Looking for a literate female partner

Started by Blonde, May 26, 2017, 09:04:32 AM

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This is another short and sweet request thread.

I am looking to try my hand at a female x female story. I’ve tried before, but more focus was put on smut and the story died quickly. So I am looking for someone to create a story with, someone who can give me juicy content and plenty of build-up.

I only have a few rules.

01.   I am not always active. I have a life and priorities that always come before this place. Please respect that.
02.   I do not want short, smut based posts. I am looking for something a little more mature, not just a cyber-fest.
03.   Please be respectful and communicate with me, I will show you the same courtesy.
04.   Please look at my O/O’s and previous posts to see if we’re compatible.
05.    I am not looking for a dom x sub relationship whatsoever.

Okay, so ideas/settings/pairings.

Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece
Ancient Britain
Viking era
Tudor Period
Victorian England
Modern school drama
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