violet, like candy or ice cream, some sugary tempting delight. To be fair its more white then violet, though there's nothing all that pure about her in moments. Loose curls, styled just so, just so, a proper lady keeps up appearances. Even if she isn't a lady at all. Which she isn't.

Perhaps its the makeup that gives it away, the long long lashes, those couldn't be real only the fit just perfectly. The shimmer, the sparkle, the dazzle. She likes her eye shadows, never quiet the same, light, of course, not garish but oh the sparkle, the gleam! Her clothing carries on that theme. Risque but with a tweak of innocence, pale colors, pastels and white; edged with black here and there, just for effect. Cleavage might hint, and thigh highs might be flashed but only particular ones get to see a naked Rabbit. Normally. She's as comfortable nude as clothed but some decorum must be kept. Buxom she is, generous in assets as some might say, but leggy and taller then some others at five feet and seven. She favors heels, in boots or regular shoes and carries on her a pocket watch, the only one that carries proper time if there's such a thing. And from Hatter at times she gets pretty hats, but only if she's very very good.

Domicile: The Broken Cup, or at least there's where she's found most often. She can vanish and only the brave or foolish should try to follow her when she's running..


Wench, Flirt, Tease, these show some of her. She's well known, sharp of ear and ready with a smile that might have an edge. Distinctive in her pale choices, clean in a world of grit. But all the better to draw the eye, to flaunt and taunt. These she does well. Follow the white rabbit, well she might not be all white but she's close enough. Draw the eye and lead it, never caught, well not if she doesn't want to be, she's always on time, or perhaps a bit early, she knows the time you see, its her task to keep it. So quick and fleet of foot yet sometimes even a Rabbit likes to be caught for certain things...

Slut, yes that word would fit too. The sex just takes off the edge you see, it can be quick or it can be slow...well not if you're not any good, then you best be quick or find the other side of her nature, feral and cruel. Oh she won't hurt, nary a soul but she knows who can, for she's in the know. So best not do more then flirt unless you know just what to do.

There's another side too, that of the sad, the melancholic. But she dislikes that, avoids it at all costs and that is what sex is for is it not? And so she rules the Broken Cup, with long ears and sharp eyes, with laughter and flirting, overseeing other 'business' as well. What can buy her changes from day to day, for what works once will likely offend if presented again, or it might well be all the sweeter, you never can know. Moods swift, they go so tread lightly and remember with a Rabbit its all about the right touch. Oh and flattery, that will do you well.

Vices: Flattery, Sex, Praise, Control [if you can control her], Watches, Keys.

Sexual orientation: Once she would have said if it moved but oh how disappointing, how give it a try, if you dare. Just remember she judges and if you rate low...

Pre-arranged associations:
The Hatter Well she works for him, he's a wild sort, just as she likes and the sex is just as good as the business he can even keep up with her maniac state....
The Hare Troublesome, vexsome, he knows too much and makes the tears less awful. yet she just can't stay away....
The Cat Like an annoying bratty little sister, someone to taunt and tease for all the mischief the little slut does to Rabbit ....
The Tarts Scorn... prey is beneath her, to be mocked and laughed at, to disdain for their weakness...
The Gryphon Ambivalent so far, he's interesting but not that interesting... yet...

Sample of Rabbit
It was just precisely opening for the 'front' bit of business [and well they only closed for an hour or so but time had paused according to her watch and since it was proper time kept by her then they had never closed at all], not a moment too late or too early when she had the doors opened by those who worked for her in the Pub. Those who worked for her in the back where strictly told to stay in the back or be sharply about their business with her particular watches that told her just when they were.

Never late, not on her watch.

A edged smile quirked one side of full lips painted a shade akin to bubblegum, or perhaps they were just naturally that shade. She couldn't recall and well she did sort of have a thing about makeup.

Today's mood was decidedly mellow, well almost, comparatively for the Wench of the Pub. She perched on the edge of the bar humming a little ditty under her breath that seemed at odds with her thing for time.

Today's mood was playful.

Lucky for the patrons no doubt. Just so long as they remembered her due, though the first few through the door had that smile blossoming into something so sweet a few inhaled a touch shakily. It was fetching, that sweet mild smile but so very very out of place here. Granted she seemed out of place in the mismatched squalor and cleanliness.

Today she had selected white and a violet, matching the oddity of her duotoned hair for her outfit; the violet bodice of it was off shoulder, flashing that milky pale skin, flawless save for a bite from her lover the night before, and along the back a few nail marks too, she liked it rough after all, but the bodice had little puff sleeves that hinted at innocence even as the sweet heart neckline hinted at decadence; teased of course with a delicate ruffle of white lace on the top. She did have a rather nice full bosom after all. It certainly got looks. The skirt started just below her ribs, full with ruffled petticoats of violet and black interspersed but the skirt itself was as white as part of her hair and upon her hands were lacy fingerless gloves. Thigh high stockings, sheer and white with little black bows, covered most of the exposed leg and vanished into a pair of six inch platform heels of shinny violet leather. A black ribbon wrapped around her waist where the bodice and skirt joined and tied in a nice big bow in the back.

The fact that said ribbon could tie her up was known to a few....Everything had its place after all.

Including bondage, but not till after the first tea time at least, there was work to do. There was after all a time for everything. Thinking that she fetched out her watch for the day, a pretty white gold affair, a gift from Hatter, or perhaps the Hare, regardless it was her's now. She watched seconds tic by until a full minute had passed and then lept off the bar to go ...not quiet bouncing nor dancing but certainly not walking, about the room, a smile for familiar faces and always ears turned toward news. A time for everything.

What everything today's time was for wasn't yet decided though.


     Genre: Intrique. Love story.  -- used as Solace .
     Possible Rating:Light to Bondage     ||     Setting: Historical or Fantasy     ||     Pairing: M/F [or M/F/M]      ||    Preferred Character: The new Empress.     ||     Seeking:Captain or Fiance.

Its not an unusual story, its happened before. Once the heir to some grand throne is born for their own protection from some looming threat they are parted from their birth family and raised in seclusion, in secret. Unaware of their destiny, or perhaps completely aware. She was completely aware, knowing it would be her job to take up the throne from her mother and accepting of the fact that she could not be publicly a princess. It would attract unwanted attention and she desperately wanted to have experienced love before she assumed the throne. But the sudden death of the Empress Mother saw her brought to Court earlier then expected, a Court she now must navigate carefully, holding herself away from all those around her. Foreign princes and native sovereign ducs compete for the position of her Consort. By the advice of her council she choses one she feels friendship for, praying that more will come with time. Yet through the courtships, through the start of the engagement she finds herself drawn to her Captain of the Guard, a man who built himself up from nothing and who's dangerous mystery appeals to her, even as she knows he might be only looking to gain pain by being near her.
~ Inspired by Princess Diaries, both movies came on TV and my Muse ran away with it and produced this.

After the Fall  
     Genre: Fantasy / Historical Fantasy / Sci Fi.
     Possible Rating: Any    ||     Setting: Open     ||     Pairing: Any    ||    Preferred Character: Defiant Girl   ||     Seeking: Washed-up Hero.
Once our hero washed the fear of his wrath into anyone who dared face him. He was a paragon, powerful, loyal and steadfast, a man who lived in the glory of his great deeds and was focused on justice. But time is not always kind to heroes. After some unknown event our hero vanished from the eyes of many, becoming a wandering drunk, a fool who people dismissed. There was no way he had once been a Great Hero. Only when a girl's home is threatened she sees in the drunk some sign of what he once was and sets about cleaning him up to face the coming threat. She challenges, prods and forces him to face his demons and become what the people need him to be again, insisting he's better than that. What she doesn't expect is the effect that has on her as well.
~ So a washed up hero is needed again and the only person who believes this drunken beggar was one a Great is a feisty girl with a too big mouth. Whether she's a peasant girl, a mayor's daughter or even a princess of a country who's desperate to protect her people I don't know. And the hero could be male or female, it depends on the setting and social mores we come up with I suppose. I see their relationship being full of a lot of snark, perhaps some resentment but they work together and defeat the big bad, eventually. I'm more focused on the build up to the grand war than starting in the middle of it. I could see the hero getting pissed at the girl's pestering and taking it out on her physically, if we wanted a darker tint to the story, or it could just be a sweet redemption story. Very open on this outside of the basic details.

      It's a Trade Secret
     Genre: Fantasy or Historical Fantasy.
     Possible Rating: Bon - EX     ||     Setting: Open     ||     Pairing: Any    ||    Preferred Character: Open   ||     Seeking: Blood Artist [male or female].

The strongest of magic is fueled by blood. Everyone knows this, it's why no one will use it after all blood magic tends to carry an awful price. It's rumored to drive those who wield it to insanity, to unspeakable horrors. Or at least that's what's known about it. From seemingly nowhere a poet/author/painter appears in the midst of a court, making a debut that leaves everyone enthralled by the Artist and their work. The Artist is lauded as a jewel to the city/country, well respected and adored. What no one realizes is that the medium his masterworks are crafted in is blood...
~ I would actually prefer this one to not be a vampire story. It's about a mortal man/woman who uses the magic linked to blood and the lifeforce in blood to create art, in whatever form appeals most to you. It could be a princess, or a noble woman that catches his eye, or a common maid who reminds them of the more innocent things. A courtesan of the night that provides inspiration, to her own ruin eventually perhaps, or a younger artist or really anything.

     Genre: Fantasy, modern, historic.
     Possible Rating:Non Con - Extreme     ||     Setting: Open      ||     Pairing: M/F or F/F     ||    Preferred Character: Wife    ||     Seeking:Open.

Laws are there for a reason, traditions should be honored and those who are not of the same kind should keep apart. So are the thoughts of of the culture she grew up in. Yet love happens even in the most impossible places and she falls for a man completely different from her people, the living opposite to their traditions; even being warned off him by the Elders has no effect. She runs away to marry him and becomes a trophy and nothing more, the love a lie. When she becomes pregnant she clings to the thought of the child as a reason for love to blossom only to find when she births a son that will never happen. Her husband is pleased by having a son but fears that her beliefs and manners will weaken his boy and so begins to torment her with the intention of forcing her to sign over all rights to the boy. She struggles, fighting for her child as he pushes her further and further with his cruelty, telling her it will all end if only she gives him what he wants. 
~ Random idea that came about via a conversation with someone. Very open on where this could be set though likely very selective on who to write it with. Is there a white knight to save her or does she try to run with her son or....

Nicholas Bureck
Genre: Historical, Fantasy.
Time Period Preferred: Victorian or similar feeling.
Setting: Glittering capital city of a country - outside of that open.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Possible Pairings: Any - M/F, M/M or 'larger' pairings, as in M/F/M.

Original Purpose of Character
Nicholas was originally created as a John -- a client to a brothel -- for the group game The Teahouse a group game run by Saerra.

He was created in tandem with another player's character concept of a noble lady, a widow, who was actually an assassin. It was this Lady that lead to him going to the Teahouse, for her fun and for him to possibly find a model who would work for his special project. A curious note is that while he was created to be a John he refuses to pay for sex/buy someone due to events in his past. He will however pay someone to model for him. His character is rather open ended.

Nicholas was also used in a One-on-One story thread, Remember Me. I really like how his character came to life inside it and the idea of playing him against a woman cross dressing as a man for her own reasons would be what I'd want to give him a try with again I think. There is a plot bunny related to him Painted Secrets - which will be added soon.

Name: Nicholas Bureck
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual - in that he admires the beauty of all forms, genders and people.
D/s Orientation Unsure, has not experimented too much though he throughly enjoys sex. Not interested really - too caught up in his project.
Role: John. Artist.

Eyes: Tempest gray, like a thunderstorm.
Hair: Tawny brown, thick and apt to curl.
Skin: Golden tan.
Scars: None when clothed.
Tattoos: None.
Facebuild: Mostly classically elegant, though his nose has some unusual character that makes him striking and not perfect.
Bodybuild: Athletic, lean but honed with broad shoulders and a good amount of strength, especially in his arms.
Stands at: 6'3"
Clothing style: Honestly somewhat careless. He dresses well but not with the current fashions, more with whatever he enjoys. He can of course be dressed perfectly, as a lord would be, with not a thing out of place, or he at times, can be mistaken for a commoner. He sees little point in dressing up when he's working, and his favorite clothing tends to sport marks of his passion, stains of paints and the like. Regardless, with his lack of care about what others thinks at times he accidentally sets off fashions; something about which he is uncomfortable in truth.

Personality: Nicholas has a intense, focused personality, something that marked him even as a young child. Once focused on a particular thought, project or idea he is tenacious about it until the matter is settled in his mind. He enjoys a good laugh and is enough of a mans man to be welcome in the Lord's Club's, when he remembers to go. He is not one to turn down a good drink or carouse about town, however he must be approached for such things at the right moment and not when his Muse is caught up in some project. He is extremely loyal, dedicated, and honest, at times to the point of lacking tact. He also tends to forget that not everyone is like him and can be a bit oblivious at times, especially when caught up in a project. He enjoys life, savors it, contemplates it, pushes at its boundaries and is extremely hard to fit into a box of any sort. He tends to surprise, and at times confound.

Likes: The scent of paint, the feel of it. Good lighting. Examples of good design. Color harmony, in all parts of life. Good wine or ale. Billiards. Horse back riding. Fencing for fun (isn't really all that good at it). History.
Dislikes: Completely unnatural colors. Bad design, in all aspects of life. Sour wine or ale. Those who dislike art.

Small history:

He was born as the spare's spare to a noble family in the north, the third son born to his lucky parents. Growing up he rough housed often with his brothers, played the normal pranks that boys do and ran wild in the sea side estate that they all loved. His brothers, Alexander, the heir, was four years older then him and the spare, David was only a year and a half older; thick as thieves they were. His loving mother in an attempt to tame her hoard, for there were three sister's as well, brought a number of tutors about a vast array of subjects into the estate to help foster growth in their minds. The Bureck children were allowed to choose as they liked in what they focused their learning on, outside of the basics of reading, deportment, history and mathematics. Horse back riding was something that was taught to the boys, and two of the girls, Adelise and Mirabelle, by their father, a great rider himself.

Nicholas found himself fascinated by art, and after the first drawing lessons with messy charcoal set about pestering his tutor, a Mr. Grey, for paints, for clay, for anything and everything he found reference to in history books. His room became a warzone almost, strewn about with all manner of projects, supplies and still life set ups. His parents amused let him pursue the passion; hoping it might give him a vocation since Alex would be the lord one day and David the steward. Content with that freedom Nick grew to an adult, traveling with Mr. Grey some summers to do landscape paintings or see a gallery opening. His work, by the age 15 was already selling through a dealer that Grey had contacted, who by that point had stayed on more as a friend then a tutor since his pupil had surpassed him.

When the man reached the age of 19 he was restless, ready to see more of the world then the estate he had grown up on, that hunger fed by the few ventures out into bigger cities. With his parents blessings he made for the capital city and the Court. Thanks to his dealer his work had already circulated amongst the high of the city and he was welcomed with curiosity. His odd, intense at times and carousing at other times personality brought him more friends then enemies and his progression as a artist, taking on commission work meant that soon he was supporting himself and had bought his own town house rather then stay in his family's city house. When he was 22 he landed a job working for the royal family itself and since then he has flourished, along with, a year later being honored with the title of 'Sir', for his service to the Crown. He is a well known name, welcome and celebrated when he cares to appear, though of late he has been more solitary, working on some secretive project. There are many rumors about what this may be.

Special note
Nicholas loathes brothels, feeling both wariness and pity for those trapped in them. Within his first year in the city he fell in love with a woman who worked at one, the young gallant that he was and gave her enough money to get out of the life she was in. She laughed and spent his money and went right on whoring after leading him to believe they might have a life together. Cooled by that encounter he put up with visits to some of the popular brothels with his gentlemen circle and met another young woman, this one a sweet soul. But his jaded outlook kept him from offering the same as before and when one of the men in his circle ended up killing the girl 'for a bit of sport' he became more of a recluse and blamed himself. He sees brothels as places of despair, lack of hope and is incredibly wary of getting further entangled with them.


Setting : Modern
Pairing ~ Girl Moving // Ex Boyfriend
Likely to Include: Past Regrets -- Broken Relationships -- Long Distance Romance -- Falling In Love Again
Possible Rating : Open

I was packing to move to New York City
You were the last thing I thought I'd find
Miles and miles away you should be gone now
But our years together play like movies in my mind

'Cause I found your letters
and that Don Martin record
that we spun until it was dead
I found your mixtape for the road
and two tickets to the show
and your sock from under my bed
and now I can't get you outta my head

Get out of my head

Memories of you start to reappear
and they're getting harder to ignore
I swear I heard you singing in the kitchen
and your bare feet tapping the rhythm on the floor and I thought I saw you walking through that door
Oh, I wish you'd walk through that door....

It was stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. And yet here she was, where she had been for countless nights in the past few years pacing the floor waiting for him to come through the door. It had been foolish to think she could go through the house on her own, the little house they had rented together and loved so much. But it was time for her to finish packing up, to head off to New York and start a new life. A life that didn't mean constantly waiting, wearing the floorboards down with her pacing that was far more fitting to sailor's wifes centuries ago than a modern woman with a future before her. But she had opened that old trunk in the bedroom and knew that she couldn't handle leaving without saying goodbye however much she had intended to do just that. That damn Don Martin record, it's grooves worn away to nothing by constant use had started it, the mixtape from their road trips pushed her toward the breaking point.

And then the tickets he had gotten her as an anniversary present. Tickets that were good tomorrow night. No reason for the money he had spent on them to be wasted, he could likely get a friend to go with him. Or maybe a new girl. Because she was the one who was being a bitch, breaking off the engagement, moving on because she was so damn tired of always waiting for him. She had told him she couldn't handle being the third wheel for the rest of her life because he was married to his job. There had been so much hurt in his eyes at that, but there was no more lazy days together, no more of that feeling that she was the most important thing in his life.

She wasn't going to be second place for the rest of her life, and she had dreams too, songs she wanted to get out there. Perhaps they should have known this would never work. A cop and a song writer; a warrior and a songbird, as they had joked. No fairytale here though, and she had been an idiot for thinking fairytales could happen in Boston. The cold had finally seeped deep enough into her that she could weather the pain of leaving, or so she had thought. But as she stood there, turning the mixtape over and over in her hands, letting her mind go back to the start of the relationship, to the moments where they got around all the stupid minor things and connected. A phantom voice filled her ears, singing in the kitchen, summer washing over her with the memory of sunshine, citrus, the scent of his cooking and the feel of his arms around her and...

A heavy knock fell on the door, jerking her out of the lull of remembrance; the mixtape dropping from her startled hand. He was here.

Inspired by Liz Longley's Outta My Head
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