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Author Topic: NightLux's Cravings, Ideas and More! (M Seeking F)  (Read 1227 times)

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NightLux's Cravings, Ideas and More! (M Seeking F)
« on: August 24, 2015, 07:17:49 PM »
Status (December'16): Currently Seeking New Partners

Please reply via PM

It should go without saying, but please check my Ons and Offs to make sure we're compatible.  It might also be a good idea to check out my post history to get an idea of my writing style, the length I tend to post and grammar.  Like most writers, I can make certain adjustments - a tense situation will have a different tone than a romantic or erotic scene, but for the most part you'll be able to piece together the parts of me that will shine through.  And note that I'll be doing the same of you as well.

As another general note, the ideas listed here are just that - ideas.  Even if I've spent a lot of digital ink writing about something, feel free to offer suggestions or other changes - you might very well have thought of something I might not have.  I certainly do that when I'm replying to others.  The goal of any story is to make it enjoyable for everyone involved and, hopefully, a stray reader or two.  I almost always play a male, although I'm open to playing a female in a FxF pairing.  Finally, I almost always desire original characters.  That said, I don't mind characters looking like particular people or canon characters, so long as they are not them. 

As for how I've broken things down, those I've listed as cravings are those ideas that I really want to develop (and am actively working on myself) and would absolutely love someone to ask me about.  Normally I just highlight ones that I really, really want in the glowing-red thingy.  Next, the Developed Section - these I have more worked out and I've included a short blurb of the idea, then more in the spoiler tag.  Those I've marked as glowing are pretty much the ones I'm really looking forward to (basically, a fleshed out craving).  Beyond that are just inspirations, pictures I've found that have given me ideas, worlds/fandoms I enjoy, plus pairings that are always welcome.

So welcome, perhaps we can write together...
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Re: NightLux's Cravings (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2016, 03:39:21 PM »
  • Any of the Developed Ideas in the next message, especially Stepping Sideways, A Debt Owed and an Adventurer's Betrothal.
  • A female Jedi on the run connects with a Smuggler to escape the Empire... (or Sith in the Old Republic)
  • While on a island vacation, he falls hard for a woman he can't forget
  • What first started as friendly teasing between "rivals" becomes something more when she has to start recovering from an injury (another picture)
  • A dark queen finally gets her quarry - the prince-in-exile that led a failed revolt against her rule

Developed Ideas
  • Stepping Sideways: It had started with a small experiment, unintentional but stunning in its implications.  He had accidentally found a way to step between alternate realities, worlds very similar to each other but... different.  He had been really careful, hoping not to attract attention but when he met her... that all changed.  Now governments on both of their worlds have taken notice that things are appearing that just aren't right.  Now the two of them, from different realities, must work together to keep their worlds - and others - from going to war.
    Thoughts (and recent spoiler warning too!)
    This idea is influenced a lot by Sliders, Fringe, and generic sci-fi, but also by Man in the High Castle.  I have no problem having my character not being from our world, but rather a slightly different one.  This one could also be a "group" RP if we wanted to have people from different worlds entirely.  I love alternate history so I would be more than happy to write these various worlds for the characters.  A few examples of what women might look like from two of these worlds.
  • New Founding: It had been the dream of the Peacekeepers, helping the races of the galaxy to overcome their primitive urges to slaughter each other and instead join in the New Founding.  Many tried to fight against the New Founding and its Peacekeepers, but the much older race could not be stopped, their ships seemingly invincible to the younger races.  The smarter ones simply bent knee and accepted their Truth.  First the New Founding worlds, even their own, were opened to all, allowing the races to mingle like never before.  Now they have begun colonizing new, untouched worlds, to ensure a future where the races see each other as equals and partners, not creatures occupying strategic resources.  We are such colonists, but the world we are colonizing holds a terrible secret, one that not even the Founders know...
    This idea originally came up after playing way too much Stellaris as something other than xenophobic purifiers (suffer not the xeno!).  Basically, our characters will be from different species who are attempting to prove they can coexist.  Part of my wants to do this in the Mass Effect universe (given Andromeda seems to be similar to this idea) but really most any would do.  And while I do have a developing plot we could run, this could go any other direction.  Would love to work on it with you too.
  • A Debt Owed: With his home burning and the armies broken, a man prayed to whatever god would hear him for the power to make things right, or at very least, get revenge.  But it was not a god that answered him, but rather a powerful fiend, a devil from the deepest pits of hell.  He offered power, a piece of his essence in return for his soul.  And the man accepted without question.  Now, fifteen years later, that devil has sent one of his own to accept payment.  she finds him without much problem, but no one seemed to tell her that he's taken that power and turned it into something more powerful than anyone expected.  He leads a small band of adventurers, seeking to find and punish those who deserve it.  So she joins that little group, taking a disguise while she figures out how best to accomplish her mission.  But in the back of her mind, there have been times when those who owed such debts managed to get out of them... and slowly she hopes he does too.
    I'm kind of taking inspiration from the Warlock class from 3.5 D&D and beyond.  I've been playing a lot of 5E while I get my muse back in order and this has always been a question I've had - these warlocks sell their souls, but what happens if they're not ready to give it away when their patron wants it?  This is pretty open ended and could go many ways, but I see it as a sort of romance between then, with the obvious opportunity to blow it up when she reveals who she really is.  He's not a "good" person by any means, but he's also not evil.  He just goes around seeking his own form of justice and has made quite a name for himself in the process.
  • An Adventurer's Betrothal: A relatively minor noble by birth, he had grown famous for his heroic deeds and his devotion to the crown.  A skilled warrior and a brilliant tactician, he'd faced down armies twice that of his and emerged victorious.  Young and handsome, he was beloved by the entire kingdom.  Tales were told of his adventurers, joining with what rag-tag bands might travel through the kingdom to eliminate threats that an army was ill-suited.  His fame greater than his father, he had just assumed none would attempt to make a match for him without his consent.  He was wrong.  The Queen, an ageless sorceress who served her people with the greatest of devotion, sought an husband of her daughter, a powerful sorceress in her own right and perhaps the only other adventurer in the kingdom with the sort of fame he had.  Everyone agreed - except the two of them.  In three months, they would be wed.  In the meantime, they decided the other way to know if they would be a good pair - or kill each other - is to set off for one last adventure before their nuptials.
    The goal here is not so much drama, but a bit of humor.  Imagine if the princess and her bethrothed disappeared into dangerous situations months before their marriage.  I imagine she's by no means a spoiled princess - she's powerful in her own right.  Perhaps they take on different personas so they're not instantly recognized throughout the kingdom, or maybe they don't.  I see this as a fun story where they do fall for each other and becoming a long-term story.  We could RP their wedding and then they continue to adventure afterwards.  I DM regularly, so I could come up with ideas quite quickly.
  • A New Normal: By the time she was in her early twenties, she had risen from the ranks of the unknown to becoming one of the most recognizable faces - and bodies - in pop music, breaking sale records with each and every new single released.  Everyone knew her name, even if they didn't like her music.  He, on the other hand, had a much more normal life: he went to college and went into the corporate world, only to become disillusioned and found his real calling as a teacher.  Their paths seemed entirely different, but they originated just a few hundred feet from each other, having lived across the street from each other.  They weren't friends, not really, she was to him whatever it was the siblings of a girlfriend are; to her, she was just her sister's boyfriend.  But that changed when she suddenly passed, the loss of his first love bringing him home, the loss of her sister recalling her.  And yet, from the grave of whom they both loved, something else is about to blossom...
    The general idea here is not that she has been secretly pining over him and he her, but rather a more robust, real relationship that develops after their joint-tragedy.  The title I've selected is also a play on a lot of the different things that they'd have to work through if they were to develop a relationship: for example, if word got out, he'd instantly be on the entertainment news and the privacy he was accustomed to would be gone; would she find the normal life he lives a refreshing break from the excess and glamour that she leads, or would it eventually bore her and even vice versa?  There's a lot to unpack and explore.
  • Life and Love: They grew up knowing each other, back before cell phones and the internet.  When the only time you could play game more advanced than Nintendo was at the arcade.  This is the story of their life and love, all the ups and downs, times together and apart.  From the 80s to today, they're lives have been anything but ordinary, although to them, it is just life.
    More Thoughts
    This idea has been crawling around in my brain as I've been looking at one shots and trying to come up with ideas... all seem to be about superb, special people and grand adventures.  What about just a good, classic story?  To contrast with the idea above, teachers marry police officers and live lives.  And looking at my own parents (and being into genealogy) those lives are pretty damn interesting as well.  My thoughts is that we'd cover big points in life - them being friends, high school sweethearts, prom, college, marriage/honeymoon, etc - but also the low points - breakups, loss of parents/siblings, that sort of thing.  This idea would require a fierce commitment and a willingness to really explore them as people, not just characters as vehicles to a grand scene or two.

Quick Hits
  • A starship captain captures and arrests a pirate, yet there's something about him...
  • A shapely elven knight seeks a new partner for her adventures.
  • A steampunk beauty - my thought is that this could be an airship/Skies of Arcadia style story, but I'm open to others
  • A female on the run and the bounty hunter chasing her (inspiration is Star Wars fandom, but this could as easily be an original setting or even historical and set in the Wild West)
  • A spacer and his partner give in to each other even as their loyalties are out to the test
  • A mechanic looks for a position on a starship.
  • Not sure what we could build, but I find picture just swirling at my thoughts.
  • While I'm at it, I'll link to this one too.
  • And another (does she have a dagger in her hand?)
  • Another that I like
  • Last one, I promise.

Fandoms and Pairings
As I mentioned above, I love these worlds and would enjoy pretty much any story set in them.  I'm not opposed to using canon characters if these stories became a "what if" where things changed rather than trying to tie it into canon.  In most cases, these are the real "odds and ends" of worlds/pairings that I'm game for.

  • Dragon Age
  • Mass Effect (pre-Reapers or in the aftermath)
  • Stargate (either early adventurs as SG-2/3/4 or post-series)
  • Forgotten Realms (D&D)
  • Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Assassin's Creed (especially Template x Assassin)
  • Babylon 5
  • Fallout
  • Halo (especially after the Covenant War)
  • Warcraft/WoW
  • Supernatural
  • Arrow-verse

  • Drow female x non-drow adventurer
  • Insurgent x Loyalist
  • Slave x Master (alternate history or fantasy please)
  • Researcher x Subject (most likely Sci-Fi but could be fantasy)
  • Boss x Employee
  • Teacher x Student's Parent
  • Criminal x Cop
  • Neighbor x Neighbor
  • Blackmailer x Victim
  • Father x Child's Tutor
  • Alien x Human
  • Suggest others!
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Re: NightLux's Cravings, Ideas and More! (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2016, 01:43:33 PM »
I've done a pretty decent rework, added fandoms and pairings, moved a few from cravings to more fully developed and added a few more.  Please let me know if any interest you!