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Author Topic: LadySky's Group Game Ideas  (Read 769 times)

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LadySky's Group Game Ideas
« on: December 22, 2009, 07:19:26 pm »
LadySky's Group Ideas

Some of the below are characters from games that fizzled or ended and I would love to use them.


Would Love To Do This Story!
Two tough Texas Rangers rescue a hot headed, smart mouthed lady. As they travel to return her to her waiting family they discover she is the perfect match for them both. Out under the stars the three discover the intense sexual attraction that they all have together and the men decide she belongs to them and they intend to hold onto the wild lady. Unfortunately someone else wants her just as badly and he intends to take her.

So basically the Rangers rescue her then delve into a wild sexual romp with her and then decide she belongs to them. The badguy comes back and kidnaps her once more and this time really makes her pay for what he sees as her betrayal. The Rangers must find and save the woman they love. Her name would be Lesley Ann Marie Davis...

I figure this story could involve myself as the hot headed lady and two others who would like to play the two Texas Rangers. Another player for the mad bastard who kidnaps her from the Rangers would be cool, however whoever takes this role will have to accept that in the end he will be killed. LOL

So this would be a Group RP of 4 players.


Town:  Silver Springs, CO

Year:  1869

Population:  522

Profile Form~

Sexual Orientation
Physical Description

For those who are interested in being a part of the Western RP, I have decided to set up a few more setting ideas.
Above is a map of the town, where it is located in Colorado and the population. Obviously this is a small community, a new town still in the wild west though there is some law and order to be found.

If you are interested and would like to submit a character please use the above form to create your character and PM the profile to me! Maybe we will get this town rolling soon!

A couple things I want to include in the group game....

1. Please be sure you will be around for the actual game. In previous RPs I have noticed a trend of people wanting to join a game and create a character but then....they disappear and never actually post more than once or twice. If you are not sure you will have time or you think you might disappear after a week or don't join?

2. I believe in storytelling. In every RP there are times when a post will only need one or two sentences, that is normal and to be expected. the NORM, I enjoy a game more when everyone posts replies with at least 2 paragraphs, 3 sentences each. That is not much to require for those who truly want to tell a story. I like to make my posts several paragraphs long and would like my writing partners to feel the same way.

3. Homosexual characters and couples are welcome in this RP. It would be a sticky situation, filled with difficulties in the old west but if you want to go for it, I welcome it!


My two characters~~~

Name:  Belle Fredrickson

Age:  23

Sex:  Female

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual

Physical Description:  The perfect whore, or so she has always been told. 5'3/118 lbs./36C/22/36 Small body frame, thick wavy blond hair(natural) that falls to hips. Big brown eyes that hold shadows and loneliness, soft silky lips that are naturally pink and plump. She is small but with the curves of a voluptuous woman, rarely wears makeup as she has smooth, colorful skin that beckons men to touch.

Personality:  Belle is a mixture of many various personalities. Having spent her life in the business of pleasing others she tends to wear a mask, making many wonder who the real Belle is. On the one hand she is a fighter, never allowing anyone to push her around or tell her she cannot do something she wants to do. Hot tempered and known to smack a man's face or tear a room to shreds once she snaps. Then again, Belle is a people pleaser, never letting her smile fall, though many can see the falseness of her grins. She is desperate to have the approval of others, trying hard to be happy and respectable at all times. In private....nobody is really sure.

History:  "You were born a whore's get, you will die a whore's get." Belle will never forget her mother's dying words and she will never believe them.

Belle does not know who her father is, he could be any one of a hundred men who passed though Denver, CO. Her mother was the daughter of a whore and thus the tradition was to continue with Belle. Raised in a fairly well ran whore house in Denver, Belle was introduced to her first customer at 13 years old. Her mother took great delight in the $20 she sold her little girls virginity for. Belle worked in the office of the house as much as possible however, paying close attention to the money matters, the business side of things, her mind soaking up everything she could and her heart making plans for a better future for herself. Saving every penny she could get her hands on, Belle waited for her moment of escape to come. Two years ago the time finally arrived.

Her mother lay dying of some unknown disease, her body ravaged by the horrible abuse it had endured. Belle told her mother of her dreams for a better life, her mother made sure she set her daughter straight with her last breath. Belle decided she would not allow her mother to be right, she took her savings....and the savings of the whore house owner and disappeared into the wilds of northern Colorado.

The residents of Silver Springs know Belle in a fallen woman, she cannot hide that whore stain she has in her eyes. Unable to prove this however, she has been accepted into the community, though her hold on acceptance is very very fragile. She owns the local hotel and works hard to make her business a success. A small restaurant is in the hotel and Belle's has become the hot spot in town for food, gossip, and chatter. She has been told her hold on respectability cannot last unless she marries a honest man but Belle is staying stubborn, the idea of being under a man's rule repugnant to her after the life she has led. What respectable man would have her anyway.....

Name:  Annie Doyle

Age:  25

Sex:  Female

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual

Physical Description:  Sweet, angelic, and soft. 5'6/132 lbs./36C/25/37 Thin and willowy yet soft and curvy enough to catch men's attention. Raven black hair that falls in tight thick curls all the way past her bottom. Soft brown eyes that remind everyone of chocolate, pale creamy skin that has never been burnt by the sun or harmed by illness. Strong body, ready for hard work, though she is clearly a proper lady born and bred. Her stubborn chin and pert little nose gives a small clue as to how tough she can be.

Personality:  Quiet and fairly subdued, Annie is relaxed and not one to get worked up...unless pushed. Fiercely loyal to those she cares for, Annie can be hell with a shotgun and is an excellent rider. Dreams of being a wife and a mother, wants a home of her own and a man who she can respect. She is happy and spirited, though somewhat innocent and naive where men are concerned. Hard working and sweet to a fault.

History:  Born and raised on a small horse ranch in Tennessee, Annie has arrived in Silver Springs, CO looking for a dream. Her mother died when she was only 11 and her father married again within a year. She has 3 half-siblings, all of whom she adores and loves and practically raised as her own. Her stepmother has no use for her, causing her trouble constantly over the years.

Annie was engaged to the the local preacher's son but he was killed in the War Between the States in 1862, leaving an 18 year old Annie devastated and alone. Over the last few years her situation at home has become intolerable and Annie realized she wanted more from life than to simply exist. Deciding to leave the devastated Southern States and try for a life in the West, Annie signed up to be a mail order bride.

She has just arrived in Silver Springs to meet her intended, full of hopes and dreams....and more than just a little fear.


I would love to play a group Star Wars game. Below is a character I created for a game that never got off the ground. Would anyone like to try one?

Trace Wesley/Jedi Knight

Character~ Jedi Knight
Name~ Trace Wesley
Sex~ Female
Race~ Human
Languages~ Galactic Basic, Bocce, Durese, Huttese, Rodese

Appearance~ 5'8/123pds, Athletic build, very strong yet curvy and feminine. Long thick and wavy blue hair that reaches her hips. Big round dark brown eyes that always glitter with imagination. Full lips and tan skin speak of health and sensual inner desires.

History~ Born on Nubiain in 40 BBY, the youngest of 7 children. From the moment her mother realized she was pregnant she knew the child was different. Jedi arrived and moments after her birth she was taken to be trained in the ways of the force on Corusant. A rebel from the beginning she never fit well into the strict regime of Jedi life but she persevered and worked hard to prove her worth. Upon being chosen by Jedi Master Sinya Vida as Padawan she began to flourish. The Clone Wars were a time of firsts for Trace as she passed her trials and was appointed a Jedi Knight fighting alongside many of her childhood rivals.
Trace received word from her family, whom she knew only through letters, that her father had been killed in an accident at the shipyards where he worked. She raced quickly to her family and planned on showing her respect at his funeral and then quickly returning to the battle grounds. Word arrived however of the complete wipeout of all Jedi and once she received notice of her own Master Sinya Vida's death and that of Master Yoda and others she decided to go into hiding. Her family arranged for her to stay hidden on Nubia and for several years Trace has worked at odd jobs. After an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer was sent to orbit the planet and martial law was declared Trace decided to leave the Core Planets. After several years of planet hopping she has made her way to Nar Shaddaa and is keeping an eye on the Hutt's hoping to help those she can quietly and without attracting attention.

Personality~ On the outside Trace is very quiet and calm, rarely ever looses control and almost never laughs. Her world has been destroyed and inside she is seething with rage and a need for vengeance. She works hard to control these thoughts and emotions and thus stays to herself. Very passionate and loyal, loving in her own way, she is graceful and sensual without even trying.

Weapons~ Rapier Light Saber(Trace's Prize Possession) 

Ship~ Whitecloak Jedi Starfighter(Picked up cheap after the wars) 


Another character from the Star Wars universe.

I created Princess Savess when I was a young girl, wrote a story for her and everything.

Would love to either do a One on One RP with her or a Group setting.

This is a drawing I had made of Savess, I could not afford to have it colored, but it gives an idea of what she looks like.

Name~ Princess Savess Palpatine
Gender~ Female
Age~ 25
Species~ Human
Homeworld~ Cordan
Profession~ Ruler
Savess is always very serious and on alert. Quiet, reflective, independent, and strong. Appears very cold and aloof, never trusts anyone but has a very kind and generous spirit she keeps well hidden. Spends all her time working to keep her home running and the people in her care safe and protected. Never fully allows herself to sleep and thus her temper is always on edge ready to snap. Has a violent temper she keeps very very tightly reigned in. Full of self-loathing and self-doubt.
Likes~ Solitude, Singing(well kept secret)
Dislikes~ Her father, using the Force, lack of self-control in herself or anyone else
Radra Selms a Human Jedi Knight was thought killed in battle on the planet Brentaal IV in the year 21BBY, this was however not true. In truth she was captured and taken to Cordan, a planet in the Outer Rim near Utapau, a planet that is not on any star charts in the galaxy. There she was to be introduced to Darth Sidious, who to her surprise and dismay was indeed Chanceller Palpatine. He proceeded to use Radra and soon she was with child, his child. All his visions showed him a strong son would be born and when a little baby girl came instead he was enraged. Choosing not to kill the infant immediately he stationed two Star Destroyers in orbit over the planet and imprisoned mother and child. Several years went by before he returned, this time with Darth Vader as his accomplice. Unable to impregnate Radra again he killed her using Sith Lightning while her little 5 year old daughter Savess watched. The Emperor decided to let the little girl live since she had such a powerful connection to the Force. Over the next years of her life she lived in a grand palace on Cordan as a princess though her life was not in any way grand. Her father left her in the hands of a legion of assassin droids and duelist elite droids. Every moment of her life was a battle to survive. Darth Vader was a major part of the princesses life as he came to see and test her often. The servants of the palace were her only other living interaction. Throughout her early years Radra appeared to her often, telling her stories of the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights, hoping to help Savess resist the pull toward darkness. Eventually her mother ceased appearing and Savess was heartbroken over the loss. Directly before the Battle of Endor Darth Vader made his last visit to Savess though he did not know it would be his final visit. Four years have passed and Savess has heard nothing from her father, Darth Vader, or her mother. Now alone on Cordan she works to keep her palace running smoothly, battles her anger and hatred daily, and prays for some miracle to occur.
5'5/125pds Long thick mahogany brown hair that falls past her bottom. A very unique crown, silver with a precious jewel that lays upon her forehead. The crown is very important and intricate. Dark black eyes that stand out sharply against her ivory skin. Athletic and very strong but very curvy and feminine. Always wears black. Usually in a black shirt and pants suit with knee high black boots. Very elegant but easy to battle in. Wears a very distinct cloak with a high collar which makes her look to be evil and cold. Often wears black gloves and appears cold and distant, though she has a very warm heart if one were to look close enough.
Since Palpatine never fully trained her to be a Sith she does not have a light saber.
Details for the planet she resides on: Cordan is a tiny planet almost completely covered in thick rain forest. Humid, and always raining, the planet has many river running through its thick jungles.
Cordan Palace is the only structure on the planet and is located in a small clearing made by the architects. The rainforest constantly threatens to overtake the palace and it is a full time job to keep the wild at bay.
The palace was built to Emperor Palpatine's specifications and is filled with hidden passages, weapons, and protection. Opulant and foreboding, huge and overwhelming, it stands out in direct contrast to the beautiful vibrant colors of Corbans natural surroundings.


~Five Men and a Lady~

England, 1588

It is a dark time for all of England and frequent wars among the nobility keep lands changing hands. Just such a war has occurred. The new ruler of Neville Castle wants to prevent any revolt so he turns the wife of Lord William Jonathon Henry Neville IV, his slain enemy, over to some of his men. They are to humiliate and use her in any degrading means they so desire so she will be unable to use religious authorities to make a claim to the throne as wife and the people will be frightened to revolt.

Five men have signed up for this task...and so our story unfolds.

Name~ Lady Skylark Neville (called Lady Sky)

Age~ 24

Physical Description~ Small and gentle Skylark is the perfect noble Lady. Brown hair filled with golden highlights falls in waves past her bottom. She has never however had her hair loose in the company of others, always keeping it tightly braided and pinned. Soft moss green eyes that gaze cold and unfeeling at all she meets. Her body is small and though her breasts are not large they are high and firm, perfect handfulls. Small hips are supposedly to blame for her inability to conceive a child for her husband though many say it is indeed the Lord that is to blame.

Personality~ Quiet, distant, aloof. The perfect Lady in every way. Keeps to herself and does her duty, never shows emotion of feeling.

History~ Lady Sky's mother died 3 days after giving birth to her one and only child. Naming her Skylark for her favorite bird was the only gift she was able to bestow upon her daughter before death. Her father was aloof and unfeeling, devoting himself to his lands and money. In order to make a profitable allegiance he betrothed his 4 year old Skylark to a Lord known for his evil ways. Sky was raised to be the perfect wife, mother, and Lady, taught to never show emotion, never ask questions, and above all obey her husband. At 15 she was given in marriage to Lord William Jonathon Henry Neville IV. Her husband was 46. Cruel, angry, and vicious Sky soon learned the true nature of hell. Unable to maintain an erection Lord Neville beat and abused Sky blaming her ugliness for his problem. Throughout the years of her marriage she has endured almost every humiliation imaginable, or so she thought. Loyal to her father and determined to make her mother proud she has spent her life hiding every emotion and appearing to be the aloof, spoiled, noblewoman all except her to be.

I tried this story once before but it did not work out. Though I really want the story to be NC and the knights to be brutal even, I don't want it to be filled with random cruelty and senseless violence. I see the story building and progressing, the knights men of honor who believe that what they are doing is right and necessary. Not men who are evil and vicious, only finding pleasure in torturing the woman.

I plan for my character to not be truly evil and for the knights to eventually come to see this over a period of time. A progression of the story would see the characters getting to know each other, learning the truth behind the masks they have all worn for so long. My character will grow to enjoy and even desire what the knights do to her, which means the knights must be men whom she will respect and honor, not evil pigs. LOL


The Breeds

Still Recruiting New Members!


If any of these story ideas or characters interest you please contact me, I look forward to developing a story with you!

One on One Game Ideas