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Author Topic: Corruption of a Fair Heart - (NC-Exotic, M/F,/F/F, Fantasy) -taken  (Read 768 times)

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Offline NessyTopic starter

Corruption of a Fair Heart


For some demons, their only goal in life is to conquer the known world and lay destruction to the cities and the empires and the kingdoms that so often thwart their plans. For Arsas, such victories were hollow. Steel could be forged and broken. Cities would always be built and felled just as the light and darkness would always collide. He was a prince of darkness, not a lord or a king. His father a lasting evil, lord of a realm that could not be touched by any creature of pure light or innocence but whose realm could and had been breached by those with just a touch of darkness themselves. Mortals, the prince called them. Heroes the tales labeled them. But he was a prince not a bard, a prince of demons dwelling in the mortal plane, a lord of an ice realm that was barren to the naked eye, full of magic to the knowledgeable and enchanted to the enlightened. He was fair to look upon, tall, wings like that of a dragon, skin that was a smooth shifting azure and hair that mimicked a starlit sky. his eyes shown like two polished diamonds, and he wore about his body thin sheets of cloth in the shades of black, grey and white.  His appearance was young but not too young, and his body appeared to be built for strength and combat though he favored magic and trickery.

By circumstance of birth, Arsas was more a creature of shadows than light but there was enough good in his veins to allow him a residence here, in the mortal realm, and to be a unique guardian of the gate to his father’s dark realm.  Legend whispered his mother had been of a pure heart and body. Long ago, he made a simple bargain with the forces of light, the gods themselves. To be sparred a life of being hunted and to avoid the condemnation of his lineage, every fifty years he would open the gates for their champions to give them a chance to defeat leaders of the dark armies that so frequently threatened peace and tranquility. Arsas, however, was not pure in heart, so he tricked the gods.  The gate he would and had opened as agreed upon on the condition of his safety, but he closed his realm around that gate and only allowed others to pass during that fiftieth year if three conditions were met.  One, he was not attacked by them or their followers or those who would aid them with the purpose of gaining access to the open gate. Two that one of their fairest, finest examples of heaven would come and dwell with him during the year before and must leave on their own free will and remain “good” at the years end, and three, that no armies would be allowed to pass through the gate, only small parties.

The first condition proved difficult to achieve. There were many who thought they could outwit the prince, overpower him, and even destroy him to gain access to the gate. And for a few centuries, the gate was opened but none had ever seen it for his realm remained closed tight.  Then the gods grew wiser and sent their followers as sentries to protect the prince at his borders, not just during the years the gate were open, but always for they feared if he were perish so would the only known, safe entrance to the dark realm.  The second condition, however, proved impossible. They sent their best priests and champions, their finest warriors from the heavens, young and wise to reside with him only to watch the prince slowly, methodically and inevitably corrupt their very nature until they were nothing more than a slave for his bidding.

It was not clear what happened to those sent before, or what happened to those who sought a mere audience with him. There tales that said the prince left his realm often in disguise, that his citadel was filled with horrors and slaves. None of that matter. Time had come again, and the champions of light had to send to him residence or forfeit the chance to put an end to an ongoing war.

End Intro

Game Information.

Seeking a player to play this creature of light, a female character that maybe played by any sex player.

There is a possibility to make this a small group as there are no rules that say this person has to come alone and there maybe others in the citadel.

This RP will probably cover a lot of taboo subjects including, but not limited to.

M/F, F/F (maybe M/M)
Bestiality (mythical/fantasy creatures)

It would be great if you are willing to play minor characters in and out but perhaps not necessary.  I am open to discussion about how the game plays and ideas not mentioned.  This is not a romance, intended to be dark but not necessarily brutal (though it could have more cruelty if wanted). There is a chance for a little “twisted” romance. Kind of going for a dark, mysterious type setting. In terms of the kind of character I had in mind to spend the year with him, something along the lines of an angel, demi-god… that sort of thing, priestess, paladin also in that ballpark area. It would also be great if your character showed interest in my character as I know he will show in yours (by this I mean its difficult to bring out background information if the entire story only focuses on one characters information).

Please send me any questions you have.
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Offline Aragem

Re: Corruption of a Fair Heart - (NC-Exotic, M/F,/F/F, Fantasy)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2009, 05:20:43 pm »
I would like to put myself forward for this role.

Just reading the intro has given me many ideas and if you think I a up to the role that you have in mind, I'll be more than willing to discuss my ideas with you.

Offline NessyTopic starter

Re: Corruption of a Fair Heart - (NC-Exotic, M/F,/F/F, Fantasy)
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2009, 05:26:28 pm »
sent PM