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Started by urowen, December 10, 2009, 12:59:20 PM

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Well, after searching and searching I have finally decided that maybe it is time for me to actually try and form a list of my interests and maybe see if I can get any bites.

Ok, now for the list. I will be adding more as i open up and get more experience in different things

Alright I am really craving a long term master slave idea. I am thinking a human with a neko/beast girl/or other non human character. I am not very skilled at being a master but would really like to try. Also I want the slave to eventually start having feelings for the master. This could lead to various plot twists.

Also wouldn't mind either being part of a Harem, or having a Harem if anyone would like to try that with me. I have a semi-idea based off of the anime Fruits Basket. Only the people are not limited to the zodiac and the transformation is done by will or by stress.

Now doing a rating system. 1 -5 stars, the more stars the more desire for it.


Xmen ***
Prefer to play an OC with an OC or Canon
Twilight **
I have an OC that craves Alice but would go for an OC
Name: Raymond (Ray) LaChance
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Age: 300 (appears 25)

Looks (Other than pcture): His hair is deep choclate brown and his eyes are a violet. He stands at 5'8 and weighs 140 pounds. He normally wears clothes that are loose on his body and stays with dark color, favoring greens and blacks.

Personality: He is very shy and tends to avoid contact when possible. His power has prevented him from joining any covens and he has so far hidden well from the Volturi. When he is able to open up, he is very funny and also very honorable. He will fight to the death to protect those he loves and has let this ideal get him in more than enough trouble
Harry Potter ****
Harvest Moon ****
Zelda **

(Can do OC or canon characters)
Basic Roles

RoyaltyXCommoner **
Good Princess/PrinceXEvil King or Queen ****
AssassinXTarget ***
MageXBodygaurd **
AngelXDemon **
VampireXVampire ***
WerewolfXWerewolf **
VampirreXWerewolf *****
WerewolfXHuman **
VampireXHuman **
HumanXAlien **
Single Mom/ New guy in town ***

I have seen Tron Legacy and fell in love with the idea of a use falling in love with an iso. It wouldn't have to be Cora or the maker's son. It could be both OC's. I was thinking maybe a man enter's the server and competes in the games, becoming a favorite. He meets and iso and they start to talk and hang out while he is in the game. Maybe have something happen and another Purge ensues. Leaving the user with a choice to either bring her back to the real world, or stop the Purge to save her life.
Saint's Row/ Gang based
I have just beaten Saints Row 2 and have a crazy idea for a long term roleplay that would be loosely based around the whole games idea. Basicilly there would be two gansters, one could be the leader or they could just be peons. The story would be their rise to power as they take over the entire town. There would be a lot of pre-game building and I might even consider doing this as a group. I am not planning on doing anything special like a money or experience system, just free form playing.Any one interest in this we can explore MANY MANY kinks and help me open up to things I may not have tried yet,
I decided to try something different now as well. I searched up some pictures of female character that I would love to build a character to play opposite and a plot to fit them both in for. If any of these pictures strike you as fun and/or you have an idea for a plot you would like to play just let me know the name of the picture and we can go from there

Naga Girl
Naga Girl 2
Zora Princess
Spider Girl
Dragon Princess

Mind you this is a work in progress so there will be addition in the future, I am just really itching for a game and hoping to get some bites on this bait. Thank you all and can't wait to get replies.

Just learned how to play via Google Docs


Added new fandoms and a few original roles.


Hi i was curious I saw you had Final Fantasy down. which one do you like to do and well also do you rather a girl play a girl and you play the male or do you also do male/male or is it just straight male/female..if you do just the m/f that i also like the vampire/vampire. i am very interested and would loved to Role-play with you.



I wouldn't mind doing an rp of Harvest Moon, I was craving one a while ago and No one wanted to do it, lol. Provided there is romance, you can shoot me a Pm or I can pm you ^^ if your interested in one.
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added a new story, really craving it.


Added a new story, looking for the fish ...err i mean players to bite. >:)



Added redemption in hopes of getting more hits and open partners leave me a reply or pm


Are you looking for anyone for "The 'Evil' King"? If so I would be interested in talking it out some.
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Oh's and No's


i just got a partner for that. If you like that one, Redemption is slightly based off if it. Same idea, only more in depth and the good/evil complex.


I do like it, but I'm unsure of where you see it going.
Behind every angel stands a devil.                    Scattered Angel A/A updated 8/12/16
Oh's and No's


I am interested in : Married person/ single woman/man ****

Can we possibly discuss it over in PM ?^^
No more RP's.I am swamped for now.

Kage J.

I may be interested in Redemption...sounds like a good, longer-term plot. If you'd like to discuss it further, drop me a PM. :-)


Must Apologize, I got a handful of request as soon as I decided to return to this site. So right now my list is on Hiatus. I am sorry if I peeked your interest, I just do not want to neglect the people I am playing with right now. If you wish you can still comment and if I have something open up I will message you. Thank you All and again I AM SORRY


Did a make over, fancied it up and added some new ideas that I would like to try.


Oooh, Fruits Basket, drop me a pm if you're still up for that one!