Antivirus Recommendations?

Started by Twisted Crow, November 29, 2019, 05:29:48 PM

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Twisted Crow

Malwarebytes is my go-to for what it is good for, but it can't do everything. I am curious as to what others might use to work in tandem with it, anything that specializes in antivirus that is considered reliable?

Thanks in advance.  :-)



AVG isn't bad, there is a free version and paid one. The free version also comes with a file shredder, email as well as a web shield. The email shield blocks unsafe attachments and the web shield blocks web attack and unsafe downloads. It also scans USB drives. ( It works on Mac and Windows computers. There is also android version of it.
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I have Bitdefender. It runs quietly in the background without hogging resources, is entirely no-maintenance (the only option is toggling off the daily scan, and why would you want to do that?), and the only time you are reminded of its presence is if you catch the brief pop-ups that inform you it has updated, finished its scan or nuked something.
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For years the only antivirus I run on my home machine is Windows Defender and I've never had any problems.  Today a lot of the issue is more making sure you're being safe while browsing and opening emails.

Before I used AVG, which someone already recommended.

For business use, I use ESET although when we move the office we might go with something a little more feature rich.
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I use Avast, which has a free and paid version you can go for.   I've used it for about 8 years now, since their paid subscription is cheaper than the one I was previously using (which was Norton), and I've had no issues in that time frame.


It should be noted that for users of Windows 10, the built in security (Windows Defender) is quite adequate, and runs about middle of the pack for effectiveness.  I'm not working for Microsoft or anything, but I like my system to be lean, and Windows Defender is a core part of the operating system so it doesn't have much impact the system.

If you have sound practices (don't download programs from dark alleys, don't click on seedy links, keep your browsers and OS up to date) then you should be fine with it.  And you can breath a little easier knowing that Windows 10 has decent protection right out of the box.

And if you want more, or you have bias against MS (it happens), then you can install anything.  Defender will shutdown automatically when it sees another program installed. When I was the IT for a small company (many years ago, before Microsoft Security Essentials), we used Grisoft AVG, starting with the free version, and ending up with a license block and our own update server.