Fires, Asylums, Cuddles and More. <MUL/EX>

Started by Requiem's Pride, August 25, 2009, 01:39:25 PM

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Requiem's Pride

Note: There will be mods and changes depending on my partner. I want to please us both.

I have a lot of wants and ideas, but I also love thinking up ideas with people. Two of my ideas are longer, but that’s only because I had the ideas for longer and tried, and failed, to use them once before.

Just because the two post-accompanied wants are more EX type, it does not mean I do not want something sweet or nice in others—or even mingled into these ones.

Buffy-verse. For some reason, I’ve gotten back into watching Buffy as of late and really want to do an AU world where Dawn and Buffy are twins. I’d be playing Dawn and would like a partner to play anything they fancy. Simple plot this far? Yes, but partly because I want to flesh it out more with a partner.

Slavery of a Pooka. A White-Wolf styled (Very loosely, mind you. It is a mixture of WhiteWolf and other Pooka legends.) fox Pooka spent her entire life as a slave to vampires as her blood is quite addictive to them. A Prized slave that

X-Men New Beginnings. I adore Marvel comics and really would love some comic-book styled play. My favourite characters that I’d like to play are Shadowcat, Molly Hayes (An older version, obviously.) Lorna Dane, Emma Frost… the list can go on. I’m kind of looking for an AU world like Ultimate. Whoever I play will be a student or young mutant , even if it is someone like Emma. Very open to discussion on this one, so the plot is open.

Carnival of Souls. This is another one that I may try to make into a Group RP if enough players show interest. The year is 1936. Three years before, there was a traveling carnival that stood out far more than most. Their Sideshows were fascinating and the magician was known throughout the world… Until the one night that a fire trick went out of control, killing many before it could be stopped. It also broke the mind of his Magician’s Assistant, Aislyn. The small girl had her metal body bands brand into her flesh, giving her a very jointed, puppet look to her. Her mind also started to fail and upon reopening, Aislyn became the living doll of the carnival, thus far unable or unwilling to break free of her burned and ashed thoughts, but… As everyone in the business knows… The show must go on.

There’s the classic Hitchhiker/Hitcher thing. You know, group of girls or—one girl—picks up the handsome hitchhiker. The scene goes on from them getting along, talking and getting to know each other and more. Then, shortly after, into the scenes of  mindgames and chasing. Who knows, maybe some force will be added. It’s something I’ve wanted to write for quite awhile.
I’ll even offer a short post here of the girl so you can see a bit of my style.

The miles kept drifting farther and farther past the young woman as she gripped the wheel of the 1969 Camaro. The paint was glossy and black with twin racing stripes up the front, over the hood to the trunk. It was her baby. It was the only thing she brought back from home. Well, from her father’s house. It stopped being her home years before she actually left him.
But she made a mistake. She saw something she was not supposed to see and she had to run. Four days later and she was on a stretch of the “scenic route” which was just the freeway without the traffic. It was getting late. Give it three more hours and she was going to park at a hotel for the night. She had been driving without a destination since dawn. The cigarette was lit, but the flavour of the smoke only made her realize that she was hungry. Hungry, tired and bored. Not a good mixture.
The young woman let the lungful of smoke drift past her lips and she frowned, smelling the rain on the night air as it hooked in through her window. It was going to rain soon, she noted silently, glancing into her rearview mirror as if that held the answers to the questions that raced through her mind.
Long dark waves of brown tumbled along her naked shoulders as she settled back on the leather seat. There were empty energy drinks at the backseat and she wished she would have picked up more snacks at the last gas fillup. The scarlet tanktop was finally dry from a spill of Amp. She sighed out more smoke and rubbed her hand on the thigh of her faded denim skirt. The skirt was actually far more comfortable than jeans, plus it looked nice with her cowboy boots.
Briefly, the girl closed her chocolate eyes and drew another drag from her cigarette. She was not handling the dull silence very well. She just wanted to stop, rest and get some real food. Where was a diner when she needed one?
Lakeview Asylum
The next one was a group RP I started here a year or two ago. It’s an Asylum RP. I’d like a partner to be a doctor or another patient to play with a young woman that believes she is a cat.

It started with the ASPCA getting a call about a multitude of cats in one of the country houses by the mailman. He also noticed that the mail, though very scarce, indeed, was no longer being taken out of the mailbox.
They did not hesitate in jumping into action. The house smelled of the heavy odour of aged cat urine and they could not move without having amber or green eyes staring at their every move. In the living room alone, they managed to get thirty into cages and animal crates. Various ages, sizes and colours. God knows how many different litters and parents they had.
“Holy Christ!” A man cried from upstairs. Hissing, mewing and the like followed him as he called something that had nothing to do with cat scratches. 911.
Four hours after they arrived, they had counted 116 cats and kittens from the massive house and it took them quite awhile to get the biggest: Tila-Rose had pinned herself back into a hole in the attic, her thin body pressed just out of reach of the arms. She snarled and spat at the paramedics and when they actually got a hold of her, she writhed and twisted like the best of frantic cats.
Seventeen stitches later, and she was subdued.
Her long mane of black hair was tangled, knotted and, as they scrubbed at in the medical ward, infested with fleas and ticks. It was an old country house and the creatures latched onto all of the cats and kittens as well as the naked girl. She was actually quite calm until they tried to remove the belt around her naked waist, trying to get her fully clean. The belt was attached to a white Halloween cat’s tail and a pair of matching ears were knotted in the tresses.
It took then quite awhile to scrub the girl, who was smeared with the stale smell of urine, feces and that tart cat scent. They had her drugged so they could remove the tail and ears and they ended up cutting a great deal of her hair due to the shape it was in. Twelve ticks were removed from her head and pubic hair and in hopes of cleaning the wounds and bites, they shaved her body for her, offering relief from the creatures they could not get out.
Clean, sedated and offered a number of shots to keep from infection from the ticks and living arrangements, Tila was permitted to keep the cleaned ears and tail—it was the only way that she did not snap—and dressed for the first time in ears.
The doctors were not looking forward to the therapy on that one.

-I am also looking for a Silent Hill based roleplay.
-I also would like: Alice in Wonderland, Final Fantasy 3/6, Bleach, any type of vampire/werewolf play or even a kidnapping plotline… I’m pretty open to ideas so if something sparks something, send me a PM.

Jack Stalker

Okay... Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn) is a BIG ON for me. Plus I like the Buffyverse. ;)

I also like the Hitchhiker 'horror movie style chase' style plot.

And I'm a big Silent Hill Fan... LOL!

I think maybe we should start with one (if any), rather than three.

in case neither of us like each others writing... LOL!

Check my On/Offs and PM me if interested.  :-)


Silent Hill?! Oh you said the magic word. I will do almost anything for a Silent Hill plot. I've never done one that was that great. If you have any ideas I am 100% open to them
In my restless dreams, I see that town... Silent Hill. You promised you'd take me there again some day... but you never did. Well, I'm alone there now in our special place... waiting for you.
Ons and Off
My ideas
I'm sorry

Jack Stalker

Have PM'd you... (well, will do in about 15 seconds) With Buffy + Hiker ideas.  :-)