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September 25, 2021, 12:31:55 am

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Author Topic: Looking for a Male writing partner  (Read 483 times)

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Looking for a Male writing partner
« on: January 05, 2021, 07:50:23 am »
Okay, so firstly I owe a massive apology to anyone I may have vanished on. I lost all interest in writing and given what was going on I just couldn’t be arsed, to be honest. So I am really sorry and get it if you think if I am a total arse.

That being said I once again make my return and with lockdown 3.0 and being furloughed again, I have too much time on my hands and creative mind that needs satisfying.

So I have a few “rules” which I need to get out of the way. Please read this to ensure our compatibility as writing partners.
-   Firstly, I am not in this for the smut. I don’t enjoy quick fire smut based stories so please do not message if this is your preferred play. I prefer a decent story where the sex fits in, where there is decent cause for it, not just for the sake of it. Plenty of content and build up is needed.
-   Next, I do like to write. I am not after an epic chapter per reply, but something to work with. Please don’t fill your posts with unnecessary filler, such as pointless dialogue, be it internal or not. I am a sucker for juicy content; tell me how your character is feeling, what they are doing and what they see and so on.
-   Thirdly, take a look at my O/Os. I do not do any form of D/s and do not enjoy the dynamics of a dom and sub relationship. By all means make your character more dominant than mine, but I will not have my characters beg, plead or refer to your character as master or sir, unless the story calls for it.
-   Lastly I only write on forum and in thread, it is the easiest way for me to keep track. I do not use any form of off forum communications so please do not ask.

So beneath the below listings are some story ideas I have that I wouldn’t mind exploring a little further, please inbox me if there is anything that tickles your interest. Pretty much everything is of a historical or mythological basis; it has to be something really gripping of to get me to play in a more modern setting.

The Last Kingdom
Harry Potter

Original Some pairing ideas are listed, feel free to suggest others
Ancient Rome/Britain/Greece - (Roman soldier x Pict warrior, Roman soldier/centurion x Nobility, Gladiator x Slave, Gladiator x Domina)
Medieval Britain/Europe
Medieval fantasy - (Barbarian x Elf huntress, White Knight x Black Knight, adventurers)
Early, high or Late middle ages
Viking era - (Raider x Saxon, Raider x Farm girl, Raider x Royalty/Nobility)
The Tudor Era - (King x New Queen, King x Lady-in-waiting, Princess x Duke, Courtly affairs)
Modern setting - (Teacher x Student, Boss x Employee, Older man x younger woman, toxic romance/obsessive relationship, illicit romance)

Camp half breed
Insipired by Camp half blood.

The basis is the same; there is a camp for the children of Greek gods. But the world is expanded, and on different isles there are the different Gods. No war has been waged in centuries, each pantheon sticking to their island. That is until one festive season when those of the Nordic isle cross the waters to raid, landing on the shores of the Greeks.

This is a bit of a silly and fun idea but it keeps floating around my head, and I quite fancy playing it out. It is basically a story of a raider and his captive but in a more modern setting, with the not so modern facilities of their camps.  There will be no rape included, and for the sake of my own comfort the characters will be no younger than 18.

I want the characters to be the complete opposite, not only in culture but also of their parentage. I have a couple of characters in mind, not fully formed but a rough outline is below. They will be virgins, but their sexual awareness will be based on their heritage.

Firstly, there is the daughter of Aphrodite. Of a non-rivalled beauty, she will be a confident girl but useless in the terms of physical labour, more a damsel in distress type. But she is smart and knows exactly how to play her sexuality to get what she wants.

Then there is the daughter of Athena. She will be fierce, unyielding to some extent and quite the independent girl. She has little awareness in the sexual field owing to her life spent in training, and will sexually timid.

Lastly the daughter of Apollo. She’ll be somewhat between the two above, but someone with an endearing air about them, someone people want to be around. She’ll be an excellent archer, an aptitude for music and a somewhat nurturing side to her.

Medieval, political, affair, culture clash
I have a particular idea in mind influenced by a few shows I’ve watched recently and would really like to give this one a shot. It involves culture clashes set within a historical setting, and would involve a warrior and a to-be princess. It is quite the clichéd pairing I know, but please bear with me and hopefully I can give you a little more substance to grab your attention.

So, the leading characters are this. My female would be a woman of significant standing, young and still a maid she is entered into a marital contract with the newly crowned king of a neighbouring country. Whilst the king is an incredibly intelligent man with a strong head for politics and leadership, he is somewhat lacking in the virility of a youthful man. Pretty yes but he is not a man to get the blood pumping, a pampered life leaving him somewhat soft. His intended is a charming and equally intelligent girl with a curious mind.

Your male is not a knight or polished soldier of the royal army, but he is a warrior, a strong and infamous one at that.

So the country is made up of several kingdoms, think Saxon England for example. Now the kingdoms could be warring with each other, with several of the smaller kingdoms uniting through marriage and treaties to form an alliance against the larger. Or, the kingdoms unite against an invasion that is all up for discussion. But the main point is, two kingdoms unite and form their larger army but know they will not fair well without your characters people/army/militia or whichever you decide. So in exchange for extensive lands, all previous misdemeanors forgiven, titles and wealth and so on, the three states unite.

Onto our characters, the basis is they begin an affair. She isn’t threatened by your character and his men, she actually finds them quite fascinating. Looks are exchanged, curiosities pursued and before her wedding to the king they begin their affair.

We will also play out the war and political side and I am happy to play out multiple characters. I just really want to get this story going, I’ve been thinking about it for days now and it’s a high craving for me right now.

Rivals turned lovers, modern setting
The idea here is that two people live in a house share, and for whatever reason they just do not like each other. He thinks her stuck-up and she thinks him an arsehole. She hates how she always has to see out his latest conquest, and he can’t stand finding her stuff literally everywhere. Friends have suggested moving out to them but the truth is the rent is fair, location is perfect and the house is too nice to give up. They do what they can to avoid one another, but their paths so often cross.

One night the female of our duo comes home from a night out, she is a little drunk and visibly angry and upset. The male is surprisingly at home, a rarity on a Saturday night, but not without a few beers in him. She makes a dig about how surprising it is to see him without a bimbo wrapped about his waist whilst necking back a glass of wine. This leads into another argument, but rather than storming off to their respective rooms they find themselves tearing off each other’s clothing and having furiously passionate sex.

Come the morning when they wake up next to each other they are outraged by the tryst and throw insults, before spending the whole day avoiding one another. However neither can deny that what they shared was the best sex of their lives.

Suddenly it bothers him when he sees her with her boyfriend, jealousy ticks beneath his skin. Now each girl he brings home is a detestable whore, and she can’t keep back her nasty comments. Try as they might to fight their desire, they enter into a passionate affair, stealing moments when they can, indulging in all manner of fantasy and stealing whatever moment they can.

Ancient Rome, clash of cultures, conquered love
The idea is a little scruffy and needs some work, so bear with me.

This story will involve the Legatus (your character) and a prostitute (my character)

Though a prostitute she may be, she isn’t one of a normal backstreet brothel. A daughter of a chief from Gaul, she was purchased at market by one of the most high-end scholae’s of Rome. Groomed and educated to entertain Rome’s finest, she is still in holding of her maidenhood. She learns well and learns fast, and when a senator comes to hire for the return of the legions, he hires the Gaul.

Your character is notorious; his name alone is enough to strike fear and trepidation. A man as ruthless in battle as he is in person. The ladies of the scholae could only hope to be hired by such a man, despite the rumours of his less than delicate hand in intimate actions.

At the festivities it is the Gaul who catches his eye, and in his mind he seeks simply to conquer again. However she is not so soft of nature as the others, and quickly her wit, humour and refusal to be intimidated have him intrigued.  He takes another to his bed but it is the fair haired foreigner who occupies his mind.

A few nights pass and he calls at the Scholae and requests the company of the Gaul, taking her to the summer festivities as his guest. He is arrogant and she stubborn, but there is an undeniable fiery chemistry there.  He takes her to his bed, shocked to discover she is still a virgin.

In the morning she is still his guest, but he instructs her that he will not again take her to his bed unless she requests it of him.

Modern setting, toxic relationship
This story is about Sarah and Brad. They were childhood sweethearts, although their relationship always carried a stigma. She was the popular darling, a charming girl adored by most and prior to him whiter than white. He was from the rougher side of town, a bad boy who ended up expelled for fighting and working at a garage. Their relationship was turbulent and passionate, filled with lust and fire. When they weren't in each others arms they were driving each other insane.  They fought, they loved and it looked as if they were to destroy one another. But then she decided to go to college, and he didn't want her to go. Words were exchanged, things were thrown and the relationship was ended, with Sarah heading across the country to college. And they never spoke again.
Skip ahead five years and Sarah is back, and on a lunch run she bumps into Brad. The reunion is awkward but filled with the tension of revived lust and fury. But things have changed, and Sarah now wears a certain ring on her finger. Brad has spent years breaking hearts, but he has not fallen for anyone since Sarah left, her being the only one he ever loved. He filled the void with flings, drugs and trouble. Sarah grew and got the life she said she always wanted, but meeting Brad again reminded her of what has been absent, and that she is still in love with him.
So this story is about a turbulent and passionate relationship between two former lovers. Details are open to change, he could perhaps be a musician instead of a mechanic, or in criminal activity, gang or even underground MMA/boxing. He is your character to do with as you please, so long as you keep him in the "bad-guy" category to keep the contrast between our two characters.
There will be plenty of drama, confrontation, sexual tension and content in this story.

Modern setting, PTSD, obsession
Danny and Mark had been the best of buds since they first met in pre-school. Inseparable, they grew from robust little lads playing soldiers with sticks to strapping young men who could charm the pants off of anyone. They were never short on friends or female attention. As a general rule, where one went the other would follow. So it came as no surprise that when Mark joined up to the Marines, Danny followed suit.

But Mark’s parents absolutely abhorred war and told him that should he follow through with his plans, they would disown him.

And so Mark ended up moving in with Danny’s family. He was like a second son anyway, and spent most of his time there anyway. Danny’s family loved him, especially his younger sister Emma. She had harboured a crush for him as long as anyone could remember, and Mark too shared a secret soft spot for her.

The boys signed up and went off to basic training, and a few years after their sign-up they were off to Afghanistan for their first tour, but for Danny it was to be his last, for he was killed by an IED, something that Mark witnessed.

And when he came back, he had changed. Battled hardened but also mentally tortured by all that he had seen. Danny’s family insisted he stay with them, and hoped that they could all mend the wounds together.

In the absence, young Emma has blossomed into an absolute stunner, and she never really got over her childhood crush.

They all try to move on, but war has damaged Mark. Sometimes he is still the cheeky, funny and outgoing guy, but then memory returns and he becomes tortured, dark and aggressive.

Emma and Mark become romantically involved, but their relationship is quick to take a dark turn when Mark becomes obsessive and unable to control his PTSD.
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Re: Looking for a Male writing partner
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Edited and added on a setting