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May 12, 2021, 12:26:54 am

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Author Topic: A small slice of life. F/F, F/M  (Read 1307 times)

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Offline JinxedLanaTopic starter

A small slice of life. F/F, F/M
« on: October 24, 2017, 10:43:54 pm »
Hello, and first of all thank you for stopping and reading this little thread. After a family tragedy and everything associated therewith I have returned for the most part. I was quite new when my hiatus happened, and still am now that I am back. Anyway I am here to look for something quite specific and it might not be everyone's cup of tea. A slice of life game firmly planted into a modern-day or near-historical period. This will very much be a 'slice of life' game where my or our characters go through both everyday struggles, and perhaps even some more unusual situations. Though the crux of the idea is that this is something set in a near 'real world'.

Oh! As an aside, I am also open to discussing fandoms which take place in the same modern-day, mostly-realistic sort of setting. So discussion is encouraged!

So down here I am going to put a few ideas for characters I have been kicking around. I'll list things like relationship I see for them things like F/F would be a lesbian relationship, etc. But before that I am going to put a general list of 'themes' that I enjoy but don't necessarily have to be worked into any sort of situation. For any of these characters if they would fit into a 'world' that you would like to 'run' I am all up for that, just send me a PM.

A note here: Please do not take it personally if I pass on an offer. I have found that I need to be a little picky to find someone who I write well with. I've had trouble in the past and it sometimes leads to me just becoming completely burnt out. Communication is the key. Let's TALK about things, make plans, discuss stories. I am presenting characters I'd like to play, but I won't dictate what you play. I'll give suggestions if you want but... that's it.

General themes (Note: These will not apply in every instance)
-Incest: brother/sister, mother/daughter, sister/sister.. you get the idea I like it and it's fun to include.
-Romance: This one is a must, I want romance in my games.
-Story: I saw this somewhere and I think it's apt. Smut for story sake or story for smut sake the key word is STORY.
-Non-Con: I do like this time-to-time, but it doesn't work all the time.
-Blackmail/Coercion: I also like this theme, quite a bit.
-Age Difference: This can be very fun, and I do enjoy it quite a bit.

Another Note: Fandoms
I do like some Fandoms, and am willing to discuss them!
-Dr. Who
-Star Wars
-TV "Universes" (Basically playing in the universe of a variety of different dramas, too many to list but ask if you are curious!)

One more note:
I prefer to choose my own 'face claims'. So please don't come to me with a specific face claim for a character you want me to play, that I have not already laid out on this page. I'd much rather choose my own! We can discuss options. But I really want to avoid: "I want you to play this character that looks like this, exactly."


Myun-hui Sung

Age: 60
Pairing: F/M, F/F, F/Tg
Gender: Female
She's an older woman, classy and retired. She worked most of her life as a physician practicing at a time in history when it wasn't exactly easy to work in the field she chose. She has children and grand-children now, however at this age she finds herself feeling the pangs of loneliness. Perhaps she there is more for her to do, adventures to be had, by herself or with someone? She is well-off, charming, but most importantly she is elegant and refined.

Alana Williams

Age: 27
Pairing: F/F, F/M
Gender: Female
A tomboy as long as she can remember she eschewed more 'girly' pursuits and instead she was involved in a wide array of sports. Instead of dancing she would practice weight lifting. Instead of painting her nails, she would run marathons. Instead of becoming a Doctor or a Lawyer, she became a Firefighter, much to the chagrin of her parents and siblings. She is a tough woman, though also manages to be attractive in her own way.

Jana Cole

Age: 32
Pairing: TG/F, TG/M, TG/TG
Gender: Transgender MtF
She always knew who she was, even if she wasn't born that way. The decision to begin her transition was a difficult one, and one she undertook when she had left home. She spent years of her transition working dead-end jobs, and scraping together the money she needed. Always with an excuse to not come home for a holiday or something. But, it paid off, at least for her. She did not undergo the final reassignment surgery. Cost and danger were considerations but... as she is now after the cosmetic procedures she did undergo and hormone treatments. She feels like who she always was. The question is, will she be accepted by family and old friends?

Hannah Lin

Age: 18-20
Pairing: F/F, F/M
Gender: Female
It's not easy being on the cusp of heading to College or to the work force. A decision that she is still waiting to make depending on if she can get the funds for any sort of higher education. Right now though, she is ready to face the world, take on the challenges it offers, and maybe even finally get a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

Maya Runningwolf

Age: 29
Pairing: F/F, M/F
Gender: Female
For a lot of her life, she never even left the reservation. To say she grew up poor would be an understatement. Though even when she was old enough to leave... She didn't. She believed the stories she was told about the spirits, and about her place in the world. At least until she stopped lying to herself. It's not that she didn't believe it wasn't that at all. It was the fact of what felt right and wrong. And what felt right to her?


Age: 18
Pairing: F/F, F/M
Gender: Female
She's a drifter and tends to wander the United States. Sometimes she'd stop in a city and work a cash-only job just enough for a place to stay and gas for her motorcycle. When she has enough, or she feels like it's time to move on she simply moves on. She keeps to herself and tends to be quiet and reserved for the most part. But those few she had allowed to get a little closer have seen her genuine and infections smile. The reason why she never stays in one place long is something she does not talk about. Are there people out there looking for her? Does she have a family? No one seems to really know.

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Offline JinxedLanaTopic starter

Re: A small slice of life. (F/F, F/M, Tf/M, Tf/F, Tf/Tf)
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2018, 09:05:41 pm »

After a lengthy unintended hiatus I am back and I have completely and totally re-worked this thread. New character ideas a plenty, new desires and new general ideas. I welcome PMs if you are interested in anything you see here!

Offline JinxedLanaTopic starter

Re: A small slice of life. F/F, F/M
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2019, 11:14:55 am »

-New year, new adventures right? After another hiatus I really didn't want to take I am back. I have revamped a couple of ideas the last one in particular. None of the ideas are 'set in stone' and I really would like to discuss them with any interested party.

-The biggest change is that I am looking for F/F, and F/M pairings and everything that I have posted! I have one Tg character, and she'd be partnered with anyone! Anyway, please feel free to send me a PM with thoughts, ideas, any of the above.