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Author Topic: Play a game with me, won't you? (F seeking everyone)  (Read 1049 times)

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Play a game with me, won't you? (F seeking everyone)
« on: September 15, 2013, 08:50:28 PM »
This is a new plots tread I made since I decided it was time to get rid of the old one and make a new start. Check out my O/Os in my siggy and enjoy the juicy plots I have waiting for you. I hope to hear from you all soon! Please send me PMs. I would like to keep my thread neat. I have several old rps in my cemetery on my O/Os page. If any of those plots tickle your fancy, don't hesitate to tell me. I might secretly want to pick it up again. Also I am learning to write m/m so I have no problem turning any of my plot into f/f or m/m.

You can check out what pairings I crave here ----->CRAVING PAIRS
My favorite worlds to play in are here -----> WORLDS

The Crusader and the Witch
During the time of the crusades, witches were burned for their crimes against the church. Many were not real witches but the paranoia only made the fear grow in the people that nearly anything could be pasted off as witchcraft. Many died for nothing during this terrible time but even in this time could love be found. One of the crusaders, injured, wandered to the doorstep of the very person he was hurting. She was kind and helped to heal him back to his former health.  Will he have feelings for his savior? What will he do once he finds out the truth? Sometimes orders are not so easily followed.

Eternal Love
First, the angels were created. Then God left Heaven to create the world and humans. The angels felt sadness for the first time while their creator was gone. With nothing to two do Lucifer plotted and tried to take an angel with him. She was his first love but his love was not returned. She was the first angel to shed tears as she felt her angelic light dimming because of such actions with him. Then she was caught crying by another angel. He truly understood love and when God returned he stood by her. Lucifer wanted her to choose him and leave Heaven but she choose neither him nor God. She choose the angel that comforted her and stood by her and so did he. God and Lucifer cursed them both. She would always die before turning 20 and be reborn countless times but she would only remember who she was and her choice right before her death. Her lover was cursed to only be with his love and to see her die every time. So during the great fall from Heaven. She forgot who she was and turned mortal to live out her curse while her lover would meet her over and over only to see her die again. Over the centuries, this happened until now. There was a loophole and this time if she remembered the curse too soon she would die and not come back. Could she figure out who she really is and break their curse this time before Lucifer's long awaited plan is finished and the world comes to an end? (Based of the novel series Fallen)

Mermaid's Tale
The mermaid princess of underwater world swims to the surface and meets a werewolf of all beings. It is unknown to the Werewolf what she is in the beginning. The pendent around her neck allows her to walk like a normal human. She comes to visit the werewolf several times and a strange romance blooms. Its not until she is knocked unconscious and hurt by another creature of the forest that her pendent is knocked off. Revealing what she truly is. With her captured and having not returned home. Her father becomes furious. He would cause terrible storms and flooding in the forest until she is found. The question is will she want to return or stay in this forbidden romance?

Brother returned
Its a story of two sibling with a difficult past. The brother getting thrown out while he was a teenager. Having to leave his sister in the hands of their abuse father. With him gone, the sister had not one left to protect her and suffered greatly in her brothers absence. He promised her he would return and be able to take her away from that home and life. Years pass and the abuse only seems to get worse. Her hope that he brother will return only dimming each day. Her only hope is that she is turning eighteen and that she will be leaving soon. One night, the abuse is the worse than it would ever get but she is surprised to find a image of her brother in her mind. He comes to her finally as she blacks out and there is a secret about her brother now. I am planning on her brother having been turned into a vampire or even a lycan. Now, she has to go with her brother and join him in this new world she didn't even know existed.

Crossed wires and Lost love
They were lovers in high school. They planned a life for each other. They wanted to be together after high school and beyond. However, that didn't happen. He left for the military and she was alone. Many things happened to the both of them over the years. They both thinking that they have wronged each other. They were true lovers and never forgot about the other but figured they would never met again. One day, during a party, she is shocked to see him again and the anger he has at her. She is fearful and sick by seeing him. What happened to them during those lost years? This is meant to be a romance but both characters have a lot of tragic things that happened to them while they weren't together. They just missed each other many times over those years and should harbor some anger toward the other.

Unknown Title (?)
We are all being controlled in one way or another. Whether it is by our own families or the being told what food we should eat. The government rules the world and they are trapped in it as is everyone else. In this controlled world, humans are being created for different means. They are completely human despite being born in a tube. They would never remember such unless they are allowed too. Their memories washed and being controlled from everything, to food and even TV. They don't know their purpose until they are awakened.
My idea for this is that there is a male agent that figured all this out about the world. He has been secretly researching who these "sleepers" might be and what the government wants them for. Then he figures out about that someone he met before was one of these sleepers. That is really as far as I got with this idea. I would like to work out the details with my partner.

We were human once. Foolish to allow ourselves to be experiments for the government. Most of us barely remember what it was like to be human. Our bodies now covered in fur. We have even grown tails along with ears. We are more feral with the instincts to match. They have turned us into furry animals yet they want to see who can retain their humanity. I have but they won't know until it's too late. I'm breaking out of here and I'm taking everyone with me.

Hey, I remember you. We used to have so much fun together. Hm? Don't remember? Well, you know all those times you woke up to a wet bed? Yea, that was me. Your best wet dreams always had me in it. You tend to summon quite often. Maybe your just a naughty boy or maybe you like having your way with me. I don't mind. It brings me such pleasure to bring you pleasure. Soon though, you will have enough power to summon me to the earth for good. That's when the real fun will begin. For me, that is.

Scars and Scales
Its been a long time since I made it back home. I studied hard to be a priestess my village would be proud of. Now I return home to find that my family and friends are now living in fear. The goddess we once praised has turned on us? No, her guardian hates us. But why? No one seems to know the answer but I will find out. They have all warned me that his guardian is a beast. The upper body human while the rest of him was a snake? I don't doubt them but I must see this for myself. There must be something they are not telling me. 

Unknown Title

Sex trafficking is a big problem in the city especially with the neko population. They have always lived side by side with humans but now its this. As a detective, you hate to find them in such a broken state. Or worse, dead. Sure, the world is not perfect but this is just wrong. One night, you are out dealing with a lead on the trafficking ring and you hear a call on the radio. Being five minutes away so you call in saying you will check it out while the other guys make their way over. Domestic Disturb, shouldn't be a problem but when you show up there are shots fired. Some time after, you are looking though the house and notice something off. You find the stairway to the attic to find a neko woman huddled in the corner.

Roles reversed
For this one I am actually looking for two players or we can use a NPC. This is also going to be a one shot. I want a Dom/sub couple to go looking for someone to join in their fun. However, the dom let his sub know about a secret desire of his. She promised that one day she would surprise him during one of their play sessions. His desire? To have a person that was coming to play with them take control over him and rape him. Instead of his sub coming to save him, she would help the new dom in the room. Tonight, she is planning on making good on her promise.
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Re: Play a game with me, won't you?
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Re: Play a game with me, won't you?
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Re: Play a game with me, won't you? (F seeking M)
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Re: Play a game with me, won't you? (F seeking everyone)
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Re: Play a game with me, won't you? (F seeking everyone)
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