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Started by Inkidu, July 17, 2017, 09:42:44 PM

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I'm not entirely sure where to put this, but I'm doing one of my more intensive world building projects and I wanted to kind of make a topic-of-the-moment thread where I could discuss and people could comment on what are essentially world-building issues (but I don't think world building would be the place because no world is being built) that could have useful applications in both literary writing and RP games like:

In a world where adventuring is a regular form of income and people can bring in absurd amounts of specie how do you keep a gold-based economy functioning.

Or would their be a magical world, how do you keep an economy valid at all?

Questions like that. Where would I put this?
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I'd say On Topic/Off Topic is a good place to put a thread like that! :-)
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