Male looking for female writer for long-term delight (fantasy - feisty royal)

Started by Delirium147, November 24, 2016, 07:20:09 AM

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First off: thank you for checking the thread out. I invite you to do the same with my O/Os page and general request thread (links in my signature). As the title implies I am looking for a female partner in fantasy story. Below you can find an IC prompt and some OOC information on what I am looking for exactly. Bear in mind that practically everything is up for discussion. To that end I prefer talking over a chat service, preferably Skype or YIM/AOL. I am also willing to engage in a suggestion of your own.

Your to-do list:

  • Read this thread
  • Peruse my O/Os page
  • Send me a pm and perhaps include some contact details

Based on: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, Tigana, Broken Empire Series, The Witcher franchise, this great story of Letrie and mine.

IC description:
A thousand years ago the myriad of states that comprise the Northern Kingdoms were one. The Old Empire has become all but a distant memory in the minds of the common folk, even though the kings and queens, dukes and duchesses are eager to exploit such ancient claims in the pursuit of unification. Five great bloodlines lay claim to the old heritage. Yet, recently such heirs have grown thin. Every ally is a potential enemy and vice versa. Trust made way for suspicion and old friendships fell apart.

The world is in chaos. The air is thick with tension and the smoke of burnt villages. The fearsome Empire of Namare crossed the Yarra River and Ered Mountains, ravaging the helpless Northern Kingdoms. Fraught with internecine struggle and mutual distrust, the northern realms failed to make common cause. This resulted in the occupation of several kingdoms by the expansive southern power profiting from their division. In spite of a late rallying cry and unexpectedly unified effort to repulse the invaders, the monarchs of the north remain at one another’s throats. Namare has been stopped for the moment, but at a cost.

In these uncertain times, no one can say what fortune holds in store, who will bring peace to the world and who will visit only misery on it. Asteille once a proud nation now groans under Namarese occupation. Comprehensively sacked, the great port city of Bellesea was reduced to a smouldering ruin. Its palaces and places of learning scorched from existence.

King Tristan’s toddler son was unceremoniously hewn down as he stood with his wooden sword pointing at the Namarese troops that had come to defile and rape his mother. His infant brother suffered a similar fate: his head smashed against the fire mantle as the soldiers ripped his mother’s dress.

Tristan’s daughter had been spirited out of harm’s way in time, becoming the legitimate heir to her father’s throne.  The Emperor was livid upon hearing of the botched undertaking. The daughter had got away – a ghost to be hunted yes, but one’s whose name would haunt the Namarese Emperor until the end of his days. As long as the girl was alive and able to lay a blood claim to Asteille the kingdom’s conquest would remain incomplete.

OOC information:
As you have perhaps noticed I am looking for someone to pick up the role of this King Tristan’s daughter. Preferably you write ~400 words per post, three paragraphs or so though length may ultimately vary depending on the situation. The story would pick up a few years, perhaps a decade, after the initial conquest, with the surviving princess re-emerging on the world’s stage. She is an important character obviously; a great heiress with a story of her own to tell, a wild card. A person, in short, who can shape this world.

Though her personality is ultimately up to the writer portraying her, I do have a few ideas on this part. She would have spent a considerable time on the run, in hiding, fleeing agents of the Emperor. This would impact her personality. I believe that she would be damaged but at the same time able to look out for herself. She is a survivor. Her return to the game was, I would say, voluntary which means a great sense of ambition to regain what is hers. Considered a piece on the board I see her developing in a player in her own right. (What I am not looking for though is a copy of Daenarys Stormborn or Ciri.)

After having been fairly asked by a most astute lady, I need to ammend the ommission of what I'll be writing. For this story I was thinking of playing a character along the lines of a professional soldier, a mercenary captain (maybe some of you might be familiar with John Hawkwood). He'd be related to one king/queen or other but far too distant to be of any real importance other than being able to use the name. He'd be a soldier of fortune with not the best of reputations. His vocation has allowed him to thrive in times of war with the empire or the various petty squabbles of the northern kingdoms, but in times of peace he and his company would have to resort to brigandry.

Sexually and kink-wise I would say that is up for discussion. My own preferences are listed in my O/Os thread. Know that I a rather enjoy powerplay and non-con elements. I want to see sparks fly from my screen.

I also have some ideas set for how the world and those that populate it work, but I shan't go into detail. This is already a wall of text. Looking forward to hearing from interested parties!
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