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Author Topic: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated February 5th)  (Read 1822 times)

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Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated February 5th)
« on: November 29, 2009, 09:41:59 pm »
Herein lies my current desires.  If they interest you, PM me.  ;)

Some things you should know about me first, though.  I tend to be online at least once a day, and usually a lot more.  I don't mind slow games, but I'm on the prowl for more active games at the moment.  See my O/O list for more about what I like.

A few current ideas to possibly interest you...

The Rules of War (NC-H)
This story combines the surreal and the realistic.  A female officer of the modern American military is stationed in a relatively quiet outpost in southern Africa.  She's given a mission to escort a prototype weapon from a secret research base to the middle east.  However, her platoon has to travel by land, for political reasons.  (Her officers don't want the air force or navy to be able to claim credit for the mission.)  The story starts as she and her small force are passing through Somalia.  Currently without any government, there are several factions vying for power, and her platoon is targeted for their weapons and equipment.  One night, while staying in a small, local tavern and celebrating the fourth of July, they're taken off guard by an experienced guerrilla force and captured.  She and her squad are sold as slaves, with little hope of recovery from the American army.

The female officer, who'd I'd prefer to play, is taken by the warlord of the local faction as his personal slave.  He speaks English, but intends to make this woman learn his language as part of submitting to his culture.  I'm hoping for a sort of tribal type lifestyle, with ritual piercings, tattoos and maybe some other cosmetic changes to be given to our heroine.  Pregnancy could become an issue later on if that interests you.  You'd be playing the warlord who enjoys his new slave's feisty attitude, fair skin and strong but sensual body.  I'm hoping the warlord is physically fit, and dreadfully well endowed. 

I know the story has a pretty dark premise, but I'd prefer to focus on the culture shock and sexual tension rather than horror and despair.  PM me if you're interested!

3)  Adjusting in a Hurry (NC-H)
I'm interested in doing a story involving TG of some kind.  What I had in mind was something involving a young man who goes to Vegas, but finds he left his wallet at home.  Not wanting to be broke all weekend, he goes out looking for quick money- and finds a laboratory looking for paid volunteers.  They don't tell him what the experiment is, but they assure him its safe, and pays nearly $1000 cash.

The experiment involves him taking several pills and going for a swim in a strange tube.  The next thing he knows, he wakes up in his hotel room, his body now that of an attractive woman!  He's wearing only a towel, and there's somebody in the shower...

We can do this in many ways- I don't mind being the storyteller, or being the victim.  I'd prefer we keep the atmosphere more in the realm of 'dangerous glamor'  than dark.  It is a NC story, but if I were to play the protagonist, I'd prefer it more of a fear/reluctance/pressure type of NC than outright violence.  If you'd rather play the hero(ine) then we can talk about what you'd prefer, although I'd still like it to be primarily NC if at all possible.

3)  More Than She Bargained For (Nc-H, a few more surreal kinks preferred)
  In this story, I play a young police officer, fresh from the academy, who is ordered to talk to the residents in a neighborhood and try to find witnesses to some petty crime.  You would be the young man I find at one house, who's both horny and reckless enough to try and seduce the officer at his door.  Physically, they're opposites in many ways.  He's tall, young (16 or 17) and looks a good bit older than he really is.  She's very short and petite with a young face, and looks like she should be in school with him, even though she's in in her mid-twenties.   He can ask her to let him take some pictures of her, then slowly make them more suggestive, until he has blackmail material, or he can just get her to come in for coffee and eventually talk her out of her uniform to make things less formal, and then go from there...his methods are up to you, those are just some examples of things I'd enjoy.

Some kinks I'd like to include in this one are very excessive cum, precum, inflation, and some related things.  PM me for more. 

New: Added December 12th
I've been craving an interracial RP of some kind.
Opposites Attract
She's a short, platinum blond, lightly built and often carded at the liquor store.  She's a doctor who's come to Egypt for a conference, and while in Cairo, she spots a peculiar spa on the way to her hotel.  It reads 'Traditional African Massage'.  The conference is pretty stressful, and as she's walking back to her hotel, she decides to stop by at the parlor and see whats inside.

This is where your character comes in.  He's a young man, tall and fit and healthy, who's very smart in a bodily/kinaesthetic sense.  While she may know the names of muscles and bones and joints, he knows how to actually do something with them.  He's a new masseuse at the spa, but he's been learning ever since he was a boy how to do what he does, having learned from masters in Europe, China, Japan, Brazil...essentially all over the world.  And while he tries to be professional, sometimes...well, usually...alright, pretty much every woman he massages he also works in a more social sense.  He's used to casual friendship with women, and casual sexual encounters.  He's appalled by the lack of it in western culture, and he intends to spread his tradition to her before she goes home.

We can talk about the exact direction it will go, but I'd like to see a long, slow massage which slowly becomes sensual in nature.  I'd like to see him slowly convince the uptight doctor to relax and enjoy herself for once.  Then, once they're friends, he starts leading her in a more sexual direction.

A Different Kind of Currency
I'm an archaeologist, recently dispatched to Ethiopia to study ancient cultures and their ruins.  I have a nice apartment in one of the larger cities, and am slowly learning the ins and outs of a different culture.  However, things go awry when the company funding my research suddenly goes under, leaving me stranded.  I decide to appeal to the landlord and hope that he will let me stay even though I can't pay any rent, let alone fly home,  until I find a new sponsor. 

The landlord is a business man of sorts, but he's very in touch with his wild side, and enjoys hunting and exploration of the jungles.  He also appreciates some of the ancient ways of his people.  Money isn't an issue to him.  He's excited by my character's exotic looks, he tells her she may stay in her apartment, but she has to pay rent in a different manner...through sex and perhaps a pregnancy.

While reluctant at first, she'll realize she doesn't have many options, and agree.  If he plays his cards right, though, she may never want to leave.  PM me to discuss details.

New:  Added February 5th
A good number of my current RP's are on hold, hopefully not forever.  But I have a good bit of free time to invest in some lively stories.

Spy Game
Maybe I read too much Ludlum, but I'm in the mood for a gritty sort of spy thriller.  I'm imagining two spies during the cold war era (early 1980's or so), one KGB working for the USSR, and one CIA working for America.  I'd prefer to play the American, but we can discuss that if you like. 

These two encounter each other every few months or years during their missions.  For years they tried to kill each other, but when that failed, they started resorting to machinations and one-upmanship to try and embarass the other.  The RP would focus on these encounters.  They also have developed a certain level of respect for one another, acknowledging each other as skilled enemy agents.

While the female spy is certainly attracted to the male, my characters aren't really doms in any sense of the word.  I'd prefer it if he be the only one to initiate any sexual situations, using them as an opportunity to embarass or weaken her.  Afterward, of course, he lets her go, only to find his escape plane sabatoagued a few weeks later, complete with her calling card.  Then a few months later they might encounter each other again, this time with him blowing her cover at a fancy party, and as she's chased off the premise, he offers her a ride if she'll do him certain get the picture.

I'd like the story to be mainly about the fierce battle of counter-intelligence, along with some intense action, some politics, and a healthy side of sex.  I'd prefer a higher level of realism than some of my other RP's, but we can discuss the specifics via PM.

From Street to Star
I'm a little embarassed to admit that this idea may have come from a pretty tasteless reality series on the internet.  >_>;

It would start with my character, an attractive young woman walking down the sidewalk.  Some young men pull up beside her and offer her a ride.  Reluctantly she accepts, and they ask if they can film an interview with her during the ride...of course, they're pushing to get her to have sex with one of them, even though she keeps telling them she has a boyfriend.

Eventually they succeed, through blackmail, intimidation or some other means, and her video is an instant hit on the web, so they start swinging by her house to pick her up for more shows.  And while she really hates them all, she knows that she won't have many career options now that so many people have seen her giving head on camera.  Can she keep it a secret from her boyfriend though?

I'd like someone to play the young men on the 'bus' (or minivan, was more of what I had in mind, but you get the picture.)

The Clan of Giants
This is a minor modification of a story that I started with someone else.  (their idea, not mine, but I'm very much excited by it.)  In it, the world secretly has ninja clans that perform various tasks-- sometimes they work for high finance, sometimes they work for the people...only the clan leaders know exactly where the missions come from.  We'd play two young ninjas-- mine is sent to tutor yours in the ways, since he seems less-than-enthusiastic about learning, and he's already reached the age where he should be taking missions.  My character is a bit more straight-laced; she's a very dilligent ninja and has learned many of the ways at her young age.  What she didn't know, though, when she accepted the mission, was that your characters clan members all have inherited the great size and strength of their ancestors.

While it may seem odd to have stealth warriors be over 7 feet tall, there was a time when warriors trained specifically for combat were very valuable, and your clan's great size made them undefeatable by all but the most skilled opponents.  Even today, they're invaluable for their ability to carry incredibly heavy gear to remote or dangerous places while remaining unseen. 

What makes your character special?  He's very big, just like the rest of his clan, but he's not interested in being a professional assassin, and he knows if he accepts missions it would eventually come to that.  He despises the idea of being ordered to kill someone he doens't know for a reason he doens't know, and refuses to be manipulated.  Whether or not he approves of killing others at all is up to you.  But at any rate, he's got no intention of learning from the fiery young woman they send to train him.  He's more interested in seeing her bouncing on his lap...all in due time.  Mild non-consensual preferred.

If you're interested in any of these, PM me! 
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Offline zemo8801

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H)
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2009, 02:25:51 am »
I would love the chance to RP with you but maybe something a little different but still in a NC style? Hope to hear from you back?

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Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H)
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2009, 11:59:19 pm »
Hey, glad to see you're back.

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H)
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2009, 01:38:52 pm »
12/6- added Rules of War and Intimate Reconnaissance. 

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H)
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2009, 04:06:19 am »
Update:  12/12/09  Modified Rules of War, story still open.  :)

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Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated Jan. 27)
« Reply #5 on: January 27, 2010, 08:48:26 pm »
Update:  01/27/10
Added 3 new ideas:  Knock me up, Odd Necessities, and Adjusting in a Hurry

Offline Decrepitdan

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated Jan. 27)
« Reply #6 on: January 28, 2010, 04:07:53 pm »
I'm interested in your "Adjusting in a Hurry" scenario. Specifically playing the "victim." Perhaps I have a story idea you would like to play as well?

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated Jan. 27)
« Reply #7 on: February 08, 2010, 07:25:21 pm »
February 28th- Re-opened "Adjusting in a Hurry". 

Offline Gman001

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated Jan. 27)
« Reply #8 on: May 02, 2010, 12:40:52 pm »
Is knock me up open or closed?

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated Jan. 27)
« Reply #9 on: May 31, 2010, 06:53:42 pm »
May 31st- Updated games I'm looking for.  Also, recently finally figured out the new on/off system.   @_@

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated May 31st)
« Reply #10 on: June 03, 2010, 08:44:11 am »
June 3rd:  Some minor updates to a few ideas.

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated May 31st)
« Reply #11 on: July 14, 2010, 11:32:48 am »
July 14th-- re-opened "Tables turned", and added "Zack's Island." 

Offline wildstar

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated May 31st)
« Reply #12 on: July 14, 2010, 04:13:26 pm »
HI Dizzied Zack's Island sounds cool. I love Kasumi and Ayane and the other GIrls of DOA.

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated May 31st)
« Reply #13 on: December 12, 2010, 12:49:43 pm »
December 12th-- updated with new ideas.  Removed some old ones.

Offline DizziedTopic starter

Re: Dizzied's new desires (NC-H) (Updated December 12th)
« Reply #14 on: February 05, 2011, 02:07:28 pm »
February 5th-- Added 3 new ideas (Spy game, Street to star, and Clan of Giants)

Currently have a fair bit of free time, so should be able to post fairly regularly.  :)