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June 26, 2022, 10:30:10 pm

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Author Topic: My 1-on-1 Idea Box [M LF F, some mul, some extreme, some light!]  (Read 1631 times)

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Offline LytheTopic starter

Alright so, it's high time I put all the ideas rattling around onto paper. Hopefully I'll update this semi-regularly with new plots and ideas. But first, a small introduction!

I am hoping for skilled, detailed roleplayers. In most cases, I will be playing a male in an M/F pairing, though in some cases I will play female, or a sort of DM figure. My suggest plots are open to being changed, editted, upgraded, or completely replaced by something else. See my sig. for On/Offs, and look left for IM contacts (for OOC discussion if you want it, which is not necessary but is appreciated.)

Current Ideas

The Badguys
I don't have a small blurb to fill this out, I'm afraid; however, I'm basically interested in playing a crook. A fellow with a master plan to make himself wealthy, or powerful.

The options within this are endless. I could be a decent CEO, with criminal plans for yet more wealth, or power, that are just coming to fruition. I could be someone with a need to exact vengeance on someone, or a group of someones. I could too be a successful thief with delusions of grandeur that I want to take yet further with an exceptionally large heist. And from this position, you can play and equally large number of options; A captured enemy spy, a counterpart and ally, an underling of sorts, the brains and/or beauty behind the operation...

The Final Venture
Admiral Cliffe, the captain of HMS Marissa, was a decent fellow. He'd spent a live in the service of queen and country, fending off pirates and protecting trade routes at sea. His home was his cabin, his only family the loyal crewmembers he took when he could.

The ship herself was large, and had been his for many years. He trusted her, the mans superstition refusing to let him accept a larger ship, even when he was offered one. She required a minimal crew, and had a decent sized cargo hold for long trips across the sea. The large masts bore the St. Georges cross, revealing his allegiance and taunting pirates. It was of course not the most comfortable place to live, lestways not for crew members, but her racks of cannons and sturdy hull had seen them through much, and it was as much home as anywhere else could be.

And when he set out, in the late Spring of 1984, it was, he knew, to be his final venture. Assembling his most loyal crew, he left port and pushed eastwards. He had no intention of returning; his life would remain one of adventure, and exploration, aboard his floating home and surrounded by his family. A world of unknowns awaited.

There's a lot of scope here, and I'm hoping for a creative counterpart to help develop the story, rather than to leave it to myself. You are welcome to play any (female) role, but a few suggestions; a stowaway, a crew member (his first mate or otherwise), a pirate he meets and captures, someone saved from a wreck, etc.

Though the setting is predominantly realistic, I'd be more than open to some fantastic elements on distant islands. These are uncharted waters, or at least unknown to him, and anything could be there; even witchcraft, and so on. Part of his time will be spent on islands such as this, but I would like it to still revolve around the ship for the most part.

Dreamlands [Multiple, 'Extreme'/NC, Horror]
You awake in a bed wet with sweat, sheets clinging to your exposed body where the fear of all you'd dreamed had driven you to perspire too much. Vivid memories lingered at the fore of your mind; dreams of blood, gore, and twisted creatures who had the sole purpose of destroying you, and those you loved. In the light of day, such memories were vague, but you knew that they had been so very real in your minds eye that night.

It was just the most recent of many such dreams; some erotic, some terrifying, and some a little of both. They were all, though, too terribly vivid and regular. It was a poor way to have to keep existing, but there was no way to stop such things, medication didn't seem to help.

That's when you peer down. The sheets, clung to your form, are wet with not only sweat, but also stained crimson with blood, a real wound, inflicted by the dreams? You feel.. sore. Wounded. Had it been real?

You have been having dreams, recently. Terribly vivid, piercingly realistic, and horribly lingering. Horrific dreams, erotic dreams.. All sorts. But then, you start waking up with marks from these dreams.. Cuts, wounds, and scrapes. You feel what you'd dreamt, but haven't moved an inch from bed. And then the dreams grow as you remain awake.

And, what happens when the dreams start acting in the day? Remaining more realistic the day afterwards? When the wounds remain, and the memories linger - when knowing what's real and what's not becomes increasingly difficult - what will happen to your poor twisting mind.

For this, I won't have a character, I will rather take control of whatever characters are there stuck in my counterparts mind. I'd hope for someone open minded and not squeamish for this, which will be both gruesome in parts, and indulge some of my darker fetishes in others. Monsters, blood/gore (though not usually in a sexual manner), perhaps even death, incest, bondage, rape... That sort of thing. You're welcome to rule a few things out, of course, but with the exception of bathroom play, anything is on the menu.

This will develop rather slowly, and follow your normal life for a while, though with things slowly changing, getting more and more surreal and twisted. True dreams will be left to the imagination, simply summarised, I think.

More to Follow

Previous, Unavailable ideas

Path to the Bottom
Melissa had been modelling since she was 16, doing several shoots for various clothes ranges, among other things. She was understandably drop dead gorgeous, and her career was bumbling along nicely.

Fast forward, now she's 18, still doing the same work. She can't quite break into the big time, and is only making enough to live off; hardly the indulgent lifestyle her glamour -should- attract. So, how will she push herself to a new level?

The answer might come from one Thomas Gray, an agent for somewhat alternative models. He speaks of money and glamour, and all she has to do is take her top off? And then.. perhaps her bottoms too? How far will she go in the pursuit of fame, of a sort, and wealth? Will it stop with photographs or will she make films? Perhaps she'll become an out and out whore for wealthy clients; she's certainly got the body. When her new manager promises her more and more, how low is our beautiful teen willing to go?

You Can't Stop the Signal (Firefly/Serenity Fanfic) - Taken
Several weeks ago, that fateful message was broadcast. The history of Reavers was revealed, and understandably, it made a lot of people very, very angry. There were uprisings on several planets, and the Independents are starting a war all over again. Of course, their supplies are thin and they're still fairly poorly unified, but momentum is building. The war's not done yet, and Mal has no intention of doing anything less than leading all those he can for freedom and, hell, for the kicks.
When you can't run, you crawl. When you can't crawl, when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you.

This can either follow Mal and his crew (less River + Simon, and of course Wash - introducing a new pilot if either of us are to play an original character.), or another pair of Browncoats joining the fledgling uprising. It will focus on the life of two characters in the midst of a struggling rebellion, but I'd like to see them being flung around the story to see how the large picture unfolds around them. Be creative, and have a little background knowledge of the Firefly universe! (Having seen the series/film is more than adequate)

Creature of the Night - Taken
It has been nearly a year since the vampires of New Dublin rose up, and tore each other apart. Final Deaths. That was just a phrase back then, and now it's a grim reality. The humans have all fled, or died in the crossfire. Well, almost all... There are a few left. And each is the most valuable commodity left - our lifelines to survive. We might not like it, but they're important now.

My character is an old, powerful vampire, one of a handful still populated the fictitious lifeless city of New Dublin, a small town. Your character, is a human, captured by my own and used as a source of food, and more than likely entertainment. But, humans are worth so much, that there's going to be a fight to keep you.

The Fugitives - Taken
There's... No one left. Everyone's gone, or.. Or turned. It was only happenstance that our long cross-country trip had saved us, but are we really saved? Or are we the real sufferers, here? Two people, ill-equipped for survival, and on the run from almost everything.

I'm hoping for a roleplay, possibly post-apocalyptic in nature, or possibly zombie-apocalyptic. A roleplay in which the focus is our two characters escaping and surviving, as well as coming to terms with the fact that they very well might be the last people they're ever going to see.

Falling on Hard Times [Romance, Fantasy] - Taken
Ethan Lane was a filthy, opportunistic adventurer who would as soon rob you of gold as work for it. So when he heard of a wealthy, if fledgling, mining town hitting trouble, he saw a chance for some great profits. Strapping on his knightly armor, acting the part of a noble paladin rather than the ruffian rogue he was, he'd ride over there, and offer his help. A few jobs here and there, and he'll extort them for every penny they've got.

It was a good plan. But of course, it was a plan with one minor flaw..

I intend to play Ethan, as above. He'll pretend to be there to save the village, and to be the hero. In reality, his only motives are to make as much money as he possibly can then bail before things get bad. You will be the cog in his works; a romantic involvement that, eventually, will push him to decide between love and money, honor and dishonor. You could be another mercenary responding to the call (though, preferably a goodhearted one), a villager from the town... Or anything else you can conjure up! Romance, adventure, and the like is a guarantee. This can be fantasy, or simply mock-historic.
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Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2009, 08:01:34 am »
I find the idea of The Underworld fascinating, especially if you are aiming for something like William Gibson's Sprawl. I'm willing to play either a musician, drug dealer or an assassin for hire in this cyberpunked universe.

Offline LytheTopic starter

Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2009, 10:46:17 am »
New idea, but since I can't edit my post.. *glowers at his Ning tag*.. I'm going to have to throw it up here! Hopefully when I get promoted I can sort things out and make them nice and neat. Hopefully.

Oh and another comment, everything is just as open to be done over IM's are it is over play-by-post.. In fact, I might transfer this post to the IM section now! *vrooms away*

The Fugitives
I'm hoping for a roleplay, possibly post-apocalyptic in nature, or possibly zombie-apocalyptic, or possibly something else entirely. But a roleplay in which the focus is our two characters escaping from a large amount of unspecified dangers. Our own relation, at the beginning, could be anything from rivals, or workmates, to brother and sister.

Offline LytheTopic starter

Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2009, 10:18:33 pm »
Completely rewritten the majority of my ad. I have new ideas but my eyes burn and that's a good sign I should go to bed. Expect more tomorrow!

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Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2009, 04:03:54 am »
I might be interested in the Fugitives roleplay. Perhaps they're two people who work in the same building when a Zombie virus takes over the city? For some reason they're immune and have to work together to survive.

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Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2009, 09:35:31 am »
Sent you a PM re: Firefly. :)

Offline LytheTopic starter

Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #6 on: October 31, 2009, 02:54:45 pm »
3 brand spanking new ideas, go read!  >:)

Offline Doomsday

Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2009, 03:30:48 pm »
Dreamlands looks like it would be insanely fun.

Offline LytheTopic starter

Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box
« Reply #8 on: November 01, 2009, 11:33:08 am »
New idea and another full rewrite, more or less, of the old (but untaken) ones.

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Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box [M LF F, some mul, some extreme, some light!]
« Reply #9 on: November 03, 2009, 07:04:32 am »
New idea, also opening stuff up to IM's, possibly.

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Re: My 1-on-1 Idea Box [M LF F, some mul, some extreme, some light!]
« Reply #10 on: November 03, 2009, 10:28:29 am »
I like dreamlands.  I sent you a pm.