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Author Topic: A General Guide to Elliquiy  (Read 54287 times)

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A General Guide to Elliquiy
« on: April 10, 2009, 01:46:31 am »

This "Guide to Elliquiy" sticky is intended to cover the basic features and areas that can be found on Elliquiy, as well as profile information options. More things may be added to this guide to Elliquiy as time passes.

Elliquiy's rules apply to the entire forum, and certain forums have board-specific rules that must also be followed in addition to the site-wide rules. Before posting in any board, you are encouraged to review the stickies at the top of the respective board. Remember: ignorance is not a valid excuse for not following the rules.

Details of how rules are enforced, and staff policy regarding violations, can be found in our Administration Policies.

If you have any questions that are not covered by the contents of this sticky, you are welcome to start a new topic in this forum (the HELP! forum), or PM any staff member with your query.

Table of Contents
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Elliquiy Member Groups: Badges and Descriptions
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2009, 01:47:20 am »
Elliquiy Member Groups
Badges, Access Levels, Permissions, and Descriptions

A list of current member groups and their descriptions can be found here.

Basic Member Groups

This is the list of basic member groups by access level. All member groups except for the restricted ones (black badges) are divided by gender, in addition to access level.

Access Levels and Permissions

Black and gray badges show some level of access restriction on Elliquiy's forums. Unapproved, Underage, and Denied members are all unapproved members who have never been an approved member of an Elliquiy. Deverified members were previously approved, but due to a broken email address, have had some account access revoked in order to protect privacy. All unapproved members are restricted from seeing the private boards. Members who have been rendered On Hold or Denied during the application process also do not have access to the Shoutbox.

Members in Probation, for various reasons, have certain accesses and privileges stripped as a punishment. (Note that this group replaces the old Castrati and Eunuchs.) Banned members are no longer welcome in Elliquiy. Reasons for why can be found in the Pillory.

Members who are On Hiatus have requested a voluntary account restriction for a specific length of time, in increments of three, six, or nine months.  Reasons for this include military service, hospital stays, or other extended absences. The On Hiatus group gives temporarily unused accounts greater security. If you wish to have your account changed to the On Hiatus membergoup, please contact a staff member.

This is the basic approved membership level. Members can see Elliquiy's private boards and roleplaying boards (a full description of these can be found in this sticky), and can edit and delete their own posts, within reason.

Lady is the standard rank for approved female members; Lord is the standard rank for approved male members; Liege is the standard rank for approved members who fall between or outside the gender binary; Legate is the standard rank for approved members who do not desire to disclose their gender.

All approved members show up as black in the shoutbox. Females show up as blue in the Users Online section; males show up as green, those who are trans/interesexed or otherwise identifying show up as teal and the members who do not wish to disclose their gender show as amber.

Badges with gold bars on the edges denote those members who have contributed financially to Elliquiy. They have no unique access permissions that regular members do not also have.

Dame denotes approved female members who have donated; Knight denotes approved male members who have donated; Champion denotes approved members who fall between or outside the gender binary who have donated; Centurion denotes approved members who have chosen not to disclose their gender who have donated.

Their colors in the shoutbox and Users Online section match those of Ladies, Lords, Lieges, and Legates.

Purple badges are for Elliquiy's moderation staff, known as Oracles.

Moderation staff members have the authority to issue warnings, edit posts (of all members), move threads, remove topics, and lock threads. Their usernames show up as purple/red in the shoutbox; they also show up as purple in the Users Online section (bottom of the screen).

Light blue badges are reserved for Elliquiy's general administrative staff, Gods (lords), Goddesses (ladies), Genies (lieges), and Guardians (legates). They handle approvals, disciplinary issues, and general member-related needs. All divinities are trusted with the power to ban or otherwise restrict users.

Deities also show up as purple/red in the shoutbox (top of the screen), and as purple in the Users Online section (bottom of the screen).

Administrator is an administrative account that has no permissions restrictions. Vekseid maintains the Administrator account in order to keep technical details separate from social ones. The more typical 'administrator' roles fall to the gods, goddesses, genies, and guardians, so contact them for policy and disciplinary issues.

If a member has passed on, we sometimes set them to this access level in order to keep their private messages private.

Additional Member Groups

This is the list of additional member groups that do not change membership type or access level, specifically. Instead, these member groups grant additional privileges on top of your primary member group (approved, moderator, etc.), and unique access permissions and/or status.

Access Levels and Permissions

BloggerBloggers are able to write blogs. :-) You must request access in order to gain a blog.

If you would like blogging access, please PM a God, Goddess or Genie with your request, along with a short description of why you would like to have one.

IRC OpIRC Operators are a separate branch of Elliquiy staff. They exist to keep the peace in our IRC channel #Elliquiy and its affiliated channel(s), keep spammers and their ilk out, report problems, make sure members are voiced / invited, and so on.

WikiminWikimins are volunteers who administrate Elliquiy's wiki, Elluiki. They handle larger issues with the wiki proper and have additional permissions that regular members do not, i.e., page deletion, file deletion, etc.

Game Managers are moderators on big game boards, but only on those boards. They have moderation powers to edit posts (of other members), delete posts, and are the acknowledged authority within a game. Outside these boards they are just like any other member.

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User Profiles
Avatars, Member Groups, Taglines, Post Ranks, Etc.

This post aims to clarify the difference between the several member groups, taglines, titles, and other items that can be found above and below your avatar when you post on Elliquiy's boards.

Introduction: User Profiles

When you post on Elliquiy, included around your avatar and username are some standard statistics and basic profile information such as post count, online status, and contact methods. But then you see something like 'Bacchae' or 'Fae'; and why do some members have special titles like "Vekseid's Sock Puppet" and "Faerie Queen", while some others (but not all) have longer taglines underneath their avatars?

Hopefully, this diagram and the following explanations and descriptions will help to alleviate some of that confusion:

Everything will be explained in order; items that have more information (member groups) will be expanded upon in the next post.

A. Username / Name
This is the account name that you have chosen to use on Elliquiy. If you would like to change your Display Name, you can make the request to any Oracle staff member. Please note that members have a maximum of one change available to them (two if they have donated); if you wish to change your display name again, the request may be declined, unless you are reverting your name.

B. Custom Title
When posting in the forums, this shows up directly underneath your display name. As its name implies, this title can be anything you want (within site rules), though there is a character limit. You can edit your custom title in your forum profile settings, in the second-to-last section above your signature. If you do not have a custom title, this line is omitted.

C. Member Group
Your member group determines what levels of access you have in Elliquiy's forums. They are divided along gender lines, with special ranks for donors, moderators, and various special access groups for wiki administration, blog posting, etc. A list of member groups can be found here; there are also links to each individual member group at the bottom of the Users Online section.

Post Count
   Olive Oil
   ?? ?? ??

D. Post Rank
Between your member group and your badge is a title that is based on your post count. Most boards reward special access or have special privileges for those with more posts; on Elliquiy, this post rank is simply a fun title. The ranks go as follows (see table at right).

Trivia: The numbers in between the factors of 10 are all rounded square roots of factors of 10. Every time you reach a new rank, you need to reach around 3.1622 times that number of posts to reach the next rank. The last post rank of 316,227 posts remains a mystery... Theta Sigma was the member to unlock Incarnal.

E. Badge (Member Group)
Almost all member groups on Elliquiy come with a unique badge to make identification of each group easier at a glance in the forums. Colors for badges are split along membership levels (limited access, member, moderator, administrator) and gender. Some groups with different access levels also have different-colored badges. As with above, membership groups and respective badges can be found here.

F. Online Status
Your online status shows as either [ Online ] or [ Offline ], as determined by your activity and account settings.

You are shown as [ Online ] if you set your account settings such that other members can see your online status. If you do not log out of Elliquiy, you are shown as online until one hour after your last recorded activity on Elliquiy's forums.

You are shown as [ Offline ] if you set your account settings such that other members cannot see your online status (hidden). You are also shown as offline if you log out of Elliquiy, or are inactive for more than one hour.

If you are online, your username shows up in the Users Online section at the bottom of the main forum page, as well as in the Who's Online page. If you are status is set to hidden, your username will not show up in either the Users Online section or Who's Online page; however, the board does keep track of how many members are hidden. For example: 37 Guests, 72 Users (2 Buddies, 4 Spiders, 7 Hidden).

G. Gender
When applying for membership on Elliquiy, all applicants are requested to name the sex that they identify with. This determines member group.

Gender is listed underneath online status with the following symbols: for females, and for males. There currently is not an option for other, though there are member groups that cater to those who fall into this category.

Setting your gender can be done in your forum profile settings, in the section with your birthdate and location. While setting your gender is not mandatory, you are strongly encouraged to do so, as we encourage honesty and openness in Elliquiy. :-)

H. Post Count
This is the number of posts that you have made on Elliquiy since your registration. Note that posts made in the Forum Games / Socializing board and Adult Socializing boards do not count towards your total post count. Your post count also determines what post rank you have (see above, D).

I. Referrals
This is the number of referrals you have made to Elliquiy. A referral counts only when a member clicks on the Referrals Link provided in your profile, and registers to become a member of Elliquiy. A referral also counts when someone specifies your name upon signup.

A list of which members have been referred to Elliquiy via your link can be found in you profile, in a drop-down list.

J. Avatar
Your avatar on Elliquiy can be changed in your forum profile settings. You can either choose from Elliquiy's repository of avatars (Personalized Picture), specify your own avatar by URL, or upload your avatar to Elliquiy's server from your computer.

Accepted file types include .bmp, .gif, .jpg, and .png. Maximum dimensions are 150 pixels wide, by 200 pixels tall. As per Elliquiy's rules, your avatar should be generally appropriate for a teenage audience (i.e., no lower genitalia, or it should be covered) and should not depict graphic sexual acts. Questions about the appropriateness of an avatar should be directed to Elliquiy staff.

K. Personal Text
This is the tagline that shows up beneath avatars on Elliquiy's forums. You can change it in your forum profile settings, at the very bottom of the avatar section. You are limited to 50 characters in this field.

ICQ Number
MSN Messenger
AOL Instant Messenger
Yahoo! Instant Messenger
View Profile
Personal Website
E-mail (**optional)
Personal Message (PM)

L. Instant Messengers
This first row of images includes links to your various messenger screennames, if any. Including them in your profile is entirely optional; if you wish to do so, you can edit them in your forum profile settings. See the table at right to see the list of icons and what they represent.

Note that these icons are only viewable by approved members.

M. Other Information
This second row of images includes icon links to view your profile, to view your website (optional), to contact you via email (if you have made that option available for other members in your forum profile settings), and to message you privately via Elliquiy's forums.

Again, these icons are only viewable by approved members.

** Note that while you have the option of not allowing other members to email you, you are required to give a valid email address when registering for membership on Elliquiy. If your email address breaks, or Elliquiy emails bounce en route, access is stripped until your e-mail account is fixed (deverification).
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