Give into me (light supernatural fantasy or modern) (close)

Started by Chantal, April 08, 2021, 11:11:38 AM

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Give into me (light supernatural fantasy or modern) (lf M character, FxM pair)

Thank you for stopping by!

I have this specific idea in my mind. It can be played in various ways, I am up for discussing it. The most important bit is :

YC (your character), male, is being lured or corrupted to do something against his initial intentions or will. I don't want it to be mind control or heavy corruption, but I am looking for someone who can describe the inner struggle of the male characters beautifully in a long period. This one last sentence is the core thing and main joy for me in this story.
My character (MC), a female, will be seducing YC with images he sees, maybe sending dreams, maybe whispering as a ghost to his ear, making him see things he never paid attention to. Maybe instead of a tired woman carrying bags, he will see the naked, beautifully rounded shoulder with the shirt edge moved down, revealing the black strip of her bra, alluringly contrasting with the fairness of her skin. Maybe he will think that sitting home alone is actually depressing, having someone warm and soft next to him would be nice actually.  Maybe he will allow himself to have some naughty thoughts about the woman he keeps seeing.

Below are two examples of what shape it can take, but they are just examples. I am happy to talk and bounce ideas:

Lady of the Lake
She was a beautiful and angelic young woman, waiting to bloom in the arms of an equally good man. Unfortunately, a bad man appeared and took her beauty and goodness away. Now she is a hunting spirit of the lake. She suffers, she craves someone to love her, to not be alone, she hopes when someone will come and join her, she will be finally free and happy. Sadly so far no one granted her this, though many of them lie dead in the lake. But maybe this time? This time, this man, she sees and she wants him to join her, in the lake.

He lives nearby, takes the dog for a walk by the lake often. Or maybe he has a cabin by the lake he rented to spend lonely days fishing, and he sees this mysterious woman on the other side of the lake?

I feel this one can lead to an unintentional suicide of this man, drowning to join her, so I am happy to discuss a different turn of event if this is too dark. Maybe YC will be so overcome with the will to join her, but at the same time aware she speaks of him drowning, that he will look for another way? The other problem is this story is limited to the lake and just two of them, so maybe it is too boring? Another thing to talk about.

1. Basically what happens after

2. It can be not a human spirit, but just
a spirit of the lake
who seduces and drowns men.

In nomine patri...
He is a priest (any religion, really).

1. He finds her weeping at the cementary, he thinks she is one of his sheeps (he is new here, he doesn't know everyone yet), so he takes her to his place to warm her up and make her go home. She claims she has no home. He suspects she is a widow. She is, but hundreds of years old and she died already. She will be vanishing and appearing, seducing him slowly, making him think kinky, bad things.

2. He gets possessed by touching something that shouldn't be touched or by interrupting a sort of ritual carried by a witch. A demon nestles in the corner of the soul, but it needs lust and maybe some negative feelings to feed on. When it is sated it sleeps, but then comes again and makes the priest think and feel what he has never felt or thought. She wants him to be his, to be devoted to her (her goals can be discussed).

image 1

image 2

Warning: is it possible this story will never have its conclusion, ending, because of various reasons, but I like to have a certain goal in front, so I would like to discuss a possible ending/s (good and bad).