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Author Topic: Literate and dominant M wanted for a non-submissive F  (Read 1983 times)

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Literate and dominant M wanted for a non-submissive F
« on: June 14, 2015, 03:14:30 PM »
Below are some famous couplings and/or stories that I would like to role play. Now, I do not expect to follow the story how it was originally done, but rather create our own story based off of the concept. There are also a few other pairings that I would like to try out, and a few visual inspirations.

~ ❈ ~

♚ I am looking for a writing partner, so someone who isn’t afraid to toss in ideas and lead into scenarios. If you’re uncomfortable with something I put then just message me and I will happily edit. Be prepared that I will do the same. I like to talk outside the role play with partners, so someone communicative is required here. I do use skype to talk off site, but happy to keep it PMs.

♛ I do ask for someone capable of posting multiple paragraphs though. Whilst I understand that it is not always possible to pump out a five paragraph post, please try to give me something to work with, anything less than 4 lines and I tend to lose interest.

♚ Also, story before smut! If this becomes all about the sex then again I will lose interest. Purely smut based stories bore me, as do rushed sex scenes.

♛ I would also like a writing partner who understands that life comes first. I have a family and baby number 2 due in 11 weeks, role playing is just a hobby to let off my creativity. I do not use E for any form of sexual gratification, I just like to write without limitations. Please be aware that I am not active every day, and I can be a bit slow at replying right now as I am tired. Expect at least one post a week from me but do not hassle me.

♚ My on/offs are in my signature so please check over them before messaging. It states what sort of male character I liked to be paired against, and I am not flexible on that. My O/O’s are quite general, but if you check out my role-play preferences it goes into a little more detail there.

♛ More detailed ideas are listed in the second post.

~ ❈ ~

Please note that the below lists are only influences, we do not have to use them or their exact tales.

Achilles and Briseis
Zeus and one of his many lovers
Ares and his mortal lovers or Aphrodite
Orpheus and Eurydice

Rollo and Gisela or Poppa
Thor and Sif

King Arthur and Guinevere
Sir Lancelot and Guinevere
Tristan and Isolde

Robin Hood and Maid Marion

King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn


Heathcliff and Catherine
Tarzan and Jane
Beauty and the Beast
Romeo and Juliet


Historical/Medieval fantasy
Warrior x Princess
Warrior x Hunter
Invader x Native

Viking raider x Saxon noble

Centurion x Pictish warrior
Centurion / Foot soldier x British native (non fighting)
Gladiator x slave in the Spartacus rebellion

Arranged marriage
Pirate x Captured noble

Western outlaw x City girl


Male teacher x Female student







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Re: {F for M}
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2015, 04:08:14 AM »

Brother and Sister ideas
Characters will be labelled (B) for brother and (S) for sister.

•   Idea one. (B) has just come back from another extensive tour in Afghanistan (rank can be decided by yourself) and is greeted warmly by his large family. Including his sister who he hasn’t seen since she left to go travelling two years ago. They had always been close, and always up to mischief as children. Of course they kept in contact but haven’t physically seen each other in years. Until his return, where his once young and sweet sister has bloomed into a quite the young woman. There is an instant attraction on both parts which they think is just the joy at being reunited after so many years apart.

•   Idea two. More a step sibling setting, but the age old tale of two people getting married and bringing with them their children from previous relationships. Instantly, there is an attraction between the pair, but both have other partners and commitments. But when the parents head off for a three week honeymoon and the pair are left alone, and after throwing one wild party they find themselves in bed together. We could just change this to full siblings, or even twins and their parents head off for a second honeymoon.

•   Idea three. This is a blackmail story and will need someone with the ability to write a darker character. (B) has always had an unhealthy obsession with (S), always watched her always thought about her. From setting up secret cameras in her room, spying on her when in her room to even going through her room. But when she enters into a more serious relationship, his obsession takes a more sinister twist. So when their parents are out of town, he throws a fancy dress party for Halloween. At some point through the night (B) either beats up or spikes her boyfriend, taking his costume and pretends to be him and gets (S) into bed, and secretly recorded their tryst. Just after the pair of them have finished, he removes the mask and reveals who he is and what he has done, and that this was only the start.

•   Idea four. A medieval setting, (B) was sent out on a campaign six years previous, to further spread his father’s realm and to secure alliances from neighbouring realms. In his absence, the king is slowly being poisoned with his wife intent on marrying his younger more viral brother. The king dies, but the queen is not taken as bride as she has planned but rather the usurper has his eyes set on the princess. Word gets to (B) of his father’s murder and he makes a hasty return, quick to reclaim his father’s crown and rescue his beloved (S).

Older male and younger female ideas
•   Teacher and student setting. She is in her final year (15/16 if in England, 17/18 if in America) and about to commence what will be her most demanding year of life, so far. He is a new to teaching the senior year/the school and though never before entertained the idea of getting involved with a student, there is an instant attraction to one girl. And when monitoring a detention one evening, and seeing she is among the group for skipping class, he sees a perfect opportunity to start his seduction.

•   Boss and employee. She is the latest secretary to Mr big shot, an aggressively powerful man who has never failed to get what he wants. Devastatingly attractive, his last PA and secretary quit due to his inability to commit and her broken heart. Mr big shot has set his eyes on the young new secretary, but is finding her irritatingly unobtainable, almost void to his advances. But he loves a challenge, and though she keeps denying him, he persists. This will be a lot of build-up and seduction; details can be fine-tuned between us.

•   Ranch hand/pro rider and city girl. Accepting an invitation from his cousin to visit country estate in the summer, the father whisks his family down south to spend a while enjoying a break from the city. She did not want to go, but upon arrival she sees one guy in particular practising rodeo in one of the paddock, and is instantly attracted, and sets about getting herself noticed.

•   I am open to any other pairing suggestions you may have.

Set roughly around the Victorian Era
She is the prized daughter of an aristocrat, born to privilege and wealth and lined up to marry a man of wealth and status. One night in celebration of her coming nuptials, she attends the Gypsy fair that has come to the city.

Among the usual fortune tellers, freak shows and dancers there is one that captures her eye, the animal tamer. Devilishly handsome with tanned skin and dark hair, a body of perfectly sculptured muscles, he instantly has the girls in frenzy. But the to-be bride is enthralled, watching as he so easily and calmly works with the animals, from fierce tigers to more graceful horses; it is almost like their minds are connected.

Intrigued by him, she makes her way over after his display to talk to him. And the spark is instant.

. . .

I am looking for a romantic edge to this one, and it’ll be the male opening up the females mind and body to all knew experiences.

Of Power and Crowns

1. This isn't a fully formed plot. Just an idea I have been toying with. About a powerful man that becomes King. Could be by force, inheriting the throne or politics. But he is strong and powerful, perhaps arrogant but a strong leader. This story will be about him taking my female character as his bride. Either by force, or political reasons. This will be set in a medieval era, perhaps maybe in a fantasy setting, this could all be discussed and developed between the pair of us.


2. A King of a fictional realm has been killed, and his son held accountable for the Murder. Executed for the murder, it leaves only his sister and the cruel and dangerous Right hand of the King to take his place on the throne, as he planned. To seal the deal, he takes the young Princess for his bride to quash any doubts anyone has over his new place on the throne. Or we could use the same story, but have the brother in the place of the Right hand  and he uses his sister for his own perverted needs and wants, her being the prettiest in the realm

 It could be N/C if you'd like, but I would like a story behind this, perhaps even throw in a war or invasion. Again, all this is to be discussed with you.

Neither side will win both suffering serious losses to their armies. Starvation is looming, disease and ailment will deplete those already wounded from fray. But neither leader will back down, neither will surrender to the other. Which leaves only two choices: war or compromise?

The King of the home land and the Leader of the invading armies meet and quarrel out their demands and needs, and after many days of strenuous and exhausting talks come to an agreement. In exchange for vast plots of land, coin and titles, the invaders offer no more attacks and their finest warriors to defend the realm from further attacks. All of this will be sealed with a marriage, the Kings daughter to the Chief.

The characters can be juggled around, it can be Niece, Sister or even ward to the King. And it doesn’t have to be the chief; it could be his son or just their most fearsome warrior. All this can be discussed further through PMs.

Time Periods
The Tudors - 1485 - 1603, ideally the era that Henry VIII reigned (1491 - 1547). Anything involving political intrigue, court drama, deceit, drama and romance etc. I would like to do a real gritty period drama with someone who knows at least a little about the time period and how people acted.

The Viking era 793 - 1066. Ideally I would like to do something involving the Viking invasion of Britain, play about with something here with battles and violence etc.

Ancient Rome Roman Kingdom 753 - 509 BC, Roman Republic 509 - 27 BC or Roman Empire 27 BC - 1453 AD. I have loads of ideas rolling about for this and each depends on what era we use, Kingdom, Republic or Empire. But again, a gritty and mature role play would be good, and I don't necessarily mean smut and sex all the time. Violence, dominant men and cruelty towards slaves etc.

Medieval or Medieval Fantasy I would be aiming for the early dark ages, so anything pre 1100 for this. Something involving war and drama, with adventure and plenty of character development. I don't want light and fluffy though, so no pretty fairies and unicorns prancing about. There will be a darker theme to it

Guns of the West
In his prime, he felt that he ruled the west alongside his gang of wanted men. Although he killed, robbed, and acted as violent as he pleased, he had enough sense not to harm little children or to rape women. He wanted a name for himself that made people fear him, not a name that made people think of him as a sick and perverted psychopath...

After a fight among the group, he decided to go his separate way and do things to his liking. However, after only a few months, he ended up caught and put behind bars. Due to his long and winding rap sheet, he was sentenced to hanging the next morning... To his luck, the sheriff watching him wasn't the brightest and he managed an escape in the midst of the night, taking off into the fields on the outskirts of the town.
In the middle of the field, he notices a large stallion that is set for riding. Believing the rider to be asleep in the hills nearby, he attempts to take the horse, only to be knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of his head. When he awakens, he is tied to a pillar in an abandoned barn and a woman sits nearby. The woman is a 'legendary' bounty hunter known as Blind Eyed Gunner.

For years, she's traveled the west hunting down wanted men. Instead of immediately taking him back to jail, she informs him that his old group has gone off the deep end... Only a week ago, they had raped, murdered, and set ablaze an entire village. While far from happy to give him the option, she offers him a chance at freedom. If he agrees to assist her in finding the group, she will give him half the reward money and allow him to wander off to restart his life wherever he chooses.

The answer to her offer is easy as he has no intention of hanging in the morning. The two do not get along at first, but they will learn in time to work together and form a mutual friendship if they want their goal to be met.
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Re: Literate and dominant M wanted for a non-submissive F
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2016, 06:45:15 AM »

I am particularly craving something involving a clash of cultures right now, and really looking for a Tarzan themed story.