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Author Topic: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Dom M v/s Sub F, apply within!)]  (Read 36835 times)

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Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Unlimited Ideas!

Hi! I'm looking for long or short term stories which favour erotic scenes . At least three paragraphs per reply and a posting rate that allows for at least one reply a week (hopefully more).  I am on-line almost everyday and I enjoy making and receiving detailed posts 'in the third person' with female writers, so lets get busy writing and having fun!

I will be playing the male character and am looking for a female player to play the female character image in most of these ideas. (Their personality is up to you). I am more than happy for my character to take on whatever appearance you would like for my character... (Male pictures can be changed). I amalsowilling to listen to your ideas and suggestions so that we can try to craft a tale which appeals to both of us. Please check my ONs and OFFs before responding.

Fandoms: I am also interested in any of the following fandom ideas:  Mass Effect 2, Buffy, Detroit Become Human, Until Dawn.

70+ Ideas to choose from, something for everyone!

Desert Secrets!
Keira Knight had met the man while working in a Vegas casino, agreeing to head out with him to a secluded desert location to indulge in their raw passionate attraction to one another. Why the desert? Why the secrecy? Let's find out! Open to suggestions about her partner and their situation. (Family, friends, strangers, etc)
Appearance: Keira Knight

Hilary Drake is mistaken for a street corner whore after a party. Who will punish her for this mistake? It could be a cop out for some fun, looking to jail her if she doesn't play ball. Could be a local criminal, upset at her working on his turf and ready to punish her for her error. Either way she likes it and will be seeking more of the same afterwards, leading to additional encounters with the person.
Appearance: Hilary Drake

Hilary Drake is mistaken for a street corner whore after a party. Who will punish her for this mistake? It could be a cop out for some fun, looking to jail her if she doesn't play ball. Could be a local criminal, upset at her working on his turf and ready to punish her for her error. Either way she likes it and will be seeking more of the same afterwards, leading to additional encounters with the person.
Appearance: Hilary Drake

Daddy Issues
Keira Black's friend has a single father who turns her on no end, just the daddy she's always wanted for herself.  Desperate to get his attention she manages to sneak into her friends bedroom in preparation to seduce him, only to discover that the price for her intrusion will be step indeed as she is punished for her incursion with hard brutal sex. He is eager to take advantage of his daughters friend and make her a substitute for his own fantasies about his daughter. We decide how things go and who he is.
Appearance: Keira Black

Desert Reign
Alicia breaks down miles from nowhere, after taking a wrong turn. Resigned to blind fate she has no choice but to accept the first ride she sees, quickly learning that the reclusive survivalist type who has picked her up has other plans for her. Wild sex with the rugged beast leads to a slow realisation that she can't leave, perhaps she doesn't even want to? We decide what happens. Can also put a 10 Cloverfield lane spin on things.
Appearance: Alicia Vickers

Hashtag: Youtoo
Natalie Preston has gathered evidence against a manipulative director and takes it to a powerful and influential figure in Hollywood, only to discover that she is going to be ravaged to rags in order to teach her a lesson... that women have been spreading their legs for centuries to get what they want, and it's not going to stop now... just because they want to try and cash in on having their ass pinched twenty years ago at some party. Ravaged to rags, Natalie discovers that she enjoys the brutal and rough treatment and so begins a new career, violated and impaled on a whim as she is guided to new heights by her new master (we decide who that is).
Appearance: Natalie Preston (Looking for harsh and brutal punishment sex for this one. She loves it of course).

Dance to the Top!
Elle Manning draws back the curtain to the lap dance booth with the determination to get the Vegas gig, but much more is on offer as the person waiting to audition her is not only someone she knows,but someone who can make her dreams come true if she can give him the dance of his life and break every rule about no touching their ever was. promoted to a lead showgirl, her adventure is just beginning. Who is there? We decide!
Appearance: Elle Manning

Out of Hand!
Caty Lowell shows off her gym toned body to her (we decide, father, brother, friend, etc) Playful wrestling demonstrates that the male is still the strongest sex and things quickly get out of hand with so much physical contact going on. Wild sex ensues, with little regret and only a hunger for more quickly developing!
Appearance: Caty Lowell

Too far!
Maisie Carver needed her accessories and her high maintenance lifestyle and the only way to get it was to talk dirty to her 'daddy', getting him all riled up during his work day, at meetings, in the office, even in his limo... then to show up dressed to fuck and ready to collect on all the promised filth. They had an agreement, no touching only verbal filthy and the occasional hand job, it let him remain faithful to his wife... but today she went too far, with her cock teasing outfit and her dirty phone call. Today she gets ravaged to rags and things will never be the same again. (Partner can be her actual father or a married CEO or whatever we decide).
Appearance: Maisie Carver

Uncontrollable Lust!
Annalynne is picked up at the airport by her sisters new boyfriend, alas the lust is too great and immediately they embark on a sordid and secret affair, selecting opportunities for secretive carnal hook ups day after day and night after night. With Anna so much hotter than her sister there is little doubt that heartache for her sibling lies in the future, all the while the knowledge that they are cheating on her only serves to fuel their lust.
Appearance: Annalynne Kord

Wicked daughter!
High maintenance Emma is at a loss when her credit card is cut off by daddy for her extravagant spending. However she soon discovers her fathers porn stash featuring pictures of her, then decides to use said knowledge to get what she wants, if only she can pay the price. Now it's her duty as a daughter to make herself available, hunting him at work and at play, making sure that his eyes are on her and that after his cock is dealt with, his wallet is opened for her needs.
Appearance: Emma Robins

Military Action!
Reporter Chloe Morgan breaks down in the desert outside the remote military outpost she was investigating. The sex starved Base commander, who detects her while on patrol, decides that she needs to be both punished and interrogated for her crimes. Taken into the base Chloe sees an opportunity to play along to find out more, but discovers that only depravity and debauchery await her at the hands of a man starved of sex for far too long!
Appearance: Chloe Morgan

Farmers Wife
Nicole was the farmers new wife, but she was far more interested in his son. Cornering him in the barn during some chores. Her step son is an opportunistic brute, and has no problem with taking advantage of his fathers weakness to take charge of is stepmothers lust. We decide the rest!
Appearance: Nicole Goldman

Depraved Neighbour
Emma was the neighbours daughter, dressing down kept her off her parents radar, but she knew what she wanted and she knew that even though she looked a little boyish, she could get what she wanted by just being forward enough to attract attention. Waiting on the neighbours steps each day when they were getting home was enough to ensure that she would get their attention... but has she bitten off more than she can chew when she is finally dragged into their home and down to their basement? Which of them is really the depraved neighbour?
Appearance: Emma Richards

Office Black Mail
Married Office Director Rosamund Parker was a high flying exec who had made too many mistakes and left too much evidence lying around. Now she was being blackmailed, she had to turn up in some hotel room 'ready to fuck' and obey whatever commands were issued to her. For weeks she had been called up and forced to abuse her own flesh, tonight would be different though, tonight her blackmailer was going to arrive in person. Of course when she discovers who it is, she is only turned on more... as the person is someone she has been fantasizing about already.
Appearance: Rosamund Parker

Disciplinary Action
Charlize Herod was the head of a film company which had delivered a string of failures and flops, due to her feminist agenda. When the supreme head of the company pays her a visit she quickly learns that the only way she can keep her job is to knuckle under and obey his every command, selling out to use her looks and sex to stay employed. While continuing to treat her assistants and employees like crap, she discovers that she can't get enough of being treated like a fuck toy by her own boss. Every failure brings more brutal fucking! Is se failing deliberately? We find out as sense is slowly fucked into her! We  decide who her boss is etc. etc.
Appearance: Charlize Herod

Once Emma realised what the photos were that he had on her, she knew she was going to have to do exactly what he wanted her to. Of course that's what she secretly wanted, so she could lie to herself that she had no choice... when what she really wanted was for the man to ravage her young nubile body and punish her for being a cock tease!
Appearance: Emma Watts

Down on the Farm!
Sarah Woods takes a job helping out on a farm, but she wants to use her cock teasing ways to escape the brunt of any work... and the farm owner is inclined to agree, hellbent on taking advantage of her. Driven by crazed lust Sarah is about to be ravaged all over the farm... we decide who is responsible!
Appearance: Sarah Woods

Pool Invasion!
Chloe took advantage of her neighbours spacious pool, until one day she was caught in the act. Now she needs to pay for her trespassing with her body, as the rich and handsome house owner decides that she would make an excellent addition to his home.
Appearance: Chloe Morris

Immoral Holiday!
Who was going to take advantage of the married Mrs McCloud while she was in her holiday villa? The view was too good to resist! Was it a friend of her husband? Her step son? A visiting brother? We decide who becomes embroiled with sinful and sordid acts with the hot wife!
Appearance: Davina McCloud

Happy Birthday!
Elle knew she shouldn't, but she had waited long enough, now she was going to give the best present of all, her young nubile flesh! Who has she decided to give herself to? We decide!
Appearance: Elle Farnsworth

Fake News!
She was hired to be a honey trap, to prove that the woman's husband was cheating on her, except that the lust took over and now she reports back on his innocence, whilst indulging in sin at every opportunity. Who is he? Does eh know she was working for his wife? Will he leave her for this new insatiable woman who overwhelms his thoughts and fills his mind with depravity? We decide!
Appearance: Emily Baxter

Bar Liaison!
Cara unexpectedly runs into them at a bar, when she should have been busy with work or being off sick. Who are they? What depravity will she need to engage in to keep them quiet and hold onto her job/ We decide!
Appearance: Cara Delaware

My Girlfriends Mother!
Nicole Goldman was his girlfriends mother. He'd never met the divorcee, but is enlisted to pick her up from the airport when she comes to stay for a few days. The attraction is instant and almost immediately he is caught up in a brutal and torrid affair with his 'no sex before marriage' girlfriends cock tease of a mother.
Appearance: Nicole Goldman

Reality Check!
Myleene Klaus is insistent that she can beat a man in a fight, down at the new local gym she has joined. Time after time she will be defeated, her body ravished and violated by a hungry mouth, eager fingers and a powerful body which dominates and bends her to its will. Soon she isn't even trying to win the private bouts she had arranged, instead giving herself over to raw and brutal sex sessions as she is shown that in the real world, women cannot compete with men in a fight.
Appearance: Myleene Klaus

Riding Lessons!
Selma had discovered that whilst riding lessons were good, with the feel of a powerful beast between her thighs a big turn on, riding the instructor was even more fun. We decide who her instructor is and what they get up to in the stables, during lessons, after lessons and generally when and wherever the urge takes them.
Appearance: Selma Blane

Her Sister!
Anna Kord's boyfriend had called round to pick her up, alas, she was late and her sister Rachel was answering the door. She was about to take advantage of the fact that Anna's man was consumed with lust for her, and she was far more willing to indulge his carnal cravings than her 'wait until we are married' sister was. Thus begins a brutal affair right beneath her nose. We decide the details as Rachel launches into a craven and sinful affair with her sisters man, his job, their home, etc, etc.
Appearance: Rachel Kord

48 Hours!
Selena Grant waved goodbye to her parents and made sure that anyone listening could hear that they would be away for 48 hours. The entire weekend. She knew they would be coming for her now, and she relished it, craved it, wanted it. She left the door unlocked and headed inside, soon their flesh would be burning against each other. 48 hours of brutal lust unleashed on her fragile body. Who is coming for her? A relative, neighbour, friend, we decide!
Selena Grant

Estate Sinners!
Elle Farnsworth was the daughter of the estate owner, but she had become infatuated with the groundskeeper. Unknown to her he was just there to case the pace for a robbery, but now the robbery is being put off, for longer and longer, as he meets with her in the guest house, over ad over again, to indulge in their mutual lust for each other. He must now fuck her enough to persuade her to aide him in his theft so they can slip away together to live in luxury.
Appearance: Elle Farnsworth

Jessica was always helping out with the restoration of the old car in the backyard, but what she was really getting up to was getting closer and closer to the mechanic, until the work they were doing was on her flesh, over and over again. Any excuse took her out there, but the car never seemed to get any closer to being finished. Who is the mechanic? A friend, relative, neighbour? We decide!
Appearance: Jessica Downes

Kate wanted the CEO P.A job, and was not going to let any one else get it, regardless of the fact that he was a married man. She waited for him outside the elevator leading to his penthouse suite in a manner which would leave little to the imagination. She was willing to do whatever it took to get ahead. Anything. Anything at all.
Appearance: Kate Baxter

Trading up!
Naomi Watson intercepted a text meant for her daughter Elle, and headed out into the alley at the side of their house to give the individual a piece of her mind! However, once she gets a look at them, she realises that this is simply an opportunity to take what her daughter had for herself! Who is there to entice her into a sordid and sinful affair? We decide! :)
Appearance: Naomi Watson

Bent into Shape!
Malin Anderson is approached by her stepson while her new husband is out, her gold digging plans are now to go awry as she is quickly seduced and lured into a incestuous and carnal relationship with him. Forced to give in to lust they copulate when and where the opportunity arises, with the husband oblivious.
Appearance: Malin Anderson

Gas station Girl!
Kristen Steward had worked long enough at the gas station, all she was waiting for was an opportunity, a ticket to get out of the two bit town. When the hot car and the handsome driver showed up, the sparks flew and she knew that enough flirting and fucking would get her out of there. The driver is equally obsessed with her flesh and plans to be in town a few days, visiting the station more than is needed to take advantage of her and see if she would be a good choice to take with him when he leaves. We decide exactly who the driver is. :)
Appearance: Kristen Steward

She'd sneaked into his home and was waiting for him, who was she? We decide. All that matters is that he is done avoiding her and has decided to indulge himself in a sinful affair with her flesh. Could be a relative, friend, married man,boss, old flame, whoever... we decide!
Appearance: Anne Harper

Gym Nasty!!
Working out at the gym to get back into shape after her husband makes a pass at their baby sitter, Anne discovers that the gym owner thinks she looks fine as is. Sabotaging her car and forcing her into a position to accept an offered ride, the car doesn't go far before she is being ravaged. Now she is the one doing the cheating as she is given some hard training and attention!
Appearance: Anne Harroway

The Cruise!
Spotted on a luxury cruise ship during a long journey, Malin quickly becomes the focus of the attention of The Captain/Millionaire passenger/Thief, we decide.
Appearance: Malin Anderson

Car Wash
Working the car wash Cameron Danes sees an opportunity to catch the eye of a rich looking guy with an expensive car. Dragged inside for a fuck when it heads into the automatic wash, it soon becomes a regular thing, with her getting closer and closer to being invited elsewhere!
Appearance: Cameron Danes

Partners with Badges!
Ellen Cage always planned not to get involved with a partner on the force, but now she can't help herself. Sex morning noon and night wherever they an get it. During stakeouts, desk jobs and routine patrols becomes a craving that has to be dealt with!
Appearance: Ellen Cage

Business Trip!
Karlie is determined to win over the married CEO at the convention centre, going to whatever lengths are need to get noticed, get promoted and get fucked, in whatever order is required!
Appearance: Karlie Klaus

Beyond Convention!
Booked into the busy convention, Emma has to share a room with a man who has already made it quite clear what will happen to her if her ever gets her alone. Alcohol and innuendo lead to an explosive affair which continues back at work! Despite the fact that he is her brother/father.
Appearance: Emma Robertson

Mob Lawyer
Hired by the Mob, without her knowing, now Heather has to submit to whatever the boss wants in his mission to keep his people out of prison. As well as being sent places to satisfy both the legal and carnal needs of the obsessed head of the crime family!
Appearance: Heather Grant

Best Friends Mother
He worked his way into her home to get at her mother, who is only to happy to take advantage of her daughters new boyfriend.
Appearance: Elizabeth Hue

When Vanessa is caught flirting on the beach with someone who isn't her rich husband, she is forced to comply with the wishes of the man who will become her new master. Who has discovered her? We decide!
Appearance: Vanessa Holmes

Daddy's Girl!
Emma Robertson is determined to make sure that her father doesn't get lured into a relationship with a gold digger, by making sure that his thoughts are kept on her and al the things her hot young flesh can do for him that an older woman can't. Whenever he wants it and however he wants it is her motto, something she intends to show him when she gets him to pick her up from work after tricking him into thinking he was going to be picking up his new woman. Her father is only too happy to take advantage of her attitude and ravage her to rags!
Appearance: Emma Robertson

Home Help
Hired to help keep the mansion clean and in order, Katie soon has the attention of the man of the house and intends to keep it! Will she be able to keep
Appearance: Katie Hook

Washing up on the beach after falling overboard, Bella finds herself on a private island and at the mercy of either a rich eccentric or a pirate/drug lord leader... perhaps both! In order to earn a trip back to civilisation she will need to use her flesh to satisfy the depraved individual who is consumed by lust for her.
Appearance: Bella Thornberg

Rachel Masters s persuaded to head to a paradise like island to do a photo shoot with a professional photographer, but her flesh is too much for him and his resolve breaks. What happens here will stay here, as he caves in and takes increasing advantage of her, pushing her to the limit in his shots until he decides to ravage her to rags until she likes it. Possibly with an assistant watching. We decide who the photographer is, stranger, friend, relative, etc, etc.
Appearance: Rachel Masters

Hollywood Hills!
Dakota has been invited to the powerful directors private residence to discuss a film role. Desperate and eager to secure a franchise deal she finds herself in a position where the powerful man wants not only her acting talent, but her flesh, to bend to his whims. Whisked into a world of depravity and debauchery she becomes his new muse and star actress, as long as she can satisfy his cravings for her flesh!
Appearance: Dakota Farnsworth

The Club!
Kristin Steward was getting a lot of attention at the club where she tended bar/danced/acted as security (we decide) with her new haircut, and when the richest guy there sees her she has to break the rules in order to be whisked away for some private attention. Capturing the lust and craving of an insanely rich patron leads her straight into a world of excess and depravity, taken to his private homes, jets, yachts, as he ravages her body.
Appearance: Kristin Steward

The Stepmother!
Rosamund Parker had caught their eye ever since she had married their father in a whirlwind Vegas romance and wedding. They knew she was just some gold digger out to clean out their father, but they didn't care, because it gave them an opportunity to get close to Rosamund and give her what they both knew she deserved, a brutal fucking that her mild mannered husband could never manage.
Appearance: Rosamund Parker

After Gym!
Picked up after leaving her gym, Famke finds herself drawn into a lust fuelled and sordid encounter with an old friend. Perhaps a student took pity on her and offered her a ride, only to take advantage of unfulfilled lust. Or maybe it was an ex, or her boss, or co worker? We decide what happens as they take her to a different destination to be ravaged and persuaded to strike up a regular fuck session after gym time.
Appearance: Famke Svensson

Bent To His Will!
Rich socialite and mansion owner Nicole Goldman has no choice but to obey the man who is blackmailing her, in her own country home. She is bent to his will as she has to cheat on her husband, betray her daughter and despoil her good name in order to satisfy his cravings... and she loves every second of it. Who is manipulating her? A rogue step son, a servant with ambition beyond his rank, a rival who lost out once and is back to claim what is his? Her daughters boyfriend? An official? We decide!
Appearance: Nicole Goldman

Skipping Lessons!
It was easy to get eighteen year old Jena to skip her lessons, once she realised that she could be having a lot more fun and picking up expensive gifts along the way by meeting up with with someone who wanted to teach her how to use her flesh. Meeting in remote parks and locales around where she lived in order to keep away from prying eyes, Jena is drawn into wilder and wilder sexcapades. Who is she seeing? We decide!
Appearance: Jena Masters

Anne is persuaded to come aboard the millionaires yacht and soon discovers that she has pride of place, mixing with the elite at the rich individuals side. It's a position she will be able to hold onto, as long as she can keep them entertained with her flesh! Shopping in the best stores, visiting the best casinos, most expensive restaurants, living the high life and being fucked to destruction are her future now. Can Anne hold onto the obsessive millionaire and a few morals, or will they decide to push her too far with their depravity, turning her into a slave to sex?
Appearance: Anne Harroway

Staying over!
Kristen Steward needs to move in temporarily while she is job seeking and finalising arrangements for her own apartment. Her benevolent new landlord is going to take full advantage of her vulnerable position to persuade her that she doesn't need to go anywhere else and that staying here will be beneficial for all involved! Who is she staying with? Her brother? Ex? Friend? Boss? We decide!
Appearance: Kristen Steward

The Gardener
There was no reason for the lady of the house to have made her way into the gardeners tool shed, so when they were found there it was pretty clear what they wanted. they wanted what their husband couldn't give them, a brutal seeing to at the hands of the help. Once taken control of, Rosamund has no choice but to give in to the increasingly depraved commands in order to hold onto her wealth and position.
Appearance: Rosamund Parker

The Yacht!
Caught out by the owner of an expensive yacht, while throwing her own little party aboard and pretending to own it herself, crew member Michelle Roberts is brutally punished with cock by the owner, then made to pay a constant and recurring price n order to keep her job. Sex on the waves and wherever else the owner demands is now part of her duties as she pays them back for her disobedience.
Appearance: Michelle Roberts

The Landlord!
Katie Hook was desperate to move into the exclusive apartment block. It was perfectly positioned and had an amazing view, unfortunately it was way out of her price range. However the owner always vetted tenants and there was a instant spark that she knew she would be able to take advantage of. Now Katie has to do whatever the landlord wants each week she wants to stay in the place. We can discuss who the owner is and what depraved activities they get up to! (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Katie Hook

The Handy Man!
Rosamund Parker had no idea how obsessed with her flesh her new handyman would be, when she hired him to help her do some work on her place. Staying over in her guest room, in order to get to work early and finish late. He is always there catching her coming from the shower, getting changed or simply in a compromising position. The work seems to be taking longer and longer to finish. Soon it's abandoned all together as her flesh is the only thing getting worked on. Is he a friend, neighbour, relative, we decide!
Appearance: Rosamund Parker

The Spare Room!
Naomi Watson's spare room needed a lot of work, but it was good enough for her younger brother who was in town for a few days. He had split from his girlfriend, it was never going to work out.. not when he wanted to fuck his married sister and she sort of new that anyway. A torrid taboo affair begins, with regular trips to his attic room and plenty of action elsewhere when the opportunity presented itself. Caught up in the incestuous relationship, there is no escape for either of them as lust takes over!
Alternatively Perhaps she has come to stay with her sister on short notice, and decides to steal away her husband with lust fuelled couplings (and if the sister is her twin, then some loosely orchestrated mistaken encounters?)
Appearance: Naomi Watson

Holed Up!
Natalie wanted to head out and start spending the money they had stolen. Her more sensible partner had decided that they had to lay low if they were to have any chance of getting away with things. Hiding her clothes, then locking them both inside the cabin they were staying in, had been for a joke and a laugh to begin with. Now their business partnership was going to get a lot more serious as primal lust began to take over. Seeing her flesh day in and day out was beginning to drive Natalie's partner wild with need and ignited a raw passionate lust inside them, one that they had to have quenched with Natalie's moans, sweat and girlish cum. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Natalie Porter

The Trainer!
Elle Farnsworth made innocent trips to see her personal trainer at the studio, keeping her family and agent happy with her enthusiasm, however the young actress/pop star was being drilled in more ways than one, her trainer taking full advantage of her to twist and bend her to their style of depravity! The trainer now visit her home, travels with her on tour or location, publicly enhancing her talent, while privately making her scream with pleasure. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are, what she has seen, etc, etc.).
Appearance: Elle Farnsworth

Broad Daylight!
Naomi was at the cabin retreat along with her husband, taking a break with her daughter Chloe and their friend/partner. But the partner was far more interested in her, and they were going to forget all about Chloe and devote themselves to pleasuring her flesh every chance they got as soon as they saw the green light in Naomi's eyes each time they eye fucked her or raped her with their gaze. Now Naomi is up to her neck in a sinful affair, right under the nose of her always fishing husband and oblivious daughter... How long can they get away with it!  (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are, what she has seen, etc, etc.).
Appearance: Naomi Watson

Keira always needed to be attended to during breaks in her performance, while others danced n stage she was often fucked like a whore behind it, afterwards giving in to even more depraved attention as her dancing inflamed her lust for sex.. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Keira Knight

Home Wrecker!
Heading indoors from the pool party at the Robertson mansion, in order to get changed, they expected to find their girlfriend Emma waiting for them in one of the houses changing rooms. Instead they run into her mother and quickly take advantage of the raw primal attraction which obviously connected them. Now the sordid liaisons come thick and fast, as they spend more and more time finding ways to hook up and drive each other wild... ignoring her husband and daughter as they are driven by lust. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Charlize Robertson

Beach House!
Kate Baxter had finally gotten together the money to purchase her dream beach home. As soon as she moved in she stirred up trouble, with neighboring women jealous of her tight toned body and extensive sunbathing and swimming sessions. Every woman hated her and every man wanted to fuck her. One decided that her flesh was indeed too much to resist! Who is this person? A lifeguard? A neighbour? A visiting relative or friend who never realised how hot she was until he laid eyes on her sun kissed flesh?
Appearance: Kate Baxter

Caity has been teasing and enticing him for way too long, pushing and teasing because she thinks that he will never be in a position to do anything about it. She has persuaded him to call round to her home with a frivolous phone call, for help that she doesn't really need. Now that he is there he has decided that she is going to get what she really deserves. Who has been enticed to breaking point? Is it her Married Boss, brother, father, married friend, brother in law, cop? We decide.
Appearance: Caity Lovell

Girl next door!
Kristen had been eye fucking her neighbour and they had been eye fucking her back all spring. She was on the porch when they left for work and sitting there when they came back. Was it imagination? Were the sounds coming from her bedroom sometimes moans of self pleasuring while she thought about her neighbour... or simply the venting of a young girls frustrations? When Kristen's parents vanish for the weekend the opportunity to take things further is right there, who will make the first move and how brutal and frenzied will the fucking get when they finally give in to sin and devour each other? (my character the neighbour can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Kristen Steward

Teachers pet!
Emma had been given a personal tutor to help her catch up with her work after a long holiday. Her parents could afford it and the reputation of the attractive tutor was beyond reproach. Alas, within a few minutes of meeting each other, both Emma and her tutor knew that they would have to fuck each other. It was inevitable! Now Emma gets given a solid lesson each day, right under her parents noses. In the study, the bathroom, the garden, the cellar, wherever they can get away with some hard brutal fucking.  (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Emma Robertson

The Director!
Nicole's drug was sex, and she needed it before every important scene. More and more time was spent in her dressing room getting 'personal tuition' from the director until their sessions turned into a mixture of hard brutal fucking and sensual and slow love making. A wild ride of fornication and canal depravity that seemed to have no end in sight. How long can things be kept under wraps, what happens at the after parties and celebrations which go on, when the lust overrides caution? Who has anything to lose? We thrash out the details and decide who her partner is. (my characters can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Nicole Goldman

Keira is always trolling about the place inappropriately dressed. One day she takes things too far when her Father/Brother/Uncle/Friend is feeling horny and her teasing is punished on the spot with brutal unforgiving sex. Now that she has awakened a beast her body is no longer safe. Anywhere. As she is followed and taken whenever and wherever her new lover decides.
Required appearance: Keira Knight
Keira Knightley

Sordid Violation
Caught red handed, literally, as she masturbates herself half blind over the object of her young lust... Natalie finds that fantasy turns to reality as the young, barely legal, girl triggers the furious and obsessive lust of her visiting Boyfriend, Brother, Father, Visiting priest, Friend of the family, etc, etc.
What follows is a descent into more and more sordid and sinful sex, as she is taken and used in a frenzy of passion and wild animalistic desire.
Required appearance: Natalie Porter

Brutalised Ballerina!
Natalie is a ballerina, dancing each night to a packed audience, but behind the scenes she must dance a different tune. Each night before and after her show she must debase herself and give in to the wild and depraved antics of her director, fucked to rags and back in her dressing room, behind the set, above in the walkways or even in her limo going to and from the theatre. Occasionally in an alley outside or perhaps in a reserved box while watching her understudy. Wild consuming lust fuels her debauched partner, how much more can she take… or does she simply love every second of it?
Required appearance: Natalie Portia

New Lust!
Ellen had always been a bit of a tomboy... but when she see's him getting out of the shower, having sex or simply getting changed, she realises that the wet heat between her legs needs to be satisfied by cock. Likewise he has decided that her not having a man in her life has gone on long enough! Who is he? Brother, Father, Friend, sisters boyfriend, boss, teacher, whatever... we decide!
Appearance: Ellen Cage

Cabin in the woods!
Outline: Naomi Watson needs some work done on her cabin in the woods, to ensure its ready for her holidays. The handy man she has hired arrives early and decides that the most work needs to be done on her flesh. He rapidly takes to giving her some work all over the cabin and woods, even after the rest of her friends and/or family arrive. Their relationship becoming more and more daring as they sink into depravity on a daily basis.
Appearance: Naomi Watson

When she ran out of fuel while out on her jetski, it was only then that she realised that she had strayed onto a private beach on an off shore island. The owner was a handsome, powerfully built and rich individual who usually dealt with trespassers severely... Charlene was going to have to pay the price of her foolish mistake with her flesh... repeatedly. Is she a willing visitor instead of a trespassing miscreant, let's find out.
We can decide who owns the island and exactly what he wants to do to her.
Appearance: Charlene Theron

Plus: Please take a look here! Over SIX years worth of fantastic ideas are just waiting to be snapped up and enjoyed!  XD
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Offline EvilEye

Re: Unlimited Smut packed Plot ideas: [Female writers required]
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2011, 02:55:15 PM »
How about a Cop and a theif?

Offline drakarifire

Re: Unlimited Smut and Twisted Tales, Plot ideas: [Female writers required]
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2012, 12:57:53 PM »
I'd be interested in the Miley Cyprus one or the sinful bridesmaid. :3

Offline SammyWinchestersMistress

I'd be up for the Pain Whore storyline.

Offline HarleyQuinn


I must say that I love all your ideas and there are so many choose to from! But, never fear, I have narrowed it down to one that I would really love to do with you.

-Beck and Call!

And, Ali Larter is gorgeous.

Offline Kytn

I'm very interested in the Bruised Ballerina plot! =)

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Hi well if you are still looking for partners to one of your many idea's I would like to give it whirl.
I like the Groupie, The Bike, Road Whore. Any of them involving the darker more abused girl I would dig on playing. So if you had a favorite you wanted to rp and still open for partners pm me and we could start the madness.  ;D

Offline Hercinia

Hi Jack,

I'd am interested in a couple of your RP idea, specifically OWNED and HAMMERED!

I'd be willing to settle for just one of them, but I would take both if that is agreeable with you.


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Hello Jack,   I am quite interested in 'relentless' plot.         

Offline britneyharuno

Interested in playing Owned or Violated as Keira Knight

Is it available?

Offline Lisbeth

Re: Unlimited ideas! (revamped): [Female writers required]
« Reply #10 on: May 18, 2014, 06:25:04 PM »
I'll do hitting it off with you if you're happy for it to start out non/dubious con.  Have a look at my posts x
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Re: Unlimited ideas!: [Female writers wanted! Apply within!]
« Reply #11 on: July 19, 2015, 12:16:41 PM »
I would be interested in your hitchhiker idea if it is still available?

Offline ThinGirl00

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
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So many ideas!

Offline envie

I'd be interested in Blackmailed or Obsession or something in the Until Dawn universe.

Offline Yzza

I am interested in several of these but mostly hitting it off I think

Offline paradisic

I'd be interested in trying out Blackmailed, if that's still on the cards.

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Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #16 on: September 23, 2016, 11:17:00 AM »
Yes, I'm interested in Forbidden, Daughter's Friend, and Secret Violation, if any of them are still open.

Offline Cheshure

If you are still looking for a role play partner, A couple of your stories have caught my attention, mainly
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Arcade, The Club, and Fifty Shades of Flesh

I'm willing to send out samples so you can get a feel for my style before deciding

Offline VIXEN

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Dom M v/s Sub F, apply within!)]
« Reply #18 on: December 19, 2017, 10:41:32 PM »
Hey Jack! I think a lot of your ideas are interesting so I've picked a few. Let me know what works for you (:

  • Violated!
  • The Landlord!
  • Exclusive education!
  • The Yacht!
  • Blackmailed!
  • Secret Violation

Offline UnlikelyAngel

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Dom M v/s Sub F, apply within!)]
« Reply #19 on: January 05, 2018, 06:57:39 AM »

I’m new to E! This thread caught my eye. I’m more than happy to send samples of my writing to you. The ideas that caught my eye were “Hot Witness!”, “Daddy’s Girl” and “Trading Up!”.

I’d love to write with you if these are available.

Offline Jaclyn

Hi Jack,

  Interested in 48 Hours, also Pool Invasion, Happy Birthday, Her Sister. Others too but those are a start. Here's an audition for 48 Hours

  “Bye Mom, bye Pops, see you Monday! I'll be out of phone range so don't even ...” Selena rolled her travelling case out the side door to her cute Prius in the drive and loaded it into the back. She had more than enough time to get to the isolated cabin and change her clothes. The note had been very explicit about what she was to do. And not do. Her lust mixed with fear caused her hands to tremble as she drove the winding road into the forest, finally turning off at the marker and slowly negotiating the double track farther and farther from civilization and any hope of rescue.

  The cabin was surprisingly modern. The two car garage opened to her tug. She parked her car, leaving the keys on the dash and her purse and turned off phone on the seat, again as instructed. The key was on on the bench where she'd been told to look. The car was now safely hidden and all but clothing was left behind. The walk to the cabin seemed to take longer than the short distance ought. The door opened and she smelled the dusty, wooden smell of an ordinary cabin. The bedroom beckoned.

  There she unpacked the clothes she'd been told to bring, hanging the schoolgirl outfit and sheer babydolls in the closet and leaving the corset, stockings and red stilettos on the bed. Her makeup went into the bath and her empty suitcase into the closet. She removed her white T, purple mini, undies and shoes and put those in the bottom dresser drawer for when she would next need them, her trip home Monday morning. With a deep sigh, slid the sheer, pale pink stockings up her slim legs followed by the lavender crotchless panties and then fastened the shoes' ankle straps. Then she worked at fitting the boned lavender and lace corset to her slender frame, finally getting the hooks all fastened. The last step was to fasten the garter straps to the stockings and inspect her appearance in the mirror. Her makeup was smoky and her pouty lips bright red.

  Finally, she went to the kitchen as the note told her. There she found the expected directions. She buckled the cuffs around her ankles and wrists, and carried the blindfold and ball on the strap into the bedroom. The ball went in her mouth and the strap buckled behind her neck. Tight enough? One more notch! Then sitting on the bed, she tied the blindfold over her eyes. She would never see her assailant. Never! She lay back on the bed to wait, spreading her legs as she'd been told and placing her hands over her head. Her mind turned to who had approached her. Did they know each other? Did he simply see her and somehow get the note to her? Was he a pervert or a gentle lover? Would it be rough or tender? She waited. And waited.

  Took more than three paragraphs to write it, I trust that's okay.

  — J
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Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Dom M v/s Sub F, apply within!)]
« Reply #21 on: November 08, 2018, 05:51:05 AM »
Added: Mistaken!

Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Dom M v/s Sub F, apply within!)]
« Reply #22 on: November 17, 2018, 10:40:58 AM »
Added: Desert Secrets!