Looking for Male Characters (M/M, maybe m/f, no limit on player sex)-taken

Started by Nessy, July 13, 2009, 09:47:30 PM

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Hi there,

Thought I would try something a little simpler this time around. I have a lot, a lot of games where I play dom character, seems like everyone is looking for doms these days, so I am looking to play a more submissive/equal character this time around. Leaning towards male, I also play female sometimes . I enjoy playing bisexual characters, mostly male sometimes female.

My favorite settings are fantasy (Dragonlance, Conan, Lord of the Rings for example), flavored (no necessarily accurate, historical (Roman, Western, Egyptian, prehistoric), and sometimes sci-fi (can be very structured like Star Trek, little more gritty like Shatterzone).

I enjoy descriptive posts but don't do any sort of paragraph requirements, or writing stats sort of thing. I try to post often, daily if possible, sometimes more than once a day, sometimes a few days in between for time or inspiration sake.

I love creating plots and worlds with my partners. I don't use any dice systems, but I am certainly familiar with them enough to use them loosely if desired. I have mostly AD&D 2nd Ed sources, a few 3.0 and 3.5 and some misc. stuff.

I can do canon type settings and have a small list in my on/offs. I just ask you not to dictate my perception of a particular character. If there isn't much leeway for you in terms of canon character, I am probably not your girl.

Other need to know info is I enjoy non-con/reluc settings, dislike insta sluts, don't mind light romance to following even non-con reluc, hate one-liners although I understand sometimes a brief reply is the best, i never write in the first person point of view and disdain references to characters as you, or I as I am not so embedded in my character that I don't/can't separate the two.

Some Very brief ideas

a merchant and his bodyguard traveling through the country selling/buying wares or maybe slaves (fantasy or historical)

pilot and copilot of a military fleet or maybe hired by a company to explore/travel the galaxy for various reasons (sci-fi)

maybe a king and an adviser (fantasy, historical)

perhaps a diplomat and an adviser working together or clashing with each other (fantasy, historical, scifi)

and lastly, thinking m/m, possibly m/f if the idea inspires
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Misc. Long Term Ideas

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