Arkham Asylum/Batman/Batman Beyond [m/m]

Started by Sho, October 12, 2009, 10:04:26 PM

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Alright, so...I know that the title is a little bit vague. Generally, what I'm looking for is a Batman or Batman Beyond roleplay. I have a few scenarios (but I'm entirely open to suggestions). I'd also like them to be m/m.

1. Arkham Asylum:
I'd love to play a patient in Arkham Asylum who is either released or escapes, and has to deal with the issues that put him in there in the first place. My idea was that he'd either start working at Wayne Industries in the Research Lab and end up meeting Bruce Wayne there, at which point Wayne would notice that there is something slightly...odd...about him. He'd do a background check and realize that my character had been hired after he was released from Arkham, but his file on exactly why he was in Arkham would be confidential. In reality, he'd have killed his step-father and gotten put in the asylum at a very young age. I'd like this to be a darker roleplay, with my character starting to have an affair with Bruce Wayne but while Wayne fights crime, my character would get more and more tempted to participate in it (this could be a three way roleplay as well, with one person playing Bruce Wayne, and another playing a criminal such as The Riddler, Joker, Bane, etc.)

2. Batman: I'm really open to anything in the Batman universe. Particularly with the Joker or Batman himself.

3. Batman Beyond: I'd love to start up a plot slightly similar to my Arkham Asylum plot (the Arkham Asylum plot was actually pulled from this one), in which a young man starts going to school at Terry's school. He'd immediately catch the eye of Terry and while they started to fool around and grew closer, Mr. Wayne would finally catch a glimpse of the young man and do a check on him. It would turn out that my character had come from one of the worst neighborhoods in Gotham and that he'd been linked to a number of absolutely terrible crimes, some of the most sadistic ones ever committed. His oldest brother would be a serial killer employed by the mob, and my character would have seen and even participated in some of those murders, only now starting to pull out of that world by attending a new high school. This could also take place with my character and another character from the Batman Beyond universe; doesn't necessarily have to be Terry.

Please PM me or leave a post here if you're interested or if you have any interest in another plot! Also, I'd like to play the (sexually) submissive partner in these roleplays.



Hey Sho,

I'd be interested in playing the villain. I was thinking more like Jonathon Crane aka Scarecrow. I'm fairly new to Elliquiy (trying to milk that for everything it's worth). If you've found your Batman, let me know.




I would love to be The Joker in any of these.


PMed. Still looking for takers on the plots.