Comic book cravings

Started by real3000, September 15, 2009, 10:43:12 PM

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Comic book themes

My characters are bolded

Mystique x any character chosen
Wolverine x any character chosen
Green Arrow x any character chosen
Superman/Clark Kent x Any character chosen
Magneto (Younger years) x Any character chosen
Storm x Any character chosen

Willing to play male or female, when male straight only however when female

My settings on this one has been up and down but I do prefer a situation that would be EX roleplay for these pairs


I was thinking how about a SupermanxPower girl romance, not like they are cousins, but what if Power Girl was just a girl from Kripton which was sent at the same time by her parent, and her secret id is Lana Lang or Lois Lane?


Oh my god, Magneto... *dribbles*
How much younger, by the way?
In other words, Magneto from when?