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Started by Serephino, February 10, 2018, 06:59:31 PM

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I would really love for someone to play Snape for a good Snape/James story.

The basic idea here is that while James liked to pick on Snape while they were kids at school, James grows up and changes, possibly largely because of Lily's influence.  When Snape joins the Order because he didn't like what he saw, the others aren't eager to trust him.  But James is very good at reading people, and can see that Snape is genuinely remorseful.  James of all people being the open minded one is a serious shock to Snape's system, and makes him rethink things.  What very few people know is that Snape is gay, and he always found James physically attractive, though repugnant in school.  So the change in attitude is bittersweet because even though James is now someone he thinks he would want to be with, James is engaged to Lily.  What Snape does not know is that James actually prefers men, it was just something about Lily that drew his attention.  Because of his preferences, and because he has a little bit of a wild streak that doesn't want to be tied down, he and Lily have an understanding.  He is allowed to have one male lover.  During a Christmas party Snape drinks a little too much because he doesn't really want to be there.  James drinks too much because, well, it's a Tuesday and it's always nice to have a little eggnog with his rum.  The others leave, and James stays behind to help clean up, and Snape is there because possibly the party was in his home?  James makes a daring move and flirts a little before making a move.  Because of the attraction and how intoxicated he is Snape can't help himself.  Then we go from there.

If you're interested in this idea, or have something to add or another good idea for the pairing, shoot me a pm.