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Author Topic: General Ideas + Mix and Match [Ladies needed]  (Read 21222 times)

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General Ideas + Mix and Match [Ladies needed]
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:53:38 AM »
If interested in any of these then please PM me as well.

PLEASE make sure that you check my O/O's, posts and posting rate to see if we are compatible.

I will be playing the male character in the following tales!

Each of these stories requires a female player who needs to portray a female character with the appearance provided (personality is up to the player). Likewise you can decide the appearance, age and other aspects of my male characters (if you want to). I'm looking for long or short term sexually driven stories with some plot! A few paragraphs per reply and a posting rate that allows for at least one reply a week. I'm generally available to post several times a week and enjoy writing detailed replies. :)

MAIN IDEAS! Over 60 of them to choose from! *gasp* !

Fandoms: Also interested in any of the following:  Mass Effect 2, Buffy, Detroit Become Human, Until Dawn.

<<<<< Indecent Holiday!
Jennifer Connors husband had been called back hoe on business.He forbid her to stay in the med on holiday,but she was determined to have fun. Staying on a friends yacht she soon discovers that he plans to take advantage of her husbands absence to claim her as his own, drilling into her the need to leave her husband and become his wife and sex toy. Smothered wit money, jewels, and brutal sex she has no choice but to comply! We decide who the rich opportunist is.

Ride Home! >>>>>>
Rosamund Parker had to get up early the next day, so all she wanted as a ride home. The individual offering her the ride, however, had been on her radar for a while and she could not believe her luck at getting a ride from them. The fact that (one of them is married, they are siblings, they are related, they are long time friends, or something else entirely... we decide) doesn't seem to have any affect on the crazed lust which follows. How far will things continue the next day We decide!

<<<<< Carnal-val!
Rachel Kord attracts the attention of a repeat customer over and over, with him winning sex acts with h er instead of cuddly toys. After an initial meeting where he won an item for a friend he was with he is back to win her flesh over and over again, with them moving to engage in carnal-val pleasure in various locations. the ghost train, big wheel, haunted house, etc, etc

Bella Thornberg was determined to get the part in the movie, so even after missing the audition and arriving too late, she hatched a plan. Targeting the Director/producer/actors trailer she moved in, intent on using her flesh to get what she wants. Even though she picks the wrong film, she manages to get a part and can keep it, as long as she can keep her target satisfied! Is Bella up to the task? Who will be using her? We decide!

<<<< Sibling Punishment
Emma Robins was always annoying her much older brother, bothering him when he was busy working and trying to get things done about the house. Teasing him for not having a girlfriend for the past few months. He's had enough and is going to put an end to her annoying ways once and for all, with a hard and brutal session of sex. He has always thought that she deserved to be punished for her behaviour and now she's going to get it good.

The Price of Fame
Disobeying convention and the laws of the academy and patriarchy, Kristen Steward slips off her heels during an awards ceremony to navigate the stairs. Afterwards, dragged away from the after party, Kristen is punished, with hard brutal sex, for her insolence by her manager, until she understands that she must never remove her fuck me heels unless instructed.

<<<<<< Laura Valance: SORE!
Laura Valance and another person have been captured, beaten and dumped into a prison complex. Now, in order to earn their freedom, they will have to give in to the depraved and twisted demands of their unseen captor. Their Captor is all over the news for their kidnapping spree, they are famed for forcing together individuals and directing them into scenes of sexual debauchery for their entertainment. Survivors (and everyone so far has survived) often complain of being sore after enduring the gruelling sexual tests for days or even weeks. Now Laura and her new friend are in the spotlight and need to work together to escape the clutches of the Sore kidnapper.

Basically we take turns to present challenge's, writing as their captor (based on Ons/Offs acceptable to both players). While taking on the roles of the victims (Laura for you, the other who we will decide upon, for me). Probable forced consensual, leading into mutual lust?

Shopping Around!>>>>>>>>
Katrina Baxter virtually soaks herself while in a high class boutique, when she gets a look at the manager there. Immediately enlisting his aid in selecting some lingerie for her honeymoon she decides to have some fun, fun which leads to some harsh sex and the realization that the wedding needs to be postponed so that she can spend more time with the manager. OR perhaps she simply gets talking with another customer and ends up making return visits, to take advantage of their lust fuelled advances over and over again? We decide!

>>>>>>> Hot Flesh!
Bella Thornberg had to have them, so she kitted herself out in 'fuck me' lingerie and waited to surprise them when they came home. Alas, the wrong person arrived and she was quickly coerced into a session with them instead. Now she is in a liaison with an unexpected party with no way out of it, but she is loving every second. We decide who is getting he attention: Father, Brother, Friend, Boss, etc, etc.

Detective Yvonne Stravoski has infiltrated the party at the mansion, with only a little black dress and her automatic. Threading her way to the hosts study she is discovered while rifling through their desk. Outnumbered by security and intimidated by his presence, she decides to put down her gun and use her flesh to get out of this mess. Unfortunately no help is coming from her crooked and corrupt fellow officers, and she soon finds herself a prisoner in the mansion to his depraved lust...something she likes...

<<<<<<<<  Staying In!
Kristen Steward getting ready to head out for the evening,, however as soon as she was finished slipping into her rape me dress and fuck me heels, she realised hat she had been watched. Start to finish her getting ready had only served to get her admiring aroused, now she was not going to be allowed to go anywhere, instead she was going to be punished with sex. Made to pay for trying to slip away. Shown that staying in was the correct use of her flesh... who is going to discipline her? We decide!

>>>>>>>>>> Desecration
Keira Knight often escaped from her busy home to slip away to the empty chapel in order to excite herself and enjoy her noisy self abuse sessions far from the ears of her siblings and family. Alas, she is discovered by the new priest and is forced to either corrupt him, or allow herself to be defiled by the wicked man in order to retain her dignity with her family... since the priests word will surely be accepted over hers!

Olivia Waters = You're Mine!>>>>>>>>
Olivia had originally intended to chastise the person who had been hitting on her barely legal sister, Ellen. She got rid of her sister for the afternoon and waited for them to call round, but now that she was alone with them she realized that they had only been hitting on Ellen in order to get Olivia's attention, and that she was actually more interested in getting them for herself. Mutual lust takes over and now she has to keep the sordid and sinful liaison with someone she should be staying away from a secret from her family... while her new found partner is busy taking her when and wherever they see fit. Obsession and lust driving their wicked ways.

<<<<<<  Elle Farnsworth - Messed up!!
She had been told to clean up her room and get downstairs for the trip her step father had planned. Was she deliberately baiting him? If so it was going to work.. walking into her room and seeing that she was still reading would lead to a spanking and some hard fucking, as she was disciplined and fucked the way her mother would never allow. Thus begins their sinful, wicked and depraved affair...

<<<<<< Ali Carter = Alone at last
On Holiday with a relative of her husband, Ali Carter finds herself at a loose end when her husband is called away to work, the relative steps in and they head out to an idyllic island to spend some time soaking in the sun and exploring... but the relative sees this as the perfect time to take advantage of her and soon she welcomes the attention! We decide who she is attended to by, her husbands Brother, Father, son... we decide...

>>>>>>>>> Groupie!
Desperate to get the attention of the lead singer in the band, Kate Becker was waiting for him when the gig ended, making use of her cock teasing ways to ensure that she not only managed to stay the night, but also slotted herself into the top slot of dedicated fan and loyal groupie. Pissing off an ex in the process she captures the leads attention and is sucked into a world of rock and sin as she is whisked off on a debauched and depraved tour.

<<<<<<< Katie Carter: Pool Girl!
Katie was there to infiltrate the mansion and steal the jewels, but instead she was caught and put to work for the owner! A powerful man who takes amusement in having her do his bidding, in between fucking her to rags.

Keria Knight: Eavesdropping! >>>>>>>>!
Sneaking away from the party at the mansion she was attending for a rest from her dancing and socialising, Keira was shocked to overhear the depraved talk from the next room! How a man was planning to tear her dress off, drill her ball shaped heels into her ass, fuck her with toys and objects, before defiling and desecrating her body with fingers, tongue, cock and cum. There were few acts of insane lust which escaped his vivid descriptions, of how he was going to plunder her flesh.  Who is he? What has Miss Knight gotten herself into? There can be no escape, only the acceptance that another guest is going to ransack her body before the night is done!

<<<<<< Spencer Brooke: Cheerleader!
She was the Captain of the squad, but after attracting the attention of a depraved individual, now she had to give in to increasingly sexual demands in order to keep her position. The entire school was their playground now!

Bella Thornberg: Babysitting! >>>>>>>
Bella's father was busy, called to a meeting while in town. He wanted someone to look after his daughter while he was busy, to keep her away from trouble. Alas, one look at her and the person he had called to help him knew damn well that they are going to wreck her, take her and force her to indulge in every depraved act of sex they could think of with her hot young body. She won't tell daddy a damn thing, because if she does she won't be fucking the ever again and by the time they're done with her, all she will be craving is their flesh! (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).

<<<<<<< Suspicion Free!
The barely legal young Elle Farnsworth was being driven too and from her training sessions by someone beyond reproach, an individual who was trusted to look after the young girl without taking advantage of her. Alas, they were very much taking advantage, time and time again.

Let's work out who it is and the wicked and sinful deeds which are being encouraged!

Kate had been persuaded to pose for the talented artist, photographer at his studio in the city. He had an impeccable reputation, but her flesh was simply too hot to resist and she was just as keen to get her hands on him, regardless of their personal situations. The meetings quickly become excuses to feast on each others flesh as he creates works of art each time he devours her body. How wild will they get, we decide!

<<<<<< Mischa Baxter: Private Beach
When Mischa Baxter is spotted trespassing on the private beach of the rich celebrity, they decide to punish her in their own depraved manner, by bringing her into their home and introducing her to their sinful and wicked partying lifesytle, whether she wants to be introduced to it or not. It quickly becomes apparent that leaving is the last thing on her mind!

Megan Foster: Audition! >>>>>>>
Megan! Is determined to get herself signed. If she has to compromise and sell out her band to do it, then so be it. The record producer wants a hot solo act, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to get on his radar. As soon as she sees the raw lust in his eyes, for her music and her flesh, the negotiations begin, but he has no desire to hire anyone but her. Will she be able to convince him to give her band mates a shot? Or will he dominate her flesh and control her career? Depravity ensues!

<<<<<<< That's how I Roll!
Jenna Drake needs the space available in her neighbours mansion, including his newly constructed by not yet filled pool, in order to practice her roller skating... or perhaps she just enjoys messing with them, in order to show off her skills and have fun. She quickly learns that their is a price to pay for her trespassing, obeying the owners requests, which become more and more depraved. Skating is quickly set aside for sex.

Naomi Watson: Secret meeting >>>>>>
She showed up in the cottage in her estate more and more now, using it as a safe haven to get away from her husband and make out with the help, except that now things were getting more and more sinful and each time she tried to end things she as just fucked harder, until she couldn't think straight. Where would it all end?

<<<<<< Ellen Cage: Turn Me!
Tomboyish Ellen Cage thought she was into girls, then suddenly she is soaking herself over a guy. Who is he? friend, relative, boss, another girls man/husband, perhaps a brother or father? Whoever it is Ellen makes sure that she drifts onto his radar and suddenly she is being ravaged to rags, while others around her are oblivious to the fact that the girl who was only into other girls is now being fucked to destruction and turned to the ways of heterosexual sin. Brutal and rough really is the way forwards for her as she is led into male dominated depravity!

>>>>>>> Desert Heat!
Yvonne Stravoski finds herself lost and at a remote desert location with a bike almost out of fuel and in need of repair. Can she pay the price which the reclusive survivalist type wants to extract from the hottest girl he's seen in months? Soon she finds the thought of having to stay here longer than she imagined acceptable, as more survival types show up and the owner lays claim to her, to protect her from the others and to satisfy his hunger for her flesh.

<<<<<<<  Sharni Vincent! Party Time!
Sharni knew that the rich owner of a yacht often scouted the nearby beaches to find hot women for his legendary parties. Flaunting her tight body she finds that her efforts do not go unrewarded, as she is spotted and picked up by the billionaire in person. Obsessed with her beauty she is drawn into a depraved and sinful gathering, selected to be his chosen partner in the sex games and debauchery which go on aboard the yacht and on some of the surrounding islands. Sexual hunts, sinful beach bonfire parties, naked games aboard ship, the depravity never ends!

Emma Watkins >>> Brutal Punishment
Emma had been asking for it for a while, she thought she was an untouchable princess, but she has gone too far. Perhaps she insulted a friend of someone she shouldn't have, maybe she blew too much money on her credit card, maybe she threw a party without permission or failed to show up to a meeting or appointment. Now she has to be punished with cock until she understands who the boss is, something she quickly comes to relish as her young body is broken in with a hard fucking that she learns to crave.

Emily Baxter: <<<<<<<<<< Prison ship!
Emily is the lone guard aboard a ship carrying prisoners to a prison planet ('Aliens' style era setting), a six month voyage where they are kept in cryo stasis. Waking one up to have some fun, the prisoner quickly gets the upper hand and decides to have fun with her while awaiting rescue from his confederates. OR Emily and another guard on the two person crew discover that they have both been taking advantage of the cryo held passengers, and decide to tale advantage of each other instead.

Nicole Goldman: Hot and Bothered
A guest comes across Nicole alone in the mansion, hot and bothered and taking a breather from her hostess duties at her party. Rapidly they decide to take advantage of her for some fast and nasty sex, a sordid and roughly raw encounter which quickly ascends into regular sessions. Their coupling is wrong, but it feels oh so right. Who is ravishing her when they shouldn't be? We decide! (friend, relative, guest, employee, ex, etc, etc).

Elle Farnsworth! Game, set and Match<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Elle gets picked up for her tennis lessons by her new tutor, but more sinful lessons come to mind and soon she is being taught how to establish a proper grip and deal with balls that she may not have initially expected. The rich teen is soon infatuated with what she can get from her tutor and is roped into helping him steal from her estate as well. (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).

>>>>>>> Keira Knight: Morning routine
Keira's morning exercise routine, with music and grunting as she went through her paces always woke up her 'admirer', who could hear and see her from their nearby window. The cum stains on their wall testament to how hot she was. Were her actions designed to get a reaction? Today she was going to discover the penalty for her teasing as she is brought to task and punished for her inconsiderate behaviour. Dragged inside and hammered hard she finds she likes it and her routine becomes one to entice and get her more of the brutal fucking she knows she loves. (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).

Bella Thornberg: The New Bike! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Bella is very pleased with her present of a new bike, and after her benefactor reveals themselves (and also reveals what else Bella can get, if she plays along with their depraved demands), Bella finds herself sucked into a series of sinful hook ups with her admirer!  (my character can be M or F, relative, friend, parent... we decide who they are, etc, etc).

Substitute Teaacher
The new teachers at the expensive and elite school were hand picked by the owner and head teacher themselves. Katie Hook doesn't have the qualifications needed academically, but their flesh is too hot to ignore. Hired as a substitute and stand in, the head has other more depraved duties for Kate to deal with while she slowly gets acclimatised to how things work in the sin filled centre of learning.

Elle Farnsworth: To the Victor the spoils! >>>>>>>>>>>
With her parents dead all that stood between Elle and the vast legacy left to her (by her mother and father in their will) was her elder sister, Dakota Farnsworth. With little money to speak of she will need to pay her chosen 'benefactor' with her flesh in order to engage their help in either disposing of or persuading her sister to 'step aside' and allow Elle access to the wealth she knows belongs to her by rights. (my character can be M or F, stranger, relative, friend, boss, ex partner, married, etc, etc).

Bella Thornberg: Fathers Day! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
After a well deserved divorce Bella's father a powerful business man has gained custody of her, just the way she wanted. She now plans to give him everything he wants, in order to get everything she wants from him. Her depravity matching his own as she decides to force him to get rid of his current mistress and take her into his bed instead. He is only too willing to yield to the debauchery of incest and ruin her for any other man, first punishing her for her wicked ways, then working with her to ensure their relationship remains a focus. He bends her to his will and soon they are locked in a series of sinful encounters each day. Can also modify idea to be brother.

<<<<< Wrecked but Good!
Naomi Watson's bike had been wrecked, but the person responsible was only too happy that she hadn't been injured and offered to give her a ride home. The chemistry was clear and as soon as they arrived they were going to tear into each other like animals.  This tale covers the filthy exchange of words in the car on the drive home, perhaps some in traffic hand or oral work, followed by a sordid and length session at her place. Who is her benefactor? Her boss, a stranger, a relative? We decide where things go from there? A married affair,  office based sin, defiling at the library, hospital, chapel, etc where she works. We decide!

Chloe Severs: In need of a ride!
Truckers, limo drivers, cops, tourists, pick up drivers, all sorts frequented the diner, so Chloe figured all she had to do was wait long enough and the right vehicle would arrive to take her where she wanted to go, all she had to do was pay with her flesh. She was likely never expecting to be ridden so hard and kept so long...(my character can be stranger, relative, friend, etc).

<<<<<<<<<< Bella Thornberg: Island Tour!
Bella's parents had paid the guide a lot of money for the tour of the islands, with fishing, bonfire dinners and relaxing walks all planned out.Of course the instant attraction and lust of a holiday fling soon mean that the teenage Bella is being hammered by the brute of a local. What wild antics will they get up to on and off the boat?

Hayden Payne: Wild in the country!>>>>>>>>>
Hayden had been sent to the country to stay with (my character to be decided). Once there it was pretty clear that she was going to take this opportunity away from her parents to go wild and have as much fun as possible, regardless of what her host was going to say about things... then again, from the way her host was looking her over it was pretty clear that they had plans of  their own regarding her youthful body and tight flesh. Let's see how depraved things can get away from the city and control of her family!

<<<<<< Emma Robins

Outline: Caught skipping classes, Emma suddenly discovers that the man catching her is far more interested in her flesh than sending her back to school. Has she been caught out by a tutor, a student, a family member or someone else. Once she gets an orgasm roughly fucked out of her how far will she go to skip school again and again and again!?

We decide.

>>>>>>>  Emma Richards: Home Screwed

Outline: Emma discovers that she is far more interested in having sex with her tutor than learning anything, much to the dismay of anyone who finds out (parents/boyfriends/wives/etc) With an expensive mansion to have the run of and plenty of feeble excuses to be wheeled out when needed, where and when will they be feasting on each others flesh next? We decide!

<<<<< Nicole Goldman
Outline: Nicole Goldman soon discovers that her psychologist doesn't want to help her with her issues, instead he only wants her flesh. He turns their sessions into frenzies of urgent sex, taking full advantage of her and tossing aside any ethical problems. Soon he has enough on her to ensure that she does his bidding and is at his beck and call, no matter how awkward the demand or what the time is day or night.

<<<<<< Natalie Porter: Wet rags!
Natalie is relaxing in her pool on a hot day,. when an unexpected guest arrives. Lust flares and an innocent conversation descends into a depraved and debauched session on the tiles or in the pool itself as she is ravaged to rags. Who has lost control and desecrated her in her own home? We decide!

Charlize Devon. Broken! >>>>>
Outline: Her idea had been to tease her daughters finance and expose him as a cheat and a con man, who was only after her cash. Once he fucks her, however, it quickly becomes apparent that they are drunk with lust for each other! Only his cock will do for her now and they will have to skirt around both her husband and daughter, in order to continue their wicked and sinful coupling. We decide who he is!

Please check my O/O's before responding (naturally) everything is negotiable.  ;)

Plus: Please take a look here! Over five years worth of fantastic ideas are just waiting to be snapped up and enjoyed!  XD
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Re: General Ideas + Mix and Match [Ladies needed ][UN/MUL]
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Added: Cara Delaware!

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Re: General Ideas + Mix and Match [Ladies needed]
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Added: Disciplined!

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Re: General Ideas + Mix and Match [Ladies needed]
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Added: Drifter!