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Author Topic: LadySky's One on One Ideas  (Read 1419 times)

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LadySky's One on One Ideas
« on: December 22, 2009, 07:15:43 pm »
LadySky's One on One Ideas

Some of the below are characters from games that fizzled or ended and I would love to use them.

If you are not interested in any of the below ideas but would still like to develop a story with me, please PM me, I would love to hear your ideas!

Please PM me if any of the below are of interest to you.

Before you PM me please be sure you have read my Ons & Offs page, there are a few important pieces of information located there.


A tough cowboy meets his match when he must hire a female horse wrangler. Cassidy Hillman has spent more time on the back of a horse than on her own two feet. Cassidy's father raised his little girl the best way he knew how when her mother died before she turned 2 years old. Hoping to keep her safe he taught her how to fight dirty and how to shoot like a man. When she began developing into a lush female he dressed her like a man and taught her how to hide her beauty underneath a dark hat. Unfortunately he did his job well and Cassidy is now a woman trapped in a man's world with a woman's desires.

Burying her father was the hardest thing Cassidy had done. Now she was scared, something she never thought she would ever feel. Her father had just accepted a job training horses for a new ranch and Cassidy needed the money something terrible. Making a man believe she could do just as a good a job as her father however was going to be difficult at best. Deciding to simply show up and prove she could work horses better than any man around was her only choice and she was scared, very scared.

I figure this would be a One on One RP and I would play Cassidy Hillman.


She was born Melanie Brooks though she does not remember ever being called by anything other than Adoette. Her families farm was destroyed along with her mother, father, grandmother, and three siblings when she was only 3 years old. Adoette escaped death by climbing into a tree, watching the masacre from high above. The chief noticed her and took a liking to her strength and courage, thus taking her and raising her as his own. Adotte has lived her life among the Cheyenne, happy and loved.

Now she has been "rescued" and finds herself at a fort, surrounded by men leering at her and women loathing her. She can speak English, all the people of her village could but refuses to respond to her captures. Her entire village was burned to the ground in the rescue, her family all murdered ruthlessly as she was taken away.

I would like this to be a One on One, a story of a strong man who takes Adoette as his own despite her ruined status in the "white" world and her hatred for all things "white". Somewhat Non-Con I am thinking.


Name~ Hannah Naomi Baker
Age~ 19
Height~ 5'6
Weight~ 123pds
Hair~ Thick & Black, long past shoulders
Eyes~ Dark Brown
Build~ 38C, 22, 36 Small boned with delicate piano fingers. Soft and round not very muscled but healthy and smoothly feminine.
Background~ Hannah is the daughter of a Protestant preacher father and a Librarian mother so obviously her life has been boring and quiet. At least that is what you would assume upon glancing at her. Take a closer look and you will see she is the leader of the pack where rebellion is concerned. In her small town life she was the head cheerleader for her school, became the student body president, and was always an A+ student. She plays the piano and violin and loves helping her dad with his sermons and her mom with overdue books. She also kept a hole cut in her closet wall for all her sex toys, many of which she had stolen from sex stores over the years. Having read every erotica novel she could hunt down and tried almost all of it out she looked forward to living out in the sun at college. Finally heading for the exclusive college that she has been accepted to is her dream come true though she finds herself experiencing a bout of fear the closer she gets to this new adventure. Hannah has decided that if she is going to avoid falling into a college slump she has got to find a group of people who feel as sexually free as she does.

This was a character I created for a game called Sex Club. I would still love to find a way to use her in a story.


Name: Charlotte Mertz
Age: 18
Height: 5'3
Weight: 112 lbs.
Hair: Golden Brown, falling to shoulders
Eyes: Blue
Build: 34B/19/33 Small and slight, very dainty and soft.
Personality: Funny and spirited with loads of energy. Always looking for an adventure and has a huge imagination and artistic ability.
Bio: Charlotte is the only child of two teachers who are very kind but very conservative. From a young age she began to loose the ability to sleep well and would spend most nights painting or drawing. Depression caused Charlotte to start drinking at 14 years old and when she was 15 she began experimenting sexually. Her painting reflected her sexual experiences and she hid most everything from her parents knowing how they would react to her highly erotic art. Now 18 the last six months she has been unable to sleep at all and her parents found all her art to their horror. After discovering this they demanded she destroy them all and go to college to become a simple teacher. Charlotte destroyed their house instead and set fire to the barn.
Charlotte always looks wild and ready to laugh.

This is a character I created for a group game based in an asylum setting. Would love to find a way to adapt and play her in a story.


Grainne Ros (Meaning~ She who inspires terror/The rose flower)

Username:  LadySky
Race:  Dark One
Age:  300 +
Sex:  Female
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Preference:  Submissive(In Bed ONLY)

Personality:  At her birth, Grainne's mother foresaw two futures for her little newborn daughter. The flame haired girl looked as innocent as a rose, her mother saw a path in which she would find her soul and live a life of great love and happiness, filled with laughter and joy yet in another vision her mother saw her little rose becoming one of the most feared and hated Dark Ones on the planet, souless and cruel, bringing terror to any she encountered. Thus her parents named her.....Grainne Ros.

As a young girl, Grainne was a fiery mixture of laughter and wickedness. Always up to something and looking for trouble, she held most in the palm of her hand with her sweet smile and love for living. Now, 300 years later...Grainne is cold, calculating, and vicious. She rarely if ever smiles and does not even speak all that much anymore. The fire in her eyes died out long ago, leaving her looking hollow and empty, which in reality she is, hollow, empty, and alone.

Background:  Born in 1673 in the Highlands of Scotland. Her family was ancient, powerful, and ruthless, feared by many and respected by all. Her parents had found their souls, living with love and joy, celebrating the birth of 4 beautiful children. Her childhood was a pleasant one, at first. At ten years old Grainne experienced death for the first time. Her older brother Seth had traveled with several companions on a leisure trip, flexing their muscles alone without parents to guide them. Disobeying the rules of where to go and where not to go, the boys stumbled across a nest of dragon's, only two survived the encounter, dying within moments of reaching their home, right in front of Grainne's eyes.

In a killing rage, her father and other parents went and took revenge, starting a war that lasted for 3 decades in their remote section of Scotland. Fearing for their young, the parents hid their children in a magically protected castle unknown to even other Dark Ones. There Grainne discovered her special sight. Desperate to know how her family were faring in the battles she would stand out on the turrets and pray for a vision, one day she opened her eyes and discovered she was on the battlefield watching every blow, every death, as though she were truly there. Over the years she learned to call her ability at will, able to instantly transport her spirit to any location she wished to observe.

As the eldest child in the castle, Grainne took her leadership seriously, training herself and all the others to fight and protect themselves with skill. She taught them to read and write, finding great fulfillment in her charges happiness and security. All the young ones looked to Grainne for protection and comfort, she was their mother in all ways that truly matter through these dark years of war.

One night Grainne woke from a deep sleep screaming in terror, instantly taking herself to a battle that raged nearby. Her father, mother, several aunts and uncles, and more friends than she could recognize were trapped in a mountain pass, trying to get to the castle to protect the children. Immediately Grainne realized someone had betrayed them, someone had told the dragons of the hidden castle filled with children of the Dark Ones.

Grainne raced to wake the children, hiding them as quickly as she could before the battle could reach her door. Once sure that her charges were safe she transported herself once more to the battle, shocked to see only her parents still fighting. In horror she saw her father destroyed, struck down viciously. Her scream filled the castle and shook the walls, suddenly she found herself in the pass! Her mother turned in shock, seeing her young daughter suddenly standing in the mountain pass, clad only in a nightgown and waving a sword wildly, screaming in horror. The moment of distraction cost her mother her life, she was dead instantly.

Grainne spent only seconds on the ground, trembling with grief and pain for her loss. Realizing the dragons were heading to the castle she tried desperately to transport herself back but to no avail. She ran and climbed, tears falling the entire time, she knew she could never hope to make it back in time on foot.

Hours later she stood before the ancient castle, burned to nothing. Her tears dried, she felt her heart go cold, she turned and walked away, never looking back. Grainne hid in a cave for 22 years, simply thinking, studying, and planning. When she emerged she was a woman, fully grown and strong. She had perfected the art of tracing to any location she wished, never to be helpless in that manner again. She killed, she maimed, she was cruel and event the community of Dark Ones now shun her. Grainne has no care for others, her only true goal in life to discover who the traitor was that betrayed the castles location to the dragons....

Currently Grainne Ros resides in a plush townhouse in London, training and waiting, still searching for the traitor...

Appearance:  5'4/117 lbs./34B/19/35 Green Eyes, Red Hair, Freckles

Powers & Abilities:  The Sight, Grainne can see into the past, present, and future. Dreaming visions, waking visions, all come to her at random. She also however has a great control over the sight, able to call forth visions in may cases. She can transport herself to other locations, simply sending a piece of herself and watching as an observer or sending her full body to various locations. She cannot travel through time however, she keeps trying though....

Great swordsmenship, she spends hours daily practicing with any sharp weapon she can obtain. Hand to hand combat, all manner of self-defense and offense. Most of her life is simply spent preparing for battle and war.

Given her hatred for dragons I imagine a story where she falls in love with a dragon would be interesting.

Would love to delve into the mystery of who betrayed her family and how she gets revenge while finding herself falling for what she has sworn to always despise.


Character~ Cantina Dancer
Name~ Deera Son
Sex~ Female
Race~ Zeltron
Languages~ Huttese, Galactic Basic, Durese, Rodese
Appearance~ 5'5/110pds, body of a graceful dancer. Crimson skin with Emerald Green hair and eyes.

History~ Was born in 38 BBY on Zeltros and promptly sold straight into slavery thanks to her father's gambling habits. Her mother died in childbirth. Trained as a dancer in Darga the Hutts Palace on Cato Neimoidia. Now 16 years old Deera has decided to escape her confines before she is forced to sexual service in the Palace.

Personality~ Quiet and shy, having been taught to come alive on the stage and stay silent offstage. She daydreams and spends hours staring at the sky wondering if adventure will ever find her. Thanks to her empathic abilities Deera can entrance those watching her dance by reading exactly what their desires and emotions are. As most Zeltrons she is a massive drinker thanks to her extra liver & loves to have drinking contests. Deera works very very hard however to control her natural emissions of pheromones, having developed a distinct fear of sexual intimacy.

Weapons~ Stolen DD6 blaster pistol

Would like to develop a One on One with someone for this character.


The Nurse

Name~  Shelby Lynn Wright
Age~  26
Height/Weight~  5'3/129 lbs.
Shelby's body is one of classic female perportions. She is neither skinny nor plump but curvy and soft. Supple and feminine features.
See picture for futher appearance info.

Bio~  Born to a poor family in the Kentucky mountains, Shelby was raised with classic hillbilly family members. From an early age insest and abuse was simply a fact of her life. In 7th grade a new teacher joined the little mountain school system and set out to better her students lives. Shelby was immediately drawn to the woman and soon informed her teacher of the atroctites being heaped upon the children of the mountain community. At age 14 Shelby was removed from her mountain home and placed in foster care. Little did she know how much worse this would be for her. Time and time again she was placed in the hands of monsters who used her for their perverse pleasures. Only Shelby's love of learning kept her going.

Being an excellent student and a favorite of all her teachers she was able to get grants and scholarships to attend nursing school. Once in college she hoped and prayed for a new beginning and a wonderful life. Her dreams did not come true. She was hated for her beauty by the richer and more popular students. Tortured and teased for 4 years Shelby became obsessed with her fantasies of revenge.

After working for several years in various doctor's offices and hospitals her moment of revenge came to her. Working the night shift she discovered her most hated enemy from school was in the hospital for tests. Shelby spent days studying her records, planning the perfect revenge and found her heart beat wildly with excitement the closer she came to her goal. Finally after 3 days of careful planning she took her moment and killed the woman who lay helpless in the hospital bed. Shelby laid for night after night reliving the moment of realization on the woman's face and knew she had found her calling.

Unable to truly indulge her newly realized viscous desires Shelby began an intense search for the perfect home, the perfect playground.

She found the institution and Dr. Price.

Personality~  sociopath

This was a character created for a group game. I would love to adapt her to a One on One storyline.


The plains are decorated with
My beautiful colors, and the air
Is scented with my fragrance

This century has been a nightmare for Flora. The destruction of all she has created and cherishes has hardened her delicate heart and driven her into seclusion. Dwelling on an island far from view of man she surrounds herself with beauty and ignores the world in peril. Dressing as though the last 100 years never existed she is always in a flowing silken dress and always her feet stay bare to feel the soil upon her flesh. Long black hair and shining emerald eyes filled with shadows and wariness she is pale and delicate almost as a rose petal.

Able to feel the earth and its song she can bring beauty and health to anything she touches. With the ability to give life to a barran wasteland she can bring life to a man's barren soul as well...

Having grown disgusted with man she has abandoned them and refuses to help with anyone or anything. She once was filled with laughter, joy, & creativity. Now Flora cares only for her island and is bitter and lonely. Her passionate nature has been pushed deep within her and only a simple spark can set her temper ablaze with fury.

Another character created for a group game. I would love to write a story with her sometime!


Name:  Shanna

Eye/Hair Color (Before & After):   
Before~ HAIR/ Honey Blonde (the color of honey bee honey) EYES/ Emerald Green
After~HAIR/ Orange (color of fire or a radiant sunrise over the Grand Canyon) EYES/ Fire Orange

Personality (Before Destruction):  Loud, Brassy, Unsettled....a difficult person for anyone to get along with simply because she never took anything seriously. Looking for fun, laughter, no strings attached, adrenaline junky companions.

Personality (After Destruction):  The change is frightful in her, quiet, frightened, seething rage, she cannot bring herself to smile and is holding onto her newfound temper with little strength.

Significant strengths/skills:  Physically strong and superior health in every way. Able to live in the wild and survive on nothing at all almost.

Significant flaws/aversions:  Hates sitting still or thinking things through, always has to be in action even if it is stupid action. Hates discussing anything serious and has a newly developed temper that could spark fires at any moment.

State of Mind (With all that has come to pass):  Very quiet and unsure. Shanna is intelligent and able but her seething anger is shocking to her and she has no place to put it all. Her hands tremble with the need for violence sometimes and she is holding on by a thread.

Back Story (History):   Her fingers were raw and tired. Shanna could feel her legs beginning to shake. Her left arm was cramping like a bitch. Shanna laughed loudly and shifted to reach for her next foothold. It took another three hours to reach the summit and as she crawled atop the mountain she knew she would pass out soon from exhaustion. Shanna laughed again. Standing slowly she gazed at the blazing orange sunset over the mountains and wilderness. Lifting her arms high she smiled and passed out.

It was freezing by the time she came around and darkness had settled on the mountain peek. Silently she drank and ate enough to refuel her body and curled up for a few more hours sleep before she dove off the cliffs.

The orange of the sunrise took her breath away. Shanna stared so hard into the sun she felt her eyes water and just as she blinded herself she dove off the cliff base laughing with glee. Waiting until she was sure she would break a leg upon decent Shanna pulled her cord on her parachute and sang "Free Falling" all the way to the waiting earth below.

The landing was indeed painful but as usual she broke nothing. Ahhhhh, another perfect weekend!

Shanna was back in Glasgow, Scotland home sweet home for another dreary work week. She loved the ER but it could be so dull during the week! She was just about ready to shoot someone herself so she could have some excitement when she noticed everyone looking at her stranger than usual. "Whats up with you guys! Am I naked and don't know it?" Shanna asked loudly and laughed all the way to the restroom to see if she had a booger in her nose. Orange, her eyes were ORANGE. That was awesome! Shanna thought about running tests and seeing what was up but the ER got busy and she decided that night it was cool and told everyone they were contacts. Everyone accepted this explanation because they knew Shanna was crazy enough to do it.

Over the next few weeks her hair turned orange. Now this was strange. She didn't mind orange eyes and orange hair but what if her skin turned orange? So she began testing. Every test she knew she ran. Of course she was healthy as an ox! She always had been! Slowly Shanna stopped going for her weekend warrior jaunts. She started pouring over books and medical journals and stopped laughing as much. Everyone said it was a curse. Everyone told her it was because of the world ending. Shanna never heard them. Shanna was locked away in her tiny apartment throwing books at the wall when it happened.

The wind was howling like nothing she could describe. The building shook and windows began to shatter. Shanna ran outside into the streets of Glasgow to see a sky as black as night. A hurricane that lifted a cement bridge out of the ground and blew it strait at her! Screaming in terror she stood with her burning orange hair and felt anger and rage rising from her soul. The world was too exciting for it to end! She had not done everything she wanted to do! Everest was still to be conquered! Shanna screamed rage into the sky and howled in fury at the reality of her fun being gone.

Lighting began to strike all around her. Explosions rocked the city and people died in the streets around her. Shanna watched as massive hail stones on fire struck people and buildings. Cars and children alike were destroyed in seconds and the storm raged in the city. Shanna stood in the wind and cursed the storm and raged at the unfairness of it all.

Though it seemed like days had passed as she stood fighting with destruction itself it only took a few hours to level the city of Glasgow. She walked the rubble and looked for life anywhere. Nothing was recognizable. Everything was gone. It was quiet. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Shanna stood looking bewildered and wondered what she had done to cause this. Quietly she began walking. Searching for survivors. Searching for something to do.

Shanna no longer screamed or raged, she was quiet and frightened. The world she loved to play in was gone and she did not even look like herself anymore. Shanna was angry, very angry. Shanna decided someone was responsible for taking her playground away and it was not her, it could not be her!

Shanna is a character made for a group game that never happened. Would like to develop the story with someone.


Various pictures that I would like to build stories from....


Build A Story From:

If any of these story ideas, characters, or picture prompts interest you please contact me, I look forward to developing a story with you!

Group Game Ideas

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Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2010, 05:02:23 pm »
Just adding a couple picture prompts to my thread...

Below is a character that I created for a group game on another website. The game died out but I love her story and would like to perhaps develop a One on One with someone using her. If interested let me know!

Name: Isabella Marie Higgins
What name do you prefer to be called: Jayashri
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Brief description of why you are here: Obsession with snakes...
Began finding reptiles attractive at age 10 when a cousin got a snake for his birthday. By age 14 was secretly carrying on intimate relations with her 4 snakes. Went to college hoping to become a veterinarian but her obsession led to her being expelled. Hopping from job to job she now strips under the name Jayashri and uses her huge collection of reptiles as erotic props. Her father has demanded that if she wants her inheritance she must go back to college and get a degree. She is hoping Dr. Green can help her stop having sex with snakes. ((Doctor Green was the psychiatrist who led the game. She dealt with various patients and their peculiar problems. That does not need to be apart of whatever story is developed here however, it can all be changed.))

A Tiny Post From Her Story

Offline Zeitgeist

Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2010, 12:28:26 am »
Fascinating character write ups! I'm especially fond of Hannah Naomi Baker.

Offline Sasha

Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2010, 08:17:11 am »
Love the one pic you added ...the girl with the blue feather head piece. She just so caught my eye ...has that innocent seductive draw to her . Awesome lips red and perfect .. the shoulder just brings in a sexual element and the eyes seem so alive as if you could get lost in them. Even the background of that pic gives you the feeling of mystery and age less quality. Alluring indeed.

Would make an awesome mystic world character ...she just draws my eye right to her.

Awesome find indeed.

I would love to look for a character pic to attempt to put with her in some way ...the only one that I have that might match currently is the pic I used in the Kindom I made of Mystoria as the ancient one.

Anyways just had to express myself ...have a wonderful day Hun. Send me a PM if you want to talk about it more.


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Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2010, 01:07:48 pm »
Thanks Zamdrist of Zeigeist, I really like her myself. ;D

I so agree Sasha, that picture just caught my eye like a moth to a flame. Not sure what will ever come of these photos I run across but stories float around in my head when I see one and I just have to post it out there.

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Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2010, 03:34:23 pm »
Some of those women struck an interest in me. The Shiva looking on. (all blue one in toyr first post) and in the second post. The one scantly clad with roses all around her.

Offline LadySkyTopic starter

Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #6 on: February 02, 2010, 06:31:44 pm »
Um....thanks. I really like those pics too Orochimaru.

Offline Orochimaru

Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #7 on: February 03, 2010, 01:36:51 am »
Struck an interest as in I would like to see if an rp can form from one of them. Would you mind at all? Also, forgive me if I was not clear.

Offline LadySkyTopic starter

Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #8 on: February 03, 2010, 12:14:50 pm »
Would not mind at all, just PM me anytime! ;D

Offline LadySkyTopic starter

Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #9 on: February 03, 2010, 12:36:07 pm »
I recently read a novel that inspired a story idea.

A beautiful ghost haunts her once splendid home outside New Orleans. After being murdered in her home she awoke to discover she could never again leave the property. For decades she has roamed aimlessly through the mansion and over the lush grounds, aching to find freedom from her prison. Over the years she has tried to make contact with those who have purchased her home but none have ever been able to see or hear her. She has however effectively run off almost every single family who has tried living there due to her strange telekinetic powers and the wild weather that seems to focus solely on the home when her emotions are not kept under control. Devastating lightning strikes and howling winds reflect her frustration and loneliness and terrify all who have attempted to live in the house.

I was thinking the story could pick up when a new owner comes to the property. Obviously that is where my writing partner would enter the picture. For some reason this man would be able to see and hear her, I leave that totally up to whoever takes on this role. Whether he be supernatural himself or simply a human who can see her would be up to whoever wants this character.

As I was thinking this plot through I decided it would be good to slowly build the physical aspect. In other words, though he will be able to see and hear her, he still won't be able to actually touch her. They will need to work together to make her corporeal, search for a witch or sorcerer, something along those lines. We can work that out together.

For my character I plan for her to be very fiesty and more than just a little hot headed. She is going to be a former burlesque dancer from the roaring 20s, one of those wild Jazz gals who kept tons of booze in her secret room at home. Sticking with my usual preferences she will be ultimately very submissive sexually but thanks to her traumatic death and almost ninety years of complete solitude she will be a tad testy. Once she realizes her new tenant, as she likes to call those who move into her house, can actually see and hear her she will be thrilled but her ability to control her temper and behave will be very limited.

Below are a couple pics I came across for this idea. the home is probably somewhat rundown after being left empty for the last decade or so but still quite lovely I'm thinking.

If your interested PM me!

Marguerite Laress~

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Re: LadySky's One on One Ideas
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2010, 08:57:44 pm »
Below is a link to a story that had to stop due to my partners RL business! I really loved the idea and would love to find someone who would like to try the setting out again with me. Take a look at the setup and if your interested and like my Ons & Offs pm me! I'd be happy to start this story anew with someone!

If this one does not interest you try looking at something from above or let me in on any ideas you might have!

A Priest and His Flock