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Author Topic: Seeking a Dominant Male Character (Fantasy, MxM, reluctance, detailed)-open  (Read 676 times)

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Island of Maroavan

The Story

The Island of Maroavan, according to the old text, was a barren land of rock and dead trees when the Hoarvains landed, their expedition in badly need of repair. They left, expecting not to return, but a child amongst their party took with him a rock, a mineral that was particularly strong iron ore. It took years to return to the island, and when they did, it was no-longer barren, no longer the lifeless rock the journals claimed it to be. It was lush and green, vibrant and able to sustain crops and livestock sot the Hoarvain settled. Then, one day, a Hoarvin venture particularly deep into the forest and encountered them, the Nirree. They resembled elves, with pointed ears, often long hair, light skin that did not dark under the sun, but all their eyes were different shades of green. She said there was a sorrow in his presence that lingered in the air like a thick blanket long after he left.

For years they had little contact with one another, seemingly at piece. They were there for the ore and a livelihood and Nirree seemed content with that until one night they launched an attack; war had begun. The better part of a decade was spent with Hoarvains trying desperately to hold onto their new home against incredible odds. It was as if the land had risen against them, magic and the unseen slaying their people who were helpless against such trickery. Reinforcements were sent from the homeland and the tides turned against the Nirree whose homes were eventually discovered and they were slain in the most brutal sense of the word, their homes burned to the ground, forests set a ablaze, the carnage only ending with the coming of winter where they left the Nirree to starve.

It was shortly after that winter, in the cold days of early spring that the sages made a startling discovery, the land had begun to show signs of becoming barren again, early sprouts dying prematurely, the other side of the islandís forest thinning, and not only that, there might have been two native populations, the Nirree and those who commanded them the Haorvainís soon called the Overseers. These Overseers had blue eyes and green markings on along their fingers and arms, runes of some sort. When the war turned against them, the Overseers had fled into the mountains but no one noticed their absents as they believed they were the Nirree, and because of their magic, no one thought twice about why the Nirree homes were so defenseless, why they had no weapons to fight back with. If the Nirree die off, the land will die with them, he sages declared, and so lords were sent to repair the crumbling cities and large manors and salvage the Nirree that survived the long winter and are on the lookout for the Overseerís attempt to return.

Although there was no connection or bond with the land for this in the homeland, they sent supplies and men of knowledge and the few amongst them capable of magic to assist in the salvage operation with the understanding that to do so would secure their supply of ore.  These men studied the Nirree that had been taken alive for interrogation purposes. They discovered the Nirree were capable, elegant speakers but had been forbidden to speak by their Overseers. That they could eat the flesh of animals but would not do so on their own, not even to save their lives, and they could actively nurture the land. Surprisingly, they seemed unaware of the affect their very presence had on such things.

The Characters

Yours is a lord or sage/seer or perhaps a mage who was appointed land to oversee by the sea and in the shadows of the mountains. This area is particularly affected by the loss of the Nirree, the ground turning grey in some locations. As the caravan of troops and peasants follow the round, the scouting parties venture nearby, finding their bodies and burying them in the hopes of appeasing the spirits of the place. Although the Hoarvain have a pantheon, they are not especially religious but the Nirree were heavily driven by omens and spirits and gods. He may be driven by greed, or duty, or some other trait. In any case, great rewards await him if he can replenish the lands and perhaps discover more resources and treasures.

My character is a Nirree, not especially young or well-aged who managed to scavenge his way through winter but is found weak and unable to continue walking alongside the road. Normally, healthy Nirree would flee from what they see as a violent, brutal people but he is in no position to do so. By now, there is rumor that the Hoarvain have returned to their lands for purposes other than slaughter so he will speak with them with only a little probing. They will meet just outside the manor your character is going to restore. Much of this manor remains intact as it was abandoned by the armyís never ventured this far to the coast. The coast itself is rocky and cliff-like but there are paths down to the water.

Normally I do non-con or reluctance, this time around I am thinking more reluctance, some romance early on but still a continued power struggle that should actually build instead of diminish as the Nirree shifted their understanding of what it means to independent.


As always, just an idea I came up with. My writing partner and I can tweak with it, add to it, and take stuff away that is not as appealing. I am looking for someone who wants to build on the theme not tag along for the ride. I also need someone who will help build momentum at the start, take the story as their own and not simply wait and hope something happens they can get into, but be part of the process that makes us both want to and be able to get into.

Thank you, and please send any questions my way.

PS if you vanish suddenly without word or have a habit of losing interest in things, please look elsewhere.
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Offline NessyTopic starter

Re: Seeking a Dominant Male Character (Fantasy, MxM, reluctance, detailed)
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2009, 11:55:16 PM »
I should also mention that I tend to play multiple characters; I don't ever expect the person who plays the dominant character to have all the burden of plot an story driving either.

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Re: Seeking a Dominant Male Character (Fantasy, MxM, reluctance, detailed)
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2009, 02:43:21 PM »
just a bump and a reminder if you like something about my idea and don't like something about it, let me know. I can be flexible.

Offline Decrepitdan

Re: Seeking a Dominant Male Character (Fantasy, MxM, reluctance, detailed)
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2009, 03:07:30 PM »
I am interested. how does magic work in your world? Are there wizards, sorcerors and so on. Is there such a thing as divine magic? Are the Gods real entities as in the Greek sense, or are they more of a creation of mortals? Look forward to hearing from you! Please pm me btw, as I can not bookmark all the threads I look into.  :-)

Offline NessyTopic starter

This idea is Open again. Serious inquiries only please. :-)