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Author Topic: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]  (Read 23400 times)

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Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Unlimited Ideas!

Hi! I'm looking for long or short term sexually driven stories with some plot! . At least three paragraphs per reply and a posting rate that allows for at least one reply a week (hopefully more).

I love writing sex scenes, I am online almost everyday and I enjoy making and receiving detailed posts 'in the third person' with female writers, so lets get busy writing and having fun!

I will be playing the male character and am looking for a female player to play the female character in most of these ideas. I have included various images to base the appearance of your character on (their personality is up to you).  I am more than happy for my character to take on whatever appearance you would like for my character... (Male pictures can be changed)

Please check my ONs and OFFs before responding.

Title: Blackmailed!

Cast: Jensen Travis and Kate Baxter

Outline: Councillor Kate Baxter thought she had her campaign in the bag, but unfortunately extremely damaging information has landed in the hands of a man who has no qualms about using it to gain access to her flesh. Maneuvered into a corner she has no choice but to submit to his craven lust, quickly discovering that she likes to give up her control and be used and abused by the wicked and sexually depraved investigator. Now she is at his beck and call as he toys with her career and plays games with her virtue, taking advantage of her during meetings, visits to church, at home and at work, nowhere is sacred enough to prevent his debauchery.

Title: Fifty strokes of flesh!

Cast: Michael Dominus and Anne Harroway

Outline: Michael holds all calls when the latest applicant to stray across his path wrests his attention away from the spectacular view from his penthouse office. He is instantly able to tell just what she likes and just how she needs to be treated... brutally and without mercy! She is hired as his P.A, but quickly becomes his fuck toy as he releases her inner whore with his depraved actions. Michael intends to take her with him wherever he goes, making sure she has the best of everything as long as she can satisfy the needs of his depraved soul and rampant cock. The envy of every other woman they come across, can Anne deal with the ravaging attention she has brought upon herself with her 'fuck me' heels and 'rape me' dress?

Title: Hitchhiker!

Cast: Daniel Kraven and Emma Robins

Outline: Daniel picks Emma up when she's hitchhiking and has some depraved but welcome ideas about how she can pay. Even after they arrive at her destination she decides to stick around for more payment as she becomes infatuated with him and desperate for more attention!

Emma will be defiled in her car/his truck, by the roadside, in motels, hotels, roadside cafe's and restaurants, everywhere the urge takes him!.

Title: It Begins!!

Cast: George and Elle Farnsworth

Outline: Elle is desperate to go to the all night party, but her divorced father has other plans, ones which do not involve some boy taking his daughter away from him. He decides to 'explain' to her that her flesh belongs to him and that he intends to bend her to his whims, until she accepts that no other man will ever be allowed to lay hands on her flesh. The more he comes onto her the more she likes having her daddy wound up and ready to tear her apart.

So begins a wild and depraved coupling and affair, where her schoolwork and friendships are of secondary concern to satisfying the incestuous urges of her depraved father. Her flesh bent and twisted to service his depraved needs as he takes full advantage of her and the way that their incestuous fornication only makes things hotter.

Title: Obsession!

Cast: Tom Stone and Keira knight

Outline: reclusive Tom Stone allows people into the grounds of his secluded mansion only rarely, the picturesque location shrouded in mystery and the few people who are invited to his parties and into his inner circle rarely speak of what transpires there. Recently many have turned up missing or dead. Pure coincidence.

When Tom spies reporter Keira doing a piece to camera he knows he has to have her, inviting her for an exclusive one to one and into his home for one of his secretive gatherings. Once she is drawn into his web of sinful cult gatherings and depraved and debauched orgies, she will never be allowed to leave... and why would she want to after having the best mankind has to offer in the sexual stakes?

Title: The Daughters Friend

Cast: Alexander Strong and Ellen Payne

Outline: Calling round Ellen's place to pick up his daughter, Alexander discovers that she left without him to head on somewhere else. Confronted with the exposed flesh of her friend, a girl he has been fantasizing about for some time. He takes the opportunity to begin a brutal affair with the young girl, taking full advantage of her lust for an older man and the fact that many believe her to be a lesbian. Where will their sinful relationship take them?

Let's find out!

Title: Hitting it off!

Cast: Jason Steadman and Nicole Goldman

Outline: Nicole had been planning to kill her husband for a while, so is more than pleased to see him murdered by a hitman. The killing leads her to discover that she gets off on powerful men with murder in mind and she quickly falls into a lust fuelled affair with the hitman, one in which she must pay him with her flesh and willingly joins him as he moves from hit to hit. Soon she is drunk on the ecstasy she feels at having such a man obsessed with her flesh, urging him on and even arranging more hits if he runs short of work, as before and after each one she is fucked to destruction.

Title: Secret Violation

Cast: Mike Drake and Bella Thornberg

Outline: Mike looks like a friendly, easy going guy... which is why he gets the job of 'babysitting' his friends daughter (when she 'stays behind' at home to do some extra studying), while her parents slip away on a romantic week long escape. Unfortunately for her unsuspecting parents 'Uncle' Mike has already fucked their daughter and this sudden period of time away means more time for him to 'get to know her' even more. With the authority to do as he pleases he intends to make sure her study time doesn't go to waste, instead plying her with money, gifts and cock in order to turn her into the sinful young whore of his dreams! Fucked at home and at school, wherever the urge takes him and her nubile flesh lures him.

Both of them are caught up in the sinful affair and seek out any opportunities to indulge.

Iím looking for some scenes around the house, maybe in the car on the way to school and back. Some scenes at school, when he goes to speak to her, maybe even in the headmasters office or wherever her twisted little fantasies demand.

OTHER IDEAS: I am open to playing a (unless noted) male character of your choosing, opposite the characters below. :)

Radio Ravage!
Dakota Farnsworth an aspiring actress had been persuaded by her agent to go on Radio Ravage, an outrageous pirate radio station run by an attractive host, one who asked the most intrusive and sinfully depraved questions during a show. It was heavily rumoured that they had even brutally fucked one of their guests on air, though that was supposed to have been a prank. Nevertheless it had happened since, more than once, with it unclear whether it was simply role-playing being faked for ratings or whether the guests had given in to the depraved ramblings they had been sucked into! With an audience glued to the regular broadcasts it's a unique opportunity to gain exposure and attention as well as to dance with the devil at the same time. (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Dakota Farnsworth

The Landlord!
Katie Hook was desperate to move into the exclusive apartment block. It was perfectly positioned and had an amazing view, unfortunately it was way out of her price range. However the owner always vetted tenants and there was a instant spark that she knew she would be able to take advantage of. Now Katie has to do whatever the landlord wants each week she wants to stay in the place. We can discuss who the owner is and what depraved activities they get up to! (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Katie Hook

Church Carnality!
Keira Knight was slipping away to the church more and more now, but it wasn't to plan her upcoming wedding, it was to consort with the priest who had caught her eye and seduced her into pre marital sin with them. Will she even go ahead with the wedding, or will she fall into a scandalous and brutally sexual relationship with the wicked priest? (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Keira Knight

The Handy Man!
Rosamund Parker had no idea how obsessed with her flesh her new handyman would be, when she hired him to help her do some work on her place. Staying over in her guest room, in order to get to work early and finish late. He is always there catching her coming from the shower, getting changed or simply in a compromising position. The work seems to be taking longer and longer to finish. Soon it's abandoned all together as her flesh is the only thing getting worked on. Is he a friend, neighbour, relative, we decide!
Appearance: Rosamund Parker

Fame and Fortune!
Vanessa Hope had been cock teasing the guy for quite a while, hovering around him while he made some calls on the beach. When the helicopter landed to pick him up and he turned to motion her to join him, she leaped at the opportunity.  When she discovered who he really was, she was all too eager to get some fame and fortune by hooking up with him. Vanessa was in for the ride of her life with the rich entrepreneur... (agent/director/etc we decide)
Appearance: Vanessa Hope

The Fan!
Sophie Baxter ad caught the eye of the handsome guy in the audience at the private gig she was signed to perform at. After she was eye fucking him all night he was there waiting for her at the end. Who is it? A rich fan waiting to whisk her away and ravage her, a new agent ready to steal her away to a better contract, a wild fan who wants to nail her in the dressing room? We decide!
Appearance: Sophie Baxter

The Gardener!
Gemma Anderson's husband ever had time for her, always treating her like a delicate flower to be placed at arms length and simply observed occasionally. Leaving on a business trip he has dispatched a gardener to their estate to look after the gardens n his absence so that she doesn't have to. The powerfully built gardener attracts her attention instantly, encouraging her to cheat on her husband and indulge in the sort of brutal hard fucking she had previously only dreamed of!
Appearance: Gemma Anderson

Elle Farnsworth thought that skipping out from her expensive school would be no problem, she could do what she wanted and daddy would never find out. Now that she has been spotted and grabbed, taken into a car in order to be driven to her punishment, she must persuade whoever picked her up to show her some mercy by not getting her into trouble for her truancy. Who has found her? We decide!
Appearance: Elle Farnsworth

Alexa's company has been failing, losing money and generally under-performing. Each time she is summoned to see the company president she needs to engage in more and more acts of depravity, in order to keep her job. Where will it all end and how far is she prepared to go to apologise for her mistakes? The president is powerful, shameless and sees fault in almost anything as an excuse to gain access to her perfect flesh!
Appearance: Alexa Chambers

It was Hayley's job to infiltrate the party, get friendly with the powerful crime boss and find out what they could about them. Alas, the boss knew exactly who she was as she had been sold out be her corrupt friends. The Boss intends to turn her to their cause and ignite their inner whore and inner criminal to join their cause instead of fighting for a lost one. Power, money and crime all went hand in hand with drugs, debauchery and sex and Hayley was going to be exposed to all of it. Driven wild by the looks and the rough way the boss treats her, Hayley is soon partnered with the wicked criminal and living the life she always should have been! (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Hayley Wells

The Manager!
Raw talent isn't enough, but Hayden can get to please her family and fans by becoming a pop star, as long as she can keep up with the demands of a new manager who is obsessed with her flesh! Their insatiable desire for her body will keep her at the top of the charts, as long as she can hold off the competition by matching the depravity of her manager (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Hayden Payne

Photo Finish!
Natalie had hired the photographer to take some nice classy shots of her, all nice and professional like, some for work, some for her partner. However the longer the photo-shoot went on the more demanding the photographer, and pretty soon Natalie knew they weren't looking at her in a professional way any-more, they were raping her with their eyes as they got her to wear less and begin posing and touching herself in ways she did not expect. She knew they were going to ravage her to rags real soon and she wanted it to happen...  bad! Soon the photo sessions are simply an excuse to engage in acts of sin and depravity! (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Natalie Porter

Garage Fees!
Katy Hoff needs to settle her bills when she stops off at a local garage. The owner has a proposition for her. She helps out in more ways than one and he keep her in parts and fuel. Soon their tie working devolves quickly into torrid sex and infatuation as they sink into a depraved coupling. Work responsibilities are cast aside as lust takes over and when a chance to make some money and get out of the low rent town shows up they grasp it. (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).
Appearance: Katy Hoff

Elle Farnsworth had hired out the entire gym to herself, just to get across that she wanted the trainer to be doing a hell of a lot more than simply overseeing her work outs. They had resisted her so far, but now it was plain that they were going to have to cheat on their partner and give Elle the attention she obviously needed. Over and over again. (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc.).
Appearance: Elle Farnsworth

Holed Up!
Natalie wanted to head out and start spending the money they had stolen. Her more sensible partner had decided that they had to lay low if they were to have any chance of getting away with things. Hiding her clothes, then locking them both inside the cabin they were staying in, had been for a joke and a laugh to begin with. Now their business partnership was going to get a lot more serious as primal lust began to take over. Seeing her flesh day in and day out was beginning to drive Natalie's partner wild with need and ignited a raw passionate lust inside them, one that they had to have quenched with Natalie's moans, sweat and girlish cum. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Natalie Porter

Broad Daylight!
Naomi Watson was at the lakeside cabin retreat along with her husband, taking a break with her daughter Chloe and their friend/partner. But the partner was far more interested in her, and they were going to forget all about Chloe and devote themselves to pleasuring her flesh every chance they got as soon as they saw the green light in Naomi's eyes each time they eye fucked her or raped her with their gaze. Now Naomi is up to her neck in a sinful affair, right under the nose of her always fishing husband and oblivious daughter... How long can they get away with it!  (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are, what she has seen, etc, etc.).
Appearance: Naomi Watson

Keira had been told never to look in that particular room in the mansion she was in. Was she a guest of the master or an employee, caught out as she stood in the doorway for longer than she should have, all she knew was that she wanted a taste of what she had seen!... (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are, what she has seen, etc, etc.).
Appearance: Keira Knight

Keira always needed to be attended to during breaks in her performance, while others danced n stage she was often fucked like a whore behind it, afterwards giving in to even more depraved attention as her dancing inflamed her lust for sex.. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Keira Knight

The Boat Trip!
Paparazzi Kristen Steward was heading out on a boat she hired at the docks, she wanted to get some shots of a reported celebrity holidaying on a yacht and this was the best way. Alas the celebrity is a no show, and the hot Captain of her small boat has been distracting her anyway... soon leading to some lust fuelled moments as he takes advantage of her. Now she will need to find many excuses to hire this boat, as she becomes tangled up with its owner and pilot in a sea borne affair.. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Kristen Steward

So wrong it has to be right!
Naomi slipped away from the party to get some fresh air, but she knew she would be followed and she knew that she would be fucked ragged, despite how wrong and sinful it was. Now she and her sinful lover know that anything so wrong has to be right, as they engage in more and more wicked liaisons. Bending the laws of decency as they engage in a lust fuelled affair which will ultimately leave hearts broken as they ditch existing partners for each others flesh! (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Naomi Watson

Home Wrecker!
Heading indoors from the pool party at the Robertson mansion, in order to get changed, they expected to find their girlfriend Emma waiting for them in one of the houses changing rooms. Instead they run into her mother and quickly take advantage of the raw primal attraction which obviously connected them. Now the sordid liaisons come thick and fast, as they spend more and more time finding ways to hook up and drive each other wild... ignoring her husband and daughter as they are driven by lust. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are etc, etc.).
Appearance: Charlize Robertson

Game for fun!!
Charlize Heron had been eye fucking the team member al through the first half of the game and they'd noticed every glance. Now that it was half time they had split from the rest of the team to head elsewhere... and this was going to be Charlize's opportunity to do more than simply eye fuck them. Lured away for a taste, then properly seen to after the game was over. Whether the team won or lost  Charlize was  going to get what she wanted. Hard. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, boss, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are/sport etc, etc.).
Appearance: Charlize Heron

Justice Mansion!
Miss Dakota Justice Farnsworth had been causing problems for her parents associate ever since they started work at the mansion where she lives. Now that her parents are out of town she is about to get what she deserves as punishment for her ways. Was she simply trying to convince her parents that nothing was going on between her and the associate, or is she really going to get punished for her accusations until she likes it? (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, boss, ex partner, married, etc, etc... we decide who they are.).
Appearance: Dakota J Farnsworth

The shop visit!
When they walked into the shop, they knew they would not be leaving it until they had taken what they wanted from the assistant who was busy eye fucking them. Was t the manager? A celebrity arriving early for a book signing? Who was it who had caught the eye of Chloe and decided to ravage her as a result? We decide. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, boss, ex partner, married, etc, etc).
Appearance: Chloe Saunders

Parking Violation!
Emma had been warned not to take up that parking space time and time again, now security had been sent to explain to her that the area she had chosen was out of bounds, explain in a way which would ensure future cooperation. Overcome by her looks it is decided that the ideal punishment will be sex and plenty of it! (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, boss, ex partner, married, etc, etc).
Appearance: Emma Robertson

Two wrongs make a right!
Keira knew they shouldn't have entered the bathroom while she was taking a bath, and they certainly shouldn't have entered her while offering her a hand. However if something this good was so wrong, then she never wanted to be right! Who was the intruder? Parent, sibling, friend, room mate, landlord? (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, boss, ex partner, married, etc, etc).
Appearance: Keira Knight

The Favour!
It had been a simple phone call, to ask if they could get a ride, but when Rebecca showed up it was pretty clear that there was more than a simple car journey and a favour on her mind. She was obviously looking to turn their friendship into something more, or perhaps they had flaunted their flesh once too often? . (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, boss, ex partner, married, etc, etc).
Appearance: Rebecca Roman

Going for a ride!
Chloe is stranded at the roadside and off the beaten track. Who is going to come to her rescue and take full advantage of her before taking her home? Once there they continue to take advantage, returning when the urge takes them and continuing the sinful affair that started by the roadside. It could be anyone!(my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, cop, truck driver, priest etc, etc).
Appearance: Chloe Severs

Taking Advantage!
Nicole Goldman's rich husband was always away on business and sniffing around interns and business partners, with him out of the picture she decides to take advantage of her assigned Bodyguard as revenge. Nicole quickly discovers that she has taken on quite the challenge, as he takes advantage of her at the beach, at home, and wherever he likes once he has enough on her depraved antics to ruin her if she ever tries to say no to anything he wants.
Appearance: Nicole Goldman

Beach House!
Kate Baxter had finally gotten together the money to purchase her dream beach home. As soon as she moved in she stirred up trouble, with neighboring women jealous of her tight toned body and extensive sunbathing and swimming sessions. Every woman hated her and every man wanted to fuck her. One decided that her flesh was indeed too much to resist! Who is this person? A lifeguard? A neighbour? A visiting relative or friend who never realised how hot she was until he laid eyes on her sun kissed flesh?
Appearance: Kate Baxter

Caity has been teasing and enticing him for way too long, pushing and teasing because she thinks that he will never be in a position to do anything about it. She has persuaded him to call round to her home with a frivolous phone call, for help that she doesn't really need. Now that he is there he has decided that she is going to get what she really deserves. Who has been enticed to breaking point? Is it her Married Boss, brother, father, married friend, brother in law, cop? We decide.
Appearance: Caity Lovell

Girl next door!
Kristen had been eye fucking her neighbour and they had been eye fucking her back all spring. She was on the porch when they left for work and sitting there when they came back. Was it imagination? Were the sounds coming from her bedroom sometimes moans of self pleasuring while she thought about her neighbour... or simply the venting of a young girls frustrations? When Kristen's parents vanish for the weekend the opportunity to take things further is right there, who will make the first move and how brutal and frenzied will the fucking get when they finally give in to sin and devour each other? (my character the neighbour can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Kristen Steward

Teachers pet!
Emma had been given a personal tutor to help her catch up with her work after a long holiday. Her parents could afford it and the reputation of the attractive tutor was beyond reproach. Alas, within a few minutes of meeting each other, both Emma and her tutor knew that they would have to fuck each other. It was inevitable! Now Emma gets given a solid lesson each day, right under her parents noses. In the study, the bathroom, the garden, the cellar, wherever they can get away with some hard brutal fucking.  (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Emma Robertson

Breaking Curfew!
Reporter Hayden Parker had broken curfew in a foreign land, and now she had to talk her way out of some serious charges, fortunately the soldier who had arrested her was far more interested in her flesh than following any law. Quickly she discovered that her young body could buy her travel after dark and allow her access to places to gather stories to report. All she had to do was pay for the privilege with sex... until one day she bit off far more than she was expecting! (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Hayden Parker

The Director!
Nicole's drug was sex, and she needed it before every important scene. More and more time was spent in her dressing room getting 'personal tuition' from the director until their sessions turned into a mixture of hard brutal fucking and sensual and slow love making. A wild ride of fornication and canal depravity that seemed to have no end in sight. How long can things be kept under wraps, what happens at the after parties and celebrations which go on, when the lust overrides caution? Who has anything to lose? We thrash out the details and decide who her partner is. (my characters can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Nicole Goldman

Hard Candy!
Sam Johanssen has been friends with Natalie Porter for years. One night at a club Sam can't take any more and drags Natalie aside to explain to her just what she wants to do with her, and to show her that she's been keeping two secrets... not only is she obsessed with her friend, she also has a massive cock that only Natalie can get hard. She swore she'd never use it again, but she's been driven wild by Natalie and can no longer control herself. Perhaps Natalie is shocked, perhaps she's been wishing that Sam had a cock to use on her. Let's see where this goes as they collapse into a well of depravity and sin! We can discuss details as needed, I will be playing Sam.
Appearance: Natalie and Sam

Caught out!
Eighteen year old Bella Thornberg was in a hurry and it was far easier to snatch what she wanted from the shelves, less embarrassing as well since they were a packet of condoms. Unfortunately she was caught, fortunately the shame of arrest and the anger of her family can all be avoided as long as she plays along with the shop owner/Security/Police/Customer who deal with her. We thrash out the details and decide who her partner is!... (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc).
Appearance: Bella Thornberg

Perfect for the part!
Chloe had put on a fantastic performance, now she waited to speak to the director, to see whether she had secured the role she wanted. They had a reputation for driving talented actresses and dancers like her to the top of her profession, now was her chance to achieve greatness. But the director had been eye fucking her from day one, and now that the auditions was over Chloe was sure that they were going to make their move... and she knew that she had to be ready to take whatever came her way, anyway hadn't she been teasing the director anyway? We thrash out the details and decide who her partner is!... (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, etc ).
Appearance: Chloe Morgan

The Club!
She had been shamelessly flirting and eye fucking a few guys at the club, just for fun, nothing serious. When she stepped through the door to the secluded rear she set off an alarm, but the bouncer seemed okay with it. Moments later one of the men she'd been eye fucking came through the door and she realised that he was only after one thing. Her flesh. We decide who he is, or I just launch someone at her. Could be a bouncer, club owner, millionaire, nobody, someone she knows, family, friend, etc, etc.
Appearance: Charlize Heron

Under arrest!
She was at the station, arrested and waiting to be interviewed. It didn't matter what she had done or if she was guilty, because all she had to do to get out of it was fuck. Who needs her attention? A detective, Captain, Lawyer, accomplice or friend? We decide who her partner will be and what role they play.
Appearance: Kristen Steward

Rocked senseless!
Attracting the attention of a Rocker or lead singer, Kristen is dragged out of the crowd, then backstage to enter the world of groupies. Quickly becoming an object of lust for the band/groups lead, who views her as a good luck charm! We decide who her partner is (my character can be M or F).
Appearance: Kristen Steward

The aftermath of a massive party at the country estate leaves Olivia without friends, or a means to get home. Now she must throw herself upon the mercy of the master of the house, a man who has been lusting after her flesh for some time... waiting for an opportunity to get her alone...
Appearance: Olivia Childe

While they were out!
He had called round unexpectedly and the person he was after was out. However after a while it was clear that there were far better ways to pass the time! Who is he? A boyfriend starved of sex? A brother or father finally able to cut loose? A friend or business partner of her parents? Her flatmates boyfriend? Someone sinister? We decide who they are... or you can leave it to me!
Appearance: Keira Knight

Birthday Girl!
The party aboard the yacht had been just what she'd wanted, and the watch had been the exact bling she'd been after. Now she was being taken away fro the party early, because now she was legal her benefactor had decided he wasn't going to wait any longer. Would it be a shock for her to realise what he really wanted to give her as a present? Who is he? A boyfriend starved of cunt, a brother or father finally able to cut loose, perhaps a friend? We decide.
Appearance: Bella Vaughn

Stood up!
Alexa had been stood up, but the stranger who walked over and caught her attention was irresistible and a much better option than the one she had planned for the evening. After several urgent and sordid encounters (in the toilets, the alley and the back of a car) she finds that he has a hold over her which will wreck any current relationship and force her semi willing flesh into his grasp again and again. We decide who he is.
Appearance: Alexa Chambers

New Lust!
Ellen had always been a bit of a tomboy... but when she see's him getting out of the shower, having sex or simply getting changed, she realises that the wet heat between her legs needs to be satisfied by cock. Likewise he has decided that her not having a man in her life has gone on long enough! Who is he? Brother, Father, Friend, sisters boyfriend, boss, teacher, whatever... we decide!
Appearance: Ellen Cage

He was only interested in one in order to get his hands on the other. Fucking the mother to get to the daughter or fucking the daughter in order to get to the mother. One was driven to debauchery when she takes advantage of an opportunity to have herself ravaged by him! Now what will happen when or if the other finds out? Will they join in the twisted depravity willingly or will he simply force them both to become his fuck toys? Will he promise not to take advantage, then keep seeing them both? We decide who he is and the outcome!
Appearance: Charlize and Chloe Morgan

Cabin in the woods!
Outline: Naomi Watson needs some work done on her cabin in the woods, to ensure its ready for her holidays. The handy man she has hired arrives early and decides that the most work needs to be done on her flesh. He rapidly takes to giving her some work all over the cabin and woods, even after the rest of her friends and/or family arrive. Their relationship becoming more and more daring as they sink into depravity on a daily basis.
Appearance: Naomi Watson

When she ran out of fuel while out on her jetski, it was only then that she realised that she had strayed onto a private beach on an off shore island. The owner was a handsome, powerfully built and rich individual who usually dealt with trespassers severely... Charlene was going to have to pay the price of her foolish mistake with her flesh... repeatedly. Is she a willing visitor instead of a trespassing miscreant, let's find out.
We can decide who owns the island and exactly what he wants to do to her.
Appearance: Charlene Theron

Winona Richards can't get satisfied by her husband, so every night he is busy with work she dresses up and heads to the exclusive hotel to meet with her male friends. Someone finds out and now has enough on her to destroy her marriage and leave her penniless in any divorce. Now, instead of her male friends she is at the beck and call of the blackmailer, ravished and ravaged whenever he has the urge, forced to comply with his every wish and debase herself at his whim. She soon discovers she craves such treatment and that he is far superior to husband, friends or anyone else she has ever fucked.
Appearance: Winona Richards

Sordid Violation
Caught red handed, literally, as she masturbates herself half blind over the object of her young lust... Natalie finds that fantasy turns to reality as the young, barely legal, girl triggers the furious and obsessive lust of her visiting Boyfriend, Brother, Father, Visiting priest, Friend of the family, etc, etc.
What follows is a descent into more and more sordid and sinful sex, as she is taken and used in a frenzy of passion and wild animalistic desire.
Appearance: Natalie Porter

Keira has been cock teasing her (brother/ Father/ Off limits Neighbour/ Banned Friend) for too long. Now that she has been left alone with this person her tempting will finally come to an end, as she is ravished and ravaged to rags by an obsessive lust that has been brewing up and waiting to be unleashed for far too long. Setting can vary, but Keira will enjoy the abuse which comes with chomping away at taboo's and forbidden fruit!
Appearance: Keira Knight

Famke is pursued by the landlord of her home, by a handyman hired to do repairs, perhaps by an ex boyfriend or even an obsessed brother. Whoever is obsessed with her flesh finds her at the new house she has bought and wrangles his way into her life and her body, violating her just the way she secretly craves. The more obscene and taboo the better it is. Scandalizing the neighbourhood, her home, everywhere... there is no escape from the debauchery once it starts.
Required appearance: Famke Svenson

Brutalised Ballerina!
Natalie is a ballerina, dancing each night to a packed audience, but behind the scenes she must dance a different tune. Each night before and after her show she must debase herself and give in to the wild and depraved antics of her director, fucked to rags and back in her dressing room, behind the set, above in the walkways or even in her limo going to and from the theatre. Occasionally in an alley outside or perhaps in a reserved box while watching her understudy. Wild consuming lust fuels her debauched partner, how much more can she takeÖ or does she simply love every second of it?
Required appearance: Natalie Portia


Plus: Please take a look here! Almost four years worth of fantastic ideas are just waiting to be snapped up and enjoyed!  XD

UNTIL DAWN (Fandoms): (Includes Spoilers)
Some knowledge of the PS4 game is required, but not much. The following describe alternate scenes which can be played out in an AU version of the story and are open to discussion and character swapping ideas. :)
(Click on Names/Title for a picture).

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Josh and Sam: Basement
Josh can see the sparks flying and after he makes his move, Sam gives in and embraces the opportunity to burn off some tension with some fucking in the basement and later on, when he joins her for her bath. She quickly sinks into a pit of depravity and is only too willing to help him with his revenge against those who killed his sisters.

Josh and Sam: Chased
Sam realises it's Josh chasing her and gives in when he pins her down to fuck her. He wants to enlist her help in punishing the others for his sisters deaths and she is more than willing to help him. Pranks don't go far enough, he wants them dead!

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Offline EvilEye

Re: Unlimited Smut packed Plot ideas: [Female writers required]
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2011, 02:55:15 PM »
How about a Cop and a theif?

Offline drakarifire

Re: Unlimited Smut and Twisted Tales, Plot ideas: [Female writers required]
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2012, 12:57:53 PM »
I'd be interested in the Miley Cyprus one or the sinful bridesmaid. :3

Offline SammyWinchestersMistress

I'd be up for the Pain Whore storyline.

Offline HarleyQuinn


I must say that I love all your ideas and there are so many choose to from! But, never fear, I have narrowed it down to one that I would really love to do with you.

-Beck and Call!

And, Ali Larter is gorgeous.

Offline Kytn

I'm very interested in the Bruised Ballerina plot! =)

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Hi well if you are still looking for partners to one of your many idea's I would like to give it whirl.
I like the Groupie, The Bike, Road Whore. Any of them involving the darker more abused girl I would dig on playing. So if you had a favorite you wanted to rp and still open for partners pm me and we could start the madness.  ;D

Offline Hercinia

Hi Jack,

I'd am interested in a couple of your RP idea, specifically OWNED and HAMMERED!

I'd be willing to settle for just one of them, but I would take both if that is agreeable with you.


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Hello Jack,   I am quite interested in 'relentless' plot.         

Offline britneyharuno

Interested in playing Owned or Violated as Keira Knight

Is it available?

Offline Lisbeth

Re: Unlimited ideas! (revamped): [Female writers required]
« Reply #10 on: May 18, 2014, 06:25:04 PM »
I'll do hitting it off with you if you're happy for it to start out non/dubious con.  Have a look at my posts x
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Re: Unlimited ideas!: [Female writers wanted! Apply within!]
« Reply #11 on: July 19, 2015, 12:16:41 PM »
I would be interested in your hitchhiker idea if it is still available?

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Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #12 on: January 20, 2016, 05:04:27 PM »
So many ideas!

Offline envie

I'd be interested in Blackmailed or Obsession or something in the Until Dawn universe.

Offline Yzza

I am interested in several of these but mostly hitting it off I think

Offline paradisic

I'd be interested in trying out Blackmailed, if that's still on the cards.

Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #16 on: September 01, 2016, 09:35:02 AM »
Added: The Gardener!

Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #17 on: September 04, 2016, 10:47:46 AM »
Added: Savaged!

Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #18 on: September 13, 2016, 05:56:56 PM »
Added: the fan and Fame& Fortune

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Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #19 on: September 22, 2016, 01:54:58 PM »
Added: Handyman!

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Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #20 on: September 23, 2016, 11:17:00 AM »
Yes, I'm interested in Forbidden, Daughter's Friend, and Secret Violation, if any of them are still open.

Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #21 on: October 09, 2016, 08:14:05 AM »
Added: Church Carnailty

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Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #22 on: October 14, 2016, 11:41:10 AM »
Added: The Landlord

Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

Re: Unlimited Ideas! [Female writers wanted (Sub F v/s Dom M, apply within!)]
« Reply #23 on: October 19, 2016, 04:59:16 PM »
Added: Radio Ravage!