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March 01, 2021, 07:23:06 pm

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Author Topic: Fantasy: Treason and Triumph [lit. M for lit. F]  (Read 413 times)

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Fantasy: Treason and Triumph [lit. M for lit. F]
« on: June 02, 2020, 04:00:48 am »
Dear lady/-ies,
Hello potentially interested ladies,

The crazy state of the world has whisked away the majority of my current writing partners, which has left me with the time and desire for a new story. I have included my currently most favourite story pitch as an example.

My staple stories are of the medieval fantasy variety, and that’s exactly what I’m in the market for: something gritty, detailed and gripping, titillating and seasoned with delicious scandal. Treason and triumph are part and parcel of the courtly intrigue I and my characters like to engage in. I am by no means looking for innocents. Bring me your ambitious, wild, even spiteful cast so we may dabble in personality clashes and friction. I'm looking for a partner in crime and kink. Speaking of which: kink-wise it are power, possession and control that are my drugs of choice. I'll gladly elaborate. You will find out more about story and preferences below. The post is compartmentalised for ease of reading. Should something not be clear, feel free to contact me for extra information.

First Pitch:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A younger son of an ageing king, MC is of the blood royal but finds himself robbed of most of its privileges once his father takes a new wife. The princes and princesses born of his first marriage are presented with a choice: accept and conform or oppose and leave. Already on thin ice after a military blunder for which he is blamed but not responsible, MC is banished from court. While his elder brothers silently condemn their sire, they play along with him and his new bride as to retain royal favour. The king is bedazzled by her, at the cost of alienating MC and several of his noblemen.

Her lavish lifestyle and lust for the high life has the king rack up debts with alacrity. All the while, she extends her hold over government of the island kingdom, sending high-ranking nobles in high dudgeon as continental possessions are lost. The kingdom and empire which the king’s ancestors worked so hard to build is fraying at the edges as territory after territory is gobbled up by foreign powers. Even in his own island realm, the king haemorrhages power to the gain of his powerful barons and his overbearing new and ambitious queen.

Meanwhile, MC has gone into exile. Betrothed to a continental noblewoman when they were merely children, he sails for one of the last footholds of his father's kingdom on the continent. These are the last lands left to him, a piece of his late mother’s inheritance. He has come to safeguard his sun-soaked duchy, claim his bride and look for an opportunity to turn the tide in the losing war. He must prove himself. But can he convince his supposed in-laws to honour the arrangement made by his mother? Can he then convince the local gentry and nobility to follow him into battle against the odds? After all, why would they cater to a disgraced prince? And most importantly, who is the woman he is to take as his wife? His prospective spouse has blossomed into a radiant woman with a keen mind of her own, reared in luxury and culture. Surely, she (YC?) has something to say about all of this.

Inspiration: Game of Thrones, The Witcher, The Plantagenets, 13th Century England and France, The Hundred Year's War, ...

Second Pitch:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Calliam de Corbay has set his sights and ambition upon becoming the most powerful man of the continent. Elevated to the Duchy of Normaundy at age seven as a figurehead for one of his rapacious uncles, he has fought hard for his right to rule every day since. Life was dangerous, his immediate enemies legion. Surviving an assassination attempt around the age of twelve caused him to mature before his time, with suspicion tainting his character. He has nevertheless grown up to be a clever and resourceful man, a lord and knight of renown. This reputation appealed to the childless king of the realm who came to rely upon the young duke to protect his northern borders.

Rumour has it that he once promised Calliam the throne, though the old monarch’s kin vehemently opposes the idea. Not only would their family see royal privileges lost, but the realm would be headed by a man whose grand-father was an inveterate raider and Viking pirate. The Normaunds are, after all, only one step removed from their savage origins.

Indeed, Calliam’s forebears only attained their rank due to being confirmed as masters over the territories they had taken by force. A man with such conqueror’s blood running through his veins will not be so easily dismissed. Even now he prepares to pursue his right by force if need be, unafraid to square off against other claimants, be they foreign or domestic. Naturally, he realises he is in need of allies and his gaze eagerly sweeps the land in search of a woman worthy of being his future duchess and perhaps even queen…

Inspiration: 1066, The Norman Conquest, Game of Thrones, ...

I. What am I looking for?

There are obviously myriad possibilities, and I would love to hear your own as well. Most things are up for discussion. I have basic pairings and plots in mind, but ultimately I want to bounce them off of you so we come up with a mutually brainstormed story. I am without a doubt looking for something including a woman with attitude, be it arrogance, sass or brattiness (or a heady mix of all). There has to be a tug and pull, with plenty of sparks flying around. Whether or not she experiences a fall from grace, or has to be put in her place is up to what we agree on. Bring on the plot and debauchery. I'd like the story we come up with to be provocative and succulent. After all, most of us are on here to write something risqué and licentious. There are multiple pairings we could go with, which I want to work out with my partner. Sorceresses, brides, priestesses and princesses - there are many options available.

My own tastes veer towards the historical and fantastical. The Middle Ages and Antiquity are my forte, but I enjoy most historical periods for inspirational tableaus. Usually I mix and match historical with fantasy elements to come to something new. Preferably I do this by a little bit of fantasy world-building where historical elements are combined with our imagination. This also offers us more liberty as writers and storytellers.

I have a few plots to pitch, and several example threads listed below, at the bottom of this post. Please check them out! I’m mostly interested in something 'Fantasy' à la Witcher, or Song of Ice and Fire or something with a 12th – 15th Century flavour to it. I'm also open to a fandom in these settings.

If none of these catch your eye, then do suggest something yourself!

II. Who am I looking for?
Who and what am I exactly looking for? A (kinky) female writer of daring disposition, someone who is not scared of describing adult themes. An erudite, dedicated female writer wanting to play a feisty female opposite one or several of my characters. An ambitious female keen on and capable of crawling into the brain of one (or several) character(s). I am looking for story and smut in somewhat equal measure and quality, though for me story usually takes precedence. Without a salacious story there can’t be salacious smut. Story and character depth are important. My writing partner is someone who is preferably available over Discord (PM me) to discuss the plotline, hooks and characters. Who has at the very least glossed over my o/Os and preferences or previous posts. And, who is a proficient and prolific writer, unafraid of grey morality, explicit and passionate descriptions, love and pain both, grim tales, ... The RP itself would unfold on the forums, but (and I cannot stress this enough) OOC communication is key.

III. Practical notes:
Let me cover the practical stuff. Hopefully the next segment won’t come across as too coarse. If it appears blunt, it is for clarity’s sake. Never fear, ladies  ;) As a gentleman, I do have manners. Promise.

  • Communication:
    Communication is key! To that end I ask for contact details, to connect via Discord. Initial greetings and introductions over PMs is all well and good, but a collaborative experience like this benefits from a chat service. The past has taught me that OOC chatter and an extra channel of communication hugely improves the RP. I am eager to hear from you! Feedback and comments are appreciated. Particularly when hammering out our character pairing and dynamic. It all adds ease, fluidity and spontaneity to brainstorming and discussion, etc. Merely corresponding over PMs is good but not good enough. However, actual RP would take place on the forum.

  • Post length:
    A writer who can produce quality posts of 400 words and up. Obviously, word count will vary per post, and is subject to character interaction, situation in the story, etc. Nevertheless, I think 400 – 500 indicates a decent average, particularly for dialogue posts. My own posts usually cap around the 600- to 700-word range, but descriptive or introductory posts can grow to over double that. Check out my posts for an example of my writing, style and tastes.

  • Frequency:
    I try to get a post out at least once a week. Life can be hectic, I’m more than aware. The next bit ties in with communication. I am quite patient as long as you keep me in the loop. I tend to post at least once a week, and I expect the same to maintain my interest in the game. This is a rule of thumb and obviously posting times may vary. If you simply aren't able to post to our game, I'd love it if you'd let me know. If you'd like to terminate the RP, there will be no hard feelings. If something isn’t working out or you’d like a change, just let me know.

In any case, my ideal partner should be available for brainstorming plot, pairings and characters. While I can provide other concepts or pairings, I would combine them with your own suggestions and proposals. Where do you want to play? Who? What sort of character? These questions and more I would love to iron out via IM. Let's talk. The goal is to weave a tale that belongs to both of us, as opposed to one of us dictating the ensemble. If my current pitch did not appeal to you, then I encourage you to make a suggestion of your own or ask me about some of my other ideas.

Do you think you fit the writer profile? Hit me up and let's work something out!

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Re: Fantasy: Treason and Triumph [lit. M for lit. F]
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2020, 06:05:11 am »
One slot down, but still looking for one or two more takers. Feel free to come at me with your own ideas or takes on my pitches. Happy to brainstorm and work something out, or take a look at your threads/plots.

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Re: Fantasy: Treason and Triumph [lit. M for lit. F]
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2020, 01:22:04 pm »
Added a second pitch. Also open to fantasy fandom settings.