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Author Topic: The snake seeks to charm [Plot and Fandom list]  (Read 1453 times)

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The snake seeks to charm [Plot and Fandom list]
« on: March 30, 2016, 01:16:33 AM »
Redone, revised and reloaded.

Updated from my old list. Currently updated as of 2/9/2017

Welcome to this thread. Enjoy a look around and if something catches your eyes, please PM me. No details are really set in stone either. I am open to suggestions. There are exceptions though, but never be afraid to suggest something to me. I don't bite...Okay, maybe I do, but you'll like it! Side note, I do not care if a male plays a female character.


Plot 1: Dual Ideas [Doing this as both have me being a goblin]

The first idea is that you are playing a hot and badass Pirate Queen who's greed and lust for treasure is only rivaled by her own looks and sex drive. My character is a goblin, short, green and very good at what he does. He is an engineer, potion maker and treasure finder and is a horn dog in his own right. She comes to him as she seeks one of the rarest, but also a cursed pair of scimitars, but she has not yet foud any hint of them, but as all things in their world; it comes at a price.

This second one is were your character, a large, tall fairly muscular gladiator. At a very young age, she was taken from her village when it was destroyed, pillaged and burned down by a horde of orcs and raised by them to be a gladiator to fight in an arena for their own amusement. When she was not fighting, she was chained in the arena dungeon. One day, she was bought by a goblin, my character and given the take of a bodyguard. However, any freedoms she gained, came with a price as he would molest and touch her and when he finally would fuck her' she was strangely becoming addicted to him and attracted to him. This would be due to some alchemical compounds he made. Beyond the occasional fight, he would fuck her and she would find out she served as his breeder; she was going to have goblin children to help kick start the goblin population.

Plot 2: The beast within [MxF] Can be MxM.

She was popular, voluptuous and a model student. However, a terrifying event would change her life forever. Two months before High School graduation, in the dead of night she was attacked viciously by what looked like a pack of large dogs and yet, when she woke up after passing out; she was fine with the exception of her cloths being ripped and torn. The next day, she can smell better; hear better and even notices in one of her sports or cheerleading, her enhanced strength and reflexes. Then, after practice, in the locker room showers, as she is showering, my character comes in while she is distracted with her thoughts of the attack, comes up behind her and begins to sexually molest her. While she resists, she smells his musky scent and the werewolf within her is released.

My characters human form will be the contrary to her in body and persona, but he would teach her about being a werewolf and all.

I have a few images for the female that I would like to be used, but you are free to use your own.

Plot 3: Beastiality [Two Ideas]

One idea is that a maid is hired by a rich family to take cae of the family dog, what she did not anticipate is that she was attracted to the strong, large dog or that she would end up wanting to take care of the creatures sexual desires and becoming his bitch. Besides, walking, feeding and general care of the family pet.
Inspirational image, NSFW

The second is that a nun comes to a church, new to her charge; but she has a overactive sex drive and when she is tasked to 'take care' of the priest, she does so and even the random strays around the church; offering more than just kindness and prayer, but her body.
Inspirational image, NSFW

Plot 4: No Title yet

This is more of a OC DC/Marvel craving, with no real direction, but it could really.

My character is a scientist, typical, but it works. Whom had an accident at Arkham Asylum in one of it's many mass escape attempts. Toxins entered his body, but unlike Poison Ivy, he could not control plants, but became a walking poison bomb. His blood was so toxic and corrosive, that a single blood cell could kill another human in minutes. If he was cut, toxic fumes would escape and the chemical reactions made for some extreme heat; heat that could incinerate steel. The trauma, stress and the overwhelming changes due to his mutated body have cause him to become wild and erratic. Killing random people or kidnapping people who show promise in helping him. Bystander, supervillian and super hero alike are not safe from him. The best way to describe him is; bipolar.

This is where you come in. I care not if a male plays a female. The character I would like you to play is Killer Frost [Suicide Squad version, but open to other versions], or anyone with a poison immunity, but not restricted to.

Plot 5: Shattered Memories [Spoilers for the Batman Arkham series] OC X Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, mostly known for being the late Jokers girlfriend, who, along with other villians of Gotham, went through Jokers schemes with a modified titan formula in Arkham Asylum, survived Hugo's purge in Arkham City and survived Scarecrows mass fear toxin bombing of Gotham. However, the Joker died due to the side effects of the Titan he took months before Arkham City. Blaming the bat, the grieving woman gathered a gang and almost succeeded in her revenge; even surprisingly so, but she was still thwarted. Nine months later, Harley was approached to by Scarecrow to join his alliance to destroy Batman and take the city for themselves.She had no interest in Scarecrow's larger games, but joined in order to avenge the Joker's death. Grief-stricken and vengeful, Harley brutally reasserted control of Joker’s gang as it threatened to fragment after his death. Freed from Joker’s domineering personality, Harley became a dangerous, and unpredictable new force in the Gotham City underworld.

In short, this takes place after Arkham Knight with Scarecrow failing and followed Batmans identity reveal and 'death'. It would start with her embarrassed, heartbroken, defeated, ashamed, and mentally broken; she was eventually taken to the GCPD Lockup after Scarecrow's defeat, where she would be locked up with the rest of Gotham's criminals. Well, with her being transferred to anew asylum where she will meet my OC.

Idea 6:Project Genesis MxM

Project Genesis was mankinds way of genetically becoming part animal. This was to coincide with Project Terra; a project meant to terraform Earth as a means to reset the damage done to it by humans such as deforestation and pollution. The scientists of Genesis were experimenting on human embryos with animal DNA; ultimately managed to create the first, real life ‘fury’. They created more and more of them, but what they did not expect, was their level of intellect. They learned quickly and figured out how to escape and with it; widespread destruction of the labs and murder of hundreds.

Project Genesis was halted and soon, domed cities were created instead to shelter the human population from any side effects the Project Terra would have; which the Genesis project would have allowed humans to adapt too. However, some cities have grown dark and have given risen to more of Genesians: those who are furries from Project Genesis some time back. They had learned how to create more of themselves, breed and in a sort time, became as advanced as the humans.

This setting is to take place in a futuristic setting. My character will be a human and yours a feminine male Genesian. He will be an infiltrator type and will get caught, when the humans eventually learn that his feminine looks are a side effect of the genetics that gave him enhanced flexibility and agility to assist in his duties. Given the nature of the setting, there will be rape, bondage for experimentation and the like. Thus, he is to be broken, so to speak.

The imagies in the spoiler are NSFW, but what I al looking for in the Genesian. Though, first one is too young, but the futuristic design and the bodysuit were my inspiration for this. To be fair, images with good balance are hard to find. =/

Idea 7Knights and Ninjas [MxM, rape/non con]

This idea is once more just more of a smutty one. My character is a Knight Commander of a platoon from overseas that has landed on the Eastern shores of Japan. They have been coming into small villages, but when met with hostility, they have killed men, took women and children and taken them prisoner. Your character is a ninja, one of many, sent to free the prisoners. He is eventually caught and my character is in charge of him. Despite being a male, he is very feminine looking and my character takes a shine to him; leading him to rape the ninja. From there, he decides to break him with humiliation and forced sex. Between time, forcing him to go back to his home, spying on his own people and reporting back to my character by using the lives of his current captives as his weight. Even though he found some sort of pleasure in being used and fucked the first time, he will grow steadily addicted to become a pet.

The male ninja [Your character]

Idea 8:Behind the Scenes: WWE [MxF]

My character is a successful manager in the entertainment business of Wrestling. He has one of the best reps for having people make it to the top and get their shot of fame and even though he takes in males and females alike; what only a few females who work with him though know he is sleazy. He does not care if you are single, in a relationship or married; he will find a way to fuck you and it is easy when he can with one word give you all the fame and fortune you could ever ask for; even the wrestling championship belt and title. Your character is one of those aspiring wrestlers. Your character can also be black too if you so wish.

Plot 9: Nightborne/Drow [MxF]

This craving is coming from World of Warcrafts most recent expansion Legion. For those who do not know, there is a 10,000 year old Elven civilization. They survived by drinking from a special pool called the nightwell; which no only gave them powerful arcane magic for those that used magic, but longevity as most elves are now over 10.000 years old. When the Burning Legion came, a horde of demons who go from planet to planet, taking it over, they put up a massive arcane barrier around the city, but recently, war had taken it;s toll. So, they sided with the legion, but not all agree and think it is the ultimate betrayal of the world and their people.

Thise does not have to be wow themed and we can use this idea and just change some items around, but I wish to play a human hunter/ranger. While you play a female nightbourne. She is part of an internal resistance group, but at this point, the main leader had been exiled outside the shield and without the nightwell or mana.... nightbourne become nightfallen and then become withered... Which is worse fate than death. My character eventually comes in and approaches your character; who has no knowledge of the outside world and her first time seeing a human even. My character for some time has been working with the now nightfallen leader of the resistance to drive out the demons and restore Suramar City to it;s former glory. While they work together, the two quickly fall in love in the process. He tells her the history of the outside, current events and so in in the down time. Avoiding guards and he even takes her outside the barrier... even if it is to her horror of the fate of those exiles and the ravaged land created by demons.

Besides a human, I am willing to play a Worgen/werewolf or Goblin. Pref human or Goblin. If worgen, I can play him as a druid; which can leave it open for some bestiality if you want.

If the long ass ears and eyebrows are not your thing, this works too. Personal pref myself.

This cinematic is for those who have not seen it or would like the story; short and sweet for the idea.

Plot 10: League of Legends [Futanari]

 I would like someone who is to play Evelynn, a champion in the game. She is a jungler and in the game, you clear the monster camps for experience, money and some special buffs. This idea is to twist that with her getting 'fucked' by these monsters or animated golems, monstrous birds, wolves and a giant frog. To add to it, I will play the enemy jungler, the spider queen, Elise. Were she could rape and or take control of Evelynn; impregnating Eve with eggs via her futanari cock Can even use her spider form and do it via ovipositer.
Inspirational image, NSFW

The next idea is also LoL based and with my character being a futa Elise. I would like the other to play LeBlanc; a champion and leader to an underground cult in the LoL universe. This is more consentual and more like an exploration of a relationship between the two. With egg depositing and all. =P LeBlanc is a master of illusion magic and can make a magic copy of herself that can interact with the physical world. Doubling the fun. ^_-
Inspirational image, NSFW

Fandom List and Pairings

Plot 11: Crossover: Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus [Ganondorf and Dark Palutena]

For those who know of the zelda know Ganondorf started as, basically became a demon king to to get his hands on the triforce. Even facing off against a Goddess to claim it. Thus, he is familiar with God-like powers. this idea came from the Smash game for the Wii U and an image of a fallen Palutena that I found. Got thinking that, what if Ganondorf did the same to her, like he did Zant, but in this case, used it and any possible dark emotions to steal her power and eventually make a dark/fallen version of herself to help feed him power or, if you want, temporarily bring the goddess herself to the dark side for fun. lol

Note: The character I will play will be the first one.

Fairy Tail
-Elfman X Evergreen
-Elfman X Mirajane

Fire Emblem
-My Unit [M] X Tharja
-MU X Emmeryn
-MU X Tiki
Note: Other Awakening females can be paired, these are just my favorites.
Ike X Soren [MxM]

Highschool of the Dead
-Kohta X Saeko
-Kohta X Saya
-Kohta X Rei
-Kohta X Shizuka
-Kohta X Rika
-Kohta X Asami [Short lived and would have liked to see how this turned out. T-T]

League of Legends
-Garen X Luxanna
-Garen X Katarina
-Garen X Fiora
-Diana [Futa] X Leona
-Talon X LeBlanc
-Trundle X Ashe [Netorare]
-Warwick X Soraka
-Warwick X Ahri
-Warwick X Nidalee
-Warwick X Diana
-Warwick X Akali
-Zed X Syndra
-Zed X Akali

Mario Bros
-Bowser X Rosalina

Winston X Tracer
Winston X Mercy

Resident Evil
-Parker X Jill
-Parker X Jessica

Star Fox
-Wolf O'Donnel X Krystal

-Beast X Psyloche
-Beast X Mystique
-Beast X Storm

Legend of Zelda
-Ganondorf X Midna [True Form]
-Ganondorf X Cia
-Ravio X Hilda
-Ganondorf X Linkle (Adult)

World of Warcraft
-Druid OC X Dryad OC
-Goblin OC X Female Dreanei/Orc/Night Elf/Blood Elf/Gnome/Dwarf OCs
-OC x Jaina Proudmoore [Legion version]
-OC X High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane
-OC Goblin X Vanessa VanCleef
-OC Goblin X OC Eredar Female [Female Dreanei turned demonic]
-OC Night Elf Demon Hunter X OC Eredar Female
or anything I can be my goblin, human or Worgen for. ^^

Zoids New Century Zero
-Stigma Stoller X Peirce

Old and Forgotten RPs - PM me again with RP name in title if you're interested.

Life with the Dead Zombie Survival
Twisted - Brother and Sister incest, dark theme.
College of the dead Zombie Survival
Ninja and the Beast X-Men Beast X Psylocke - Will Make first post
Batman: Venom Thorns OC X Poison Ivy
Hunter's Vendetta OC X Huntress - Will make first post
Big Brother Wolf MxM Werewolf theme
Highschool of the Dead Kohta X Any female - Really want this and post can be modified for any change in seconds.
Dark Lust -Noncon/Rape
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Re: The snake seeks to charm [Plot and Fandom list]
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List updated and cleaned up.

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Re: The snake seeks to charm [Plot and Fandom list]
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Added one more plot.