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August 21, 2018, 06:25:30 PM

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Author Topic: Interest Check: Competitive Lesbian Wrestling (Options for Males Too)  (Read 211 times)

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Offline RosalindRaeTopic starter

Hello all,

So I'm more than a little bit obsessed with Ultimate Surrender, as I'm sure I've mentioned a few times before, and I'm a sucker for fighting games in general. The last wrestling game I played around in here was fun, and I'm shamelessly inspired by it, but I wanted to try something different here.

In corny fighting game tradition, a corrupt dictator of a small island nation has hosted annual fighting competitions for the past several years. She revels in the challenge, offering her throne to anyone who advances to the top of the tournament and then defeats her at the end, but she has won every time. The forum game would involve the most recent tournament. The dictator has grown more and more experienced, but she also faces rumors that her downfall is imminent -- that her luck will run out this year. Of course, that just makes this year all the more theatrical as she feels the need to project her strength.

I'm wanting to recruit players/fighters to participate in a double-elimination tournament of women fighters in highly sexualized matches, where the winner has her way with the loser at the end of the match. However, in addition to the tournament matches, there are exhibition matches that are just for the fans; they don't count for the competition. So, even if you have been eliminated from the tournament, you could still keep fighting for fun, and this is also where male characters could fight.

Given the inspiration and themes, this would involve a lot of dominant/submissive scenarios and could possibly veer into non-con and humiliation for some fights. But you will, of course, have the choice of excluding those from your matches. Also, it will be up to you and your competitor to decide how the fight will be settled: whether you want to predetermine the winner or of dice rolls involved (I have a simple system for that which I can post when things kick off).

You do not have to participate in the competitive tournament to be involved. You can always jump in for exhibition matches. The reason that the tournament itself is women only is because the players won't have complete control of who they face off against, except in the first matches. After that, the winners will be facing off against the winners of other matches and the losers will have the chance to redeem themselves in the losers' bracket. If the tournament were mixed, we'd have partner gender mixes that may not interest the players; at least with the tournament being women-only, everyone knows what they are in for, and the players can decide to include male characters in the "winner take all" phase of the fight if they wish for more mxf content.

I guess, until I find out what kind of interest there is, the only other thing I would say for now is that I'd prefer photo/real people faceclaims for this, just to keep things consistent. Anyway, let me know what you think, and fire away with the questions if you have any!

Offline Foxy Oni

Sooooooo interested.

Online Norsegod1839

I am interested as well!

Offline Yugishogun

Interest noted. I'd love to play a meek maiden that needs to enter for the cash. :)

Offline Faeli

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Interest Noted!

Offline ZincStandard

Goofy fighting game stuff?  My interest is piqued.  Just how goofy fighting game do you want to get with this, in terms of magic and sci-fi stuff being part of the world?

Offline Polymorph

Also being a big fan of Ultimate Surrender, (Claiming Daisy Ducati!) this interests me

Offline Ron Don Volante

Also interested!

Offline Datawych

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I'm low-key considering porting Helene over from MCW

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Offline ApesAmongUs

Re: Interest Check: Competitive Lesbian Wrestling (Options for Males Too)
« Reply #10 on: July 31, 2018, 05:04:59 PM »
One more interested here, but like a former poster, I'm curious about the weirdness/tech/magic level.  DoA-style is very different than Darkstalkers.