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Lucius Malfoy [M/f] [M/m]

Started by Sho, September 05, 2015, 04:49:48 AM

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Hello, hello! I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series…and I am just DYING to get in some Harry Potter universe role-plays! So, I’m going to go ahead and give a disclaimer here…I’m really only looking to play Lucius Malfoy, though I am open to play Severus Snape or Narcissa Malfoy if someone is interested. In the plots below, I’d like to take the role of Lucius…that being said, I’m actually quite flexible when it comes to these plots. There are just loose plot bunnies at this point, so if you like them or if they give you any ideas, please feel free to reach out, even if its just to bounce ideas back and forth! All plots listed below can either be pairings (I’m open to M/m or M/f) or else platonic depending on what you’re interested in.

For the sake of not forcing anyone to read what will be a very long thread, I’ve broken the plots up by era in case you’re interested in a particular time-frame.

Please PM me if you’re interested!

Note: I’m more than willing to change these plots around if they spark an idea that you’d like to run with; just let me know if they inspire anything! Please PM with interest.

In School (Marauder Era): I’ve got a few ideas for this era, ranging from M/m plots to M/f plots. I’m also not 100% set on these pairings so if there are any you’d like to suggest, please feel free!

Lucius and Narcissa: As this would be taking place when Lucius and Narcissa are still students, I would like to keep this plot a little bit on the lighter side (relative to my usual plots, at least)…I would see this beginning with Lucius begin in his sixth of seventh year, as he becomes more aware of women and decides that he wants Narcissa because she’s the prettiest and most pure-blooded woman in the school, and he’s determined to have only the best. I imagine that this plot would revolve around him learning how to date someone he plans to marry, stress about leaving school and planning his future, and drama going on in the school (helping Narcissa cope with the fact that Sirius has renounced the Black family, for instance). I also imagine that the plot would veer towards the darker side as he joins the Death Eaters and begins recruiting other students, and deals with the bullying of the Marauders as well as the advent of the Order of the Phoenix.

Lucius and Snape: I’d like this pairing to fall more into the hurt/comfort type of dynamic: Snape would need someone to stand up for him, and Lucius would step in. I’d love for this to start with Snape being somewhat intimidated by, bitter about, or jealous of Lucius, who is tall, blond, rich, pureblooded, and quite popular. As Snape is being viciously bullied at school, Lucius would start stepping in, offering him some support…and as Lucius joins the Death Eaters, he would begin promising Snape things like love, popularity and wealth if he joins the Death Eaters. This could either be a romantic relationship or a non-romantic relationship depending on what you’d want.

Lucius and James: I’ve got two different ideas on this one; I would either like this to be a hidden relationship where they’re both rather ashamed of what they’re doing, or else one that’s platonic yet forces them to revolve around each other. Some various ideas I’ve got:
Lucius stops James from bullying Snape, and Snape runs away, leaving the two boys together. Lucius and James get into a fight and things go from rage-filled to raunchy…and then they keep going back to each other for angry, night-time trysts despite hating each other and everything the other stands for.
Lucius and James know each other from child-hood (both being from pureblooded families) and Lucius continuously tries to turn James to the dark side. Despite his relationship with Lily, James doesn’t want to see Lucius falling into the Dark Lord’s rabbit hole and keeps trying to get him not the join the Death Eaters.
A completely platonic relationship, at least in the sense that the plot would revolve around their interactions with each other (James as the leader of the Marauders, and Lucius as the leader of his own little gang of Slytherins)

Lucius/Any Other Death Eater (Rudolphus, Bellatrix, Theodore, Fenrir, Crabbe, Goyle, etc.)
Lucius and any other future Death Eater (Bellatrix, Rudolphus, Theodore, etc.): Again, this could be either M/m or M/f…either is fine with me, honestly. For this, I’d love to play out the process where students are recruited to and begin joining the Death Eaters…and Lucius’ role in recruiting them. Bonus points if the character you’re playing is a bit older than Lucius and helps guide him/mentor him in his new role as a future leader in the Death Eaters.

Lucius and Voldemort: I’d like this plot to center around the relationship between Lord Voldemort and Lucius: ideally this would begin with Voldemort recruiting Lucius and promising him the world if he joins the Death Eaters and throws his financial weight behind them. I’d like this to involve psychological manipulation, Master/slave elements, and a decent amount of ‘training’ on Voldemort’s part. This plot could either be sexual or non-sexual: I do imagine, however, that it will be quite dark. Lucius, while a pureblood and racist towards Muggleborns, will naturally struggle with administering torture at the beginning and need to be broken into his mold so that he can fully embody the ideals that he does believe in, but has trouble acting out himself.

Lucius/Molly Weasley
Lucius and Molly Weasley: So this may seem like a random pairing, but I was thinking about how much Arthur Weasley loathes Lucius, and what if it was because Lucius and Molly had something going? Molly is a pureblood after all, and perhaps they knew each other before school? Maybe they dated briefly in school being he ended up with Narcissa?

Post-school (early war):

Lucius and Narcissa: After reading the series, I realized that Lucius was 26 when he had Draco with Narcissa. I’d love for this plot to revolve around his early years at the Ministry and as a Death Eater, rising to power at Voldemort’s side, and the birth of Draco. I imagine that it will involve a great deal of worry from Narcissa at the danger he’s putting himself in, as well as drama from work and the war. I’d also like to play out the increasing shattering of their social fabric as people are forced to choose how loyal they’ll stay to pureblood ideals.

Lucius and Snape: I’d like this to branch off of their school relationship as Snape joins the Death Eaters and Lucius begins preparing him to be a spy (thinking that he’s spying for Voldemort instead of for Dumbledore). I imagine that this would still involve elements of Snape being an angry, socially-awkward young man who Lucius half-addicts with promises of popularity, wealth, and love. This could either have Lucius completely manipulating Snape (perhaps, along with Lily, being one of the reasons that Snape turns around them)…Lucius could lead Snape to believe that he loves him when in truth he’s only doing it to keep Snape within their group. Alternately, this could be a complicated relationship with the two of them growing into their future roles within the Death Eaters as well as their careers, dealing with the pressures of their responsibilities (and Lucius’ fear about having Draco). This could even involve Snape saving Lucius from harm with his potion-making skills multiple times, and helping strengthen Lucius’ spine when he starts questioning whether or not what he’s doing is right.

Lucius and Voldemort: If you see the ‘Marauder-era/In-School’ plots I have listed above, you’ll get a general idea of what I’m looking for. I imagine that even Lucius, a sadist, would have some trouble pulling off the more difficult and vicious tasks that are assigned to him. I’d like Voldemort being molding him, shaping him into a perfect leader among the Death Eaters: I’d like to incorporate elements of jealousy, with Voldemort both loving and hating Lucius because of how truly pureblooded he is while Voldemort is only a half-blood himself. I’d also like to incorporate Voldemort coming to realize how much power he can hold over a person by emotionally manipulating them, as well as using a mixture of physical torture and praise to ensure a slavish loyalty to himself. I’d be fine with Voldemort still having Tom Riddle’s physical form or else having gained a snake-like form (like in the movies)…or we could start with one and move towards the either. I’m happy with this being either a sexual or non-sexual plot.

Lucius/Molly Weasley
Lucius and Molly Weasley: So this may seem like a random pairing, but I was thinking about how much Arthur Weasley loathes Lucius and I thought it might be fun to have them have a relationship before Molly marries Arthur. Maybe Lucius hasn’t yet married Narcissa, or maybe he has. I imagine that Molly would be increasingly throwing her support being the Order of the Phoenix’s goals, and Lucius would be falling farther into his Death Eater roles. I love the idea of them slowly falling apart at the seams as she becomes disgusted by what he’s doing and frightened for him, and he realizes that not only is he in too deep to get out, he likes what he’s doing. This could either involve him being married and cheating on Narcissa or being as-yet unmarried: I’m also open to him having Draco already, or else not having him yet. I’m very open to ideas on this particular plot. Perhaps things even end between them because Narcissa gets pregnant and Lucius feels obliged to marry her? I’m not settled on any elements of this plot yet, though, and it’s all so nebulous that I’m open to brainstorming on it.