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Author Topic: Plot-driven stories, tasteful erotica, action. F for M  (Read 3265 times)

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Offline ChantalTopic starter

Plot-driven stories, tasteful erotica, action. F for M
« on: February 04, 2012, 08:05:22 AM »
If you are interested, please write me a PM, but write more than one sentence and, first of all, please read my O&Os

green title - at my highest interest now

General expectations from my partners:
- Please come with some ideas for your character.
- Enthusiasm. I you are like "this idea sounds ok" I am not looking for you. If this story tugs a string inside you, if you already have multiple ideas how to develop your character, I want you. I need you.
- Creativity. I don't want to introduce every new event on my own.
- Communication. If you don't like something, tell me, I can change my post. Please.
- Bouncing NPCs. The fact I introduce a sister or a friend doesn't mean you cannot lead them in your post. I love sharing NPCs.

The Outcast

World: semi-medieval fantasy, can be with magic or not.

Once he was the loyal knight of his king. Skilled in combat, brave, honest and kind - one of the best. Or maybe he was a captain of the guards? All was good until the king gave him an order to do something horrible. What was it? Killing a child? A defenseless woman? Burn a whole village? Yes, the king was not well recently, acting oddly, but this order was way too much. The knight couldn't force himself to do this and escaped, leaving behind changing pure soul into the one filled with bitterness? Feeling of betrayal? Guilt? I leave the details of this to my partner. The knight stops somewhere far, maybe in other kingdom, and hides. (Where and what he does for living I leave to my partner).

While the knight is hiding a cruel and a strange civil war breaks out, tearing the kingdom in the pieces. It continues for years, turning once well prospering kingdom into a burnt and abandoned land.

After few years filled with a peaceful but hard life, disrupted by nothing (or maybe by some gossips form the outside world?), a strange guest arrives to the knight - a woman, trained in combat, wearing light leather armor. She comes with a strange desire - she wants the knight to return to the kingdom and join the people who try to stop the (mad?) king. The knight refuses but she is annoyingly stubborn. Soon (hours or few days) after her arrival a group of people attacks knight's new home. She stands by his side, fighting with a surprising passion. They made barely alive, maybe they manage to escape, but she doesn't stop pursuing her goal. 

Expectations from the story

This is the story about saving the kingdom and developing a relationship between these two characters. What kind of relationship we can decide.

The kingdom is in chaos - what is the reason behind the kings behavior and this civil war is up to discussion. Possession, evil mage adviser, evil cult, traitors, king's mental illness - we can decide on it.
She can have the resistance behind her or rich people, merchant guilds maybe, or ... she is an assassin and actually come to the knight to help her assassinate the king? I am open for discussion and developing or changing the idea. Or maybe it is her who escaped and he is the one who tries to come and convince her to be back?


World: semi-medieval fantasy, loosely based on the novel (and series) "The Warded Man", but my partner doesn't need to know it. I just want to be fair and not take all the credits for myself.

Her name is Kayena. She is an apostle - a member of an ancient, holy organization devoted to defend humans against demons. She is over 30 years old, very experienced, skilled and devoted to her task. Like every other apostle she travels from town to town, village to village, protecting people against more powerful demons, carrying a sword with holy marks, which gives her unusual strength while fighting with demons. She wears mainly hardened leather armor, what allows her to be quick and agile enough in fight. The armor covers all her body, also she wears gloves, but from time to time some holy marks tattooed on her hands can be seen. Like every other apostle she is perfectly healthy and looks unusually young for her age - old apostle is a rare sight.

I think he is someone more into gathering knowledge, maybe librarian, maybe scribe, historian... Or maybe he is someone else? Obviously he is not weak or delicate or completely defenseless, no. She wouldn't travel with someone she needs to babysit. Just his focus is on different things and he is not trained in a fight against demons. He is about her age. Maybe he is fascinated with demons, he tests how they react to some things - maybe he seeks other ways to kill demons, not just with holy sword. She finds it amusing but harmless.

They met some time ago - weeks maybe or days - and travel since then. She doesn't really know why he wanted to accompany her, and at the same time he doesn't know why she agreed. Yet they travel together. She is rather nice person, tough and not very delicate sometimes, but kind to him. He never complains when their next inn turns out to be moss and stars.  He never gets into her way, when she does her duty, but also never speaks of leaving her.

There are rumors about the town or village on a distant west, far behind river Wrathful, which gives no sign of life for the last 1-1.5 year. Was it wiped out by demons? No one knows, so Kayena and her companion travel to this direction for some time already, as she needs to find out what happens there.

Expectations from the story
She has a secret, maybe a couple. He has a secret as well. They both are determined to travel together, maybe because of these secrets or maybe not. I do not plan erotica here but it is possible, if the plot turns out this way. Apostles rarely travel in company (maybe because people are afraid of them?), she was not an exception, so it is unusual situation for her, but her order doesn't request celibacy.

I want a lot of action, revealing secrets and developing, deepening the relationship between the characters. It will require a lot of world development and talking (which I enjoy!) I would like to discuss the world, demons, details about her order and their common history with my partner. I have some ideas, especially about her order and demons and the religion, as it is all tied up, and I will be happy to share them, but the rest requires a brainstorm. :)

Expectations from my partner concerning this story

- If you have any plans concerning YC feelings to MC, please do not reveal this to me. I want to discover this along with my character.
- Please read my O&Os. I dislike weak characters, so you have to make him strong and interesting, even if she is the one more skilled in fight, so the easiest way is taken. ;)

Inspiring pictures


True Blood (temporary title)

My partner doesn't need to know the world, I can share what is necessary (it is simple and basic), we can create the rest on our own.  The story is loosely placed in "True Blood" series / book world. Moment in time and characters to be decided, but certainly there will be vampires, werewolves and one of or character will be this "special human". Also passion, hatred and a lot of action and suspicious characters.

Life and Death

They are no gods, they don't need being worshiped. They are natural powers existing so long that they formed not only a consciousness but also personality. They have never seen each other before, they have never talked, never touched. Although, like Life and Death always do, they passed each other so many times that instantly they can recognize themselves, no matter the circumstances.

They have never took a physical form until recently... Though "recently" may mean something very different for them than it means for humans. She has light hair, crystal eyes and is full of life and energy, strong, willful and stubborn. His appearance is dark, fully opposite to her - black or just dark.

Life has always escaped Death, but now, when he sees her there, in a restaurant balcony, when the sun is setting, he has to approach her. He is fascinated with Life, dragged to her by something, feeling a great need to make her subject to himself. She is afraid of him, but also irresistibly attracted, what scares her. She may run if he scares her too much, but she will always return, searching for him, like he searches for her, feeling that he is her fulfillment.

What will happen when they touch? What will happen if a timeless struggle between them will find it's conclusion here, on Earth, when they are in human forms? Do they have any powers? Their physical forms are not that important, anything may happen to them, it won't damage the core of their existence, but what will happen if one of them will win mentally or emotionally?


This story requires some discussion I believe, so please come to me with some ideas already.


Give into me

World: semi-medieval, no magic or fantasy creatures.

She is a queen or other kind of ruler with many subjects. He is a powerful emperor who was about to conquer her kingdom like some others but something (what?) made him to listen to her envoy and accept her offer of the peaceful acceptance of his supremacy. Her offer was simple - a regular, willing, rich supplies of food and wine for his armies for keeping his armies away from her lands. Otherwise her people were ready to retreat and burn everything behind them to the ground. Her ambassador could sign the treaty, but something (what?) made the emperor to order the queen come to him herself. Maybe there was too much pride in the offer, maybe he wanted to prove his domination over this nation but the advisers or his reason told him the offer is too good and really needed if his armies were going to survive the winter and following years of conquering other lands. Maybe in this situation he decided to see her kneeling and bowing before him.

Given no choice she comes, proud and dignified indeed, with demeanor inspiring respect even in the emperor what  initially irritates him to no end (or maybe he reacts differently?). He wants her below him but with every day his respect to her grows, yet she has to bend to his will.

This story can be just one-shot, a description of the few days or it can evolve into a full story with D/S relationship. At the start there is no erotic actions between them, though they both or one of them can feel the attraction, while there is respect to each other. Even if in these days men took what they wanted, this emperor finds an unusual pleasure in seeing her submitting to him willingly. He becomes sort of greedy, wants more and more, but he hates the idea of breaking her and taking her with force or humiliating her. With time he simply wants her to come to him. He is not experienced in D/S nor is she, they don't even know the term, but it is exactly where they are heading to.

I am happy to discuss details, change something if my partner finds a good idea, maybe add some other elements, maybe magic maybe war?

Dragon raider

She lives is a village of hunters, trained to kill dragons. Problem is the last dragon they saw was killed by them about 20/50/100 years ago. Since then no one ever heard about them... as the result they turned into simple hunters. She is very well trained, one of the best, even if she never saw a dragon alive, but also she shows a strange resistance to fire. People fear her a bit, find her odd, because magic is a pure evil, people are afraid of mages. She didn't show anything more weird than this, so they accept her but are very suspicious.

He is a dragon, relatively young (details up to you). They meet in the middle of the wilderness, two arch enemies, and at some point something suddenly happens to them, a brief touch of her skin and his scale results with a magical connection, stronger than anything they ever experienced. They don't know what is it, but at the very beginning they realize they can't kill each other. What is worse - they are stuck with each other, a human and a dragon (who can change into a human too ofc). They must travel together to find a way to break a weird bond.

Background: long time ago dragon hunters were dragon raiders but things happened and messed up and humans lost connections with the dragons, degrading. I have more story ready for this, I can share it or keep it secret and unveil it while writing. :)

Option: My character can be a female dragon and your male hunter.


A hunter hired by a mage to catch and bring him a succubus alive. There are gossips about a succubus haunting and even killing men in a closest city. The hunter set off, but he was unaware that there was another hunter who already captured the demon and was returning back to the mage with the succubus in a cage. Thats why, when the hunter came across the camp where there was a beautiful, but very weak and dirty woman, who was crying for help, he killed her oppressor without much thinking. This wasn't easy but he managed and now he travels to the city with the freed woman.

We can discuss details and what kind of magic they both posses and some other things. She needs him to take her back to the town cause she cant survive without men (humans?) - she drains their energy. Obviously he is her potential pray but he also possess skills which allow him to recognize a demon... eventually. Will it be too late?

I have more things about this setting in my mind, but they are just suggestions, so I would rather talk about it with my partner.


PM me please if you are interested but before you do, check my O&Ons thread (signature) :)
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Offline ChantalTopic starter

Not very interested in these, unless yo have a good concept to develop them. Some need serious work.

Hostage of your feelings

She was on a horse ride, it was winter. Wolves surrounded her in a forest, when her horse got attacked, she found a shelter on a tree branch. He found her and reluctantly returned to her home (caste/mansion/ something larger). He didn't want to get any relations with anyone from this castle, because he came there to ruin / put in a misery this family (reasons and goal to decide), but this woman bewitched his mind and heart. She didn't know who he was and why he came, but the attraction was mutual - she simply and happily fell in love with him, despite his distance.

I don't know how it will evolve, it needs some work. I want him to be torn between his desires, feelings and goal, which drove him for years. I think it would be interesting to led the story to him ruining her family without her knowledge, but she would find out later.

I pledge to thee

She is a distant relative of one of mighty rulers. For political reasons she is promised for a wife to a lord living quite far away. The lord sends a man (a knight/guardian/mercenary) to pick up his future wife and escort her to her new home. During the travel (which turns out to be dangerous and surprisingly she will be dealing with all the difficulties well after giving up on acting as a delicate lady. She tries to know as much about her further husband as possible from her guardian. Unfortunately she starts falling to the guardian himself, to her despair. She wants to be faithful to her future husband, but her body and heart speak on it's own. She is almost unaware that she began seducing him. The guardian is rather a dark character, or maybe just not chivalrous, and he grows a desire for her, maybe more.  What she doesn't know is the fact the guardian is her further husband per se. He did this trick to find out if they would make a good marriage. He doesn't really care for the political reasons and if he would decide he is not interested in the woman, the marriage wouldn't happen.

I see her as an educated woman, who tries to act as an elegant lady, but in truth she is a wild spirit and a tough woman. He is a rough warrior. She will be telling him about herself, not always the truth, just describing the person she would like to be, clearly saying she wishes her husband to be as educated and sophisticated as her. Somehow, for some reason, with small steps, unwillingly, he will start building a lie around her "future husband" which at some point makes for him very awkward to tell her the truth. I am looking for a partner who can do this :)

Will he have his way with her during their travel without telling her who he really is? She would fight, but also would be happy to do what she truly wants. When will he tell her about his masquerade? Make her heart crave for him, her body shiver under him in her conflict between mind, soul and body.

The setting may be in fantasy word or not - she can be an elf married to a human or other way round.

I can't(temporary title)

A story of seduction.

Renaissance for example. The Turkish (lets say) prince was sent to an European court (Italy?) as a part of politic game between countries. He stayed there long enough to make friends with a certain man, who was the most kind of all there to the foreigner. The prince also almost seduced a noblewoman (a princess?). Words "love" never appeared between them, he never really loved her, and her virginity remained intact, but she was strongly attracted to him. There were few modest kisses and a lot of flirting. Before he reached his goal he was sent away, again because of politics.

Years passed, they kept sending letters to each others, knowing each other better, making friends with each other more than anything else. She married his friend, he went to a war and returned, he was restless and uneasy spirit, always in travel, sending letters from various places. She was with kids two times.

And one day he has a chance to visit the Italy court once again, for a short time. They met, they talk, they want to touch each other to cease the fire burning inside them. With each day she is more overcame with the desire, so is he. But also ... she is married and found of her husband, she respects him a lot, he is a good man and father. Does she love him? Maybe...

I want this story to start in a day the prince arrives to the court first time. I want it to contain some letters between them during their separation, showing their distant relationship evolving and their real lives events. At the end I expect an explosion of passion and also guilt on her side. I don't know what will happen after, will he just leave?

I need a partner who can create believable characters, bounce NPCs, add own ideas for the plot.

Partially inspired by:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Her sister, her lover

Two sisters, younger Lila and older Anya (names temporary, for the plot explanation), from high society, love each other, but in truth Lila feels inferior and with time she grows hatred to her sister. Anya, in the eyes of Lila, gets all the best all their lives. At some point parents tell Anya to marry a certain man, whom Anya doesn't love, but she obeys of course. Lila wanted to marry this man, but she wasn't even considered because first - she was too young, second - her older sister had to get married first.

Soon after this Lila discovers that Anya had a lover, whom she loved deeply but abandoned to fulfill parent's will. That man (a knight, Mark let's say) left the place (castle / mansion/ etc) soon after the engagement was announced. Years passed, the man couldn't forget about Anya and he returned eventually to see her once again. To his surprise he saw his love, but changed, younger. After a moment of a deception he recognized it was not his Anya, but her sister, Lila.

The story begins here.
Lila, seeing the knight, decides to get a revenge on her sister and seduce the man. Mark at first tries to forget about Anya in the arms of her sister, but it all goes wrong. Lila truly falls in love, but Mark understands Lila is not Anya and he is unable to forget and ... you tell me what he does. Seeks a revenge by pretending in front of Anya that he is happy with her sister? Will Laila understand his true feelings? Let's find out.

I want it to be a story of passion, suffering, pain of soul and heart. Maybe with tragic ending, probably with no sex scenes because the girl is supposed to be a virgin in a day of her wedding. The older sister will be an NPC leaded by me and my partner when needed. Her character and attitude we will discuss on PMs when needed. I expect very long, rich posts, well developed characters and some mind games.

I need a partner who can create believable characters, bounce NPCs, add own ideas for the plot.

Red Riding Hood based

1) A young woman is sent to woods to be sacrificed to terrifying creatures, half humans- half wolves. Someone, a stranger, released her from her bounds right before wolves attacked and they escaped. Who is he? Where is he from? Where are they heading?

2) Red Riding Hood has many options obviously. The wolf can be a man appearing as a nice stranger who just helps a woman in need in the forest (a crippled horse, a broken wheel of a cart, changing a wheel in her car) but meantime he does something to her what makes her coming back to him. Maybe he appears in her dreams?
I want this story to be filled with tasteful erotica and seduction.

3) She is a kind of highborn - delicate, maybe selfish (if plot requires). He is a man living in the forest (huntsman? gamekeeper?). After an accident (she fell off the horse) in the forest he finds her and takes to his home until she regains consciousness. He is very attracted to her. When she wakes up...
Will she demand him to take her back? What he would do then to convince her to stay with him or come back to him?  (where is the wolf? :D)
Will she stay with him and a Big Bad Wolf, her father/brother/husband/finance will demand her to come back with him?   

4) She is the one lurking in the forest with wolves. He is the huntsman sent to deal with the dangerous pack of these predators. Little he knows that their Alfa is a human young woman.


Based on A Beauty And The Beast

She is a huntress and one night she finds an old, abandoned place. It turned out it is not that abandoned and there was a spell casted on her. Some more things happen to her there, I don't know what yet  . She gets imprisoned, but somehow she manages to escape. Only physically. She runs away but in her dreams she is back there again, again with him. He, on the other side, chases her to have his lovely pray back.

I want this story to be filled with tasteful erotica and seduction, but nothing sophisticated. It doesn't fit the beast I see here. Brutal need of possession, I would expect a rape here but with unwanted, forced pleasure on her side. 

Werewolves (free play, can also be in WoW universe)

Two people are sent to find out what is happening in a certain town - no one returned from there recently. They have some adventures while traveling there, maybe also become friends or lovers etc. Eventually they reach the town only to find out it is filled with werewolves (what does it mean we can decide). One of them gets bitten and turns into the werewolf. Second one gets bitten as well, maybe by the first one, but they escape and try to live with this or find a cure. Well, many possibilities.

Dragon riders

This is a story about two people from different societies who desire each other but some social boundaries don't allow them to be together in a way they would want to. There are also dragons, many of them (I love dragons).

She lives in an elf village somewhere in forests. Elves are close to extinct - in recent ages they became small and weak and the enemies push them back more and more inside woods towards mountains. She is different, she has eyes not of her kind and she is bigger than all other elves, even warriors. No one likes her, they think she is a freak. Her mother died young and she is on her own now because no one knows her father. She spends a lot of time alone near lakes in a hut her mother built. One day she sees a huge and appallingly intelligent looking creature. Along with it she meets a man, much taller than her but without elf pointy ears. However he has the same eyes as she does. He is the dragon raider.

The crossbreed can be mine or yours character (if yours, we shall change story a bit, but I have nothing against changes). The second person takes the role of the first dragon raider the half-elf meet. I want the dragon rider and half-elf to share strong feelings eventually but there must be something what make them unable to be together. Some social boundaries, thing to discuss.  :)

The target is mine!

This one is based on the movie, but who cares ;)  She is an assassin sent to kill someone. He is an assassin as well sent to kill the same person. They run into each other and fight to get the kill, something interrupts, target escapes, or something else happens what forces them to cooperate. It could be a struggle of two skilled people :)

Mind play, power struggle, angry sex at some point, but late in the plot.

I am gonna love you until you hate me

Inspired by this song below and the general idea of the passionate relation filled with love turning into equally passionate relationship filled with hatred and pain (and still love). However for this I need a good plot and the setting, as I like tho show development of feeling in the frame of various events.

Inquisitor and a witch taken once, but I will be happy to try it again.

We can put it into any setting we wish to. He is an inquisitor with a real power of finding witches, strong in his will and devoted to his task. She is a young but very skilled witch. When he gets her track, like a hunting dog, she tries to escape, but also using her mirror she sends him pictures of herself, using her magic to weaken his will to capture and kill her. Unfortunately it goes all wrong and withing his shell these picture wakes something new up inside him, what urges him to get her even more, but for entirely different reason. One day he captures her...

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Offline ChantalTopic starter

Re: OPEN Plot-driven stories, tasteful erotica, action. F for M
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2014, 01:29:42 PM »
I am not interested in these, keeping them for better days.

One Thousand and One Nights  not into it at the moment

She is one of many in Sultan's harem, but she is from a distant country in Europe. One day the Sultan summons her, so they wash her body, perfume it, put a make up on her face, dress into a light, muslin clothes and put on her a lot of jewelry. But in a moment she is left alone, waiting for slaves to carry her to Sultan's chamber, she looks at the mirror and doesn't recognize herself. So she tears off clothes and jewelry, cleans her face. There is no time to waste anymore, so they take her like that, with delicate clothes and jewelry next to her, her light body wrapped only in a sheet.

Certainly she gains Sultans attention. He is an intelligent and educated man, who doesn't shy from brutality when it is needed, but he doesn't favor it. When he sees this rebellious woman he allows her to speak and this conversation brings him more entertainment than taking her body would. Still he wants her body and she does everything she can to keep him away from it, keeping him busy with their conversation. How this will evolve depends on us. It can be non-consensual, consensual... you name it.

Possibility, can be changed or removed: First night Sultan gives her a gift, an ankle bracelet with little bells, which she can take off in the night he will claim her body. I see it more as something what would close the story, an elegant element, but I feel the explanation is not elegant enough ;)

Partner requirements: I would love someone very familiar with Arabic / Ottoman culture. It is going to be a mind play, full of suggestions and hints with tasteful erotica woven in, so I need an experienced partner for this.

A blind violin player  taken, and not interested to start it again
She is a blind girl playing a violin on streets to earn for living. She is the youngest child, has old parents and no perspectives. Her experiences taught her to hide her beauty and youth, and look like an ugly beggar, to make dangerous man to leave her alone. Since she has nothing else she could do, she plays all days long. Our violinist doesn't even realize how amazing she is until one day her performance is heard by someone educated enough to appreciate her skills. Does he take her to his place offering a better life? Or maybe he knows her blindness can be cured in a certain temple? What will happen when she loses interest in him when she gets cured? Maybe he will simply kill her out of jealousy?
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Night Elves and shapeshifters (WoW) taken

Two druids, two friends, veterans of wars with Burning Legion (or The Lich King) moved to peaceful and more civilized region to rest and heal wounds after the exhausting period. They both saved each others lives countless times. Are they just friends? With certainty they trust each other deeply and are bound to the core because of this. Maybe during the war there were some intimate acts between them but only to ward off fears of war. She watches with a smile as he flirts with other women and encourages him. He makes fun of guys who hit on her.

I want this to be a story about a slowly developing feeling between two friends who suddenly find themselves among civilians and have problems to understand what is happening between them. I expect my partner to be familiar with the World of Warcraft universe. Playing the game should be enough.

"My Fairy Tale" (taken)
You can find introduction here.
This introduction is meant to be more a fairy tale than a real story, so I would expect some more realistic and everyday events. ;)

Name: You say you don't like it...?   not interested

Content: non-con, rape.

Setting: Modern.

Scenario: She works in a secluded office, a very headquarters of a company producing underwear famous around the world. She needs this new job and she earns here a lot of money, but something strange is going on. The men (there is almost no women in headquarters) are getting more and more daring about her, slapping her, giving naughty comments, squeezing her ass, as if they were allowed to do so. When she resists, they laugh. When she reports this to her boss, he tells her to be silent or she will lose the job. Problem is if her boss would give her bad references, she wouldn't find another job easily which would be paid so well, so she decides to endure. However the sexist treatment escalates, they grab her ass and breasts, put hands under her skirt etc. Eventually she is told to try the new underwear in her boss office, so her boss and one or two other man can finally say if the product is good. They touch the fabric, comment her lok, touch her and eventually she is forced to have sex with all of them (one after another). The story will end with her left in the boss office to dress up and show up in the office next day, so she will know it will be the routine.

Requirements: I don't want this story to have well developed characters, but I want my partner to write nicely the scenes where she is abused more and more daringly up to the finale. The story will start in a day when men move from flirting with her to touching her. I will expect few paragraphs from my partner in most of his posts. I want to see their desire of her, possessive and dominant treatment.

Connie and Blade not interested

Yes, the story is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde and also this clip below. For long I had something similar in mind, but this clip was a last drop which put all pieces in perfect order.  It has a beginning and the ending probably. I need a partner to help me fill the middle :)

Connie is 22 years old woman, a fiance of a local politician. She was always a good girl but this relationship is not going well. He cheates on her, pushing, treating her worse and worse, like a property. One day, at the party after another quarrel she loses her patience and tells him some nasty things. He takes her outside to yell at her and eventually punch her. Blade, a temporary worker of the place where the party took place, sees this and beats the man back, defending the woman. For the first time someone defends her and additionally Connie is charmed by this guy, who is a personification of a criminal - tattoos, bike, leather etc. She decides to take his offer and go with him.

He is a criminal indeed, but they fall in love with each other crazily and she follows him, becoming a criminal as well, having no regrets. I want them to committing more and more serious crimes, killing people while escaping etc. Police finds them eventually, but they refuse to surrender, cause it would cause them to be apart, so they die together.

I know it covers a whole story, but I believe it can still be filled with many interesting scenes, characters and relationship development. Also I see a lot of action, bullets, knives, maybe him teaching her how to use a knife and a gun? A lot of fun :) Oh, she will grow to be horribly jealous about him :>

I link this cause I want two scenes from it - when he beats the boyfriend back and whens he finds the weapon in his place. And tattoos :)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Title: It was not me!... not me... taken
There is a lot of smut.

A young priest (your character) is sent to a distant village to take palace of an old pastor, who died. Residents of the village welcome him happily, as for the long time there was no one who could take care of their souls. They are so happy that they invite him for a small welcoming celebration even. Few girls, clearly having no respect to his position, manage to bait him away from the crowd, to a secluded barn, trying to seduce him, testing his ability to be a real shepherd. The young man resists their advances, despite his high arousal, but he does this in a way which irritates or maybe even offends one of the girls. She decides to take a revenge and summons a demon to test priest's banishing skills. However she is no good in this and nothing happens. At least it is what they all think. In truth the demon was summoned but without physical projection and had to find a host immediately. The aroused, young and healthy priest seemed to be the best one.

The summoned demon was a succubus, a creature which needs sexual energy to live. Immediately she takes the control over the priest and rapes he first girl in range brutally, while the others run away screaming. After feeding the demon fades and leaves the priest alone, who is terrified of what he had done. He is aware of the demon inside his mind, but maybe he thinks it is gone after this first time? He is wrong.

The demon is silent only after getting fed. After this first time she realizes that forcing her host to do things like that is not good, maybe he considers killing himself? She cannot allow this obviously. So she does something different - she whispers to him, slowly waking up his arousal, deceives his senses, so he smells female smell more strongly than before. He doesn't see a tired woman, who carries the water, but a sensual hips movement, a strand of hair falling on a perfectly shaped shoulder, creamy, soft skin of her neck etc.

He would leave the village in his search for help.

I will be the demon, I would also lead the women he meets, but those are NPCs and can be led by my partner too. The first rape scene can be made by me (god mode) or by my partner, I don't mind either. Apart form this I don't plan any more god-mode situations. If he decides to rape a girl, it will be his own will ;)

I want to see the suffering of the priest, development of his sexual side and the inner struggle. She will be testing his taste, maybe even having some conversations with him.

I also have an idea for the ending, but it is for you to decide if you want to know it or not.

Vows not interested

Medievalish fantasy world, probably no magic but we can discuss it.

She is a petite, young woman, a daughter of a king or landlord or someone else important. She was promised to marry someone living far. Arranges had been made, she was about to travel there for the wedding, when something bad had happened - a war which was upon them reached the castle unexpectedly and she had to run.

He is an older knight, a kind of warrior, 10 -15 or so years older than her (maybe more?). Dying father made him to swear to protect the daughter and he managed to carry her to safety from the (burning?) castle, but it was not enough. They have to reach her future husband lands to keep her safe for good, assuming the agreement will be respected still.

There is a long travel before them, through the lands seized by war, bandits, marauders and other dangers. The man is reluctant, but he has no other choice but take the girl where she would be safe. The girl is frightened, delicate, not used to hard conditions, no matter how hard she tries. (We can adjust her character to your preferences, I am open to discussion).

They grow found of each other, despite initial roughness and maybe even hatred.

Expectations from the story:
- rich character development
- bulky, strong man against a petite woman
- two strong characters, but he will be much more dominant
- a lot of action
- characters fighting with each other, hurting each other, on purpose and involuntary, a lot of misunderstandings
- building up sexual tension and affection
- first signs of affection appear relatively early, but are bitter by various reasons
- tragic or sad ending
- setting major turning points
- posts length depending on the situation  - please check my posts to see what I mean.

Expectations from my partner:
- Enthusiasm. I you are like "this idea sounds ok" I am not looking for you. If this story tugs a string inside you, if you already have multiple ideas how to develop your character, I want you. I need you.
- Writing some intense dialogues on PM, intertwining our thoughts, and then placing the dialogue in a post of one of us.
- Invention. I don't want to introduce every new event on my own.
- Communication. Characters will fight with each other, they will try to act against the will of the other. I need to know you don't feel hurt, offended, or something else.  I need to know that you ENJOY the story and love this fight as much as I do.
- Communication. Yea, again. If you don't like something, tell me, I can change my post. Please.
- Bouncing NPCs. The fact I introduce a marauder or a witch doesn't mean you cannot lead them in your post. I love sharing NPCs. :)
- Some smiles, not necessarily as " :) "  :)

Sexual elements:
- They will appear at some point, but the story is not focused on in, but rather on the tension, teasing, later seducing and guilty explosion of passion. I do not expect sex sooner than on page 5 or so.
- I accept everything what is in my O&Os as long as it makes sense in the story. (For example he won't rape her, but someone else may if the turn of the events will lead there. It may actually be a nice thing to make your hero to enrage maybe?)

Please ready my O&Os before answering! I don't want to ruin this story for me, so I may be picky. Please write as much in your PM as possible to convince me that you are the one I need ;)

Here are some inspirational pictures, just to point the direction :) (men seem to be a bit too young though)


Based on A Little Mermaid taken
He finds her at a beach. She is unconscious and hurt. He takes her with him (Who is he? Where does he live?) When she wakes up she remembers nothing. They develop a kind of relationship (what kind?) and parallel, but separately they both discover a truth about her. He hears some tales from fishermen, as she was hit by a boat of one of them. She discovers she can spend long minutes underwater, like dolphins, and her legs turn into a fish tail when she puts them into salty water. What happens later? Maybe she will try to escape, maybe he will become possessive. Or maybe she will try to hide it and stay with him? Or maybe take him with her?
Or maybe other way round? He is a triton (mermen?) and she finds him somewhere on the beach.

I will have you TAKEN

She is a noblewoman, he is servant or guardian or someone else. One of them (or both) desires the other greatly (in any way), but at the same time they abstains cause of social boundaries. Maybe they are running from burning city... or a mansion. Maybe one tries to protect the weaker one and due to staying together all the time they eventually got what they wanted, but then... well, anything may happen, really.

From the shadows  TAKEN

He considered himself a professional assassin, until one time he got a job requiring killing everyone in a certain house. Targets were wealthy people, but even this couldn't protect them from his blade. A man and a woman died in their sleep, without even realizing this. The assassin scanned the rest of the house to be sure no one else left, and to his surprise and sudden dismay he found a sweet four years old girl sleeping peacefully in the next room. He realized the client knew about the child as the task was to kill everyone, but the assassin was unable to kill the child. He took the girl with him and set the house on fire to cover the fact the girl was alive.

He leaves her with a couple ready to rise her with their other children. They are good people but money the assassin offers for this helped them to make the decision.

Since then the assassin regularly checks out the girl, from shadows watches her growing and turning from a cheerful, happy girl into a young, desirable woman. Until one day someone tries to kill her.

Expectations from the story
- A lot of tension and seducing. I see him watching her from the shadows of the trees in the garden, when she undresses to sleep, when she plays with friends. With irritation or anger, which he doesn't understand, watches her kissing a boy.
- Mutual attraction, but a difficult one, especially when one day she will find out who killed her parents.
- Assassin having a problems with accepting his real feelings for the girl, as he thought of himself to be more a protector for her than a lover. And this age gap!
- Adventures! Pirates maybe?

Expectations from my partner
- Come with an idea explaining why he was unable to kill the girl. I would say he had a little sister, but what had happened to her?
- Figuring out why someone wants to kill her now and why someone wanted to kill her family before. I have some ideas, but I would like to hear yours first and then we can pick the best one, offering best solutions for the plot.
- Patience and drawing joy from growing sexual tension between the characters.

Yes, I have a weakness to Assassin's Creed's style assassins...

Auburn autumn   TAKEN   I can consider this scenario again, with her being married and attracted to a man older than her, who is slowly going crazy about her.

The setting is simple. He is a lecturer at a certain university - expensive and very prestigious. One of his duties is to travel to different countries and speak to the last year students, inviting them to the uni, showing opportunities etc. During one of his business travels he meets this student, a wanna-be journalist, rather rude. She catches his eye immediately. She wants an interview with him and during this nothing really happens, but none of them can forget the other, in erotic context of course. They have a few conversations on an IM (important bit of the craving), but there is nothing more than suggestions and hints. Summer passes and during the first day of the academic year he discovers that she became his student.

I don't want dom/sub play here, I don't want sex games about "teaching a lesson". The setting is only an excuse to put characters in the certain situations for further development, because it is what I seek - character development. I want to see his frustration, when he struggles between his carnal desire for her and his wish to be a devoted husband. I want to have a chance to write about her growing fascination about the older man, who is forbidden for her in many ways, but it doesn't stop her from dreaming and acting at some point. It is going to be a struggle of two strong personalities.

The setting doesn't have to be teacher-student. It can be anything else what will maintain the key elements of the story. Characters can be older than this.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A deal   TAKEN

He is about his thirties and doesn't have a girlfriend. He dates sometimes, but it is never anything serious. His family constantly asks him when he will find himself a nice girl and few months back he lied to his mother he had someone. It was a bad move, because now, when a family gathering is going to happen, his mother tells him to take his girlfriend.

She works with him in one office, but they do not know each other well. She is perceived as a secretive person, wearing not-too-sexy clothes, not really talkative, almost always looking as if she didn't sleep well. In truth she has a second job to pay bills from the past. Being so busy she hasn't had time for holidays nor dating for the last three years.

She witnesses his phone conversation with mother involuntary and they chat after, reaching a certain agreement. She will go with him and pretend to be his girlfriend just for the 2-3 days  meeting...

I would like the story to start in the office, right before he finds out he has to bring the girlfriend, so we can write the whole initial scene when they discuss the details of their contract. :)

Expectations from the story:
- funny, romantic story, like all these comedy movies (I cannot recall any title unfortunately), when at the start they have to behave like a couple in front of others, while they are not a couple at all. Later they realize there is attraction and affection between them, but it is so awkward, they had a deal after all.
- a lot of action
- building up sexual tension and affection
- posts length depends on the situation
- romance

Expectations from my partner:
- Sense of humor - necessary to write this kind of story and enjoy it :)

Sexual elements:
- Quite soon I would like to see them being attracted to each other, but the consumption of the relationship won't happen before they admit they want each other.
- Keep it real.
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