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Author Topic: NightLux's Cravings and Desires (Multiple Genres, Light/NC/BDSM)  (Read 3133 times)

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Status: Seeking new partners

“Don't ever let anyone put out your light because they are blinded by it.”

Please do not post in this thread, if something catches your eye or imagination, please let me know via PM.

Thank you for taking a moment and clicking on my link.  Below are the ideas that I've come up with, sorted loosely by genre.  Newer ideas are usually at the bottom of each section and while they may be newer, that doesn't mean that they're elevated in desire over older ideas.  But if you want to know exactly what I'm looking for (as of the last update) take a look at the first reply to this thread for my Cravings.  These are stories that for whatever reason really light the fires of desire and I would love to get moving.  I know there is a lot but please take a look.  My goal with all of this is to make it as easy to search through as possible.  To the right is a Table of Contents that will bring you to each post below based on the genre.  Each section's header graphic will bring you back up here.

While I do sort these idea by genre, please note that really I only break these into five general categories, listed and linked to the right.  Some ideas might stretch the bounds of an idea - is a magical steampunk idea set in the 1800s "Historical" or "Fantasy"? - I will aim more for the thematic elements I've thought of the story than just strictly setting.  Some elements are background and others direct the focus/plot of the story; I'll categorize by the later, not the former.  Really, its just what I thought when I elevated it to a full story from my development thread.  If you want to get an idea of what might be coming to this thread soon (or you just want more to look at), in-development stories will be in my Storage thread.  Also, at the top of each section is a list of all the titles and links - click to go straight there!

I'm a fairly easygoing person and work well with others, but I make no apologize for being somewhat picky about selecting my partners.  The reason I come here is to enjoy the collaborative experience and write with others, not to dictate the story to another.  If there's ever anything you're unsure about, uncomfortable with or just downright don't like, please let me know and we'll work through it together.  I want this to be engaging and fun for both of us; not something we both do out of a sense of obligation because we agreed to write out some story.  For more information about me, please read my On's and Off's. 

If you do PM me, please give me some meat to chew on or something to look forward to.  I understand not wanting to write a lot if a story might not be available; feel free to ask and then hit me with that wall of text when I say it is.  But if I'm having to pull teeth to get ideas and information for you, especially about your character, we're going to have some problems.
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« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2016, 03:39:21 PM »
These are three ideas from below that I have a genuine craving to explore and begin above all others, listed here in order of my level of craving, from first to third.  The tradeoff, however, is that I have a better good idea of what I want in these stories so I might be a bit more inflexible than normal.  Do not that dissuade you from offering other ideas and concepts within the list below.  Even thought I probably have more stories than I should, being totally addicted to Elliquiy, I will always entertain on of these ideas, even if my status above says differently.

Below each image is the name of the story that is associated with that image and it links down to the full description below.  Each description also has a link back here!

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Contemporary Ideas
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2016, 01:43:33 PM »
Stories ideas here tend to focus on the periods from the postwar era of the 1940s and 1950s through the modern day/near-future.  While some of the stories here might have elements of fantasy, such as magic existing but hidden away from the world or perhaps elves or such living on the fringes of society, the primary focus is their interactions with issues of the day.  That said, I usually try to stay away from the political issues of the day unless it is central to the story and then, I prefer that they be on the "correct" side of the argument (pro-interracial/gay marriage, pro-Civil Rights/Human Rights), although they don't have to necessarily start there.  These stories also tend to be a bit more comical at times, especially when a character suddenly has to deal with magic emerging in some form.

What I look for in a partner with these sorts of stories in a believable character that really inhabits the story.  These stories are close enough to our real lives that we have an up-close familiarity with the situations they will be faced and, while this might fade as we get closer toward the 1940s, there is enough popular culture and primary sources to ground the characters.  While most of my stories usually focus on the relationship between the two characters, stories in this setting usually focus even more on it and usually involve them knowing each other first.  That familiarity, however, might range from longing from afar to former lovers and everything in between.  Finally, I prefer characters in this setting to have a world outside of the partner, friends and family, expectations, etc.  Many times these features can be used to make a good story great.

Leather and Lights and Everything Nice
Inspiration: Modern, Fast and Furious
Rating: Light, BDSM, maybe NC
Pairing: Male x Female (Civilian x Biker/Racer)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Dark. Neon Lights. Sex. Money

Life was good.  Good job.  Nice girlfriend.  Comfortable life.  But he was bored as hell.  He wanted some excitement, he the straight-laced human resources director for a respectable business.  And after another annoying fight with his girlfriend, he decided it was time for a change.  Heading to a seedier bar that would let him see the other side, he ran into her.  He'd always loved motorcycles and racing but the straight and narrow doesn't have much room for that.  Who said he couldn't try to balance both, even if he knew the likely result.  He had to break some of the rules and damn if she didn't provide a litany of good reasons to.  And maybe, just maybe, she had a few good reasons of letting him tag along too.

My only hard requirement in this story is that my partner play a confident, strong woman.  I'm not looking for hard BDSM and not even much of that, just rather she's got this forceful personality from making her way in this world and who the hell is he to change that?  But their relationship is a major driver of this story, them finding a balance between the two of them that works, damned what others say.  This isn't about redeeming her or corrupting him, but rather a life beyond the normal, stereotypical "9 to 5, gym to keep the pounds off, marry, have kids, die" sort of thing.  There will be violence, anger, all those emotions that make life worth living.  Oh, and his job is up for change if you can think of something better.  I know nothing about the HR world but the director where I work seems to hate it.  Maybe he's an insurance salesman.  I'd hate to do that ever again.

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Mrs. Robinson
Inspiration: The Graduate.  Every generic porn trope.  Why the hell not?
Rating: Light, maybe light BDSM
Pairing: Male x Female (Student x Best Friend's Mom), more also available
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Age Play. Growing Up. Taboo. Danger.

Him: From the moment my group of friends learned what MILF meant, we all agreed one thing.  Mrs. Robinson was one.  Maybe the definition.  Even Gary agreed.
  And he was her son.  And that same thought crossed all of our minds when she and Gary's dad got divorced our Senior year.  But by the time we graduated and went off to college, it had faded.  I mean, college girls.  But I can't help but wonder if she's looking at me like that intentionally...

Her: I'm a horrible mother and worse human being.  He's Gary's best friend.  Why does he pop into my head?  He was always taller and bigger... oh god, stop thinking that way!  There is no chance.  None.  He probably doesn't even think of me that way.  But then why does he look at my like that when I'm by the pool or running each morning...

Yes, this is a common trope/setting but I want to bring some life to it.  In a way, its the flip side of "Do You Think This Is A Game?" above but that one I want to be a bit more serious, this one is more about having fun.  So yes, a bit more smut heavy and maybe a dash of porn logic.  I still want to keep it somewhat based in something resembling reality but the plot I have in my head is fairly straight forward - they both deny, resist, deny, resist right up until the point when they can't deny anymore.  Maybe he's helping clear the gutters and gets a peak at her changing in her bedroom.  And she sees him hot and sweat afterwards.  Heck, maybe they get stuck together in her house during a tornado warning in a room probably too small so they're in close quarters.  That's the general idea... and then its whatever we want to put them through!  Like most of my ideas, this can also be extended if you feel like continuing their story longer term or introduce more characters, either porn-like or normal (her aunt, his sister, another neighbor).  I'd prefer to keep the mother-son incest off the table... although if you had a good reason, I might consider this as a straight up mother-son story... but that'd be a heavy lift.

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Before Stardom
Inspiration: Entourage, Reese Witherspoon/Jim Toth, Anne Hatheway/Adam Shulman
Rating: Light
Pairing: Male x Female (Normal Person x Celebrity)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Fame. Comfort. Bright Lights. Flannel.

By the time she was in her early twenties, she had risen from the ranks of the unknown to becoming one of the most recognizable faces - and bodies - in pop music, breaking sale records with each and every new single released.  Everyone knew her name, even if they didn't like her music.  He, on the other hand, had a much more normal life: he went to college and went into the corporate world, only to become disillusioned and found his real calling as a teacher.  Their paths seemed entirely different, but they originated just a few hundred feet from each other, having lived across the street from each other.  They weren't friends, not really, she was to him whatever it was the siblings of a girlfriend are; to her, she was just her sister's boyfriend.  But that changed when she suddenly passed, the loss of his first love bringing him home, the loss of her sister recalling her.  And yet, from the death of whom they both loved, something else is about to blossom...

I've always loved the idea of relationship mismatches in non-standard ways and how those interact.  She's rich and famous but what he can offer is exotic to her - normalcy.  He has a comfortable life but she offers excitement and that rush of excitement.  If you can reason through any other reason why they might have known each other before she got famous, feel free to pitch it.  It just seems that a girlhood crush lingering is the easiest vehicle, but it could just as simple to have him not recognize her and that intriguing her.  I'm a bit picky on this and it has been a desperate craving for a long time.  How will his life change when word gets out that they're dating?  His privacy that he's used to is gone.  Would she get bored with his normal life?

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"Do You Think This Is A Game?"
Inspiration: Love in Unexpected Places, Growing as a person, Group/Friend Dynamics
Rating: Light, maybe light BDSM
Pairing: Male x Female (Group Member/PC x Group Member/PC)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Age Play. Hidden Love. Friends' Approval. Dating father's friend.

It was sheer, random chance that we even met.  My old gaming group had blown up because of a relationship going asunder (my own) so I'd strolled into my local gaming shop on RPG night and ended up finding a great group who later became great friends.  We'd travel to conventions together, moved beyond just D&D into board games and become a central part of each other's lives.  Needed someone to drink with and vent about work?  Call Jason.  Wanted to get everyone together to just hang out for Memorial Day?  Call Tom and Mike, their wives, families, John and Lisa.  It was never a question with us after three years.  But then there was Talia.  She had joined the group with her father Jason before I had.  When we met, she was just fifteen.  But now, four years later, I think we both realize how the other really feels... and damn if I don't know what the hell to do.  Or what would happen if we did admit it.

I'll admit I'm going to be picky about this one because its a lighthearted romance with some heavy, get-in-their-heads type scenes.  The idea is that my character met this group, who are now close friends, right after the start of his divorce.  There was no intention on finding a romantic interest, just people to hang out with, play some D&D, and just have a social group.  Her, on the other hand, I imagine as a shy, but beautiful girl, who doesn't really know who she is or even really believe she's all that beautiful.  But as time passes, she gets more comfortable with everyone and they go from being "my father's friends who I game with" to "my friends" (not that she doesn't have friends her age.  I really want to stress that they are both going to be well-adjusted).  But at some point there's a creeping attraction to each other (well hidden from each other too) and finally something sparks the two of them into a relationship (late night at a convention/hanging out after gaming when they sneak a kiss).  But the real story is how they handle their blossoming relationship while hiding it from their friends (and her father) and the stresses that subjects them to.  My goal is more "slice of life" and "realistic" than just them sneaking around behind people.  The goal is for them to learn to accept their relationship and each other, but also get the respect and acceptance from their friends.  Please feel free to discuss with me.  This my major craving.  (And the model's name is Madison Teeuws, I've learned).

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The Popular Crowd
Inspiration: High School, Riverdale, 90s Teen RomComs
Rating: Light
Pairing: Male x Female (Student x Student)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Cliques. Reputation. Youth. One dumb dog.

There is nothing so terrifying than your name coming from the most popular girl's lips followed by a giggle from her and her friends.  For that moment in time, it could be your total reputational destruction or the realization of your dreams.  Such is the life of those who try to play those games in High School, were dating is more than for fun, it can be war.  Today's friends can be tomorrow's rivals and don't overlook those people with big built-in associates.  (Fear the Band Geeks if they unify.)  It might not be the best years of your life in the end, but it these years are certainly going to be fun...

My aim here is a lighthearted, fun, comedic story that follows the relationship of two students through the end of their high school lives.  Maybe they knew each other growing up and things are blossoming finally.  Or maybe they're from different cliques - she's a drummer for the marching band, he plays football, she's a cheerleader and he's the student body president, etc.  But this is the story of how they met and got through high school.  Now technically we can start when they're both 16, but really we could just use Senior Year rather than repeat events (homecoming, dances, etc).  But how we structure this and everything is up in the air for us to develop.  I can even see this being a story that extents beyond that - maybe one "Act" that handles their senior year, another that is their relationship evolving at college (maybe even breaking up), another with them coming back together.  If we want to make this the story of their lives... I think I could be down for that.

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Together Again
Inspiration: The One that Got Away, The Notebook, Sweet Home Alabam
Rating: Light, then maybe BDSM/NC
Pairing: Male x Female
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: First Love. Why not? Exploration. Destiny?

Everyone knows how your high school sweetheart sticks with you forever.  That one person who, if only the timing had been different, would have made your life so good.  Well, fuck that.  I never had one.  Mine came in college.  Heather.  She was smart, beautiful and made me want to be a better person.  We made plans after graduation but... those plans hit life.  Work was more important to me.  And her.  And over time we just drifted apart.  Then came a chance for me to get a huge promotion by going across the country.  So I left Georgia and Heather.  Now, I did meet a woman and got married.  But I've always wondered what would have happened if we were to meet again...

I should have put this in the trope update but I was still working on it.  There are several versions of this we can do, but the most taboo version is that they were lovers and quite serious, but didn't make it.  In this idea, they meet at a conference and fall to their temptations.  And, what better place to explore them than Vegas?  I imagine its a sort of "good by day" and then all sorts of naughtiness at night.  That version should naturally be much shorter as the idea would be once the conference was over they'd go back to their old lives.

We could do a more wholesome (yet dirty) version where they both meet in the course of their normal lives.  Maybe neither ever got married.  Or one is divorced/widowed.  But they could find themselves together and maybe forced together (bad storms, blizzard, airport shut down, etc) and decide that, sure, maybe they should give it another real go.  After all, their older and wiser, right?
  I wouldn't mind this version too, although this would be more character development and heart-felt discussions.  We'd need a bit more of a backstory but I could think of a few things that might make it easier.  Either way, let me know!

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In the Summertime
Inspiration: Summertime Saga, MILFToons, American Pie
Rating: TBD
Pairing: Male x Female or more (Brother x Sister/Step-Sister)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Impermissible. Convenience. Seduction. Services.

I know she knows what she is doing.  I mean, she's my (step-)sister but she still knows she has a great ass.  But there she is, standing in front of the fridge in just a thong.  God, sometimes I think she wants me to just grab her ass the way she shakes it.  Or the hypnotizing way she sways when she walks.  But I can't.  Then again, if I did grab her I might not stop.  Those tits.  Those hips.  Damn it, Mom and dad would kill me... Oh the things I would do to her... okay, I need to go take a cold shower now...

I've resisted indulging in an incestuous story for a while just because they seem so full of cliches.  But it is a fun taboo setting so... here we go.  This could be as large of a story as my partner would want to go in.  I wouldn't mind playing multiple characters as well if we wanted to have this be a sort of pervvy slice of life where both characters have a boyfriend/girlfriend and friends, get the mother and father involved, aunts and uncles, etc.  One idea that crossed my mind is that after they get comfortable with each other they start "pimping" each other out to an pent-up MILF or a guy who wants a hot young thing, that sort of thing, as a way to make money.  This is probably a much more smutty type of game than I usually go for... but, I'll admit, its fun.

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The Sales Job
Inspiration: Common Trope, Extract, Phama Sales
Rating: Light, BDSM, NC
Pairing: Male x Female (female to be the salewoman
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Seduction. Teasing. Surprise. Satisfied.

Ever person in charge of purchasing has met the type.  The gorgeous woman who knows she's gorgeous and uses that to her advantage.  Typically it works better on the fat, overweight guys who would never have a chance in the world of bedding her, but hey, it works.  But then I met Ella and... damn if I haven't fallen.
 Not that I'd let her know, but surely she does.  I mean, I've seen buttons with more strength than Superman.  And don't let those looks fool you, she knows her craft better than anyone I've met.  But god I'd love to have a reason to open that shirt...

Number two of the trope update, this is another one of those common themes that I've found a way to make interesting.  I'd like this to be a "scene" type story where rather than longer, continuous scenes this one is broken into a cluster of scenes with significant amounts of time between.  Like maybe the characters met at a conference.  Then she's surprised when he's the one at the office building she's cold calling.  Maybe a few months later at a industry reception in town.  That sort of thing.  I could also see the first scene (say, a conference) end with them in bed together thinking its a one night fling, only to cross paths later.  To help create the sexual tension.  Or flip it - create the sexual tension by teasing only for it to burst out while at the conference.

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Historical Ideas
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2017, 10:18:51 AM »
Stories ideas here, for the sake of simplicity, are for any games before the post-war era, including World War 2 and most often in the West and near-East.  I personally tend to focus upon periods where there is plenty of information, so they tend to range more from the Roman era and onward.  Other areas of interest are Japanese, Indian and Polynesian history, with a smattering of a few others thrown in there.  I tend to aim for as much historical accuracy as I can, researching the people and what their lives would have been like, although of course some liberties are taken (especially when some of the data just isn't there).

Besides actual historical fiction, this area will also include alternate history and low-magic historical fantasy (magic is tame, elves are long-lived humans, etc).  For the former, I tend to focus on what would be the divergence point of that world from ours and then, at least on a high-level, map out how things changed.  What if the Ottomans had not been turned back at the gates of Vienna?  What if Seljuk never emerged?  What if Alexander had not died so young?  I love world building so these sorts of questions and the implications are important in building the views and ideas around our characters.  And likewise, if humans knew that elves might live for hundreds of years, how would that impact warfare and diplomacy among the races?  How would the ability to create water with magic change settlements across the world?  These are the questions that those sub-genres seek to answer and the ideas tend to reflect them.

New World Paradise
Inspiration: Castaway, Moana, Robinson Caruso
Rating: NC (Male victim) and maybe Exotic
Pairing: Male x Female (Shipwrecked Sailor x Native)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Exotic. Paradise. Survival. Learning.

The sole survivor a ship wrecked by a storm, he found himself washed up on the shore of an island, certain he'd starve to death long before anyone would be able to find him.  But he was stubborn, so he did what he could to survive - shelter, found water, managed to even kill a monkey for food.  But he had no idea that there were others on the island, otherwise who would take his being there extremely personally.  How could he have known that men and women of their tribe lived on different islands?  Or that they only time they were allowed on the other island was only a few times a year?  By trespassing, he would be made a slave to these women until the next festival and who knew what from there...

So I'm back with a sort of fem-dom story.  The idea is that he is captured and becomes a play thing for the women, but its not all sex and smut.  I really want to think out what this sort of tradition would mean.  Why would one dare come to the island uninvited?  Was that a way for the men or the women to get some of the opposite sex for various reasons?  Also, how would child rearing work?  Would there have been some who grew disillusioned with these traditions and left the islands for a place of their own?  I see this with the undercurrents of a love story, one of the women falling for him and rather than having to share him or not see him for months, maybe they decide to make out for this other mysterious island?  There's a lot we can add to this story, so please let me know if you're interested.  I'd also not be opposed to going exotic with this one with anthros or even more exotic.  Sell me on it!  This is a pretty big craving too.

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Kitty-Kat Goddess of Egypt
Inspiration: Comedy, Catgirls, Egypt, the Mummy
Rating: Light
Pairing: Male x Female (Archaeologist x Goddess)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Surprise. Culture Shock. Comedy. Divinity Gained.

He'd been back and forth from Egypt a half-dozen times and seen more dig sites than he cared to count.  This group of relics seemed to be nothing special and even though it was strictly against the rules, he'd taken one of the sealed jars back to his flat to examine it further.  He had no intention of opening it.  One minute he was leaning over it, his pen scribbling the translation for the hieroglyphs when he caught himself rereading a section that didn't make sense.  He read it aloud, something about this vessel containing the soul of a goddess who was imprisoned due to... he never got that far.  Moments of panic coursed through him when he accidentally tapped it and it went careening down to the floor below.  Next thing he knew, there was a luscious, barely-clad woman laying on his couch, black-as-night cat ears atop his head.  What had he done?

I've always had a thing for cat girls and its taken a while for me to work out a story that made it work beyond the "genetically enhanced girls for each taste" approach.  This idea does share some ideas with Accidental Summons above (okay, a lot of ideas) but where these two diverge is that I would like this to focus more on the magical creature learning to blend in and have a life in the modern world.  Also, with this one, she's a goddess and her powers would far exceed the one above.  I could see her taking him back to Ancient Egypt itself when she learns he has questions about it.  Its also a difference of scope - Accidental Summons is local, this one would be global/temporal.  Let me know if this interests you, its a pretty big craving of mine.

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Stone and Steel
Inspiration: Cleopatra, Rome, What-If, Royal Marriage
Rating: Light, more as needed
Pairing: Male x Female (Prince x Unmarried Queen)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Royalty. Duty. Danger. Romance

She was the Gem of the Nile, the Stone Princess, Heiress to the legacy of the Great Conqueror, Praa Sat of Kemet.  He was the Eagle Prince, the Commander of the Legions of Steel, heir to the dominion of Caesar and would-be sovereign of the World.  Between them were the homelands, where the now-mythical ancestors of both great Empires were from, a pitiful rump state that had secured its freedom by playing the ancient lands of Kemet against the might of Rome.  But that would soon be ended for a ship had carried the Prince of Rome and the Praa Sat of Kemet for a secret meeting, one that might unite their lands and allow them to claim those ancestral lands under both dominion.

Obviously an alternate history, in this world Egypt's (Kemet) never fell and the line of Pharaohs lasted until the time of Alexander the Great; at that point rather than conquering the area, he instead married the daughter of the Pharaoh uniting his Empire with theirs.  Following his death the joint Empire managed to maintain most of the Levant and Mesopotamia, but lost control of Greece (Hellas) and Persia.  Rome then began to rise, from the early settlement into a Kingdom, but then never became a Republic, instead the Senate arose as advisors to the king, later Emperor.  Because of the threat of war from Kemet (manipulated by Hellas), Rome instead conquered Spain and Gaul rather than expand into Greece.  As it stands, Kemet holds Turkey, the Levant, Mesopotamia and Egypt, and everything more or less west of Greece by Rome.  Seeking to unite their lines, the Prince and Princess are to meet and be wed.  The initial idea was for them to meet on Crete, but if my partner would rather set it in Egypt, that can be done.  I do have one set-piece I would like to include; upon their marriage, their gift to each other is Hellas.  Perhaps then they both lead a joint campaign... or we can go anywhere from there.  Perhaps there are internal factions that hate the idea of the two Empires uniting - there is always Persia (we could rename), Carthage or other powers that might be external threats.

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The Sword Dancer
Inspiration: Alt-History, Japan, Steampunk, Anime-ish
Rating: TBD
Pairing: Male x Female (Swordsman x Swordsman)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Honor. Opposites. Betrayal. The Future.

As honorably as they fought, there was simply no way that the Japanese would have ever been able to repulse the European powers fighting to colonize their island.  At the last moment, however,
 the Emperor fled to China (then Korea) and the powers carved up the home islands into four domains, each ruled by one of the colonizers - the US, Great Britain, France and Germany.  For nearly a hundred years the peace held until the outbreak of the Great War when the new allies seized the German colonies both in Japan and elsewhere in the Pacific.  The Japanese fought valiantly and, as a reward, the Allies "reunified" the islands, at least in name.  But the Emperor and his descendants looked back at their rightful home longingly, waiting for the day that they and their loyalists would return the dynasty to power.  Now that war is looming again, it might be their chance... but time is of the urgency as each passing day the peasant rabble from Chinese revolutionaries draw closer and closer to the Korean border...

Another alt-history idea, this is a world where while there are guns, the use of the sword is still considered an "honorable" weapon due to the Japanese counter-influence on the colonizing powers (and it was considered a luxury to be taught some of their ways).  Other changes is that Washington became King of the United States, Napoleon was never deposed and the Kaiser did survive the defeat of Germany - so the idea of democracy never took hold, monarchies are the order of the day and instead the new revolutionaries are communists.  My character would be one of the Europeans living in Japan (I'm thinking French) and a soldier.  One night he stumbles upon a woman and her friends committing sabotage and somehow gets caught up in their fight to restore the Emperor's dynasty.  I can think of a few twists, but the biggest is I was thinking the female character would be the rightful Empress herself, fighting for her own throne.

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Melting the Frozen North
Inspiration: Vikings, General Fantasy, Game of Thrones
Rating: Light, more as needed
Pairing: Male x Female (Foreigner x Native)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Longing. Two Worlds. Attraction. Betrayal?

He had done his fine Christian duty to travel to the north and evangelize to the heathens.  He was even invited by the King, not that it seemed to matter.
  At least they weren't killing the missionaries anymore.  Then again, the king's forces weren't burning down the old temples anymore either.  Still, life was different up here.  And he wasn't at the court anymore.  Things could be worse, he could be in some small village in the mountains, at least he had the river and the sea to remind him of home.  But the Jarl's daughter was a beautiful one and catching a peak of her in the river?  He was in love.  Too bad the Jarl was staunchly opposed to conversion... which meant he was hated by the Jarl.  He was once a soldier, but he was quickly going to learn to be a diplomat if he was going to win her...

First things first, the conversion/Christian theme is just to get us into the timeline/setting.  I'm a history buff so I'm using the conversion of Norway as the setting which would be around 1000-1100 AD.  But in this its just the dressing to get us into the plot.  How available she is to the southerner (I figure he's the equivalent of Danish or maybe Dutch) is entirely up to you.  But the idea is that she does become open to the relationship and they both start to work on building a life, which means bringing around her father and his court.  There overall conversion process was not a straight line, so we could see the official press from the king stop which leaves them in a bind.  Maybe she converted only for them to convert back?  Feel free to discuss.  This can be as historical accurate as we'd like or we could just hand waive and enjoy the story.

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Fandom Ideas
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These are worlds and settings that we know and love and are far too numerous to listed here.  The only major item I have about fandoms is I prefer to play non-canon characters that have little or no contact to the major canon characters.  Our story might end up tying into the larger story, but our stories are ours alone.  Like historical settings, I aim to have the story "fit" into what is known about canon, but if we moved beyond that I have no problem just making it up as we go, so long as it fits within the theme; no lightsabers in Star Trek, no aliens in Battletech, etc.  Exploring that living world and the characters within it.

Like my historical section, I also from time to time like alternate history within the canon worlds, generally with the same idea, although some times this is to wipe out what I dislike about the canon (don't get me started with the destruction of Romulus in Star Trek...) and begin a new timeline from that point of divergence and so on.  Similiarly, I also like to explore the periods before and after the established canon, extrapolating what we both know and love into what was or would be.  What would be the fallout of what was discovered on Miranda or how would the Milky Way races rebuild after the Reaper Invasion.  These are the worlds and stories I tend to seek out here.

Andromeda - Second Wave
Inspiration: Mass Effect, General Sci-Fi
Rating: Light, higher if kinks make sense
Pairing: Male x Female, Male x Asari, Asari x Female (Wave 2 and Heleus-born)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Exploration. Struggle. Regret. Love.

As the galaxy rebuilt in the aftermath of the Reapers, scattered references to the Andromeda Initiative started to grow in popular culture as "those who escaped the horrors of the Reaper Invasion".  In peaceful slumber as the galaxy behind them burned.  A few got the idea to follow.  For years the Second Initiative, as they called themselves, gathered funds and recruited hopefuls to reach this goal but ultimately they could only find the funding for a ship of barely five thousand brave souls.  There was no Nexus going with this round.  If the first wave had failed, they were doomed to death as well.  In 2214, the Elysian Fields reached bearing a mix of all races and its ship, the Avalon, striking out into the dark between galaxies for the Heleus Cluster.

First and foremost, I've left the actual "what happens" in Heleus open for us to brainstorm.  My thoughts are that the Ryder twins and their team were successful and defeated the Kett on Meridian and that this string of colonists are adding to that.  With a lag of roughly 30-40 years between the two groups, a lot could have happened.  My baseline is that the Fields and Avalon are both very mobile and, unlike the arks, heavily armed - think a Dreadnought and the Normandy, respectfully.  Their arrival would change the balance in the Cluster and might raise some difficult questions.  They're also different, having experienced a nearly terminal event, survived, rebuilt and then came.  I do want to keep away from interacting with the major canon characters.  My ideal pairing would be for my character to be part of this new wave and yours to have been born in the Cluster so we could explore those differences.

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What Empire?
Inspiration: Star Wars, Edge of the Empire, Westerns
Rating: Light to Non-Con
Pairing: Male x Female (Pilot and Smuggler)
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Greed. Speed. Blaster Fire. More Greed.

With the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star, the Empire is on its last legs and the Rebellion looks to be victorious.  Some wept at the loss, some celebrated at the victory.  Those on the Outer Rim, however, couldn't tell much of a difference and, absent an Imperial blaster and an arrest, didn't care.  The Hutts still run their affairs, slavers ply their trade and smugglers do crazy feats for the right amount of credits.  Things are good, if you don't make too many enemies and work abounds.  A new crew is needed for the Shadow Star, engineer, muscle, it doesn't matter.  There's credits to be made and the split is more than fair.  Sure, the pilot might be something of a jerk at times, but he does mean well.  But he does have an ace up his sleeve, something many haven't seemed to figure out just yet - with the Empire failing and the Republic most likely as corruptible as before, who knows what kind of opportunities will be available.

No Force.  That's my only no-go for this story.  A strong request would be to use the image to the right as your character, mostly because I'm still struck by the quality, but that's not all that important in the long run.  Whether our characters have worked together before, know each other, or are total strangers is up for discussion.  I would like for more detailed characters for this idea due to the wide world we have to play in, I don't want them to get lost in the mix.  There will also probably be a big need to play multiple characters but I want these two main characters to be the stars, the other characters secondary to fill the roles needed to have this seem to make sense; how involved they get in the two main character's plots and relationship is entirely open for discussion as well.  Finally, if my partner would like, I can develop the longer-term plot of this story, the grand brushstrokes, but leave the intermediate and short-term arcs free to develop as the characters do.  Or vice versa.

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Star Trek: Winning the Peace
Inspiration: Star Trek, Exploration, Aliens
Rating: Light, higher kinks if desired
Pairing: Male x Female (Officer x Captain or Captain x Officer)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Exploration. Doubt. Back to Normal. The Unknown.

The Dominion War is over.  While the powers of the Alpha Quadrant rebuild, the Federation slowly returns to its previous footing, focusing on exploration, but the lessons learned are far from forgotten.  No longer are Federation ships designed to end fights if they need be, they're equipped to discourage others from even trying.  The fleet is undergoing modernization and restaging and new classes of starships are beginning to emerge.  One such, a prototype exploration vessel, few would think would pack much firepower, but looks can be deceiving.  The NX-3400 USS Concord takes the lessons learned with the Defiant-class line and integrated them into more traditional frame, while dialing the weapons loadout down from 11.  Small, fast and packing a heavy punch, its success would herald a new approach to exploration - no longer would they be expected to run from battle, but rather stand their own ground.

My primary idea for this is that the female captain would be of a non-human, non-core Federation species, in-universe reasons to calm the other powers of the Alpha quadrant to show that this was not a power-grab.  Ideally it could be Betazoid, Risian, Bajoran or the like.  I see the ship having a small crew that would get to know each other and a relationship between the captain and an officer would be quite taboo, so much of it might be sneaking around or using planned times together to progress their relationship.  We'd flesh out the greater plot together - I am tempted to throw in a sort of "Voyager" type-disaster where they are forced out longer than they originally planned, but it could be many other things, perhaps not even all that dramatic: the shakedown missions is a success and they return to Earth/a Starbase for a while, then take it out again as its officially commissioned NCC-[something].

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Trying to Stay Lost and not Found
Inspiration: Star Wars, Colony Life, Slice of Life
Rating: Light to Non-Con
Pairing: Male x Female (Colonist and Jedi)
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Past. Shadows. Safety. Decisions.

It had been hard to hide like she did, but in the end she knew it was for the best.  Things didn't tend to go well for Jedi and the longer she stayed among their ranks, the more she realized that she couldn't be one.  Sure, she had dreamed of being a Master since she was a Padawan, but she was tired of being a Knight.  So, one day, she made sure she disappeared.  She halfway wondered how long it took them to realize that she was gone.  She had been careful to choose a world to settle - some colony on the outskirts of the galaxy, relatively calm where she wouldn't be pressed into action.  And for a decade it had been great.  She had some wealth, some friends, but she should have know eventually someone who walk into her life and want to know more.  How far could she let it go before she had to admit what her past was?

And as the opposite of before, Force works in this one.  I always liked the idea of the Lost Jedi from KOTOR and other stories.  As above, she got tired of things and just wanted a normal life.  And she has it, but has always kept people on the outside.  But perhaps now she has met someone that she wants to get closer to but understands what that means.  And, as you would guess, we'd have something happen which would make her break out her old lightsaber and defend her friends and colony.  Whether this is set in the Old Republic or after the rise of the Empire is open for discussion.  My thought is that this isn't some grand story that rocks the entire galaxy, but rather just something happening on a planet that no one will really care about... until a Jedi is noticed.  And the response to that could be a sequel to this one.

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Summer of Love
Inspiration: Westworld, Role reversal, robots
Rating: Definitely some NC (both directions)
Pairing: Male x Female (and more) (Guest and Host on Both Sides)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Dark Delights. Cruelty. Sex. Violent Ends.

Westworld might be the park that got the most attention but those in the know knew of a little secret that catered to more... obvious interests.  While not sharing the same nomenclature, the Summer of Love was a secret park that everyone denied knowledge of.  An urban legend.  A perv's dream.  Only it existed.  And if Westworld was expensive... this was insane.  But in its confines were everything you might imagine.  Want to go back to those free-loving days of the 70s?  The drug-fueling romps of the 80s?  Those innocent days of the 50s?  Sure, the parks were small but we all know why you're there.  But these are the same hosts as in the parent park... and subject to the same flaw.

The third of the trope update, this is an idea I've had for a while but it seems so subject to tropes I'd held off.  As I said above, this would be a park that very much catered to what the guest wanted.  He wanted to know what it would be like to bed a goth girl?  It could be arranged.  She wanted to know what it would be like to have seduce a 1950's football hero?  Done.  Far more customized to the guests, even the staff was known to get in on the action.  But alas, after a while, those hosts are going to awaken too... and maybe those tables get turned as well.  This is going to be a lot of brainstorming but I can see this going over so well.

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New Lone Star Cafe
Inspiration: Fallout, The Postman, Mad Max
Rating: TBD
Pairing: Male x Female (Wastelander and Vaultdweller)
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Comedy. Family. Rebuilding. Cum and Take it.

Like the rest of the country, Texas and the Southwest was devastated by the Great War.  But from its ashes rose the Lone Star Republic, consisting of most of the former states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  Its capital of New Midland makes its way thanks to its rebuilt oil fields, but it is far from rebuilt.  Colonists are chartered to return to the ruins of its once great cities - Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, to name a few.  The New Star Cafe was one of the bright spots in New Dallas and a gathering place for the locales to trade and rest.  But the appearance of a vault dweller threatens the relative calm, even as they work to fend off threats of raiders and all the horrors of the wasteland.

Yes, its a Fallout game.  Yes, it plays on the normal tropes of Fallout.  But what I want here is not them fighting off some grand threat but rather the characters settling down and trying to make a life in the wasteland.  Think "slice of life" meets Fallout.  Sure, there can be all sorts of threats they need to deal with and maybe they travel a bit, but I was hoping that this is more in the spirit and setting of Fallout rather than us running around killing radscorpions and Deathclaws.  To put it another way, think a settlement of Fallout 4 and we're the inhabitants working to improve it.  Building homes, functioning electricity, stores and the like.  This could also include other secondary and tertiary characters if my partner feels up to it.

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Pollen in its Wake
Inspiration: Stargate, Odyssey One, Avatar
Rating: TBD
Pairing: Male x Female*
Looking for: Someone to play the female role(s)
Themes: Cultural Shock. Exploration. Learning. Exchanges.

Little did humanity know that most species that became spacefaring were not actually fauna, nor flora as many of their dreamers wrote back before faster-than-light travel, but rather a combination of the two.  While at first humanity only found traces of ancient intelligence species, most of whom never left their own world, it was a shock when the first alien ship was discovered in operation.  Most shocking is the technology was very different and divergent from our own.  Word spread and the two races agreed on an exchange of knowledge, guarded at first, but then after an alliance, the Second Exchange was formally announced and dark secrets were about to be exposed... but for the two ships that would be operating together, it is a chance to explore the deep black and learn more about their new allies... both culturally and personnally

I know this has inspiration from three very different sci-fi sources (which is why its here) but I want to borrow a bit from each.  I've always loved the trope that humanity had a secret past and they rediscover it.  And that would be the underlying theme behind this if it goes long enough, one that brings the other race in play too.  But initially it would be learning more about each other and operating together.  The idea here is that both groups have sent ships to work together in continued exploration and we'd be playing the captains of both ships.  We'd have other NPCs (geneticists, physicists, Marines, crew, etc) that would make it up, but this is a place for us to develop as we wish and explore.  I have some ideas for the other race but if you have something, please feel free to offer.  This is meant to be an open book.

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Fantasy Ideas
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2017, 02:41:41 PM »
Elves and dwarves, dragons and magic, devils and angels, and everything in between.  These are worlds where magic reigns supreme and a single person with enough power could be an existential thread to an army without their own magic.  Creatures of all kind live and interact and make their way.  The actual setting of these stories can be anything from High Fantasy and heroic to an alternate reality where magic is real and ingrained in the modern era.  Because of their nature these tend to require a bit more planning and world building and usually a bit more OOC communication in my experience.

There are dozens of stories that could fill pages, but generally I like to focus on the two characters and how they come together and the adventures they have.  Unlike other stories, characters in these tend to be exceptional and stand head-and-shoulders above the general population; they are skilled warriors and powerful wizards, demons and angels that can command powers that mortals cannot dream of.  I tend to find that an initial antagonistic relationship works best, although that itself can vary from outright hatred and aggression to just wariness due to cultural/historical enmity; sometimes, though, they might just be two magical creatures at a university together and all the hijinks that follow.

Green Wonder
Inspiration: D&D, General Fantasy, Breaking Stereotypes
Rating: Light: Exotic
Pairing: Male x Female (Adventurer x Goblin)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Confusion. Attraction. Misunderstandings. Adoration.

Most people know what goblins are - crude, devious little creatures seeking to take what are others and maybe even a cow or two.  Routinely considered a nuisance for established adventurers, they fight hard for what little they get and do their best to make sure they get enough to survive.  But not all goblins are like that, small, greedy bastards living in muddy caves.  Some live in the forests, balanced with nature and more or less leaving everyone else alone.  No one buys that line, too much first hand experience.  But for an adventurer spending some downtime handling a goblin problem for a nearby village, a rest in the glade resulted in unexpected company - a beautiful goblin woman who actually might fit that bill...

I've loved this image for a while and had been fighting to put something together for it when I decided why not just go the simple method and base it entirely around their relationship?  Its a clash of cultures, fighting off stereotypes, forbidden love - both ways.  Why couldn't her tribe of goblins see outsides are devils who come in and slaughter their kind just for the sin of existing.  She could be a warrior of her tribe and actually trying to sneak up on him to kill him, only to be stunned at how handsome he is as well.  They could secret themselves away to be together after learning they can trust each other, their illicit romance threatened by discovering.  But we don't have to go with the innocent, sweet route of romance.  There are other options we could explore that mean she's not so innocent, or if we wanted them to go adventuring together there is that option as well.

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A World of Fae
Inspiration: Fever Series
Rating: BDMS or Non-Con
Pairing: Male x Female or Female x Female (Human Warrior/Guard and Fae)
Looking for: Someone to play the (second) Female role
Themes: War. Adventure. Lust. Tables Turned.

When the Walls between Faerie and Earth were erected, it wasn't just the fae that moved behind it.  Some humans we along as well, some willingly and some... not so much.  Those slaves to the Unseelie Court were kept as entertainment and more... and eventually used up, but there was stories of an enclave, so deep in their realm that most fae could not find them, of humans that came with them.  The Courts view it as myth but for one explorer, bouncing between the various worlds within Faerie, she comes across something startling... a city distinctly not theirs.  And, upon sneaking through it,
 a city of humans... or what were humans.  They were now something entirely different.  And it made every fiber of her being want to know more.

If you haven't read the series, don't worry about it.  I've intentionally kept it away from the general plot.  Even more, we don't really have to use the full setting.  The concept is really that these humans have been in this other world for so long that they've adapted.  If humans were nice to enjoy back on Earth, this is like a fine wine.  In particular, they view the fae that have come around with distrust (since they know what happens with some fae) and have even learned how to kill them without particular magic.  Obviously, our fae would not know this.  But I think she should be attracted to someone who isn't a noble or leader.  Just a rank and file warrior who becomes just as enamoured.  Where this goes beyond just their time together and getting to know each other is up in the air.  I would love to explore the chaos of Faerie and maybe have her return the human to her Court... and maybe then back to Earth.  So much could be done.

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Inspiration: D&D, Ravenloft, Lovecraftian
Rating: Bondage: Exotic
Pairing: Male x Female (Mentor x Seasoned Soldier)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Alien. Horrors. Memories. Home.

When the campaign began to drive off those who threatened the kingdom, most just believed that it was demons and undead that the dark king was using.  Only as those soldiers pressed on deeper and deeper into the permanently darkened lands, what they came across grew more deviant, more profane and, ultimately, more insane.  Creatures came at them on the battlefield that moved in impossible ways.  Some of their allies just disappeared from the field, their cries and panicked screams fading echoes as... something happened.  The assault on the dark king's fortress was the worst, a thing that left no one untouched by the horrors that looking straight into the swirling abyss brings forth.  But now returning home after years of fighting, can those who know the reality beyond the realms of order ever truly fit in again?

The general relationship between the two is that he trained her in magic/combat/however they fight but the woman that comes back does so in very different ways.  Part due to necessity, part due to the new experiences.  But those changes also should stand out as they try to piece back a relationship (if they were involved before) or as they develop a relationship (if they were not).  She's seen unspeakable horrors (and maybe was visited upon by some) so she's not as bright as he might remember.  Also, this doesn't have to go Lovecraftian if you'd prefer, she could simply have been changed in other ways - the original idea was that she's a vampire but was partially cured, but it could just be she embraced dark magics to survive.  As with most of my ideas, I'm up to any discussions.

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Just Another Dae
Inspiration: Fantasy Modern World, Generic Fantasy
Rating: Any
Pairing: Male x Female (Human and Fae)
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Life. Love. Money. Crazy magic.

As you know, nearly a thousand years ago the Great Pact was formed between the fae and humans.  No more would humans hunt down the fae and the fae would not longer use humans as they desired.  While they more or less kept their distance from each other for a few centuries, during the Renaissance the first truly cosmopolitan city arose.  The old lines of fae and human started to fade until the modern world, as we know it now, was born.

As you can imagine, long-lived sentient life has had a profound direct impact since those first cities, where before it was just indirect.  Not only for wealth accumulation - not that most fae looked for that - but also for how humans and fae both adapted to this joint situation.  Now, we are here today to start our study of the sociological impact of the serial, long-term monogamous fae have had on society.  If you'll turn your books to page 14, we can begin.

Otherwise a big "What if?" the idea is that these characters live in a modern world where magic is real and one group of people can live for thousands of years.  Like I said in the blurb above, what kind of impact would being married to three or four humans over their lifetime have on society's expectations?  How would humans change their relationship expectations when some fae might know that even if the relationship spans a human's life, that could be a fraction of theirs.  Would we have developed a "hook up" culture much faster?  This is really an open book idea where we could establish anything, but what I definitely want is a relationship between a human and a fae.  Eventually it would be a long-term relationship, but we could use it to explore this world.

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But to Fly
Inspiration: Airships, Lost Girl, Monster Quest, Fae
Rating: "Teapot FemDom" and BDSM
Pairing: Male x Female (Sailor x Captain)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Yes sir. Sky Below. Captive. Freedom.

Humans were quick to seize upon the magics of the elves, fae and even their older brethren, but even as their ships traveled the skies, everyone knew that they were merely borrowing what the others had already mastered.  One of the human airships could never hope to outgun one of them, but maybe outrun.  Humans were good at running.  But when it descended from the cloudbank and ambushed them, they didn't have a chance.  As part of the crew, he was captured, surely destined for one of their cities to be sold to fae with more... terminal tastes.  But he had been selected and pulled away from the others.  He had a feeling his fate was much different...

What I envision here is a master/slave relationship, only with a few twists.  First, most of her control would be mental and magic, since she's smaller than him (why I use the term "teapot"), but second that she needs him for more than just a plaything.  My idea is that some humans have a special spark above others that allows for fae to feed on them but not kill the human in the process.  So when she's sorting through the crew they captured and find him, she immediately claims him.  But that concept itself leads to some interesting views - is he just there to feed her, is he just a sex slave or is he something more?  And it could be a movement between them based on her mood.  Eventually he'd realize that she needs him so there's a chance the tables turn.  Not to mention it doesn't have to stay this relationship forever, maybe he eventually willingly joins the crew...

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A Magical Education
Inspiration: Fever Series
Rating: Light to NC to BDSM
Pairing: Male x Female (Student and Established Magician)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: College. Magic. Extra Credit. Oops.

While humans and other short-lived races have some accomplished magic users among their ranks, no one can hold a candle to the elves when it comes to their teachings.  Sure, it might take twenty years of a human's rather short existence to get to a respectable level (why hurry?  Elves have a thousand years...), that sacrifice of time puts them on par, at least academically, with some of the greatest human-taught archmagi.  Admittance of outsiders (anyone not an elf) is a rare thing though and reserved for nobility, the rich and the damned talent.  Which he was.  But his assigned mentor was anything but focused on education

Yes, its a trope - professor x student - but I want to take a new tack on it.  My character would be the apprentice, a rich merchant's son with some magical aptitute, and yours the mentor.  How it is set up is left for debate - I figure she'd be his mentor but perhaps its akin to the Potterverse where there is a school and other students.  But this one I want the female role to be the Top, although less about physical control and more about mental.  Not that she can't pin him down with magic and ravish him... but I want him to release she can at any time.  Maybe some switch involved.  This will require a lot of planning but I think it will be worth it.

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Night Life
Inspiration: Bright (Netflix Movie), Ballers, Entourage
Rating: Light, BDSM, NC
Pairing: Male x Female
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: The Seedy Start. Making It. Inspiration. Destined.

Everyone starts somewhere.  Those dirty, dark, somewhat dangerous dives that pay you a beer and exposure.  But they had something and they knew it.  It would be a slog but they'd make it.  Eventually.  They were sure of it.  Now it was just a matter of keeping their heads above water, keeping the band together and hopefully getting someone to pay attention.  If it wasn't bad enough, you never knew if those promising you fame and fortune were really just trying to use you.
 There were careers worse than this.  But stardom awaited... all that was left was to make it through the night.

Right off the bat, this can go several ways.  My first idea was for the two characters to be bandmates, but I could see this as the talent/agent, talent/some other staff, or something along those lines.  The other major idea I had would be if they were both working their way to success, a sort of rivalry that evolved into something else (which a neat twist would be if one of them made it and the other didn't...).  Yes, the girl in the picture is an elf but we don't have to include a supernatural setting.  I just love the detail on that guitar...

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Science Fiction Ideas
« Reply #6 on: May 05, 2017, 02:27:26 PM »
Technology far exceeding ours is the general hallmark of these stories, although space travel and such might not necessarily be a given.  These ideas tend toward the human element among the technology and the situations it brings.  This section more than any other will cross into Fandoms and ideas will usually be inspired by them here.  I tend to aim for more unique "exploring-an-idea" concept with my science fiction stories than with fandoms, a situation bringing two characters together to make their way, whether by accident or design.

I do not particularly lean toward hard or soft science fiction as a rule, more adopting what needs to be done to flesh out the idea and world beyond.  Sometimes it is easier to handwave why things are, or simply put a McGuffin resource or technology as the reason some something happens.  Like fantasy, characters in these settings are more likely to be non-human - generally speaking, anthros, furries, etc.  As I mentioned in my Ons and Offs, I prefer these characters to be more or less bipedal but that doesn't mean there aren't exceptions to be made.   I tend avoid extremes or truly alien characters in these stories unless they inhabit a humanoid form as mentioned above; it might truly interesting to explore what a relationship would be like when the other partner can simply form a new body when they wish and how that might lead to cultural confusion.

Second Creation/Phoenix
Inspiration: High Technology, AI, Cyborg, Ghost in the Shell
Rating: Light
Pairing: Male x Female (Human x "Bioframe")
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Technology. Attraction. Ethics. Humanity.

The call had been mysterious but they were obliged to at least investigate.  What they found was highly illegal.  And amazing.  She was a fully sentient, unshackled AI, illegality number one, in a near-perfect bioframe, illegality number two.  Both had been outlawed for good reason.  AIs were like snowballs, get them going and it later becomes impossible to stop.  Wars were fought to prove that.  Bioframes were what they called synthetic, biological bodies without minds.  It was a simple, illegal, operation to move the physical mind of a person into one and it raised all sorts of ethical questions about allowing people to achieve virtual immortality.  But combined was something they'd never have expected.  With the exception of some of the cybernetic enhancements needed to graft the technological AI to the biological bioframe, it was a physical entity that could think and act for himself.  And as long as he'd started at the beautiful body, he had no idea what they would do with it.

This is going to be a thinking-person's story.  It really does present an ethical quandary.  While AIs might be sentient, they aren't "us" so killing them doesn't seem like death to most people.  But put one in an otherwise human body and now that looks a lot like murder/execution.  I would like these ethical questions to underpin the story as the human and she get to know each other and much more.  He could be a cop, a lawyer or just some scientist given guardianship over her while the legal system figures out what the heck to do with her.  Ultimately I'd like it to move toward him seeing her as a real of a person as he is and for the courts to make that determination that she should have the same rights as natural human.  I will be very particular with this story since I had a great story with an amazing writer but unfortunately ended due to RL issues.  That has inspired this story so I want to do its spiritual mother what it deserves.

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A New Seed
Inspiration: Y: The Last Man, Cloning/Cybernetics, "Sci-Fi" Amazons, General Sci-Fi
Rating: Light, BDSM, NC
Pairing: Male x Female (Explorer x Researcher/TBD), other female NPCs as well
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: A Lost World. An Escape. Equality. Mistakes of the past.

How exactly they had arrived on their world was the stuff of legends.  They had escaped oppression, they said, having also stolen the technology to ensure they could reproduce and survive.  But there were holes, she realized.  They no longer had the means to travel the stars - even a trip to the other habitable planets in the system took months.  Interstellar travel?  That was impossible.  Their greatest minds said exactly that.  It was myth.  This was their home, there was no other.  Until it arrived, something that could not be.  It had just suddenly appeared at the edges of the system, then descended toward the Free Worlds with impossible speed.  Even more impossible - it projected a message that was somehow derivative of theirs.  When it landed and it opened,
 another "it" emerged.  They welcomed it, brought it with honors to meet their leaders.  And then, while it slept, captured it.  It would show them how its technology works, the ship it came in.  But when she looked at the creature, the "it" they had been saying, she knew that they were keeping the truth from everyone... and it was a dangerous truth.

This has been an idea bubbling in my head for a long time, finally found some inspiration.  The real history is the Free Worlds were originally colonized by a ship that fell into a worm hole and emerged in the system with no way to go home.  The women aboard - virtually no men survived - developed female parthenogenic reproduction to essentially "clone" themselves to repopulate and reproduce, the process merging the genetic material between any number of "parents" and allow for a new child to be born.  But the system lacked some key mineral/resource that does not allow their existing FTL to work, so they are stuck unless they can develop another.  They never do.  But they build a thriving society, forgetting about Earth, developing their own mythology, and forgetting the male even exists, except in the most protected of minds.  But lo and behold, hundreds of years later, a scout from Earth - using a different FTL - appears in their system and detects human life.  He lands on the capital planet and is welcomed only to be captured - they want not only his technology, but him, the ultimate trophy in a society of only women.  But your character realizes after testing him (or someone else) that he is the same species (although there would be some genetic drift) and that reproduction is possible.  If you understand the basis, you can see we could include all sorts of different kinks and plot lines.  I know this is confusing, but if you're interested, please let me know.  This is a major craving, maybe just a step below the one below.

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More than Human
Inspiration: Cyberpunk 2077, Bladerunner, various Anime
Rating: Light to Non-Con
Pairing: Male x Female (Cop and Assassin)
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Technology. Corruption. Depravity. Honor.

The world as it had existed for centuries finally gave way to the rise of the Mega-Corp, sprawling companies that spanned nearly every aspect of life.  The nations of the world still exist, nominally, but the real power are those in the high rises stretching above the smog and population, pulling strings and moving their disposable human pawns, merely numbers on a screen.  Their best agents are augmented with technology run amok, entire portions removed and replaced with strong, better plastics and metals.  The line between human and machine has never been thinner, but crime, crime remains.
  Its a difficult, dangerous job when a perp can hide a rocket in their shoulder or a blade inside their arm, but those who survive are just as talented as those working at the highest levels of the corps and, often times, those corruptible become those agents.

This is a darker game as well, on focused mainly on the inner struggles of the two characters.  I envision that your character is more than happy doing the dirty work for the Corp that supports her and my character has been approached once or twice about switching sides.  Perhaps your character has been assigned to help him make that transition.  Maybe she's there to offer riches, maybe even herself if that would make a difference.  But I would then like them to get caught up in a plot - we'd design together - where everything they know is challenged and their world turned upside down.  For instance, as close as people suspect we are to the Singularity, maybe its happen and they're just picking up the whiffs for a long time.  Busting down the door to a room they expect to find the big bad, instead there's a just some cyborgs/droids that they dispatch without realizing that in the corner of that room was the big bad, one they didn't expect - a real AI.  And now it knows these two are competent enough to threaten it, so it has to adjust course...

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A Sign of the Times
Inspiration: Shadowrun, Ready Player One, Corporate Dystopia
Rating: Light, BDSM, NC
Pairing: Male x Female
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: A Better World. The Crummy Real One. Reconciliation. Colors.

Who you were in real life didn't matter.  Well, not too much.  Sure, the more money you had meant the more stuff you had in here, but really the only thing that mattered was you had a presence.  And boy, did some people.  So long had the world moved beyond the masses that they were content to spend their time online and make due on the basic income that everyone got.  For most, the world online was reality.  People lived, some worked, everyone played, and, duh, loved online.  Full sensory interface was standard so it wasn't like much was lost.  But eventually, as relationships bloomed, you'd want to meet that person on the other side of the screen, as they used to say.  But is it cheating to prefer their online presence to their real one?  And now, what people did offline was usually the secret they didn't want those online to know about...

This is another idea that's been in my mind for a while and its really almost a philosophical idea.  The setting isn't so important (I used the basic income/welfare to explain how they can spend so much time online without working, etc) as the concept.  The characters meet online, develop a relationship between those avatars, only then to start to move offline and coping with those differences between those worlds.  Think two relationships (online and offline) with what can be very different personas, and then toss in all the things that we could do with those two different worlds.  I don't necessarily think that this has to be a dark game, but it can be filled with drama.  Not to mention we get to flesh out whatever social standards we want for the online world... which can be just as much fun.  Great for twists...

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One of the Crew
Inspiration: Star Trek, Generic Sci-Fi, various Anime
Rating: Light
Pairing: Male x Female
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Final Frontier. Another Shift. Humor. Relationship.

There are advantages to being in the Fleet.  For one, you're not stuck on a rock with the rest of humanity.  You get to see the universe... and maybe die.  Okay, maybe that risk is overstated by the crew and understated by the recruiters, but it really is a good life.  Everyday is the same and at the same time different.  Sure, you're stuck in a tin can with a hundred of your closest friends, but it also means you get to know everyone.  All things considered, this is the life.  And I can't wait for the next shift.  Maybe one day I'll make it onto the bridge and really get an idea of what is going on every day.  But until then, I'll do my best, make sure I make mission, and get back to my life.  Sometimes dinner with her is the best part of my (artifically-defined) day.

I would put this in fandom but its a general idea that could slot nicely into each.  I've always wanted to play a game where we are the crew - not the captain and a crew members, but just two people of some import that live their lives and react to what happens.  This is would be a highly collaborate story which we'd need to flesh out together, but the idea is a sort of strange "slice of life" but in the science fiction realm.  How would a girlfriend/lover deal with the temporary mindcontrol of their significant other?  What would the fallout be?  There is a lot that can happen here and I'd love to explore it.  Any fandom or truly OC.

What fandoms do I think would work best?  Obviously Star Trek and Star Wars, but I'd also like to explore something in the realm of Firefly (one of the capital ships of the Alliance) or Mass Effect.  It could even be adapted for some that aren't based on a starship, per se, such as Stargate (members of SG7, for example) or something down that path.  Again, lots of room to run... let's give it a go!

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In Process
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2017, 04:16:00 PM »
Beginning roughly mid-May 2017, below are a list of all ideas from above that were selected and are now active. For a more throughout and detailed list of all my current active and inactive games, please visit my Storage as it is updated more than this post since this only contains stories from above being claimed.  While I normally do not play the same story with multiple partners, feel free to browse this section; if you come up with a good or different idea (could be as simple as swapping the roles and adjusting the idea), please let me know and I'll consider it.  Further, a few stories I consider "evergreen" which means those are ones that, at its based, will be unique enough from partner to partner that I will consider it.  You may notice these appear above and down below.

Fall of Third Rome (Historical)

The Fall of the Third Rome
Inspiration: Tzars of Russia, Time Travel, Anastasia
Rating: Light to NC
Pairing: Male x Female (Time Traveler x Princess)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Changing History. Tempting Fate. Trust. Time Shock.

A hundred years ago, some of my colleagues would pray to find the kind of primary sources we easily have available now.  Now, we just go get them.  Don't ask me how they find the time-space coordinates to establish those gates, but now we can simply snatch them as needed.  Historians like me now study to mesh ourselves in those periods; for me, Tsarist Russia.  One of our teams are studying the Bolsheviks and I pulled the fun detail - the Tsar and his court.  But there's now a problem - I'm stuck here and I can't get home.  And, more over, I know in a matter of days, if I do nothing, all of them will die.  Even her.  That I can't allow.

I originally saw this as a writing prompt a while back and its always stuck with me.  I think the original idea is that connections to the past could be opened and people travel back, but in changing anything it creates a new timeline apart from the one they left so that they aren't really changing their own history.  People could go back and forth while the gate was open but were careful to always be back in their time before they closed the gate because one they did, they could never reopen it. The prompt was... what happens if that gate were to close and people from the future were stuck on the other side?  I thought that this would be a great tie in to the whole mysteria/lore around Anastasia; what if those people were researching the last days of the Russian Empire and one of them got stuck?  Rather than watch someone he grew to love die, he convinced her to run away with him and save herself?

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Reserved Stories
« Reply #8 on: June 09, 2017, 03:59:17 PM »
As the title might imply, these are stories that others have expressed interest in and are currently being tailored to fit the two of us.  As I mentioned above, just because one is down here doesn't mean I won't entertain an idea similar in nature, provided it has a good twist to differentiate it from others.  In a few special cases, current partners who are interested in one of my ideas may request I hold that story for them; if I agree I will move it down and hold it for them.  Likewise, if you want to express interest but know you will be absent for a while (summer vacation, Thanksgiving/Christmas/Spring break, etc) we can begin to plan and hold off starting the story until we are ready.

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On Hold
« Reply #9 on: June 14, 2017, 09:46:26 AM »
These are ideas that I am not actively looking for but I wish to keep in case it again strikes my fancy.  That said, if something in here does inspire you, please let me know that idea and maybe it does spark something.  That said, these are probably long shots unless you've got a really great idea to go with it.

Modern Magic
Modern Magic
Inspiration: Cyberpunk, the Secret World, John Wick
Rating: Light, but with darker themes
Pairing: male x Female, female x Female (Novice and Mentor)
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Deception. Intrigue. Temptation. Power.

"Trust me, if the sheep of the world knew what I could do, they'd piss themselves and run away in terror.  And I'm on theirside.  You will be too, if you don't get yourself killed.  The world that people know - iPhones, fast food, memes - that's the surface.  Crap to distract them so they don't see the movements of each faction trying to get a leg up on the other.  You'll learn to use those gifts you have and I'll teach you.  Trust me, you're life just got much more exciting."

There are factions in our world, hidden from sight, manipulating events for their own aims.  Magic users practice in secret, covering up their battles and searching for more like them.  The tenuous war has only one rule - the knowledge of their existence cannot get out into the general public or all will be lost.  Step out of line and threaten to reveal these secrets and former enemies become allies and will destroy you.

Somewhat darker than most of my normal stories,my character would be the novice, someone who found out he can use magic and was immediately intercepted by the woman who will be his Mentor.  The intrigue here is an angle I want to play up.  She got to him first, but what if other factions also approach him, or even her?  What would that do to their relationship, both professional and personal?  I also want a vein of the world similar to John Wick where there are neutral areas and an order to how things operate.

Magical University

Aflutter at the Floating University
Inspiration: Fantasy, Magical Modern, University tropes
Rating: Light, maybe light BDSM, Exotic possible
Pairing: Male x Female (Student x Student)
Looking for: Someone to play the female role
Themes: Those Days of Freedom at College. Relationships. First Loves. Magic

The world was once a much darker place.  Tribes of humans waged war on elven cities, orcish hordes beat at the doors of dwarven citadels.  Fey fought the encroachment of the dragons.  But then the Accords were founded and a lasting, if somewhat shaky at times, peace was found.  At its heart was the University, a single, all-encompassing college that every race and persuasion could attend.  Its goal was remarkably straight forward and subtle - by blending the knowledge of the races together and sharing it among the youth of their races, that lasting peace would be renewed constantly.  It is its noble intent, but such freedom for young members of the races means that they're learning much more than academics...

I don't see too many lighthearted stories here and that's what this is at its heart.  This started as an idea for a group game and might eventually evolve into it, but in this case, I envision this more of a love story, two college students meeting and falling for each other and all the hijinks, drama and crazy twists and turns that come with it.  My vision is that it is set in a modern world, like ours, but infused with magic, but if my partner prefers a more high fantasy setting, I'm happy with that as well.  I don't think this story necessarily needs some dark plot or something to progress it as the development of their relationship should be enough on its own.  Could also go exotic if my partner would like.

A Debt Owed

A Debt Owed
Inspiration: Fantasy, Contracts with the Devil
Rating: BDMS or Non-Con
Pairing: Male x Female (Warlock and demonette)
Looking for: Someone to play the Female role
Themes: Power. Adventure. Defiance. Lust.

With his home burning and the armies broken, a man prayed to whatever god would hear him for the power to make things right, or at very least, get revenge.  But it was not a god that answered him, but rather a powerful fiend, a devil from the deepest pits of hell.  He offered power, a piece of his essence in return for his soul.  And the man accepted without question.  Now, fifteen years later, that devil has sent one of his own to accept payment.  she finds him without much problem, but no one seemed to tell her that he's taken that power and turned it into something more powerful than anyone expected.  He leads a small band of adventurers, seeking to find and punish those who deserve it.  So she joins that little group, taking a disguise while she figures out how best to accomplish her mission.  But in the back of her mind, there have been times when those who owed such debts managed to get out of them... and slowly she hopes he does too.

I'm kind of taking inspiration from the Warlock class from 3.5 D&D and beyond.  I've been playing a lot of 5E while I get my muse back in order and this has always been a question I've had - these warlocks sell their souls for power, but what happens if they're not ready to give it away when their patron wants it?  In this case, his patron sends a demonette/succubus to collect but, given her rather sparse feeding habits recently, is attracted to him.  And she's not really on a timetable, I mean, its been fifteen years, right?  What's another?  This is pretty open ended and could go many ways, but I see it as a sort of weird romance between then, with the obvious opportunity to blow it all up when she reveals who she really is and why she is there.  Maybe they fight side by side when his patron sends someone else to figure out what is taking so long.  I don't see him as a "good" person by any means, but he's also not evil.  He just goes around seeking his own form of justice and has made quite a name for himself in the process.  For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to assume the demonette/succubus can shape change and takes the form of a witch or other spellcaster.  Or maybe a tiefling if we want to stick to the D&D/Pathfinder analog.
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Edit History
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June 14th, 2017 - Complete Overhaul

September 6th, 2017 - Cleanup and Additions

September 13th, 2017 - The Fae Update

January 25th, 2018 - The Trope Update

January 31st, 2018 - Anchor's Away!!!
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Re: NightLux's Cravings and Desires (Multiple Genres, Light/NC/BDSM)
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I apologize for the follow-on update, but a lot has changed under the hood with this update.  Gone are the url-links between each post (which always opened a new tab, which I hated), so I replaced them with anchors and links so all the movement is contained in the same tab of the browser (if anyone knows how to keep images from enlarging on a click, let me know!).  I also added anchors and links for every idea - and a small table of contents for each section. 

(This is likely to be redesigned once inspiration hits me and will be changed in a future update).  So, in short, links let you fly around my ideas.

The Cravings layout also changed.  Rather than just regurgitating the full details below, its now just the image and name - click on the name to be teleported down for all the information.  Any idea in my cravings also has a link back to the cravings section as well.

I also added a handful of new ideas were added, mostly leftovers from other sections... oh, and all the updates now have links to their respective stories too.  So feel free to click around!