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Started by Chantal, January 11, 2022, 02:09:29 PM

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Under discussion

Theme: romance, fantasy, adventure.
Erotica level: depends on plot development, zero at start
World: swords, bows, low-quality guns. Mostly humans, the rest we can decide. Magic yes, but not very common. 
Expectations: detailed build-up of difficult relationship(s), romance, and love with growing and initially denied passion, hidden behind “miss” and “sir” and mutual respect. No foursomes etc. Sword fights with monsters and bandits.

Important note: second characters are optional. We don’t have to lead them if my partner prefers not to.

Males (YC):
1) He is…someone who can fight with swords. More a knight type than a bandit, but can be in any range of it. Rather younger and full of ideas than old and grumpy.
2) The other he is... maybe a nobleman, young as well, but he is not rich and his family has to actually work for a living. Skilled in swordfights or guns or something. Both men are friends or my partner decides what is the relationship between them. Maybe even brothers?

Females (MC):
1) She is a young gal from an ex-noble, old family. She looks like a fragile, delicate princess, having these genes in her heritage, but most of her young life she had to work hard in stepfather fabrics shop.
2) The other she…  is a friend of the first gal. She is a wannabe head huntress or other type who can fight.

The four meet in a carriage on their way to the capital, where they hope to complete their missions… which are? Let's talk about it :)

I am looking for a partner who will help me with these four adventures.

My main character would be the gal from the ex-noble family, who is trying to prove herself in the business world. She wishes to be a noble once again, raising back her family or just marrying a nobleman. Deep down inside she is a very romantic person who dreams of great love, a knight who will take her to happiness on his white horse. Obviously, real life is totally not like this.

Adventures ideas:
For example, YC lost his family in a raid. He was raised up by a family friend, a servant etc, someone who can fight, who told him about his true noble heritage. Maybe YC is traveling somewhere where he was told his sister was taken / he expects to find more information about his family. Eventually, it may turn out her family was the one who raided his home and killed everyone. They may discover it when their feelings are blooming or are strong or at the brink of exploding passion.

Maybe there is a pure and classic love blooming between the characters but then it turns out one is not so pure?

Maybe while trying to help they got involved in an intrigue that aims to destroy the emperor? I have some ideas. Let me know if all this looks promising, I will be happy to discuss and change some elements :)

Some pictures for inspiration, but if my partner prefers we don't need to use graphics or photos in our story :)