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Author Topic: Ariel's Abstract Ideas (MxM, MxF, FxF)  (Read 2803 times)

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Ariel's Abstract Ideas (MxM, MxF, FxF)
« on: December 25, 2012, 09:55:50 PM »
Roleplaying status is currently: open □ closed □ selectively available ☑

Links to know about
Roleplay Preferences | Ons/Offs | Ideas

Hi there and welcome to my interest thread. My name is Ariel and I'm looking for some dedicated people to roleplay with. I'm open for M/F, F/F and M/M!

Please take a look at my On/Offs before reading down.

Please note that I'd rather roleplay with experienced partners.

Did you read them? Do you abide by my rules and my requests? Good. Let's move on.

I do have YIM but I typically stick to PMs for RP discussions. I do not RP via IMs and PMs. Please don't ask. I don't make any exceptions.

Information reguarding my characters

Ages vary from 18-32
Skin tones vary from porcelain to dark
Race is usually Caucasian
Eyes can be any color, depending on what I chose
Hair is often a dark shade; can be light if the mood hits
Personality traits vary from sarcastic, stubborn, reckless, impulsive, ruthless, tempting, narcissistic, ignorant, loving, humorous, kind, compassionate, short temper, etc.
Mainly dominant; can be a temp sub if the plot works
Lean muscles, good fighter, clever, cunning, handsome

Ages vary from 16-32
Body shape varies; usually hourglass
Well sized breasts
Short-Long hair; shades of all kind
Eye colors of all kind
Skin tones vary from porcelain to dark
Soft skin, soft body
Personality traits vary from kind, compassionate, stubborn, determined, eccentric, joyful, delightful, alluring, tempting, defensive, protective, forgiving, loving, etc
Mainly submissive, could turn dominant if mood hits/plot needs

Races I'll play:
Half and half (half-humanxvampire/werewolf/etc.)
The Fae (maybe)

Now that that's out of the way, scroll below to see my plots.

Do not post in this thread. PM me, please. If you want to do one of my given plots, just PM me saying which one and send me a link of your O/O and one of your RPGs for inspection. Thanks for reading and enjoy! I'll try to add as many plots as I can think of.
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Fandom Central
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2013, 10:31:11 PM »
Fandom Craves!

- Harry Potter (Sirius Black/OC, James/Severus, Hermione/Ron, Harry/OC, Lupin/OC, Riddle/OC or Bellatrix)
- Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/OC, Gabrielle/Perdicus)
- Percy Jackson (Percy/Annabeth, Leo/OC, Nico/OC, OC/OC)
- X-Men (Charles/OC, Erik/OC, Charles/Erik, Charles or Erik/Mystique (perferably younger days))
- Thor (Loki/OC)
- The Host (Wanda/Ian, OC/OC, Jared/Melanie)
- Once Upon A Time (Regina/Emma, Rumpel/Belle)
- The Walking Dead (Daryl/OC, OC/OC)
- Fairytales; (Ariel/Eric, Belle/Beast, Jasmine/Aladdin, Rapunzel/Flynn, Anna/Kristoff, Elsa/OC)
- Sherlock (Sherlock/John, John/OC, Sherlock/OC, possibly Sherlock/Moriarty)
- Breaking Bad (Gus/OC)
- Hunger Games (Peeta/Katniss)

PM me if interested. We can flesh out plots from there.

Please note that all of these don't have to be adult. They can just as easily be non-adult. :-)
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The Treasure Chest
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2014, 01:35:57 AM »
The Safe House
[NC] [Fanfic] [MxF]
Seeking: Someone to play the male.
Notes: This is a Walking Dead fanfic. Please do not approach me for this roleplay if you haven't watched at least majority of the show.

It's been five days since the zombie apocalypse first started. Everyone I know is dead. I took what I could, stealing from neighbors, ransacking my house, pickpocketing the corpses that lined the halls of my apartment complex and I left. I was on foot for a while, running as fast as I could, with nothing but a white dress on. I luckily came across a car, abandoned and with the keys lying in the frozen grip of the disemboweled driver. With a sick stomach, I took them and drove off with the car.

The safe house. The one Daddy had ready, the one he knew would come in handy one day. Mom said he was crazy, paying for a shack hidden at the lake, packing it with nonperishable food and equipment to survive any type of natural disaster. He knew it would come in handy.

If only he were alive to use it.

Your character comes across this safe house and breaks in. He sees a scared, timid, beautiful girl who has a strong spirit but is utter shit at defending herself. You also see a light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of this safe house and everything inside of it. You might actually survive here. You... and the girl. It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from. You can't find it in yourself to kill the girl. Perhaps you desire her, perhaps you're afraid of being alone, or perhaps you're waiting for the right moment to throw her to the hoard as an escape plan. Either way, you're staying and she's going to have to deal with it.

The Prisoner, the Cell and the Diary
[NC] [Coercion] [MxF] [Fanfic]
Seeking: Someone to play Tom Riddle.
Notes: Please do not approach me for this roleplay if you have not seen or read majority of Harry Potter.

Set after the Second Wizarding War. Harry has lost. Good has lost. Evil has won.

They never found the diadem. It was destroyed in the fire. Neville lost and was bitten and killed by Nagini. Everyone was dying. In the end, it seemed easier, to give up.

Voldemort was insane with joy. He killed Harry and Ron right then and there, breaking them with the Cruciatus curse until Hermione's voice was gone from the screaming. Then he killed them and everyone she loved. He would have killed her, too, if a wicked idea had not come to him. She had grown up to be a pretty one, hadn't she? Her body filled out nicely. The fire in her eyes was still there, despite her tears.

Oh, how he wanted to destroy her.

She was sent to Azkaban with a diary. One she had never seen before. One that contained a spirit of sorts, named Tom Riddle. Someone she had never met before, but was completely fascinated by. He was like her own Patronus. He projected the dementors away, kept her warm, safe, loved. He fed off of her life force, slowly becoming whole, versus being a spirit of the diary. Soon he would be flesh and blood, while she would be the one trapped in the diary. But first, he wanted to have some fun with her. After all, he hadn't been touched in so long... and she was so pretty, for a Mudblood...

On the Run
[Light or NC] [MxF] [Fanfic]
Seeking: Someone to play the male.
Notes: Please don't approach me if you haven't read The Host. I'll accept a partner who saw the movie but I will be disappointed in you for not reading the book. The movie got a lot of things wrong.

At the age of fourteen, Elizabeth ran away from her abusive father, bringing along only a bag of snacks, water, and a blanket. She disappeared into the woods and went to her secret hideout for the night, expecting to find her way home in the morning, once her father had calmed down. The next day, she arrives home to find her father gone; he had been taken by the Seekers, leaving Liz all alone. She was scared and hid in her room only to be found by a rebel human, a devastatingly handsome man of seventeen. Discovering she was human, he took her with him and taught her how to fight, how to escape, how their planet had been invaded by the Souls and how the kind hearted parasites were their enemies.

There will be a bunch of background to this story and time will skip to when Liz is 18 and YC is 21. They will gradually fall in love, and on top of that, be best friends, since they only have each other. Granted, he would only start thinking of her as a woman when she is the proper age of a woman, probably 17.

Please note that I haven't completely figured out where it would go from here. I was thinking that maybe Jared would find them and take them to Jeb's hideout, where they would discover Wanda and a few other souls and be mortified and disgusted, but eventually they would understand like the others did. Or they would find the other clan, the one mentioned at the end of the book. Who knows? Suggestions are welcome, always.

An Arranged Marriage
[Light] [MxF] [Fantasy]
Seeking: Someone to play either or.
Notes: Plotting help is needed.

She's the princess of her kingdom and he's the prince of his own. The two kingdoms have been frienemies for some time now, way before the birth of their grandparents. Upon a meeting, when both the prince and princess are newborns, the kings of the separate kingdoms agree: they will unite the kingdoms by an arranged marriage between the two heirs. The date is set. When the princess turns eighteen, they will start wedding arrangements immediately.

That day is arriving soon and she has never met her betrothed. Ever. She has dreamed about him, though. She imagines he will be sweet, kind, charming; he'll sweep her off her feet and be everything she has ever dreamed of.

He's not. He's blunt and rude and is nothing like she imagined. She's annoying, prissy, obnoxious, in his opinion. From their first encounter, things aren't looking so good for the two kingdoms... and the kings have no idea what to do.

The King of Thieves
[Light or NC] [Fantasy] [Fairytale] [MxF]
Seeking: Someone to play either or.
Notes: Plotting help needed.

Fed up with her pickiness, the Sultan finally decides to screw the law and marry Jasmine off to an elderly nobleman of 47. He is disgusting and vile to her when no one is around, only wanting her because she is pure and innocent and a virgin.

When she learns of this, Jasmine runs away one night, hoping to lose her virginity to a man, any man, so she wouldn't have to marry that swine. She comes across a measly pub, one where thieves like to occupy. A hood obscuring her beautiful and recognizable face, she gazes around, looking for a trustworthy man.

She finds him. Tall, broad, sitting in a booth by himself. Shaggy black hair, muscular body, melting brown eyes that find her gaze. She is drawn to him like a moth to a flame and decides it's him. He's the one she wants. He's the one that will get her out of this mess.

This can easily turn NC if you want it to be. The plot is loose and was inspired by mixing the tales of Aladdin with some book I read that I can't remember the title of <_< some plot discussion is highly needed.

Eye of the Storm
[Bondage] [Fanfic] [MxM]
Seeking: Someone to play James Potter.
Notes: This is a Harry Potter fanfic. Please do not approach me for this roleplay if you haven't watched the movies or read the books.

Of all the feuds that went down in Hogwarts history, there wasn't one, not even Harry and Draco's, that could top the borderline-vendetta that was the feud of Severus Snape and James Potter. Since day one, each wanted the other's head on a stake. After the first week, it was clear; these two need to be kept apart. Always kept apart. Which was hard. These two, they were magnets. Opposites. Both adrenaline junkies who thrived off of the fights. Both were fuel for the other. And, with fuel, all it took was one spark to set everything up in flames.

Perhaps it's a detention. The two of them, alone for a certain amount of time for a week or two, in a small classroom. Perhaps it's crossing paths in a hall. Perhaps it's one sneaking out and the other following, looking for a brawl. Whatever it is, one leads to another, and one is slammed against the wall, being kissed and equally kissing back. Perhaps the kiss leads to more. Or perhaps the kiss stops and they jump away in disgust, but a few days pass and the inevitable confrontation comes.

Either way.. something's about to go down. And it will mostly likely end in blinding, mind-numbing sex that tears them both apart at the seams and unravels them on the ground.

Behind Closed Doors
[Light] [Teacher and Student] [MxF]
Seeking: Seeking someone to play the teacher (male).

It's a few weeks into the school year, aka the worst time ever for a person to be enrolled into an unknown school. And that's what her parents have done; after flunking her Calculus class last year and being held back her senior year of high school, her parents took her from that district and into the next, hoping to see an improvement. This school is in the next town over, is completely unknown to her, and will ultimately be the worst decision her parents have ever made.

It hasn't been a good month for him. Just earlier that year, his wife had came to him, asking for a divorce. She wasn't in love anymore and, despite not really being in love himself, he denied her, which led to a huge fight that had her packing her bags and moving out, announcing that they were separated even if not divorced. Still, he refused to believe this, even though he knew that she was already with someone else.

His mind is on his wife, and then on her when she walks into his classroom. She looks nothing like his wife, but her personality is so akin that he instantly finds himself hating her while lusting after her. It's confusing him, and he's on his way to the principal's office after the class ends, requesting she be transferred to a new math class. But he's the only Calculus teacher with the availability, and so he's forced to keep her.

His disapproval of her is apparent; she feels the animosity as the days go by. She's confused. What did she do? Why does he hate her so much? Despite his dislike for her, she gets better grades than she should, almost as if he's trying to get her to pass for certain this time. She starts to think, and when her next test comes, she purposely fails it, and sees her grade result as a B-. Knowing there's no way she earned that, she uses this as an excuse to come to him after school, and it ends with them having sex.

This leaves him distraught and her falling quickly in love with him. He's torn between wanting to fix his marriage and keeping his job versus embarking on what he's feeling in his heart, and she's terrified he'll leave her for whatever reason. Wanting him to stay, she, in a rush of poor choices, uses her sister's actual pregnancy to fake her own, in the hopes that he will choose her over his wife, and he does. But at what cost?​
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The Archives
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2014, 01:44:30 AM »
Frequently recycled ideas that are either taken or I've lost interest in them. Moving them here keeps them available, in case I want to do the idea again. If you look in here and find something of interest, talk to me. We'll see what happens.

The List
Into the Rush
[Bondage] [MxF] [Teacher and Student]
Seeking: Someone to play the teacher.
Notes: Exact elements of BDSM can be discussed. As will other things, like his profession, what he teaches, etc.

It's Saturday the 11th of September, her last day of summer vacation. Monday is her first day of her senior year. She already has senoritis and is tired, so not ready to go. So she decides to blow off some steam, enjoy her weekend because her next one will no doubt be filled with homework. She grabs her fake I.D. and goes down to the bar around seven p.m., looking for a drink. What she finds is a tall, muscular, sexy man who wants her. What the hell, she thinks. It's just one night. She's certainly not innocent and perhaps this could be more than just one date.

They go to his house and have sex. The next morning has her leaving with his number, promising to call again. And she would have, if she hadn't walked into her last class of the day to find him at the front of the room, introducing himself as the teacher.

He really doesn't care. He went home that day, scared and confused. It only took him an hour of thinking before he realized that he didn't care. He wanted her. She was his, whether she liked it or not. She sparked something in him, something that hadn't been ignited in a long time. He was alive for once, alert and awake and oh so hungry. She was his. And if she dared refuse him, he would make her pay for it.. dearly.

Consuming Her
[Light] [Urban Fantasy] [MxF] [Werewolf]
Seeking: Seeking someone to play the werewolf.
Notes: Help plotting would be appreciated.

He's the owner of a supernatural club and he's enjoying himself one night when he catches the stench of a young, female virgin. She's purely human, and something about her calls to him, making his crazed with lust for her. He approaches her, gets her some free drinks and seduces her, then leads her up to his loft above the club and takes her virginity. She falls asleep in his arms and is awaken early in the morning by a searing pain in her left hand. An intricate design has imprinted into both his and her left hand, marking the woman as his mate. She freaks out, thinking he is some serial killer who has branded her as his next victim and he has to explain it all. She doesn't believe him and he is forced to transform right before her eyes, making her even more freaked out. Eventually, she comes to terms with this and they fall in love.

Loosely based off of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series.

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Re: Ariel's Abstract Ideas (MxM, MxF, FxF)
« Reply #4 on: September 11, 2016, 01:48:20 AM »
Bump~ I also wanna throw this out there for any OUAT/Rumbelle fans <3