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Started by sakuratears, December 17, 2009, 09:08:22 PM

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After I've been gone for so long because of school/work...I've been craving a good rp ^^

Here are my old ideas...

Pharaoh/Young wife or harem - Hasina is a young dancer who was given to the great Pharaoh

Professor/Student - open for any storyline

Hostess - A young girl who works at a Japanese hostess club.

Newer Ideas...

Vampires - Kind of been over done but I would like to have a decent vampire story ^^

Fantasy - Open for any storyline

Ok, now for some fandom rps...

Severus Snape/OC - Thought as well give it a try to see if anyone is interested XD

Fruits Basket - I am open!

Even though this post doesn't seem like it, but I do like to have story lines with my rps, and I love paragraphs! If interested please send me a pm or post on this thread ^^


Quick question!

For Fruits Basket and Snape/OC, what kind of pairings do you play? M/M or M/F?


I would like to either do your Hostess idea or maybe a professor student game?
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And I would be interested in the Pharaoh/Harem idea.

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