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Started by real3000, May 14, 2009, 10:15:30 PM

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So here we go i have just a few starting ideas all of which can be discussed and molded to suit the other persons needs as well

Scenerio 0- New craving: Champion

This is a Buffyverse rp, I would play Angel and the other charactor could take their choice of females or create a new charactor. The storyline would be consistent with Angels show where he is fighting the good fight with a soul and the help of all his companions, pre Wolfram and Heart season 5 days. I would like it to be long on going storyline with cases we can create as well as relationships built with other charactors as well. The main storyline would be between me (angel) and whoever you choose to be or create and would be focused on them gaining a love through fighting side by side and dealing with the curse.

Scenerio 1- Angel's turned bad

An angel, a rebel angel, the plot is that god left and left the most highest ranking angel's in charge, sick of the humans living free while they are worked the angels plan an apocalypse, The main angel character trys to stop it by manipulating humans to work against the angels. The angels plan to get the apocalypse rolling is to release lucifer by breaking the seals that keep him in hell and off earth. I'm looking for a female to play either another rebel angel or a human that he falls in love with.

Scenario 2- Heroes

I am in love with the thought of getting peter and claire hooked up i know they are family and the show could never do it so i want to do it in a long lasting rp i will be obviously playing peter while i am in need of a claire.

Scenario 3- Vampire/human

This is still in the works but i am thinking something along the lines of a group of vampires lead by me to go out and find human girls to train into sex slaves. Were out one day and i find your character a girl who feels like life has little meaning and i take her. At first the training is rough and you are rebellious but eventually you fall in love with me and i start to feel it to but i fight it off. This is just a good start i am hoping for a long lasting story.

Scenario 4- Alone again

A man has just lost his wife she was shot in front of him. The man becomes a drinker but can hold his liquor well and decides to take out his rage on his daughter who is 17 and a quiet shy girl living at home usually secluded to her room and likes to be alone.

Scenario 5- Naughty Mistress

This one is my newest and most sought after fetish, A guy in his early 20's is kidnapped on the way to university by a girl out searching for new toys. he is brought to a place secluded in the mountains and trained to be a loyal and obedient slave for his mistress.

Scenario 6- Cheerleader funn

This is one i have been craving big time, two girls (i would be playing female for this) both high school seniors and are leader and co-leader of the cheerleading squad and they fall in love. I see some passion alot of sex in kinky places like in the school locker room or showers where they may get caught by fellow girls or staff also maybe some cafeteria play where they are eating lunch and getting kinky under the table. This story is set during frosh week and they have to wear their uniforms to school everyday, just to make it more funn of course.

Scenario 7- Twin love

Twin sisters are lovers right underneath their parents noses, Born with a bond no guy could ever break loving each other to the very end while doing lots of crazy things like sex games to make it funn. One sister or both could be bi sexual to allow some NPC's to get involved.

Scenario 8- Extreme

This is an open scenario for any ladies out there interested in extreme play i'm talking anything and everything you want pm me ;)

Scenario 9- Master and pet roles... i wish to play a female pet or mistress to another female or male pm me with interest.

pm me with interests or modifications that i can consider :)

Im not against playing a girl or having another guy play one



I am interested in scenario 1, 3, and

I am really interested in scenario 4 (sounds fantastic)
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updated added a scenario 6 :)


updated added scenario 7 and 8


Sent you a PM.  Would love to play sometime.
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I love Scenario 3. I'd love to roleplay that with you if you want to. :3


updated with a new craving scenerio 0