Kage's Kinky Urges [UPDATED with Torchwood and Pacific Rim!]

Started by Kage J., November 25, 2010, 12:59:44 AM

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Kage J.

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UPDATED: 1/31/14

If you see an idea or a fandom that you like but want to change up the plot, I am completely open to negotiation, so don't be afraid to ask!

Roles in orange would be played by me.
Plots marked with !!! are the ones I have a particularly painful craving for.

Fandom Ideas

!!!Torchwood is Just Fucking Awesome Okay?(M/M or M/F)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Hurt/comfort, D/s, potential violence, honestly pretty much anything
Roles: (Canon characters) Owen Harper x Seriously anyone I don't even care
Details: I just finished the first season of Torchwood and Owen is ruining my life. He's such a selfish, offensive, psychotic little shit and yet all I can do is love him to death. Therefore, I am literally willing to do almost anything involving Owen. I don't care what the pairing is or who plays which character, I just need an Owen fix real bad. Some potential plot inspiration:
-I would prefer an M/M pairing, but I'm not against M/F at all. The characters themselves and their dynamic matter more to me than gender. Might be interested in Owen/Jack. Epic hate sex? Jack putting Owen in his place? Again, I can be convinced to do pretty much any pairing if the idea behind it is good.
-One of the things that interests me about Owen is how freaking damaged he is. He's got some serious anger issues, and seeing him completely lose his shit in the episode Combat did things to me in my pants. I love his psychotic streak and how that could potentially play out in other situations.
-As much as I love his crazy side, I also love that softer side that so far only Diane ever really got to see. That being said, the lascivious, domineering Owen that had Gwen up against a tree in Countrycide just makes me want to fling my panties across the room.

!!!Totally Not a Groupie (Pacific Rim)(M/M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Vanilla, hurt/comfort, monsters/tentacles, D/s
Roles: (Canon characters) Newt x Hermann (might be convinced to play Hermann as well) (also open to doing just about anything in this world with OCs)
Details: Even though the Breach is closed, there's still plenty of fresh Kaiju carcass around for Newt to study. But a few weeks into his research, he starts to notice foreign voices in his head and flashes of terrifying images. He's tapped into the Kaiju hivemind, and the worst part is, the changes are physical as well. Newt has always been fascinated by the Kaiju, but he never fully grasped the earth-shattering horror of their existence until he became one of them.

This RP involves the consequences of Newt and Hermann's drift with the Kaiju brain. I figure he's still tapped into the hivemind on some level, and so something he gets into during his study of the Kaiju remains recognizes him as Kaiju, and starts to genetically engineer him into one of them (since the Kaiju are clones, I figure there has to be some kind of bioengineering going on). I'm very attached to alienfirst's Kaiju-spliced Newt design (here and here), so Newt's transformation would be loosely based on that. I'm looking for someone to play Hermann as he witnesses Newt's transformation and experiences his own repercussions (partner's choice what those might be). We can keep it non-sexual or have them end up in a relationship, I'm totally game either way.

Weird At Last (Welcome to Night Vale)(M/M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Vanilla, hurt/comfort, monsters/tentacles, mild BDSM, potentially torture
Roles: (Canon characters) Cecil x Carlos; Cecil x Earl Harlan; Kevin x Carlos' double (no personal preference; will play any of these characters)
Details: I really don't have a specific plot in mind, I just have a Night Vale itch that needs to be scratched. I like the idea of Cecil as some kind of eldritch abomination, so tentacles will almost certainly be a part of any plot we do. I also got turned onto the Cecil/Earl Harlan ship by the wonderful nazi-nurse, who designed an adorable ginger version of the scoutmaster. So I'd like to do pretty much anything involving these characters, how they met, maybe something to do with re-education, random scouting things, mute children dragging people into burlap tents, whatever. Plots can be discussed beforehand.

Marvel Mayhem (M/M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Vanilla, NC, BDSM, hurt/comfort, powerplay, bloodplay, magic
Roles: (Canon characters) Tony x Steve; Tony x Bruce; Thor x Loki (no personal preference; will play any of these characters)
Details: So I'm kind of a huge Marvel nerd, so much so that it's one of the only fandoms for which I'm really willing to do canon RP. I have no specific plot in mind, but it can be set in the canon universe or any number of ridiculous AUs we can come up with. The power struggle between the strong egos in some of these pairings would certainly play a part in any intimate interactions, so they would likely be fighting each other to top at times, which could be interesting. This roleplay could either be action-packed and violence-heavy (favoring the more violent tendencies of the villain in Loki's case), or it can show the more mundane side of the Avengers' lives, to sort of bring out their humanity. We can discuss specific plot points beforehand.

Biohazard (Resident Evil 6) (M/M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Vanilla, BDSM, powerplay, hurt/comfort, monsters/mutations, hospitals/medical experimentation, bloodplay, possible anti-gay stigma because of military setting
Roles: (Canon characters) Chris Redfield x Piers Nivans (would prefer to play Piers, but may be convinced otherwise)
Details: THIS SHIP IS RUINING MY LIFE. Slight spoilers ahead if you haven't finished Chris' campaign. Chris and Piers' relationship is one of the most tragic things I have ever witnessed in a video game. It's seriously heartbreaking, and the ending just made me angry and gave me feels for weeks. If you've played the game, you probably noticed the ridiculous amount of homoerotic tension between the two. I'd prefer if you've played the game, or at least seen all the cutscenes and story-related stuff from Chris' campaign.
I'd like to do a roleplay about:
     1) Chris and Piers' first meeting in the BSAA, past missions before the events of RE6, etc. I want to explore how they built their relationship, when one or the other of them started to have feelings for the other, and how they handled that in the military context of the BSAA. Did they carry on a secret relationship in their brief moments alone? Did any of the other soldiers find out, and if so, were they stigmatized for it? This could kind of fit in with my Forbidden Fruit prompt above.
     2) A scenario in which Piers let Chris save him from the collapsing underwater facility...because my inner fangirl was crushed by the ending of the campaign and I just refuse to accept it. ;_; I love the idea of Chris staying by Piers' bedside as they try to cure his infection. This would definitely be angst-filled and very heavy on the hurt/comfort theme.

Original Ideas

Splice (M/F)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Exotic, NC, bloodplay, ownership
Roles: Genetic experiment x Scientist; F x M or M x M
Details: I finally saw the movie Splice...it was a terrible movie, but that one scene where the dude and the experiment chick got it on was pretty hot. XD So, essentially, that's what I'm looking to do. My character will be some kind of genetically engineered creature, and yours will be a scientist that helped to create it. I'm not looking to use the canon characters or follow the story of Splice at all; the plot could be something entirely different. For example, a company could be engineering neko girls as pets, or maybe they're trying to create BOWs (bio-organic weapons) to get the upper hand in a war. I'm really open to anything on this one.

A New Captive (Dom M/sub F, or Dom M/sub M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Exotic, NC, BDSM, bloodplay, humiliation, ownership
Roles: Master x Slave; Demon (Dominant M or submissive M or F) x Angel (Dominant M or submissive M or F)
Details: I've been craving this for a while, and once I joined Elliquiy I was surprised to see how many others shared similar plot ideas to this, but unfortunately none of them are asking for the roles I want to play. I'm interested in playing either male or female, a somewhat resistant, "feisty" submissive in his/her early- to mid-twenties (at least in appearance) who has been captured or bought as a slave, and I'm looking for a dominant male of a similar or slightly older age to play my master.
There are two ways this plot can go, and I'm willing to do multiple versions of this with different people, so even if other people have responded, you can still ask. :-)

  • We could do the classic demonic master and angelic slave scenario. In the demonic world, having a slave from the higher realms is a sign of strength, class, and authority, as such slaves are very hard to come by. I figure the master could either hire a bounty hunter to snag an angel from the higher realm (or maybe one that's visiting Earth on a mission to help people), or go and kidnap one himself to prove his strength.
  • We could try something a little different, with a corrupt angelic master capturing a demonic slave. The Heavens have finally won the battle between good and evil, but did the line between the two become blurred in the process? After the battle, a powerful general among the angelic forces captures a young soldier from the demonic army, bringing him/her back to the Heavens as a symbol of his power. The demon is humiliated and turned into an example for the other demons, to discourage them from ever rising up again...and, of course, the angel can have his fun.

Forgotten Gods (M/M; M/F)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Exotic, NC, BDSM, magic; pretty open to anything here
Roles: God x god
Details: Kind of spinning off from my Marvel obsession and my passion for ancient mythology. This idea is based off of something I came across in Neil Gaiman's American Gods (an amazing book, by the way). There is a scene where Loki is explaining the decline of the gods when people stop believing in them, and how they go from powerful, widely revered idols to forgotten heroes stuck using their unique abilities to perform common parlor tricks. I would like to explore a relationship between two forgotten gods from any culture's mythology (I'm most familiar with Norse, Greek/Roman, and some Celtic mythology, but I can certainly explore others). This would likely be a more long-term RP involving more than just sex, but again, we can discuss options before beginning.

Very Close Encounter (Dom M/sub F, or Dom M/sub M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Exotic, NC, bondage, vivisection (invasive surgical experimentation on live subject), pregnancy
Roles: Abductor x Captive; Alien invader (Dominant M or dominant F) x Human/other alien species (Submissive M or submissive F)
Details: After playing a flash game about aliens all night, I was inspired to do an alien abduction RP. Your character would be an alien invader (please, no Invader Zim canon) who is visiting planets and collecting samples of different sentient species for experimentation. I don't really have any preference for what your character looks like, or if he/she can communicate with my character; get creative and make it freaky! My character would either be human, or just a different alien race. This would be very heavily sci-fi; I want to focus on the scientific experimentation, and have the sexual elements be more of a "breeding experiment" than simply for pleasure or dominance, though my character could certainly become a subject of sexual pleasure once her/his experimental purposes have been fulfilled. The aliens' experiments could potentially lead to pregnancy, and birth of some strange mutant alien baby, if we decide to take it in that direction. I'm really looking for medical torture in this one; I want my poor, defenseless character strapped down to a cold and unforgiving examination table to be at the mercy of her/his alien captors; I want dissection and needles and experimental substances; again, just get creative and freaky! The details will obviously be discussed before the start of the RP.

Under Your Wing (Dom M/sub F, or Dom M/sub M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Exotic, NC, BDSM, bloodplay, ownership/marking
Roles: Vampire sire x Vampire fledgling; Dominant M x submissive M or F)
Details: This is a pretty standard idea, but one that I've been craving for a while. Your character, a vampire sire, has just turned my character and must now take him/her under his wing until he/she learns the ins and outs of vampirism. My character will be ravenous and impulsive and must be reined in. As part of the vampire culture, the fledgling vampire is in debt to his or her sire until he or she is fully trained, and thus, may be used by his or her sire as he sees fit; this can be anything from housekeeping and running errands to entertainment and sexual service. Mutual feeding is very much a part of the "bonding" process between sire and fledgling. I have no specific plot details for this one, but details can be discussed prior to starting the plot.

Will You Give Yourself to Me? (Switch M/M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: NC, BDSM, bloodplay, ownership, power struggle
Roles: Military commander x Knight; Switch M x Switch M
Details: I rarely do canon RPs, but this one will be just based on the idea of the anime/manga Maiden Rose. If you haven't seen/read the anime/manga, that's fine, I'm not planning to use the canon characters or universe, necessarily; our characters would probably just be loosely based on the two main characters in the series, Taki Reizen and Klaus von Wolfstadt (Wikipedia has a good plot synopsis if you're curious). In short, my character is a military commander from a family favored by the gods. Because of this religious affiliation, he is expected to stay pure until marriage, and is most certainly not supposed to have romantic encounters with other men. Your character would be a soldier from an enemy nation, who leaves his home in order to pledge his allegiance to my character and become his knight and personal guard. As they work together, your character begins to develop feelings for mine, and eventually starts to make a move on him. Of course, my character will refuse obstinately, at least at first, but will gradually come to return those feelings. This would likely be a long-term RP following the development of their relationship, involving secrecy, blackmail, moral conflicts, persecution by peers, and the many hardships and tragedies of war.

Forbidden Fruit (M/M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Possible NC, otherwise fairly vanilla
Roles: Soldier x Soldier; M x M
Details: Kind of a followup to the last one. I don't have a specific plot for this one, but it's just a situation of which I've always been a fan in writing. In the military (can be on Earth or any fictional planet), homosexuality is still frowned upon by the majority of society. In the midst of the horror of war, two male soldiers find solace in each other's company and begin to have feelings for each other. They must struggle to conceal their love from the rest of the unit or risk persecution, punishment, or even death. Other than this, I don't have any specific preference for the plot; we can discuss details before beginning the story.

Necessary Sacrifices (Dom M/sub F, or Dom M/sub M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Exotic, NC, bondage, bloodplay, violence
Roles: Cult leader x sacrificial captive; M x M or F)
Details: Another vague idea. I want to explore a plot in which my character has been kidnapped to be a sacrifice in a cult ritual. The nature and belief system of the cult can be decided before we begin, but the basic idea is that the cult requires a sacrifice for some ritual. There may be ritual sex acts before the sacrifice, so there's a lot of room to get freaky. >:) The characters can be humans, angels or demons, wizards, aliens, inter-dimensional beings, pretty much anything you can think of. Get creative!

Zomnambulism (M/F or M/M)
Sexual Aspects/Triggers: Light bondage (by necessity), otherwise pretty vanilla, surprisingly
Roles: Scientist x zombie; M x M or F)
Details: This one doesn't necessarily have to be sexual at all. In fact, I think it would make a nice non-sexual plot, though depending on how the story progresses, there may be room for sexual elements later on. This idea was inspired by the game Lab of the Dead, in which a scientist is experimenting on zombies to try to bring out their remaining humanity. In this plot, my character would be a recently turned zombie that's been brought in for experimentation. Your character, the scientist, would try a variety of stimuli to determine whether there is any sense of "humanity" left in the subject. (Some examples of stimuli are things like books, toys, food, and instruments. Take a look at the game if you want some more examples.) My plan for the story would be to eventually either find a cure (easy way out), or manage to bring out the remaining humanity in the subject, enough to where he/she could communicate on at least a basic level, but possibly even progress to a moderately human being.

I'm not sure how well this would work, since it might be hard to write a zombie role if the zombie has only basic responses and limited cognitive function at first. However, if this really interests you, message me and we can discuss the possibilities.

What I look for in a roleplay partner (Please read, it's not that long!)

  • I like my partners to be relatively literate. A typo here and there won't bother me, but a good grasp of English grammar is a must. So far, it seems like most Elliquiy members don't have too big an issue with that.
  • I don't have a strict post length requirement. Sometimes, one short paragraph can be good enough. I personally like to limit myself to 1 - 3 paragraph posts, depending on how much is required for the particular plot, to allow my partner to respond before I start rambling. I value quality, not quantity, when it comes to post length.
  • PLEASE don't leave me hangin'! :-( I don't expect a billion posts per day-- I frequently lose track of time myself and at times may not post for a day or so-- but at least one per day would be nice. More would be awesome, but I understand that life gets busy and that people have things to do (I'm job-hunting at the moment, I can relate). I just ask that if you know ahead of time that you won't be responding for a while that you'll let me know; same goes if you suddenly decide not to continue the RP. I won't be mad as long as you tell me. :-)

If you're interested in RPing, please drop me a PM and we can get started on something yummy. ;-)

Kane Gunlock

I am really interested in being a sub, what say you?


This sounds interesting - hopefully you haven't been inundated with requests. I've never played a dom character before but I'm itching to try it out; if you're willing to take me on I'd be keen to explore a dom M/sub F scenario. I don't particularly mind which plot, they both sound good.
Let me know :)

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I would like to be your Alien for "Very Close Encounter"

Check my F-list. Maybe you'll find anything you like there!

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