Vampire Queen needs a slave/servant..(Males only!)

Started by Belladonna1, August 13, 2009, 10:03:17 PM

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O.K., here's an idea I've been thinking about lately, let me know if it interests you at all  -

  I've been itching to play a more dominant character ( female obviously-    ) with a somewhat submissive male, BUT.. I do not want him to be a total pussy.  More or less a guy who is maybe madly in love with a woman,  and although it's completely against his nature,  he would do anything for her including submit himself to her every personal and sexual whim.  But...for how long? How long can he ignore his natural dominance, his "alpha" personality,  especially with the woman he loves?

  My character, because of her status as Queen of the Vampires, must maintain her appearance and position of strength and dominance in a world where men typically rule, however in the bedroom , her soul longs to submit, to be dominated by a lover who understands the precarious position she is in within the world she lives.  Will he be "man" enough to be the "submissive slave" in public and the "dominant alpha" in private? 
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.   On's & Off's are up!

Mr Self Destruct

This sounds fun.  I'd definitely be interested. :D

Cold Heritage

What sort of setting did you have in mind? That is, would the world the game take place in be one where vampires, lycanthropes, and so forth have coexisted with normal humans by staying in the shadows and it would be the modern day?
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DANGIT!  Vampire D/S game, and I missed out!  *sighs, and shakes his head*  Oh well.  I'll just keep my eyes peeled.  If you still want someone to play with, then just let me know!

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Had an idea that gave me a chuckle, given the other game we have together Bella. Tell me what you think.

Name: Ozyrdus
Race: Incubus
Bio: According to the official series of events the Queen of Vampires had tired of the constant badgering to take a king, or at least a consort, from among men under her dominion. Finally having had enough of this nonsense, she did what was thought to be impossible just to prove a point.

What she had done was summon an Incubus, a demon that used supernatural animal magnetism to lure in and feed on the lifeforce of women. The demon, who was supposedly sexually irresistible to all sentient females, had attempted to use this to force the queen into being it's servant- but through sheer force of will the queen turned this back onto him and enslaved him instead. Presenting him to the court, her challenge was that she would take as a consort any man who could surpass an the Incubus in actual usefulness and not before. The challenge has yet gone uncountered.

But that's only the official recording of events. What really happened was completely different. Hell, they didn't even get all the facts about what in Incubus was correct. Among the abilities of Incubi and Succubi is the ability to switch genders at will, they themselves only tend to stick to one gender to ease how they operate. A Succubus prefers behind the scenes manipulation and drawn out seductions while in Incubus prefers more direct approaches to it's problems- at least in comparison to a Succubus as both tend to be incredibly devious. The "feed on lifeforce during sex" thing? Really, they can do it in any situation where there's a symbolic bond of trust or prolonged physical contact- during sex is just the most fun.

The Queen, desperate to consolidate her power base, had attempted to summon allies from down below. However, in her desperation, she had made mistakes in the summoning- something which traditionally meant the demon was obligated to kill her. For a laugh they had sent an Incubus to drain her of her life force completely. Fortunately, while the queen was desperate she wasn't stupid and had planned for this possibility to further an ally into power. Impressed with the cunning displayed, the Incubus stopped short of killing her and seeing in opportunity for himself became a partner in crime in her political maneuvers.

So publicly, he's almost literally a boytoy for the queen as well as a very visual message about her arcane strength and will power. In private however, he's an absolute demon who enjoys the idea that the woman who pretty much rules the world calls him "master" and helps him procure other women to feed from.
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There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.   On's & Off's are up!



I've got a partner for this guys- but THANK YOU for your interest! ;)
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.   On's & Off's are up!