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Author Topic: General Erotic Ideas and Story set ups (MxF)  (Read 22804 times)

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General Erotic Ideas and Story set ups (MxF)
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:53:38 AM »
If interested in any of these then please PM me as well.

PLEASE make sure that you check my O/O's, posts and posting rate to see if we are compatible.

E is an Erotic writing site... but it seems to be full of people who do not want to write about sex!  Let's change that!

Each of these stories requires a female player  to portray the female character with the appearance provided (personality is up to the player). You can decide the appearance, age and any other aspects of my male characters as you see fit (if you want to).

Direct Action!
Chloe Morgan waited with baited breath. She wanted the part bad... and she knew there was only one sure fire way to get it. Screw the director. She'd gone over it all in her mind a dozen times, but now that she was here, now that the moment was upon her, she'd never been so turned on and soaking, even though she knew it was wrong, even though she knew that the director was married, was decent, was likely to have her blacklisted if it all went wrong.

But she knew things would not go wrong, because she had seen the way he'd looked at her, knew that desperate craven lust fuelled look. She'd seen it on the faces of every man she had ever spoken to. They all wanted her, all wanted to spread her legs and plunder her flesh... but he was the one who was going to get the chance!

Who is he exactly? We decide!

Mile High!
Yvonne Lawson couldn't believe that she had gotten an interview with the elusive executive, sending her friends a selfie of her on board his private plane. He was planning to fly out to his private island for a sabbatical, and she had a chance to talk to him before he went... except that he was late and she was getting more and more turned on by the thought of him arriving, her hand wandering to rub against her panties through her skirt, her legs squirming as her thighs stroked against one another.

Then the pilot was on board and as the exec sat down she realsied the plane was starting up. In minutes they would be over international waters, in hours they would be on his island... and she knew, knew from the way he was looking at her right now, that she wasn't going to make it to that island before he had her moaning an orgasm into his mouth, writhing as he made her come hard a mile above the ocean...

Jessica Beale sat in the car listening in disbelief. He was right there spinning lies to his woman, telling her that he was going to be busy for the weekend, that he wouldn't be coming home, all the while raping her with his eyes until she could feel herself soaking through her panties as she say in anticipation. Finally he stopped, hanging up and telling her to drive, to take them somewhere he could fuck her properly.

Who is he? A married friend, her boss, her brother, her father, an ex... we decide.

The smell of roses in her nose and the feel of dirt between her fingers had not been the only things Rosamund Palmer had remembered from her encounter with the gardener the day before. She also recalled being shoved into the dirt after he had grabbed her, feeling his hard cock spear into her from behind, being pounded and pummeled until she stopped squirming and resisting. It was then that she had started to buck and writhe and shake as he had fucked an orgasm out of her, virtually raping her into compliance. He had told her to either call the police or be back in the greenhouse at the same time the next day, for another hard brutal fucking.

So here she was again, eager to get what she couldn't find anywhere else... a proper fucking from someone who could care less about her situation, her wealth, her position... all he wanted was her flesh, and to hear her moan out another deep shattering orgasm.

We decide who has chosen to use the lady of the house!

The Green Room
Fearen Colton had managed to snag one of the currently most desirable guests for her new late night  no holds barred talk show "100% Colton". He was her favourite and she had pulled a lot of strings to get him on the show. However during the pre show talk it was pretty clear that he was as interested in her as she was in him, fucking her with his eyes, letting his heated gaze roam up her legs, stroking it up her stomach to her face, her lips. She fancied she could even tell just how hard he was getting in her presence. He'd already asked her to pop back to his dressing room after the show was finished, to talk over an 'opportunity' he had lined up for them both.

Now she just had to get through the show, wet between her legs as he virtually raped her with his eyes, even the crew were starting to notice the chemistry between them, the innuendo and suggestive speech.

The only problem was...
Her husband/boyfriend was at the studio.
His wife/girlfriend was at the studio.
He was her father.
She was his sister.
She was currently pretending to be a lesbian (in order to score TV 'Woke' points).
He was infamous for some reason.
Something you suggest.
His appearance and occupation are open..

Charlize Sheron had read the texts.

The first told her to leave work early... to head home, get changed and to dress sexy. The second told her to drive out of the city, to take a highway less travelled. The third told her to pull over at the remote gas station. No one knew her out here. No one recognised her leaving the car park, driving through the stop signs, parking up out of sight of the road, entering the gas station bathrooms.

Now she waited, because the hold he had over her was inescapable... she had to obey every command and follow every text... if she ever wanted to get those incriminating pictures from him, the ones which would surely end her career.

Where does she work, what does he have on her, how far will she have to go?

Let's find out!

Bella Thornberg was determined to get the part in the movie, so even after missing the audition and arriving too late, she hatched a plan. Targeting the Director/producer/actors trailer she moved in, intent on using her flesh to get what she wants. Even though she picks the wrong film, she manages to get a part and can keep it, as long as she can keep her target satisfied! Is Bella up to the task? Who will be using her? We decide!

>>>>>>>>> Groupie!
Desperate to get the attention of the lead singer in the band, Kate Becker was waiting for him when the gig ended, making use of her cock teasing ways to ensure that she not only managed to stay the night, but also slotted herself into the top slot of dedicated fan and loyal groupie. Pissing off an ex in the process she captures the leads attention and is sucked into a world of rock and sin as she is whisked off on a debauched and depraved tour.

Kate had been persuaded to pose for the talented artist, photographer at his studio in the city. He had an impeccable reputation, but her flesh was simply too hot to resist and she was just as keen to get her hands on him, regardless of their personal situations. The meetings quickly become excuses to feast on each others flesh as he creates works of art each time he devours her body. How wild will they get, we decide!

Emily Baxter: <<<< Prison ship!
Emily is the lone guard aboard a ship carrying prisoners to a prison planet ('Aliens' style era setting), a six month voyage where they are kept in cryo stasis. Waking one up to have some fun, the prisoner quickly gets the upper hand and decides to have fun with her while awaiting rescue from his confederates. OR Emily and another guard on the two person crew discover that they have both been taking advantage of the cryo held passengers, and decide to tale advantage of each other instead.

<< Emma Robins: Skipping Lessons

Outline: Caught skipping classes, Emma suddenly discovers that the man catching her is far more interested in her flesh than sending her back to school. Has she been caught out by a tutor, a student, a family member or someone else. Once she gets an orgasm roughly fucked out of her how far will she go to skip school again and again and again!?

We decide.

>>>  Emma Richards: Home Screwed

Outline: Emma discovers that she is far more interested in having sex with her tutor than learning anything, much to the dismay of anyone who finds out (parents/boyfriends/wives/etc) With an expensive mansion to have the run of and plenty of feeble excuses to be wheeled out when needed, where and when will they be feasting on each others flesh next? We decide!


Heating Up.
Yvonne Lawson knew it was wrong, knew she that she shouldn't... but she had to get him alone with her, had to let him know that each night she shook and shivered beneath the flimsy sheet covering her bed during the heat wave. Her violent shuddering caused by yet another orgasm on her fingers as the thought of him ravaging her became too much.

There was no way to approach him at home, no way to let him know how she really felt... so she had pretended to break down while driving home, calling him for help while out on some nothing road in the back of the nowhere woods. Then she waited, the heat assaulting her flesh as she squirmed in her own sweat, waiting for him to come and give her what she craved, even if she had to take it! Who is coming to get her? We decide!
Appearance:Yvonne Lawson

The Boat Trip!
Jessica Beale had been ecstatic when her colleague had invited her on a beach hopping holiday. She was going to be spending time with him and his family on their large yacht, hitting various towns along the coast while enjoying the water and the seclusion and privacy of the boat when it was out at sea.

When she arrived at the yacht and discovered that his family would not be joining them, that he had planned this in order to get her all to himself, that he was brazen enough to let her know that before they even departed, she grew wet between her legs, her blood racing as she considered all the sinful and depraved things that could happen to her, that would happen to her, far from prying eyes, and the bonds of society. Who is her colleague? A married friend, her boss, her brother... we decide.
Appearance: Jessica Beale

Desert Rendezvous
Chloe Morgan had been fingering herself for days, thinking about the way he had looked at her, the way he had virtually raped her with his eyes. Then she had gotten the text. The directions on where to meet, what time to meet, even what to wear... the dress he had first seen her in at the party. She rushed to the location, driving so fast she thought she would spin off into the sand. The heat was unbearable and all she wanted to do was strip off and get him inside her. Her eagerness was at fever pitch and the only solace from the sun which beat down against her skin was the feeling of her soaking quim drenching itself along with the insides of her thighs as she waited for him to show up.

He could have had anyone, but it was her that he wanted, her he was going to risk everything to meet.

Who is he? Relative, friend, teacher, boss, someone else? We decide!

Appearance: Chloe Morgan

Doorstep Delight.
When he arrived home from his workplace... there she was! He hadn't seen her in a while, through mutual agreement, but she was as insanely beautiful as he recalled. Left homeless by circumstance she had persuaded him to take her in and let her stay a while, but all he could think about right now was what it would be like to sink into her. He craved her body, her heat, the tight wet sheath between her thighs. Everything about her drove him wild, insane with lust, and this time he was not going to allow anything to get in the way of him getting his hands on her. He imagined, from the glint in her eyes, that she felt the same way, that all she needed was a push, a nudge, to send her over the edge and into the well of sin and depravity that awaited her inside his house.

Several ideas could be explored...
It's his daughter, his ex wife, his ex girlfriend, his sister, an employee he should not be taking advantage of, his brothers wife, his sons girlfriend, his daughters girlfriend, a work colleague, a secretary, something you suggest. His identity is also open to choice.
Appearance: Fearne Colton

The Wedding Sinners
It was sick, but the married couple had taken a shine to their wedding photographer, Emily Blake, at their wedding, getting her drunk with both the wine and their sinful suggestions. They wanted her in their honeymoon suite, watching, shooting away with her camera while they consummated their marriage, photographing them while they fucked hard on their marital bed. She complied, snapping away until the groom told her to pleasure herself, while taking a break from fucking his newly claimed bride...

...and she caved in, to the delight of the bride as well, abusing herself while they watched from the marital bed. The groom went back to fucking his new wife, but his eyes never left Emily and when he came, when his wife groaned out her orgasm, his eyes were drilling into Emily's.. and it was like his orgasm was being ejaculated into her soul instead of his wife's.

He called her again a few days later... to come and repeat the experience, or simply to pick up her payment and a good will gift. When she arrived he was alone, his wife was out running some errand and Emily realised that she was going to become the other woman at the very least... or a fuck toy for them both. We decide where to begin.
Appearance: Emily Blake

Sandy Beach!
Naomi had hit the beach with a group of her friends, splashing about, catching a few rays, relaxing in the sun. She watched as her friends vanished into the surf, adjusting her shades and looking down at the magazine in front of her, shielded by the shadow of the multicoloured sunshade which cast a shadow across it. Surfing wasn't her thing. Suddenly she felt the warm lips on her shoulder, a powerful hand sliding its fingers down her spine to her ass. Next she heard a gravelly voice in her ear, "Next time wear a string bikini, it'll make this easier."

Then the fingers were stroking over her ass, trapped between swimsuit and skin, until they were in position to sink between her thighs. All she could think about now was whether anyone would see her, whether anyone would come back to the secluded location she had selected. She never thought about why he should stop, because her gritted teeth and deep hissing moans told the true story. She wanted this... even though he was her... ...Friend, family member, boss, a stranger she just met at the beach? We decide!
Appearance: Naomi Watson

Jealous streak!
Keira had seen how much fun her sister Natalie had been having with her new boyfriend. It wasn't fair and she wanted some of that fun. She'd always been jealous of her sister, but this was a step too far. She waited until her sister was away for a couple of days on business, then let herself into the flat she was staying in with her beau.

Then she called him at work, told him exactly what she wanted to do to him, made him squirm in the middle of his boardroom meeting with her filth. Then she waited for him to come home. Would he punish her? Throw her out? Or sink into her and give her what her sister had been getting? She wanted him for herself... and this was where it was all going to happen. We decide what happens next. Appearance/name/other details of the boyfriend are entire;y up to you!
Appearance: Keira Knight

Keira is always trolling about the place inappropriately dressed. One day she takes things too far when her Father/Brother/Uncle/Friend is feeling horny and her teasing is punished on the spot with brutal unforgiving sex. Now that she has awakened a beast her body is no longer safe, as she is followed and taken whenever and wherever her new lover decides. OR she is caught red handed, literally, as she masturbates herself half blind over the object of her lust.
Appearance: Keira Knight

Brutalised Ballerina!
Natalie is a ballerina, dancing each night to a packed audience, but behind the scenes she must dance a different tune. Each night before and after her show she must debase herself and give in to the wild and depraved antics of her director, fucked to rags and back in her dressing room, behind the set, above in the walkways or even in her limo going to and from the theatre. Occasionally in an alley outside or perhaps in a reserved box while watching her understudy. Wild consuming lust fuels her debauched partner, how much more can she takeā€¦ or does she simply love every second of it?
Appearance: Natalie Portia

When she ran out of fuel while out on her jetski, it was only then that she realised that she had strayed onto a private beach on an off shore island. The owner was a handsome, powerfully built and rich individual who usually dealt with trespassers severely... Charlene was going to have to pay the price of her foolish mistake with her flesh... repeatedly. Is she a willing visitor instead of a trespassing miscreant, let's find out.
We can decide who owns the island and exactly what he wants to do to her.
Appearance: Charlene Theron

Home Wrecker!
She had met her boyfriend a month ago and fallen for him immediately, but they just didn't seem to have the same sex drive. Now, with him consumed by work, she was feeling unappreciated and at a loss of where to take their relationship next. It seemed like they were rapidly drifting apart... yet she stuck around and kept visiting him...

...all because of the attention she was getting from his father. She relished the way he looked at her, enjoyed the way he bathed her in compliments and always seemed to drop everything when she was around. When he looked at her it was like he was raping her with his eyes... and she liked it. She even encouraged it, with the way she moved, the way she dressed and the way she spoke.. then she started sending him teasing selfies, knowing what would happen in the end. Then came the day that they went over the edge, from flirting to fucking. She bumped into the father, assuming he was alone .and they ended up doing it right there and then, even though they were...

In the hall, with his wife due home any minute.
On the stairs, with his son up in his room resting.
In an elevator at his place of work one evening.
At work in his office during the day.
At a party her friend was throwing.
In a restaurant/bar/club/gas station washroom.
On a bus/train.
At a location of your choosing.

Appearance possibilities (any one of these could be your character appearance, I will of course play a character appearance of your choosing}:
Appearances: Bella Thornberg
 Chloe Morgan
 Dakota Banning
 Elle Banning
I can also switch things to her leaving the father for the Son instead.

The Vampire.

Keira Knight was flung to the floor, looking up she could see that he had come for her. Each beat of her heart, pounding hard in her chest, caused him to hiss and growl with primal animalistic lust. The town knew him as their reclusive lord who never showed his face during the daylight hours, but she knew the truth, watching as the beat of her heart and the squirming of her body drove him into a feral lust fuelled frenzy. He was an undead lord of the night, someone who wanted her flesh as well as her blood. He wanted to claim her and bind her to his will and whims and, as he got closer, the wet heat between her legs revealed that was what she wanted as well...

The Doorstep.

Keira Knight knew that he had responsibilities, knew that he was in a relationship, had work issues and little time or space for her in his life, but she needed somewhere to stay. As soon as she laid eyes on him, as soon as their gazes met, she knew he wanted her, knew that he was going to get her, as long as he gave her what she wanted in return. She knew he would rather have her in his home, than leave her on the doorstep, and once inside she intended to make sure that he never wasted his time with another woman ever again. The fact that he was her (Father, brother, boss, ex, friend, etc) only made it hotter.

The Office.

Keira Knight desperately wanted the job, all she had to do was fulfill the requirements laid out by the new boss. It quickly becomes apparent that his needs were sexual and, from the look of him, she was more than willing to comply with whatever was required of her. The fact that he was her (Father, brother, boss, ex, friend, etc) only made it hotter.

The Shower.

Keira Knight felt the tug on her towel, exposing her warm wet flesh to the air, felt herself stripped and exposed as she left the shower. Turning around she knew immediately that he should not have been there, that he was not supposed to be in her bathroom, clawing at her towel, baring her flesh to his unwavering merciless gaze. However the wet soaking heat blossoming out from between her thighs told another story. It told the truth, telling her that her flesh needed his touch as much as he craved hers. The fact that he was her (Father, brother, boss, ex, friend, etc) only made it hotter.

Rude Awakening.

When Keira Knight woke up he was there, lying right next to her. She knew it was wrong, knew he should not have been there, but the burning hunger between her legs and the Adrenalin pumping through her forced her to admit the truth. She wanted this, no matter how wrong it was. She needed him between her thighs pounding into her until she could think of nothing else. The fact that he was her (Father, brother, boss, ex, friend, etc) only made it hotter.

Blackmail Fail.

Keira Knight had planned to blackmail him to get what she wanted, but as soon as he arrived she knew two things. He would never submit to her plans... and that she didn't need to blackmail him. She had been looked at by men before, but his ravenous hungry gaze stripped her naked and all she could feel was the drenched warmth from between her legs taking over her thoughts as he realised that she could get everything she wanted simply by letting him fuck her senseless... who is he? A record exec? Band member? Relative? We decide!

Unexpected Guest.

Keira Knight had not been expecting him to show up announced, but as soon as he was in her living room, door closing with an ominous click, she knew she had teased him once too often... and now she was going to get what they both desperately wanted, a pay off for all the flirting and flashes of leg. Taking advantage of her like this was sick and twisted, but ll he wanted to do was get his hands on her flesh. Who is he? We decide!

Please check my O/O's before responding (naturally) everything is negotiable.  ;)

Plus: Please take a look here! Over SIX YEARS worth of fantastic ideas are just waiting to be snapped up and enjoyed!  XD
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Re: General Erotic Ideas and Story set ups (MxF)
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Re: General Erotic Ideas and Story set ups (MxF)
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Added: Direct Action!